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	Mothers In Law
	by Ann Douglas

	The buzzing of the phone on the night table rudely dragged
Joyce Madison back to the conscious world.  Reaching out from the
bed, she lifted the receiver and dragged the headset back under
the sheets where she had buried her throbbing head only six hours

	"Hello?"  the forty-seven year old brunette said in a groggy

	"Good morning, Mrs. Madison, this is your ten-thirty wake up
call," said the disgustingly cheerful voice on the other end.

	"Wonderful,"  she replied, already replacing the phone on its
cradle before she could say what was really on her mind to the
desk clerk.

	Only five minutes later, Joyce admitted defeat and tossed
aside the sheet, lifting herself up and swinging her legs over the
side of the bed.  The room around her came in focus as she put on
the eyeglasses she had left next to the phone.  The cold spartan
nature of the hotel room didn't help her mood.

	"Damn that miserable bastard!"  Joyce cried out as she
recalled the reason for her sour mood.

	Yesterday, had been a day that should've been one of the
happiest of her life - the day her son took a wife.  And for the
most part, it had been just that.  At least until her ex-husband,
Robert, had shown up with his own child-bride.

	The blonde whore, as she liked to think of her, really wasn't
a child-bride, she had to admit, but she might as well have been.
Twenty years Joyce's junior, she was also only three years older
than their son, Stephen's, new wife.

	To add insult to injury, the two of them were staying only
two rooms down.  The image of them going at it all night had been
enough to disturb Joyce's badly needed sleep.  It had also served
as a reminder that the other side of her own bed had been empty
for far too long.

	Taking a deep breath, Joyce tried to put both thoughts
from her mind, concentrating instead on the fact that right now,
her son and new daughter-in-law, Karen, were on their way to ten
glorious days in the Florida sun.  At least that much was going

	Thinking of Karen made Joyce remember why she had asked
for the wake up call in the first place.  Sometime during the
reception, still early enough that the idea made sense, Joyce had
promised Karen's mother, whom she had met all of eight hours
before the wedding, that she would have lunch with her today.  A
native of San Francisco, the mother of the bride was only going to
be in town for the weekend.

	"I guess it would be poor form for me to call her up now and
cancel,"  Joyce said to herself as she headed for the bathroom in
the hope that a cold shower would help clear the fog from her

	As she stood under the running water, letting it both wash
her body and clear her head, Joyce thought back to yesterday.
During the hectic half-hour that Joyce had got to actually spend
with Sharon Robinson, she found the fifty-year old redhead to be
charming and friendly.  She could easily see where Karen got her
looks from and pointed out to her son that old maxim that if you
want to see what your new bride is going to look like in thirty
years, take a good look at her mother.  If that proved to be true,
then decades from now, Stephen would hardly be disappointed.

	Five minutes under the cold water was all that Joyce could
stand, but she left the shower feeling better than when she
crawled in.  She dried herself off then took care of her rest of
her morning toilette.

	Stepping naked into the other room, she laid out the clothes
she planned to wear across the bed, a nice green dress that was
just perfect for a lunch date and the appropriate undergarments.
Before she dressed, however, she moved over to the large dressing
mirror over the bureau and took stock of herself.

	In all honestly, she had to say she looked pretty good for
her age.  A lot of the friends she'd gone to high school and college
with couldn't say the same thing, especially after two kids and a
divorce.  As much as her ex-husband made her furious at times,
she had refused to let him ruin the rest of her life.  She'd seen
too many other women bury themselves in a bottle or worse.

	Okay, she had a few extra pounds, but she lived in the real
world and not Hollywood where you had personal trainers and
nutritional experts to work with you every day.  And if she didn't
dye her hair every month, a good part of it would probably be gray.
But if that was a crime than millions of other women were just as

	Her breasts had held up pretty well, partly because she
went right back to keeping up her body after each of her
pregnancies.  Something Robert never seemed to appreciate as his
eye was constantly roving.  The rest of her body also showed the
effects of a few years, but what did anyone expect, no one with a
real life kept the body they went to college with.

	"Enough of this,"  Joyce said to herself,  "It's just Robert
making you crazy again."

	She quickly got dressed, then went back in the bathroom to
put on her make-up.  Soon after that, with ten minutes to spare, a
much more composed Joyce was heading for the elevator and the
restaurant in the lobby.

