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This letter describes, promotes and encourages female

I am grateful to those who have shared their experiences with
me to serve as the basis for these stories and I am always
looking for more true experiences from others to write about
(so email me your experiences).  The subject matter I find most
interesting deals with first time experiences, innocence lost,
lactation, reluctance, and tribadism.

In these stories I seek to share what I believe are beautiful,
erotic and enlightening experiences of real women.

If you got wet, I welcome your feedback and encouragement at
(wcollege2001 still works but sometimes gets full)

This and future stories will soon appear on my web site


"A Question of Lesbianism"
by Ginny Walker,  2004  or

PREFACE:  If you are curious about lesbianism and want read
about some of what makes some women tick, please read and
enjoy.  I call this work an "erotimentary" because it is part
erotica and part documentary.  I got myself wet writing it, and
I think you'll enjoy it too (I hope), though it's a bit longer
than usual for me.

It seems that with the changing and accepting culture of today,
women in record numbers are coming to terms with their lesbian
desires.  Even women in long term heterosexual relationships,
many of whom are married, are opting instead for a female mate,
despite the disruption to their family and the social burden
that one assumes when they embrace this particular part of
their identity.  Young girls also are acting on their curiosity
and experimenting with lesbian sex unlike ever before in
history - as many as 6 to 8 out of 10 school aged girls
admitting to at least experimenting with lesbian sex (depending
on whether they perceived same-sex kissing as qualifying),
which is up from 3 in 10 just a few years ago.  Even more
revealing, as nearly 9 in 10 admit they are curious and might
experiment if the opportunity arises.

So what forces exactly are at work causing these trends?  The
debate will always rage about whether these influences are
environmental or biological, arbitrary or genetic,
indoctrination or willful choice.  The fact that there are as
many as 9 in 10 girls who are open to experience girl-girl sex,
but less than half view lesbianism as a positive lifestyle,
exposes that there are forces of nature in conflict with forces
of society.

Yet there has been an enormous increase in the number of openly
lesbian girls and women in our nation.  It cannot be explained
that media influence and social acceptance is _causing_ girls
and women to make such important and life changing decisions -
especially given the difficult consequences that accompany this
lifestyle.  Still, there is no ignoring the fact that for every
woman who has publicly embraced her lesbianism, there are 5 who
are still hiding it, as many as 10 who are struggling with it
and refusing to act on it though it consumes them, and probably
countless more who are curious and will wind up experimenting
when the right opportunity persuades them.

No, there has to be a much more substantial reason for so many
women to be feeling strong same sex attraction.  Environment,
culture and the media play a role to be sure, but these
influences do not create a desire, they only affect how a
person is likely to respond to the same-sex desire and the
social consequences for such a decision.  So while the
accepting culture does explain why women might be freer to live
in the manner that gives them the most happiness and
fulfillment and may then be more likely to chose a female
partner, it does not answer the question of where that desire
for female intimacy originates.

Companionship seems an easy force to recognize as playing some
part in these trends.  Even heterosexual women tend to have
deeper and more intimate relationships with other women.  Often
there is a depth of sharing between two women that is absent
with their male spouses.  This seems to be innate to the female
psyche.  Women just connect more quickly, more deeply and more
naturally to other women.  We see this throughout our lives.
 From the earliest ages in childhood, girls naturally pair up
with other girls.  In the teen years, pairing with boys is
awkward, frightening and probably the biggest source of stress
and depression in teen girls (now that I think of it, this
lasts the rest of their natural life as well).

So possibly it is this need for female companionship and the
need to bond and have a close relationship (something that is
common to all women) that is tending, to some degree, to drive
us towards a female mate.  Lesbianism offers obvious advantages
in this area of female companionship.

