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  His Boss, Her Boss   (fm+++,ff, mm, Wife)

  Bobby Jamison hurried home from work. He didn't stop
off for a drink with his co-worker's as many of them
did. He wanted to hurry home to his young bride,
Susan. At eighteen Susan was a tiny girl with dark
brunette hair and pale almost white skin. She was
small, barely five feet tall with full firm breast
that fit her size. Bobby, himself, was only twenty
years old. He had graduated from college just as Susan
was finishing high school. He married her two weeks
later which was about three months previously. They
had a small apartment in a section of town that was
still neat and had a better class of people living
there than the area which bordered their neighborhood.

In the next area were strip joints and motels that
catered to the professional working girl. Bobby had to
pass these places on the way to his apartment. It was
here that his co-workers liked to stop off for some
drinks and leer at half naked girls twirling
themselves around an upright pole set on a small
stage. Only once had Bobby went into one of the places
with them and failed to understand why these young men
with wives waiting for them at home would even enjoy
such a tawdry display like the girls were putting on.
It was stupid he thought and felt that his one time to
the club was a real learning experience for him.

Susan Jamison was home waiting for her new husband to
get home. She was one of those rare brides that could
actually cook. She smiled to herself as she checked
the roast she had prepared for Bobby. She had the
small apartment clean and neat. She provided that
service for him. She also provided other services for
him is the main reason that he was in such a hurry to
get home. It was also the reason that Susan eagerly
awaited for him. Both had been virgins on their
wedding day. The next day neither were and they had
been learning new ways to please one another ever

Bobby got home and the first thing that Susan did for
him was to have his robe ready after he had his shower
and washed off the day's sweat. Bobby reclined back in
his plush chair, a gift from his wife. Susan said that
dinner would be ready in half an hour. She curled up
between his legs on the carpet and parted his robe to
find the object of her desire. It was Bobby's seven
inch cock that she had been enjoying orally since the
second week of their marriage. He held the hard rigid
cock in her hand and began to kiss the head and run
her tongue around the gland. She watched her husband's
face as she adjusted her throat and took her husband's
cock all the way down her throat. This had taken
practice in which Bobby's cock had been the victim of
her sharp teeth till she learned how to keep them from
gouging the tender flesh of his cock shaft.

The next thing she consent rated on was taking the
cock all the way down her throat. She no longer gagged
as she swallowed her husband's cock. She gently
massaged his sizeable testicle's and gave them the
benefit of her full lip's and tongue. Bobby sat and
let Susan preform the blow job for him. She loved
doing it this way, not receiving any foreplay herself.
That would come later after the couple had retired for
the night. Right now she was eager for her husband's
cock to fill her mouth with his thick creamy sperm.
She had spit it out the first time out of surprise.
The taste of the juice that lingered in her mouth
convinced her that she would never spit it out again.
Susan, for lack of a better term, had become a slave
to male sperm. She greedily swallowed every drop he
gave her.

"You know Susan", he would joke, "You could make a
fortune with that mouth of your's."

Susan considered what her husband said as a
compliment. She had learned that the way to keep a man
happy was to suck his cock and not miss a drop when
she swallowed. Men were funny like that. She had
talked with some of her married neighbor wives and
found that only a couple of them actually loved to
suck and swallow. One woman outright said that a woman
that sucked cock was a slut. That same woman only had
sex once a month with her husband. Another wife,
Shery, even cheated on her husband because he thought
that a wife should not take a cock into her mouth,
much less swallow his sperm. Sheri cheated in a
special way thought. She sucked cock for money at one
of the nearby motels. Susan was shocked at Shery's
confession at first. But then decided that she and
Shery had a lot in common. They both loved to swallow
sperm and suck cock.

Shery would come over to visit her and give her hint's
on pleasing a man with her mouth. Bobby had no idea
that a lot of what he enjoyed from his wife had been
learned from a young woman that would suck as many as
eight or ten cocks an evening while her husband
worked. Shery had the money safely tucked away in a
bank account of her own. "It's just rainy day money"
Shery told her. Shery had also given Susan a gift. It
was a long thick rubber cock that felt almost
lifelike. It was half again as thick and as long as
Bobby's cock and after Susan could deep throat the
fake cock then she was much better at sucking Bobby's
cock. It had been hard at first but Shery had shown
her just how to let the long thick cock enter the back
of her throat.

Susan also listened to Shery tell her about some of
the cocks she sucked. Susan felt wicked as she
listened to the pretty wife tell her about a guy with
a thick twelve inch cock and all the thick sperm it
shot in her mouth. Susan found herself actually
drooling over Shery's tale's. Then the women began to
discuss the taste. Shery had wanted to know what
Bobby's cum tasted like. Susan got Bobby to shoot off
in a condom one night. She smiled and told him that
she wanted to save it for the next day while he was at
work. She placed the sperm, still in the condom, in
the refrigerator to keep it fresh. The next day when
Shery was there the two wives put the cold frozen
sperm in the condom in a pan of warm water to warm it
back up. Shery tilted the condom to her mouth and
swallowed Bobby's sperm.

"For a young guy," Shery said, "His jism taste real
good but his age makes it a little strong." She told
Susan that most of her customer's were older men and
that their sperm tasted creamier and sweeter. "I'll
bring you some so you can see for yourself," Shery
told her, "Especially that guy with the twelve inch
cock." Susan was embarrassed at first and felt that
tasting another man's sperm would be cheating on
Bobby. It was her curiosity that got the better of her
that made her agree to it. The day that Shery came
over and took a condom that was almost half full of
thick white cream Susan was feeling very wicked. Over
the period of two months the wives had actually
started masturbating as Shery related stories about
cocks and sperm. They would strip naked and look at
the others body and it eventually led to Susan
actually playing with Shery's cunt while the woman
showed Susan what a woman's lip's felt like on her

Shery would come by early while her husband slept.
Susan still had Bobby's sperm in her one day and Shery
got between her thigh's with her mouth and sucked
Susan's husband's sperm from her cunt. The day Shery
brought the sperm filled condom was the first time
that Susan had ever tasted another man's sperm other
that her husband's. As Sherry had told her, it was
delicious and Susan smacked her lip's together to show
how much she liked it. Susan even poured some of it on
Shery's large firm breast and lapped it from her.
Shery took the condom and squeezed the last content's
of it all over her cunt lip's. Susan looked at the
woman's cunt and had her face buried in Sherry's pussy
lapping up the sperm from her. It became a regular
thing for Shery to suck the young wife's pussy to get
the woman's husband's sperm from her.

