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This is a story about sex between consenting adults. If you are not an
adult, you cannot consent, even to read this story. Therefore, read
something else. Note also that my stories may portray sexual acts that
are not necessarily safe. Since you are an adult reading this, you
know it. Even so, caveat lector.


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Creampie Eater. All Rights Reserved. No commercial posting is allowed.
Please drop me a note asking permission to post on your personal web
site. No modification whatsoever is allowed.


Clem and Becca had both been looking forward to the cruise. Clem
worked long hours at a frustrating job, while Becca needed a break
from being a full time mother of precocious 8 year old twins. They
were tired and needed time as a couple; neither could remember when
they had truly exciting, satisfying sex.

Things looked up when they boarded the ship and were greeted with a
complimentary cocktail. The waiter winked knowingly and told them,
"what happens on the ship, stays on the ship." They looked at each
other and smiled.

Although the accommodations weren't that important to Clem, Becca
wanted to see the room. They were pleased to see their luggage had
already been transported from the curb drop to their room, which was
spacious by cruise ship standards. They'd popped an extra $250 to move
to the highest main deck and to have a window rather than a mere
porthole. Plus, they had a kingsized bed instead of a pair of twins.
It was nicely appointed in beech with crisp white linens. Becca
surveyed the room and was delighted. Clem saw the bed and got horny.

Becca had worn a cute skirt and a cute nautical top to embark in, but
Clem wasn't so interested in the cuteness. His eyes saw a skirt he
could hike above her hips and a top he could unbutton. He did the
first thing first, then pushed her onto the bed and did the second
thing. It was the sort of playful romp they had been missing, and
Becca welcomed it as much as Clem.

He kissed her deeply while circling his hips against her pubic bone
and unbuttoning the blouse. He was happy to see a front clasp to her
bra, which he undid so as to take her nipples between his finger and
thumb. Becca moaned as Clem rolled her buds between his fingers. She
moaned again when he stopped kissing and slid off the bed and between
her legs.

He stared at her white cotton panties, seeing that she was already
moist and that the cotton was clinging to the wetness. Hooking fingers
into her waist band, he quickly pulled her panties down and over her
canvas deck shoes, flinging them across the room. In moments his
tongue was buried between the light curls of her downy pussy hairs,
his nose tickled while he ate her hungrily. Clem was extremely aroused
by her response, how she moaned and encouraged him to lick her pussy.
He loved eating her, and having her love it too was even better.

Things had reached a near resolution when he heard Becca gasp.
"Listen!" she hissed, pushing his head away. Frustrated, he listened,
and heard a strange tappity-tappity-tap-tap sound on the door. Cursing
softly, he stood and went into the head, tossing Becca a towel to
cover herself with. She'd barely improvised a loin cloth when he
opened the door.

"Hello," said the man there, "I am Carlos, your steward."

Clem tried to fill the doorframe so that Carlos could not see in.
"Glad to meet you," he said without conviction.

Carlos understood immediately what was happening, and backed away. "I
wanted to introduce myself, and encourage you to dial 5555 if you need
anything. Have a very nice trip."

"Thanks," said Clem. Before he closed the door, he took the privacy
hanger and placed it on the outside doorknob so that they would not be
interrupted again. He turned around to see that Becca was on her feet
and digging into one of her bags. "Honey..." he whined, worried that
the interruption had ruined her mood.

"Hold on... I am trying... to find one of your presents," she said.
She turned, triumphantly holding out a small package, gift wrapped and
featuring a ribboned bow. Clem took it, apologizing that he hadn't
gotten her anything. "You bought the cruise," she smiled. "This is a
thank you."

Clem took it and eagerly unwrapped the gift. He was puzzled to see it
was Mach 3 razor set. "I don't understand?" he said.

"Well, I didn't feel like getting waxed..." Becca grinned, and saw
that Clem was either speechless or still not getting it. "So, since
you have been pestering me about trying the smooth look..." -- still
not getting it -- "you know, shaved?" She pointed at her fur for

Clem's eyes suddenly went wide. "Oh fuck!" he moaned. He'd seen bald
pussies for years in porn rags and movies, and really had been
pestering Becca on and off. Having her change her view on it was

He had dreamed of shaving his wife's snatch for a long time, and knew
just how he would do it. For Becca's part, she was amazed at how
facile he was about the procedure. He was quick, sure, and thorough.
Two razor heads later, Clem was literally drooling about sliding his
tongue over her newly smooth pubes. After a quick wipe and dry with
washcloth and towel, Becca was the recipient of enthusiastic and
skillful cunnilingus.

Clem couldn't get enough. It was so damn easy to eat her with the
hairs removed, so easy to see, so exciting to watch her blossom. He
never realized how big and pink her lips were. He could see her sap
running out, and could lick it away. She also seemed more sensitive
and responsive; he'd have to see if that was because of the newness of
being shaven or if the fur had reduced sensitivity. Time would tell.

He ate her until she started grunting in orgasm. Having her cum on his
mouth was seriously arousing. She grabbed his hair and ground against
him, hissing dirty encouragement at him. Her orgasm was nice and long,
and even as she calmed down, he continued to lick and tongue fuck her.
He wanted to try eating her to another.

She had other ideas. "Fuck me," she commanded. She knew he loved being
told what to do, and she kinda liked telling him. His mouth was wet
with her own juices, and he had a little wet mark from cock drool on
his shorts. She watched as he stood and pulled off his shorts, then
tugged his shirt over his head. His cock was standing straight up,
ready for serious rutting.

Becca loved the moment he penetrated her, and this time it was better.
Her orgasm had made her very wet, and knowing she was so slippery and
wet was exciting. His cock squeezed in easily, and he began pumping
right away. Clem wanted to cum, she knew. She also knew how to
encourage him.

"Do you remember that party in San Diego, before we were married?" she asked.

"Oh God!" he groaned, his cock throbbing. The memory of his fiance
sucking off two strangers while he watched was not something he could
forget. He'd relived that unreal night many, many times. His nubile,
sexy Becca had sucked those two guys as if she were a gutter whore,
even swallowing their sperm while looking at him and licking her lips.
The sex that night when they got back to their hotel had been
outrageously athletic and they had both fallen asleep purely
exhausted. She had told him it was a one time thing, and it had been.

"Yeah? I guess you do remember," she smiled. Moving a little, she
lifted her legs until her knees bent, then she crooked her arms around
the back of her knees to press her thighs against her breasts. She
loved this position, where Clem could fuck her so very deeply. Each
thrust made her grunt, which was very nice.

"Now, do you remember New Year's Eve?" she asked, clenching at the
memory. They had put the girls to bed after watching the Big Apple
fall, then celebrated New Years with a bang. They had been grateful
for the hour difference between New York time and Houston time, so
that they could be lovemaking as the year changed.

"Oh God... honey," Clem panted. It wasn't the romance of lovemaking at
midnight that he recalled. He remembered that she had been tipsy
enough to let him complete a long-held fantasy. He had suggested that
she ride him, so that he could suckle her teats. But when she got on
top, he'd begun suggesting that she slide up and ride his face--after
he came in her. She'd found the idea nasty before, or so she said. But
when she was tipsy, her own orgasm had been slow to arrive. His
constant pleading to facesit him and make him suck his cum from her
had excited them both. And, since she hadn't orgasmed before he did,
she finally did force him to get her off orally.

Clem had groaned so loudly as he slid up that she was afraid he would
wake the twins. She'd had to silence him by muffling him with her
cum-filled cunt. His eagerness to eat her tender, just-fucked pussy
was exciting on its own. His tongue seemed incredibly long, wriggling
into her sloppy hole. It didn't take long for her to cum from the
nasty sex, and he devoured the sperm her pussy burped as she clenched.
She had been amazed to find he was already hard again (increasingly
rare as they aged), and he fucked her again for what seemed like an
hour. Afterwards, he admitted that he had never gotten completely

Although it had been fantastic, it had never been repeated. She felt a
little ashamed that Clem so eagerly ate her stinky, goo-oozing pussy.
And Clem had felt the satisfaction of fulfilling his fantasy, and was
afraid that the next time wouldn't be so good. Neither of them had
sought a repeat, even though both remembered the night very fondly.

Now, though, Becca had brought it up. She wanted this cruise to be a
jump start to their flagging sex life. It had seemed like forever
since they could be sexual beings, and she wanted that more than
anything. She wanted to feel sexy, and slutty, and exciting.

"You know what I am talking about," she purred. "You know how you got
so excited when I sat on your face and made you do that nasty thing."

"It was fuckin' nasty," he agreed. He was sweating now, dripping
pheromones that aroused Becca. "You love it though... you loved me

"I did... I do." She closed her eyes briefly, for she loved how Clem
was pounding her pussy, filling her, mashing her wiry pubes on her
bald skin. Oh God, she loved it, and she was clenching to prove it.
"And guess what will happen when you cum in me now?"

"Are you going to sit on my face again?" he gasped. The idea was so
lewd. Nasty. Oh sweet momma, he was so close to cumming.

"No baby," she said softly. She was thrilled to tell him, "No, you are
going to slide down and put your face in my crotch on your own."

"Shit!" he cursed. As nasty as having her sitting on his face,
draining creampie into his mouth, it did let him off the hook. She was
forcing him to eat her gooey pussy; there was no need to admit that he
loved it too. But if he was just going to move down and demonstrate
his eagerness to be a creampie guzzling slut... there was no out. He
would prove he was doing it because he wanted to.

That thought flipped the switch and he began to cum. "Push in hun, all
the way," she said, urging him to deposit his seed deep enough that
he'd have to seek it. Complying, he pushed in so that he was fully
rooted and just let squirt after pleasurable squirt slip into his
love. 'Oh God,' he kept thinking, 'I am going eat her after this.'
Funnily enough, Becca was thinking the same thing, searching his eyes
for revulsion but finding only eager anticipation and orgasmic

Soon, he collapsed on her, kissing her deep while his cock deflated.
Then she grabbed his hair and pulled his face back. "Eat me slut," she
croaked. Her voice broke when she gave him the command. But, like the
obedient, slutty dog he was, he silently slid down and began to tongue
her valley.

She had to throw her head against the mattress in order to cope with
the pleasure. She shook with excitement, because she hadn't brought up
the two separate incidents just to thrill him. She began to blurt out
how she might let him watch her suck another guy again, but only if he
would let the guy fuck her and then Clem'd clean it up... clean up the
other guy's cum... oh fuck... she was cumming! She'd harbored the
fantasy of blowing a stranger for years, and when Clem had cleaned her
up on New Year's Eve, she suddenly had another focus. Just admitting
it out loud produced a rush of adrenaline, and she had the best orgasm
she'd had in years. Her entire abdomen convulsed, and there was Clem
eagerly gobbling the creampie squeezed out.

They might have kept going like this for the entire cruise, but they
were interrupted by the call to the life boat drills. They both wanted
a shower before going to their muster station, but then Becca pulled
down her skirt and grabbed the life vest. "No panties," she said
cheerfully. Clem pulled on his shorts (wet spot since dried) and
professed his love for Becca. Holding hands and life vests, they
headed up to Muster Station D.

The muster station was in a disco, the Galax Z. Regulations called for
everyone to be seated, and since Clem and Becca were late they had to
sit on a table. Becca soon became uncomfortable because residual
creampie was leaking out. The muster and instructions only took
fifteen minutes, but it seemed forever to Becca. The one highlight was
the arrival of a new bride and groom... still in wedding gown and
tuxedo! Watching her put on the life vest over her tiara was funny.
They were good sports, and why not? They had been married aboard ship
only five minutes earlier.

When they were allowed to leave, Becca stood up first, anxious to get
away from the tell-tale table and its creamy evidence of previous
romping. Clem happened to glance where she had been seated and saw the
snail trail. He suppressed his guffaw until they were well away from
the disco, then laughed heartily before complimenting Becca on being
so unbelievably sexy. Becca insisted on going back to their room to
shower, but she needed Clem to guide her through the confusing stairs
and companionways. Instead of taking the direct route, he led her on a
tour of the ship to ensure her inner thighs were coated by the residue
of their lovemaking.

Becca wasn't mad, but she wasn't thrilled either. To get even, she
resisted his desire to have her lay on her back and let him clean her
messy muscles and took a shower instead. She reappeared in her new
bikini, which made Clem's eyes pop. He didn't care that she was no
longer a super trim hardbody. She was fit, but more importantly, the
cut of the bikini left no doubt that she at least trimmed her pussy
hairs. It was like a Brazilian thong, with the front triangle a
semi-gauzy white. If she had a lot of pubic hair, it would be evident.
When the suit got wet, any pubic hair would be visible. Clem was
determined to make sure she got wet almost as much as she was
determined she wouldn't.

Clem's "tour" didn't include the pool areas, so he and Becca didn't
realize there was a topless deck forward. Becca hadn't known either,
but their more in depth exploration uncovered it. Of course, Clem
wanted to go in and have her topless, while Becca wanted to see the
rest of the ship. However, after seeing all the rest, Becca took his
hand and led him back to the topless area. Clem got a raging hard-on
seeing his wife casually remove her top before even arranging the deck
lounge chair. It didn't matter to him that they were alone; he was
just turned on thinking that somebody could see his wife's tits.

Becca was surprised how long Clem had an erection. Even when several
curious groups came in to check out the area (she felt their stares
even through closed eyes), a deck steward came in to take and deliver
drinks, and a group of rowdy semi-drunk women came in to join them,
his dick continued to make a tent of his swim trunks. With liberal
doses of SPF 35 sunscreen, they were able to last for a couple hours
in the sun, during which he maintained a stiffy. It finally shrank
only when she sat up and began talking to the increasingly drunk

The women were all part of a scrapbooking group holding a
mini-convention on board the cruise. They had escaped husbands and
children to have fun with other "clippers". In Becca's estimation, it
was a pretty tame hobby but these ladies were a riot! When they turned
to Becca, one of them boisterously pointed out Clem's erection. The
ensuing laughter and lewd suggestions caused Clem to flee (and his
dick to deflate).

He met up with Becca again in their room. He arrived a good twenty
minutes before their late seating, but that was too just-in-time-ish
to suit Becca. She had showered/masturbated, dressed, did her hair,
and was mostly through with her makeup when he rolled in, smelling
like some coconut infused drink. She cracked the whip, and he was
ready in time, freshly showered and clad in khaki pants and a nice
golf shirt. With Becca in her pretty evening dress, they were an
attractive couple.

They sat at a table with six women. These weren't clippers, but were
an independent group who were running away from domestic life. A look
around the dining room told Clem that the cruise seemed densely
populated with such women. "If I'm ever widowed," he told the table,
"I'm taking a cruise! What a great place to meet women!"

One of their table partners agreed. "Hell yeah! There's way too few
men on this cruise."

Over dinner, they reached a consensus that A) a lot of the women on
the cruise would love a fling with the sort of man who'd take a
cruise, and B) the men-to-women ratio sucked. Clem thought the ratio
was perfect, but when threatened with a faceful of foie gras, he
backed down.

By the time dinner was over, it was dark. Becca suggested they take a
walk on the deck, to "look at the stars." In truth, she wanted to find
the darkest place on the ship for a more utilitarian reason. They
found that the topless area was nearly pitch black, with only a trace
of reflected light giving any hint of even deeper shadows. "Isn't it
beautiful?" she asked, looking at the stars.

"I don't know about 'it', but you are," Clem said as suavely as he
could muster. It was an exceedingly corny line, but it was also
exceedingly effective. Cupping her face, he gave her a breathtakingly
passionate kiss. She tried using mental telepathy to tell him to let
her fall to the deck and fuck the snot out of her, but as a man he
didn't receive the signal. Instead, he held her strong and kissed her
deep, feeling her melt.

They continued their starlit stroll, then headed to the shipboard
casino. After playing for half an hour, they were about where they
started, and Becca's feet hurt. She suggested they go back to the room
to change into casual clothes, which suited Clem as well. She again
hinted that she wanted to be fucked, but Clem knew that frustrating
her a little would pay dividends. Thus, ten minutes later they were
back topsides, this time in the Wheelhouse Grill for the 11:00PM
buffet. Excusing herself presumably to go to the bathroom, on the way
back she stopped at the bar and bought two frozen margaritas. She was
taking matters into her own hands!

"C'mon," she said, handing him one of the drinks. Then she led him
forward, to the topless area. She pushed him against the wall between
the two doors, deep in shadows and no one could see. Then she forcibly
kissed him, took a drink of the icy drink, and sank to her knees.

Clem knew what she was doing, and just leaned back to enjoy it. He was
startled at how cold her mouth was, for she was drinking occasionally.
The ice on his flaming hot cock felt like nothing he'd experienced
before. The gentle rocking of the boat, the icy feeling turning to wet
heat, and her low slurps and moans were enough to bring him rapidly
towards orgasm.

"Do you like this?" she said, pausing to drink.

"Yeah hunny, I do."

"Guess what you are going to do?" she said, freezing his cock with a
fresh frozen suck.

"Oh God, what?"

"You are going to cum in my mouth!"

Clem moaned loudly, loving that she was gonna suck him to completion.
She rarely did that, even though he enjoyed it so much when she did.
What she didn't say was that after he came, she would stand and give
his sperm back to him in a frozen snowball kiss. That was the plan

Becca felt his hand stroking her cheek, brushing her hair back so he
could watch her mouth sliding up and down his shaft. She'd once
complained when he had grabbed her hair and forced her to swallow his
cock, and he had kindly never done it again. Since then however, she
had come to really want him to make her suck his cock. She could
picture the image of herself as a nasty cockswallowing dickwhore,
drooling precum and gasping for air with her mouth full of erection.
She loved that picture, but he wouldn't abuse her like she wanted.

She felt his cock begin to throb and heard his breath quicken over the
incessant hum of the ship. She knew he was fucking close to filling
her mouth. She took a drink of margarita, intending to freeze his cock
one last pleasurable time. Then she took his sword into her oral
sheath and sucked hard, listening to his gasp of shock at the cold
turn to gasps of near-orgasm. Then,

"What do we have here?" said a strange male voice. "Damn!" said a
strange female voice at the same time.

Clem turned to see that a couple had entered the topless area, no
doubt to do what he and Becca were doing. He felt Becca hesitate and
he understood, but he was soooo close! He grabbed her hair then and
began to pump. Becca let out a low, deep, incredibly sexual moan that
all understood was pleasure. Clem felt his balls tighten.

Then the guy chuckled and said, "Hey, can I be next?" He meant it as a
joke, and took the sharp elbow in the ribs from his wife

But to Clem and Becca, it was the sort of question they wanted to
hear! Becca was not at all surprised to feel Clem's cock swell and the
sudden splash of jizz that sprayed out. With his cock deep in her
mouth, she had to swallow. But then she pulled back enough to give the
cum some storage space and began capturing it in her mouth. She lost
track of how many throbbing squirts of seed was in her mouth, but the
volume was enormous.

Clem's knees buckled just she felt she could take no more. Rising
quickly, she pressed the semi-stunned Clem's head against the wall and
pressed her lips to his. Instinctively, he opened his mouth for a
tongue kiss, and Becca opened hers as well. Clem flinched when he felt
and tasted the salty sperm pushed into his mouth, but then he moved
into the moment and began kissing her back. Their tongues swirled in
the big load of semen, nasty kissing in a snowball.

"Dude, that's kinda kinky!" said the marveling male voice. He knew
what was going on. "Baby... baaaaaaaby? Amanda?" he groaned at his
wife. They had excited each other before making their way onto the
topsides. She'd needed convincing to have public sex, and both of them
were horny as hell.

She wasn't sure she was ready to suck him in front of people.
"Dwayne!" she said, voicing a shocked protest while hoping he'd

"Baby, pleeeeease!" he moaned, unzipping his shorts to emphasize the
urgency of his need.

Becca heard the tell-tale zipping sound, and felt her pussy tingle.
"Let me," she purred, shocking Dwayne and Amanda by dropping to her
knees. Dwayne groaned in surprised pleasure as this stranger ate his

"Dwayne!" his wife repeated, amazed that the slutty hussy would dare
take her man's meat in front of her.

"Lean next to her," directed Clem, nudging her to show what he meant.
Amanda stood next to Dwayne, and Clem dropped to his knees. Dwayne was
amazed that this stranger would be so aggressive, moreso than they
were. He was even more amazed that Amanda not only didn't protest when
he lifted her skirt and slid down her damp panties, but that she
spread her thighs to give him access and tossled his hair when he
began tonguing her.

Becca and Clem had never discussed Clem pleasuring another woman.
They'd only focused on Becca fucking and sucking other men. But it
seemed natural to both of them that it would happen this way, and they
just kept going.

Amanda didn't take very long to orgasm. Dwayne had necessarily primed
her with his smooth talk and she had been ready to pop before agreeing
to go on deck. Clem buried his tongue in her dense tangle of hair,
savoring the strange pungent flavor. He loved eating pussy, and eating
a new one was something he'd never thought would happen. The woman
humped at his mouth, needy. When she came, her strongly infused juices
flowed out.

