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Author: Norm DePloom
Title: Our Miss Brooks
Part: 01
Summary: Miss Brooks is seduced back into the 
perversions she thought she had left behind.
Keywords: Fb first oral anal solo

Caveat lector.

If you don't like sex stories, don't read it.
If you don't like stories about sex with underage 
children, don't read it.
If you don't like stories about forced sex, don't read 
If you are below the arbitrary age set for your area, 
don't read it.
If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this 
story, don't read it.

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Copyright (C) 2005 Norm DePloom.  ALL Rights Reserved
This story may not be reproduced in any form for 
profit without the written permission of the author.  
This story may be freely distributed with this notice 
attached.  The author may be contacted at 'MyStories 
at normdeploom dot com' (Replace the 'at' and the 
'dot' with the appropriate symbols.)

All the characters and events in this story are 
fictional; any resemblance to real people or events is 
entirely coincidental.

Our Miss Brooks

Norm DePloom

James had not believed his eyes.  Miss Brooks, who had 
been the main target of his lust since the first day 
of sixth grade, had left a form she was filling out 
setting face up on her desk.  There in plane view had 
been her address and it was only two blocks from where 
James lived.  For the last two weeks, since learning 
where she lived, James had thought about nothing but 
how close she was, especially when he jerked off.  
Every night James had fucked his pillow while 
visualizing himself watching through the window while 
Miss Brooks slowly undressed in her bedroom.  Having 
no other frame of reference James always pictured Miss 
Brooks with the body of Miss July whose picture was 
carefully hidden in his closet to be taken out and 
savored only during those rare times of complete 
privacy.  With every nightly pillow fuck and every 
afternoon or evening jerk off in the bathroom, James' 
obsession to see Miss Brooks naked grew stronger.  

James had walked by Miss Brooks' house everyday after 
school and, this afternoon had mustard the courage to 
sneak through the side gate and explore her backyard.  
Miss Brooks habitually left the drapes and curtains 
half open, so it was not difficult to determine which 
of the windows looked in on her bedroom.  James was 
not quite tall enough to see in the window so he had 
moved the low stool he found on the patio below the 
window and stepped up onto it.  

The 'naughty-ness' of sneaking around Miss Brooks' 
back yard had already made James' cock hard, now the 
thrill of looking at her bed, the place where she 
slept every night, made his cock throb.  James stroked 
his hard cock through his jeans with his right hand 
while he held onto the window sill with his left hand 
while he imagined Miss Brooks lying naked, and with 
Miss July's body, on the bed.  With a soft moan James 
came, depositing his sticky viscous fluid inside his 
jockey shorts.  As soon as his cock stopped jerking 
James was overcome with fear and guilt.  Stepping off 
the stool he had hurried home.  

That night the obsession grew irresistible.  James lay 
on his back and slowly stroked his hard cock until he 
could stand it no longer.  Climbing out of bed, James 
quietly pulled his jeans on over his pajama bottoms 
then opened his bedroom window and climbed down to the 
ground.  Moving quietly James left the back yard and 
walked quickly down the street to Miss Brooks' house.  
The thrill of sneaking into her backyard while she was 
home made his heart pound in his chest.  His cock was 
not just hard but he could feel the pulsing of the 
blood as it entered his organ each pulse making his 
cock harder than the last.  By the time he stepped up 
onto the stool his cock felt like it was on the verge 
of exploding, he half expected to feel the skin peal 
back off his cock like a banana's skin.  James 
collected the stool from the patio and placed it, once 
again, under Miss Brooks' bedroom window.   In his 
excitement James failed to notice that the stool 
rocked forward and tapped against the wall as he 
stepped onto it.  

Miss Brooks was accustomed to having male students, 
and occasionally female students, become infatuated 
with her.  She was not unaware of the effect her body 
had on men, and on her more physically mature 
students, but the mistakes of her past were done and 
gone and she made extraordinary efforts to make sure 
nothing like that happened again.  She had been lucky 
to have extricated herself from that sticky (in more 
ways than one) situation with her student at the other 
school and she was determined that nothing like that 
would ever happen again.  

When she arrived home Miss Brooks, as she always did, 
changed from her loose fitting work clothes into a 
pair of shorts and halter top then went into the 
backyard to tend her flowers.  