Before he left for work and fucked Susan she was
already imagining shery sucking it from her. Then
suddenly their routine changed. Bobby had to go out of
town for two weeks out of the month. He had to switch
off with other workers on the out of town thing. The
second day he was gone Shery came to Susan's apartment
around nine in the evening. She was excited. She
normally just sucked the men but that night she had
let one of her better customer's with a small cock
fuck her. The man filled her cunt with so much sperm
that she went to Susan and showed the young wife her
filled pussy. Susan had her first cream pie, as it was
called, that night. Shery said that she couldn't take
a large cock because she was cursed with a real tight
pussy. One thing that Susan wished that she had.

A few week's after she first had sex her own pussy
became tooloose for her husband. She knew it was just
hereditary. She had eavesdropped on hearing her father
speak of her mother's loose cunt. She just became
loose. It was something in her gene's. She tried hard
to train her cunt muscles so she could clamp down on
Bobby's cock when they had sex, which was every night
except for now. Susan missed her nightly fucking and
her regular dose's of sperm from Bobby's cock. Shery
had began to fuck Susan with the fake cock she had
given her and was amazed at how easy the girl had
taken it. Susan showed her just how she could tighten
her muscles up and actually was able to crimp the fake
rubber shaft till it regained it's original shape in a
minute or so.

"Susan," Sherry said "If I had a cunt like that I
would be fucking so many guy's it would make your head
swim." She had also told Susan that she knew men that
would pay them well to see them suck each other's
sperm filled pussy's. Susan finally relented and the
next time that Bobby was out of town she went to the
motel with Shery and hid in the closet while Shery
sucked men off. Susan played with her own needy cunt
while she watched her friend suck on the varied sizes
and shape's of the cock's she sucked. After Shery's
customer had left Shery would kiss Susan and let her
have some of the last man's sperm that she had kept in
her mouth. This way Susan tasted the third man's sperm
that she had ever had. She also tasted the fourth and
now she was kissing shery and having the tenth load of
another man's sperm in her mouth.

The first night of the second week that Bobby was out
of town. Susan took a call on her cell phone. "Susan
this is the guy that I told you about," She told Susan
while the man was waiting on the phone, "I told him
about us and he wants to see us suck cum from each you want to do it?" Susan felt that this
would be the same as cheating on Bobby but her
desire's got the better of her. The man would be there
in an hour.

"How will we get sperm in us to suck out" Susan asked?
Shery told her that she would call a guy that worked
at the motel to come down and screw her.

"You can let the man put his cock up to your pussy and
he could cum all over it," Shery said, "That wouldn't
be the same as you having sex with another man."
Sherry was not sure but she had already committed her
self. A knock on the door startled her and she started
to go back into her hiding place but Shery stopped
her. "You can watch him screw me Susan," Shery said,
"And get used to another man looking at you naked."

"Hey Shery you didn't tell me you had another pretty
chick with you" the tall young man said ogling Susan's
naked flawless body. Susan tried to cover herself up
but Shery said to let him see her pussy spread open
while he fucked her. Susan watched as the man dropped
his pant's and revealed a very long thin cock. Shery
took it in her mouth for a minute before seating the
long cock in her cunt and getting soundly fucked for
about ten minutes. Shery lay on her back with her
leg's held high by the young man as he stood next to
bed and fed his long cock into her.

"Susan straddle my face and let me eat you while I get
fucked" Shery said. Susan was hot enough to do as her
friend asked. She looked directly in the man's face as
he fucked sherry. Susan had her eye's close as he
friend sucked at her when she felt a wet mouth on one
of her breast and a hand on the other. Her eye's
popped open and the man had leaned forward and taken
one of her nipple's in his mouth while he had the
other caressing it with his hand. Shery had her leg's
locked around the man's hip's as he fucked her. Susan
was to terrified to protest and before long she began
to like the man's mouth as he switched from one hard
puckered nipple to the other. Her hand moved of it's
on accord as she reached down to rub Shery's clit as
the cock went into her cunt half an inch from her
finger's. The man reached and took her hand and placed
it around his cock as it plunged in and out of Shery's

"I'm ready to shoot...feel it as it cum's in her" the
man said breathlessly as he stiffened against shery's
cunt. Susan held the first cock other than Bobby's in
her life as she felt it pulse and shoot gob's of sperm
into her friend. When the man took his cock from shery
it was coated with sperm and a strand dripped from his
cock head. Shery sat up and the man moved his body up
over her breast. Susan dropped back on her knees with
her head over her friend's as she pulled the man's
cock to her mouth. She looked up at Susan just as more
cum oozed from his cock.

"Take it Susan," Shery said eagerly, almost
whispering, "Taste his fresh cum." Susan was in a
state of lust as she let her friend direct the long
cock to her mouth. Susan swallowed it to his ball's in
one try and her mouth filled with more how sperm. It
tasted like Bobby's sperm and susan became carried
away and began to suck on the cock head just like she
did Bobby's. She and shery licked on the cock as it
became limp. Susan loved to suck her husband's limp
cock and she took it back in her mouth and sucked for
a minute. Jim, the guy from the motel left.

"Hey," he said, "If you need any more cum call me in a
couple of hours." Them he was gone. Shery kissed Susan
then and the two women used their tongue's to lick the
sperm that had coated the inside's of susan's mouth.

"I can't believe that," susan said shaking her head
with a funny grin, "I actually sucked another cock."

"You should working with me," Shery said, "During the
week nights there are more men than you can shake a
stick at wanting to get what their wive's won't do for
them...Look at women like Maureen." Shery was
referring to the wife that lived a few apartment's
from them who thought that only whores sucked cocks.
Then there was a soft knock on the door and Shery let
the older man in that loved to watch women suck sperm
from each other. The man whose wife had not given him
any sex at all in five years. It was John Carter, her
husband's boss. Susan had only met him once at a get
acquainted party he held for them at his large mansion
style home in the suburbs. That night John Carter had
gone out of the way to make the new bride feel
welcome. he had taken her around to meet the other
wives while Bobby was talking sports to his co
worker's. Susan had been very grateful to him and had
even allowed his to kiss her cheek as she left the
party with a very inebriated husband that was asleep
and snoring in seconds once she got him home.