	Waiting for the elevator, she became aware of someone else
standing beside her.  She turned her head just enough to see who
it was.  To her shock, it was the child-bride.

	"Good morning,"  she managed to say, reminding herself to
be civil.

	"Hi,"  the younger blonde said with a smile, then turned back
to watching the indicator display over the door.

	It took a second for Joyce to realize that Ginger, she finally
found the strength to say her name, even mentally, had no idea who
she was.  This despite the fact that they'd been introduced the
night before.

	"Did you have a nice time at the wedding?"  she asked the

	"Oh I had a great time, but I think I drank way too much,"
Ginger gushed.  "Were you one of the guests too?"

	"Sort of,"  Joyce grinned,  "I was one of the organizers you
might say."

	"Really, then you must know my Robby,"  she replied.  'It was
his son's wedding."

	"Oh yes,  I know him very well,"  Joyce said in a neutral tone.

	"Isn't he the most."

	"He's certainly something, that's for sure,"  the older
woman agreed as the doors opened.

	As they stepped into the elevator, Joyce decided that it was
hardly a matter of having had too much to drink the night before.
What ever else Ginger might have going for her, and in the physical
assets department that was a lot, a high intelligence didn't go
along with it.  Or even a medium level when she thought about it.
Once those physical charms began to go, it was a certainty that
Robert's wandering eye was going to reemerge.  If it took that
long.  By the time they reached the lobby, Joyce was feeling a lot
better about herself.


	By the time she reached the restaurant, Joyce found that
Sharon had already arrived and been seated.  Led to the table by
the waitress, Joyce thought that her new in-law looked a lot
fresher this morning than she did, despite being a few years older.
She was wearing a pair of white slacks with a blue blouse.

	"Good Morning,"  Sharon said as she looked up from the
menu that she had reading.

	"Good Morning,"  Joyce said in turn,  "I hope I didn't keep
you waiting."

	"Not at all, in fact I think you're right on time,"  the
redhead smiled warmly.

	"Have you ordered yet?"  Joyce asked as she picked up her
own menu.

	"No, but the special looks good."

	"Then why don't we make it two of them then,'  Joyce said
as she put down her menu.

	"Sounds fine to me,"  Sharon said.

	The waitress returned a moment later and Sharon gave both
their orders.  Joyce took the brief time to review what Stephen
had told him about his new mother-in-law.  Fifty years old, Sharon
had been widowed almost twenty-one years ago and had never
remarried.  Joyce had been divorced only two years and hated
being alone.  She couldn't imagine being that way for two decades.

	It couldn't be for lack of attention,  Joyce thought.  Even at
the half-century mark, Sharon was a striking woman.  Her dark red
hair was cut short and framed an attractive face.  Her body was
quite fill figured and if she hadn't managed to defy gravity as
Joyce had with her smaller bust, well then she managed to hide it

	"It was a very nice wedding, don't you think?"  Sharon said
as they waited for their order to be delivered.

	"Very much so,"  Joyce agreed.  "I'm glad the children had
such a good time."

	"I seem to recall you having a pretty good time yourself,"
Sharon grinned.

	"I guess I did get a little carried away and had too much to
drink,"  Joyce admitted.

	"Nonsense, it was a celebration,"  Sharon replied.  "If you
can't cut loose at your child's wedding, then when can you?"

	"I notice you managed to retain a more proper decorum,"
Joyce said with a touch of embarrassment.

	"Well lets just say that I cut loose in a different way, one
that I though wouldn't be that appropriate at the wedding,"
Sharon explained.

	Before Joyce could ask what that meant, the waitress
returned with their lunches.  When conversation resumed, it
centered on more on the children and their future.  It went on for
almost three-quarters of an hour until finally, when the meal was
done and that topic exhausted, the two women returned to more
about themselves over coffee.

	"Karen told me you lost your husband a short time after she
was born,"  Joyce said,  "I was sorry to hear that."

	"Thank you,  Sharon replied,  "but it was a long time ago.
And Stephen tells me you've been divorced two years now."

	"Yes,"  Joyce acknowledged with a nod of her head,  "you
probably met my ex last night with his new wife."

	"Twenty-something, long blonde hair, big boobs, empty
head?"  Sharon asked.  "The one wearing the dress that looked like
it had been spray painted on?"

	"That was the one,"  the brunette grinned.

