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Author: Norm DePloom
Title: Our Miss Brooks
Part: 02
Summary: Miss Brooks is seduced back into the 
perversions she thought she had left behind.
Keywords: M+F Fb first oral anal solo

Caveat lector.

If you don't like sex stories, don't read it.
If you don't like stories about sex with underage 
children, don't read it.
If you don't like stories about forced sex, don't read 
If you are below the arbitrary age set for your area, 
don't read it.
If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this 
story, don't read it.

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Copyright (C) 2005 Norm DePloom.  ALL Rights Reserved
This story may not be reproduced in any form for 
profit without the written permission of the author.  
This story may be freely distributed with this notice 
attached.  The author may be contacted at 'MyStories 
at normdeploom dot com' (Replace the 'at' and the 
'dot' with the appropriate symbols.)

All the characters and events in this story are 
fictional; any resemblance to real people or events is 
entirely coincidental.

Our Miss Brooks
Part 02

Norm DePloom

After an evening being fucked by her pupil Miss Brooks 
slept better than she had in months.  She woke up 
refreshed and in a wonderful mood.  Choosing to remain 
naked, Miss Brooks went into the kitchen to prepare 
her breakfast.  Humming a nondescript tune while she 
buttered her toast, Miss Brooks suddenly yelped and 
then spun around when she felt a hand pushing between 
her thighs from behind.

"Oh my god, James, you scared the shit out of me.  I 
didn't even know that I'd left the door unlatched." 

"I told my mom I had to be at school early to meet 
with my teacher."  James said, explaining his presence 
in Miss Brooks' kitchen if not his hand in her crotch.  

"Would you like some toast?" 

"Sure," James sat down at the kitchen table then 
placed a small box he was carrying on the table.  Miss 
Brooks served her pupil the toast she had been 
buttering for herself then put more bread in the 

"What's in the box?"

"A surprise," Miss Brooks thought James' smile was 
remarkably wicked for a person of his age.  She looked 
at the box dubiously as she sat down with her morning 
toast.  James, having finished his toast, stood behind 
his teacher and, reaching over her shoulders, cupped 
her breasts and played with her nipples while she ate.  
After Miss Brooks finished her toast and placed the 
plates in the sink James pulled her back over to the 
table and sat down with Miss Brooks standing in front 
of him.  He removed a small bottle from the box, 
opened it, then used a brush to paint letters on her 
lower belly just above her pubic hair.  Miss Brooks 
watched as he lettered 'My Whore' across her stomach.  
A thrill went through Miss Brooks as she realized what 
her young pupil was writing.  

"What is it?"

"Henna, my mother uses it for temporary tattoos.  It 
will wear off in a few days."  Until then, Miss Brooks 
added for herself, I wont be able to take my clothes 
off without whoever I'm with knowing that I belong to 
somebody.  Not that Miss Brooks planned to take her 
clothes off with any one except James, unless he told 
her to.  The next door neighbor will just have to get 
along with her wearing clothes to do her gardening.  
After lettering 'My Whore' across her belly James had 
his naked teacher sit and spread her legs.  He 
lettered 'Fuck' on the inside of her left thigh up 
close to her cunt, then lettered 'Me' on the inside of 
the right thigh.  He finished off by lettering 'Slut' 
on the small of her back just above the cleft of her 
ass and then 'Slutty' on her left breast and 'Whore' 
on her right breast.  At his request Miss Brooks got 
down on have knees and sucked his cock while they 
waited for the henna to dry on her skin.  

After swallowing James's cum, Miss Brooks followed him 
into her bedroom where she had to get his approval for 
each piece of clothing she wanted to wear.  She 
modeled a garter belt and stockings for him, which he 
promptly approved of.  James rejected her first skirt 
she selected as being too long, then approved the next 
one she tried on.  The blouse he settled on was made 
of a thin clingy material that accentuated the curves 
of her breasts and outlined her hard nipples in a 
delightfully obscene way.  Miss Brooks could feel her 
juices flowing as she looked in the mirror.  She 
needed to be fucked but there just was not time.  She 
gave James a ride, letting him off a half block before 
the school.  

While she taught her room full of sixth graders Miss 
Brooks could not stop thinking about what was written 
on her body and what a perverted slut she was for 
getting so turned on when a twelve year old boy marked 
her as his property with skin dye.  She also noticed 
that none of the boys could take their eyes off her 
unfettered breasts as she moved around the room.  She 
was sure that each one of them had a hard cock inside 
their jeans.  Miss Brooks also noticed a couple of the 
young girls who seemed unable to take their eyes off 
her breasts.  She decided to suggest that they be 
invited to join James and her.  By the time recess 
arrived Miss Brooks felt as if she was on the edge of 
insanity from lust and desperately needed some relief 
as soon as possible.   