John Carter had never connected the name to his
employee's wife when Shery had told him all about what
they did with each other. Now it was hard to tell
which of them was the most surprised and stunned.
"Susan," he said, "I had no idea that it was you that
Shery was talking about." The truth was that he was
more than a little excited at discovering that the
woman he was to meet was the pretty sexy young bride
that he had met a few months before. "I assure you
susan that I will keep this to myself," he said, "I
have as much at stake as you do...if not more." He
said that if his wife found out about his little
meeting's with Shery that she would take him to the

"Hey you two know each other," Shery said and looking
at Susan told her, "And you were worried about the man
being a stranger." She said some of the best sex she
had was with men that knew her husband. Maureen's
husband was one of them. John Carter knew better than
to push the young wife and talked for a few minutes as
he began to undress.

"I know it's hard on you having Bobby out of town so
much," he said, "But he will get a raise immediately."
Susan was elated at the news but she still felt
butterflies in her stomach. She had to look at John
Carter's cock and gasped at it's thickness. It wasn't
much longer than Bobby's but it was as thick as a beer
can. Shery took it in her hand and began to suck on
the overly large cock head. Carter reached for the
wife of his employee.

"I really wanted to kiss you on the lips the night of
the party," he said softly, "May I do that now?" Susan
saw that Shery now had almost all the thick cock in
her mouth. She opened lip's and let Carter kiss her
mouth. She had to moan as she felt his wet tongue
invade her oral cavity. With out thinking she began to
suck on the tongue.

"Susan is a great cock sucker too," Shery said, "I
taught her." Carter laughed at that. Shery pulled her
down to sit on the bed with her. Carter stood on the
floor with his thick cock facing the two women just
inches from it. Shery took it back into her mouth.
Susan knew that Shery could take a large cock from the
fake one that the two women would suck but this one
was like a small tree trunk. When she took it from her
mouth she pointed it at Susan "Come on honey let's see
if you can take it." Susan looked at the oozing cock
head just a couple of inches away from her mouth. She
tentatively extended her tongue and licked off the
sperm from it. It was delicious and she smiled real
big at the other two as she smacked her lip's to show
that she had liked it. Carter said that her lip's were
the sweetest he ever had on his cock after Susan had
taken it half way down her throat next to Shery's
mouth. He said that he wanted to see Susan and them
suck sperm from their pussy's before he came and he
said that he was close. he was overly excited at
having his cock in the pretty bride's mouth. He saw
that Shery's cunt was soaked with clear jism and that
thicker white cream was oozing from her.

"We thought that you could put your cock to her cunt
and shoot it in her" Shery said. Carter thought that
seeing Shery suck his cum from Susan would be worth
twice the money he had already agreed to. Shery's
eye's brightened at his word's. He was going to give
the five hundred which they would split and now she
was hearing that she would get five hundred alone for
her part.

"What do you think Susan" she said? "Let's get his
cock head just inside your pussy and I'll jack it off
in you." Susan was already spreading her leg's on the
edge of the bed. Shery took Carter's cock and placed
the broad head at Susan's entrance. her cunt had
opened in anticipation of what was about to happen.
When Carter's cock first touched Susan's flesh she
gave a jump and she actually impaled her self on the
head of the cock. It had slipped in her that easy.
Susan was wet and her cunt had loosened up greatly.
Carter had a wide grin on his face as he realized that
his cock was actually in Susan's cunt.

"Susan please let me push a little more in you,"
Carter pleaded, "I'll give you an extra five hundred."
Susan's head swam with the figure that ran around
inside her head. A thousand dollars. That was three
times what Bobby brought home a week. She looked at
her friend.

"Go on Susan let him fuck you," she whispered in the
bride's ear, "Let him shoot his cum way up you and it
will take me longer to suck it from you." Susan's head
nodded imperceptibly and Carter seeing this pushed
more of his cock into her. He thought that she felt
better than any pussy he had ever had. Susan had a
velvet wet pussy and his cock seemed to glide in her.
He didn't stop pushing till he was completely in her.
He looked into the lust contorted face of Susan as she
felt her self filled as her husband hadn't filled her
since the first month of their marriage. She put her
arm's around Carter's neck and pulled his mouth to

 "Come on then and fuck me" were the last word's she
said before her mouth covered his. Carter began to
fuck the young wife passionately knowing full well
that if he lasted more than two minutes he would be
lucky. However in half that time susan's body was
beginning to spasm in climax. By the time Carter
pumped her full of his hot scalding sperm the young
woman was in the throes of the best orgasm she had
ever had. Carter's cock began to soften after such a
tremendous orgasm himself and it began to slip from
her cunt. He saw that the opening remained open after
his cock was out and his thick sperm began to ooze
from her. Shery was down on her knee's between Susan's
leg's as they dangled from the edge of the bed. Carter
watched as she began to scoop his cum from Susan's
cunt with her tongue. Sherry moved her buttock's
around and held her dripping cunt over Susan's mouth.
Carter saw the strings of sperm drop into her open
mouth. Them Susan's lip's covered shery's cunt and she
began to suck. Carter couldn't see but he knew that
the young Susan's tongue was inside Shery's cunt
lapping at the sperm. His cock began to rise again.

Both women's cunt were clean of all but a coating of
sperm inside their cunt's when they finally lay back
exhausted and satisfied at the sperm in their belly's.
Carter's cock was fully hard again and he lay back
like a king while his cock was sucked by two of the
prettiest women he knew. One of them about the age of
his daughter that was away in Europe at a school. He
was eager to fill their mouth's with another load of
sperm that the excitement of the moment brought from
his ball's. He left after kissing each woman hungrily.
He said that he wanted this on a regular basis if the
women were willing. He said that he had more money
that his greedy wife didn't know about and he wanted
to give it to them. Susan wanted to go home. She had
done more than she ever dreamed that she would. Shery
had more men yet to come see her and she kissed Susan
goodnight and said that she would see her tomorrow.

Susan stripped naked and fucked her cunt with the fake
cock. It slid in easily with the dreges of Carter's
sperm still in her. She was taken from her reverie by
the sound of the door bell. She had the thought that
it was Shery come back early and hurried naked to the
door. She looked out and saw John Carter standing
there with a grin on his face. Susan," he said
excitedly, "You should be getting a call from Bobby
any minute now." He said he had just talked to him in
his hotel room to see how business was doing. Bobby
told him that he had landed several smaller accounts
and Carter surprised by telling him the his salary was
now doubled what it had been. As if on cue the phone
rang and Susan let it ring a few times before sleepily
answering it. It was bobby. His voice gushed with
pride as he told her about the raise. he said he was
sorry for waking her but he had to tell her. Susan
said that he hadn't awaked her. She had shown him the
cock Shery had given her. She had also told him that
she would use it while he was gone. Bobby was a little
unhappy that the cock was so large but the way his
wife had squeezed his cock even after he had watched
her fuck herself with it he accepted it.