Security and family is much more complicated.  Human culture
has always been based on families and the fundamental component
to that has traditionally been a heterosexual couple.  In early
times the roles of men and women were vastly different - partly
because of physical differences, partly for arbitrary reasons.
Hunting, farming, building were dominated by males, and the
fact is they were better equipped to the task at hand (please
ladies, no flames).  So having a male helped families put food
on the table and a roof over their head.  Obviously, human
culture has evolved to the point that physical differences
between the sexes has little relevance to the previously male-
dominate tasks of providing for the family - so most of us now
buy our food rather than kill it.

Certainly the aspect of actually creating a family was of even
greater relevance.  But even that has been overcome by advances
in reproductive science, to the point women can conceive and
bear children without even having to look at a man.  So in our
current society the former absolute of a man and woman as the
basis for a family has been reduced to mostly a convenience
(and even that convenience factor has been eroded by inventions
such as the rubber thingy that helps open jars).

Two women are as sufficiently equipped as a woman-man couple to
raise a family and provide for their wellbeing.  So the
ingredients for a successful family is no longer merely one
part estrogen plus one part testosterone.  Rather, it can be
two women who share great love for one another, who connect as
soul mates, who want to share themselves emotionally and
physically with their spouse.  This is not a matter of biology
at all, it is about two souls connected as one.

So we are left with a third aspect, and arguably the most
dominant aspect, which is sexual desire.  What is it that
attracts many women to other women while some have no interest.
What is it that causes the same woman to find the sight of
another woman sensual, yet the idea of female-female sex
repulsive to her?  Why do many women find the soft body of
another woman so sexually arousing; why do they long for their
mouth to know the feeling of a woman's gentle lips upon her
own; why does the contact of breasts embracing breasts make her
vagina drool with anticipation?

I find it odd that in a society that values choice above
virtually everything else, this is the only area that seemingly
is "supposed" to have only one option.  Obviously society
shapes the acceptability of one choice above another, but what
drives the choice itself?  While external forces can influence
a woman's sexual decision, her desires are immutable and come
from within.  Let me emphasize that again, a woman's sexual
desires come from within herself and are unchangeable by the
world around her.  What she does with that gift of sexual
desire is her choice, and that decision is the only thing that
can be affected by the world around her.

Having a normal family is probably the most powerful external
force that persuades a woman's sexual choice.  But as
previously stated, the procreation argument fails quickly.  In
addition to alternative reproductive options, the fact remains
that while a sexually active couple may actually conceive 2-1/2
children on average, they will also have sex about ten thousand
times throughout their lives, so sex obviously has more to do
with physical pleasure than procreation.  Once the procreation
myth is dispelled, sex boils down to what it should be,
pleasure and intimacy between two people.  Sex must therefore
be legitimate if it has the capacity to achieve the intended
result.  To view female-female sex as unacceptable assumes that
it is inferior in same way to heterosexual sex.  This could not
be further from the truth.

The childish claim that two women can't have "real" sex because
one is missing the proper equipment is laughable for three
reasons.  Firstly, the female body has many erogenous zones in
addition to the inner vagina.  Secondly, even that one is
erroneously assumed to require male anatomy for stimulation,
but in reality will almost always achieve its full potential at
the hands of a woman (grin).  Thirdly, the body of another
woman is in many respects better suited to stimulate a woman to
orgasm: for example, the smaller structure of her hand allows
for greater penetration and vaginal manipulation, and her
breasts can also be used to stimulated her partner tactilely.
But I suppose the critics are partially correct - sex between
two women is definitely UNREAL.

Consider the function and location of your clitoris.  Consider
the incredible sensitivity of a woman's clitoris, and the fact
that for most women orgasm is most affected by clitoral
stimulation; then look at the male anatomy and the fact that
phallic penetration misses the mark.  One can only conclude
that either nature made a design mistake, or it had something
different in mind for sexual satisfaction.  A woman's body is
uniquely designed to bring mutual clitoral stimulation.  Trust
me when I say, nothing feels as exquisite as having your clit
slide up and down between the length of your partner's supple
labia!  No, there is definitely nothing missing when it comes
to two women bringing their bodies together for mutual

Even those who desire more than nature provided for, have their
choice from hundreds of play toys; offering many more
selections of color, size (including uncommonly big and long),
shape, some with little appendages that can stimulate two
erogenous zones simultaneously, and even some that are
electrically powered offering a "superhuman" experience.

