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   Warning:This is an adult story based on erotic fantasies involving
children, if you do not like this do then dot read any further.

   No copyright held, free to distribute.
Author: Tyrr August 2005


   The Black Lolita

   Chapter I: Daddy leaves on business

   Sabrina a little black girl 10 years old of short hair, slim, and
shinning teeth is left alone at home with her cousin Samantha for the
weekend as her widowed daddy leaves on a business trip.

   Samantha is a cute black lesbian 20 years old of firm rounded tits size
34B and inflexible ass.

   Is Friday night, Sabrina's daddy left for the airport five hours ago at
7pm and she is wearing a tight flimsy yellow t-shirt with her tiny nipples
protruding out of it, blue washed out jeans, white trainers and thin blue

   Her cousin Samantha wears a beige jumper with red straight lines and
baggy brown trousers with smart black shoes and white socks.  They already
had dinner and have been watching a comedy film which has just finished,
Samantha switches off the TV with the remote control and looking at her
pretty 10 years old cousin says:

   -”OK, Sabrina, time to go to sleep, little girls should not be up
until late” -”I already miss daddy Samantha”
-”Don't worry I will look after you like a princess “–
says Samantha holding her hand and then takes her on her arms to the
bathroom and leaves her on the floor saying: -”You will take a bath
before going to bed honey” – Samantha goes to the bathroom
switches on the taps and starts filling up the bath with warm water and
soap, creating big foam

   -”You don't need to bath me Samantha, I always do it on my

   -”Don't be silly!  I am your cousin!”

   -”But...- Sabrina looks embarrassed – I don't want you to
bath me I am a grown up girl, I am already 10 years old!”

   -”Your daddy will be angry if he finds out that you
misbehaved” – says Samantha looking at her and locking the door

   -”I don't want you to see me nude!” - protests Sabrina

   -”That's it brat!” - and Samantha kneels quickly grabbing
Sabrina's waist hard then pulling down her jeans around her ankles
immobilising Sabrina with them and exposing her pair of pink knickers,
Samantha yanks them down at once uncovering a sweet little hairless black
pussy and smiles

   -”Is that what you were hiding?”- says Samantha looking
maliciously at her young cousin as Sabrina tries to cover it up with her
hands, Samantha carries on undressing the little 10 years old Sabrina until
everything is off and the petite angel stands up naked with her small
brownie nipples sticking out prominently, then she lifts up her 10 years
old cousin who remains now powerless calmed and in silence and sits her
into the bath at which point her smooth pussy gets wet

   -”It's hot, it's hot!  “-complains Sabrina at the feeling of

   -”The only thing hot in here is you honey, stop being silly
“– replies Samantha as she proceeds to soap her cousin's
delicious body with her bare hands rubbing her small black ass and bald
cunt first making the infant to blush trying to hide the pleasure she feels
as her cousin massages her most intimate parts.  Once finished she rinses
Sabrina's body and dries her out.

   -”OK, you see how it wasn't that bad?  Now head out straight to

   -”Where's my pyjama?” -asks Sabrina

   -”You don't need one, in fact you are going to be nude all the
weekend, as a punishment for not wanting to be bathed, that will teach
you” -says Samantha with an open mischievous enjoyment at the thought
of it.

   -”But I did not mean to...”

   -”Stop complaining or it will be worse!  “-at which point
Sabrina mutes and heads for bed strutting her polished little black ass
provoking Samantha's growed up pussy to feel warm and ends up masturbating
herself at the thought of her 10 years old cousin's naked body being bathed
and fondled, not surprisingly her hairy juicy black cunt orgasms in only
five minutes...

   The next two days Samantha encourages her nude 10 years old female
cousin to play on the floor with dolls, so that she can look at her smooth
slit from behind, she also encourages Sabrina to lie down on the sofa as
she sits next to her glancing at her cousin's pussy from close range, then
at night she bathes Sabrina again but this time in the bath she can't
resist any more the sight of the little girl's sweet cunt and slides one
finger up her cousin's crack making her orgasm for the first time in her
life, then she rinses Sabrina and dries her up until her cousin's little
black smooth body shines.  That same night Samantha sneaks into her 10
years old cousin bed in the nude and with the pretext of a game she guides
Sabrina's hands on her hairy adult pussy until she makes her cum and fall
sleep together.  On Sunday Samantha too decides to spend the day in the
nude, and she and Sabrina enjoy the best ever little girl/woman sex
possible, licking each other's pussies,fondling each other's nipples and
inserting their fingers inside their wet open cunts until total exhaustion.
At 5pm Samantha and Sabrina take another nude bath together,this time the
little girl rubs her well developed cousin all over soaping up her hairy
bush which unexpectedly makes Samantha cum once more, then they get dressed
and after a few kisses with tongues interlaced between their mouths,
Samantha makes her little cousin to promise to keep secret their
experiences as she caresses Sabrina's bald pussy once more.  Sabrina's
daddy comes back home at 6pm, he insists Samantha takes money as a payment
for spending the weekend with his adorable and recently initiated lesbian
licker daughter, Samantha takes the money blows a kiss on the air to
Sabrina and goes back to her home.