Becca heard the woman's guttural grunts, and felt her own needs
spiking. She wanted Dwayne to cum in her mouth so she could snowball
Clem, but she needed to feel a cock in her. "Hold on," she cooed,
standing. "Fuck me," she said, pulling Dwayne away from the wall so
she could take her place. She turned to the woman while she pulled her
own sticky shorts off, saying "I hope you don't mind."

"No," said Amanda. She had climaxed and still Clem was sucking and
eating her pussy. She was in heaven.

"Thanks," Becca gasped as Dwayne slid into her. She was fucking
another man! Oh God! And Clem was eating this woman, right next to
her! Out of shear horniness and a desire to be kissed, she grabbed
Amanda's hair and pulled her into a kiss. It was the first lesbian
kiss for either of them, but they were not hesitant about it. They
explored each other's mouths with deep tongues, giving and taking in

The two women turned to each other and groped breasts, even as
unfamiliar men gave them pleasure a-plenty. Becca discovered the other
woman enjoyed rough nipple play, and having her respond was very
stimulating. She gripped and twisted nipples, even while they tongue

Amanda came a second time, a fact that Clem loved and Becca hated. She
felt the need to orgasm, but wasn't quite there. She looked down at
Clem who looked up at her with undisguised arousal. Clem was enjoying
seeing his wife pinned to the wall like a butterfly on exhibit. She
knew it. Then she struck the thought that gave rise to her orgasm:
when this stranger, Dwayne, came deep in her womb, her husband would
clamp his mouth on her draining fuckhole and would swallow his seed.

Her thought started a chain reaction that left Clem's mouth full of a
foreign creampie. Becca began to squeeze and hump at Dwayne, on her
way to an orgasm. Her pulsating cunt milked his cock, leading him
towards an orgasm too. In fact, he came first, having spent the night
so far in what was in fact extended foreplay. He swelled and she felt
his cock erupt inside her, and that finished her off. Dwayne's wife
was still trying to kiss her, but she lunged forward and bit on
Dwayne's shoulder, cramping hard in her orgasm. It was only left to
the bleeding Dwayne to complete his own orgasm and to pull out before
Clem moaned loudly and crawled over to plant his lips on her freshly
fucked sex. As he came in, he saw a long string of cum begin to slop
out; this he caught on his tongue on the way to eating another man's
cum for the first time.

Amanda watched in amazement. She understood exactly what was
happening. Although Dwayne had never done such a thing, she found the
concept of post-coital oral sex to be incredibly arousing. It took
very little encouragement to find Clem on his back, his wife grinding
on his mouth and pinning his arms while Amanda was bouncing up and
down on his cock. Clem lasted a long time, this being his second
orgasm. And yet, Amanda second orgasm on his cock caused him to erupt.
Moments later, she was feeding him another creampie, smothering him
with her gooey, flowing nest of tangled pubes.

Clem ate her to yet another orgasm, and then Becca decided they'd had
enough. She helped her husband up and they staggered together to their
stateroom. Although tired, they decided to take a shower to freshen up
and remove a layer of sweat and dried juices. Then they tumbled into
bed, lulled to sleep by the throbbing of the ship's engines.

Clem woke up early, despite the late night. Years of waking at 4:00AM
meant that he did so no matter how tired he was. He quietly grabbed
his camera and GPS then headed on deck without waking Becca.

It was still dark when he reached topsides, but despite the early hour
there were a surprising number of people about. The crew was scrubbing
things, and there were even some passengers about. One passed him
holding coffee, and Clem headed off to the Wheelhouse Grill for his
own mug.

He made his way forward with his hot (but weak) coffee, feeling the
wind blow through his hair and watching the sun rise. He turned on his
GPS to check where the the ship was (N 26° 30.56', W 91° 13.21'),
since he was a geographical and technological freak. The ship was 200
miles at sea .

At sea, the sunrise was gradual, beginning with a gentle lightening
before streaming through the clouds as rays of light. Then the clouds
turned burnt orange as the sun backlit them. Clem was mesmerized by
the spectacle, and couldn't bring himself to leave even long enough to
refill his coffee cup. Partially too, he was aware of the lovely young
lady standing near him and watching the sun rise too.

"Isn't it beautiful?" he smiled.

"Yes, it really is," she said. Clem guessed her to be 25 years old,
with a classically beautiful face and trim figure. He had noticed her
the previous day, for she was damn cute in a rich chick sort of way.
She wore much nicer clothes than you saw among the common cruising
rabble, and had seemed well put together the times he had seen her.
The pearls she had worn went well with her tennis-club clothes and
wedged bobbed hair.

She had been trailing behind a man who he assumed was her husband. The
guy had the wealthy frat-boy look goin', and Clem decided that he'd
have to admire her from afar. If he had been attached to this fine
young lady, they'd rarely leave the cabin. And yet, here she was
pre-dawn, watching the sun rise.

Clem noticed a flock of birds flying close to the water, 100 yards
abeam the ship. "Can you believe this?" he asked the young lady,
pointing out the birds. "We're 200 miles at sea and here are some
birds flying along."

"That's pretty amazing," she agreed. "They aren't sea birds, are
they?" She moved a little closer, and Clem was aware she was standing
right beside him.

"I guess they are migrating south?" Clem surmised, while feeling his
heart pounding in his chest. Clem had a thing for these sorts of
women, and one this pretty was rare, especially since she was standing
next to him.

"I'm Rebecca," the young lady offered.

"Clem," he said in reply. "That's pretty funny," he mused, "my wife's
name is Rebecca too. Everyone calls her Becca though."

"Oh, my husband calls me Reba," she said. "I wish he wouldn't, but he does."

Clem let that comment pass in silence, unsure of the vibes she was
issuing. He thought she was sending some out, but wasn't convinced
yet. He was pretty rusty at reading women, and he knew he would be
confused even more because he was very attracted to her.

The watched the birds fly for a while, and then they suddenly turned
and flew into the sky, heading back towards the United States. "I
can't believe they turned around," he said, checking his GPS. "I hope
they know what they are doing, because they are in the middle of the

"What's that thing?" Rebecca said, leaning even closer. Clem explained
what a GPS receiver was and how it worked. He was going to turn it on
throughout the trip and see what their route was. "That's pretty
cool," she commented. They watched the sun rise still further, so that
it was above the horizon. "You said you were married?" she asked, and
Clem confirmed he was. "Is she on the cruise, or are you traveling

"Oh, she's asleep in our cabin," Clem said softly. "I guess your
husband is in your cabin too?"

"Yeah," she snorted. "He just got in like two hours ago."


"I didn't ask. I don't want to know." A few seconds later she turned
and looked at Clem. "Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Um, OK, but no guarantees I will answer it."

"Do you think its OK for a man to fuck around on his wife?" she asked.
Clem saw that she was serious, and near tears.

"No, I don't," he said softly. "Is that what he is doing?"

"I think so. It isn't like it would be the first time, or even the
thirtieth time."

"Damn!" Clem said. He couldn't figure it out, because he would be
pestering her all the time if she was available to him. "And you
aren't cheating on him?"

"Not yet!" She turned again and looked at the sun, now a glowing
orange disk behind a cloud bank. "He's a fucking asshole," she said
bitterly. "I don't suppose you'd want to fuck?"

Clem's heart skipped a beat. Under the right circumstances, he would
love to screw this beautiful woman. But he couldn't bring himself to
indulge in an angry revenge fucking, not matter how much he thought
her husband deserved it. "You know, I do. But..."

"But you won't fuck around on your wife?"

"Oh no, not that. I am pretty sure she'd let us romp if I asked," he
explained. "But, I don't want to take advantage of you. You don't need
to be screwed by two assholes."

Rebecca looked at him to make sure he was serious. "First off, I can't
believe you are turning me down because you don't want to take
advantage of me. I was hitting on you!"

Clem laughed. "I know that."

"You must be a damn Texan," Rebecca laughed. She had a very pleasant
laugh, almost musical. "You damn Texans are always such damn

"Guilty," Clem smiled.

"OK, so secondly, are you serious that your wife would let you fuck me
if you asked?"

Clem wasn't surprised that she was incredulous. "Yeah, we have this
'what happens on the cruise stays on the cruise' thing going."

"Wow... so would you let her fuck other guys?"

"She already has."

"Damn!" Rebecca exclaimed. "And you let her?"

"Let her?" Clem laughed, "I helped!"

Rebecca turned and looked back at the sun, which was making quite a
display now that it was over the horizon. It really was beautiful on
the nearly glass surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Clem turned on his
camera and snapped several shots of the gorgeous scenery, fighting the
urge to swing the camera over and capture the young lady he found so
attractive. He thought that her bob was blowing so sexily in the wind,
the nape wedged and under control. Finally, he turned off the camera,
glad to have spent a few more minutes with Rebecca without the charged

"Well, I have to go nudge my wife awake," Clem said.

"Yeah, I need to go too," Rebecca said. She held out her hand, and
Clem took it. "It was nice to chat with you," she said. Then, "And
listen, we are in Veranda 24 in case you want to get in touch with

Clem nodded. The Veranda deck was very chic, comprised of balconied
suites. "I'm in Empress 120, in case you need to talk or something."

It was nearly 8:30 when he headed back to his cabin to check on Becca.

She was not only awake, but showered! "Ready for breakfast?" she
asked, with more enthusiasm than she'd shown in years. She was
practically chipper! Clem begged for five minutes to wet his hair and
shave, then they headed up to the Wheelhouse Grill for the breakfast

Clem piled his plate high with eggs, sausages, bacon, and hash browns,
stopping to grab some salsa as well. Becca chose some healthier fare,
taking half a grapefruit, some cantaloupe, and yogurt. Becca shook her
head when Clem went back for more, commenting that she was glad they'd
packed plenty of antacids.

"So, what do you want to do today?" he asked her. She deferred, asking
if he wanted to do anything. "Not really. Maybe nap."

She laughed. "Well, I was thinking that getting some sun would be fun,
and maybe one of the shows if it looks like we are getting fried by
the sun."

Clem mock-pouted. "I was hoping we could go back to our room when we got hot."

"Down boy!" she chuckled. "I was thinking we could go back and do some
of that now."

Three minutes later, they were in their cabin, kissing deeply and
disrobing each other. Clem was especially horny, having spent so much
time earlier with a woman modeling what he considered his favorite
look. Feeling so horny, he got a little aggressive, pushing the
now-nude Becca onto the bed. Automatically, she spread her legs and
Clem placed his mouth on her pussy.

"Mmmm, yes," she moaned, "eat my pussy."

Clem replied in an unintelligible moan, his tongue splitting her lips
apart as he licked her deeply.

"Just think," she continued, "last night that pussy was filled with
that guy's cock."

"Dwayne," Clem remembered. A drop of her juice dribbled down his chin.

"Yes, Dwayne," she agreed, grabbing his hair and returning his mouth
where she wanted it. "He fucked me and you ate his cum out of my
pussy." That thought got both of them unbearably hot. Clem stood up
and jabbed his cock straight into her boiling cunt.

"You were such a slut," he panted. He felt her clenching on his
ramrod-hard prick. They both found it exciting for her to fuck around;
why hadn't they done it more often?

"Did you like it?" she gasped. "Did you like watching me fucking
Dwayne? Did you get excited knowing that you were going to suck his
cum from me?" She watched his eyes squeeze shut, trying not to cum.
She knew she was spasming inside, and couldn't help it. She was close
to orgasm. Reliving the past night was so exciting! "And I bet you
want to see me fuck other guys. You want to see me get filled with
cum... maybe more than one guy at a time... and you want to see it.
Don't ya?" She tossed her head back, just focusing on the throbs and
the feeling of him jamming in and out.

"Yes," he groaned. Their sex was hot and sweaty, incredibly intense.
She was baiting him, he knew. She wanted him to admit his desires. Oh

"Tell me... tell me you want to see me fucking five guys, all of them
dumping cum in me."

"Oh damn, baby. I do. I want to see you screaming in pleasure as man
after man fucks you until you are raw... and then I am gonna eat you

Both of them could picture it in their minds, surprisingly alike in
their imagery. A cum splattered and wanton Becca, legs lewdly apart. A
rock-hard Clem watching silently, then groaning in pleasure as he ate
her clean. Both could see it, and both found the vision compelling and

Clem's balls emptied into Becca, his semen splashing against her
cervix. Frantic with desire, he didn't even complete his own orgasm
before he dropped down to begin tonguing her seeping pussy. Becca
hurtled over the edge too, arching her back and smothering her face
with a pillow so she could scream. Clem's tongue was so eager and
talented that he kept her cumming until she collapsed in exhaustion.
Then he crawled onto the bed and they snuggled, and fell asleep.

They didn't hear the odd tap-tappity-tap of Carlos. Consequently,
assuming the room was empty and ready for service, he opened the door
to find Clem and Becca nude and scrambling for cover. "Excuse me," he
said. He'd seen the same scene many times, at least once per day.
Without much thought, he merely checked his list of service items for
the sheets to be changed.

It was almost lunchtime when they emerged in swimsuits and headed to
the sun deck. There wasn't a single deck chair available, so Becca led
the way to the topless deck. She noted Clem's bulging erection, and
told him to behave. Peeling off her top, she and Clem read magazines
in the vibrant sunshine. Slowly the topless deck filled with women
arriving in groups for mutual protection. Soon, Clem was the only man
among twelve women, about half of whom were topless.

Eventually, Becca wanted a drink but there hadn't been a steward in
forever. "Baby, can you go get the steward to bring us something
frozen?" she asked Clem.

"Sure," he said. He was starting to get bored and pink, and was happy
to move around. Suntanning was not his cup of tea.

"And a couple slices of pizza?" she added as he rose.

"Sure," he repeated, putting on a t-shirt. As he pushed through the
door closing off the topless deck, he saw Rebecca about to enter.
"Well, hello!" he said, glad to see her again. He thought she looked
fetching in her yellow one piece. Very classy.

"Oh hi!" she smiled. "Are going topless?"

"Yep, me and my wife."

Rebecca frowned for an instant. "Becca, right? Which one is she?"

"She's the pretty one," he laughed, moving on. He didn't want this
young thing talking to his wife. He was pretty sure that would be
nothing but trouble.

Making his way down the companionway, he bellied up to the bar and
asked for two of the drink specials (Piña Coladas), asking that they
be delivered to his wife on the topless deck. As he waited to sign the
"Sail and Sign" receipt (a cashless way to purchase things on board),
he listened to an announcement for the beauty salon. Tonight was the
formal dinner, and the announcer suggested that the ladies get
appointments now so they could look their best at the fancy meal.

Clem decided to surprise Becca with a visit to the salon before the
formal meal. It wasn't that he thought she needed anything done, but
that he knew she would like the attention and his thoughtfulness.
Hell, they could just do her nails for all he cared. This visit was
for her, not him.

He made his way down a level to the spa and entered the salon. He
blinked his eyes, because the receptionist was his fetish dream.
Although she wasn't quite beautiful, she had a style that caused him
to blush with worry for decorum. She too wore a bob, but this one
began at her chin and angled up to the middle of the back of her head.
She was facing away when he entered, and he saw that her nape was
buzzed to a 1/8 inch bristle that was colored a deep burgundy. As she
slowly swung her head around to look at him, he saw her longer hair
was a deep plum color with lighter plum highlights boldly striping her
hair. Clem knew he had a fetish for such hairstyles, but he didn't
realize just how much they affected him. He moved rapidly to the
receptionist's counter so that he could hide his woody. He fought the
urge to wank right there, and focused instead on her huge brown eyes.

"Can I help you?" she asked, with a faint French accent.

"I'd like to make an appointment for my wife," he said, trying hard to
remember why he was there.

"For today?" she asked, her voice softly lilting.

"Yes," he agreed.

She looked at him wisely, knowing this was to be a surprise for her.
He would not know the proper time, so she would have to guide him to
an appropriate appointment. "What time is your dinner? Early or Late

"Um, late?"

"Will you want to go to the Captain's Cocktail Reception?"

"I guess... yes."

"Very good. And what do think your wife would like? Nails coloured?
Updo? Shampoo and set? Haircut and colour?" She purposely went from
least expensive to most, hoping that he'd just remember the last thing
she mentioned. She could see in his expression that he found her
attractive. That was both faintly amusing and flattering. She liked
the attention, but generally not from men.

"Well, it will be up to her. Its a surprise."

She smiled, pleased she had been correct in her assumption. "Well,
then I think the 6:30 appointment would be best," she said, asking for
his room and making the appointment without bothering for his consent.
"Might I suggest that she bring her clothing to the appointment, so
she can get dressed here? We can do her makeup for her, so that she
looks perfect when she meets you at the reception line."

"That's a great idea," Clem agreed. He deferred in these situations to
the service people. They had far more experience.

"OK, then, here is your appointment slip. I will see your wife at
6:30." She smiled at him again, seeing without really looking that he
had an erection as he fled the salon. She made a little annotation in
her appointment book; maybe she do him and herself a favor at the same

As Clem was getting drinks, making the appointment, and getting pizza,
Rebecca and Becca were getting to know each other. It wasn't too hard
to figure out which woman was Clem's wife, since only one lounge chair
appeared to be used but empty. She went directly to it and made a
judgment call as to whether the woman on the left or the right side
was Becca. Just to be sure, she said "Becca?" and was relieved to see
she had guessed right.

"Yes?" said Becca, looking up at the attractive young woman. She
didn't think she knew her.

"Hi," Rebecca said, sitting down and holding out her hand. "I met your
husband this morning on deck at sunrise, and just ran into him on his
way out. I thought I'd introduce myself."

"You met my husband?" Becca said, suddenly on edge. She knew her
husband's tastes in women, and knew that Rebecca was one of his
favorite flavors. He didn't talk much about his perverse desires, but
she knew it in the way all women knew what their husbands really like.
"Was he an ass?"

A couple women around them guffawed in unison. They didn't mean to
eavesdrop, but it came naturally to them. They could imagine a man
acting like an ass, and were delighted that his wife was willing to
call him on it.

Rebecca too was amused at the directness of the question. "Oh no," she answered.

Her further reply was interrupted by the steward delivering the piña
coladas after inquiring who they were for. He handed one to Becca and
the other to Rebecca, assuming it was for them. When he left, Becca
suggested that Rebecca drink it, since Clem could go get another.
That's what husbands were good for, right?

"Yes," Rebecca agreed, sipping the frozen coconut drink and feeling
the rum warm her insides. "But no, Clem wasn't an ass. I'm afraid I
was, though." She looked around at the other women, all of whom were
studiously appearing to not be listening.

"What do you mean?" Becca asked, picking up the sunblock and applying
some to her breasts. It wouldn't do for these seldom-tanned orbs to
get burned.

Rebecca watched for a minute, then decided that Becca's toplessness
gave her too much of an advantage. She pulled the straps of her
tanktop down, and pulled the suit down to her waist. "Do you mind if I
borrow some sunscreen?" she asked. Becca handed her the SPF 35, and
she applied some while mentally composing her reply. "Well, I am
afraid I might have made a move on him this morning."

"My Clem?" Becca said, very surprised. She pushed her sunglasses up to
get a clear look at this woman applying grease to her tits. There was
no doubt in her mind that Clem would have gone for it if he could
have; Rebecca was extremely attractive, and Clem really did have a
thing for bobs. He couldn't have resisted.

"Yes," Rebecca answered, flushing in her embarrassment. The women who
cared to look saw that she was pink nearly to her nipples, so great
was her chagrin. "But," she hastened to reply, "he was a perfect

Now Becca guffawed. She didn't picture her husband being a gentleman.
On the other hand, his cock had been extremely hard as if he had been
horny for quite some time. If he'd fucked her, he wouldn't have been
quite so steely down there. She decided that Rebecca was telling the
truth, and she wanted to learn more about it.

A few minutes later, Clem arrived with the pizza. His eyes popped to
see his wife talking to a barechested Rebecca. His wife asked for the
pizza, then ordered him from the topless deck. "This is no place for a
man," she grinned. Clem looked at the drink Rebecca was drinking, but
Becca told him, "Good Bye!" in her best imitation of that bitch Anne
Robinson from The Weakest Link gameshow.

Glumly, he left the deck, telling himself he was getting too sunburned
anyways. He worried about what they were talking about until he got
back to their cabin and took matters into his own hands; he was
thinking of a threesome of Becca, Rebecca, and that honey from the

The topless deck quickly became a hen party, with 12 women drinking
piña coladas and talking about sex. Becca got the ball rolling by
telling Rebecca how really great her husband was; not only had he
resisted her charms (and Becca was sure to tell Rebecca how much she
fit Clem's ideals) but he had let her have another man the night
before. Of course, none of the details on that encounter could be
withheld, and Becca was delighted to cough up the lurid escapade for
her entranced audience.

Becca was surprised to see that the one woman not getting titillated
was Rebecca. While the other women hooted and hollered like it was a
bunko party, Becca seemed to get morose. "What's wrong," Becca asked

Rebecca broke down then, relating what a son of a bitch her husband
was. His sole motivation was bedding whatever slut would have him, or
so it seemed to her. While Becca had a rewarding sex life and a
husband who seemed to have deep respect for her, Rebecca's husband had
a callous disregard. "Can you believe that he hasn't even asked for
sex on this fucking cruise?!" she wailed.