"What is...oh, there you are."  Miss Brooks walked 
over and picked up the stool.  "I could have sworn I 
left you over hear on the patio."  Miss Brooks ignored 
and willed away, as best as she could, the small 
currant of fear and thrill that surged up from the pit 
of her stomach then died down.  Don't be silly, she 
silently instructed herself, I just forgot where I 
left it.  For the rest of the afternoon Miss Brooks 
worked in her garden and ignored the building 
excitement.  It's just old feelings, she told herself 
over and over, old unwanted feelings, nothing more.  
Deep in her mind a small closed off part of her knew 
it wasn't just old feelings, and rejoiced.  Miss 
Brooks worked longer and harder than she usually did 
in an unconscious effort to tire herself so she 
wouldn't have to deal with the old thoughts and 

When it got too dark to work Miss Brooks went back 
into her house, removed her gardening clothes, and got 
into the shower.  Adjusting the spray to a higher 
temperature than she usually used (hot showers 
unnecessarily stimulated the skin and engendered 
'dangerous' thoughts) Miss Brooks soaped her shower 
puff then scrubbed the dirt and sweat from her skin.  
If only I could wash it all away, she thought.  Miss 
Brooks washed her body in a set pattern, being careful 
not to wash anywhere longer than was necessary to 
clean the skin.  After putting on a large terry cloth 
robe without drying her skin, Miss Brooks slipped her 
feet into her sandals and walked from the bathroom to 
the bedroom.  Another, deeper more intense, thrill 
surged from the pit of her stomach when the garden 
stool tapped against the wall under her bedroom 

No, don't look, part of her mind demanded silently, 
just call the police.  Looking was dangerous, looking 
might lead to acting, looking might lead to feeling 
and feeling could only lead to trouble.  Without 
giving any indication that she had heard the tap, Miss 
Brooks turned and left the bedroom.  Her eyes 
momentarily swept past the window and Miss Brooks 
recognized James' face.  I can't call the police, she 
argued with herself, he's a good boy really, and so 
sweat the clumsy way he tries to hide his desire.  And 
such potent desire, the other voice in her head 
observed, I'll just chase him off with a warning.

James watched through the window as the object of his 
lust entered the bedroom wearing a heavy terry cloth 
robe.  Her wet hair hung onto her shoulders in strands 
leaving growing darkened wet areas on the robe.  
James' excitement deflated when Miss Brooks turned and 
left the room again.

Miss Brooks just could not bring herself to call the 
police.  She slipped through the patio door and walked 
across the patio to the corner of the house.  Her 
student was still staring intently into Miss Brooks 
bedroom.  He appeared to believe that if he stared 
with enough intensity the object of his lust would 
reappear.  Miss Brooks had been aware of James' 
feelings from the first day the school year.  His 
innocent lust was so obvious on his face every time 
James looked at her.  Miss Brooks had been deeply 
touched by the depth of her students feeling for her.  
She felt warmth deep in the core of her being every 
time the young boy looked at her.  A warmth that Miss 
Brooks daily steeled herself against.  

"James," the sound of Miss Brooks voice, coming from 
almost right beside him, startled James, who had been 
so intent on watching for his teacher to reappear in 
her bedroom that he had not noticed when she walked up 
beside him.  James jumped and the stool tipped, 
dumping James onto the ground on his back.

"Oh, goodness," Miss Brooks held her robe closed with 
her left hand while she helped James to his feet with 
her right hand, "are you hurt?"  Still holding James 
by his arm Miss Brooks pulled him across the patio and 
into her house.  I'm just going to make sure he's OK, 
she told herself, and warn him not to be a peeping 
tom.  Miss Brooks escorted her young student into the 
living room and sat him on the couch then sat down in 
the recliner.  They sat in silence for several long 
seconds.  Miss Brooks clutching the neck of her robe, 
holding it securely closed, and James blushing a 
bright red.

"What were you doing?"  Miss Brooks question sounded 
ridiculous, even to her.  They both knew exactly what 
he was trying to do.  Miss Brooks tried to ignore the 
heat and wetness between her legs.  It was a familiar 
feeling, one she had spent the last few years trying 
to deny.  As the dampness between her legs increased, 
Miss Brooks' mouth became drier.  She swallowed with 
difficulty, her breathing became shallow and rapid.  
Miss Brooks could feel the compulsion overtaking her 
again like a great darkness engulfing her mind and 
will.  After struggling against it for three years 
Miss Brooks had no fight left in her.  Without saying 
anything more she stood up and left the room.  