James stayed in the room during recess and, in spite 
of her protests, made her get down on her knees and 
suck his cock again while the students were out 
playing in the school yard.  The experience left her 
trembling with unsatisfied excitement.  It was all she 
could do to keep her hands off herself while she 
taught the class for the rest of the day.  James hung 
back so he would be the last one out of the room.

"I don't want you to do anything until I come over 
tonight."  It was worded rather clumsily, but his 
intent was clear; Miss Brooks was not to masturbate 
when she got home, she had to wait until James came 
over to get relief from her painful state of sexual 
frustration.  This is worse than the four years I was 
celibate, Miss Brooks thought as she drove home, at 
least then I expected to be unsatisfied.  If nothing 
else, she told herself, I can look forward to how 
great it's going to feel when I finally get James' 
cock inside me.  When she got home Miss Brooks changed 
into her gardening clothes.

"If I stay inside," she said out loud, "I'll never be 
able to keep my hands off my cunt."  She had just 
gotten down on her knees when she heard a whistle from 
the direction of the fence.  Looking over her shoulder 
Miss Brooks saw a paper being pushed through the space 
between the boards.  She decided to ignore her 
neighbor and turned back to her gardening.  Just 
because I gave him a show yesterday doesn't mean he 
owns me, she thought as she angrily clawed at the soil 
with her hand held cultivator.  She knew, of course, 
that was exactly what most men would think after a 
show like she had given.

"I wouldn't ignore this slut," the man said after 
another, louder whistle.  The word 'slut' hit her like 
a physical blow.  It was OK for her to call herself a 
slut, it was OK for James to call her a slut or for 
Ricky to have called her a slut, but to have this man 
next door call her a slut in that way was not 
acceptable, but their was something in the tone of his 
voice that set off alarm bells inside Miss Brooks' 
head.   She got to her feet and walked over to the 
fence.  She almost fell to her knees on the grass when 
she looked at the eight by ten photograph that clearly 
showed her with James' cock in her mouth.  

"I'll be right over," her neighbor's voice said 
through the fence.  Miss Brooks felt like her entire 
world was collapsing as she waited through the 
eternity that it took her neighbor to walk the few 
feet between his backyard and hers.  She stood, 
looking at the photograph in her trembling hand while 
the man walked around her.

"You're quite the perverted little slut aren't you?  
Don't worry, I don't really care if you fuck kids or 
not, but you are going to fuck me."  Mr. Phelps took 
the photograph from her trembling hand.  "Now lets see 
you get out of those clothes, I like my whores to be 
naked."  Miss Brooks removed her gardening clothes and 
stood, naked, in the middle of her back yard as her 
neighbor slowly circled round her again.

"Did the kid do this?"  Mr. Phelps ran his fingers 
over the 'Slutty Whore' dyed into her skin along the 
top of her breasts.  Miss Brooks' anger flared up.  
How dare he speak of James in such a dismissive 
manner?   "At least the kid knows he's dealing with a 
slutty whore."  Mr. Phelps stood in front of his naked 
neighbor and, placing his hands on her shoulders, 
pushed her down onto her knees.  Miss Brooks knew, 
without being told, what the man wanted.  The action 
of being pushed down onto her knees in front of a man 
was very familiar to Miss Brooks.  She could not 
remember how young she was the first time Ricky had 
pushed her down onto her knees with the obvious desire 
to have her suck his cock.  Miss Brooks unbuckled her 
neighbor's belt, unhooked and unzipped his fly, pushed 
his trousers (which he was wearing 'sans shorts') down 
to his knees then sucked his already hard cock into 
her mouth.  Miss Brooks had intended to suck her 
neighbor's cock in a very perfunctory and detached 
manner, but something always happened when she got a 
cock in her mouth.  She couldn't help it, every time 
she got a cock in her mouth, whether it was a twelve 
year old boy's or a ninety year old man's, she became 
obsessed with tasting his cum.