   Chapter II: Trip to the beach

   Again Samantha is left in charge of Sabrina's care as Sabrina's naive
widowed daddy goes away for the weekend to a job related seminar.

   As soon as Sabrina's daddy is out Samantha and Sabrina hold hands smile
and start a passionate hugging and kissing.

   That night Samantha and Sabrina take a nude bath together as usual, and
Sabrina has her 10 years old bald pussy eaten out for the first time by
Samantha as her older 20 years old cousin dives into the water and makes
her cum inside the bath.  Then is Sabrina's turn, fingering her cousins
hairy muffin with her little hand as Samantha stands on her four inside the
bath and lets the child to massage her hairy clitoris until she orgasms. 
They dry and they both sleep in Sabrina's narrow bed in the nude mashing
their bodies together making Samantha's hairy cunt to itch Sabrina's leg
but as she humps her cousin's leg some moist sticks in between and makes it
more bearable.

   On Saturday morning Samantha and Sabrina decide to go to the beach so
they get their swimming suits on and take the bus to the nearest beach at
about half an hour time.

   The beach is packed with people and they decide to sit with their towels
at the back next to a young man who seems to be on his own.  Samantha is
wearing a skimpy purple bikini and Sabrina a full blue swimming custom,they
both play in the water for a while and in getting back their black bodies
look really gorgeous all tight in their swimming customs.  They notice that
a young man is staring Sabrina with lust.  Samantha decides to play a game
on him and she whispers to her 10 year old cousin:

   -”Sabrina you look gorgeous, but you would look better in the
nude, why don't you take off your swimming suit honey?”

   -”Oh!The beach is full of people Sammy, I can't”

   -”Don't worry, you are a little girl you are allowed to be nude
nobody will notice”

   And reluctantly Sabrina takes off her swimming custom uncovering her
small flat chest and brownie nipples first and to the surprise and pleasure
of the man nearby, she carries on pulling all her swimming suit down until
it is all off, showing her cute bald pussy still wet from the sea.  The man
tries to look away but he is obviously too turned on to manage.

   Samantha grabs her young cousin's hand and takes her in the nude for a
stroll around the packed beach.  Sabrina's chocolate petite body is still
wet and that makes her black skin to shine even more, some people look
shocked as they seem to consider that a 10 year old girl should not go
around a packed beach naked showing off her smooth pussy to everyone, but
other people specially men smile when she passes by and they appear pleased
to be able to watch a preteen girl in the buff without a care in the world.
Sabrina is already dry by now and they return to their towels at the back
of the beach with some hidden eyes in between the crowd following the kid's
black ass and trying to stare at her silky front.  They sit down on the
towels and Samantha smiles watching the young man trying to hide his

   Samantha then gets topless showing off a perfect pair of firm black tits
and they spend the rest of the afternoon on their towels enjoying the
sunshine, the sight of her topless 20 year old woman and her nude preteen
cousin excites even more the young man next to them, with Sabrina still in
the nude, by now at least 500 people have seen her bald black pussy but she
does not seem care as she is mostly unaware of the passions she awakes.

   Hours pass and the beach is nearly empty now, Sabrina notices that the
young man has masturbated himself discreetly rubbing his cock placing the
towel on top as he watched the kid's smooth pussy and then left with a big
smile.  It becomes cloudy, and as Samantha and Sabrina are about to go, two
little white boys wearing a football Chelsea uniform with shorts and
t-shirt come up to them with a ball, they ask them if they want to play
then realise that Sabrina is naked and blush at the sight of her black
hairless pussy.

   They get talking, the boys are two brothers of 8 and 12 years of age,
Samantha tells them that it is normal for children to be nude in the beach
she convinces the 8 years old boy to get naked too.  He's got a small
hairless dangling dick that attracts Sabrina's attention as she touches it,
the 12 years old boy does not want to take off his clothes so Samantha
bullies him and promises she will get fully nude if he does so too. 
Finally the boy pulls down his shorts and he sports a small erected cock
with some blonde pubic hair, he can't take off his sight out of Sabrina's
pussy, then Samantha also takes off her bottom bikini and her hairy 20
years old adult pussy attracts a “wow” from the boys, the 12
years old sits down on the sand nude and looking at her cunt and at the 10
year old kid naked at the same time he starts to masturbate shamelessly.

   Samantha finds it cute having a boy masturbating looking at her and
gives him a free show kissing Sabrina and sticking her fingers in her
cousins pussy.  When the 12 years old boy has cummed and spilled his spunk
on the sand Samantha offers to wank his 8 year old brother but after a few
minutes she gives up as his hairless dick only gets up but can't cum, they
all get dress and leave the beach as it gets dark.