The women were universal in their sympathy. All of them could relate,
since they all were hoping to fuck around--even the married ones. How
could they keep on the boat what happened on the boat, if nothing ever

It was an unusual circumstance, because Becca had it in her power to
help each of these women and to give her husband the sort of cruise
he'd never forget. Too, she felt more in love with him than she had
ever felt before. He was going out of his way to be good to her, and
she knew it. Nothing was sexier to her than her man, who was being
incredibly selfless.

"Listen, ladies," she smiled, "I have an idea."

Clem, meanwhile was sitting at the bar on the Lido deck. He'd gone
back to the cabin to masturbate, then got to thinking about how much
cum he could produce. Becca seemed to be willing to let him eat all of
it from her delicious pussy; did he really want to waste it on his
palm? He also liked feeling horny, and self-denial was a form of
pleasure for him. All in all, it was smarter for him to get away from
the wanking zone and to get hornier.

That was easy on the Lido deck, where a woman who he mentally had
tagged as "The Slut". She was playing up her sexuality fiercely,
showing off. When songs like "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" came on the
speaker, she'd jump up and move like a pole-dancer. Clem had bought
her a drink and she'd come to thank him.

Up close, she was a pretty rough looking woman. "Rode hard, put away
wet" is how one of his friends would put it. She was no longer young,
but wanted to be. She'd gone overboard with the slutty swimsuit,
lipstick, ankle bracelet, and pale green sunglasses. But Clem found
her fetching nonetheless, largely because she wore her hair dark red
and flippy in back, blond and straight in front. OK, so it was trendy
and not quite fitting, but he was like any man: he was a sight hunter
who responded predictably to visual cues.

She was totally flirty and trampy, ignoring his wedding band. He
didn't bother to hide it, and why should he? She was all over him,
leaning in to laugh (and waggle her boobs in his face) and putting her
hand on his thigh to keep her balance. Even though it was early
afternoon, she was acting like it was last call before the bar closed.

That's how Becca found him. She just shook her head. "That man of
mine!" she laughed. She knew there was no danger of The Slut (that's
how she thought of her too) bagging her man. Unless she gave
permission. She knew he was putty in The Slut's hands, but he was also
not going to do anything. She loved that about Clem.

She walked up to Clem and The Slut, smiling to see Clem trying to
extricate himself and act innocent. Putting her head between them
both, she stage whispered, "C'mon honey, you need a blow job." The
Slut was still slack jawed when Clem and Becca headed to their cabin.

It was Clem who was slack jawed when he opened their door. The room
was not empty! Instead, there were two women. One he recognized as
Rebecca, and the other he didn't remember ever seeing before. Rebecca
was wearing a bathrobe, while the other woman was topless.

"What's this about?" he asked, fearing that his erection would burst his shorts.

"Surprise!" she laughed, enjoying his confused arousal tremendously.
"This is a reverse gangbang!"

"What do you mean?" he asked, hoping it was going to be as good as he
thought it would be.

"Here's what is going to happen. First of all, you need a blindfold,
which is what Rebecca will be." Becca paused to let that sink in, and
she watched as recognition spread across his face as a slow smile.
"Then, I have a dozen women lined up who will each spend five minutes
in turn trying to make you cum. The winner will fuck your face until
you make them cum like you make me cum."

"Oh God!" he groaned. It occurred to him that he might last through
all twelve women, but he really doubted it. He might make it through
one woman if he tried hard.

"So, are you OK with this?" Becca answered.

"I don't know..." Clem started. Then he laughed, as did the women. "But why?"

"Because you are the bestest man I have ever known, and you deserve
it," she answered. She gave her husband a deep soul kiss, then turned
and began to leave.

"Honey!" Clem called, stopping her. She turned to face him, wondering
what sort of protest he was making. "I made an appointment for you at
6:30 at the salon. Take your dinner clothes with you." He didn't want
to forget something that was so important.

She smiled. "See? That's why you are getting so lucky tonight!" She
loved this man she had married.

When the door closed, Nameless Woman #1 gave him more instructions.
"Take off your clothes and lay on your back. And hurry! I only have
five minutes!"

Clem did as he was told, but ignored Nameless Woman #1 in favor of
watching the luscious Rebecca. She turned away, undid her robe, and
dropped it. He stared at her cutely wedged nape, then drooled at the
sight of her triangle of pubes, nicely trimmed to a 1/2" length. She
was incredible.

As she climbed onto the bed, he watched the Nameless Woman take his
hard on between her lips. He had just long enough to see how fervently
she sucked before Rebecca's pussy was descending on his face. He
moaned as her femininity pressed onto his face, as if demanding his
tongue. He couldn't believe his luck, for she was delicious and wet,
while Nameless Woman #1 was eager and talented.

He tongued Rebecca as if trying to prove just how worthless her
shithole husband was. He barely registered the bed bouncing, and then
a wet pussy enveloped his cock. Nameless Woman #1 was fucking him! It
was like a dream come true, a woman sitting on his face while another
fucked him with the intent to make him orgasm.

That ended far too briefly, when he heard a muffled knock on the door.
He tried to lift Rebecca off his face so he could see the second
woman, but she hissed at him that he wasn't supposed to look. She
pressed down, humping his mouth until his tongue wedged into her juicy

The second woman also spent a minute tasting prick before climbing
aboard. It was a wild sensation for Clem, who could only guess at what
the women looked like (she had furry, dense pubes) or who she was. One
part of his mind was trying to remember what the women on the topless
deck looked like because they must have come from there, another was
focusing on Rebecca's increasingly wet pussy, and yet another was
feeling the sensation of fucking a wet, sloppy pussy. Clem was on
total overload, and he was unable to release enough to orgasm.

After the third woman, Clem begged for a glass of water. Giggling,
Rebecca instead poured some of the bottled water down her loins,
letting him suck at the water he could capture. She found the sucking
sensation incredible, and actually came for the first time like that.
The fact that Clem ate her throughout her orgasm made it that much
better, and she could say it was the best orgasm she'd had since her
wedding night.

During the fifth woman, she got brave enough to do something that
Becca had suggested; she slid enough onto his face that his tongue was
near her anus. With a gasp, she felt his tongue unflinchingly begin
licking there, at her asshole. She'd never felt the like, such an odd
but overwhelmingly pleasant feeling. She thought about how this could
be the foreplay to giving Clem her anal cherry--she was still a virgin
that way, having never been sodomized--and how it would serve her
prick husband right to give another man her remaining treasure. She
had her second orgasm that way, Clem's tongue at least an inch into
her taboo place.

Clem was excited to be ass-eating this dream woman. He could picture
the look of pleasure on her face. She'd toss her head, her bob flying
as she shook. Maybe she would let him do it... let him ass fuck her.
He'd bend her over and press his mouth to her nape, and ....

That's when he came. It had little to do with Nameless Woman #5, who
was planted firmly on his cock. Her wet sheath milked him, urging his
cum to pour into her cavern. The strange pussy absorbed his seed,
holding it for when the orgasming Rebecca would fall off.

Clem was stunned when that happened. He barely even realized that
Rebecca was being replaced by the heftier woman. He went into
automatic mode, licking and slurping for a minute until he could
recover his senses. Then he got into it, scooping into her vagina and
searching for what creampie remained; most had oozed out as she slid
from his cock to his mouth.

Although he had barely seen her, he could tell she was an older woman
with a well-used cunt. She had large pussy lips which slid wetly
against his cheeks. She was also an expert at grinding on his mouth,
and she seemed to love it. Clem ate her for only ten or so minutes
before she orgasmed, alternating between focusing on her clit and
sucking her hole. When she came, it was loud and completely guttural.
Creampie was ejected from her gash like toothpaste, but she didn't
stop grinding until her spasms stopped. Then she fell off him,
breathing as if she had run a marathon.

Clem sat up and saw that both Becca and Rebecca were watching him.
Becca was smiling like a Cheshire Cat, while Rebecca looked more
thoughtful. He could understand Rebecca's pensiveness, for she had
just cheated on her husband for the first time. He also looked at the
Nameless Woman, who was a little chubby but still sexy. She was sweaty
from the orgasm, or maybe it was glistening from the sunscreen.

Clem excused himself to take a quick shower, and when he got out only
Becca remained. "There are seven more women who are saying they want a
turn at you now," she smiled.

"Hmmm, can I have them two at a time?" he said with a straight face.
Then he took Becca in his arms and kissed her deeply. He loved this
woman, almost as much as she loved him.

Eventually, they disentangled and Becca looked at the clock. "I need
to get going if I want to make my appointment," she said. She sized up
her husband. "Anything special you would want me to do?"

Clem tried to keep a straight face. "No," he said, "this appointment
is your treat. Do as much or as little as you want. I really only
wanted to give you a nice surprise."

Although in her experience Clem always had some sort of ulterior
motive, Becca decided to take that at face value. "Well, thanks." She
began to gather her clothing and makeup.

"Need help?" Clem asked. He thought it looked like she was carrying a lot.

"No thanks," Becca said, not really wanting to make Clem feel like a
beast of burden as she often did.

"Please, let me help you," Clem insisted. He took some things,
including her dress and shoes. That was a good thing, because his
longer arms and taller height kept the dress from dragging. They made
their way to the Salon, which was forward and up two decks.

When they arrived, the sexy bobbed stylist was not evident. Clem made
such a quick retreat that Becca noticed. "He wanted to avoid
something," she mused.

She knew instantly when the stylist arrived. Yes, she knew that Clem
had a thing for these angled bobs, or whatever they were called. He
probably liked the the color too, she thought. He was so predictable,
but she loved him for that too.

While Becca enjoyed her salon appointment, Clem returned to their room
and camped out. He started watching the in-room movie, "Laws of
Attraction," and found himself sleepy but aroused by the mother
character, of all people. He found himself fondling a woody, but he
was aware that he needed to conserve his potency for Becca. That got
him to thinking about Becca being so openly sexual on this cruise, and
the possibility of watching her getting banged by several men at once.
Soon he had a raging hard on, and tried to put the thought out of his

He did fall asleep, but it was a fitful nap. Eventually, he got up and
wandered the decks, catching glimpses of people dressed in formal wear
while taking a reading with his GPS (N 22° 54.01', W 87° 39.96'). He
went into the casino, surprised to see the was comprised almost
entirely of men. He bellied up to the bar, buying a drink and asking
the bartendress what had happened to the women. Apparently, the formal
night appealed to the women who were dressing for dinner. The men
traveling without women weren't interested in dressing, so they took
advantage of the empty casino for more intensive gambling.

He suddenly thought that this was a great time to find unattached men
to fuck his wife. That thought both terrified him and aroused him
insanely. "What happens on the ship, stays on the ship," he told
himself. "I'll never see these guys again, so what do I care what they
think about me?" He bought some chips, then wandered around, fighting
butterflies. Finally he found a blackjack table where the three guys
seemed to be from one party, and had northern accents.

"Hi guys," he said, sitting down. "Is luck a lady tonight?" He looked
at the dealer, who was named Irina and was from the Ukraine (or so her
nameplate announced).

"Luck is a fucking whore!" laughed one of the men. He looked up at
Irina, muttering "no offense, Miss."

They played a few indifferent rounds, and then Clem asked the guys
where they were from. "We're from Michigan," one said, "but we're
attending a conference in Houston."

"Attending a conference?" Clem asked, puzzled. "Then what are you doing here?"

"Well, our corporate travel agent got us last-minute rates on the
ship, so we are going to Cozumel for some sport fishing. The ship
docks Monday, so we'll miss half a day of the conference." He looked
at his two buddies. "But we don't really give a fuck, right?"

Clem found himself slightly offended at the disrespect they were
showing to Irina by cursing in front of her. She didn't seem
disturbed, but Clem couldn't imagine a Texan doing that. At the same
time, I knew that Becca liked nasty talk in sex. Maybe these potty
mouthed guys were the ticket.

Clem sized them up carefully. All three were in the early thirties and
reflected an outdoorsy athleticism. Softball players, maybe. One had a
mustache, but the others were clean shaved. In fact, they all looked
healthy and clean, and weren't smoking or drinking too hard. Clem
swallowed hard and started to steer the conversation where he wanted
it to go.

He waited until a woman walked by, seeing that the guys all watched.
"Lot's of women on this ship," he commented.

"Yep," said the one with a mustache, Frank. "I'm hoping to get my
noodle wet," he said.

"Here, here," toasted Skip, a blond, before drinking his glass dry.

"Aren't you guys worried about picking something up?" Clem asked.

"You mean like a disease?" clarified Frank. "Naw. I'll use a condom or
something if I am worried."

"And there are women who'll let you have sex without a condom?" Clem
asked, faking incredulity.

"Sure," chimed in the third, Bill. "It's actually pretty rare for
women like the ones on this cruise to be worried about diseases or
babies. If they are gonna worry about anything, it is that their
husbands will find out!"

"Right on," agreed Frank.

Now that he was satisfied the guys were clean, Clem swallowed one last
time and made a pitch. Play came to a standstill while the guys made
sure that Clem was serious. Clem glanced at his watch and realized he
really was short on time. He cautioned the guys to stay relatively
sober, and promised that he would try to bring Becca by the table so
they could scope her out, then he dashed off to his room.

Clem showered, then dressed and went up to the Captain's Cocktail
Reception. He looked anxiously towards where he thought Becca would
appear, knowing she would be radiant but wondering in what way.

Becca enjoyed the experience tremendously. She emerged feeling pretty
and full of confidence. The stylist had given her a flipped hairstyle,
coloring the underlayers a deep mahogany while adding high and low
lights to her blond mane. The way it was flipped, her hair shattered
into a 3" brush of texture, blond on top and brown beneath. She knew
Clem would go nuts, given his interest in trendy hair and attention to

She also had been propositioned by the plum bobbed stylist, Elena. It
was flattering in a way, and she had told Elena that she would think
about it. Becca hadn't really thought a lot about sex with another
woman, but she knew Clem had and would encourage her. She resolved to
keep the proposition to herself, lest he get the right idea.

She made her way up the steps, and immediately saw Clem looking right
at her. She smiled, pleased at the wondrous expression on his face. He
clearly loved her new look, which made her happy. He was so full of
compliments, that she barely registered that they were taking a detour
through the casino.

Clem angled her to the blackjack table, where Frank, Skip, and Bill
were still being dealt by Irina. They elbowed each other, seeing Clem
coming with Becca. They were practically drooling. Irina wore a mask
of non-emotion, so her thoughts were inscrutable.

"Honey, these are some new friends, Bill, Skip, and Frank," Clem
introduced them.

"Pleased to meet you," Becca said, finding pleasure in their lecherous
looks. She was on top of her game tonight, so why shouldn't they find
her desirable?

"We were talking about partying tonight," Clem said, dropping a hint.

"That'll be great," Becca enthused, the reference going over her head.
"We need to go honey," she said, "the reception line is forming."

"OK," Clem agreed, saying good bye to the three guys.

They stood in line, and had a marvelous portrait taken in front of a
cheesy backdrop. Then they stood in another line to shake the Italian
ship captain's hand before entering the reception. They sat at a 270°
couch/table, meeting another three couples already seated there. A
waiter came and offered them drinks, and another offered cocktail

"So, where did you meet those guys?" Becca asked, washing down a
barbecued meatball with some red wine. She was making small talk.

"Oh, I kinda went hunting for them," Clem said, avoiding her eyes.

Alarm bells sounded in Becca's mind, because Clem was trying to tell
her something. But what? "Meaning, what?" she asked.

"Meaning, I hope you remember the conversation we had about reliving
that party we had in San Diego?"

Becca's eyes went as wide as saucers. "You don't mean?" she began,
seeing the other couples turning to look at her. She fought to remain
calm, but inside she was nervous, excited, a bit fearful, and
especially horny. She gulped down her wine. "Do you mean it?" she
asked in a shy sorta voice.

"Yes, baby," he smiled. He leaned close to her ear, finding the
tickling feeling of her flipped hair brushing his cheek to be
incredibly erotic. He spoke low enough that even Becca had to strain
to hear it. "You gave me a gangbang this morning, so I'm giving you
one tonight."

Becca's pussy began throbbing, and even clenching. She knew sap was
starting to flow and there was a real danger of staining her dress
during dinner. She looked at her husband with passion that threatened
to explode. "Let's go down to our cabin and skip dinner," she

It was Clem's turn to tease her. "No, honey," he grinned, "I'd feel
awful if you missed the fancy dinner. And you look so good!"

"OK then, buster," she smiled, "you need to run back to the cabin and
get something for me." Clem was a bit unhappy about dashing down all
those stairs to their cabin to get Becca a woman's cork, but the
alternative was even less appealing.

Walking fast, he had time to notice Rebecca standing with her husband
for a portrait. He paused long enough to imprint her into his memory,
because she was delicious. Her bob was shiny and perfect, tucked
behind her ears to reveal large dangling pearl earrings. Her salmon
colored dress was form fitting enough to cast the usage of underwear
in doubt. Compared to Rebecca, her frat boy husband was a mere
accessory even when wearing a tuxedo.

Clem ran down to the room and looked in the wrong spot for the
absorbent pad his wife wanted. It took a minute of searching before he
thought like Becca and found it. Then he went back to the Astoria
Lounge where the reception was, and found Becca patiently waiting
while the crowd filed out; it was dinner time. He offered his arm, and
Becca let him lead her to the restroom. There, she found she was even
juicier than she imagined. Thank God for the pad, she thought.

This time, it was Becca who steered them through the casino on the way
back to the dining room. The three men saw them coming, and again
elbowed each other. Feeling reckless and out of control, Becca leaned
over the table and waited for them to huddle in. "The first guy to cum
tonight," she whispered, "only gets to watch his pals for the rest of
the night." Their eyes went wide, because they understood at once what
she meant. She wanted a long, long fucking tonight. It was their lucky
night (unless they came first).

Clem walked stiffly, having overheard his wife's sexy stipulation. His
erection was painfully trapped in an awkward position, and he needed
rearrangement. It was made worse when they came to a spot in the
corridor where no one was approaching. Becca reached down and squeezed
his bulge, making it even bigger. "You are so bad!" she giggled. "I
love you for this."

"I love you too," Clem said, his voice filled with emotion, and not
just horniness. He really did love seeing his wife explosively
orgasmic, and making it happen was pleasurable for him too.

He turned her and pressed her against the wall. She resisted,
protesting that her hair was getting smushed. He let up on the
pressure and they kissed the deep kiss of lovers. Then they resumed
walking towards dinner, Becca gently fluffing her hair.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"I do," he said, "a lot."

"I hoped you would," she said, confiding that she had gotten the style
because she thought he would find it sexy. "See? Its two colors? Dark
on the bottom, and light on top?" She stopped, turning to let him see.

"I see," he said, straining not to attack his wife. She really did
know his tastes well, and this style made him even hornier.

She leaned closer as the turned the corner towards the dining room.
"And I thought you would like watching how my hair moves when I suck
cock," she giggled. "I just didn't think you would be watching my hair
move while I suck three strangers."

"Oh God," Clem muttered, aroused like never before. She had gone and
gotten one of his favorite looks, the one he liked exactly for the
reason she stated. He'd pictured the soft flips waving sexily as she
sucked his cock. And now he'd done it, gotten her lined up with other
men. It was going to be excruciatingly pleasurable agony.

"It's your fault," she giggled again, just as they arrived at the dining room.

They moved to their table, finding all but one of their dinner
partners present. Clem complimented them on cleaning up spectacularly
well, and they returned the compliment. "Why can't we find more men
like you on this cruise," one griped with a smile.

Clem arched one eyebrow in a randy gesture, and suggested that "one
good man is all that this table needs." The dinner topic was thus set.
Despite the formal occasion and the good manners required, the
elegantly attired tableguests discussed fidelity, gang sex, male
potency and stamina, and a host of other lurid topics. Their waitress
(Katarina, from Peru) provided excellent, attentive service in part
because of the interesting and increasingly boisterous conversation.

A bottle of Chardonnay and another of Merlot was consumed before the
missing lady was declared lost. "Where is Joy?" asked one of the
ladies, Pam.

"I think," answered Cathy, "that she might be having room service."
She smiled and raised her eyebrows to indicate that Joy might not be
dining alone. "But, I cannot confirm that," she declared, thus
confirming it.

"Go Joy!" said Pam, clinging glasses with her neighbor who also
obviously approved.

"All you ladies are married, right?" asked Clem, who was now gaining
insight into what happened when women held their own retreats.

"Yes," answered Cathy. She looked around the table before continuing,
"but that doesn't mean we don't want to be serviced in our rooms, er,
I mean room service." The table shook with mirth, as the opinion
seemed universal.

"Now I know what you do when your Gruene Girls go away for your
weekends," Clem smiled, gently accusing Becca of having fun with her
friends at their annual get-a-away.

"I refuse to answer, on the grounds that I may incriminate myself,"
Becca said with a straight face, which broke into a wide smile as the
other ladies hooted with laughter.