Bobby told her to use it now while she talked with
him. He said that he would jack off while she did it.
Susan looked at Carter and her smile was one that made
him began to undress. Susan took his cock in her hand
as soon as he was naked. "Ok honey," she said to her
husband on the phone, "I have it in my hand now." She
grinned as she lay back and pulled Carter's fat cock
to her cunt. Carter was quite as he slid into her.
"I'm fucking myself with it now honey" she said into
the phone and then place the mouth piece down at her
cunt as Carter began to fuck her. Bobby heard the
squishy sounds on the other end of the line and
whacked his cock furiously. "Oh yes baby he's fucking
me hard now," she said as Carter began to fuck her in
earnest, "Oh yes it feel's good baby...I wish you were
here to fuck me with your hard cock."

Bobby had heard her say "He's fucking me" and thought
that she was just fantasizing some. His cock was ready
to spurt and he told her to let the guy fucking to cum
in her pussy. Susan looked at carter and smiled. He
began to fill her cunt again with a fresh batch of
sperm. His wife had been asleep when he got home and
he had seen that she had taken two of her sleeping
pill's. She would not wake up till morning after he
had already left for work. Just the way he liked her.
he had gone immediately to the couple's small
apartment hoping for exactly what he was doing now.
Letting his cock soak in her wet pussy. Bobby had
finally hung up and Carter's cock had risen again
still in her. they had fucked once more with Susan
actually making love to him by kissing the older man
hotly. She and Carter fell asleep with his cock still
embedded deep in her. she awoke just before dawn with
her husband's boss fucking her again.

Shery did not come by and at noon she called the
woman. She had expected her husband to at least answer
the phone. Grumpy as usual at being awaked when she
had called once when Shery was out at the store
shopping. Instead of his normal grumpy voice he
sounded weak like he was sick. he said that when Shery
had come to pick him up at work that morning that A
truck had hit her side of the car. Shery was in the
hospital still unconscious. he had only minor
bruising. He said that he was going back to the
hospital after he slept some to be there when she woke
up. Susan was devastated by the news and dressed so
she too could go to the hospital. She learned that her
husband had just left to get ready for work. Shery was
awake and had a contusion as well as a broken leg. Her
face was a little messed up and her mouth was cut and
puffy. "Guess I can't suck any cocks for a while" she
tried to laugh but it hurt her too much.

Susan left the hospital with her head spinning. Shery
had asked her if she could go to the motel in her
place and suck the guy's cock's for a few days, "I
really like them and they have to put up with the
nastiest wives." Susan told Shery that she would think
about it. Shery said that her cell phone was in the
room and that the guys would call first. It was night
time before Susan made up her mind that she would do
it for two or three hours a night till her husband got
back. As soon as she closed the door to the motel room
the phone on the beside table rang. It was Carl
Winter, Maureen's husband. He did not recognize
Shery's voice and Susan explained about the accident.
Car finally recognized Susan's voice. "Are you filling
in for her...if you are that's great, I have been
wanting to be with you ever since I saw you," he said?
There was something in his voice that told Susan to
see him. She told him to come on but that he had to
keep quite about it. Carl said that the last thing he
wanted was for his wife to learn about his extra sex.
Actually it was his only sex as Maureen was Maureen.
She was part of the reason that Susan told him to come
over. She disliked the man's wife.

Susan put on her working clothes which was being
totally naked. When Carl Winters found her like that
he went nuts wanting to bury his face in her cunt
right away. Carl had a very nice cock, not quite as
thick as John carter's but very long, a couple of
inches longer. Susan had taken the cock into her mouth
and sucked it only for about three minutes before he
came. Susan guzzled down the man's sperm, marveling
that this was only the fourth cock she had ever
sucked. Carl's cock was still hard after susan sucked
the last of his sperm from him. She knew that Shery
could not fuck him because of her tight pussy. She
looked at the long fat cock and she wanted it fucking
her. It also would be her way of making the husband,
of a woman she despised, happy.

Carl you can fuck me if you want to" she said. Carl
was fit to be tied as she slid his cock into the
wettest best feeling cunt that he had ever been in. He
began to kiss Susan when she offered him her lip's and
came hard in her. He left a happy man and said that he
wanted to fuck her again when they could manage it.
Susan said that she would like it if Bobby would never
find out about it. She sucked four more cocks that
night and her belly was full and sloshing with their
sperm. She was happy when the men told her that she
was every bit as good a cock sucker as Shery. Susan
knew that she had to be careful and not enjoy herself
so much. She didn't want the men unhappy with Shery,
who was her only real friend. Carter was coming to see
her later tonight after he had made sure that his wife
had taken her sleeping pill's.

Carter had just fucked her and surprised her by
sucking his own cum from her pussy. he told her that
he knew a woman, who was fucking her boss, that was a
good friend of his. He saw them occasionally and both
men fucked the woman. She was married herself. he said
that he liked sucking her boss's cum from her and that
sometimes they would suck each other with her. Susan's
mind was whirling with images of the two men fucking
the same woman. John said the she was in her late
forties and had spoken many times about going down on
another woman. The day was a Wednesday and she had two
more days till Bobby returned home. Carter said that
his friend, another man named John, would bring the
woman to the motel that night. Her own husband was out
of town hiking in the mountains. he said that Lisa,
the other woman, took that opportunity to fuck her

Susan had just sucked a nice long cock when there was
a knock on the door. Susan went and let the three
people while she still licked sperm from her lips.
Lisa was avery pretty woman despite her age. She was a
small woman like Susan and a brunette. Her skin was
also very pale like her own. They had a drink and
talked as they all began to undress. Lisa was pretty.
her breast drooped an little and she had a little
tummy fat. Otherwise she was very desirable. The men
played with their cocks while Lisa and Susan made love
to each other's bodies. Lisa had a dark hairy pussy,
much bushier that her own, and Susan loved it when she
buried her mouth in the woman's hair while Lisa sucked
her own cunt. While they sucked the two John's put
their cock's in the women. Carter in Lisa's cunt and
Roberts in her's. When they were full of sperm they
switched women sucked the cum from them.