Miss Brooks loved sucking on cocks.  She loved the way 
they tasted and the hard warm feel of them in her 
mouth.  She loved the way they twitched and pulsed in 
her hands and mouth when the man orgasmed.  She loved 
the taste of their cum and felt invigorated when she 
swallowed it.  Miss Brooks remembered over hearing one 
older 'more experienced' woman giving advice to a 
younger woman about keeping her man happy.  She told 
the younger woman about the importance of cock sucking 
in keeping a man happy, and about the importance of 
swallowing the man's cum if she wanted to keep him 
happy.  So far Miss Brooks had agreed whole heartedly 
with everything the woman had said.  Then the older 
woman suggested that, when the man was ready to cum, 
you should take him as deep into your mouth as you 
could and swallow rapidly during his orgasm so you 
wouldn't have to taste his cum.  Miss Brooks had been 
shocked to discover that some women did not like the 
taste of male ejaculate.  Miss Brooks always held the 
man's cock in her mouth, enjoying the pulses of cum 
flooding her mouth until he was done, then she would 
move the cum around her mouth while she enjoyed  the 
taste before she would swallow it or, if requested by 
the man, share it with another woman by kissing her.  

In the end, Miss Brooks just could not give a 
'perfunctory' blow job and she was soon massaging her 
neighbor's balls with one hand while she worked the 
base of his cock with the other and fucked her mouth 
up and down his hard shaft.  As the cock in her mouth 
spasmed and deposited the man's cum on her tongue Miss 
Brook's realized she didn't even know her neighbors 
name.  Miss Brooks remained naked and on her knees 
while her neighbor pulled up his trousers and fastened 
his fly.  

"Come on, slut, let's get you dressed.  We're going 
out to a club for some fun."  Without waiting to see 
if she followed, or offering to help Miss Brooks to 
her feet, Mr. Phelps turned and walked over to the 
patio door.  Miss Brooks got to her feet and followed 
after him.

"But James is going to be coming over," she called 
after her neighbor as she followed him into her 

"Leave a note for him," Mr. Phelps suggested without 
looking at her, "tell him that you found something 
better to do and that he should go home and jerk off 
tonight."  Miss Brooks couldn't possibly write such a 
note to her pupil.  While her neighbor looked through 
her closet, Miss Brooks went out to her living room, 
wrote an apologetic note to James explaining that she 
had been unavoidably called away and that she would 
see him in the morning.  After attaching the note to 
the sliding patio door with a couple of pieces of 
tape, Miss Brooks joined her neighbor in her bedroom.

"What are you doing?"  Miss Brooks wanted to kick her 
neighbor out of her house, he had pulled almost all of 
her clothes out of her closet and tossed it around the 
room.  Now he was pawing through her underwear and 
dropping whatever he didn't approve of on the floor.

"Whatever I want."  Mr. Phelps picked up the picture 
of Miss Brooks sucking a twelve year old's cock and 
waved it in her face as a reminder.  "I could make 
quite a photo album out of the pictures I have of you 
fucking the kid."  Miss Brooks stood and watched, 
fuming with impotence, while her neighbor finished 
selecting her clothes for their trip to the club.  
After making his selections Mr. Phelps sat on Miss 
Brooks' bed and watched as she put on the clothes he 
had selected.

Miss Brooks trembled with suppressed rage as she put 
her garter belt back on then pulled onto her legs the 
same hose she had been wearing all day.  The tops were 
still damp from the pussy flow that had kept her inner 
thighs wet and sticky all day at school.  She 
desperately wanted to follow James' order that she 
'not do anything' and she desperately wanted to be 
thoroughly fucked.  Miss Brooks had been aching for a 
fuck all day as she taught her students with these 
obscenities written on her skin by James.  After 
pulling on the skirt and blouse specified by her 
neighbor Miss Brooks looked in the mirror.  The 'My 
Whore' and 'Slutty Whore' were visible through the 
thin material of the blouse.  Miss Brooks' anger mixed 
with excitement, she was going to be taken somewhere 
and be seen by men who she did not know, while clearly 
labeled as a slut and a whore.  As much as she had 
been thrilled by James when he labeled her, Miss 
Brooks was now angry with her neighbor for forcing her 
to accompany him to some bar or club where those who 
saw her would assume that the 'My Whore' on her belly 
referred to her neighbor's ownership.   Despite her 
new loathing for her neighbor, Miss Brooks' need to be 
fucked was so strong she was hoping that he would bend 
her over the bed and use her like the whore the 
writing on her skin said she was before they left the 
house.  Miss Brooks almost wept with frustration as 
her neighbor walked, unfucked, her out of her house 
then over to the car parked in her driveway.  After 
her neighbor pulled his car out of the driveway Miss 
Brooks decided that she should introduce herself and 
find out her neighbor's name.

"My name is..."