	"Barely even noticed her."

	Both women laughed.

	"Anyone new on the horizon for yourself?"  Sharon asked.

	"I've dated some, but few men seem that interested in a
used car when there are so many new models coming off the
assembly line,"  Joyce answered.  "At least not for the long haul."

	"Then what about the short haul,"  Sharon asked.  "There's
nothing wrong with having a little fun for yourself."

	"Oh I have nothing against a little fun,"  Joyce said,  "but it
seems men are worse than women when it comes to something like
that.  They can't wait to tell all their friends.  Then the old double
standard comes in.  A man can sleep with fifty women and they call
him a stud, let a woman sleep with one guy and all of a sudden she's
a slut. I live in the suburbs and it's not that big of a community."

	"Maybe it's just a matter of selecting the right people to
sleep with,"  Sharon offered.

	Joyce again nodded her agreement, thinking that she was
finding it really comfortable talking to her new in-law.  A lot more
than most of the women she normally called friends.

	"Sharon, I know we really don't know each other that well
yet, but can I ask you a personal question?"  Joyce asked.

	"It depends on the question,"  Sharon instantly replied, then
laughed and then said,  "of course you can, ask away."

	"You've been single more than half your adult life, doesn't it
get lonely?"  she asked.  "I mean its one thing to take care of the
physical needs but hasn't there ever been anyone you wanted to
settle down with?"

	Sharon didn't answer right away.  In fact, enough time
passed that Joyce now felt that the question had been
inappropriate and apologized for it.

	"Oh no, the question was fine,"  Sharon replied,  "it's just
the answer that's somewhat complicated."

	"Then lets just forget it then,"  Joyce said as she finished
her coffee.

	"No, if we're going to be friends and not just in-laws, we
shouldn't have things between us,"  Sharon said.  "Besides, it's not
something that I really hide or I'm ashamed of, I just thought
that Karen or Stephen might've mentioned it to you before."

	Now Joyce was intrigued.

	"To put it simply, I'm a lesbian,"  Sharon said, draining the
last of her coffee as well.  "In fact I've been one all of my life."

	"But you were married, you had two kids," Joyce said in
surprise but then added.  "I'm sorry, it's really none of my

	"No, I want us to be friends so let me tell you,"  Sharon
insisted.  "Unless you already have a problem with it and I won't."

	"No, no I don't have any problem with it,"  Joyce replied.
"In fact, I've never even known anyone who was, and living in New
York that's saying a lot.  Please go ahead."

	"Well, back when I was in my teens,  I was still pretty
unsure of my sexual orientation.  It was 1970 and despite all those
stories you might have heard about the swinging sixties, a lesbian
lifestyle still wasn't very socially acceptable.  At least not in my
household.  I was unable ... unwilling  ... to make the choices that I
would've had to make to follow that road.  To make my parents
happy, I tried to live a heterosexual lifestyle.  I met Jack on my
first job out of high school and two months after that I was
pregnant.  My knowledge of birth control left a lot to be desired."

	The image of Karen's older brother Mike, who she had also
met at the wedding, flashed through Joyce's mind.  He was the
baby, Sharon was referring to.

	"The idea of being an unwed mother didn't appeal to me
either so Jack and I were married a month later.  Seven months
after Mike was born, I was pregnant again, this time with Karen.
Jack was nothing if not persistent."

	Joyce found herself listening intently, the story was

	"After we'd be married a few years, I found that some
desires wouldn't stay buried and I had my first lesbian affair with
the woman across the hall.  It lasted six months until Jack came
home unexpectedly from work.  In hindsight, it was pretty stupid
having my lover over to my own home for a romp in the hay.  But
with two toddlers, I didn't have that many options."

	"He didn't want a divorce?"  Joyce asked.

	"That was a surprise to me as well."  Sharon replied.  "Jack
never mentioned what happened again.  He simply moved into the
extra bedroom and never ventured into my bed again.  Later, when
he became ill, we made our peace with each other.  I really cried
when he died."

	Joyce didn't know what to say.  Thankfully, Sharon didn't
expect her to say anything.

	"Can I get the two of you anything else?" the waitress asked
as she stepped back alongside the table.

	"No thank you,"  Sharon said as she glanced over to the
woman on the opposite side of the table to see if she wanted
anything.  "Just the check please,"  she added when Joyce didn't
say anything.

