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Subject: {ASSM} Lust is Lust (M-dog best) Stasya T. Canine
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Released to the public domain

M-dog best

Lust is Lust
by Stasya T. Canine

You know they, whoever 'they' are, often say there's real charm in a well
planned seduction.  I suppose they're right--for them.

Me?  I'll take one of those sudden 'hot-pubes-slamming-together' sessions
of unplanned, unsought lust any time I have the chance.

And yeah, I don't care if I'm the giver or the taker, either.

Lust is lust, you know.

In this case the seduction was simple:  I was wandering in the small woods
that graced my property.  I'd felt the urge to piss so I'd casually pulled
my dick out and pissed on one of the trees.  Did it as high as I could,
too.  I love to piss off the local dogs by pissing way above where they
can reach.  I laugh like hell when I get to watch them try to mark on top
of mine.

Anyway, the weather was nice so I decided to drop my pants and wank it for

Like I said, 'lust is lust'.

I was stroking it fast and furious when a cold nose hit my ass and then a
tongue dropped down and goosed my scrotum.

Lots of free roaming dogs but I knew of only one that liked tasting my
balls instead of my asshole.

He knew what he wanted and I knew, too.

I dropped to my knees and once I hit the ground he jumped up and grabbed
hold.  Next thing I knew he was arching forward and driving his prick up
my ass.

I know, you're thinking he was doing all he could to get his knot to
follow the rest of his prick but that wasn't his style.  See, we'd been
lovers for years.  Sure, he drove inside but he held back on driving all
the way in.  Fine with me.  I loved it when he finally drove that huge,
swollen knot past my sphincter.

So, yeah, because he didn't tie right away I was treated to the furious
humping that's such a tired cliche' in all the bad besti porn that's out
there.  Still, it didn't last as long as it could have.

That was my fault, not his.  I quit being passive, forced myself open,
then shoved back slightly.  His legs tightened, his chin pressed into my
shoulder and he arched himself again.  The knot drove into me with a
single stroke.

Damn.  It felt so good!  Now I got to feel that bulge tugging from the
inside until he slowed to a contented stop.

The base of his penis pulsed against my asshole.  I reached back and felt
above his balls.  I could feel his muscles tighten and relax in time to
his orgasm.  I rubbed and crooned at him with wordless pleasure.

His hot breath gusted past my ear, his own wordless commentary that told
me he was in doggy heaven.  I touched one of his front legs.  He knew
what I wanted and readily shifted so his front feet were on my shoulders. 
He collapsed there and I was rewarded with the wonderful feeling of his
toenails alternately pressing into my skin and then relaxing.

Totally dominated by his desires, lost in the tie, I rolled my hips
slightly and milked him for all I was worth.  My dick started to expand
and I eagerly reached down to help it regain its fully swollen glory.

I stroked it.  I squeezed his prick and used it to stir my rectum.  It
wasn't long until I exploded, my semen flying everywhere, coating my hand
and anything else it touched.  I felt him respond to my contractions with
a renewal of the pulsing that told me he was orgasming again.

God we were hot.  I turned my head until I could feel our cheeks meet.  I
reached up and held those massive jaws briefly in a gentle cuddle to let
him know how much he meant to me.

I knew he was sated when he tried to gently pull free.  I reached back and
held one haunch.  "Not this time, love."

I felt him relax and knew he'd stay connected until his knot deflated.

Hell, he knew as well as I did that I might be able to get him swollen
again.  If I did, he certainly wouldn't object to another orgasm or two.

As for me, Once I had him inside me, I wanted him to stay there as long as
we could keep him there.  I knew I'd have his full cooperation.

After all...

Lust is lust.

Feb 3, 2005
Stasya T. Canine
more of my work can be found at:

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