"Your name is Slut," Mr. Phelps cut her off, "and 
that's all it will ever be as far as I'm concerned."  
Mr. Phelps drove the slut to a bar in one of the less 
respectable parts of town.  Miss Brooks was too 
terrified to get out of the car, her neighbor walked 
around and opened the door.

"Please," she begged, "not at a place like this.  I'll 
be raped if I go into a bar like this dressed like I 

"That's a chance I'm willing to take," Mr. Phelps said 
as he waited for the slut to get out of his car, "your 
only other option is to have the School Superintendent 
and the Chief of Police receive copies of the pictures 
of you fucking a twelve year old boy."  Mr. Phelps 
watched, seemingly without emotion, as tears flowed 
down the slut's face. 

"Come on," Mr. Phelps ordered taking her by the arm 
and pulling Miss Brooks from the car, "last night you 
told the kid to treat you like a whore.  He may not 
know what that means, but I do and tonight, in this 
bar, you are going to be treated like a whore."  Miss 
Brooks felt a wave of nausea flow over her body as Mr. 
Phelps walked her across the parking lot towards the 
door of the sleazy bar.  She realized the vast gulf 
between having a twelve year old boy 'treat her like a 
whore' and being treated like a whore in a dive on the 
'bad' side of town.  She tried to breathe shallowly, 
taking in as little of the air, and smell, as she 
could manage as her neighbor walked her to the only 
empty booth near the back of the bar.  Miss Brooks 
could feel the eyes of the men on her body as she 
walked through the bar.  An older, make up laden, bar 
maid, whose skirt actually exposed less of her ass 
than the one Miss Brooks was wearing, took their 
order.  Mr. Phelps ordered a scotch for himself and 
soda water for Miss Brooks.

"I want you to be sober so you can really enjoy being 
treated like a whore."  He informed her after the bar 
maid walked away.  They were seated near the restrooms 
and Miss Brooks could smell the urine from their 
table.  In spite of, or maybe because of the fear, 
Miss Brooks cunt was flowing freely with copious 
quantities of lubricant.  Her skirt was not long 
enough to cover her when she sat down so the vinyl 
booth cushion under her cunt was rapidly becoming 
slick with a thick coating of pussy flow.  It was only 
a couple of minutes before a couple of men joined them 
at the booth.  Even in her almost terminal level of 
sexual need, Miss Brooks would not, under normal 
conditions even consider letting either one of these 
men touch her.  

"Whatcha got there Frank?"  So, Miss Brooks thought, 
his name is Frank and, apparently, he likes hanging 
out in sleazy bars.  

"Got a whore, Billy," Frank replied.  "Open your 
blouse slut and let him see what's on your belly."  
Miss Brooks hesitated for several long seconds then 
unbuttoned her blouse with trembling fingers. 

"She looks a little too classy a whore to be hanging 
out in a dive like this." 

"Don't let looks fool you, Billy" Miss Brooks noticed 
more men gathering to watch, "she's a real perv, 
Billy, a real perv.  I caught her fucking a twelve 
year old boy."  Miss Brooks wanted to run out of the 
bar and disappear forever.  What could be worse than 
having a bar full of alcoholic bums looking at her 
like she was some kind of disgusting animal?

"Show them, slut."  Miss Brooks slowly pulled her 
blouse open exposing her breasts and belly.  The man 
who had sat down beside her leaned closer.

"Slutty Whore," he read in a slurred but loud and 
understandable voice.

"Look lower," Frank suggested.  The man leaned even 
closer.  Miss Brooks turned her face away, not wanting 
the man's dirty, oily hair to touch her.

"My Whore," he read.

"How much money do you have Billy?"

"I was about to go home, I only got four dollars 

"This is your lucky day, she's going to let you suck 
on both of her nipples for only two dollars a nipple."  
Billy dug a combination of wrinkled, soiled, soggy 
bills and coins from his pocket and dropped them on 
the tabled.  When Frank nodded his head in 
acknowledgement Billy traded places with the man who 
had read the messages.  Miss Brooks had never in her 
life felt as degraded as she did at that moment.  
Nothing her brother, or any other man, had ever done 
to her or made her do in the past had ever made her 
feel as dirty as she felt waiting for the old drunk 
named Billy to suck on her nipples.  Miss Brooks vowed 
to herself that she would not let Frank, or any of 
these men, see her cry.  One thing she could not hide 
however was how hard her nipples had become while she 
waited for Billy to suck on them.  The dirty, smelly, 
old drunk settled into the booth beside her then, 
leaning over, sucked Miss Brooks' left nipple into his 
mouth.  The bar had grown quite in anticipation and 
her lust filled, needy, moan could be heard by every 
patron.  Miss Brooks could feel her face burning with 
humiliation as the drunks moved closer to get a better 
look at her nipples being sucked on for two dollars 
each.  No matter how disgusting the old drunk was, no 
matter how much the dive stank of urine and stale 
beer, his mouth on her nipple amplified her already 
critical sexual need.  Miss Brooks desperately wanted 
to push her hands between her legs and fuck herself.  