   On Sunday Sabrina and Samantha spend the day in bed licking their bodies
and exchanging orgasms until 5pm then again she dresses right before
Sabrina's daddy comes.

   Chapter III: Nude in public

   Once more Samantha has to babysit her lovely cousin.  On Friday night
they have their usual bath, licking each other pussies and titties,
Sabrina's flat chest only gets her nipples to be suck but she is more than
happy with that as Samantha always gives her an special tongue treatment
down her black bald pussy.

   On Saturday they go back to their favourite beach but this time they
search for a more quite place.  They spot three white girls wearing bikinis
in a very small bay, smiling Samantha and Sabrina get there with their
towels and chat to them.  The three white girls are Lucy, brunette,brown
eyes and 5 years old wearing a white bikini bottom no top,Rebecca who is
also brunette with short hair, 6 years old and wearing a green bikini
bottom and Kate who is 11 years old and has long blonde hair, blue eyes and
pale skin wearing a full bikini to hide her peach sized boobies.

   Samantha and Sabrina are both wearing bikinis and they are having a
girly talk with their new friends suddenly Samantha says that she feels too
hot stands up rolls down her bikini bottom showing the little girls her
adult 20 years old hairy black cunt and then takes off her top and shows
her round firm tits and big nipples to the amazement of the girls, except
for Sabrina of course who's seen all that plenty of times.

   -”Haven't you ever seen a black woman's cunt?  Come on girls! 
Who's the next one getting naked?”

   Nobody says a word and she sits down on her towel exposing herself to
the young children, then she plays fights with the 5 and 6 years old girls
and by “accident” rips off their bikinis bottom leaving their
small smooth cunts uncovered.

   -”Oh!  I'm sorry I did not mean to...  Those bikinis were so

   The little girls do not care too much and just laugh but the 11 years
old girl shouts and tells them to cover up, then Sabrina mocks her and
calls her a tomboy who does not dare to show her white pussy because is too
small, all the girls laugh at the 11 years old as Samantha goes on calling
her names which upsets her and diverts the attention.

   -”It's not truth!  I am girl like you!  Stop laughing!” -
She protests angrily

   -”Only if you pass the trial you will be able to prove that you
are a real girl” – says Samantha

   -”What trial?  “-enquires the 11 years old anxious

   -”You come with me and I will show you,Sabrina will take care of
your friends “– and in saying this Samantha gets her bikini
bottom back on holds the girl's hand and they walk away together to the
main beach, as this happens she sees Sabrina smiling getting her 10 years
old pussy out in the air and frolicking with the 5 and 6 years old white
fluffy girls.  Samantha is pretty sure that Sabrina will teach them how to
finger each other.

   Samantha and the 11 years old girl get to the main overcrowded beach
they go right to the centre of it where many people can see them

   -”OK if you want to prove you are real girl I have to see how you
turn on men”

   -”What do you mean?” -asks the 11 years old girl confused

   -”If you manage to get man's dick erected you will have proved it
to me,can you do that?  Or are you too afraid that everyone may know you
are a tomboy?”

   -”No I will prove you that, I can do that!  I am a girl like

   -”Well then?” -”What do you want me to do?”

   -”There is only one way of getting a man's dick erected, by
showing them your pussy”

   -”but...”- the 11 years old girl looks down

   -”You are still are kid you can get nude in the main beach and
nobody will tell you anything don't worry”

   -”No I can't!”

   -”I knew you aren't really a girl!  OK let's go and tell the

   -”No wait!”

   -”Too late!” -said Samantha

   -”I said wait!”

   And in saying this the 11 years old girl starts rolling down her
swimming suit showing her small nipples coming out of her flat chest, and
closing her eyes she quickly pulls down the rest of the suit uncovering a
small pussy covered by very short blonde hair, then the 11 years old girl
hands it down to Samantha and they look around faking to talk about
something interesting but looking for a man's erect cock around them in
reality, and in less than two minutes they spot an old man with his eyes
wide open focusing on the 11 years blonde pussy and titties with a big
bulge on his swimming suit.

   -”You see, I did it!  “

   -”OK let's go” -Says Samantha

   -”Wait!  Give me back my bikini

   -”You don't need it, it's too hot”

   -”Please, give me it back , I've done it already!”-implores
the 11 year old girl anxious at having her chest and pussy on display for
any longer, Samantha laughs and runs up to the small beach with the girls

   In the small beach as expected her 10 years old black cousin Sabrina is
in the buff lying down with her pink wet slit facing the sun and the 5 and
6 years old girls next to her also nude, Samantha only smiles, she can
quickly deduce they have been fingering until they felt wasted.

   Then 20 years old Samantha kisses the small girls private parts, the 5
and 6 years old are still sleeping and do not seem to mind a bit after that
she kisses Sabrina's lips ardently sharing the kids pussy juices.