James had not looked up from the floor since his 
teacher had brought him into her house, but he could 
sense the growing agitation in Miss Brooks.  Perhaps, 
he thought, she was trying to decide if she should 
call the police, or his mother.  When she suddenly 
left the room James almost got up and ran, but he 
couldn't bring himself to move since he had not been 
excused by Miss Brooks.  It seemed to James that he 
was left by himself for an eternity, then the lights 
in the room began to go off, leaving him staring into 
almost complete darkness.

Miss Brooks left her young student sitting on the 
couch and went into her bedroom where it all started 
or, more accurately, started again.  Feeling as if she 
was being controlled by some force outside her body, 
Miss Brooks let the robe open then slide down her 
arms.  She briefly watched her nipples growing hard in 
the mirror then, leaving the robe where it had fallen 
on the floor, put n another, thinner, almost 
transparent, robe that barely covered her now 
thoroughly wet pussy.  She put red lipstick on her 
lips then onto her erect nipples.  Miss Brooks turned 
the lights out then walked in the dark to the recliner 
and sat down.

"I thought it might be easier for you to talk about 
why you were doing what you were doing if it was dark 
in the room."  Even with his lack of experience James 
could hear the difference in his teacher's voice.  It 
was deeper and huskier.  It sent a thrill through 
James' body.  He slipt his hand into his lap and held 
his hard cock through the double layer of jeans and 
pajama bottoms.

"Why were you looking in my bedroom window, James?"

"I wanted to see you," James' reply was soft and 
barely audible.  

"You see me every day at school, isn't that enough?"


"Is there some special way you would like to see me?"  
Miss Brooks asked after a few seconds of silence.

"With...without...clothes."  With a faint click a 
circle of light appeared illuminating Miss Brooks 
mouth.  Her bright red lips contrasted obscenely with 
her dazzlingly while skin.

"So, my nasty little student wants to see his teacher 
naked."  Hearing the words 'nasty' and 'naked' coming 
from Miss Brooks scarlet lips made James' hard cock 
throb in his hand.  

"Yes," he hissed in a tone that sounded almost as if 
he was being strangled.

"Say it," Miss Brooks ordered, "say what you want."

"I want to see you naked."  James was so drenched in 
adrenaline he felt like his whole body was vibrating 
with lust.

"You can see me," Miss Brooks moved the circle of 
light down her throat and across the tops of her 
breasts, "but you can't see any part of me until you 
name it.  Tell me what you want to see."  

"I want to see your breasts, show me your breasts."  
James pulled and tugged on his hard cock through his 
clothes while he watched the light moving over his 
teacher's body. 

"Is there a specific part of my tits you want to see?  
Tell me, be specific."

"I want you to show me your nipples."  James croaked, 
his throat was almost too dry to speak.  He heard a 
low, soft moan from Miss Brooks as her thin robe 
slipped off her breasts and the small pool of light 
moved to first to her right nipple then to her left 
one.  James could feel his lips trembling with his 
desire to suck on his teachers erect nipples

"Would...would you..."  James could tell that Miss 
Brooks was struggling with the words, but was she 
struggling to say them, or struggling not to say them?

"...would you like to see me suck on my nipples?"


"Say it.  Tell me to do it."  Miss Brooks was getting 
more excited and breathless as she spoke.  "Make your 
teacher suck on her nipples." Miss Brooks' voice 
shifted into a whiny begging mode.

"Suck on your nipples," James ordered.  Then, in a 
moment of inspiration he added, "like a slut."  With a 
loud moan Miss Parker raised her right nipple to her 
mouth and sucked on her red nipple with her equally 
red lips.  The flashlight in the darkened room made 
everything more obscene and more erotic than it would 
have been if the lights were turned on.  James watched 
for several minutes as his teacher switched her 
sucking mouth back and forth between her nipples.

"Show me your cunt."  He demanded with a forcefulness 
that surprised them both.

"Are you really going to make your school teacher show 
you her cunt like she was a common whore?"  Miss 
Brooks slowly lowered her breast.  