"Time to switch," Frank said, looking at his watch, 
"time to suck on the whore's other nipple."  The old 
drunk leaned across Miss Brooks to get his mouth on 
her right nipple.  She thought she was going to gag 
from his smell.  The men gathered at the booth were 
openly stroking their cocks with one hand while they 
hung onto their beers with the other.  By this time 
Miss Brooks needed to be fucked so badly that she no 
longer cared whose cock it was that did it.  Frank 
called time and Billy, with obvious reluctance, gave 
up her right nipple and, sitting up, grinned at the 
other men in the sleazy bar.  Miss Brooks could feel 
the drunk's saliva drying on her nipple making it 
harden even more.  

"Step back fellas," Frank moved the drinks and 
ashtrays, "my slutty little whore is going to climb up 
on the table and fuck herself with her fingers while 
you guys watch."  Putting on a sex show was nothing 
new for Miss Brooks, her brother started bringing his 
friends over to watch her finger herself, and to watch 
Ricky fuck her, long before she ever grew pubic hair 
or tits.  But to be forced to perform in front of a 
group of drunken alcoholics, people she wouldn't even 
speak to if she saw them on the street, in a sleazy 
dive she would never even consider entering under 
normal circumstances, was humiliating.  In the back of 
the crowd Miss Brooks saw the bar maid smoking a 
cigarette and watching her humiliation with just as 
much interest as any of the men.

"Come on, slut, you know what's going to happen if you 
don't do as you are told."  Billy slid out of the 
booth allowing Miss Brooks to slide out after him.  
Frank remained seated on the other side of the booth 
with a slightly board look on his face while his 
neighbor sat on the edge of the table then, leaning 
back, raised and separated her legs exposing her wet, 
open, desperately in need of a fuck, cunt to the bar 

"Spread yourself open," Frank ordered, "let them see 
how wet my perverted slut is."  Using both hands Miss 
Brooks pulled her cunt lips apart and watched the men 
from between her knees as the leaned closer and peered 
into her wet hole.  

"Just think," Frank addressed the bar patrons, "the 
last cock to fuck that hole was twelve years old."  
One of the men in the front row of the observers 
moaned and Miss Brooks could see the wetness from his 
orgasm spreading across the front of his trousers.  
Being looked at always had a powerful effect on Miss 
Brooks, while they watched she fucked two fingers in 
and out of her cunt and two more in and out of her 
ass.  The men watching her stroked their cocks while 
they watched her pussy lubricant covered fingers 
moving into and out of both of her holes.  She wanted 
nothing more than to have her fingers replaced with 
cocks.  If her neighbor had told her to she would have 
eagerly paid the men in the bar to fuck her.  Just as 
she was about to cum Frank stood up and, grabbing both 
of Miss Brooks' wrists pulled her hands away from her 
ass and cunt.

"Oh no," Miss Brooks sobbed as she struggled to get 
her wrists free of Franks grip so she could continue 
fucking herself with her fingers, "let me cum, please, 
god I need to be fucked."  Frank pulled his neighbor 
up to a sitting position them pulled her off the edge 
of the table and down onto her knees. 

"Now, I know that none of you have enough money to buy 
a fuck from my whore but for ten dollars she will give 
you a hand job and let you cum on her tits."  Miss 
Brooks' eyes were right at crotch level and she could 
see all the hard-dicked bar patrons digging in their 
pockets for money.  

"For fifteen dollars my whore will give you a hand job 
and let you cum on her face and in her mouth.  The 
first man stepped forward and handed two five dollar 
bills to Frank.  Miss Brooks unzipped the man's fly 
and pulled his hard cock out through the opening.  
After stroking it a few times Miss Brooks leaned 
forward and opened her mouth.