	The waitress placed a small green check down next to
Sharon's setting.  The redhead pulled out her pen and scribbled
her name, room number and how much of a tip she wanted to add on
it and handed it back.  The young woman's eyes lit up when she
looked back at it, most guests only left a dollar or two,

	"At least let me pay half,"  Joyce said.

	"No, I'm the one who invited you to lunch, remember?"

	Joyce acquiesced with a smile. thinking she'd make it up
later as they'd already agreed to spend the rest of the day
together.  She was gathering up her things when she caught
Sharon's eyes followed the young waitress as she walked away.  It
made her wonder if she hadn't been here with her, would Sharon
had tried to pick the pretty girl up.


	The hours of the afternoon and the early evening seemed to
fly by as Joyce showed Sharon the sights of midtown Manhattan.
By the time they'd made it back to the hotel, it was as if they'd
known each other for years instead of only a few days.

	Walking through the lobby, they had the fortune, or perhaps
the misfortune to spot Robert and Ginger checking out of the
hotel.  Totally into each other, they didn't notice the two women,
but Joyce found herself staring at her replacement.

	"It really bothers you doesn't it?"  Sharon asked.

	"I know it shouldn't,"  Joyce said, for all the reasons she
realized in the elevator this morning and more,  "but I wish I could
make him feel what he made me feel when he cheated on me."

	"Well if you like, I could always seduce her,"  Sharon
offered, in a voice that was almost half-serious.  "Airheads like her
aren't that hard to talk into bed."

	"You like girls like that?"  Joyce asked, thinking back to the
waitress at lunch and making reference to the older woman's
sexuality for the first time since then.

	"Well I wouldn't want a steady diet of them,"  Sharon
smiled,  "but they can make for a fun distraction now and then."


	"Normally, I prefer a woman with more between her ears
than her legs,"  Sharon quipped.  "Age really doesn't enter into it,
I've had lovers on both ends of the calendar."

	"Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll say no,"  Joyce finally
said as she watched the two of them exit the lobby.  "It's one
thing to wish he could feel the pain, it's another to be the one to
cause it."

	"Okay,"  Sharon said, "but if I'm any judge, I think the day
will come when she might just beat him to the punch."


	"I have to admit, I did spend some time watching her at the
wedding last night,"  Sharon confessed,  "and I saw the way she
liked to party.  He's never going to be able to keep up with her and
eventually she's going to realize it."

	That thought, Joyce realized, was more than enough to make
her happy.

	"What do you want to do about dinner?"  Sharon said as she
changed the subject.  "Do you want to go out, eat in the restaurant
here or settle for room service?

	"After all the walking around we did today, room service
sounds fine,"  Joyce replied.

	"Room service it is then,"  Sharon said,  "so that only leaves
the question of your room or mine?"

	It turned out to be Sharon's if for no other reason than it
was a bigger suite with a dining area.  Joyce went first to her own
room to freshen up.  A quick shower and a change of outfit later,
she was headed up to the older woman's room.

	"Imagine,"  she thought to herself as she hit the button for
the sixth floor,  "I'm having dinner with a lesbian, what would the
girls at the garden club think about that?"

	The real question, Joyce had yet to discover, was what did
she really think about it?


	"I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of ordering
already,"  Sharon said after she'd let Joyce in.  "I figured we
should get a jump on room service so we're not eating sometime
late this evening."

	"That's fine,"  Joyce replied,  "I'm sure whatever you
ordered will be great."

	Joyce took a moment to walk around the suite and take it all
in.  It certainly was a lot more impressive than her room and she
said so.

	"Well that's only because I was able to write off some of
the cost as a business deduction,"  Sharon explained as she opened
one of the bottles of wine she'd had them bring up when she'd
ordered dinner.  "I had a meeting with my East Coast distributor
yesterday before the wedding, so that makes the IRS happy."

	"It must be nice to run your own business,"  Joyce said as
she took a glass of wine that Sharon poured for her.

	"It does have its advantages,"  Sharon said, pouring her own
glass.  "It gives you a chance to do the things you want to do."

	"Why don't we have a toast?"  Joyce asked.

	"Great idea, what shall we drink to?"

	"Well I think we drank to the kids enough yesterday."

	"Then to us, to new friends,"  Sharon said as she raised her

	"To new friends,"  Joyce repeated, bringing her own glass to
touch Sharon's.