The female body allows for and even promotes endless options
for sexual intimacy.  The softness as two curved bodies press
together, breasts meshing with breasts; or the possibility of
sustained, simultaneous oral stimulation, resulting in orgasm
after orgasm for both partners; or tribadism that
simultaneously stimulates the clitoris, inner and outer labia,
and even penetrates to the folds and walls of the entrance to
the vagina; all combine to make for powerful sexual buildup and

Plus there is a plain-old familiarity and an innate know-how
when a woman lies with another woman.  Unlike the awkwardness
that is typically characteristic of first time heterosexual
experiences, most first time lesbian experiences are described
as being quite natural.  Girls as young as 12 years old to
women in their 40's often describe their first time going down
on another female as being "instinctive", as if something
inside them was guiding them and it was designed-in from birth.

So what drives a woman's sexual appetite and how is it unique?
Experts will tell you that a man's sexual appetite is largely
driven by visual stimulation and the act of sex for men is
mostly about release - usually swift release.  They will often
refer to men as microwaves and women as crock pots - meaning
men are instant on and ready to fire, while women are slow
burners and they enjoy the long ride up as well as down (and
multiple times I might add).  For women, sex is more relational
- they connect more deeply to their lover.  The build up is
critical, probably equal or greater in importance to the
release.  In fact the build up can make the release last for an
extended duration.  These last few points are probably the
reason sex between two women typically lasts six to eight times
longer than heterosexual sex.

Then there are the sex counselors who spend most of their time
discussing the differences between men and women when it comes
to sex and sexual desires.  Think about this - maybe the reason
there are so many problems and the reason experts spend
enormous amounts of time attempting to correct those problems
has to do with the fact that people are trying to force what
does not come naturally.  Maybe you can get away with forcing
an antithetical intimacy 2-1/2 times over a lifetime, but
trying to force something unnatural another ten thousand times
will likely surface some root problems.

Not to overly generalize, but we need to recognize that there
are some innate characteristics common to female sexuality.  A
woman's body is wired to respond even to (if not especially to)
another woman.  Any woman, no matter how "straight" she claims
to be, will most definitely feel her heart race when the lips
of another woman softly kiss hers - her nipples will harden
when a woman passionately suckles her breast - and her vagina
will release in orgasm when that woman takes her clit into her
mouth.  Her body will respond in truth even if her will refuses
to do so.

Not surprisingly, most women, including married women,
fantasize about being with another woman.  By fantasizing she
is not forcing her conscience nor is she doing anything
unnatural, rather she is feeding herself what her desires
crave.  Please, please hear me - if you are feeling things for
another woman, it is because your body, mind and soul wants
her.  It is as natural and as healthy as the hunger and thirst
you crave for food and water.  Taking action and physically
satisfying the "hunger" you have for her is as obvious and
beneficial as going to sleep when your body tells you it is
tired!  Conversely, denying your natural sexual urges will be
as detrimental and short lived a solution as attempting to
avoid sleep via caffeine.

Sex between two women is starkly different.  Their bodies are
similar and their needs and expectations are much more similar
as well.  There is a natural familiarity and an ability to
connect with each other.  The female body seems wired to
respond better to another woman's touch.  If you ask a woman
about her first time with a man (or boy), you will usually hear
things like it was rushed, unfulfilling, even non-pleasurable.
Contrast that to a woman's first time with another woman, where
the overwhelming majority relate it as a positive experience.
Soft, tender, satisfying, passionate, even life changing, are
common themes.  Just ask a woman to tell you about the first
time she kissed another woman - you'll probably get wet just
listening to her!  If you think kissing is great, imagine a
long opened mouth kiss while your breasts are simultaneously
squeezing into and over another pair of succulent breasts (oops
- think I made myself wet)!