"No," Frank yelled making her jump, "he hasn't paid 
for a blow job.  Keep your mouth off of it.  I can't 
trust this slut at all," Frank continued addressing 
the men, "if she sees a cock she just can't keep her 
mouth off of it.  I can't leave her alone for a 
second.  If I did the slut would be on her back 
fucking you all for free."   The first man moaned and 
Miss Brooks felt his hot sticky cum splashing on the 
tops of her breasts.  He was jostled out of the way 
even before he managed to get his cock stuffed back 
into his trousers.

"I want to cum in the bitch's mouth."  The next man 
announced as he handed a ten and five ones to Frank.

"Remember," Frank said to Miss Brooks and her second 
customer, "It's still just a hand job, don't take him 
in your mouth."  And so it went, as man after man 
stepped up to the kneeling Miss Brooks, paid their 
money, and deposited their cum on her breasts, face, 
and mouth.  Miss Brooks quickly lost track of how many 
hard cocks had spewed cum on her.  By the time Frank 
pulled her to her feet and ushered Miss Brooks from 
the bar her face, neck, breasts, and the top part of 
her belly were coated with drying cum.

"Leave it," he said curtly when Miss Brooks started to 
pull her blouse over her wet, slimy, breasts.  Miss 
Brooks could feel her skin tightening as the ejaculate 
dried in the cool evening air.  The cool air also made 
her areolas re-harden as she walked to Frank's car.  
Miss Brooks was ashamed to realize that she had not 
thought of James even once while her neighbor was 
using her as a whore in the sleazy bar.  Nor had she 
given any thought to James' order that she not 'do 
anything' until he came over. 

"Well, at least you smell like a whore now," Frank 
said as he pulled away from the curb.  "Take off your 

"I can't strip naked, I'll loose my job if anyone sees 
me."  Miss Brooks was deeply disturbed by the laughter 
she heard coming from her neighbor.  

"And you think you'll be able to keep your job when 
they see that picture of you sucking on your student's 
cock?"  Miss Brooks wanted to cry, not because she was 
being forced to take her clothes off in public, but 
because her neighbor managed to make what had been a 
beautiful moment between her and James sound like a 
horrid dirty joke about a slut teacher and her pupil.  
While Miss Brooks struggled to get out of her clothes 
in the front seat of the moving car, her neighbor made 
a call on his cell phone.

"Dave... yeah, it's Frank... Hey, bud, get a bunch of 
the guys together and meet me at Pershing Park... 
yeah, we're going to be playing a game called 'fuck 
the bitch'... plenty to go around... yeah, see ya in a 
few."  Frank put his cell phone away and gave Miss 
Brooks a quick look over.  "Everything whore, I want 
you completely naked, no shoes, no hose, no garter 
belt, nothing but cum covered skin."  While Miss 
Brooks was pulling off her stockings her neighbor 
parked his car in front of an all night grocery store 
and, without a word to Miss Brooks left her sitting 
naked in the car while he went inside.  Miss Brooks 
looked around the car to see what she might cover 
herself with.  The best she could do was to drape her 
own cum soaked blouse over her breasts while she 
waited for her neighbor to return.  From the scowl on 
his face, Miss Brooks knew that he was not happy with 
her decision to cover herself.  Before getting into 
the car Frank ripped the blouse from Miss Brooks' 
hands and threw it onto the asphalt.  He then picked 
up all the rest of her clothing and deposited it all 
outside the car with her blouse.

"Did I tell you to get naked?"  He asked with a stern 
tone as he climbed into the car.

"Yes."  Miss Brooks felt shame for her inability to 
follow this man's orders.  Her shame was in no way 
lessened by her hatred for the man himself. 

"So you knew that my intent was for you to sit here 
naked until I came back?"

"Yes," Miss Brooks answered hanging her head.  Frank 
removed a dog collar from the plastic bag he had 
carried from the store and buckled it tightly around 
Miss Brooks' neck.  Too tightly, Miss Brooks felt like 
she was being strangled.  She could feel the air as it 
was sucked down her throat past the collar.   

"We can't play fuck the bitch without a bitch to fuck 
and since we don't have a female dog at the moment 
we'll have to make do with you."  Instead of taking 
back streets to Pershing Park, Frank drove down the 
busiest section of the 'main drag'.  There progress 
was marked by horn honks and cat calls as the, mostly, 
male teenaged drivers of the other cars caught site of 
the naked woman in the car.  Miss Brooks face remained 
bright red the entire time but her areolas grew more 
crinkled and her nipples grew harder every time she 
heard the words 'slut' or 'whore' from the mouth of 
one of the teenaged boys in the cars around them.  She 
wondered if her neighbor knew how desperately she 
wanted each and every one of the boys to fuck her 
naked body.  Miss Brooks' cunt drooled onto the seat 
of her neighbor's car as she imagined laying on her 
back with her legs spread wide while all these young 
boys lined up to take turns fucking her.  Some of the 
more adventurous boys followed as Frank turned onto a 
side road leading to Pershing Park.  They stayed close 
behind, honking their horns and yelling obscene 
suggestions about what they wanted to do with Miss 
Brooks all the way to the park.  Frank got out of his 
car and, as six teenaged boys and two, barely, 
teenaged girls gathered around, pulled Miss Brooks 
from the car and attached a leash to the collar he had 
placed around her neck.  