"Yes," James demanded even more forcefully, "I want 
you to show me your cunt like a whore."  The circle of 
light slowly moved down from Miss Brooks' breasts and 
across her firm, flat, belly.  When her pubic hair 
came into view James thought it looked thick, wild, 
and just a bit foreboding.  The white thighs slowly 
seperated, allowing the light to shine on the wet, 
poutty lips of Miss Brooks' pussy.  James could see 
the wetness glistening on the pink flesh.  As he 
stared at his teachers cunt, Miss Brooks lifted her 
knees up onto the recliner's arm rests then scooted 
her fanny towards the front of the chair.  Her crotch 
opened up further allowing her student to see her 
tight, crinkled anus shining with the excess lubricant 
that James could see flowing like a small river from 
the bottom of her cunt.  Holding the flashlight aimed 
directly at her pussy, Miss Brooks used the finger and 
thumb of her other hand to spread her cunt lips apart.  

"That's enough," Miss Brooks announced, suddenly 
turning the flashlight off.

"I want..."

"No, I said that's enough."  the flashlight was turned 
back on and dropped to the floor facing the back door.  
James stood up and followed the beam of light towards 
the back of the house.

"Come back tomorrow night," Miss Brooks said, "and you 
can touch me."  As soon as she heard the patio door 
slide shut Miss Brooks attacked her cunt and ass with 
both hands alternating between savagely fucking both 
places with multiple fingers and pulling on her cunt 
lips and clitoris like she was trying to rip them from 
her body.  She did not stop, nor slow the urgency of 
her attack, until she had cum four times.  When she 
was finally done Miss Brooks fell asleep in the 
recliner, her legs still up on the arms and her cunt 
still on display to the empty house. 

James wasn't sure what to expect the next day at 
school.  He knew he could not tall any of his friends 
what had happened.  First of all no one would believe 
him and, second, if they did Miss Brooks would get 
fired.  That was the last thing James wanted at this 
point.  James thought Miss Brooks looked, some how, 
different.  Was she different, he wondered as school 
started, or did looking at her cunt the previous night 
just change his perspective of her.  Shortly after 
class started Miss Brooks called James up to the front 
to write on the board.  She stood so close to him that 
he could feel the heat from her body.

"I'm not wearing panties."  She announced in a soft 
tone only James could hear.  James almost dropped the 
chalk he was using then recovered and finished writing 
the sentence on the board.  "I'm naked under my 
dress," Miss Brooks added as James put his hands into 
his front pockets in an attempt to hide his erection 
and then walked back to his seat.  James spent the 
rest of the day staring at the crotch area of Miss 
Brooks' dress, happy in the knowledge that he was the 
only one who knew.  When the bell rang James waited 
until all the other students had left for recess then 
stood up and approached Miss Brooks who had her back 
to the room erasing the blackboard. 

"Go outside and play," Miss Brooks turned to face her 
student, "there's nothing we can do until tonight."  
All morning James had been pondering some of the 
things Miss Brooks had said the night before.  'Tell 
me to do it...', 'Make me do it...', 'Make your 
teacher do it...'.  Without speaking James reached 
under Miss Brooks dress and pushed his hand between 
her thighs.  Why else, he had decided, would she have 
told him that she wasn't wearing panties.  Miss 
Brooks, despite the scowl and the protest that died on 
her lips, spread her legs.  She clasped her hands 
behind her back and submissively waited for the young 
student to finish exploring his teacher's cunt.  The 
knowledge that her career, and much of her life, would 
collapse in utter disaster if anyone walked through 
the unlocked door, only made the flow of lubricant 
from her pussy more copious than it would have been 
otherwise.  James' entire hand, clear up above his 
wrist was coated with the slippery fluid.  When the 
bell rang James, with obvious reluctance, pulled his 
hand out from under his teacher's dress.  

"Tonight," Miss Brooks said in a lust drenched whisper 
as James turned to return to his desk, "I promise."  
James' exploration of her cunt left Miss Brooks 
excited, flustered, horny beyond all measure, and 
unable to concentrate enough to lecture on even the 
simplest of topics.  Once the students were seated she 
gave them an essay assignment and then sat down at her 
own desk.  She found it difficult to resist the urge 
to slip her hand under her dress and finish the job 
her young pupil had started.  Taking deep breaths Miss 
Brooks concentrated on getting herself calmed down and 
under control as she watched the students writing 
their essays.  When she was calm enough she collected 
the essays to grade and gave the class a reading 
assignment.  As she worked her way through the essays 
Miss Brooks became caught up in the process and so it 
came almost as a physical blow when she reached 
James's essay.  