"That was wonderful," Lisa said, "I haven't sucked a
cunt in years." She told Susan that she hoped that it
would not be the last time they did. While the three
were there another regular of Shery's called and said
that he would be over on ten minutes. Lisa wanted to
suck the man's cock with her and the two John's
crowded into the closet where Susan had watched Shery
suck cock at first. The man was overly happy that he
had two beautiful brunettes suck his cock even though
he was upset to hear about Shery's accident. Lisa
sucked the man with her for a few minutes before
looking toward the closet where her boss was watching
from. "I want to fuck him Susan" she said, eager to
fuck a stranger, while her lover watched. Susan helped
the man's cock in Lisa and then sucked the woman's
breast and kissed the man while he fucked her.

"Her boss wanted to suck Lisa after she fucked the man
and so did Carter. The two men both got between her
widely spread thigh's and lapped her cunt in turn.
Both John's had to leave but Lisa was free and she
told Susan that she wanted to stay and go home with
her. She said that if her husband called that he would
get a message that she had gone to stay with a friend
from her store. They sucked three more men and Lisa
let one fuck her.

When they entered the small apartment Lisa had her
cunt full of sperm. Susan and Lisa lay naked in
Susan's bed and sucked each other till Carter arrived.
That night he was able to fuck both women and they
both feasted on his fat cock. Lisa told Susan that the
week after next she was going to Reno with her boss
for a convention. She said that she often fucked her
boss's business partner's. She said that she saved up
the money in a bank account and that one day her
husband and she would buy a house and she would sneak
the money into their joint account.

Susan was learning what to do with all the money that
she was making to keep Bobby from finding out about
it. The following week before Bobby went out of town
she told him that she was going on a little trip with
a friend of her's and that she would be away for two
nights "I'll call you every night and let you know
that I'm alright" she told him. Later Lisa picked her
up and they drove to Reno a couple of hundred miles
away. She and Lisa talked all the way. Susan fingered
the older woman's cunt as she drove. She was thinking
of all the sperm she would get to suck from Lisa's
pussy at the convention. Lisa had said that they would
both fuck at least twenty men each. Lisa said once she
had fucked over thirty men during a three day

"You will like them Susan" Lisa said "Most of them are
older men and they know how to fuck a woman real
good." Lisa said for many years of her marriage she
had not screwed around but that after she and her
husband were married over twenty years that their sex
life had gotten stale and when she was made the
executive secretary at the store where she worked that
she had started an affair with John Roberts, her boss.
"You can see that John is a bit of a pervert and I
guess I am by now myself" Lisa said "And I love it...I
get all the cock I want and me and my husband are
getting along real well." She said that she knew for a
fact that her husband was fucking some young big
titted woman. She said that she also suspected that
her husband was having sex with other men that he went
hiking with. Susan asked Lisa if she would like to see
him with another man. "Oh hell yes" Lisa said "If for
no other reason than to let him know that she was
fucking other guys." Susan thought she could help the
woman with that.

"Yeah that would be great" Lisa said "I feel bad that
I cheat on him." "I wish he would be there to watch me
suck a man." The older woman told her that she would
also like to fuck and suck all his friend's "We could
even suck them together like me and John do." Susan
knew how she felt about cheating. She was determined
to get Bobby to fuck another woman. Perhaps Lisa would
be the one to help her too. She also told Lisa that
her parents lived just outside Reno and that she had
not seen them since the wedding. She said that after
the convention she wanted to visit with them. She said
that Lisa would really love her mother and father.
Sarah, her mother was even a few years younger than
Lisa. Lisa heard the name.

"Oh yes Susan there is another woman named Sarah that
came to the convention with her husband. He liked to
see her fuck other men and wasn't opposed to sucking a
cock every now and then himself" she said. "Usually a
lot of us end up in this large bedroom together" she
went on "There was only Sarah and myself one time with
over thirty men." Susan knew she would like to be
fucked like that. She had now been fucked by several
men and she also knew that she would continue fucking

Susan and Lisa arrived at the hotel and began to fuck
from the moment they got there. Susan was being fucked
while she sucked another cock at the same time. Both
men were older, perhaps in their sixties's but their
cock's were hard and they really gave the young wife a
great fucking. Lisa came and got her. "Let's go into
the orgy room," she said, "Sarah is already there
fucking three men at once." She said that Sarah's
husband was lying next to her watching her get fucked
and that she had been sucking his large cock. "Come on
and you can suck it with's a real big one that
I know you will love."

The room was in semi darkness and She saw a female
figure being fucked by severa; men. They were almost
in a sexual ball and it was hard to see who was doing
what. She could tell the woman and the guy laying on
the bed next to her, with the thick cock sticking from
his hand, kissing the woman while she sucked a
spurting cock. Lisa got down between the guy's leg's
and grabbed his large cock from his hand "Here Susan
get on this one." Lisa held the large cock up in the
air ready for the young wife to sit on it. Susan
straddled the cock while Lisa held it. The man
straightened his hip's so the wet cunt could take his
easier. He was still kissing his wife's mouth as a
large cock she was sucking exploded in a flood of hot
sperm. he was lapping it from his wife's mouth as it
escaped her lip's. The pussy that was sitting on his
cock felt like his wife's cunt. Wet and velvety.

Susan got all the cock in her and it felt like she was
stuffed with a hot log. About that time the man she
was fucking turned from his wife and pulled the face
above him to kiss her with his sperm coated mouth.
Susan began to lick at his mouth when something
registered in her mind. That face. She knew the man.
About then the cock began to explode in her cunt with
torrents of hot juice. Susan began to climax and at
the same time her mind kicked in. "Dad," she cried
out, "" The woman sucking at the dwindling
cock in her mouth spun her head and looked at the
young woman atop her husband's cock. Her daughter.
Susan's dad, Larry, came hard in the delicious feeling
cunt as he became aware that he was cumming in his own
daughter's cunt. Sarah was just beginning a powerful
climax as the cock in her cunt began to spew with the
cock in her anus.

Lisa sat aside with her mouth open as she watched the
family realize that they were fucking each other. What
she had just witnessed was a one in a billion thing.
Susan had just fucked her own father's cock and had a
climax on it and pumped sperm into his daughter's
cunt. Lisa decided that it was up to her to smooth
this out. She pushed the two men from Sarah's cunt and
anus and began to suck her cunt. "Susan get your pussy
over Sarah's mouth and let her suck your dad's cum
from you." Susan felt her body obeying the older
woman. She lifted her dripping cunt from her father's
still hard cock. She bent over and began to suck her
dad's cock of all the cum from the shaft and what she
could squeeze up from his ball's. She felt her
mother's hand's on her hip's as she pulled her
daughter's cunt, filled with her father's cum, to her
mouth. Susan sucked on Larry's cock for a minute or so
then swung herself where she could get her mouth on
her mom's sperm filled cunt with Lisa.