"What's going on?"  One of the boys asked, shrugging 
off his young girl friend's attempt to pull him away 
from the naked woman. 

"Some friends and I are going to play fuck the bitch," 
after a moments pause he added, "she's the bitch.  You 
boys are welcome to join the game.  I'm afraid there's 
nothing for your girl friends to do but watch.  
Unless, of course, you want them to be bitches in the 
game also."  Frank picked out the two boys who were 
having their arms pulled by the two girls and spoke 
directly to them.  "Of course all of us would fuck 
them if you did."  One of the boys was successfully 
pulled away from the rest of the crowd and succumbed 
to his young girlfriend's desire to leave the park.  
What she needs, Miss Brooks thought as she basked in 
the lust full gazes of the teenaged boys around her, 
is a boyfriend with enough strength to make her do it.  
The other girl was being talked to earnestly by the 
male she was with.  Miss Brooks knew the young girls 
couldn't be all that innocent if they were riding 
around in cars full of boys this time of night.  If 
neither one of them had fucked more than one male in a 
single night it was only a matter of time until they 

"Cathy will be another bitch," the boy announced 
cutting off the discussion and pushing his obviously 
reluctant young girlfriend forward.  

"She has to take her clothes of," Frank informed the 
boy, "bitches have to be naked."  The boyfriend 
grabbed Cathy's arm, stopping her from moving away 
from Frank and Miss Brooks. 

"She'll take her clothes off," he assured Frank.  
Anger flared across Cathy's face as she glared at her 
boyfriend.  The angry look changed to defiance as she 
quickly stripped off her clothing.  Miss Brooks 
marveled at the strange teenaged girl logic that made 
doing what her boyfriend wanted her to do an act of 
defiance.  Miss Brooks guessed that Cathy could not be 
more than twelve or thirteen years old.  Her small 
cone shaped breasts had just begun to grow and her 
large, puffy nipples and areolas seemed to cover half 
of each breast.  Miss Brooks' mouth literally watered 
with the desire to suck on Cathy's tender young 
nipples.  With Frank's help Cathy's boyfriend 
fashioned a collar and leash from a couple of their 
belts then he and Frank walked their naked bitches, 
who were down on their hands and knees, deeper into 
the park with the other four teenaged boys following 
behind.  They hadn't gone far before Miss Brooks heard 
male voiced ahead of them.

"There they are," one of the voices said, "and he's 
brought two bitches."  Miss Brooks' first reaction to 
having a second 'bitch' in the game was jealousy.  She 
hated the idea of having to share men with another 
female, but was relieved to see that there was plenty 
of cock to go around.  The men had lit a fire in one 
of the cast iron bar-b-ques and had been drinking beer 
while they waited for the game to begin.  Frank knelt 
down facing Cathy and Miss Brooks and, grabbing a 
handful of hair on the back of each of their heads, 
turned their faces up towards him.

"This is how we play this game," he explained, "you 
are bitches so you must remain on your hands and 
knees.  We will give you a ten second head start 
before we come after you.  When one of us catches one 
of you we will fuck you.  When we're done fucking you 
we will give you another ten second head start.  This 
will continue until we decide to stop, at which time 
we'll think up something else to do with your naked 
bodies."  Frank stood up, slapped them both on their 
bare fannies and yelled "Go".   As Miss Brooks crawled 
across the grass on her hands and knees with her naked 
breasts swinging in the cool might air she heard Frank 
counting off the seconds behind her.

"One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand 
three..." Miss Brooks had no desire to run from the 
cocks she had been craving so desperately all day but 
the men wanted to chase their bitches before they 
fucked them, so she did her best to crawl across the 
grass as quickly as she could.   