'Miss Brooks is Whore' was the title.  Miss Brooks 
looked quickly around to insure that none of the 
students were in a position to see it then went back 
to reading.  Her cunt began to flow like a river as 
she read.

'Miss Brooks is a Whore'

'She let me look at her cunt last night and at recess 
I felt her cunt with my fingers.  I'm going to fuck 
her tonight.  

'The slutty whore teacher is going to leve her door 
unlocked and be on her recliner naked with legs spread 
wide waiting for me when I go to her house tonight.

'Im going to fuck her and make her do nasty things 
while I watch.  I cant beleiv what a nasty whore Miss 
Brooks is.

Miss Brooks was caught between the desire to destroy 
James' essay before anyone else could see it, and the 
desire to put it somewhere safe where she could read 
it over and over while she fucked herself with her 
fingers.  Always the teacher, Miss Brooks picked up 
her red pen and marked the spelling errors on the 
pornographic essay.  When the final bell rang, Miss 
Brooks could not recall any of the school day after 
reading James' essay.  She stood at the classroom door 
and said goodbye to her students as they walked out.

"I'll be waiting," she said to James as he left a few 
feet behind all of the other students.  Miss Brooks 
stopped at a sex store on the way home.  She needed to 
replace several essential sex toys that she had 
foolishly destroyed when she was trying to prove that 
she wasn't a pervert who fed on the lust of little 
boys like a vampire feeds on blood.  The slut was back 
and was never going to let herself be repressed again.  
Miss Brooks bought a nice selection of dildos and 
vibrators as well as magazines with sexually explicit 
pictures.  She knew that it was only a matter of time 
before James decided to share her body with his 
friends.  Miss Brooks drove home with her hand between 
her legs stroking her clitoris while she imagined what 
it was going to be like the first time James brought 
one or two of his friends over to her house.  She 
imagined the humiliation and embarrassment of being 
forced by a child to put herself on display for other 
children.  Just in case he didn't think of sharing her 
with his friends Miss Brooks had purchased a couple of 
DVD's promising 'hours of gang bang fun' to give him 
the idea.

Miss Brooks left the magazines, DVD's, and sex toys on 
the coffee table where James would be sure to see them 
when he came over then, instead of dressing in her 
usual gardening clothes, Miss Brooks stripped naked 
and went out into her back yard nude.  She knew that 
the man who lived next door regularly watched her 
through the cracks in the fence, even when she was 
dressed.  Today she was going to give him a little 
different crack to watch through the fence cracks.  
She got down on her hands and knees, with her cunt and 
ass just a couple of feet from one of the larger fence 
cracks, and began to do some work with her garden 
tools.  It only took a few minutes before Miss Brooks 
heard a gasp that told her she was bring watched.  

Miss Brooks slowly lowered her shoulders until her 
breasts were resting in the cool freshly tilled soil 
then spread her knees and arched her back to give her 
neighbor the maximum view of her pussy and ass.  Once 
she was in position Miss Brooks reached back between 
her legs and spread her cunt open for his enjoyment, 
then fucked her fingers in and out of her cunt and ass 
while she rubbed her clitoris with her other hand.  
Even after she heard the grunts and moans that told 
her that the neighbor had cum, she continued to 
display her cunt while she fucked herself until she 
came.  After her orgasm Miss Brooks stood up, turned 
around and, facing the fence and looking right at the 
man she knew was watching her, she squatted then 
spread her cunt open and released a stream of hot piss 
onto the grass.  After the flow stopped Miss Brooks 
wiped her fingers over her wet cunt then licked them 
clean while she was still squatting with her legs 
spread wide.  God how she had missed being a perverted 
slut the last four years.  Miss Brooks winked at her 
peeping tom neighbor then stood up and went into the 
house.  I have a lot of fucking to make up for, she 
thought as she put one of her new DVD's into the 