	They each downed half the glass and Sharon refilled both.

	By the time dinner arrived, they were on the second bottle.
When the plates were clear, a third had already been opened.

	"I think we'd better slow down with this before we get into
a dangerous area,"  Sharon said as she put the cork back in the

	"What dangerous area?"  Joyce asked.

	"Remember at lunch when I said that when I get a little
toasted I cut loose in a different way?"


	"Well let's just say that would be even more inappropriate
now than at the wedding."

	"I don't get it."

	"I used to have a girlfriend that lived by the theory that
every woman is only a few drinks away from a lesbian encounter,
the key is figuring out what number that is,"  Sharon tried to

	"And have you found that this to be true?"  Joyce asked,
taking another drink from her glass.


	"But you wouldn't want it to happen with me, is that what
you're saying?"

	"I'm just saying that if something were to happen, it might
make things difficult."

	"Why difficult?"

	"Because some women tend to regret it later."

	"Is it that I'm not your type?"  Joyce asked, ignoring the
last comment.  "I'm just curious."

	"No, the problem is you're exactly my type,"  Sharon
admitted,  "and I'm afraid that if I had a few more drinks I might
not be thinking too rationally."

	"Do you know what I was thinking just a little while ago?"

	"No, but I'm guessing you're about to tell me."

	"I was thinking that it if you were a guy, I'd probably have
you in bed by now and the hell what anyone else thinks."

	"But what about the children?"  Sharon asked, putting her
finger on the heart of the problem.

	"Fuck the children!"  Joyce said with a laugh.

	"As interesting a concept as that might be to some people,"
Sharon said as she found herself taking a few steps closer to
Joyce, taking the glass from her hand and putting both of them on
the table.  "I think that I would really rather fuck you."

	Their lips met and a line was forever crossed.


	The gentle press of Sharon's lips and the soft caress of her
tongue sent a forbidden thrill racing through Joyce's body.  It was
so different than that of a man.  When she had told Sharon earlier
that she'd never even met a lesbian before, that had been the
honest truth.  What she hadn't said was that she'd had an almost
lifelong fascination with the idea.

	Their kiss continued, lips against lips, tongues exploring the
depths of the other's mouth.  Sharon let Joyce control the pace,
giving her plenty of room to back out if she wanted.  It quickly
became apparent that was the last thing she wanted.

	Joyce brought her hand up and cupped Sharon's left breast,
working her way to the center and the hard nipple she could feel
through her blouse.  She rubbed it back and forth, squeezing it
between her fingers.

	"Am I doing this right?"  she asked Sharon.

	"Baby, you're doing just fine,"  the redhead said as she
leaned in for another kiss.

	Sharon had more lovers in her life than she could possibly
remember, but the illicit thrill she felt as she kissed her new
in-law was unbelievable.  Part of her still said this was wrong, that
Joyce was too tipsy to make a conscious decision.  A much larger
part, however, said in an even stronger voice that this was the
most right thing she'd done in a long time.

        After a few very long seconds, Sharon broke the kiss and
moved her head back a little.  The small voice insisted that she
give Joyce one more chance to take a step back.  It was a step she
seemed unwilling to take.  The tiny voice then faded into the
darkness, letting the chips fall where they may.

	"That was magical,"  Joyce said as they took a small step
back from each other.

	"No doubts?"  Sharon asked.

	"No doubts."  Joyce smiled as she moved forward to kiss her

	This kiss was much longer and ever so pleasant.  Joyce was
amazed how quickly the idea of actually having an encounter with
another woman became comfortable to her.  That she was now
related to this woman by marriage  made it just all the  more

	They continued to trade kisses for a few minutes, their
tongues continuing to intertwine.  Joyce felt a gentle touch across
her stomach, one that became firmer as it moved upward to come
to rest on her breast.  Experienced fingers worked another kind of
magic as they moved from one clothe covered globe to another,
ticking both the soft flesh and hard nipples beneath it.

	"That feels nice."  Joyce purred between kisses, thinking
that like the kiss, this woman's touch was so different than a

	It only gets better,"  came Sharon's whispered reply.

	Joyce's face lit up expectantly.

	"We can take this slow if you like,"  Sharon offered as she
held Joyce tight.  "Or we can rid ourselves of all these clothes and
just get to it."