The three got over their initial shock and were now
hugging and kissing each other. Susan said to them
"Well I see where I get it from now, both of my
pervert parents." She kissed them each and Lisa
relaxed now that every thing was alright. Three new
men walked into the orgy with hard cocks. Lisa grabbed
one and fed him into her pussy. Larry Andrew's took
two cocks in his hand's and aimed them at his wife's
and his daughter's cunt's. He then watched the two
women, that he loved the most, getting screwed. He
never dreamed that he would see this day come although
he and Sarah used to talk about it while they fucked
guy's that one or both of then knew. Then Susan had
married Bobby and they had given up on their fantasy.
Now it was very much alive again. The convention was
only in it's first day and was just starting. John
Roberts came and gave each of the women an envelope.
The men had all anted up for three days of unequaled
sex. Each woman's share was almost seven thousand

They earned their money though and between the three
of them they fucked and sucked fifty cocks. Susan had
never knew her cunt could feel so good. The last night
Susan called Bobby and told him that she and Lisa had
spent the time with her parent's. At the time Larry
had his huge cock in his sweet little girl's cunt from
behind while her mother sucked at both their organ's
while Lisa lapped at his ball's from behind him while
her boss fucked her from behind. Bobby and her mom and
dad talked while they were all fucking. Susan hung the
phone up "Mom you have to fuck Bobby" she said "He
really needs to loosen up. His boss later called him
and told him, that he hated to do it, but he had to
spend the next week out of town too. He said that
Bobby was going to Reno for a business deal. Bobby was
home that Saturday but had to leave the next day for
Reno. he was going to stay with Susan's parent's.
Susan pretend to have a bad cold, she had a little one
from being naked and sweaty in the air conditioned

  She talked to him Monday at her parent's. Her day
had come up with something important that he had to
do. In reality it was to come to town to see his
daughter. Meanwhile at her parent's home in Reno he
and Sarah were having some drinks while they got to
know each other better. Sara said that she was lonely
with Larry gone. Bobby said that he was really in a
bad way since he had not been with his wife in over a
week. It all ended up with him laying back on the
large sofa pleasantly high while Sarah took his cock
out and sucked him. "If my daughter can't take of you
then it's my duty to" she told him and took his cock
all the way down her throat. Bobby was amazed how much
the mother's mouth felt like his wife's as she sucked
him. When she guzzled his sperm down it reminded him
of the way that Susan did. When he finally pushed his
cock into her he felt the same wet velvety warmth that
he experienced with Susan. He and Sarah spent every
night during the week fucking each other.

It was on the fourth day that he came home to Sarah's
to find her being fucked by another man. Sarah told
him that she had been fucking the man for years and
that Larry knew about it. "He even watches me fuck him
sometimes. Bobby said that he would like to watch her
too. She brought the man into the bedroom. There she
had sex with Bobby. The young man watched as Bobby
fucked his mother in law. Sarah even had him hold the
man's large cock while it pushed into her. While she
was fucking she turned her butt to the other man and
he fucked her from behind. She pulled Bobby around
where she could suck his cock. he naturally put his
face into the woman's filled pussy and began to suck
her. He found himself licking the large hard cock
fucking her as much as he licked at her. When the man
came in her he took his cock from her pussy and shoved
it, while it still spurted, into Bobby's mouth. The
young man sucked on the cock hard. tasting his mother
in law's cunt on it along with his sperm. As he
swallowed the sperm he thought that this was the
reason that Susan liked to swallow his.

He later switched to Sarah's cunt and sucked the
volumes of sperm from her. All the time he had images
of a large cock fucking Susan and him eating her cunt
afterward of all the thick sperm, that the man would
fill her with. That night another man came to see
Sarah and Bobby repeated what he had done with the
first man. All he had to do now was convince Susan to
let herself be fucked by some big cocked guy. He knew
that she would probably like a larger cock in her.
Sarah had told him that her cunt got loose after she
first had sex. "I guess Susan takes after me " she
told him. That night the man, whose cock was pretty
slim, fucked Sarah in her anus. Bobby asked her how it
felt there. He was thinking of doing Susan in her's.
"Do you really want to find out Bobby" she asked him?
She was the one that sucked and tongued Bobby's ass
and guided the cock into him. She was also the one
that sucked the man's sperm from him afterward.

Meanwhile back home Larry went to the motel with his
daughter and watched, mostly from the closet, as his
daughter sucked one cock after another. When a guy
screwed her he was there to suck her pussy out for
her. When Carter showed up at the apartment that night
Susan and her dad sucked his cock of his first load of
jism. Susan finally had a cock in her anus, as Larry
slowly worked his in her, while Carter fucked her
pussy. Susan knew that her excursion into sex would
grow and grow. She and her dad already had report's
from Sarah on how well Bobby was doing. Susan wished
he were there to suck the two cocks with her but she
knew that she had to wait for the right time. Bobby
came back on the last day Larry was there. Larry said
that he was on his way home and that he stopped by to
see Susan. He was sleeping on the couch while Bobby
was fucking Susan on their bed. He began to fantasize
with her. He told her that he had sex with another
woman while he was away and hoped that Susan would
forgive him for it. Susan kissed his tearful face and
said that it was alright.

"But the woman I fucked was your mom Susan" he said.
Susan tried to act shocked but she didn't want to
overplay it. "It was just like having sex with you
honey" Bobby said. Susan felt his cock harden as he
talked. She felt his hard cock and kissed him.

"Maybe I should go into the living room and fuck
Larry" she had called him by his name since she was
very little after hearing her mom call him that. Bobby
looked at her with desire in his eye's.

"He might get mad" Bobby said knowing that he
wouldn't. After all Sarah said that he had sucked
cock's with her. He told Susan to go on and do it.

"I'll bet once he has his cock in your pussy he won't
get mad at all" Bobby told her.

Susan kissed her husband "You give me a couple of
minutes and then come watch us" she said. She left the
bed and padded softly, naked, into the room where her
father was sleeping. Larry wasn't asleep. he was
waiting for her and held his cock up as his daughter
straddled him. He was deep inside her warm cunt when
he saw Bobby appear behind them. The boy held a hard
cock in his hand. He whispered to his daughter to tell
Bobby to come there. Bobby's eyes were glued to the
scene he was seeing. His wife was straddling her
Father and his cock was deep in her. He saw her beckon
to him and he went froward .