Miss brooks watched a few minutes of the DVD, It was 
exactly what she wanted.  It was billed as being an 
attempt to break the twenty-four hour gang bang 
record.  It was one woman fucking man after man just 
as quickly as they could cum and get out of the way 
for the next one.  With her legs up over the arms of 
the chair, Miss Brooks pushed the back of the chair 
back until she was almost laying down and gently 
rubbed her finger up and down her wet cunt lips while 
she watched man after man pumping their cum into the 
whore's gapping cunt.  After a few minutes Miss Brooks 
closed her eyes and imagined that she was the one 
staring in the gang bang.  She continued to rub her 
cunt and clitoris with one hand while she fucked her 
ass with her other hand and imagined a whole school 
full of eleven and twelve year old boys were lined up 
waiting their turn to fuck her with their sweet young 
boy cocks.  She loved having her ass fucked my young 
teen age cock.  It was big enough to give her tight 
ass a good fucking without being, as were some men, 
large enough to cause pain.  

After cuming again Miss Brooks looked at the clock 
again.  Oh, how could she wait?  She was going to get 
fucked for the first time in a long time and she was 
going to get fucked by a sweet young boy.  She thought 
about how nice it was going to be to touch his hard 
boy cock for the first time.  How much it was going to 
excite her to help him put his hard boy cock into her 
cunt and ass for the first time.  Oh, god, how she 
longed to take his hard boy cock into her mouth for 
the first time.  As she neared another orgasm Miss 
Brooks remembered how proud and excited it had made 
her when James had forced his hand between her legs 
and played with her wet cunt even after she told him 
not to.  It was his confident, dominant, attitude that 
had excited her and made her cunt wet as much as it 
was his fingers exploring her pussy.   

Miss Brooks turned off the DVD and went into the 
bathroom to take a nice long, hot, bath.  As she ran 
the water into her tub she mused about how much it was 
going to simplify her life to give up all the silly 
little rules she had imposed on herself in her futile 
effort to suppress the nasty slut that was her true 
self.  She could masturbate while taking long baths 
again, she could remain naked all the time, she could 
touch herself whenever and however she pleased, she 
could have the young boys and girls she craved.  As 
she stepped into the tub and lowered her naked body 
into the steaming water Miss Brooks thought about her 
brother; would Ricky be willing to forgive her for the 
mess she made of their lives?  Would she be welcome 
back into his life, and back into his bed?  Would it 
help if she brought him a cute twelve-year-old female 
virgin as a gift?  Miss Brooks pinched and pulled on 
her nipples with her right hand, and did the same to 
her clitoris with her left hand while she closed her 
eyes and imagined how wonderful it would be to once 
again share a sweet young girl, or boy, with her 

After another orgasm, it seemed as if she was trying 
to make up for four years of missed orgasms in one 
evening, Miss brooks washed her naked body then 
climbed out of the tub and rubbed body oil over her 
wet skin.  As her hands moved over her naked body she 
wondered how she had ever convinced herself to give up 
such sensual pleasures.  "Never again," she promised 
herself out loud as she looked into the mirror.  
Despite the fact that she and Ricky had fucked the 
first time when she was eight years old, and had 
continued to fuck several times a day after that, Miss 
Brooks, due to her decision, had not had sex in four 
years and, as she laid back naked in the recliner, was 
feeling almost like a virgin waiting for her first 
lover to come and take her.  

She loved to watch the expression on a young boy's 
face when his hard boy cock slipped for the first time 
into a warm, wet, eager cunt.  She would always, for 
the rest of his life be his first; the cunt he would 
never forget no matter how many cunts he fucked after 
hers.  She loved the way young boys played with her 
body like it was a knew toy. 

Miss Brooks did not mean to, but she fell asleep in 
the chair and was pleasantly awakened by a hand on her 
cunt and a mouth sucking ravenously on her nipple.  At 
first, before she was fully awake, Miss Brooks thought 
it was her brother waking her up for a middle of the 
night fuck like he used to when they were kids.  When 
she realized that it was her student, James whose 
mouth was hardening her nipple Miss Brooks reached 
over and unbuckled his belt then pushed his jeans down 
to his knees.  When she cupped his cock and balls in 
her hand Miss Brooks could feel his deep moan 
vibrating from his mouth through her nipple and into 
the core of her breast. 

"Fuck me James," she begged in an urgent whisper, 
"fuck your slutty teacher.  Use her like a whore."  
James let his teacher's nipple slip from his mouth 
then walked around tio the end of the chair.  Miss 
Brooks scooted her ass closer to the edge of the seat 
opening her cunt even wider in eager anticipation of 
her first boy fuck in many years.  She whimpered like 
a baby when, instead of immediately beginning to fuck 
the offered cunt, James bent over and examined his 
teacher's pussy.  