   They have a laugh when Samantha explains to them what she's done to the
other girl in the main beach after five minutes they spot the 11 years old
girl naked running towards them, her blonde cunny hair looks beautiful ,but
the 11 years old girl is crying

   -”Everyone has seen my cunny now...  Even some of my
schoolmates... gghhh...  one of the boys from my class even told me he was
going to stroke his dick tonight thinking about my pussy and tits.. 
uaaaa...  And I saw and old man filmimg me and smiling!It's all your

   -”Oh, poor little girl...  it was only a joke... 
sorry...”-says Samantha hugging her, as she lays her down on the
towel still sobbing, Sabrina contemplates the girls exciting white body and
licks her tiny nipples as Samantha fingers the 11 years old blonde sweet
pussy until they make her cum, which stops her from crying.

   Samantha and Sabrina leave all three girls naked sleeping in the towel
with their swimming suits next to them and go back home.

   On Sunday they just relax watching a porn film on DVD brought by
Samantha it ends only a few minutes before Sabrina's daddy comes in by the

   Chapter IV: Sabrina's schoolmate visits

   Samantha a 20 years old black woman is having a lesbian relationship
with her ebony 10 years old cousin as she babysits her.

   On Friday they have a night in sleeping naked in the same bed and
rubbing their pussies until they both cum.

   On Saturday someone knocks the door in the morning, is one of Sabrina's
schoolmates she is 10 years old too, black, long dark hair and wearing a
pretty white blouse with brown skirt, long white socks, and black shoes.

   Samantha and Sabrina had just finished bathing and they are both wearing
a white robe.  Samantha has invited the kid inside and told her to wait on
the sofa.

   -”Do you come often to see Sabrina?”

   -”Well, we have an exam on Monday so we usually study together
before an exam”

   -”I see...”

   -”What a pretty skirt you have!  What about underwear do you have

   -”Of course I have underwear!”

   -”Let us see!”

   And Samantha pulls up the girls skirt uncovering her clean white
knickers provoking her embarrassment

   -”Oh!  Please!”

   -”You are such a brat!  Only brat girls cover their cunts!”

   -”No I am not!”

   -”I bet my bottom dollar that you are hairless down below”

   -”No I have already hair I am a big girl”

   -”Are you?  I will have to see it to believe you, you brat!”

   And to much of the girls surprise Sabrina grabbed her arms tightly as
Samantha undressed the girl ripping all off, leaving the girl nude with her
small tits and hairless pussy on parade and only wearing her long socks and

   -”You look like a whore with those long socks and black shoes on,
and you are a liar your pussy is as bald as Sabrina's, I will show you what
a real woman's pussy looks like little.”

   Samantha opened her robe and shocked the girl with the view of her big
adult hairy cunt and well formed tits, then Samantha lied on top of the 10
years old girl introducing her fingers on her black tight virgin cunt and
fingering her as Sabrina her 10 years old cousin looked on whilst tossing
aside her white rope and masturbating her bald cunt watching at her school
friend being fucked by her older cousin as if it was a porn film.

   When Samantha had finished breaking into the girls cunt, she retired
leaving the 10 years old body naked on the sofa sobbing, but that did not
stop little Sabrina from assaulting her school friend and introducing a
small carrot on her hairless cunt, then she took some pictures of the
little girl with a carrot sticked up her bald pussy and told her that they
would be released to the Internet if she told her parents, after the girl
pleaded with them not to do it she was allowed to go, and Samantha and her
child cousin made love to each other in bed for the rest of the day talking
dirty about the other girl's rape to get turned on.

   On Sunday morning Samantha dresses her 10 years old cousin like a
prostitute with a tight pink top, leather mini skirt no underwear, high
boots and make up on her black face, they decide to take the bus sitting
down at the back right in the middle and there Samantha asks Sabrina to
open up her legs so that the men getting on and off the bus can see her
hairless pussy,she takes pictures with her mobile phone of the men's face
expression with one of them nearly falling down which makes them burst in

   They go to the shopping centre and as men pay attention to Sabrina's
child whore look, Sabrina lifts up her skirt from behind scratching her
dark ass without knickers right on their faces, to much of their surprise
and distress.

   On the way back home a school bus full of pre-teen boys has stopped at a
traffic light Samantha shouts at them and when all the kids are looking by
the window Sabrina lifts up her mini skirt flashing at them as all the kids
watch her bald black cunt with some older boys shouting obscenities like
“show pink”, “want to stick mine in your baldie
cunny”, or “finger yourself please”.

   Sabrina and Samantha go back home quickly before Sabrina's daddy is back
and get changed on jeans and sweater.  When the door opens then Samantha
know her babysitting is over until the next time.

   Chapter V : The table turns around

   Another weekend full of fun awaits Samantha, again she's gotta look
after her 10 years old cousin.

   Sabrina's daddy thanks her as usual for doing this and looks as if he
does not have a clue about the lesbian relationship she initiated with her
young daughter.

   As soon as the door shuts Samantha and the girl sit down on the sofa and
start kissing passionately with their tongues and lips at the time that
feel each other bodies over the clothes.