Now, stories of casual infidelity and near-infidelity criss-crossed
around the table, each woman reciting some story that "happened to a
friend" on a ladies weekend. Cathy was the only one who openly
admitted to seeking sex when away from her husband.

"Yeah, she's the slut of the group," pointed out one of her friends.

"I'm no slut," protested Cathy. "Well, maybe I am," she laughed, "but
I tell Fred about all of my adventures, and he doesn't care as long as
I always come home to him."

Clem wondered about that for a moment. Maybe she came home with cum
still wedged inside her cunny? Maybe her husband was a creampie
pervert like him, or maybe even more perverted? Maybe she was a model
of what Becca could become?

He was in the middle of these thoughts when Becca leaned over to
whisper in his ear. "Cathy seems like fun," she said.

"She does," Clem said, noncommittally. Better to not show too much interest.

Becca smiled, knowing her husband well enough to understand that he
was thinking the same thing, or at least along the same lines. Maybe
it was time to up the ante a little, she thought. She pointed out her
nearly empty glass, and let Clem refill it with Merlot. She was
feeling a buzz, but she hadn't forgotten the impending gangbang and
she was on a sexual high too. While she would no doubt orgasm until it
hurt, she knew that Clem would find his own enjoyment in watching. She
wanted to make it the ultimate for him, and had in mind a way to do
that. She would build his anticipation to an unreasonable height, then
make the payoff a huge reward. She'd started the buildup, and would
build it up more now. She mentally repeated the mantra, "what happens
on the ship stays on the ship."

"Sorry to change the subject," she said, "but you ladies really do
look fantastic." She raised her glass. "To women who look great!"

"Hear! hear!" came the rejoinder, with wine slipping past lips
following. Pam took up the topic, allowing that while her friends did
look nicer than normal, it was Becca who had raised the standard for
self-improvement. "Did you go to the salon?" she asked, already
knowing the answer.

"I did," Becca replied. "I wanted to look special for Clem," she said,
quite honestly.

"Well, you look great," Pam admired. "I guess a cut and color?"

Before she could answer, it was the group's slut Cathy who
interrupted. "Excuse me, but why did you want to look special for
Clem?" Her words were slightly slurred, for despite being a slut she
was a wimpy drinker. Or, maybe she was a slut in part because of her
lack of drinking endurance.

Becca had anticipated the question when she had formed her previous
reply. "Because I love him," she smiled at Clem, "and because it's a
special night."

"Midnight buffet?" one of the ladies joked.

"No..." Becca said, her voice dropping to be nearly inaudible. She
leaned forward, and all the women did too. Clem stayed where he was,
horrified that she was spilling their secret to the table. "No...
because tonight I am getting gang-banged!"

All the women's jaws went completely slack, and there was no sound for
many long seconds as they processed the words and tried to decide if
Becca was joking. They looked at Becca, then at the red-faced Clem,
and back to Becca. Finally, it was Cathy who demanded to know the

Becca gave them an overview; three strangers, the first to cum sits
out, Clem would only watch, and be last. She omitted that Clem would
be busy slurping up the other men's seed, to spare him lasting
humiliation. She added a detail she had forgotten to tell Clem. "And
if Clem spills his seed outside me, his fun is over too."

"What if he doesn't squirt early?" asked a breathless lady.

"Well, if he can last all during the gangbang," she said, looking at
each lady in turn to make sure they were following, "he gets to go
somewhere he's never enjoyed before." Clem's balls tightened, because
he knew what she meant. She confirmed it by silently mouthing, "my

Clem found the taboo of anal sex to be powerful. It was dirty,
unclean, forbidden, and therefore compulsively desirable. Becca was
resistant, though, on the grounds that it would hurt. He'd tried
educating her via literature, watching videos together, tongue fucking
her backdoor, to no avail.

What he didn't know is that Becca had slowly accepted the idea to the
point where she would have agreed if he'd asked nicely while she was
tipsy. In her gritty, raw, powerfully sexual current condition, she
actively wanted Clem in her ass. It was the last boundary to being a
complete slutwife who would give up any part of her body during sex.
Becca wasn't a slutwife, and had no intention of whoring around, but
there were times when she wanted to feel as if she were a skanky
tramp, and this was one of them.

Surprising everyone, it was the eldest lady, Miss Marie, who nodded
sagely and asked, "Have you ever done that?" When Becca shook her head
no, Miss Marie shocked everyone by commenting, "You will love it.
There is nothing like the feeling of a man... back there. Just use a
lot of lube, or saliva." Her bawdy wink at Clem made everyone laugh at
his pallid reaction.

The remainder of the meal was lost in conversation way past the line
that decorum demanded. When the crew of the dining room formed a conga
line, everyone at the table joined in. Cathy followed Clem, squeezing
his butt. He felt like a piece of meat, which was a feeling he
perversely enjoyed. Adding to his enjoyment was that the conga was
making his erection rub in his shorts.

Looking around the room, he saw Rebecca and her husband farther along
the conga line as it snaked through the tables. She was very fetching,
bob a-bobbin'. But her asshole husband was in front of her, his hands
groping the bubble butt of the girl in front of him: the bride! Clem
felt brief sorrow for Rebecca, who was so unhappily married to such a

Dinner finished on a dark chocolate high, and Clem and Becca left the
table to envious wishes of good luck. They discussed going back to
their room to change, but decided against it in favor of starting as
soon as possible. Putting on new clothes would be a waste when they
would all soon be nude.

They admitted butterflies to each other on their way to the casino.
Outside it, they kissed deeply, assuring each other that this was a
fun event that in no way lessoned their love. Then, they strode
confidently into the casino to gather the men.

Skip and Bill were still at the table, but the dealer and Frank were
missing. Skip saw them coming, but was too far away to elbow Bill. "I
thought you guys would back out," he said, voicing a discussion the
three men had had. "We thought it was a game and we'd never see you

"What, and miss you guys showing my husband how its done?" Becca
teased. She looked around. "Where's Frank?"

"He went to take a piss," Bill answered.

As if on cue, Frank reappeared and walked to the table. He looked at
Clem, then took Becca in his arms and pressed his lips to her. She
tasted whiskey sour on his tongue as he probed deeply, possessively.
Becca felt his erection against her belly, even as she felt herself
wetten again.

Clem felt the reality suddenly as he saw his wife kissing another man.
With more nonchalance than he felt, he suggested the head down to
their cabin. Bill and Skip didn't take their eyes off Frank and Becca
when they agreed. It was Frank who suggested they get a pitcher of
drinks to take with them. That entailed more waiting while the drinks
were made, which allowed Bill and Skip to each kiss Becca. Clem felt
like the entire casino knew what was going on, although most of the
gamblers were in fact too busy to notice.

Within five minutes, all five of them were in Clem and Becca's cabin.
"What now?" asked Skip, the youngest and most visibly nervous of them

Becca felt powerfully sexual, completely in charge. Nothing would
happen without her say-so, even though these men were all horny for
her. They could all go their cabins with aching nuts and painful
erections if she desired. That knowledge gave her power. From her
position of power, she told the men that "if they showed it, I will

Frank was the first to pull down his shorts. Becca told Clem to have a
seat on the bed, and to watch. She had Frank turn so that his erection
was in profile to Clem, and she smiled inwardly at his size. He was
not so long, but was really quite thick. His cock was covered with
curly hairs at the base, which would hold her saliva quite nicely. She
thought visible spit on a man's cock was nasty and sexy, and would
remind Clem that he had been deep in her mouth even when another man
was being serviced.

Serviced. What a charged word.

Becca sank to her knees in front of Frank, still wearing her evening
gown. She gripped his sweaty throbbing cock in her hand, then shook
her head 'no'. Her flipped hair brushed it, making Clem swallow his
Adam's Apple. Part of his strange hair fixation was imagining how her
soft hair would feel kissing his cock, and now she was giving that to
Frank. Hearing Frank groan, then mutter, "Yes baby, ahhhhh" did not
help at all. Clem saw Frank close his mouth and swallow as well, and
felt a terrible pang of envy.

He was even more envious when Becca looked up at Frank, kissed the
head of his dick, then took it between her lips. She loved feeling his
life in her mouth, hot and pulsing. Listening to him moan and whisper
sex words enhanced her feeling of power. She knew he'd do a lot to
have her suck him more. She let out a low moan of pleasure.

Clem watched her slowly suck Frank, taking him deeply into her mouth
(and throat) as her hair swayed in the way he had dreamed it would.
Then she repeated it with Bill and Skip. Part of him was analytical,
betting that it was Skip who would lose out by cumming first. The
majority of his mind was given over to less logical thoughts. He was
proud of his sexy wife, who could make these men her toys. He was
envious of them, who were enjoying her talents. He was horny as hell,
fearing to take off his own clothes lest the slightest touch cause him
to explode.

After this rotation, Becca stood up again and regarded the three men.
She liked what she saw, all three men with steel-hard erections. Frank
was largest, then Skip, then Bill, who was still a nice size. Of them
all, Skip had the largest balls, big and furry. Frank's seemed to have
the smallest balls, and Becca had a sudden premonition that Frank
would cum first: his nuts were already engaged and ready to spew white

She turned to Clem, asking that he help her unzip her dress. Clem
stood, and she smiled when she felt his erection poke her butt. "You
better watch that thing," she giggled, "or that's as close to my ass
that your dick will get."

"Sorry," Clem muttered.

"What do you mean?" Frank asked, smelling some anal sex in the offing.

"If my darling husband can last all night watching you guys fucking
me," she said, turning to caress his cheek and look in his eye, "he
gets a special treat: my anal virginity."

"Fuck!" Skip ejaculated.

"He just gets to watch?" asked Bill, who wasn't sure if she were serious.

"No, he also gets to clean up after you, too," Becca clarified. She
had been undoing Clem's trousers, and now she let them fall to his
ankles and squeezed his member.

"Clean up?"

"You tell them baby," Becca cooed. She slid her dress off her
shoulders to show her bra and panties to the men. She was also wearing
thigh-high pantyhose, which she had chosen while thinking that Clem
would want access to her pussy while she kept her shoes on. He was a

"I, uh, will, um, lick her between you guys being in her," Clem
explained weakly. When Becca forced him to verbalize what he was going
to do, she both utterly humiliated him and aroused him to near
spontaneous orgasm.

"Wait... are we gonna cum in her?" Skip asked, his cock bobbing at the
thought. Becca assured him that they were. Many times. "But if he is
licking you between... ohhhhhhh," he smiled, in sudden understanding.
He thought that Clem must be a queer or something, which was OK with
him (as long as he didn't try to mess with him); he was here for the
pussy and he didn't care how Clem got his jollies.

Now that the situation was clear, Becca slowly removed her bra,
enjoying how the men ogled her. Then, she turned away and pulled down
her panties, turning back to reveal herself to their eyes. "Holy
shit!" Frank exclaimed. "Shaved!"

"You like?" she giggled. Now she was a bit nervous, the fucking only a
minute away.

"Baby," Frank said, reaching out and wrapping his arm around her hip.
He pulled her into another kiss, his tongue exploring her tonsils even
as his fingers explored her slick wetness. He brought his fingers to
his mouth, and they both saw that they were shiny with juices. He took
a taste, making a rumbling Mmmmm sound from deep within.

Becca could barely stand not cumming. She was really close already.
She pointed at Skip. "You. Lay on the bed."

Skip hustled to comply, and Becca climbed on. Clem expected her to
mount his cock, but instead she slid into a 69. Immediately, Skip
began eating her with gusto. "He knows what he is doing," thought
Becca. She leaned down and took his cock in her mouth, tasting just a
little salty precum. As his cock filled her mouth, Becca allowed
herself to cum for the first time.

She shook in her cum, forgetting Skip's meat except that it
pleasurably filled her mouth. Each gasp tasted of cock, a nasty
thought that heightened her pleasure. She slid back and forth, sliding
her pussy hard on his mouth until her climax subsided. She knew she
was going to have more and harder orgasms; she was only getting

After that, she turned around and faced him, feeling his cockhead
nudging against her flowing pussy. She sank onto him, moaning as he
stretched her opening. That was always one of the most pleasurable
moments in fucking, the initial penetration. Once he filled her, she
began riding him, urging him to cum.

Clem knew the drill, and looked at the clock. Like in the reverse
gangbang he had enjoyed each guy would get five minutes to fuck his
wife. Meanwhile, the guy "on deck" would have his cock stiffened by
her mouth until it was his turn to stuff himself into increasingly
sloppy cunt.

Accordingly, while Becca humped Skip, Frank was having his knob
polished. At five minutes, Becca crawled off him and Frank laid on his
back. Becca mounted him, and Frank began muttering about "why didn't
Skip tell me her pussy felt so damn good?" Bill barely had time for
Becca to wrap her lips around his dickhead before Frank started
groaning, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh no, not again."

Clem was chagrined. One minute into his first fuck and Frank was
pumping cum into his wife. Becca used her hand to grip Bill's cock and
push him back from her mouth. She turned to look at Clem, winking at
him. Clem throbbed, his sexy pretty wife letting him know that he was
already being called to clean up.

For Becca, this was a incredibly sexual moment. Yes, she loved the
physical pleasure of a man massaging her pussy lips and canal with a
vigorous fucking. She even liked the slutty feeling of having one man
in her pussy and the other in her mouth, trying and failing to
concentrate on both at the same time. But for her, the fantasy come
true of her husband licking cum from her pussy was amazing. And now,
her loving Clem was preparing to eat another man's semen, and it was
coming from her own pussy. He had arranged for her to have this
pleasure, and was a willing partner in it. The whole situation was a
mind fuck.

She watched his face until it disappeared behind her rump. She'd have
to change positions next time, so she could see his expression while
he tasted these strangers' sperm. His eyes were wide with both
excitement and dread, and she wondered what was going on in his mind.
She shivered when she felt his fingers gently spreading her wet lips,
and had to bite her lip from screaming when his tongue first slid
against her sensitive skin. She began to spasm in orgasm when she felt
his tongue sliding in to bathe in the hot creampie, and when he moaned
her orgasm grew to a clenchfest, her pussy burping cum bubbles. Clem
rocked back to watch, amazed, until she grabbed his hair and jammed
his face into her messy pussy. They were both moaning like ghosts on
speed as he tongue fucked her.

"Damn," Skip said, watching the strange carnal scene. It was obvious
that both Clem and Becca were getting off on it, so nobody cared much
about how freaky it was. Besides, this was a damn gangbang, so could
call anyone else freaky?

When Clem tottered back, nearly unable to stop his own climax,
everyone saw his mouth and chin covered in Frank and Becca's combined
goo. "Kiss me," Becca ordered, and Clem slid over to do just that. He
felt Becca exhale when Bill moved behind her and shoved his cock in.

The fucking was nearly non-stop for an hour, with Bill and Skip
trading places on five minute intervals. Clem pulled off his clothes
because everyone else was nude, and the movement of his clothes on his
dick was a constant encouragement to cum. The crestfallen Frank had a
drink of whiskey sour, then headed up to do gambling. The open door
allowed fresh air into the room, and it was only then that Clem
realized just how pungent the smell of sex was. The room reeked of
sweaty fucking, and would only grow worse.

Becca's orgasms slowed down as she continued to get fucked. At about
the hour mark, Clem decided to give her a boost. She was laying on her
back kitty-corner across the bed, so that while Skip fucked her
sopping hole Bill could fuck her mouth. Clem crawled on the open
space, and began sucking and biting her nipples. "Oh yeah," she
breathed, "oh God yeah."

Her fingers slid down to her clit, which had again popped up. One
touch, and her hood was pulled back, revealing just how hard it was.
Clem took a glance, seeing his wife pinching her clit, and decided to
mimic that with her nipples. He sucked one hard, pulling it up, while
pinching the other mercilessly and twisting it. Becca grunted in
pleasure and pain, her mouth full of Bill's cock. To add to the myriad
sensations, Bill pushed in deep and squeezed her neck, making her
swallow around his meat.

To Becca, it was incredibly intense. She was such a fucking slut,
having two men in her like this. A near boy was screwing her hard
while another was making her choke on his fat cock. She viewed herself
from a distance, head hanging off and three men all over her. One of
them was her husband, who was encouraging her to tramp out like this.
Damn. Double Damn. Her fingers flew on her clit, one hand pulling her
pubes taut and the other rubbing that swollen clit hard.

She came hard, coughing on Bill's cock. He pulled out and she sucked
for air, taking in huge deep breaths as her womb convulsed. It was
like her whole body was on fire, but the feeling of Skip pushing deep
into her was the best. She arched her back and fucked at him, knowing
she was squeezing him hard with her cunt. Oh God, "cunt"... the orgasm
rolled on.

Skip, who had been proud of his stamina, finally broke. Becca was sexy
as hell, despite being older than his usual playmates. He had been
breathing sex for an hour, his need to cum rising and rising. And now
this woman was cumming hard under him, gripping his cock like she was
swinging a pickax. She was squeezing him HARD, but she was slippery
enough from the previous cum-filling and her juices that he could
slide in and out with ease. He gripped her legs below her knees and
pushed them up against her chest. He buried himself until he banged
her cervix, and held himself in as he pumped a gallon of sperm into
this woman. In fact, despite the fact that she was cumming hard, she
had time to finish, recover a moment, and grab her own legs before he
finished squirting to his satisfaction.

Skip stumbled back as the stunned Clem watched. He knew when Skip had
started pumping semen into Becca, and had waited for what seemed like
minutes for him to stop. Skip was the damn Energizer Bunny of orgasms,
going and going and going. Clem nearly dreaded how much creampie he'd
have to eat. Nearly.

Clem took his position as his still-recovering wife asked Bill to help
her hold her head up. She wanted to see Clem licking Skip's cum from
her hole. She watched his expression carefully as he took his first
taste. Again, it was a mixture of excitement and dread on his face,
until his tongue was covered in Skip's sticky jism. Then he closed his
eyes in a picture of contented pleasure as he lapped at the creampie
and began working on her pleasure.

Bill, feeling on the edge himself, leaned over to look at Becca. She
smiled up at him, and he got the nerve to ask if she could finish him
off orally since it looked like Clem was going to be busy for a few
minutes. "I am really close," he said, his voice filled with urgency.

Becca smiled, then got her most pouty, vixenesque look on her face.
"Oh please, Bill, please cum in my mouth?" Bill slowly lowered her
head down to where he could put his dick in, and she muttered, "Come
on baby, fuck my face." She was feeling the urge to make it raw and

Accordingly, Bill leaned over her so that he could just fuck her
mouth. Bill felt her sucking him, despite coughing on saliva and
lacking breath. He knew he was popping into her throat, and she was
letting him do it. He'd never been deepthroated before, let alone
imagined he could fuck a mouth like this. And she was moaning, her
nipples hard! And her husband was moaning and eating fuckjuice from
her! This was unreal, wicked, unnatural.

Bill came.

Becca let his first shot pour into her throat, then pushed him back
with her hands as she gagged on his spewing hose. She wanted to have
him fill her mouth, so she wrapped her lips firmly around his dickhead
and jacked him as he came. Hot, sticky, salty cum squirted out and
into her mouth. She felt her mouth watering from the fucking, which
added to how full her mouth was.

Instead of swallowing when her mouth felt full, she let Bill's
dribbling cock escape and leaned up so she could grab Clem's hair. She
used him to pull herself still further up, and then hauled to poor
fellow up to her mouth. She saw his eyes widen, in part because her
makeup was now a mess from the coughed up saliva but mostly because he
saw her lips clamped securely shut--and he knew what that meant.

Both of them moaned as they kissed. Becca shoved the cum from her
mouth and into her husband's. Clem didn't even flinch, but instead
seemed to delight in the steamy snowball. Back and forth they passed
Bill's seed, until they were kissing normally. Becca slid around so
she could lay on the bed, and Clem laid on top of her. He had to
carefully avoid sliding into her gaping pussy, and she noted how very
full and hard he was when his weight pressed his cock into her belly.

A few minutes later, Clem rolled off her. He was at the point where
even kissing was an orgasm danger. Becca sat up, and then swung her
legs off and stood up. She'd forgotten she was still wearing her
heels, and she kicked them off. Then she went into the head to freshen
up a little. She didn't mind having her pussy draining cum, but the
feeling of coughed gag on her face was nasty (and not in a good way).

While inside the potty, she heard an announcement that the big
Midnight Buffet was open for photographs. It would remain open for an
hour and a quarter, then reopen at Midnight for dining. Becca felt a
tinge of regret, because she wanted to see the buffet. It was supposed
to be amazing, with 120 hours spent in labor to create it. She thought
of a way to maybe increase their fun and still "experience" the

After wiping off her make up and fluffing her hair, she walked out of
the head and found all three men drinking whiskey sours. Casually, she
took Clem's drink and drained the glass. She let him refill it and
have a taste, before she told him to sit on the bed. She sat next to
him and told Skip to come over to get sucked. He was already mostly
erect, youth being an advantage. "Lean with me and watch," Becca told
Clem, as she leaned over to take Skip in her mouth. She gave him a
slow, deep blowjob that made Clem's eyes water with need. Every so
often, she'd pull off to create a string of saliva and to note Clem's
reaction. Being this close to a cock wasn't bothering him at all, she
noticed. Maybe she'd need to see if he too liked cock. That was a
nasty thought, wasn't it? "My husband the cocksucker." She clenched a
little, and resolved to give a little more of a test.