"It's yours James," Miss Brooks promised as she moved 
her hips in slow fucking motions, "it may be between 
my legs but it's your cunt to do anything you want 
with.  My ass is yours, my mouth is yours, my tits are 
yours."  Miss Brooks felt like she was babbling 
incoherently while she desperately waited for her 
student to fuck her.  "You can fuck me anytime you 
want, in any way you want and with anything you want, 
You can bring your friends over and I'll let them fuck 
me if you tell me to."  Having finished his 
examination, James stood up and positioned his boy 
cock to enter his teachers wet cunt.

"Yes, oh god, yes," Miss Brooks hissed as her pupil's 
hard cock slipped into her.  How could I have ever 
gone without this, she wondered as she thrust herself 
onto the boys hard cock with wild abandon.

"Just promise you'll fuck me a lot," she begged as she 
wrapped her legs around the boy and pulled him closer 
forcing his hard cock deeper into her cunt.  It was 
easy to guess that James had jerked off several times 
between the end of school and his entrance into Miss 
Brooks house (and cunt).  He fucked his school teacher 
for forty five minutes without stopping.  While the 
pupil had no idea what a clitoris was, their positions 
allowed his firm young body to press against his 
teacher's clitoris every time he fucked his hard boy 
cock into her.  Miss Brooks moaned and groaned her way 
through several orgasms, each one more intense than 
the one before.  Each time she admonished her student 
to 'fuck his slutty whore teacher harder' while she 
twisted and tugged on her nipples like she was trying 
to pull them from her body.  After forty five minutes 
James pulled his still hard boy cock from his teachers 
wet, overflowing cunt and sat down on the couch.  
Since his cock remained hard, Miss Brooks hopped it 
was just a rest break and not the end of the nights 

"Would you like a Coke?" 

"Yeah, that'd be great."  James picked up one of the 
bondage magazines and began to flip through it looking 
at the pictures while he waited for his teacher to 
bring him the coke.  "I like it in the can," he called 
after the naked Miss Brooks as she walked into her 

"OK."  It was interesting to her in a disconnected 
analytical way, how quickly she fell into the roll of 
serving all of her young pupils needs, not just his 
sexual desires.  She knew, from experience that once 
she was in this mode she would even do his laundry for 
him if he brought it over.  As she walked back into 
the living room, carrying two cans of Coke, and her 
thighs still trembling unsteadily, what she would to 
if he told her to do his homework for him.  Would the 
school teacher or the submissive slut win?  Miss 
Brooks sat down next to her naked young pupil and, 
after glancing down and insuring that his seemingly 
inexhaustible cock was still hard, put the cans of 
Coke on the table and glanced at what was holding 
James' attention.  He was closely examining a series 
of pictures showing a naked woman who was wearing only 
a dog collar and was being walked on her hands and 
knees with a leash.  An equally naked man with a large 
hard cock held the other end of the leash.  In the 
middle of what appeared to be a public park the man 
crouched behind his 'bitch' and inserted his cock into 
her ass.

"Would you like to do that?"  Miss Brooks' voice 
trembled with a combination of anticipation and fear.  
The idea of being fucked like a dog in heat in a 
public park excited Miss Brooks and sent a gush of 
lubricant flowing onto the cushion of her couch.  The 
possibility that her young student would really do it 
terrified her.  The fear did not subtract, but added 
to the flow of lubricant from the teacher's cunt.  

"Maybe, someday," Miss Brooks was both relieved and 
disappointed that her young stud did not show more 
interest in publicly humiliating her.  Considering 
that fucking was new and exciting to James, Miss 
Brooks thought it might be awhile before he started 
experimenting with the more bazaar aspects of sex.

"Would you like to see a video of a man fucking a 
slut's ass?"  Miss Brooks asked after she realized 
that it was the anal sex that he was fascinated with 
more than the public degradation of the slut.  Miss 
Brooks knew that her young pupil was a fast learner 
and that it would not take him long to discover the 
benefits of public humiliation.