   -”Did you enjoy showing your smooth pussy to boys last weekend

   Little Sabrina nods her head - “ was a good laugh and I
haven't been able to stop touching myself all the week thinking about how
many of those boys will have cummed in bed thinking about me...”

   Samantha kisses again her cousin on her lips -”That is how I like
little girls, liberated and free!  I have a fun plan for the next two

   -”What is it?” -enquiries little Sabrina

   -”You are going to pull a big man for me so that we can get some
money out of it!  - she grins from ear to ear

   -”A big could I...”

   -”Tonight your daddy's best friend is coming here to collect a
parcel with paperwork, you will seduce him so that I can ask for

   -”Ummm...I don't know how to seduce an old man Sammy”

   -”Don't worry, it comes naturally in girls, you will be
fine” - and in saying this Samantha kissed again her young cousin on
her delicate mouth.

   About an hour later a middle aged man, white with short brown scruffy
hair and wearing thick glasses knocked the door and introduced himself as
Sabrina's daddy's workmate.

   -”Oh I was expecting you, come in please I will make you a cup of
tea!” -Samantha said

   -”I don't really want to bother you...”

   -”No bother at all, a pleasure to have someone to talk to, kids
can be so boring sometimes...Just take sit on the sofa and I'll come back
with a few cakes, tea and coffee, make yourself at home please”

   -”Thank you very kind of you...”- The man looked a little
shy - “where's John's daughter then?  I thought you were looking
after her?”

   -”She always takes a bath before going to bed, but will come out
of the bathroom soon”- and in saying this Samantha sneaked into the

   Not even five minutes had passed when little 10 years old Sabrina opens
up the bathroom door and walks towards the dinning room all wet with a tiny
towel wrapped around her waist and exposing her little nipples sticking out
of her black flat chest.

   -”Hiii!” -says Sabrina -”Who are you?”

   -”I am a friend of your daddy and I came to pick up some
papers...”- the man seems uncomfortable having that semi-naked girl
in the room, his eyes try to avoid contact with her body.

   -”Have you seen my Barbie doll?”- says Sabrina to the
embarrassed man.

   -”You mean that one on the floor?”

   -”Yeah!  That one!”- and instantly 10 year old Sabrina
kneels down grabs the doll and then stands on her four talking to toy as
she flashes her rear to the stranger.  The middle aged man can hardly
believe what he sees, Sabrina's black ass is sticking out of the tiny
towel, and even her pink wet slit can be seen.  His cock gets an instant
hard on and he places his hand in his pocket to release the seizure with
his underwear, as he does so Sabrina turns around and sees it.

   -”Did you see my ass?” - The man blushes

   -” I didn't”

   -”I think you are lying, my daddy has told me all about men and
what happens when they see little girls naked”

   -”I didn't see anything”

   -”Well...Do you want to see?”

   -”What...What do you mean?No...  it can't be right...”- says
the man in anxiety and looking towards the kitchen door.

   Sabrina stands up and approaches him, her waist is right in the middle
of the man's eyes.

   -”You want to see!  You want to seeee!  Lieer!  Lieerrr!  -
Sabrina teases him smiling

   -”shhhh!  Someone can hear you!”

   -”Oh!  Is that then?  You are embarrassed!  It's ok I'll do it in
silence” - and not giving time to the man to say anything else
Sabrina pulls the tiny towel off her body at once holds it on one hand and
stretches out her arms forming a cross giving the man the show of his life
who's got the little girl's pussy at only 15cm from his sight.  He stays
silent all he can think off is about that small hairless cunt still wet
from the bath and that sweet rosy and shinning slit, he can't stand it
anymore!  The palm of his hand starts feeling Sabrina's smooth silky cunt,
he rubs it, and...

   -”Oh my God!  My God!  What are you doing!” - Twenty years
old Samantha appears from the kitchen screaming

   -”Sabrina get to your bedroom right now!” - Sabrina still
nude runs towards her bedroom shaking her small ass and shuts the door

   -”It wasn't me, I swear...”

   -”You pig!  I've seen you with your dirty fingers on my innocent
niece!  You should be hang pedophile!”

   -”Please...I have a wife and a seven year old daughter...please do
not report it...” - pleads the man

   -”You are a pervert!  You deserve no compassion!”

   -”I didn't mean to...she just...  came naked to me...”

   -”Yeah sure!  And she also put a show for you!”

   -”Do not report it please, it would destroy my life...”

   -”I feel no pity for you pervert!  The only thing that stops me
from picking up the phone is your wife, but you will have to pay for

   -”Oh yes thank you, thank you very much, I will do anything you
want to redeem myself for this unfortunate incident...”

   -”You will pay me £2000 so that I can pay for a counsellor
for the little girl and buy her some sweets”

   -”Two thousand pounds?It's a lot of money for sweets...”