Clem watched his wife in amazement. Skip's cock looked so big up
close, and yet she was able to absorb that thing inside her mouth as
easily as he could eat cotton candy. She merely leaned in and his dick
disappeared in her mouth. It was incredible. At one point, she was
annoyed by her hair obstructing his view, and flipped her hair behind
her ear. Clem blinked, finding the casual movement unbearably feminine
and sexy. She had no idea.

Becca had an idea, but it was the wrong one. She thought seeing Skip's
cock better was making Clem horny for it. But she was sensible that
good things took time to evolve, and didn't want to rush him. So, she
moved her hand over and found his cock. She gripped it, squeezing him
but not stroking, her thumb circling through the precum oozing out.
Clem groaned in pleasure, and that was when she made her move.

"C'mon," she said, turning to him, "taste his cock on my tongue."
'Cock' was pronounced in a sharp staccato of sounds, emphasizing how
nasty a word it was coming from her lips. When she kissed Clem, he
readily accepted her dick-flavored tongue, sucking actually. That was
thrilling to Becca, who until this night hadn't even considered that
her husband could be willing to taste dick.

This was repeated for several more minutes, until Clem was past ready
to explode. "Please baby," he whined, "let me fuck you now." He needed
to cum; with all his being needed to cum.

"No baby," she murmured, setting Phase II of her buffet plan into
motion. "These guys are gonna fuck me until they can't cum any more,
and then you get your turn." She paused significantly, smiling at his
wounded and needy expression. "But what you can do is go take some
pictures of the buffet so that we don't both miss it."

"Honey!" Clem protested. His erection would never die to allow him out
in public.

"Go," Becca said firmly, and pointing towards the door as well.
Further protests were similarly useless. A downcast Clem left the
cabin, his cock painfully hard and his wife laying back on the bed,
her stocking-clad feet on Skip's shoulders.

Clem had that vision and what it implied in his mind's eye as he made
his way to the Horizon Dining Room with his camera. There was a line
outside the entry to the dining room, with people excited to view the
100' of food and ice sculptures on display. When he entered, Clem
could see why. It was a phenomenal display of culinary skill. While
Clem wasn't sure he wanted to taste some of the stuff, it was sure

He was looking at a tree of birds made from squash when he felt a tap
on his shoulder. He turned to see Amanda, with Dwayne farther back and
taking pictures of an ice carving.

"Do I, um, know you?" Amanda asked.

Clem could understand her hesitancy. The topless deck had been dark
the night before, and it would have been easy to make a mistake given
the circumstances. "I think so," Clem answered. "Did we meet on deck
last night?"

Amanda's relief was amusing because it was so visible. "Yes!" She
leaned closer to be heard while speaking softer. "I actually
approached a different guy a while ago, sure it was you. He probably
was wondering what in the world I was doing." She had a pretty smile,
with deep dimples and laughing eyes. While she wouldn't have been
Clem's pick to date, he was a bit happy to see that the woman that had
fallen so randomly into his lap wasn't a complete dog.

"Oh, he was probably flattered by the approach," Clem said. It was
weird to have a normal conversation with her, given that their first
meeting was sexual and that at that very moment his wife was fucking
two strangers.

"Maybe," she allowed. Dwayne caught up, and he guys exchanged macho
looks as if they were stud princes. Amanda rolled her eyes. Men!

Clem continued walking along, looking at the display and photographing
everything for Becca. "Did you have a nice day?" Clem asked.

"Oh, we left the cabin for something like two hours," she confided.
"You and your wife got us pretty jazzed last night." Amanda looked
around. "Where is your wife?"

Clem raised an eyebrow. "Do you really want to know?" he asked.

"I do," Dwayne chimed in.

"Then I'll tell you when we leave here," Clem said. He saw their
disappointed looks, and was pleased that they would be left hanging.
They seemed to have responded well to teasing last night!

The line finished at the desserts, which held no interest to Clem. He
took lots of pictures though, because desserts would hold great
interest to Becca. He felt a sudden longing for her and wondered if he
was missing a chance to clean up.

Exiting the dining room, he found Amanda hot on his heels but Dwayne
was apparently still inside taking pictures. "So where is she?" Amanda
demanded to know.

"Its no mystery," Clem laughed. "She's in our cabin."

"Doing?" asked the suspicious Amanda as Dwayne appeared.

Clem decided to be cagey. "Well, let's just say she isn't alone."

Amanda smiled, as if he had confirmed her private guess. "She's with a
stud," she declared.

"Two studs," Clem corrected, holding up a pair of fingers to reinforce
his words.

"Hoo boy!" Dwayne said, "Gang bang!" He said it loud enough that a
couple passing by stumbled in their stride.

Clem looked at the passing couple, shrugging as if unable to contain
his exuberant friends. They sized up Amanda, as if believing her to be
the lucky recipient of a gang bang. She turned a pretty pink while
both Dwayne and Clem snickered. She turned on Dwayne and told him to
"shut the fuck up, asshole" while punching him good naturedly.

The three walked towards the side of the ship and passed to the
promenade outside. "So what are you doing here?" Amanda asked.

"Becca wanted pictures of the buffet," he said. "Can you believe it?"

"Yes," Amanda conceded. "Its an important part of the cruise, and we
plan to see it when we book the trip."

"So you are kicked out?" Dwayne asked. "For how long?"

"Until I go back."

"Oh," Amanda said. She looked at Dwayne meaningfully, who gave an
innocent look back. "Well, we had kinda discussed whether you two'd
want to come back and repeat last night."

Clem was flattered, and told her so. "Maybe later," he said.

Amanda was a bit disappointed, but she clung to hope for a kinky end
to the evening. "So... you wanna come back to our cabin and fuck?"

"Amanda!" Dwayne said, mock shocked.

"You mentioned it earlier, dickhead," she pointed out.

"I would," Clem said honestly, "but I have been told that I get to
take Becca's backdoor if I am a good boy until the guys are tired, and
I want my balls plenty full."

Amanda was again amazed. She'd asked Dwayne to hump her ass earlier in
the day, and he had flatly refused on the grounds that only queers
assfucked. Now Amanda had a sudden urge to feel Dwayne in her pussy
and Clem in her ass. Her pussy was soaking wet at the thought. "Darn,"
she said, understating her feelings.

"I am really sorry," Clem said, and he was. He couldn't believe he was
turning down an offer to screw, but he did. "I need to go back and,
um, clean up Becca."

"Clean up?" asked Amanda, following as Clem led them back inside the
ship. "Clean up? Oh!" she said with sudden understanding. "You are a
damn pervert," she smiled, meaning it as a compliment.

"Ain't I?" Clem said, verging on giggling.

"Hi Clem," he heard behind his back, and Clem turned to see the
luscious Rebecca passing him in that clingy salmon gown.

"Hey Rebecca," he answered as she walked away without turning around.
His eyes followed her lasciviously until she turned to go into the
dining room and see the buffet. "Look, I really do need to get back. I
don't like leaving Becca alone by herself and two guys with

"We understand," Dwayne agreed.

"I sure do," Amanda said. She'd seen how Clem had watched Rebecca walk
away and how his eyes betrayed deep lust. She felt jealous, then hated
herself for those unwarranted feelings. "Can we see you guys tomorrow?
Are you going ashore?"

"No," Clem said, starting to walk towards the stairs. "We're aboard
all day, I think. Or we might get off to go shopping on the dock and
then get back on. We want to relax."

"Good!" Amanda called to the retreating Clem. "We're in room M63!"

"E120!" Clem called as he descended to the Empress Deck. He was kinda
sorry about ditching the horny couple, but seeing Rebecca again had
reignited his erection. It had deflated for a few minutes in the
diversion of the buffet, but now he felt an even greater urge to put
it to use.

He got to their room, and opened the door. The pungent smell of sex
was overpowering, an aroma so musky and damp that it seemed to cling.
Bill was sitting on the luggage rack, watching as Skip fucked Becca's
tits. She was pressing them together, and he was humping away as if he
meant to get them pregnant. Her tongue extended, flicking occasionally
on his head. She turned to face him, and he could see signs of
weariness in her. She was about fucked out.

They were laying normally on the bed, so Clem went to the foot to see
Becca's pussy. Her knees were bent and her feet flat, which gave Clem
a lewd view of a very hard fucked cunt.

Becca's pussy normally resembled a "camel toe," with puffy outer lips
that obscured smaller inner lips. Now her inner lips were distended,
red, and open, her canal gaping and oozing thick white semen. It
looked like there was at least two loads given up, with one fully in
her pussy and another at least partially sprayed on the outside of her
pussy. Clem swallowed hard, because while the idea of eating a fresh
creampie was now totally appealing, the prospect of cleaning cold,
congealed sperm was not.

"Eat it, cream boy," Becca hissed at him. She saw his reluctance, and
felt a surge in arousal when she saw him remove his clothes to comply.
"Forcing" him to do it was thrilling in a dominant sort of way. His
face showed distaste as he licked dutifully at her pubes, cleaning off
Bill's load. He'd added several good squirts to the nutload Skip had
dumped in her, and had followed her direction to "pull out and spray
me." Now Clem was licking that up, his lack of desire very evident.

"Let me suck you again," Becca told Skip. His cock was drier now, and
chafing. A little sucking and he was lubed to resume screwing her
titflesh. His face was showing the strained signs of impending orgasm,
and she watching him carefully even as she got goosebumps feeling Clem
lick and suck the glue-like cum caking her.

She had told the guys in Clem's absence that these were their last
loads, and they had put up a good of being disappointed. She suspected
that in reality they were about done for the next few hours, and
having her kick them out had saved their male pride. She'd hinted that
there might be more fucking in their future to sweeten the deal, but
hadn't divulged that she was thinking that her dinner partner Cathy
might want a few studs pumping cum into her.

Clem listened to Becca urging Skip to cum, telling him that she wanted
him to cum all over her face. He knew that was a codephrase for "I
want Clem to lick your cum off my face." He found the cold semen
disgusting, but the thick river of cream flowing from her seriously
fucked twat looked delicious. He tongued down, circling her clit, then
slid it into the creampie. There was a lot, he realized. He put his
mouth on her pussy and sucked on her.

The flavor stunned Clem. It was acrid and pungent, as if her pussy had
gone sour. While that was a commonly described effect of extended
fucking, he'd never experienced it before nor had he heard of it. He
was unprepared for it since he was anticipating the delicious loads
he'd tasted earlier. It wasn't that it tasted bad, really, but that it
was completely different.

However, after a minute of munching her cunt, he was accustomed to the
new taste and got into trying to make Becca cum before Skip did. She
was obviously excited about having him lick her face clean, and he
wanted her orgasmic and forgetting about it (if he could). He stuck in
the index and middle finger of both hands and pulled her hole open.
Becca gasped, greatly enjoying the stretching sensation. She could
even feel his tongue wriggling inside her cavern, which was wildly
exciting. She began to buck at her husband's face, seeking an orgasm.

Unfortunately for Clem, Skip was also aroused by her reaction. He had
been hovering on the edge, wanting to cum but unable to find release.
When the slut began moaning and cursing sexily, he popped. He'd given
her two huge loads already, and this third one was scraping the bottom
of the barrel. Instead of the huge flood of jism he'd sprayed earlier,
he squirted air twice and then a thick, sticky strand of glue squirted
out. After his third productive throb, he actually had to wipe it on
Becca's face to get it to detach from his cock eye.

The stage set for her hubby to lick cum from her face, Becca released
her breasts, threw her hands onto the mattress, took a good grip, and
used it to leverage her pussy hard on Clem's mouth. He knew what she
was seeking, and grabbed her legs to pull harder into her crotch,
using his legs to push as well. Her abdomen flexed and heaved as she
came hard onto his mouth, the remainder of almost two loads caking out
as she pushed. Her clenches were strong and satisfying, and after a
minute she fell back, exhausted.

At that moment, Clem about wanted to cry. He had fulfilled his part of
the bargain, miraculously holding out from orgasming while she had cum
perhaps a dozen times. The three guys had given up six loads of cum.
All of this without his finding release. It was unfair for her to be
exhausted now.

Clem stared in dismay at his facially splattered wife. Forlorn, he
helped the guys find their clothes, get dressed, and leave. He thanked
them heartily, and hoped that they had enjoyed his wife. Then he
crawled onto the bed, stared at his wife, and began kissing up the
semen that was already drying on her face.

As he did so, he found himself reminded that this was her night. Her
exhaustion was not because she was toying with him. She was exhausted
because it had been a successful gang bang for her. He was a victim of
success, and touching those feelings made the feelings of love

He looked at her with lover's eyes, noting how she was so glorious
sprawled on the bed. Her flippy hairdo was ruined, her makeup missing
or smeared, and her hose somehow torn. Her pussy was red from use,
oozing still more semen, and perhaps forever altered in appearance
after the hard fucking she'd enjoyed. By all appearances, she had been
"rode hard and put away wet."

But she was wonderful, and his. She had given him a amazing gift,
allowing him to watch her consumed by pleasure, free of guilt or envy.
Not all men get to see their wife so very sexual, completely sexual.

Compared to that, what was a denial of orgasm? He would orgasm plenty
in the next day. Compared to that, what was taking her anal virginity?
He knew that her views had changed, and that he would soon take her
taboo place, and would enjoy it for years to come. There was nothing
to compare with what he could experience now.

Right now, he got to lay down next to her and feel her breathe as he
held her. He was lucky.

Clem woke a few hours later with the need to pee. When his erection
finally deflated, his bladder inflated and he had to take a whiz,
which he did. Now up, he wasn't tired and knew that going back to bed
would be fruitless. His tossing and turning would wake Becca and he'd
be up shit creek. Dressing, he headed topside.

He climbed the stairs to the promenade deck, the ship looking deserted
at 3:30 AM. He went to the Wheelhouse Grill and the pizza bar, which
was always open. He got a couple slices of sausage and pepperoni
pizza, then went forward to the deck above the bridge.

It was dark and romantic, starlit and the bow waves fluorescent. He
mused for a minute about how much he would have loved to be there with
Becca, seeing that there other couples quietly making out. On the far
corner was a solitary figure that seemed familiar. Munching a piece of
pizza, he slowly moved over towards the center of the bridge, and came
to realize the figure was Rebecca.

Clem stood there for a little bit, watching what Rebecca was doing out
of the corner of his eye. She had her arms wrapped around herself,
seemingly cold despite the tropical heat. Her bob was flying in the
stiff breeze, and she was gazing over the ocean. She perfectly matched
his mental image of a sailor's wife standing on the edge of the Cliffs
of Dover, watching and waiting for her husband to come home. He smiled
at his own romantic stupidity, but frowned when he realized she was
dabbing her eyes with a tissue.

"Rebecca?" he called softly as he approached. She turned to face him,
and he realized she was still in her formal gown. Her mascara was all
over her cheeks, tears having made it run so as to resemble Tammy Faye
Bakker's. "Oh shit!" he said, his tone filled with sympathy and

Rebecca responded to his earlier kindness and his current presence,
and she flung herself at him. She broke down completely as he wrapped
his arms protectively around her, stroking her hair. She sobbed, her
chest heaving as she fought for air. "He's a bastard!" she cried, over
and over.

"He went out again?" Clem asked, knowing she needed to talk about it.

"Yes! And on formal night and me still in this fucking dress."

"He didn't come back?"

"No," she sobbed. A minute later, she amended that to "Maybe, but I
left at 1:00 and haven't been back."

Clem quietly held her, being strong so she didn't need to be. She
pressed her body to his, wanting to be close to him. He stared at the
sea and stars, angry at this woman's husband. She just wanted him to
pay attention to her, which should have been easy on a cruise. Hell,
she was so damn beautiful that it should have been easy any time! How
could a husband be so callous to his wife?

Rebecca stopped crying and was quiet for some time, just letting him
stroke her hair and hold her comfortingly. "Could I ask you
something?" she mumbled into his chest.

He stepped back, looking at her. "Sure?"

"Would you mind if I sorta... hung out with you guys today? I mean,
with your wife and you?"

"I would like that," Clem said, not lying one bit.

"I don't want to be around him, not that I could," she said bitterly.
"He's going out deep sea fishing with some guys he met on board."

Clem was noncommittal. "Hmmmm," he said.

"But I was thinking that maybe if I wasn't around today when he got
back, he might get jealous and come looking for me?"

Clem's perpetual horniness for Rebecca had been tempered by his strong
sense of chivalry, but it did have its limits. He made a gentle
proposition. "Well, for that matter, maybe you could spend the night
with us too, and let him worry where you were sleeping?"

She surprised him. "I was hoping you might offer that," she said.
"I'll sleep on the floor."

Clem realized she didn't have any intention of climbing aboard his
face like she had the day before. His face fell enough that Rebecca
saw it, even in the dim light. "You horny bastard," she laughed. "I'll
leave when you and Becca do it."

"Oh, that'd be fine," he said hastily. He hated himself for the erotic
images he kept seeing when he looked at her.

"Let me get a change of clothes," she told him. "I may be a little
while if Perry is back and I have to move quiet to sneak out."

Clem's attention was riveted by the disclosure of her worthless
sphincter of a husband's name, Perry. He could think of no good man
either living or dead who was named Perry. Bringing himself to, he
asked, "Do you want to just meet me at our cabin? E120?"

"Please... can you just wait?" she asked, not wanting to be alone more
than a few moments. Plus, Perry may make a scene and she'd want
protection. "My room is just on the other side of this door, and I'd
like you to stay."

"Sure, OK," Clem agreed. She pushed open the door that was in the
middle of the observation deck, which led into the hallway of the
Veranda Deck cabins. The cabins on either side of the hallway had
little decks that overlooked the Promenade Deck. It was a sweet setup.

Clem turned his attention back to the dark sky and the romance of
night at sea, but was startled by Rebecca crashing back through the
doorway, empty handed. "What's wrong?" he asked, alarmed.

"Perry... was not... alone!" Rebecca gasped.


"Oh God," she whimpered, obviously traumatized.

"Let's go," Clem said, putting his arm around her to guide her back to
his cabin.

The door crashed open again, and there was Perry. The fratboy look had
been replaced by a white robe hastily put on. He was still tying the
belt. "Wait... Reba!" he gasped. "Reba, please let me explain!"

"Get away from me!" she said, and when Perry advanced towards her, she
shrieked, "stay away from me, you freak!"

"Head down to my cabin," Clem said. As Rebecca fled, he squared off to
face Perry. It had been some time since he had fought, but he had been
good with his fists and was confident he could beat the snot out of
the whelp.

Perry was smart enough to stop, and put up his hands. "Whoa big
fella," he said, which did nothing to improve Clem's attitude.
"Where's Reba going?"

"Rebecca is not going to be with you tonight," Clem informed him. "I'm
sure she'll talk to you when she calms down."

"Just... just tell her I am sorry and I want to talk about it," Perry
said, seemingly contrite. "We need to talk about it."

Clem was still angry, and took a step towards Perry, his fists
flexing. "She'll contact you."

"OK... OK."

With that, Clem turned and headed back to his cabin, leaving Perry
alone under the stars.

It didn't take the fast-moving Clem long to catch up with Rebecca, who
had stopped to cry several times along the way. Comforting her, Clem
led her slowly to his cabin. Rebecca's sobs brought Becca immediately
awake. Taking charge immediately, she ordered Clem to get coffee for
all three of them. Clem fled, glad to be replaced in the duty of being
first responder.

It took a while for Rebecca to calm down enough to tell her what had
happened. How she had gone up on deck because her husband Perry wasn't
to be found. How Clem had found her and offered to shelter her. How
she had gone back to her room to grab a change of clothes, only to
find that Perry had returned... with another man. She had found Perry
laying on the bed, hips supported by pillows while one of his new
fishing buddies fucked him. "My husband is a fag!" she wailed.

"Shhhh," Becca comforted her. She held her too, gently rocking her and
thinking while the younger woman wore out her grief. It made a lot of
sense. His disinterest in his beautiful wife while preferring to play
around. Becca didn't want to stereotype anyone, but she knew the
stereotype of gay men having incurable libidos. Maybe it was true for
Perry. Plus, his name was Perry! She could think of no good man either
living or dead who was named Perry.

Clem returned using a dinner plate as a tray to carry three steaming
cups of coffee before Rebecca had cried herself out. He sat quietly,
wishing he could leave while the women talked of relationships that
end. Finally, Becca suggested that Rebecca take a shower and sleep.
The women hadn't touched their coffee, and Becca warned Clem that
Rebecca was not to have hers. "Um, the one with the little stirrer...
is decaf," Clem said.