Women who had been heterosexually active for some time often
tell how they were completely blown away when, for the first
time, they felt the softness of another woman's lips on her
own.  For some, it was the sweetness of watching another woman
suckle her breast, or the feel of a turgid nipple filling her
mouth.  And there is the unmatched excitement that occurred as
fear and trepidation turned into explosive release when a woman
went down on her for the first time.

It is a mystery to me why so many women prefer to have a hard
cock ramming inside their mouth rather than the feel a supple
vulva as it tantalizes their tongue and taste buds.  Then
again, maybe it's more about "tolerating" rather than
"preferring".  I have to believe this is the result of an
outside influence.  Let me make it known, I am NOT
"heterophobic".  But given the differences in needs, wants,
methods and physiology, I would expect that a woman who chooses
to surrender her sexual fulfillment to the hands of a male,
would be the exception rather than the rule (make that an
exception who is settling for something less than she could

 From my own experience, when I dress in sexy lingerie, so that
my breasts are captured in shimmering satin, my nipples proudly
poking through, and my vulva is surrounded by smooth panties
edged in lace, I feel completely sexy and I think I look sexy
too.  So obviously when I see another woman dressed this way I
similarly think that she looks sexy as well.  And yes, I get
turned on.  This seems natural to me - even more than that - I
can't understand how a woman can feel sexy about her own body,
yet not feel aroused by the body of another woman.  This seems
so unnatural to me - to the point that I suspect many women are
denying their true feelings when they claim they are not

Certainly the disparity between the duration of lesbian vs
heterosexual physical intimacy reveals much about the
differences in the quality and magnitude of sexual contact.
Similarly, the orgasmic release, physical satisfaction, and
emotional fulfillment would also have to follow in proportion.

Statistics support this reasoning.  Nearly unanimously, women
who have experienced or even experimented with female-female
sex related it as a positive experience.  Most said they
enjoyed it and found it fulfilling, even those who made the
choice not to continue on with woman to woman sex.  And these
are just those who actually acted - there are many more women
who desire to experience female-female sex but have not yet
done so.

Besides the stigma of homosexuality and fear of ruining their
heterosexual marriage, many are fearful or insecure about sex
with a woman, especially given the culture induced perception
of what sex is supposed to be (i.e. phallic penetration).  The
result may be that they think they cannot properly satisfy
another woman sexually.  This is completely irrational if you
think about it - who knows better how to pleasure a woman than
another woman.  Trust that your partner will find fulfillment
in you; your breasts will satisfy her; the feel of your naked
body against hers will arouse her.

Not surprisingly, many women relate that after their initial
fear and doubt in their first sexual situation with a woman,
once she had crossed the line she found that things came very
naturally to her.  She became more comfortable as the
previously taught stigmas and stereotypes melted away.  She
instinctively knew how to pleasure her partner and as two
feminine bodies came together, any perceived physical
incompatibilities were quickly erased.  When with passion she
first brought a woman to orgasm and in turn, also was brought
to orgasm by a woman, she learned that two women are perfectly
able to share sensual, mutual and thorough intimacy.  As they
abundantly made love, she learned the truth - she learned what
sexuality can really be.

So the question should not be why do some women prefer sex with
other women, rather why in the world are there more than _some_
women who desire sexual satisfaction from males at all?  I
suspect that heterosexual attraction, to a large degree, is a
learned trait.  Certainly we are all immersed with this idea
from the age of 3.  I suspect that if this external training
and influence did not exist, that most women would in fact
choose a female mate.  And if the tables were reversed and
homosexuality were portrayed as the norm in the way that
heterosexuality is today, I suspect the natural desire women
have for other women would flourish, and combined with the
equity in female-female relationships, that quite possibly, the
majority of women would find themselves most contented in the
arms of another woman.

Psychiatrists have shown that there is a bonding that takes
place during orgasm.  When two women make love, they connect at
a much deeper level - emotionally, even spiritually, they bond
in a way that two heterosexual women cannot, with respect to
each other.  This adds an entirely new dimension to their
relationship, and they share one of life's greatest experiences

Love between two women is as pure a love as can be found, and
the passion in their lovemaking is boundless.  When two female
bodies come together their similarities multiply the experience
- giving and receiving flow freely and simultaneously.  There
is not a more natural act.