   -”How you dare!  I see you want me to call the authorities

   -”I never meant that!  I will pay you that amount!  It's only that
I don't have that much with me now”

   -”How much do you have in your wallet?”

   -”One hundred quid”

   -”I'll take those and you will put in my bank account the rest. 
You will give me £1900 by next Friday at 9pm sharp, if you don't the
next thing you will hear is an iron bar closing behind you and now pick up
the damn papers and get the hell out of my house!”

   The man takes the wallet out of his pocket and gives her all the money,
and as he leaves, still red faced and afraid he hears Sabrina shouting:

   -”And get your trousers changed!  You just cummed yourself on

   As she slams the door starts counting the money, 10 year old Sabrina
comes out of the room towards her still nude and smiling.

   -”Did I do well Sammy?” -asks the little angel

   -”Very well my love, this weekend I will buy you anything you
like, give me a big kiss sweetie!  - and they kiss on their lips
interlacing their tongues as Samantha squeezes her lover's ass and
introduces her finger inside the hairless pussy from behind for a while.


   -”What sweetie?”

   -”I love you!”

   -”Me too sweetheart, now let's go to bed” - and as she says
so puts one of her arms behind Sabrina's back grabs her ankles and lifting
her up carries the little naked black nude girl to the bedroom, there she
puts the petite girl on the bed and then rubs her smooth clit as she finger
fuck her, next Samantha kisses her way up the black glossy flat chest and
arouses the little black girl's nipples fairly quick, Sabrina closes her
eyes and sighs as her cousin sucks one of them and grunts as flicks her
clit and gently bites her nipple at the same time.  As Samantha notices
Sabrina's cunt moist she kneels between her legs and pulls her tender tight
pussy lips apart with her thumbs as she pushes her tongue into the hole
then licks upwards to her clit.  Sabrina can't stop moaning as she laps up
juice off her tiny hairless cunt and it goes on until Sabrina climaxes on
her cousin's face leaks some cum, still not much as she is still a little
girl after all.  That night the both sleep naked with their arms wrapped
around each other...

   In the morning after having a bath together Samantha decides that they
are going to the swimming pool in a nearby sports centre.  When they get
there they see lots of kids by the hall, it seems that they are having
swimming lessons for youngsters in the small pool.

   In the girl's changing room they see around eight or nine girls of
between 8 and 13, Samantha and get cousin get both undressed and sit down
on the bench talking as she glances those little lolitas around her
undressing showing off their pussies and titties, the girl next to them a
beautiful white blonde 12 years old girl already seems to have a coating of
hair on her pussy.  Samantha looks at her and smiles, she seems
uncomfortable having that adult black woman sitting down on the nude there
as if showing off.

   -”So you already growing something down there sweetie?” -
winks Samantha

   -”Yeah...well it seems so”

   -”I am sure you will grow very pretty”

   -”I wish I could get boobies like yours”

   -”Oh don't worry, soon or later, look at my cousin, she's still
much flatty than yourself, at least you already got peaches up there”

   The girl smiles at Sabrina who is also nude next to Samantha she puts on
her swimming custom and leaves with the rest of the girls.

   Samantha and Sabrina also put on their swimming suits now that they are

   -”Did you see how all girls looked at my bush Sabrina?”
-laughs Samantha about her shameless exhibitionism - “I bet they
never seen their mummy's!”

   -”I liked the blonde girl, Sammy, her body was cute”

   -”Sure baby, I wish I could lick her out too, now make a favour,
go by the door and warn me if someone comes, ok?”

   -”Yes Sammy”

   Samantha opens her rucksack and takes out small wireless camera then
looks for a good place to attach it, somewhere hidden and dry, she finds
the right spot in the fake ceiling, she makes a small hole in one of the
panels and then tests the recorder in her rucksack, she sees the image
captures the open showers, opens up a locker and leaves it inside.

   -”Ok sweetheart let's go swimming!”

   Samantha and Sabrina spend the day in the big pool, she teaches her
cousin to hold herself in the water and a couple of times sneaks one of her
fingers up her cousins pussy as she hold her waist in the water.  From the
big pool they can see the kids swimming lesson on their right, after a
couple of hours it's finish and they all go back to the changing rooms, of
course Samantha and Sabrina don't take long going after them.

   They just come in at the right moment!  The girls are all nude in the
showers soaping their bodies, Samantha cunt gets wet by the moment, likely
nobody can't see it as her black body is shining from the pool.  She helps
her cousin to take off the suit and follows, both of them, woman and kid
sit down again on the bench as if talking as they watch they little girls
laugher and soaping, once again the white blonde 12 years old girl comes
next to them, this time she looks even more attractive, she is about to get
on her knickers.

   -”Uh,uh...I wouldn't do that...” - says Samantha smiling at

   -”Why not?”

   -”Well I can see from here your body is still covered in water,
you are going to spoil your pretty underwear, isn't it Sabrina?”

   Her cousin nods, as she stares at the preteen girl.