Let me suck your cock baby" Susan said and took him in
her mouth. Then he felt a pair of male lips on his
cock. The next thing he knew was that he was on his
side licking Susan's pussy and her dad's cock as well.
He ate sperm from his wife for the first time but he
knew he wanted to do it some again and again. Larry
went into their bed with them and Susan took her
husband in her anus while her dad fucked her pussy.
This was the greatest sex she had ever had. being
fucked by the two men she loved the most. Larry's cock
wouldn't fit at first, but with Susan licking wetly on
his anus and her dad's cock, it went into him. Susan
sucked his cock while her father fucked her husband in
his anus. She sucked Bobby's ass hole later to get her
dad's sperm from him.

John Carter came by to see them after Larry went home
the next evening "Bobby I want you and Susan to meet
with a client tomorrow night over dinner," he said, "
Just having a pretty young woman with you might just
turn him on enough so he signs on the dotted line...
so you two be real nice to him." Susan asked how nice
they should be. "Well that depends on how nice you
want to be." Susan laughed.

"Well the nicest I could be would be to have sex with
him," she said, "Would he want that?"

John Carter asked Bobby how he would feel about that.
Bobby said that if Susan wanted to have sex with
another man then it was up to her. "What if I wanted
to have sex with her Bobby" Carter asked? Bobby looked
at his boss.

"Well if Susan wants to screw you then it's her body"
Bobby surprised them with his answer.

"Do you want to screw my boss Susan" Bobby asked her.
Susan looked at him and reached out to feel the huge
bulge in Carter's pant's.

"I think he wants to screw me Bobby," Susan said
taking her husband's hand and putting it on his boss's
cock in his pant's, "What do you think Bobby?" Bobby
said that Carter wanted to fuck her. While Susan
sucked his boss's large cock Bobby watched intently.
It was John Carter that pulled the boy's head down to
his cock as his wife sucked him.

"Go on Bobby suck it with her...I like a woman's and a
man's mouth on my cock at the same time" He said and
watched as Susan gave his cock to her husband to suck.
he also sucked his boss's sperm from her cunt after he
fucked her. Then he experienced his boss's hard cock
in his anus. As he was being fucked he looked back at
Mr Carter "I think you have fucked Susan before
tonight haven't you?" Both susan and Carter both told
him that they had fucked several times before and was
he mad. Bobby said that the only thing he was mad
about was that he wasn't there. Carter said that Bobby
could be with susan almost every time that she fucked
another cock. Bobby kissed Susan and told her that he
would like that. Carter came in his ass then.

Part Two

Bobby was out of town, but it was on a special trip he
made for John Carter. Carter had a client, an older
man, who liked to have a young man with him and his
wife. His wife was almost sixty but still a beautiful
woman. The man was in his seventies's, and had a very
large cock that he loved to ram in young masculine
butts, while his wife sucked the young man's cock.
Bobby was supposed to spend a couple of days with the
couple in a hotel in Las Vegas. They liked to come
there where no one knew them and they both wanted to
enjoy Carter's young employee. Their contract was up
for renewal and the man said that if the boy performed
as well as they hoped that they would renew it. Carter
knew that they would be happy with him. He had fucked
both Bobby and his wife several times already. He knew
that Bobby and Susan liked to go out on the town and
pick up a nice guy with a big cock to have fun with so
he knew that Bobby was up to it.

He had sent his own wife to the orient on an extended
vacation and had a lot of time. He and Susan went bar
hopping in some of the seedier places that Bobby liked
to take her to. They were surprised to see Lisa there
with her husband and a tall blond man with long hair.
Susan had already talked with Lisa and told her to be
there at a certain time. John was the only one who
could admit that he knew Lisa. "Why you are John
Robert's secretary aren't you" Carter said. Lisa then
remembered seeing the man when he came to see her
boss. They all got a large booth and were talking when
Carter took out his cell phone. He called John
Robert's, lisa's Boss. "You can't imagine who I ran
into while Susan and I were slumming" he said? "Oh you
are...well I'll be damned why don't you stop by for a
drink with us then?" He looked at Lisa and her husband
while he talked. He closed the phone and told Lisa
"Your boss is ten minutes away and he's going to stop
by for a drink with us." Carter said that he wanted to
talk about something with him. Lisa knew that the
whole thing was a setup then and she wondered how it
would all turn out.

John Robert's arrived and Lisa hugged her boss warmly.
She was supposed to think a lot of him or so her
husband thought. he just didn't know how well Lisa
liked him. David shook hands with him. He hardly had a
chance to see the man his wife worked for. He loved to
talk sports with the man as he was very knowledgeable.
Susan and John Carter were talking to Rolf, the tall
blond who David went hiking with. He told the two that
he was originally from Sweden. Carter grabbed that
fact and said "I hear that men from Sweden have large that true?" Rolf acted a little shy at
first. Lisa heard the question and so did her boss and
husband who were talking sports. Lisa laughed at the
look on her husband's face. That was when John
Robert's said that he had rented a large hotel room
for a meeting earlier in the day.

"Look it's still paid for till tomorrow" he said "And
there's a well stocked bar why don't we
take the part there so we can drink for free." As they
got up and called a cab to go there, which was only
three blocks away. Neither of them could drive let
alone walk so they all piled in the cab for the short
trip. David was about to let Lisa sit on his lap in
the rear but susan perched herself there before he had
a chance. Rolf was next to him so Lisa sat there.
Carter and Roberts crowded in the pull down seats.
David looked at his wife sitting on his friend's lap.
He and Rolf had sucked each other's cock's many times
before and David had the large Swede's cock up him own
ass. He began to get hard thinking about it. Susan
felt David's six inch cock harden and Lisa felt the
bulge in Rolf's lap. When they all dis-embarked at the
hotel Lisa looked at Rolf and whispered that she knew
for sure that he had a large cock.

Upstairs Susan continued with her question "Well Rolf
do you have a large cock?" Lisa interrupted and after
looking in her husband's eye's she said.

"I was sitting on his lap and you should ask me that
question" she said to susan.

David took a deep intake of air and almost choked on
his drink. Susan was eager to know about the mans's
cock and she asked Lisa how big she thought it was.
Lisa thought a minute and looked at David. "Honey,"
she said, "You and David have had showers
he large" Lisa asked him? David was wanting to get
back to talking sports with his wife's boss.

"Oh I guess you could say he's pretty big" he said,
his face turning red.