	Another time, Joyce might have opted for a slow seduction,
but it had been almost six months since she'd found pleasure from
anything but her own hand.  She needed to be fucked, and fucked
right now.

	They took less time to undress than a couple of teenagers
who suddenly found themselves home alone for a night.  As clothes
piled up on the floor, both women found themselves sneaking peaks
at the other's body as it became more and more exposed.

	Quickly back in each other's arms, they wasted no time
picking up right where they left off.  Sharon eased Joyce back
onto the couch of the sitting room.  Setting her on the soft
cushions as she reached up to cradle both of her smaller globes,
massaging them with her hands, playing with the pink nipples with
her thumb.

        "Oh yes."  Joyce cried out said as she closed her eyes and
enjoyed the sensation.

	She was wrong a short time ago when she'd thought how
much easier it would've been if Sharon had been a man.  This was
so much better.

	Sharon leaned over and kissed each nipple. Continuing to play
with her left breast, the redhead ran her tongue across the right,
leaving a thin trail of wetness. Her mouth now sought out the rest
of her new in-laws breasts and began sucking on them.  Her roving
tongue covering the entire surface them with wetness.

	Joyce shivered at the touch of Sharon's lips on her flesh as
her tongue teased Joyce's small nubs.  Each lick bringing them to a
new hardness.  Her lips closed on them,  every bite and nibble
sending waves of joy through Joyce, causing her to emit soft
moans.  Moans which where music to Sharon's ears.

        Sharon reached down between Joyce's legs and traced the
outline of her dark haired mound with her finger.  She moved it to
the center and rubbed hard against it.  As her finger became
lubricated by the wetness, she slipped it between the folds.  A
soft gasp escaped Joyce's lips as Sharon slid the finger in and out,
soon following it with a second.

        Sharon licked each nipple a final time, then moved her head
down Joyce's stomach, pausing to kiss and lick her way.  Lower and
lower she kissed until she reached the edge of Joyce's wetness.  A
kiss on one thigh, then on the other.  Finally she kissed the center
of Joyce's ecstasy.

        "Oh yes....Joyce said as she reached down and ran her fingers
through Sharon's hair.  "It feels so good...."

        The sweet perfume of Joyce's sex made Sharon almost
lightheaded.  It was like ambrosia to her. She reached out and
parted the wet lips with her fingers, moving her tongue between
them, driving it deep inside.  She closed her eyes as she savored
the taste, a taste she knew would never grow tired of.

        "Oh God, Sharon,"  Joyce said as her body jumped at the
touch. "I never knew it could feel so wonderful."

        No man she had ever been with had ever brought her such

        Excited even more, Sharon moved her mouth closer and
sought out Joyce's clit.  She alternated between her finger and
her tongue, driving Joyce wilder with each stroke.  A rhythm
quickly developed as Joyce reached down and held the redheaded
woman's head between her legs, then lurched forward with each
movement of her lover's tongue.

        Unable to still use her hands, Sharon reached behind and
grabbed Joyce's ass cheeks.  Taking a firm hold, she pulled Joyce
harder against her face, letting her reached just a little bit

        Joyce began to gyrate faster on the couch as she felt herself
nearing a climax that had been months in building.  Sharon could
taste the approaching orgasm in the sweat nectar that now flowed
like a river.  She opened her mouth in eager anticipation.

        The fifty-year old was rewarded with a gusher of honey.
Sharon held Joyce tight as she screamed and trashed about in
ecstasy.  It had been a long time since she'd had a sexual release
this good.

        Sharon continued to lick Joyce's pussy, stopping only when
the younger woman finally laid still. She lay there between her
legs, softly lapping at the delicious residue that had trickled down
her thighs.

        "That was wonderful."  Joyce said in a breathless voice.
"More than I ever imagined it could be."

	"And how long have you been imagining it?"  Sharon asked

	"Since I was about fourteen,"  Joyce grinned.

	"Really?"  Sharon said as she brought herself  up to a sitting
position.  "Then I guess you've got a lot of time to make up for.  I
have to say that I've been thinking about it since I was first
introduced to you yesterday.  I never imagined it might actually

        The thought that Sharon had been lusting after her since
they'd met caused a sudden flash of lust between Joyce's legs.
Sparking a dying ember back to life.

        "Why did you wait so long."  she laughed as she pulled Sharon
close to her.