   -”I will show you how to do it!” - Samantha stands up grabs
her big fluffy purple from the hanger and wraps it around the girls wet

   -”What is your name honey?”

   -”Rebecca” -says the girls a little confused

   -”Don't worry Rebecca, when I had your age I made the same
mistakes”- says Samantha as she rubs the girls body with the towel
all over in a lascivious way, the youngster blushes when she feels
Samantha's hand in the middle of her cunny and the fabric of the towel
rubbing against it.

   -”Do you touch yourself there Rebecca?”

   -”No I don't!”

   -”It's ok, you don't need to lie, even my cousin does and she is
only 10”

   Sabrina who is enjoying the spectacle of the girl's body being touched
all over asserts.

   -”Yeah...I like putting my finger inside my cunny” - by now
Samantha has been rubbing the girl for a good 4 minutes in her cunny and
she can feel the body reaction.

   -”Ok hon!  Done!” - Samantha withdraws the towel of the
girls body and she can see that is all dry, apart from a little moisture on
her blonde pubic hair.  The 12 years old girl still red faced puts on her
underwear quickly provoking a wet patch in the middle of her knickers.

   -”Oh!  After all my work!  Look at that Sabrina!” -They both
laughed staring at the wet patch in the girl's undies.  Rebecca gets dress
quickly and when is ready to go she approaches the showers where Sammantha
is soaping her cousin and says:

   -”Thank you!  You are a very good woman” - and blows a kiss
on the air before running towards the door.

   Again Samantha and Sabrina are alone in the showers, this time Samantha
does not soap anymore her cousin and introduces her finger in her tight
vagina instead then she moves them around making her leak pre-cum...she
wonders when is her little cousin to cum like an adult woman...  Sabrina
who by now knows all about lesbianism despite her age, kneels down and
licks Samantha's hairy black cunt starting slowly, then biting her slit
tenderly and finishing by sticking her wet tongue in her babysitters cunt,
Samantha moans louder and louder, until she cums on her cousins mouth, who
licks all of it...

   Samantha picks up the camera hidden in the shower, switches off the
recorder and after kissing passionately to her cousin they leave with a big
smile on their faces.

   -”I think that we maybe back next Saturday sweetie...Would you
like that?” - Sabrina asserts.

   At home both lesbians spend the rest of the day cooking and going around
the house in the nude just for the kicks of it, but without sex as they are
both tired, that is until the night when they sleep together again in the
nude and the heat of each others body transforms in passion.


   On Sunday Samantha and Sabrina decide to spend the day in, after a quick
shower and breakfast Samantha switches on the computers and download the
videos she recorded yesterday in the changing rooms she calls Sabrina and
they both watch and smile as see nine little girls of all ages and shapes
showering together...some of them with half grown bobbies but mostly with a
hairless pussy.

   -”Some men would pay lots of moneys for this Sabrina...maybe we
can do some business before I keep it encrypted in my archive” says
Samantha as she logs on to a hidden IRC channel.

   When she finds a serious buyer they connect via SSL2 to a remote
computer using a software called PuTty and they chat in encrypted mode. 
After half an hour of typing Samantha uploads some screenshots of the video
as a .jpg to her private shell account the man downloads them and he likes
what he sees, he loves the nine little girls showering together a price is
agreed Samantha check her Paypal account and uploads the full video to her
password protected website, she sends the link via remailer to the man she
smiles thinking about how those girls will help many many old men in the
world to cum without having a clue about it.  Samantha checks again her
website it indicates that her client has downloaded the videos, she deletes
the files.

   Next she finds someone ready to pay to see a 10 years old girl
masturbating herself on cam.

   -”Sabrina come closer!  You can win us some money only chatting to
some old men, would you like to do that?”

   -”Yesssss.....I like silly men looking at me!  - Samantha kisses
Sabrina on her lips

   -”You are a star honey!”

   They connect again via a encrypted instant messenger program and
Samantha switches on the cam so that the man can see it is really a little
girl behind the other computer and not a fat ass, glass wearing copper. 
The man did not expect to find a black girl he had not been told and wants
a discount, Samantha stands her ground and in the end the man agrees to
make the payment after he has seen Sabrinas chest...

   Sabrina is wearing a knee-length blue skirt, pink t-shirt, and white
socks, she takes off her t-shirt and turns gets her nipple's close to the
cam so that the man can see her flat black chest well, the man pulls down
his big cock at that point Samantha covers the cam with her hand and
demands the payment.  Forty pounds for forty minutes...  Two minutes later
the money is in her Paypal account, she uncovers the cam and gets herself
out of the way.