"Oh, OK," Becca agreed. Then she related what exactly Rebecca had
seen, how Perry had turned out to be cheating on her with a man. Clem
told her that Perry wanted to talk it out with Rebecca. Becca's first
thought was that, "they ought to talk it out with divorce attorneys

Clem was going to reply when the shower turned off and a dripping wet
(and nude) Rebecca walked dully out of the head. He couldn't even
think of her sexually, for she looked like an accident survivor, with
sunken eyes, hollow cheeks, and a overall gray skin tone. He grabbed
one of their robes from the closet where it had been unused, and
handed it to Becca who wrapped it around Rebecca.

Instead of the decaf, Becca handed Rebecca a glass of water and a
sleeping pill. Then the young woman fell onto the bed, exhausted.

"I'm going to stay with her," Becca told Clem. "Why don't you go out
and watch us come into port?" She felt protective somehow of the sad
woman, and wanted her to sleep. She didn't say that she thought Clem's
very presence would be a disturbance, but he knew her thoughts. He
grabbed the GPS and camera, and went back to his favorite spot above
the bridge.

The romantic couples were gone, and Clem turned on the GPS to find
their position. The ship was still several hours from Cozumel, and it
was dark and boring. So Clem went roaming and found a secluded spot in
the Astoria Lounge. "This is some fun," he grumped, closing his eyes.

When he woke up a few hours later, the ship was rolling strangely, and
he realized they must have changed directions. He went up on deck to
find an excited crowd growing above the bridge, for it was daylight
and Cozumel was in sight.

The procedure for coming into port was interesting to the technically
minded man. The first thing was that a crewman raised the cruise
line's private flag off the bow. Then they began roving mooring lines
attached to the giant windlasses. The procedure was unrushed and

"Wow, this is pretty neat!" Clem heard a woman's voice say. He turned
to see Cathy, the table's designated slut, standing behind him. He
wiggled into the man on his left to give her room on his right.

"Yeah," he agreed, "I'm glad I got up to watch."

"So... what are they doing?" she asked. Like most women, Cathy knew
that men found it appealing to explain things to women. It was a ploy
she often used. Clem suspected as much, but he didn't care.

Although he didn't understand everything he saw, he knew enough to
bullshit Cathy. She didn't even detect where the knowledge ended and
the BS started, he was that skillful. Or perhaps she didn't care,
because they were flirting.

As the pilot boat sped out to greet the ship, Clem asked what her
plans were for going ashore. "Well, I was going to go on a glass
bottom party boat," she said, "but there weren't enough reservations
so they canceled it."

"So what are you doing now?"

"I'm going to wander ashore a little, see what the duty free has. Come
back and drink." She looked at him. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing. We're staying on board."

Clem kept watch on their speed using the GPS, Cathy crowding him more
than necessary to watch too. "So, since we are both staying on board,"
she said quietly as the ship began slowing, "what are the chances that
you might want to visit my cabin? The other girls are going

Clem was neither surprised nor shocked. She was a slut, after all. "I
would love to," he said, kissing her her cheek, "but..."

"I know," she said, frowning and turning away. "But, you are married."

Clem actually laughed. "Not at all," he smiled. "I was going to say
that I need to ask Becca if I can." It was his turn to frown. "There's
some shit that's happened... and, well, I ought not talk about it."

"Are you seriously telling me that you'd ask Becca if you can fuck
another woman?"

"Hey, 'what happens on the ship stays on the ship,' right?"

Cathy nodded and smiled. But then she stood straight up. "Hey, what
happened on your Special Night?!"

"You're a nosy bitch," Clem deadpanned, then chuckled. "It went OK...
better than OK. I think Becca enjoyed herself." He winked. "The guys
enjoyed themselves too."

"And you? Did you, um, 'last'?"

"I did," Clem said with a fair bit of pride, "and I've earned my prize."

"But... you didn't get your prize?"

"Well, not the big one, but I got about a dozen creamy prizes," Clem
grinned. That was a pretty good memory that he'd have for his
lifetime. Her red and raw pussy, oozing cum from strangers... it was a
vivid memory and he felt his cock stir.

Cathy was confused by Clem's references to creampie prizes. Maybe he
liked seeig cum oozing from his wife, or took pictures or something.
Whatever it was, his expression was one of serious arousal, and she
dared to drop her hand against his bulge. Sure enough, there was some
firm manmeat there. They both gazed at the approaching pier,
pretending nothing was amiss while she rhythmically squeezed his

After a while, Clem thought that more squeezing could soil his
underwear. "Can you see baby?" he asked, pretending that Cathy was
his. "Why don't you stand in front of me where you can see?" He
reached back and plucked her hand from his bulge, and pulled her
around. Then, he stepped in close and pressed his erection against her
fleshy butt. "Better?" he asked?

"Ummmm, yesssss," she agreed.

He leaned in close to her ear. "Just to let you know; if I come to
your room you will be so fucked. Hard." He wriggled to lodge his cock
between her cheeks.

"Oh Gawd," she hissed. It was hard to pretend she wasn't completely
turned on, because she was. "Can I ask one for thing?"

"What's that?"

She turned to face him, letting his bulge press against her belly. She
wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down so that he was
face to face with her. "Will you cum in me?"

Clem gave her a slow, sexy smile. With eyes twinkling, he pronounced
her a total slut. When she asked that he please promise, he agreed.
"But only if I can clean you up afterwards."

"Oh my gawd," she hissed, now understanding the references to creamy
prizes. "Did you... did you do that during the gangbang?" she asked.
Clem nodded and she clenched hard. "I keep hoping my husband Fred will
do it when I come home. But he doesn't, and I want it so fuckin' bad!"
She was practically swooning.

Clem was turned on by Cathy's acceptance and excitement. "I'll be the
first to clean you inside and out," he proclaimed, "and you can decide
if you really do like it before you force your husband to do it." It
was a sensible suggestion, but Cathy was certain that she'd love
having her sloppy pussy eaten.

Despite their mutual arousal, they stayed on the deck above the bridge
until the ship docked. Although it was fascinating, both their minds
were on a more intimate matter. When the cruise director announced
that disembarkation would occur on the 4th deck, Clem and Cathy headed
back to his room to get Becca's permission to have an dalliance.

Clem quietly let them into his room, and they both smiled to see Becca
and Rebecca in bed together. Becca had apparently fallen asleep while
reading, and now Rebecca was cuddled next to her, an arm draped
possessively over Becca. It was a charming vignette, and one that Clem
hated to disturb.

He put his mouth close to Becca's ear, and nudged her while whispering
her name. "What?" asked the sleepy woman, her eyes slits.

"Can I go play with Cathy?" Clem asked, knowing there was no way she
would understand in her newly wakened state.

"Huh?" she asked, her eyes opening more and scanning the room. They
locked on Cathy, focusing on her so as to recognize her.

"Cathy wants to... you know," Clem said softly. "I won't if you
wouldn't want me to."

"Oh, I don't care," Becca said. She knew her husband had been
exceptionally supportive the night before, and she wanted to reward
him. In fact, she wanted to reward him more than she originally
planned. "You go out in the hall for a minute," she said, "while I
talk with Cathy."

Clem was suddenly leery, and but did as he was asked. Cathy moved
close, also feeling nervous. "Yes?" she whispered, knowing that her
fun depended on what Clem's wife said.

"Oh, you two can have fun," Becca assured her. "But I have two
stipulations. The first is that you two are to be done by noon." Becca
felt butterflies and excitement as she made her second stipulation.
Cathy's eyes went wide at what Becca desired.

Cathy took Clem's hand and led him to her room. She knocked on the
door, and Pam answered it. "Whazzup dawg?" Pam asked, one of their
group's standard greetings.

"I thought you were leaving to go snorkeling?"

"I am," Pam confirmed, eyeing Clem. "You want me gone so you can do
some fuckin'?"

"Yes," Cathy giggled, "so get the fuck out."

Pam laughed, but grabbed her things and left, wishing the two a load
of fun. Once the door closed, Cathy pounced on the ill prepared Clem,
knocking him onto the bed and straddling him. Her mouth and tongue
were savage, since her need was so great.

The aggressive sex aroused Clem and made him respond. He forgot any
worries and met Cathy's moves with counter moves that made her even
hotter. "Take off your clothes and sit on my face," he growled at her.

She stood and peeled off her clothing, revealing a middle-aged body
flushed with arousal. "You want to eat my pussy? Is that it?"

"Not as much as you need it eaten," he smiled.

"Oh, you are gonna eat it," she said, her hand dropping that so she
could use her fingers on her very hard clit. Her expression left no
doubt that cunnilingus was in Clem's future. "Put your hands behind
your head."

Clem did as he was told, and she climbed on the bed, her knees
pressing against his arms. Pining him to the mattress, she lowered her
furry cunt to his mouth. She took satisfaction from hearing his
muffled moans as his tongue sank into her not-so-tight opening. "Oh
yeah, use that fuckin' tongue of yours," she hissed as he wriggled it
around inside her pussy. She reached down and pulled her vagina open,
her lips split by his face. She knew she was smothering him, and his
eager snatch lapping in the face of being smothered clicked her
another notch towards orgasm.

She had a need to cum, and quick. She'd hardly slept, thinking of
Clem's lovely wife having the snot fucked out of her in a gangbang.
Now Clem had told her that he had bathed Becca's raw and cum-stuffed
pussy with his tongue, and that turned her on even more. Thinking
those thoughts, she began to clench on Clem's face. "Oh... fuck!" she
moaned, reaching up to grip her breasts and make them hurt as she
came. "Fuck!"

Clem could hardly believe his good luck. He loved facesitting, and
getting smothered. He was forever pulling Becca down, taking the lead
in mashing his face into her pussy, but that wasn't like getting
smothered. No, being smothered meant he was powerless, at her mercy, a
toy. And here was Cathy, practically shooting out juices as she
settled onto his nose and mouth. It was a good thing she had his arms
pinned down, because he would have stroked himself once and sent sperm

The dangerous part of facesitting and smothering was that the woman
might neglect the man's very real need to breathe. Clem was fearing
that Cathy had forgotten just that when she finally stirred. It had
taken her some time to recover from her orgasm before she had the
energy. When she struggled off his nose and mouth, Clem was amazed at
how fresh and pure the air was. It was only then that he could really
appreciate how damp, musty, and humid her crotch was.

Cathy moved to lay next to him, and began kissing him gently. Soon,
she was kissing him harder again and telling him how much she loved
riding his face and how she intended to do that many times in the next
several hours. Meanwhile, her hands began removing his clothes.

When she grabbed his erection, Clem gasped. Her hand was small and
feminine, but also strong and sure. She knew how to stroke him so that
he wanted to cum, and how to make sure he didn't. "I had a man friend
last year who liked handjobs," she explained. "He'd spray his own
chest and then spread it around so that his chest hairs were matted
and stiff." She looked at Clem closely. "You like that kind of stuff?"

"No," Clem laughed. "I prefer to deposit my spunk a little more usefully."

"Mmmmmm," Cathy smiled, "you mean like in my mouth?" She started to
slide down, kissing his flesh on the way.

"Uh, no," Clem said, then groaned. Cathy had arrived at his cock, but
instead of sucking him she opened her mouth wide and moved it up and
down so that his dickhead was technically inside her oral cavity but
not being touched. "Damn, woman!" he groaned in frustration. The whole
last 12 hours had been nothing but frustration.

Cathy slid off the bed and rummaged through her bag while Clem
watched, curious. Her hand emerged with a pink aluminum vibrator about
8" long and 1" across, bent at the end. Clem recognized it as a g-spot
vibrator, the bent tip designed to allow direct massaging of a woman's

"Now, that I like," he smiled. "Becca loves me to suck her tits and
clit while she vibes herself."

Cathy laughed. "Baby, this vibrator is not for me." She got a quite
wicked smile on her face, and Clem felt himself deflate: she wanted to
jam that thing up his butt. "Now, don't look that way," she chided,
sliding onto the bed and pushing him so that he rolled onto his side.
"Its only fair, that if you want stuff your much bigger cock into your
little wife that you know how it feels to have something in your ass."

"Cathy!" Clem protested feebly. His complaints ceased when Cathy
leaned down, spread his cheeks, and began rolling her tongue around
his browneye. "Ohhhh, Cathy....." he moaned. Her butt licking felt

Over the course of the next ten minutes, Cathy prepared him for butt
service, licking his asshole and working a finger slowly in and out.
Clem had to admit it felt different... not painful but different.

"Now, roll onto your back," Cathy urged. He did, and she told him to
lift his legs. She straddled his head, putting her pussy in his face
with her arms through his legs and behind his knees, so that his torso
was scrunched and his asshole off the bed. She got to 69ing him, her
tongue lightly licking his ass while his mouth chewed on her pussy.

Clem had really never felt anything like this. The awkward position
put his butt in muscular tension, naturally encouraging his hole to
open. The pointy tip of Cathy's feminine tongue flicked over it
lightly, making him want her to drive it into his tight bunghole.

He was derelict in his pussy eating, so Cathy waggled hers in his
face. Although it was hard to concentrate, he did like licking her.
She wettened like she was spring fed, an endless supply of juices
bubbling out of her insistent orifice.

Clem was concentrating on her incredible wetness when he felt the cold
tip of the vibrator pressing on his opening. Cathy had used a lot of
saliva, and Clem understood intellectually that he should calm down
and relax his butthole. But that is different than commanding your
asshole to open when a vibrator comes knocking.

Luckily, this wasn't the first time Cathy had introduced a man to the
pleasures of penetration. She was gentle, added more saliva, and
pressed insistently so that it wedged into Clem. He began to groan,
and rather than listen to him complain about the inevitable, she
pressed her wetness hard onto his mouth. Soon enough, the shiny pink
toy had popped past his dual sphincters.

Cathy found it incredibly erotic to force her will into Clem. She got
more aroused and more aroused, and then she felt him moan into her
crotch. His acceptance and pleasure set her off. Tipping her head
back, she ground hard on his mouth while pressing the aluminum deep
into her mancunt.

Clem was again smothered as Cathy came. He was grateful when she moved
off his face. She told him to slide to the end of the bed, and he
complied. "Now," she told him, "I'm going to give you a lot of
pleasure, but you aren't going to cum." She looked at him in the eyes.
"Will you?"

Clem couldn't believe he was again going to be denied release. "Yes,"
he agreed through clenched teeth.

"Just relax," Cathy smiled. "You'll love this. I promise." She looked
at the clock. She had over an hour to torture him before....

Becca woke again at 11:00 with Rebecca breathing slowly into her neck.
The younger woman was still asleep, worry and grief having eaten at
her for months. As Becca extricated herself, she judged that Rebecca
may well sleep until they docked in Galveston.

She took a long hot shower, the water feeling wonderful on her
gangbanged body. Muscles inside and out felt the effects of unusual
activity. Her pussy and tits had been targets of heavy usage, and her
throat felt raw from having been pounded by cocks. She soaped herself
to remove the seminal glazing the guys had left, then just let the
water massage her aches away.

By the time she got out, she was thinking of how Clem would feel when
she made good on her pledge. And not only when, but how she made good.
Focusing on Clem, she could imagine his excitement and she began to
get excited too.

She began to get ready, picking out her new bathing suit. Clem hadn't
seen this one, which was a thong. She'd never worn one before, and
while she had never anticipated enjoying it (except by seeing Clem's
pleasure at her wearing it for him), she did. The strap rubbing deep
between her cheeks reminded her of what she was about to give Clem.

While she put on her suit, she had warmed up her curling iron. She was
bound and determined to repeat her hairdo, the one Clem had gone ga-ga
over the night before. When she was done, she'd done a fair job of
replicating the salon style. You could never exactly repeat the
quality of a stylist-created coif, but she had done a commendable job.
Her hair was very nicely flippy, and Clem would be mad for it.

Finally, she put on her makeup. It was far more makeup than she would
normally put on during the day, but this was for Clem. He'd love her
no matter how she looked, but she wanted to see him drooling. It was a
gift for him. Her final touch was the blood red "cocksucker" lipstick
that Clem loved her to wear, but it wouldn't be touching cock today.

She left the cabin, slipping on the pair of clunky wedged sandals that
she'd brought. When she packed, she hadn't known when she would wear
them, but she liked how it made her ass look. Clem had laughed at her
for bringing clothes with no defined purpose, but she would get the
last laugh today. She looked one last time at the snoring Rebecca, and
closed the door softly.

She was suddenly thirsty, so she went up to the Grill for a glass of
water or perhaps a drink. She had fifteen minutes before she was due
at Cathy's room, and she was nervous. By lucky coincidence, seated at
a table was Amanda and Dwayne.

Becca had only seen them on that first night, but they appeared
familiar. She got her water, eying the pair with peripheral vision.
Finally, she was sure enough to go up and see if they were perhaps the
ones That Night.

Approaching the table, she asked, "Hi, I know this sounds strange, but
did we meet on deck the first night?"

Amanda recognized her instantly. "I think so. Your husband's name is
Clem?" she countered.

"Yes, that's me," Becca agreed. "And you are Dwayne?" she said to him,
seeing that he nodded. "Thanks for the ride the other night," she

Dwayne stood up, eying Becca like a ravenous wolf. "I should thank
you," he smiled. "Want to sit with us?" he asked. He stood to pull out
a chair for her. Plus, he wanted a look at her ass because he
correctly suspected she was wearing a thong.

"Just for a couple minutes," Becca said, sitting down. The wooden
chair felt sticky on her ass.

"Clem told us you were the center of attention last night," Amanda said.

"Yeah, four men wanting a piece of me... it was really awesome," she smiled.

"And did Clem get his reward?" Dwayne asked.

"Not yet," Becca replied. She wondered just how many people on the
ship would know about her being assfucked. Actually, the knowledge
that she was getting a reputation as a gangbang slut was very
exciting. She'd been nervous about the impending scene, but now she
was getting excited about it.

"And where is the to-be-lucky hubby?" Amanda asked.

"He's with one of our table partners," Becca answered, using a tone to
let them understand that it wasn't dinner he was enjoying. "I'm going
there in a few minutes to pay off my debt to him."

"Shit!" Dwayne groaned. "You two are too fuckin' amazing!"

"Hey, 'what happens on the ship stays on the ship,'" she laughed. "I
just hope he remembers that, because no way are we doing all this when
we get home." Then she winked at the couple. "Of course, we might take
another cruise real soon."

Dwayne and Amanda laughed. Amanda was very curious about what was
going to happen, but she feared Becca wouldn't confide in her if a man
was present. So she "suggested" that Dwayne go buy the three of them a
drink at the bar on the Lido deck. He knew something juicy was up, but
agreed good-naturedly.

With Dwayne gone, Amanda asked what Clem was about to enjoy. Becca
told her frankly, and Amanda's jaw literally dropped. "Fuck!" she
whispered. She suddenly wanted to stuff her fingers into her pussy
because she was overly aroused.

"Like my idea?" Becca giggled. "I just hope it is as good as I think
it could be."

"I am sure it will be," Amanda replied. "But, if it were me," she
began, then outlined her own subtle difference. It was a fantasy
Dwayne and her had concocted since the first night aboard ship, and
one they were sure they'd never fulfill.

Although Becca was surprised, she did see the merit in Amanda's idea.
Pausing a heartbeat, she slowly suggested that Amanda and Dwayne come
with her to perhaps make their fantasy a reality. "No guarantees," she
pointed out.

Dwayne returned to the table juggling the three drinks inexpertly. One
had sloshed onto his shirt, and he expected to be chastised by Amanda.
Instead, he found the women staring at him, both of them obviously
sharing a surprise that he would love. "What's up?" he asked. He
wasn't rewarded with an answer, but instead had to be satisfied with
the understanding that it was something he would like and something he
would find out when they joined Clem.

As it happened, he did not have long to wait. "I'm going now," Becca
said, standing up. "I'll see you guys in... fifteen minutes?"

"Fifteen," Amanda assured her.

Becca walked away, feeling Dwayne's eyes on her thonged ass. "Ass,"
she told herself, the word beginning a train of thought that ended
with her clitty getting harder and her nipples making pointy peaks in
her top. She forced herself to take the incredibly slow elevator, just
so she could feel her arousal increasing. By the time she reached
Cathy's cabin, she was excited enough for two gangbang sluts.

She knocked on the door, hearing muffled sounds inside before the door
opened a crack so that Cathy could see out. "Oh, is our time together
over?" Cathy said in a well-rehearsed naïve tone.

Becca was admitted to the room, where she saw Clem laying on the bed,
knees bent. His cock had drooled enough to leave a huge puddle of
precum on his belly, but her eyes immediately focused on the pink
vibrator sticking out of his ass. Clem himself was holding it in, even
as he pleading with Becca. "Please honey," he moaned, "please let me

"Not quite yet," Becca said, smiling. It seemed denial of orgasm was
an effective tool in making Clem a polite man. She laughed. "So, what
happened," Becca whispered to Cathy.

"Your husband is quite the eager cuntlicker," Cathy smiled. Why
shouldn't she smile? He'd made her cum a half dozen times with that
tongue of his. Seeing his cock bobbing in need while she'd massaged
his prostate with the vibrator and given him an expert handjob was
also a turn on. He'd literally begged to eat her so that he could
de-focus off his denied orgasm. She imagined that he had been near his
release for at least an hour and a half.