It is my belief that we are at a turning point today.  I
believe the composition of women as a group is about to take a
drastic turn - a turn away from arbitrary human contrivances,
and towards natural and innate desires.  So many outside forces
have been eliminated - for the first time ever our culture has
recognized that a woman should be free to marry her soul mate,
and that being a wife is more about love and relationship than
about human tradition.  Today, a woman is free to love another
woman and share her life with the one who was meant to be her
mate.  Being a wife is now about _her_, rather than about
whether her spouse uses the toilet seat up or down.  I can only
imagine the positive impact this will have on young girls as
they develop their identities and position themselves for later

I feel sorrow for the multitude of women who feel trapped in
heterosexuality and unable to escape - many because of
marriages, families, cultural training, tradition, complacency,
or fear - yet they still long for a way out.  But for young
girls today, the traps will have no hold over them.  There is
an openness and a learning that is taking place early in life
so that rather than being led along by someone else's
conscience, they are shaping their own destinies.  Most will
have faced their desires rather than suppressed them and will
have had experiences to serve as a guide to them so that they
do not find themselves trapped in a situation down the road due
to blindness.

The Internet has provided thousands of married and single women
the opportunity to acknowledge their female-female desires, to
face them with others, and to receive the encouragement and
support they need to deal with the reality of their true nature
- even to the point of putting people in contact so that they
are able to satisfy and live out their desires in real life.

Young girls, now more than ever, are hearing a new truth in
their schools and in the media that is vastly different from
the heterosexual dogma that used to have exclusivity in our
culture.  They  are now learning to listen to their hearts (and
clits) and are unburdened so that they may experiment freely
with their sexuality.  They are no longer alone in their
environment, but now share classrooms and busses with many
peers that have similar curiosities, giving them many more
opportunities than in the past.  The lifting of the stigma of
being "different" is melting away, and girls will be making
life choices for themselves based on their desires and
experience, rather than following a prescribed path for their

If you are one of those who is suppressing your natural
desires, I urge you, please don't!  Be true to yourself, and
give yourself that which you know deep inside that you want and
need.  If you are one of those who is curious or unsure, rest
assured, there are thousands in your same position.  Many of us
were there once and have found fulfillment by taking that first
leap of faith.  It is a difficult decision, but you owe it to
yourself to satisfy your curiosity, to know the unknown, and to
see if this is what has been missing from your life.  Be free
enough, secure enough and true enough to experiment.  Know that
there are girls and women who long to seek and learn _with_

Denying your desires you will only bring discontentment.
Eventually it will well up within you and demand release.  You
may find a whole new life awaits you. I hope you find the
passion and fulfillment that you deserve.  Be encouraged and
feel confident; don't deny or wait; be the one to take that
first difficult step.

Now look at your lover's body... see how the two of you are a
perfect match.  Reach for her hand... feel her anticipation.
Lean to her and kiss her lips... taste how sweet she is.  Lie
with her and connect your body to hers... feel her warmth and
softness against your length.  Move with her as if dancing...
feel her curves and undulations mesh with yours like a missing
puzzle piece.  Place your hand on her breast...  feel her
softness.  Caress her the way you have caressed your own
breasts so many times... feel her respond and harden to your
touch.  Suckle her fullness like a babe... listen to her purr
as she feeds you.  Traverse her folds and explore her depths...
learn of her warmth and moisture as she opens for you.  Delve
inside her... feel her body tremble for your touch.  Feast on
her femininity and swallow her honey ... be nourished and
sustained by her.  Look at your lover's face... memorize the
joy and bliss YOU have given her.  Sleep in her arms... enjoy
wholeness and realize that this is your place.  Know that this
was pure... know that this was good.


by Ginny Walker, 2004  or

This and future stories will appear on my web site at
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