   The next thing the man asks Sabrina is to take off her skirt, he is
surprised, she is not wearing any underwear and her smooth brown pussy with
puffy lips is right there for him to see, he orders Sabrina to turn around
and bend down, in all this Sabrina smiles and tries to get the man to cum
by talking to him through a microphone telling him how she wants his cock
in her little pussy and how she is a 10 y.o.  Slut who loves men cumming on
her body, she also tells him she wants to eat his hard cock like a lollypop
as she sticks out her tongue and laughs.  The man orders Sabrina to
masturbate, Sabrina places the cam closer to her slit and soon shows some
pink, her little finger massage her clit and then puts them inside, she can
see how the man is stroking his dick, he has put only his cock in view of
the cam and it looks huge, his precum is already leaking out of his
dickhead.  Sabrina goes on massaging her small pussy, she is about to
orgasm when she sees lots of white stuff on the other side of the cam, the
man shows his faced he has his dick flacid and his cum is all over his
chair and hand he still watches her and he's paid forty minutes so she
carries on touching herself until she orgasms too and her body shakes on
the chair.

   They both exchange love words and kisses, the time is over, Sabrina
promises a better show next time, maybe with a vibrator she gives him
Samantha's email address to arrange the details and shuts down the
computer, Sabrina turns around and sees Samantha's 20 y.o.  Adult body
naked on the sofa, Samantha is fondling her big hairy black cunt.

   -”I really enjoyed looking at you masturbating for that man
sweety” - Sabrina runs towards her and hugs her...

   -”I prefer woman with hairy pussies like you Sammy, you know
it...” - Little Sabrina kisses her cousing firm rounded breasts and
erects the nipples, little Sabrina is now a real expert and goes down her
cousin with kisses until she reaches her favourite part, the hairy cunt! 
She sticks her small wet tongue inside that half wanked pussy and uses her
tongue to pound it, getting in and out of the black wet hole very quickly,
her cousin moans and moans, Sabrina attacks her cousin's clitoris, she rubs
it down at the same that her wet tongue is stuck inside the juicy hole,
Samantha has a big loud orgasm and her juices fill Sabrina's mouth!  She
has never seen her cousin cum so much liquid before, she loves the taste
and licks it all in between the hairs then leads for Samantha's lips and
shares the hot juice tying together their tongues as Samantha squeezes
Sabrina's little ass...

   An hour later a noise wakes them up, it's the door, Sabrina's daddy
shouts “Hello!”, Samantha can't believe it!  They fall asleep
on the sofa after the sex!  They are both still naked and full of dry cum!
She panics!

   -”well, well well, what do we have here?” - Sabrina's daddy
looks at them smiling as both, little girl and woman try to cover up their
bodies with their hands.

   -”No!  I forbid you from covering up your pussies!  Take it off
you lesbians or I will call the authorities!”

   Samantha and Sabrina are very afraid of what may happen, they fear they
may never see again each other, everything seems over...

   -”So you are a fucking lesbian Samantha!  Aren't you?”

   -”I am so sorry...I..”

   -”Shut the fuck up!”

   -”And you my little hairless pussy whore...You are a slut!  Aren't
you?” - Sabrina looks down embarrassed being nude infront of her
daddy, he had seen her last when she was 6 years old...

   -”I have been suspecting this for a long long time you
whores!” - He goes takes a chair and takes off the fire alarm
detector uncovering a small camera inside

   -”Every room in this house has got a camera on it, including the
bathroom!  I know how you put your finger inside my 10 y.o.  Daughter's
cunt when you bathed her for the first time, I know all about it!  I know
how my daughter used the vibrator on your pussy on the second day!  I know
it!  And you will pay for it you sluts!”

   Both Samantha and Sabrina are ashamed knowing that their little
girl-woman sex has been filmed

   -”First of all I am going to sell this videos on the internet to
make some money and you both will agree to it...Second you are going to
film more, this time professional ones, I will be the producer and I will
pay you 2% of the sales...”

   -”Two percent!  But that...”-protests Samantha astonished of
the turn the things are taking

   -”Shut up!I haven't finished yet!  Third and last, you both
fucking lesbians are going to try some big hard cock!  I am going to fuck
Sabrina until she knows what having a sore pussy is like!”

   -”Daddy..daddy...I like girls...”- Sabrina sheds a tear

   -”By the time I have finished with you little slut you will love a
hard cock and you will be performing the best blow jobs in town!And you will be opening up your fucking lesbo hairy black pussy to
all my friends!”


   -”Shut the fuck up!  We have another choice...I may call the
police show them this videos and get you in prison for child
abuse...” -Samantha and Sabrina hug each others nude body shedding

   -”If you want to stay together you will do as I say for six
months, otherwise...”

   -”And after that...will you allow us to see each other?- begs

   -”You will be allow to fuck my daughter if you let me watch at you
as you do it and get off my cum on your bodies, otherwise there is no

   Samantha and Sabrina run towards him and hug him...

   -”We have a deal uncle!  - says Samantha

   -”I will let you put your dick in my pussy daddy!  -says Sabrina
as daddy fondles her and Samantha's cunnies with his hands at the same

   -”I always knew you both would be reasonable!  In the end I love
you both my little sweethearts...”

   *******THE END********

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