Becca nodded, knowing that his skill at eating pussy was quite
evolved. She pictured in her mind what he did, and how she loved it.
It was very, very nice. He loved doing it, and it showed.

"Well, I have a potential change in plans," she said softly. She
explained what she had in mind, a bit worried at Cathy's reaction.
Cathy's part was crucial in this, and luckily Cathy was not only
accommodating, but hot for it.

"So... should we start?" Cathy asked. She knew Becca was nervous, and
she could understand that. Becca had never pleasured another woman
before. Cathy recalled vividly the feelings of her own first time, and
how the older woman had made it easier for her. She decided it was her
turn to help a woman out.

"Sure," Becca said, wondering if she could go through with it. It had
seemed so sexy to consider the scene when it was a remote event, but
now that it was about to happen, she almost wanted to back out.

Luckily, Cathy knew this and took action. She slid her hand behind
Becca's neck, and pulled her into a kiss. If anything, her kiss was
even more savage than the ones she'd given Clem. Becca was taken by
surprise at the heat Cathy emitted, and she was turned on as well. She
loved being kissed, and Cathy was passionately doing just that.

Clem stared with mouth open at the scene unfolding before his eyes.
His wife was being kissed hard by another woman, and she was
responding. She had come into the room the very image of a fuckable
dreamgirl: sexy hair, sexy thong, cocksucking lipstick, signs of being
aroused. He'd told himself that soon he was gonna fuck his wife,
dumping a load of cum in her. But now she was slutting with another
woman, a slut in her own right, and the chances were good that he'd
just be forced to watch.

Becca, now more assured and with her initial nerves partially
vanquished, turned to her husband. "Baby, you get to watch for a
while, but you also have to play along," she murmured. "Cathy and I
are gonna explore a little, which I know you will like watching. But
if you pull that vibe out of your asshole, or if you cum, you are done
for the cruise. Understand?"

"Baby..." Clem whined.

"Do you understand?" Becca repeated. "You are done touching me for the
cruise, and I'll have to find some other playmates. I'll fuck guys and
drip cum and eat pussy and you'll know it, and won't touch me.

"I understand?" Clem said. It was the worst, most exciting threat he
had ever received.

Becca saw his cock bouncing up and down like it had a will of its own.
"Pump your ass," she told him, watching as he complied. Damn, she felt
so sexual, so powerful. Her big 'ole hubby was fucking himself so that
he could have a piece of her. He'd deny himself release, so that he
could have a chance to have sex with her. Damn.

She stepped away from Cathy, telling her to untie her bikini top.
Cathy did, and the release of her breasts was a fabulous turn on.
"Kiss my neck," she whispered. She felt her hair brushing her nape,
and then Cathy's lips were on her spine. She could tell by Clem's
expression that he wanted to have his face buried in her hair, kissing
and licking her nape, and she felt another surge or arousal. Then, the
older woman reached around and cupped Becca's breasts, her fingers
rolling and pulling her nipples. Both Becca and Clem gasped.

Clem tried to focus on Becca and what Cathy was doing, rather than his
own boiling need. Since she hadn't demanded it remain on, Clem had
turned off the vibrator while keeping it sliding in and out of his
rectum. Watching Becca's face as Cathy licked and kissed and nibbled
on her nape made Clem very jealous, because as Becca surmised he
wanted to do that. He'd dreamt of burying his face in a flippy hairdo,
and he was frustrated again. Then, Cathy's fingers were playing with
Becca's teats, and he wanted to do that.

He kept watching as Cathy pulled Becca's suit down. He saw a long
string of girl honey form between the crotch of the suit and Becca's
crotch. Then Cathy's fingers slid over Becca's belly and shaven pubes,
and began friggin her clit. Becca cried out, "Make me cum, make me
cum" while tossing her head. It was obvious to Clem that Cathy had
done just that. He could even hear sloppy sounds of her fingers in
Becca's soaking wet pussy as she got her off. Damn.

"Mmm, that was nice," Becca smiled, turning around to look at Cathy.
She took Cathy's hand by the wrist and lifted it up to lick her
fingers. She looked at Clem out of the corner of her eyes, seeing how
he was staring with a desperate look of need. She had rehearsed that
line mentally, and also the next one: "I think it's my turn to repay
the favor."

Cathy knew it was a staged scene for Clem, but also a real one. She
knew her line. "Are you sure you want to eat my pussy?"

"Oh God," Becca replied on cue. "Please let me eat your pussy." Then,
for emphasis, she kissed Cathy full on, aggressively pushing her
tongue into the other woman's mouth. It really was staged for Clem,
but she was honestly aroused at the prospect of lesbian sex.

"Have at it," Cathy smiled. In contrast to Clem's good view of Becca
getting frigged, he was denied the view of his wife eating Cathy.
Cathy walked to Clem and gave him a kiss, then slid down so that first
her tits bumped his hard on, then her tongue tip. Bent over, she
looked up him from between his legs, a mouse-eatin' smile on her face.

Clem saw his wife fluff her hair, then lick her lips. Her blood red,
cocksucking lips. Then she leaned over Cathy, her breasts mashed on
her spine. She kissed down Cathy's back, looking at Clem with a sultry
smile between slow kisses.

As she did, Becca saw Clem's face crease with a frown. He began to
understand that she was going to be hidden from his view. That was a
good thing for her, since she could "simulate it" if she suddenly felt
too nervous. As it turned out, when she got to Cathy's tailbone she
could smell Cathy's sexual scent. It was powerful, and intoxicating.

She kissed down Cathy's butt cheek, unready to lick her ass. That was
far too personal for her. But when she knelt behind Cathy, she could
see her pussy open and dripping sap. Cathy had big fucking lips, a
slutty-looking pussy. Becca had the sudden thought that at the rate
she was fucking, she would have a similar pussy soon. She clenched at
the self-image of being a well-used tramp. Closing her eyes, she
pressed her mouth onto the slut she was to service.

"Oh God, yeah," Cathy moaned. "Eat my fucking pussy." She closed her
eyes, smiling as she felt Becca's tongue inexpertly wriggling on her
sex. It wasn't so much the technique that she loved at this moment,
but the knowledge that Becca was having her first taste of pussy with
her. What a gift that was, and it was a mental fuck. She opened her
eyes and looked at the poor man in front of her. "Your wife is tongue
deep in my cunt," she hissed. "Maybe she'll find pussy eatin' as fun
as being fucked by ten men at once." She knew from experience that the
chance of that was slight, but she was saying it for Clem's benefit,
rather than from any sense of truthfulness.

"Just... just suck me and make me cum," Clem pleaded. He needed to
cum. More than needed, because an hour ago he needed to cum and the
urgency was greater now than it had been then. He could hear Cathy's
sighs and his wife was moaning softly, the sound distorted because her
tongue was out and arrested by Cathy's vaginal canal. Cathy was also
humping her hips slowly in response to Becca's licking. Needing to cum
was a complete understatement.

There was a sharp rap on the door, and Cathy reached back to gently
push Becca away from her service. Then she went and looked out the
door. "There's a couple here," she informed Becca, who also looked and
told her it was the expected guests: Amanda and Dwayne.

Introductions were made, which was awkward for the three nude parties.
But Amanda and Dwayne quickly shucked to their clothes. As per The
Revised Plan, Becca and Cathy dropped to their knees and began sharing
Dwayne's cock.

Amanda watched for only a moment, fighting a natural jealousy. Then
she laid over the bed and kissed Clem with ardent passion. "I've heard
you've been teased pretty hard since last night," she whispered. "And
now your wife looks so great, but has my husband's cock in her

"Stop it," Clem moaned. His mind was reeling from the different
arousals at play.

"OK," Amanda agreed amiably. Without further ado, she climbed further
on the bed and knelt astride Clem's face, facing his feet. Now she
pinched and pulled Clem's nipples, feeling Clem's ragged breath on her
pussy. "C'mon, eat me better... deeper... " she instructed, using his
nipples to give him feedback when he did well or poorly.

Dwayne was in heaven, with two women eagerly slurping at his cock.
Although he thought Becca was a marvel of sexiness, he focused on
Cathy. It was she that he would be fucking, and more. Although she
wasn't as visually appealing, she did have an overt sexuality that was
animal-like and raw. She would probably be a great fuck.

"You ready?" he asked Cathy.

"Mmmmm, I want your cock deep in my throat while Becca makes sure I am
lubed up," Cathy responded. That was a bit of a lie, since her pussy
was sopping wet already. This man she'd met five minutes before was
going to fuck her and leave his load inside. That thought made her hot
as hell.

Dwayne told his wife to make some room, and he had Cathy lie
diagonally across the bed. Amanda went to the corner of the room and
leaned against it, making Clem kneel and munch her muff while she
thrust her hips out. She watched as Cathy laid with her head hanging
off and Dwayne slid his cock in her mouth. Amazingly, he fucked it
like it was a pussy... and she moaned! Becca knelt at her pussy and
eagerly lapped and sucked at her. She was getting into this pussy
eating thing.

Soon, Cathy moved into a more common position; on her back in the
center of the bed. Dwayne mounted her, sliding his cock into her soggy
cunt. There was so much fluid that there was little friction; Dwayne
would last for quite some time, especially since he and his wife had
fucked like bunnies the entire cruise.

"Becca, c'mere and let me lick you," Cathy said. Becca moved onto the
bed, and knelt astride Cathy's mouth. Cathy wrapped her arms around
Becca's thighs and pulled her more firmly onto her mouth.

Becca couldn't help but compare Cathy to Clem, and found Cathy
lacking. She was eager, but Clem knew what she wanted. He knew just
where to do it, how, and at what tempo. She looked at the glazed
expression on Amanda's face, and suspected that she'd think the same

After another position adjustment, Cathy and Amanda were side by side,
their legs hanging off. Clem licked at Amanda, who came twice, but
often Dwayne would take a rest and let Clem suck at Cathy's impossibly
juicy pussy. Her hole was open from the fucking, and her big fat lips
were drooping like elephant ears. Clem could look up and see his wife,
eyes closed and head back as Cathy was licking directly on her clit.
He thought his wife was glorious when taking pleasure.

When Becca came loudly, Dwayne began a jerky cadence that signaled he
was close but trying to hold on. Becca fell off, and Cathy scootched
back into the center of the bed.

Becca slid off the bed and helped her husband stand. "You need to help
me get ready," she told him.

"For what?" he asked. He was about addled, his penis foremost in his mind.

"To get assfucked," she said simply. She grabbed the lube Cathy had
left on her dresser, and handed it to Clem. "Don't you remember baby?"

"Sure I remember," he said. How could he not? He trembled as she
leaned over the bed and spread her own cheeks. Her asshole was
beautiful, not yet ravaged by repeated sodomy. Shaking, he squirted
some lube on her hole, and swirled his finger in circles like he had
read was proper.

For Becca, it was a flood of emotions. On the one hand, she feared
that assfucking would hurt. But she knew that pain sometimes was the
flipside of the pleasure coin. She wanted to give her booty to her
husband, because she knew he would love it. She hoped it would be
incredibly sexy, like some of her girlfriends claimed. The submissive
feeling of anal sex was legendary amongst her peers. She thought it
would be nasty, wicked, taboo. It would be a mental fuck that way,
especially if it hurt (a little) at first and turned to wanton
pleasure after a while.

She also thought about how she would be positioned, and wondered if
she would be grossed out or turned on. She would soon find out.

Clem's finger was easily corkscrewing in and out of Becca's taboo hole
when Dwayne grunted, and proclaimed he was cumming. Sweat appeared
over his body as he came and came. Cathy began to giggle, knowing how
full of sperm she was getting. Although pregnancy wasn't a danger, she
liked the mental image of a stranger making a baby with her, and
Dwayne was giving her enough seed to spawn quintuplets. "Oh God, that
was good," huffed the exhausted man as he pulled out.

Cathy turned to Clem and Becca, and crooked a finger. "C'mon you two,"
she said. Clem was unsure what she meant, but it was according to Plan
for Becca. She hopped on the bed and nimbly got into position over
Cathy for a 69.

"Baby," she said, "what are you waiting for? I'm gonna eat my first
creampie while you get your reward."

The shocked Clem watched for a few seconds as his wife slid her tongue
into Cathy's semen-filled cunt. Before tonight, she hadn't tasted
woman. Now, she was sucking a creampie? Amazing.

He moved onto the bed, and Becca stopped to watch him. He was
speechless with lust for the situation. His wife was his fetish ideal,
her flippy hair bouncing in just the right way. She was looking at
him, silently willing him to fuck her ass. Then she would do the
sappho thing, 69-ing for creampie.

To help him, Becca reached back and pulled her cheeks apart. It was a
sexy, submissive thing that thrilled her. Clem carefully put his
dickhead to her opening, and began to slide into her slippery but
virginal bunghole. Both sighed as he easily slid into her ass.
Eagerness and preparation paid dividends.

Tentatively, Clem pumped his wife. He didn't want to hurt her. When
she lowered her head and began moaning as she sucked creampie, Clem
felt confident to begin humping her with increasing vigor. Given all
the teasing he had endured, Clem wouldn't last long.

To be honest, the lack of pain surprised Becca. The feeling of
stretching was kinda pleasurable, and his filling her rectum was not
much of an issue at all. It simply didn't hurt at all after only a few
seconds. The thrill of giving her ass to her husband, whose moans let
her know he was enjoying it very much, more than outweighed the little
pain at the outset.

Inches away from Clem's ramrod was Cathy's mouth, licking at Becca's
flowing valley and sucking at her hard little clit. This was one of
the nastier things she had ever done, and it was very arousing to be
part of it. Her eager mouth was getting Becca closer to orgasm too.

And finally, there was the creampie. Becca had thought that eating
Cathy after sex was going to be disgusting. It wasn't. Cathy's pussy
was enflamed with desire, stretched and gaping. The cum that Dwayne
had left was oozing out as Cathy clenched, or flowing out naturally
with Cathy's juices. It tasted of a combination of creamy cum and
pungent girl flavor. Becca could understand now how Clem could like
it, although she wasn't sure she would want to do it a lot. But for
the moment, she was into it totally, sliding her tongue to bathe
inside Cathy, and rubbing it back against Cathy's clit.

The most cogent person present was Amanda, and she wasn't very cogent.
The writhing mass of people fucking and sucking each other was amazing
to watch. Clem's expression as he fucked his wife's butt was
incredible. So much enjoyment, fulfillment, and plain old lust was
evident. He alternated between staring at Becca's head between Cathy's
legs and closing them to enter his own world. Cathy's and Becca's
expressions weren't visible to her, but the undulating motion of their
bodies in response to each other was so sensual. Then there the
sounds: wet sloppy sucking and squishing noises as Clem reamed his
wife; smacking kissing noises as the women sucked at clits; squeaking
bed springs; but over it all was the various moans and grunts and
groans and breathing as all three neared orgasm.

Of all three, it was Becca who came first. She found the anal sex
built in pleasure, so that when she thought about how taboo and nasty
it was, she began to cum on Cathy's mouth. Clem couldn't believe his
wife was cumming this way, and his long delayed orgasm arrived. He
pushed in deeply and began to fill her colon with cum, but then he
felt a compulsive urge to pump. He added more and more cum to her
bowels, until it began to slop out. Clem saw it running onto Cathy's
forehead and that spurred him to extend his orgasm even farther.

If there was a loser in all this, it was Cathy. She didn't orgasm, but
had "fudgepie" oozed onto her face and hair. She heard Clem and Becca
begin to laugh with the release and knew it was over.

Becca suddenly felt a growl in her bowels, and was horrified to
realize that she was going to fart cum. Shrieking with mirth, she
hopped out of bed and ran into the head. She sat and shat the
remaining fudgepie, hearing it plop into the toilet bowl. She'd done
it, she realized with satisfaction.

Following this, the party only partly ended. Becca and Clem dressed to
leave, and Becca realized that her sloppy asshole might visibly ooze
while she went back to the cabin wearing a damn thong. They made a
quick exit, leaving Amanda and Dwayne with Cathy in her cabin. "Why
don't I take a quick shower, and we can have lunch?" Cathy suggested.
Amanda looked at her dead in the eye, and told her, "Take your shower,
but I want to stay in the room and eat something besides food." The
statement of intended first time sapphic sex made Dwayne's meat
harden, and so the party rolled on.

Becca walked stiffly with Clem to their room, trying to keep her
butthole clamped shut. She halted them outside their cabin with the
realization that Rebecca was still possibly asleep. "Let me go in and
see," Becca told him.

"What'll we do if she is still asleep?"

"We can go ashore," Becca said. "I'll get our Sail and Sign cards so
we can go ashore, and some cash."

Becca was back out in a few minutes, carrying her little clutch purse
and a swimsuit cover up wrapped around her hips. "She's out dead," she
said. "Poor thing."

When they disembarked the ship, both Clem and Becca were struck by how
really huge the vessel was. Clem had seen the pier below from the deck
above the bridge, and the workers on the pier had appeared as ants.
Now looking up at the deck, he saw that it was many stories above the

They walked along the pier, and then through the Duty Free shops.
These were arranged along the pier like a long linear shopping mall.
Since they had waited until after the initial rush of passengers going
ashore, the shopkeepers were listless and bored, not haranguing them
as you usually expect in foreign marketplaces.

On land there was a fabricated "village" of "thatched roof" shops,
probably constructed by the cruise line to separate passengers from
their pesos. The atmosphere lacked the vibrancy of a real market, and
was bland and boring. Luckily, Clem and Becca weren't really shopping,
but just wanted to buy some trinkets for the twins. They were able to
accomplish that in fifteen minutes. Becca also bought a tortoise shell
"bear trap" hair clip because her hair was a mess after the sexual
romp and after being windblown.

Rather than return to the ship right away, Clem suggested they stay on
shore for one margarita at the forgettable bar just off the pier. The
only redeeming quality of the place was the cheap drink prices, and
they were only cheap in comparison to the ship's exorbitant prices.

They sat on the bar stools and had more than two margaritas apiece
while surveying the people strolling by. Some were already heading
back from shopping, and Becca saw one bag that interested her. "Hey,
let's go there," she said, pointing at the bag which read "El Mercado
de Tanzanite."

She explained to Clem that she had seen the cruise's "Super Shopper"
on the ship's cable television system discussing Tanzanite. It was
supposedly a rare gem, and allegedly the store in Cozumel was a great
outlet for it. Clem balked, not wanting to go shopping, but Becca won
him over by pointing out that they had a drawing for a free gem. Free
was always a good idea to Clem.

It wasn't hard to locate El Mercado de Tanzanite, even with the buzz
they had from the drinks. Unlike some of the other shops in the
marketplace, the shopkeepers were clean and well dressed. They looked
like jewelers.

Clem and Becca looked around the place under the watchful eye of the
employees. She saw one pendent with a large specimen of Tanzanite. She
thought the blue stone was gorgeous with its hint of purple. "How much
for this?" she asked the young man who had been casually trailing

"Oh, that is $500," he said, pulling it out so she could touch the stone.

"That's a lot," Becca mumbled, enchanted by the gem. She thought maybe
she could charm a lower price out of the man. She saw the way he
looked at her. Innocently, she ran her thumb over the stone, leaving a
faint smudge on the glossy polish. "Oh darn," she said. She untied the
wrap covering her thong and used it to wipe away the fingerprint. Then
she leaned over slightly to flash some breasts at the young man,
handing him the pendent back.

Becca walked away from the case, pretending to be uninterested in the
pendent while actually giving the store a nice view of her uncovered
buttocks. Without looking, she saw that just about all the men began
to trail her with their eyes. Feeling like she was the object of their
attention was arousing to Becca, and she began to react sexually.

Clem was partially aware of what his wife was doing, although he
didn't know what she intended. Having her show off also aroused him,
and he too reacted sexually. This was getting exciting!

She strolled casually over to a wall display showing bas reliefs
carved into Mexican marble. Clem stood beside her, his hand
possessively around her waist. Slowly, he dropped his hand so that he
could squeeze her cheeks while they both watched the shop keepers in
the reflection from the display case's glass. They were being observed
by everyone, quite intently.

Clem turned to whisper, "You are fucking hot as hell," softly into her
ear. His hand, meanwhile, dropped still further so that his index
finger could slide up and down the butt floss wedged between her

"I want that necklace," Becca purred. "I want it bad."

Clem kissed her cheek. "Make a deal."

Becca turned and casually went back into the same general area as the
necklace, then drifted over eventually to look at the pendent. The
young man came over, and Becca decided he was handsome enough to have
fun with. Looking around, she saw that all the shop keepers were sorta
cute; even the dark eyed woman who was staring at her with arms

"How much did you say this pendent was?" she asked sweetly.

"It is $500," the man replied, and hesitated before suggesting, "but
perhaps we can give you a discount."

Becca smiled at him, as if that reply was perfectly agreeable. Then
she pouted and asked, "But I heard there was a door prize for
passengers from the ship? Maybe I could win it?"

The man shook his head. "No, the prize is a much smaller stone, and
not set. It is... loose?"