         She kissed her vigorously, finding the taste of her climax in
Sharon's mouth intoxicating.  They kissed for several minutes, with
Joyce savoring the sweet honeydew more with each new kiss.

        "Why don't we move this to the bedroom where we'll be more
comfortable."  Sharon suggested.

        The two women quickly moved from the couch to the
bedroom where a double sized bed waited.  Joyce was on it first,
and Sharon was right behind her, wasting no time.  The redhead
immediately brought one of her large breasts to Joyce's lips,
pressing her nipple against them and offering Joyce a bounty she
had never tasted before.

        Joyce eagerly complied, opening her mouth and taking
the long hard nipple within it. She sucked on it for a few moments,
enjoying what she had only found in her most secret dreams.  She
stuck out her tongue and ran it around the outer circle enjoying
the rush of ecstasy and excitement.  Sharon's nipples cried out to
be sucked.  Joyce caught the nipple between her teeth and bit
down, just enough to send a small jolt of pleasure through

        "Harder!"  Sharon said in response.

        Eager to please, Joyce did just that, alternating between
stinging bites and soft caressing kisses.  She looked up into
Sharon's gaze and with an unspoken nod the redhead signified
better.  In a more concrete reassurance of her actions, the larger
woman shifted her other breast into her mouth so she could work
on that one as well.

        Once the other nipple was just as hard, Joyce moved back
and forth from breast to breast, sucking with abandon.  Sharon
ran her hands through Joyce's dark hair, pulling her mouth harder
against each breast, encouraging her neophyte lover to take more
of it into her mouth.

        Joyce needed  no encouragement as she mouthed Sharon's
mounds, alternating between licks and bites, causing small, sudden
jolts of both pain and pleasure.  Exactly, she quickly learned, as
Sharon liked it.

        While Joyce worked on her breasts, Sharon slid a free
hand down between her own legs, working her pussy into a wet and
ready frenzy.  Long years of practice told her just which buttons
to press.  Sometimes this was enough, but this wasn't one of them.
This time she wanted something more than her fingers giving her

        Climbing up on the bed, Sharon moved forward and squatted
over the brunette's face.  With her legs spread, Sharon lowered
herself until her bushy mound hovered right over Joyce's waiting

        Joyce stared for a few seconds at the hairy pussy barely
two inches above her.  It was her first real look at a woman's sex
other than her own.  Who'd have imagined when she woke up this
morning that before the day was over, the most important thing in
the word would be that she do as good a job pleasing this woman
above her as she had just done for her.

          Sharon reached down with one hand and parted her lips.
Lifting her head as far as she could, Joyce began to lick away as
fast as she could.  Her tongue was all over the place, but eventually
she calmed down and concentrated on hitting all the spots she
knew she liked.  It didn't take long to learn that some of those
were the same ones Sharon did as she let her tongue glide in and

       "That's not bad,"  Sharon said as she arched back and
enjoyed the feel of Joyce's tongue inside her.

        Sharon closed her eyes and floated on waves of delight.  She
knew it would be this good, she had Joyce pegged from the moment
that they'd met.  All she needed was the right spark to ignite the
powerkeg inside her.  The redhead's pussy throbbed as Joyce drew
out more and more of her delicious nectar, bringing her to the edge
of orgasmic delight.

        "Ooooooo"  Joyce moaned as she felt Sharon explode above
her. filling her mouth with the fruits of her labors.

        Sharon was lost to the world as a torrid of ecstasy raced
through her body.  She'd expected Joyce to be able to get her off
because when she was in this mood, it didn't take much.  But in no
way did she expect this intensity.  Her body shook twice more,
then she collapsed across Joyce in exhaustion.  Exhausted, but
totally satisfied.

        Joyce lay there beneath her, just as satisfied as she enjoyed
the warmth of Sharon's body against her own.  Finally she stirred
and pulled herself around, giving Sharon a long penetrating kiss.
The taste of her own climax mixed with that of Sharon's still in
her mouth.  It was a delicious combination.

        "Was I all right?"  Joyce finally asked as she finished their

        "All right?"  Sharon repeated as she looked up and into
Joyce's eyes and smiled.  "Honey, if it was any better, I'd be
looking to get the kids divorced so that we could be a couple."

	As it was, Sharon didn't go home to San Francisco until a
week later and that summer, Joyce took her own vacation on the
West Coast.


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