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                                    Horny Pregnant Mother
                                             By Stiffy010

                                                 Fb, anal

Monique was 8 months pregnant. Her husband Jim was in the Army 
and had been deployed to Iraq, not to return for another three months. 
Monique's hormones were in overdrive. She was incredibly horny, and 
couldn't shake the craving for the feeling of a hot cock in her pussy, but 
she was a good Christian wife and mother with an 8 year-old son and a 
3-year-old daughter. Her daughter, Melissa, was a sound sleeper, but her 
son, Josh, was a light sleeper and deathly afraid of the thunderstorms 
that seemed to regularly roll through South Carolina, where they lived. 

One night, around midnight a particularly violent storm roared and lashed
at their small home and Josh came running in to climb in bed with his 
mother. This wasn't anything new, and Monique rolled on her side so Josh
could take his usual position spooning against her backside. The storm
raged for half an hour before finally subsiding. In the meantime, Josh had
burrowed himself tightly into Monique's behind and, through her thin silky
gown, she could feel his hard little penis probing between her asscheeks. 
Monique knew from talking to her pediatrician that young boys can achieve 
erections as early as when they're 5 and 6 years of age, so she wasn't 
concerned that he'd grown erect, but it drove her to new heights of 
horniness and, in spite of herself she felt herself humping back onto 
his little member. Then she realized that he was actually humping her
back and that just about drove her to distraction. Could he be enjoying 
the feel of her soft, warm ass on his penis?

That got Monique thinking about the possibility of using Josh's little 
cock to give herself some relief from her horniness. She figured that if 
she was careful, she could roll away from Josh, get out of bed, pull his 
briefs off him and then resume her position and insert his hot little 
penis in her already wet pussy. Her swollen, pregnant pussy tingled as 
she thought about it and she finally decided she had to go for it - or go 

She moved away from Josh's warm little body and slipped out of bed, 
then reached for Josh's briefs with one hand while lifting his small body 
with the other, working them down his legs and off. A flash of genius 
struck her when she thought to go and drop his briefs on the floor in 
front of the toilet so that when he awoke the next day she could say 
that he must have taken them off when he was half-awake in the night 
to go pee and forgotten to put them back on.

Now that she had his briefs off she quickly pulled her nightgown up
over her waist, slid back in bed and assumed the same position as 
before, with her buttcheeks surrounding Josh's cute little erect penis.  

Josh, though deep in sleep, immediately began humping his penis
between Monique's cheeks and that was driving her wild! She 
reasoned that he might wake up if she delayed, so she lifted her top
leg, reached down through her crotch and grasping Josh's slim, erect
4-inch shaft, placed it at the entrance to her throbbing pussy. She
pushed her ass back and that seemed to be all he needed because
her little son began pumping his short cock in and out of his very horny
mother, driving her crazy with pleasure. Her gynocologist had warned
her that this close to term, she should not engage in vaginal sex, but 
she knew that Jeff's cock was small enough that he could do no 
damage, and it felt WONDERFUL!

Monique began humping her ass back in time with Josh's little stabs in
her thoroughly aroused pussy and it wasn't more that a couple minutes
before Monique had a very pleasurable orgasm, shuddering as it 
rumbled through her body. 

It wasn't until she had come to her senses after her climax that she 
realized that Josh had never stopped humping his mother's pussy and
she realized that she was quickly building to a second orgasm. Josh's
little cock kept pumping in and out of her throbbing cunt and Monique 
could feel her body begin to tense, and then her second orgasm 
crashed over her, if anything, better than the first! Now she was out of 
breath and knew that she had to roll away from Josh or the little sex 
machine was going to make her cum all night. 

Then she thought, sex machine! Cuming all night! Wow! She could
go for that! She knew she'd discovered the answer to her over-active 
hormones and fell asleep sexually satisfied for the first time in months.

The next morning she awoke refreshed and ready to have a great day.
She looked over, saw her young son sleeping peacefully, and bent over 
kissing him gently on the cheek as he slept. She got up, pulled on her 
robe and went to brew her morning coffee. 

Before the coffee was done brewing, a very concerned young Josh 
peeked around the corner and said, "Momma, I lost my underwear!
I had them on when I went to bed and when I woke up just now they're
gone!" He was almost in tears fearing that his mother would be angry
with him.

"Well, let's look around for them, okay?" Monique said and began 
walking around the corner to go down the hall. Josh was standing with
his hands covering his crotch and shaking with embarrassment. 

Monique went into his room and pulled back the covers to his bed.
Nothing there. Then she walked down the hall a few steps and looked
in the bathroom. There, right where she'd left them, were Josh's briefs.

"Here they are, Sweetheart!" she said. "I bet you had to pee in the 
night and took them off, then forgot to put them back on."