"But maybe it could be upgraded?" Becca purred. She sensed the man was
being drawn in by her sexuality, and she intended to use it.

"I cannot make that decision," the young man said. "Mr. Alvarez, the
manager, would decide that."

Becca looked around the shop. There were four men besides Clem, and
the woman whose eyes were flashing. The men were all standing
awkwardly, and she presumed they were aroused. She caught the eye of
all them, signaling them something mysterious and compelling. Men were
simple beasts when a woman was sexually excited.

"Which one is Señor Alvarez?" she asked.

"He is in the back office," the young man told her.

"Hmmmm," she said, noncommittally. It was time to up the stakes a
little. "Well, it was very nice to meet you...."

"I am Luis," he said, smiling and taking her proffered hand. He
squeezed it to signal his interest, and she squeezed his hand in

"Luis," she smiled. "Have a nice day," she told him.

Luis' face fell as Becca turned and walked back outside, trailed by
Clem. She had done her damnedest to signal her interest, both in sex
and jewelry, and now she was walking away?

"I thought you wanted that necklace?" Clem said, catching up to her.

"I do," she said. "Right now we are negotiating."

Clem was puzzled, but trusted her judgment. Her instincts were
rewarded before they could cross over the plaza. Luis came jogging
out, calling for her. "¡Señora! ¡Señora!"

Becca looked at Clem, winked, and turned to face Luis. "Yes?"

"Many apologies, Señora," he said. "I think you should talk to Mr.
Alvarez. I think he may work out a deal with you." He looked to Clem
as if soliciting his support. Clem shrugged.

Becca looked sternly at him, but both Clem and Luis noted that her
nipples were quite erect and she had a very sexual aura about her.
Both fidgeted. "Luis, my husband and I were going back to the ship to
get some drinks and to enjoy the sun. I don't want to spend the day
haggling with your manager."

"Oh! I understand, Señora," Luis said, nodding his head. "It is a
beautiful day, and I am sure your husband would like to spend time
with you. But, I think we can get you the necklace for an acceptable
price." Both Clem and Becca wondered what an acceptable price would
be. "And also," Luis added, "we have some Patrón Tequila, or Cabo Wabo
if you prefer." He looked at her. "Have you ever tried Herradura
Antiguo? It is very nice."

Becca looked at Clem, shrugged and turned towards El Mercado de
Tanzanite. "I like Patrón and Cabo Wabo, and I'd like to try this
Herradura stuff."

"Señora, it is very special indeed," Luis grinned.

As they walked Becca outrageously walked next to Luis and put her arm
around his waist, inviting him to put his arm around hers. As they
entered the store, Clem saw Luis' hand drop and squeeze her buttock.
Clem knew that this was going to be one sale Luis would not forget.

Luis led them through an unmarked door to Sr. Alvarez's office. Becca
was relieved to see that Sr. Alvarez was just a bit older than Luis.
His fine clothes indicated that he was one of a throng of new Mexican
entrepreneurs. She had been faintly afraid that he would be a
ludicrously fat old Mexican man like you see portrayed on TV.

"Yes madam?" Sr. Alvarez prompted in perfect English, "how may I be of
service?" Like many men who were in positions of power, he was
accustomed to letting his eyes wander over women. He too noted Becca's
hard nipples.

"I would like to win the pendent necklace in the front display," she
said simply.

"Pendent?" Sr. Alvarez asked, a bit puzzled. Luis explained in
rapid-fire Spanish exactly what the situation was. "Oh, I am sorry
madam," Sr. Alvarez apologized, "but that pendent is not available as
a door prize for cruise passengers. I can make you a good discount,
though?" As he said this, his eyes dropped meaningfully to Becca's

Clem turned to see that the office door was still open with most of
the staff peering in lasciviously. He therefore missed Becca's next
bargaining position: she cupped her breasts and squeezed them, looking
at Sr. Alvarez in the eyes until he raised them to meet hers. "I
believe, Señor Alvarez, that many things are negotiable," she said,
her voice husky with a slutty tone. "Do you not agree?"

Sr. Alvarez smiled. "Please, madam," he replied, "you must call me Sammy."

Becca smiled too, and reached from under her top to cup her flesh and
pinch her nipples. "Sammy... you should call me Becca."

"I am pleased to meet you Becca," Sammy Alvarez said, standing. He
walked around his desk to close the office door. Then he moved
straight to Becca and looked deep into her eyes. "Can we really come
to an understanding on this matter?" His eyes flicked over to Clem,
who was not interfering.

"I think we can," Becca assured him, ignoring Clem. "But perhaps we
should enjoy some refreshment first?" She turned to Luis. "I thought
you mentioned some drinks?"

Luis apologized comically and hurried to find the fancy Herradura
Antiguo tequila. The three men and Becca each had a shot, then
another. To make it more interesting, Becca reached back and undid the
strings of her bikini top. Her breasts remained in the cups, but her
tits swayed in a way that made Sammy wish his mistress had a similar

"So... Becca... let us conclude the negotiations," Sammy said. "That
is a very nice necklace that you want. What do you offer in return?"

"Me," she said simply. Both Sammy and Luis had assumed that was the
case, but neither dared take that for granted.

"Ah," Sammy said, daring to reach out and pull her top aside.
"Ahhhhh," he smiled, seeing her hard nipples jutting jauntily away
from her breasts. "How much of you?" he asked.

Becca had trouble breathing, her arousal was so intense. She was
putting out for jewelry. She was being a damned whore. Forget being a
slut, she was whoring and loving the idea of it. She wanted cock, and
needed it soon."I will suck both of you, and swallow your seed," she

"Ah, Becca," Sammy said, moving to her and putting his hand behind her
neck. He pulled her into a kiss, and both of them were surprised how
eagerly the other kissed. They were animals in heat, and there was no
use in denying it.

"This is a very, very nice pendent," Sammy whispered, kissing her
again. His hand slid down as she held her breath, and he reached into
her bottoms and touched her sopping wet pussy. "I think for such a
beautiful item, I should be allowed to fuck you."

"Only once?" Becca pouted wantonly. Screw getting a good deal, now she
wanted--needed--a good fucking.

Sammy looked at her, surprised. "You are a tigress, are you not?" Her
reply was to grab him and press her lips to his. Sammy gasped, pulling
back and wiping his mouth of their combined spittal. He looked over at
Luis. "I think I will need the help of Luis," he said.

"Good," Becca said. She needed sex, now. The whole being a whore thing
was incredibly arousing, and she could cum at any moment. "He can eat
my pussy while you take off your clothes." So saying, she pulled off
her thong bottoms, displaying her shaved crotch to the men. She hopped
on the desk and spread her legs. Clem saw that her pussy was soaking
wet, already open from lust. "Go get the pendent," she told them.
Becca realized she mostly wanted the fucking, but a nice pendent was a
bonus she shouldn't ignore.

Sammy nodded at Luis, who disappeared out the door and came back less
than a minute later. He handed it to Sammy, who leered at her and
handed it to Clem.

Becca smiled sweetly, then turned serious. "Come over here and eat my
cunt," she growled at Luis, thinking that whores had cunts and
trembling because of it.

Luis looked helpless. "Señora, I have never..." he began.

"Do it, Luis," Sammy growled, trying to remove his clothing as quickly
as possible. His wife would not understand it if he came home with
evidence of sex on his clothing.

Though he had never done it before--or possibly because he had never
done it before--Becca found Luis' tongue hit the right spot. Like many
men, he assumed that the spot he fucked was the one that women wanted
him to pay attention to. Consequently, he tongued deep into her pussy,
pressing his face hard into her crotch to wriggle his muscle as far
inside her as he could. He frequently had to gasp for air, which felt
so damn good to Becca. His inept cunnilingus soon caused Becca to
climax hard. Her pussy squirted scalding hot juices onto Luis' face,
who tried in vain to avoid it. Becca grabbed his hair and ground him
into her pussy as she came loudly. She pushed Luis back, telling him
to take off his clothes then come back to do that some more.

Sammy had watched in amazement as this hot gringa came so loudly. He
looked at the video monitor discretely placed in the upper corner of
the room, and saw that several patrons in the store stopped and stared
at the blank office door. The other employees looked at each other and
smirked, then fidgeted. Everyone in the building and perhaps on the
street understood that Becca had cum.

Becca looked at Sammy, who was milking his erection. "You," she said,
crooking a finger at him, "you come and put that dick in my mouth."

Clem watched as his wife sucked the shop manager. She was certainly
eager, he saw, and she was talented judging by Sammy's reaction. Her
hollow cheeks slid up and down his shaft. At one point, she had his
entire cock in her mouth but still her tongue was out and licking his
balls. Clem felt incredibly proud!

When she paused to catch her breath, she saw a self-consciously nude
Luis watching. "If you want to get what Sammy has," she said, "you'd
better put that face of yours back in my damn cunt!" She stretched out
over the desk so that she could bob up and down on Sammy's cock while
Luis squatted and tongue fucked her again. That got her growling in

"Oh damn," she cried after just a few minutes, "you gotta fuck me."
She looked at Sammy, and rolled onto her back, sliding stray papers
off the desk. She felt so wicked, her legs spread wide to accept this
stranger's cock. She could honestly feel her juices dripping down her
crack, which added to her sensation of being a slutty tramp. More than
that; a whore. She shut her eyes, close to another orgasm.

"Fuck," Sammy muttered. "Fuckin' puta." This woman was letting him
fuck her to earn a gem he paid $25 for. It was only Tanzanite! But
here she was, giving him her pussy and womb, for he was not going to
wear a condom and he intended to deposit his semen deep inside her.
Not only was she allowing him to fuck her, she was visibly so aroused
that her pussy was begging for a fucking. It was open and wet, and he
was going to fuck her. With that thought, he pressed himself to her
and slid easily into Becca. "Aahhhhh," he groaned, loving the
sensation of his cock swimming in her wetness.

"Oh God, Oh God," Becca whimpered, feeling him filling her canal. He
hit just the right spot and she climaxed on his cock. Sammy growled
and began pumping her hard as she came, extending her orgasm. He loved
fucking and was good at it.

People in the showroom heard a yowling noise, like a strangled cat.
The floor staff looked at each other again, wondering how that woman
could be cumming again.

Luis stared wide-eyed. He'd never seen such a wanton woman. He was
even more surprised she beckoned him over and began giving him a very
wet blowjob. She was craving cock! It was outrageous.

Both men found themselves resisting their orgasms. They held out in
part by stopping their own movements and making her do all the work.
The problem with that strategy is that Becca was very actively sucking
and fucking them. It was like she was encouraging them to dump their
loads. She was.

Clem didn't dare touch himself. This situation was so very sexual.
Yeah, she wanted that gem, but that was ultimately a pretext. He
wondered if they'd let the genie out of the bottle on this cruise. He
wondered if what they did on the ship wouldn't overflow onto the dock
and their lives. Watching his wife humping this man and sucking for
seed, he wondered if an overflow wouldn't be a good thing.

Sammy couldn't hold out much longer. He pulled out and grabbed her
knees, pulling her to the end of the desk. He doubled her over, giving
himself as much depth into her as he could.

He'd pulled her away from Luis, so Becca was also able to concentrate
on Sammy. She reached back and pulled out the hair clip because it was
hurting her skull, then laid flat and looked up at Sammy. "C'mon
Sammy, fill me. Cum in me. Give me your cum. Give me your sperm. Come
on. Do it." Over and over she urged him to shoot, and when he did she
felt it. She smiled and cooed as he closed his eyes and pumped her
full of semen.

As Sammy leaned over her softening, Becca turned to Luis and told him,
"Your turn."

"Me?" Luis asked. Surely she didn't want him to fuck the swamp that
her pussy had become?

"Come fuck my sloppy pussy," she hissed. As Sammy lurched backward,
she reached down and spread her twat open. Clem felt a tremendous
desire for her, because there was already a river of cum pouring out.
If Luis didn't hurry up and plug her, he would!

Swallowing his revulsion (for he was a fastidious man), Luis stepped
up and slid his cock into Becca's stretched, steamy, and gooey pussy.
He leaned over and kissed her, because then he was farthest away from
seeing what exactly he was doing. There was no doubt, Becca was a good
kisser. Also, fucking a blond woman was a something he had done only
once before, and she had been a bleached Latina. Luis rapidly lost his
disquiet and began to churn the cream in her vat as if making butter.

Becca felt the young man's extremely hard cock seat itself in her
frictionless sheath, then begin a relentless pounding. Luis was not as
thick as Sammy, but he had stamina and a growing need to cum. His
athletic fucking into her slippery cunt was extremely pleasurable to
the semi-pro woman.

Sammy sat and had another tequila, pouring one for the others as well.
He sipped his drink while watching the gringa get fucked. "Your wife
is quite a woman," he commented to Clem.

"Er, yes," Clem agreed, caught off guard. He had been watching the
now-foamy cum sheathing Luis' prick, as well as the puddle of semen on
the desk. Sammy would need to have his desk refinished.

"Do you think I should fuck her again?" Sammy asked.

Clem looked at him and saw that he was seriously asking. "I think you
deserve another turn, in exchange for the necklace," Clem replied.
Plus, his wife was entering the zone where more fucking meant more
orgasms. Her clit was popped out almost as far as her nipples.

"The necklace, it is nothing," Sammy said. He eyed Clem shrewdly. "I
think that this is not about the necklace, no? This is about your wife
getting what she wants."

"You are right," Clem agreed.

As they talked, Luis felt his own orgasm near. He was fucking a hot
gringa, a woman he would never see again. She was a puta, a fiery
bitch whore who craved his cock and how he was fucking her. She was
loving this! And he would unload inside her baby canal. The women he
knew required him to wear a condom, but not this puta. That
realization sent him over the edge. He stiffened and buried himself
into her pussy, shooting satisfying shot after shot. Literally, when
he was done and shrinking, his balls actually hurt.

Sammy stood up, his cock 3/4 erect. "Now, Becca, get on the floor like
a dog and eat my cock."

Becca was thrilled at his nasty words, and slid off the desk and onto
her hands and knees. As she moved down, she felt globs of cum pour out
of her stretched cunt and slop onto the floor. In fact, her knees slid
in the goo. It was incredibly nasty, sexy, exciting.

On her hands and knees, Becca opened her mouth as if begging for a
treat. Sammy growled in lust, grabbing her mane and pulling her head
back. Then he slapped her face with his cock, all the while asking if
she wanted his dick.

"Damn you," she groaned, "put your dick in my mouth!"

"My dirty dick?" Sammy asked. "The dick that is caked with your own
syrup?" He struck her in the cheek with his cock, a hot smack that
excited them both.

"Yes, let me clean your cock, your filthy cum-covered cock."

"Do you need more cock?" Sammy asked, a thought occurring to him. "Do
you want more dick in your mouth and cunt?"

"Gimme more," Becca groaned. She was feeling like such a stinkin'
whore, sucking whatever dick was in front of her. She was kneeling in
two loads that had drained out of her own pussy. She was begging for
Sammy's cock in her mouth. She imagined herself as an insatiable whore
who needed hard cocks.

To emphasize her need, she suddenly lunged her mouth so as to get
Sammy's dick between her lips. He released her hair and allowed her to
slide her mouth onto his muscle.

Sammy looked at Clem as Becca moaned with her mouth filled with dick.
"Señor, there are several men working today who would enjoy your
wife." He watched Clem's face for anger, and saw none. "Perhaps she
would accept them in order to earn a bracelet, or perhaps earrings?"
Becca began to lift off in order to agree, but Sammy grabbed her hair
again and jammed his cock into her greedy mouth to silence her.

Clem considered for only a moment before agreeing. His wife had
prostituted herself for the pendent necklace, and she would have to
enjoy that decision. They'd douche the hell out of her when they got
back on the ship to hopefully rinse out any diseases. It was a little
late to think of that anyways.

Sammy sent Luis out to inform his colleagues of the opportunity that
had presented itself. When the first man came in, Sammy looked at the
earrings the man held. The man's eyes were wide as he beheld the woman
servicing his boss. Sammy spoke to him quickly in Spanish, sending him
back out. "This man, he tried to give your wife a gift of bullshit. I
will not have them cheat this woman."

Clem was grateful that Sammy had Becca's interests in mind. It might
not have been that way, after all. He pondered how it was that Becca's
whorish actions had endeared her to Sammy when the next man came in.
He held a quite beautiful pair of Tanzanite earrings. Sammy smiled.

"These men, they pay for the gifts with their own money," he said. "I
think they know her value now."

Sammy pulled his dick out of Becca's mouth, and walked to her ass. He
pushed down on her back to urge her onto her elbows, which tilted her
pussy up. "Fuck yeah!" Becca cried out gutturally as Sammy slid into
her with one stroke. Sammy had her by the hair and was pounding her
hard before the new man had the sense enough to unzip his trousers and
pull out his snake.

"¡Madre de Dios!" The man exclaimed, feeling how Becca's mouth was so
eager and wet. It was like giving a bottle to a motherless baby goat.
He had only to stand still and this American tana would eat his cock
like it was her only meal for the day. She was starving for his cum,
or so it seemed.

Becca was in that place she now knew that she loved. One man was
humping her sloppy pussy while another was moaning and groaning from
her oral talents. She loved double penetration, where cock was all she
could concentrate one. That wasn't quite right, because in the proper
amount there was too much dick to concentrate on as individual tools.
Dicks filled her mind until it overflowed, much liked they filled her
throat and cunt.

Out of the haze she felt Sammy prying apart her cheeks as if testing
her willingness to be sodomized. "Oh God!", she thought, "I could have
three cocks in me!" That idea made her begin clenching and cumming,
gripping Sammy's cock like a hand squeezing pliers while she huffed
and moaned on the new man's prick.

For him, it was too much. "¡Caray!" he gulped, and then she had to
gulp to swallow his sudden ejaculation. Unfortunately for her, she was
cumming herself, and wasn't keeping her mind on the dick in her mouth.
The man literally filled her mouth to overflowing, and creamy semen
oozed out of the corners of her mouth. He stumbled back, his
cum-coated cock hanging wetly with a string of spit and sperm
connecting to her lips.

The dazed Becca looked over at Clem, who was aghast at her and his
response to her. She was getting coated with sperm, cumming like a
cowgirl riding a Sybian, and was crazed with lust. And yet, his heart
was full of nothing but love for her. He opened the door, and peered
out. "Next," he called.

The next two hours were a blur to both of them. Becca's knees and jaw
got incredibly sore from awkward sexual positioning. Her cunt seemed
to be permanently filled with cum, and her back was caked since she
had laid in a puddle of creampie to relieve her knees. Clem wasn't
sure how many cocks had cum in and on her how many times. He just knew
his pockets were stuffed with "gifts" for Becca.

The finale was a special position that Becca requested. She sat on a
cock, and Sammy jammed himself for the third time into her: this time
up her ass. Another man was in her mouth, so she was triple
penetrated. Two other men stood at the side and she tried to jack them
off. Not everyone came, but those who did shot all over her body.

Following that, Clem and Becca returned to the ship. Disdaining
Sammy's offer to clean up in the office restroom, Becca strolled out
with creampie coating her inner thighs. The thong had no hope of
soaking up all the sperm inside her. Her body was crusty with cum as
well. She reeked of sweat and sex. People stared, and despite being
completely fucked out, her nipples and clit were hard.

"Baby, please, can't you clean up a little?" Clem whispered, feeling
uncomfortable about boarding the ship with his wife in this condition.
She had only acted like a cheap whore at a bachelor party; she wasn't
really one.

"OK," she agreed, suddenly feeling very weary.

Clem spotted a shower near a makeshift beach just off the pier. He
pointed it out, but Becca first waded into the water. She did a quick
job of washing crud off and out of her body. Then she came out, and
rinsed under the shower.

"Why don't you lay on a beach chair until you dry off?" Clem
suggested, pointing to the lounging area.

Becca agreed, laying down, but "only for a minute or two." Clem laid
in the chair next to her, and they both promptly fell asleep.

Up on the deck above the bridge, a snipper attending the scrapbooking
convention watched as people returned to the ship. She had spent the
day working on a project, and Mexico didn't really appeal to her in
any case.

She was startled by the loud airhorn when it blasted. That was
supposed to warn stragglers to hurry up, and visitors from the shore
to disembark. She thought it was a throwback to older days, so she was
surprised to see two people leap up off lounge chairs on the distant
shore. The pair--a man and a woman--raced towards the mall of Duty
Free shops.

The airhorn blasted again while the couple were in the shops, and the
woman began to wonder if they were going to make the ship's departure.
In the bay created by the pier, the pilot boat cast off and brought
the pilot to the pier, where he nimbly jumped onto the pier, walked
across it, and boarded the ship. Still, the couple were seemingly
trapped inside the Duty Free mall. The dock workers began casting off
the secondary lines and the forecrew reeled them in using the giant

Finally they emerged, running hell-for-leather. There was a crowd on
the deck now, and they all cheered the pair--Clem and Becca--as they
raced to the ship. Clem and Becca boarded the ship, and the gangway
was stowed for departure. They'd made it.

To be continued!

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