"Yes."  James looked up from the static still pictures 
and answered his naked teacher's question with simple, 
boyish, excitement and enthusiasm.  Miss Brooks picked 
up the remote control and started the DVD playing.  
James watched, enthralled, as a hard cock forced its 
way into a crinkled anal sphincter on the TV screen.  
Miss James pushed the table away from the couch then, 
slipping onto her knees, lowered her head into James' 
lap and sucked his hard boy cock into her mouth.  Miss 
Brooks was rewarded with a deep moan as she swirled 
her tongue over James' still hard cock.  Miss Brooks 
loved the taste of her own cunt on a hard cock. 

Since the young teacher had moved into the house next 
door the high point of Mr. Phelps' afternoons, if not 
his whole day, was watching her do her gardening.  She 
always wore modest shorts and a blouse while she 
gardened but the young woman was, by any standard, 
good looking, and the way her shorts were pulled tight 
over her firm buttocks while she gardened on her hands 
and knees always got a rise out of him.  To say that 
his mind, among other things, was blown by her naked, 
obscene display of masturbation and urination would, 
decidedly, be an understatement.  Mr. Phelps quietly 
moved from his back yard to hers after she had gone 
back inside and was surprised to see her reclined 
naked in her chair with her knees over the arms and 
her hands working her cunt and ass while she watched a 
triple X hardcore fuckfest on her television.  

Mr. Phelps had trouble pulling himself away from this 
private one woman sex show but, exerting maximum self 
control, he hurried back to his house for his 
electronic camera.  Nobody, not even his best friends, 
would believe this if he didn't get pictures.  On his 
way back over to the teacher's back yard Mr. Phelps 
congratulated himself on his foresight in buying a one 
gig memory card.  His elation was crushed when the 
naked teacher got up from her chair and left the room 
before he could get his first memento of the occasion.  
Being careful not to make any noise, Mr. Phelps 
explored around the back of the house until he heard 
bath water running through the wall beneath what was, 
obviously, a bathroom window.  

"Looks like the slut is taking a bath," Mr. Phelps 
said softly as he moved further down the wall and 
looked into her bedroom, "I wonder how many times the 
whore will cum while she's in the tub?"  Mr. Phelps 
headed across the backyard towards his house.  After 
making a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches on 
Russian Rye bread with Jack Daniels 'Old No.7' brown 
mustard, Mr. Phelps headed back over to his neighbor's 
yard to wait for her to finish her bath. While he ate 
his sandwiches, Mr. Phelps more thoroughly explored 
the backyard of 'the slut's' house.  By the time the 
naked school teacher returned to her living room, he 
was in position and ready to take pictures.  He almost 
forgot to turn off the flash before he snapped the 
first one.  Now that, he thought as he changed the 
setting on the camera, would have ruined everything.  
He only got a couple of good picture before the slut 
layed back in her recliner and fell asleep.  He was 
just about to give up and go home when he heard the 
gate opening.  Mr. Phelps crouched down behind a bush 
in the darkest corner of the yard and watched while a 
young boy of, he guessed, about eleven or twelve, 
entered the house through the sliding door without 
knocking.  He moved back up closer to the door in time 
to get a picture of the boy with his hand on the 
slut's cunt and his mouth sucking on the slut's nipple 
before she woke up.  

Mr. Phelps took pictures with one hand while he pulled 
his cock out of his pants and pumped it with the other 
hand.  He took pictures of the kid fucking the slut 
while she was in the recliner, he took pictures of the 
slut sucking the kid's cock while the kid watched the 
hardcore porno on the television and he took pictures 
while the slut got down on her knees and put her tits 
down on the carpet while the kid fucked her from 
behind.  In that last position Mr. Phelps could not 
tell if the kid's cock was in the slut's cunt or in 
her ass.  Inside the house Miss Brooks had no doubt 
that James' hard boy cock was fucking in and out of 
her ass, and she loved it.  Miss Brooks stretched her 
arms over her head with her palms flat against the 
carpet and pushed her ass back onto James's cock every 
time he thrust into her. 

"Fuck your teacher's ass," Mr. Phelps couldn't believe 
what he heard coming from the slut's mouth as the kid 
pumped his cock into her, "fuck your teacher hard, 
treat her like a whore."

"Don't worry," Mr. Phelps said softly as he deposited 
his cum on Miss Brooks' bushes while he continued 
snapping pictures, "I'll treat you like a whore." 
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