Josh seemed relieved and accepted that explanation, and Monique
watched as he quickly put them on, sliding them up over his cute little 
balls and penis, then he ran off to get his shorts on so he could have 
some cereal and then go out to play

Monique was happy and contented for about a week, but then those
old cravings to have a cock in her hormone overloaded pussy began 
to return until she was obsessed with finding a way to get Josh's little 
penis back into her pussy. She began watching the weather 
forecasts and hoping for thunderstorms, but none materialized. She
was getting frantic with lust when finally, the TV weatherman said
that tonight there was a line of very strong thunderstorms that were
approaching and that around midnight they'd pass through the area. 
Monique was so happy when she heard that, and immediately 
began thinking about having Josh's hot little cock in her pussy once 

Sure enough, the thunderstorms rolled in about 11:30 and within
a few moments after the first loud crack of thunder, Josh appeared
shaking with fear and snuggled in behind his mother.

Monique could hardly wait for Josh to settle down and fall asleep. 
She certainly didn't want to rush things and have him wake up while 
she was pulling his briefs off, or when she had his cock in her pussy.
She took a deep breath to try and relax and, as the storms moved 
on out of the area, she felt Josh's body relax and then, after about 
ten minutes, he began the rhythmic thrusting of his little penis into 
her butt. This caused a thrill to run through Monique's body and she 
realized she was mere minutes away from having that sturdy little 
cock inside her again.

Monique moved a bit to see if Josh reacted, but he kept humping his 
hips, fucking thin air, so she felt safe in getting up and preparing him
for her pleasure again. She quickly stripped off his briefs, this time
keeping them next to the bed so she could put them back on him
again when she was through.

After stripping his underwear off, she positioned herself and backed
up her ass to his stiff little penis again. As soon as her asscheeks
surrounded his penis, he began thrusting again. 

Talk about Pavlovian reactions, Monique thought, but oh God, it felt
so good to have his hot little member probing away at her bare 
backside! She raised her upper leg and reaching down between her
legs again, grasped his little penis gently and directed it to her hot,
wet pussy which was throbbing with anticipation of the pleasure 
it was about to receive.

After placing it on the opening to her pussy, she pushed herself
back and Josh automatically began humping his sturdy little cock in 
and out of her totally aroused cunt. Monique wasn't stupid or uncaring,
she knew what she was doing was very, very wrong, but she just
couldn't help herself and began pushing her butt back to match his
little probes into her pussy. It didn't take more than a few minutes 
and Monique had her first orgasm. It rolled over her like the earlier 
thunderstorm had rolled over the area, causing her body to writhe 
and shake.

When she came down from her orgasm she again felt her little
lover continuing to push his penis in and out of her pussy as though
he was deriving pleasure himself. Monique wondered again if Josh 
could feel pleasure through his penis at his age and tried to figure 
out how she could ask his doctor without it seeming strange. 
Maybe she could find that out on the internet, she thought, and 
concentrated on enjoying the nice gentle fuck her son was giving 
her while he was sound asleep.

Monique was just beginning to build toward her second orgasm 
and was humping back harder and harder, trying to derive as much 
friction and pleasure as she could from her son's slim little staff.
Suddenly, she must have moved forward when he moved back
and his penis slipped out. Before it registered in her mind what had 
happened, he pushed again and his little cock hit a perfect bulls-eye
on her anus, popping right in! Monique was surprized and because
she'd never had anal sex before, a little disgusted by what had 
happened, but before she could move away, she realized that the 
sensations it was giving her were strong, and pleasant! She would 
have never allowed her husband to put his penis in there, but Josh's
slim cock fit in very nicely and it was giving her a thrill like she'd 
never had before. Monique had never heard of a woman having an 
anal orgasm because she'd always assumed that anal sex for only 
for the pleasure of the male participant (and pain for the female). 
What she was feeling now was not what she had expected! Josh's 
cock felt very hot and swelled her anal passage only slightly as the
bulbous little head and shaft slid in and out. Monique felt her body 
reacting to it by instinctively thrusting back onto it, trying to push it 
as deep inside her as she could. 

Oh my God! This feels so erotic! So sexy, she thought, as her 
young son pumped his slim, 4-inch penis in and out of her asshole. 
I can't believe it, she thought, I think I'm gonna cum from this!

Sure enough, Josh's cock sawing in and out of her super sensitive 
anus caused her to have the largest orgasm she'd ever had! She 
moaned and thrashed about, eventually twisting Josh's cock and 
pulling herself off him, waking him. 

Monique was shocked out of her post orgasmic revelery when 
she heard Josh say, "Mom? Are you okay? What's going on?"

She quickly turned toward him and said, "Josh Honey, everything's 
fine. I was just having a bad dream. I'm so glad my big man is here 
with me now! Thank you, Sweetie!" as she hugged and kissed him. 
"You go back to sleep now and we'll have a wonderful day 

Monique knew that she'd dodged a bullet this time, but the high she'd 
gotten from the orgasm caused by Josh's cock in her ass had her
hooked. She knew that from then on she was going to have to have
Josh's cock in her ass each time she was able to make love with him.

Then she felt her first contraction and knew she'd be going to the 
hospital shortly

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