"So Rolf why don't you put the guessing to rest and
show us," Carter said, "Susan just loves big cocks so
she might attack you."

"Of course I like large cocks and I like small cocks,"
Susan said ." I guess I like cocks period" she said
smiling at David. She already knew that his cock was
pretty small and she didn't want to make him feel bad
right now. "I like smaller cock's in my ass" she said
flatly. Looking at John Carter she said "You have a
large cock yourself..I should know." She said this
smiling at him.

"Roberts has a pretty large one himself," Carter said,
"That I remember from the last time I saw him in the
shower at the health club" It was Lisa's turn now. She
looked at her boss.

"Well looks like you learn something about your boss
every day," she said, "Is that why everyone calls you
the big boss?" Roberts's laughed with his secretary.
He wanted badly to fuck her in front of her husband
and get it over with.

"Well Lisa you just have to get to know me better" he
made it sound like a future invitation.

Susan looked at all the men "Oh my God...three large
cocks." She put her hand's to her crotch and squeezed
her mound. "I would love to have all them at once."
She looked at David "And I want a smaller one in my
ass." Lisa tried to act shocked at what Susan said.

"Well his cock may be only six inches but I love it
all the same" she said.

"Of course you do Lisa," Susan said, "But don't you
ever think of how a large cock would feel?"

"Of course I do," Lisa said looking at her husband,
"But we can't have everything we want." The truth was
that David was always fantasizing about a large cock
fucking her when they had sex. He had even told her
that Rolf had a large cock too. "Unless our husband's
say we can" she added. Everyone was pretty high by now
and the first thing they did was to take off their
shoes. Susan said to hell with that and she peeled her
dress off and stood before them in her panties's and
bra. Both John's called for her to take it all off
then. Susan said that was as far as she went till
everyone was as naked as her. She looked at Lisa and
Lisa grinned and acted drunker than she was. She
unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open to flash her
bra covered breast. David almost choked again. "I'll
do it if you say I can" she said looking her husband
in the eyes.

"Well go's your body" David said and watched
wide eyed as Lisa not only pulled her blouse off but
her bra as well. John Carter and John Robert's began
to strip off their own clothes. They took their large
cock's out from the fly of their short's.

"Well what does this get us" John Carter said waving
his cock around in circles. David saw the way everyone
was acting and his cock got even harder than it was.
Lisa grabbed David and began to pull his pant's off.
She knew that he had failed to put shorts on before
leaving the apartment. David's cock reared up, small
but hard. Lisa turned to her boss and looked at his

"Damn look at what a cock my boss has David," she said
taking his hard cock in her hand' "Is it alright if I
feel of it?"

David said that she had better ask him that. Lisa
asked her boss if she could feel his cock. Roberts had
been waiting for this moment "Well Lisa I guess it's
time for you to know me better." Lisa took his large
cock in her hand.

Susan advanced on Rolf and began to lower his pant's.
He too wore no shorts. She grabbed his giant cock and
took it in her mouth. She sucked him for a minute and
looked to see David right there behind them. She
turned and before he had a chance to protest she took
his cock in her mouth. She pulled his around next to
Rolf's and began to suck on both their cock's. She saw
Lisa, naked now, between the two John's. She had a
large cock in each hand. "look at your wife David,"
she said, "I think she's going to suck her boss's
cock." David turned and looked at his wife on her
knees before the two big cocked men. Lisa looked him
in the eye and took a few inches of her boss's cock
into her mouth. She pulled David down to where she
knelt before Rolf. She sucked his cock a little then
told David "You suck it too...I know you want to."
David was in a daze as the woman pointed the big cock
he had sucked so many times before. He took Rolf's
cock all the way into his mouth.

Lisa had began to suck on John Carter's and John
Robert's cock's. She looked and saw her husband
sucking Rolf's large cock with Susan. she smiled at
her. Susan pulled Rolf and David into the circle where
Lisa was sucking both large cocks. She kept David down
on his knees with herself on one side and his wife on
the other. David came off Rolf's cock and Lisa took it
in her own hand and brought the great head to her
mouth. She looked at David as she sucked his friend's
cock. "You"ve sucked him before haven't you honey" she
said "You cam be honest now." David nodded his head
and Lisa took a deep breath. Susan took Rolf's large
cock into her mouth and Lisa pulled David where he
could watch her suck her boss's and his friend's
cocks. "Look at me honey...I love to suck these
cocks," she said, "I have been fucking John for over a
year now." she waited for as response from him. David
moaned and sucked John Robert's cock all the way in.
"Would you like for him to fuck you too honey," Lisa
asked her husband, "Would you like to have his big
cock in your ass like you fuck Rolf's cock?"

That night the two women were fucked in every hole
they had. David was first fucked by his wife's boss.
"David," John Roberts said, "I have fucked Lisa many
times an now I want to fuck her husband." he lay David
on his back and got between his leg's as he had with
the man's wife. Lisa placed his cock at David's anus
and John pushed it in. David was used to large cocks
in his rectum. he had been fucking Rolf there since he
first met him five years before. He threw his arm's
around his wife's boss's neck and pulled his mouth to
his. John Roberts kissed the man passionately as he
fucked his ass. Lisa and Susan grabbed Rolf and sat
him back against the headboard. His huge cock reared
up in the air more than a foot. Lisa held it steady
while Susan straddled it. She looked down at her
husband as his face contorted in pleasure as her boss
fucked him. John Carter had his cock at David's mouth
and David was eagerly sucking it. Lisa motioned that
she wanted to go mountain climbing and Susan unseated
her self from Rolf's big cock. Lisa grabbed her
husband's hand and wrapped it around his friend's
cock. David kept fucking Roberts and sucking Carter's

Lisa lifted herself over the large cock "Look at me
David I'm going to fuck Rolf." David tore the cock
from his mouth and looked right into his wife's cunt
as she began to descend downward on it. Her cunt
looked like it was swallowing a log. She cried out as
she was stuffed like never before, not even with her
boss's large cock. David's cock spewed sperm all over
his stomach till Susan took the spurting member into
her mouth.

That night changed things for Lisa and her husband.
Rolf eventually moved in with them and Lisa slept
between the two men. Her boss was now coming to their
apartment for sex when he could get away. Since her
own husband had become a partner in sex with her she
was glad that the older woman could enjoy herself
without having to feel guilty about her husband. The
next time she was at a convention she knew that her
husband was well taken care of. Mostly with Rolf's
large cock in his rectum.


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