" thousand eight, one thousand nine, one 
thousand ten.  They're all yours guys."  Because of 
her desire to please the men chasing her, Miss Brooks 
crawled faster as the men got closer.  She wanted to 
weep and scream a hallelujah and a thank you when the 
first man grabbed her by her waist and dropped to his 
knees behind her.  Despite her aching need and her 
overwhelming desire to feel a cock penetrating her 
body, Miss Brooks felt momentarily disappointed when 
the man did not lean over and sniff her like a male 
dog would have before he plunged his hard cock into 
her wet cunt.  Miss brooks pushed her breasts down on 
the grass and arched her back to make herself more 
available to the man behind her.  Without looking back 
over her shoulder to see who it was pounding his cock 
into her cunt Miss Brooks pushed back onto him in time 
with his thrusts deep into her body.  

As she lost herself in the thrill of being chased, 
caught, and fucked over and over Miss Brooks quickly 
forgot her concerns about who might see her, or what 
might happen to her 'career' if the police came 
around.  Some of them were gentle; some were rough, 
pounding her breasts into the grass as they fucked; 
some chose her ass instead of her cunt; but they all 
thrilled her and she quickly lost track of how many 
times she had been fucked and how many orgasms she 
had.  As the men drank beer and fucked the 'bitches' 
it was inevitable that it would happen.  Miss Brooks 
was on her knees, her face and breasts pressed into 
the grass as a man fucked his cock in and out of her 
ass with long forceful thrusts, when she felt the hot 
liquid splash on her back right between her shoulder 
blades.  From there it moved up the back of her neck 
and into her hair.  Miss Brooks had never been excited 
by the idea of being peed on by a man, in fact the 
thought of it had always disgusted her, but in some 
strange way it seemed so appropriate that these men, 
once their immediate lust was satisfied, and as the 
affects of the beer acted on their minds and bladders, 
would segue from fucking the 'bitches' to pissing on 
them.  Once started the idea caught on like wildfire 
and every time Cathy or Miss Brooks was being fucked 
by one man there were one or two others standing over 
them pissing on their naked bodies.

As the night progressed the men got tired of chasing 
their bitches around the park and had one kneel on 
each side of the fire that they kept burning in the 
bar-b-que.  From time to time, as they drank beer and 
discussed the physical attributes and shortcomings of 
their bitches in great detail, one or another of the 
men would approach Miss Brooks or Cathy and fuck their 
cunts, asses.or mouths while the rest of the men 
watched.  This usually triggered a round of fucking 
during which the men would line up for their turns to 
use the naked, cum and urine soaked bodies of their 
bitches once again.  The men abandoned all pretense of 
going back behind the nearest tree when they needed to 
pee.  Instead they would step up to one of their 
bitches and piss directly into her face or onto her 
breasts, belly, or cunt.  

Miss Brooks had never felt so totally degraded and 
dehumanized in her life.  None of these men, not even 
Frank cared a whit what she thought or felt about the 
way they were treating her.  To them she was quite 
literally nothing more than a cunt that happened to 
have a woman attached to it.  But, no matter how 
humiliated and degraded she felt, as soon as a cock 
was thrust into her cunt or ass she would fuck herself 
on it until her naked, soiled, abused, body spasmed 
with another orgasm.  The sky was beginning to glow 
with 'dawn's early light' when Frank, allowing Miss 
Brooks to walk upright, escorted her through the park 
and back to his car.  He opened the trunk then stood 
and waited.

"You don't really think I'd let you ride in my car 
like that do you?"  Miss Brooks climbed into the trunk 
and winced when the lid was slammed shut enclosing her 
in total darkness.  She could smell and feel the 
combination of piss and cum drying on her skin as 
Frank drove them away from the park.  Miss Brooks, 
being isolated in total darkness, quickly became 
convinced that her neighbor was not taking them home.  
She came to believe that they had been driving for too 
long and that they were making too many turns.  Then 
the car stopped, the trunk was opened and Frank, 
without saying a word walked into his house and closed 
the door.  Miss Brooks climbed stiffly from the trunk 
of her neighbor's trunk and walked gingerly over to 
the gate going into her back yard.  Sliding her patio 
door opened, Miss Brooks walked through her living 
room without turning on a light.  She wanted a shower 
first, then she had to decide whether to get ready to 
go teach her class without any sleep, or to call in 
sick and get some rest.  The only thing that compelled 
Miss Brooks to do without sleep and teach her class 
was her desire to see, and explain things to, James.

Miss Brooks was halfway through the living room when 
it was suddenly flooded with light.  Miss Brooks spun 
around and when her eyes locked on the eyes of her 
pupil, James, she collapsed to the floor and sobed.
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