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Subject: {ASSM} Showering With Mom (m/F, mother/son, inc)
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Showering With Mom
by NC (m/F, mother/son, inc)

When I was a child, I had this problem: Every morning, I would argue with my
mom over who would use the bathroom first. We were always in a hurry. I had
to go to school; she had to go to work. When I was going first, she was
always complaining that I was hogging it, and vice versa. So one day, we got
in the shower together. OK, actually she got there first and I kind of
crashed. Stubborn as a mule I refused to leave, so we ended up sharing it.
But what started as a joke, turned out to be pretty convenient for both of
us and it became an everyday habit. I was 14 years old at that time.

Things became more complicated when after a while I started having
erections. I guess I didn't have them from the beginning, because the first
period I was logically shy and nervous. Also, it took me a while to realize
how hot my mother was. The first time I had a boner in the shower, she
freaked out. But in time, she accepted it as something natural and
eventually she got used to it. The truth was that morning erections were
normal for a kid my age, but let's be honest... my mother was the main reason
for having them. As I've already said, she was hot. Blonde, tall, around 40,
with fantastic body, big firm tits, large ass, and a beautifully shaved
pussy. She was a real turn-on.

Now, inside the shower, there were certain rules. No touching below the
waist was allowed. We would soap each other's back, but that was all. Of
course rules can be broken or bent. And when you are enclosed with someone
in such a tiny space, all sorts of things are bound to happen. I always made
sure for example, that my erect cock would `accidentally' brush against her
body as many times as possible. The really cool stuff happened when I was
standing behind her, soaping her back. Then, I would always get real
close to her, craftily sliding my erect cock inside her soapy butt crack.
Oh boy! I loved that! My cock felt so warm and toasty in there. Furthermore
I would always find a way to touch her one way or another, usually by just
fooling around and by tickling her. That allowed me to come close enough to
feel her tits and rub myself against her, like a horny puppy. The things
that you can get away with, when you are a child!

And it gets better. One time she made a comment about my erection. She said
that it must be frustrating for me to be like that all the time and wondered
why I didn't do what all kids my age, do. I kind of blushed and told her
that if I were alone in the shower, I would do `that thing' that she was
talking about. Her response was surprising, to say the least.

"If you want to do it, it's OK with me," she said.

"What? Here? With you watching? No way!" I replied, feeling awfully weird
about that subject with my mom.

"Alright, I'll turn around then," she said, and turned her back to me. "Come
on. I am not looking. Go ahead. It's not healthy to keep it inside you," she
encouraged me.

So I did it. I took my cock into my hands and apprehensively began jacking
off. Needless to say, that the sight of her bare ass significantly speeded
up things. In less than a minute I came, and guess where all that juice went
to. Exactly! It splashed against her big ass which was just a few inches
away from my erupting cock, and streamed down her crack. Seeing her ass all
messy and covered with my cum I assumed that I would be in trouble, but she
didn't seem to mind, since we resumed our shower as if nothing had happened.

Eventually, morning masturbation became a part of our daily routine. Every
day in the shower she would turn around - to give me privacy - and I would
unload my sticky cargo on her hot ass. Sometimes I would masturbate more
than once. Sometimes she wouldn't even turn around and I would jack off
right in front of her. I didn't mind her watching me anymore. On the
contrary, feeling her gaze upon me turned me on even more. And I loved
shooting my sperm on her belly and pussy.

As you have already gathered, my relationship with my mom was peculiar, for
want of a better word. But you are dead wrong if you assume that I could
just do whatever I wanted with her. Her behavior was strange, her ethics
questionable, but she had very specific views on where the line should be
drawn. One time while I was jacking off, in the heat of the moment I grabbed
her ass with my free hand. Bad idea. She admonished me big time and told me
that if I'd ever do something like that again we would stop taking showers

For a couple of years, that was how things stood. I was abiding by her
rules, because what I had was great and I didn't want to risk losing it. But
as I was growing up, I started becoming hornier and more aggressive. I had
reached the age of 16, when it happened for the first time. I clearly
remember that day. I was masturbating, her beautiful ass in front of me, as
per usual. The tip of my cock was almost touching her butt crack. I wanted
to fuck her so much! I took one step forward and before she could do
anything, my dick was deep inside her big pussy. "No! What are you doing?"
she cried, but I was already fucking her and I had no intention to stop.
"Just this time. Please mom!" I panted, while fucking her swiftly and rather
sloppily.  "No," she said feebly a couple of times, but soon her feeble noes
became loud yeses accompanied by moans and screams of pleasure. I think I
lasted 3 minutes or so, before my dick exploded into her wet, warm pussy.  I
was so horny that I consider myself a hero for lasting that long!

So, that was our first encounter. Later that day, she told me that this
should never have happened. I asked her why, since we both enjoyed it and
she told me that it was just wrong and that sharing the shower with me was a
bad idea. She also revealed to me that the reason she had allowed me to
masturbate in the shower, was exactly because she wanted to avoid a
situation like that. Apparently, she believed that daily masturbations would
keep my sexual urges under control. Help me cool off or something. You have
got to love her way of thinking! In any case, the thought of not being able
to shower with her anymore was unbearable. So I promised to behave myself
from that day onwards.

I tried to keep my word but I couldn't. I had tasted the forbidden fruit and
I wanted to taste it again. The next morning in the shower, I asked her if
we could do it one more time. She refused. "Just one more time" I pleaded.
"No!" she said sternly, but I was already all over her. I was licking her
tits while rubbing her shaved cunt with my hand. She was mine again. I knelt
down and ate her pussy, before fucking her for the second time. Afterwards I
apologized and promised (again) that I would try to behave in the future.

I was lying and she knew it. The next day, we didn't even make it to the
shower. We did on the bathroom floor. She lay on her back and spread her
legs wide open for me. I lied on top of her.  I fucked her pussy for a few
minutes and then I sat on her belly, and put my dick between her big tits.
She squeezed them together and I fucked them slowly, before finally cumming
all over them and all over her face.

I am 22 years old now. Mom and I still take morning showers together and
still have sex every day. And it is great! I know what she likes and she
knows what I like. We have the perfect relationship. My friends think I am a
nerd because I still live with my mother. They can think whatever they want.
I am not going anywhere. Would you move out, if you were me?

Comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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