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Restaurant Revenge.
(Authors notes: Comments, feedback and your dirty ideas welcome.
Please send your letters too.
Also, because of the amount of spam I get, please but the story
title or 'Your Stories' in the subject line. Thanks you and
enjoy. Zeen)

Mark was working the afternoon shift at the local burger joint.
He hated the job, but he needed the money for his collage
education. It was the only summer job he could find, so he took
it. Mark was an only child and his mother a single parent. He
really wanted to succeed in life, to make his mom proud. Mark
glanced out the window and groaned. Pulling up in her red Miata
MX-5 convertible was Pamela.
Pamela was the thorn in Mark's side. She was the snobby, stuck
up, bitch that made his life a living hell. She went out of her
way to make his life miserable. It had started in junior high,
and for no more reason then that he was a poor kid. It was not
only him, she looked down at most of the kids in their school.

Pamela came from a wealthy family, and had always been a spoiled
brat. This was made worse by her being drop-dead gorgeous. She
was 5'6, and maybe 120 pounds. Her soft golden-brown hair reached
to the middle of her back, swaying with her slender hips as she
walked. But it was Pamela's face and tits that really turned
heads. She had the bluest eyes, the sexiest mouth and a perfect
small nose, all on perfectly smooth, porcelain white skin. Her
breasts, a healthy 36C stood up and out, and she proudly showed
them off, always wearing skimpy, sheer blouses and lower cut lacy

Today she was wearing a pair of tight white pants, that hung low
on her hips, letting the waist band of her black thong panties
show. She had on a white fishnet T-shirt and a lacy purple pushup
bra holding her sexy tits high and impossible to ignore. She had
a small diamond stud in her belly button, which she loved to show
off too. Her stomach, flat the tight and the envy of all her
As much as Mark hated her, his cock still jumped whenever he seen
her. Pamela dressed like a slut, even talked like a slut at
times, the only thing missing was she didn't put out like a slut.
She was instead the ultimate, 18 year old cock-tease.

Pamela marched right up to Mark and ordered the Friday special
and a diet cola. As Mark entered her order on the touch screen,
he focused his eyes on her tits. He could see more then just the
full shape of her breasts, but could even see some of the light
brown skin of her nipples showing thought the lacy part of her
Pamela noticed and said, "What are you looking at pervert?"
Mark would have loved to reply with a "Fuck you," but he didn't
want to give her a victory by getting him fired.
A second later the burger joints manager Jim, came out of the
back room.
He came over to them and said. "Mark, go into the back and make
this young lady a fresh burger."
Mark nodded. The one's made just a few minutes ago weren't good
enough for her, it had to be fresher.
Mark knew it was only because Jim wanted to flirt with her. Like
he would ever stand a chance at dating her.

Mark worked in the back room on Pamela's burger. He had a clear
view of her face and sexy tits as he buttered the bun. As he
focused on her tits his cock got rock hard again. No one was
anywhere near him, and he knew he could get away with it if he
wanted. It was something he had dreamed of often. His own private
revenge. "Fuck it," he said under his breath. It was time. Mark
unzipped his pants, pulled out his big cock and started to jack
off. He hadn't cum for over a week, and his balls were full. They
turned rock hard too, then a thick, heavy stream of jism squirted
out and across the face of the hamburger bun. When he was
finished a heavy, gooey load of sperm giggled like jelly on the
bun, much of it soaking into the bread. Mark started to sweat as
he pushed his cock back into his pants.

He slapped some mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup onto the bun,
then added the hamburger patty, cheese, pickles and sweet onions.

His knees felt weak as he nervously brought Pamela her burger
Mark handed Pamela her meal, and she gave him a snide look and
mouthed the word `loser,' as she walked away. Jim was still
talking to her as she left, but she completely ignoring him in
typical Pamela fashion.
Immediately Mark was happy he had added his own special sauce to
her burger.
Mark's eyes followed her to her table where she joined some of
her snooty girlfriends.
He watched them laughing and chatting. He held his breath when he
watched her take her first bite of the burger. He could see the
juices of the burger and some mayonnaise squeezing off the bun
and dripping down on her chin. At first glance it looked just
like a big, gooey wad of jism dripping down her chin. Mark knew
some of his sperm was in the mixture of thick, white cream.
Mark's cock jumped in his pants as he watched her scoop up the
gooey cream from her chin and shoveled it into her mouth. Each
bite she took squirted some of the sauce across her lips and onto
her cheeks and chin. Each time this happened, she licked up the
creamy mess, or used her fingers to push it back into her mouth.

It took Pamela about 5 minutes to completely eat the burger. She
and her friends talked for several more minutes, deliberately
made a big mess on the table, then took off. Mark watched them
leave, laughing to himself for what he had gotten away with.
As Mark cleaned up their mess, one of the girls he worked with
came over to give him a hand.
"Hi Mark."
"Hi Lucy."
"That was a neat trick you played on Pamela."
Mark paused. A cold sweat covered his body. "What do you mean?"
he lied.
Lucy grinned at Mark. She was a very pretty girl, but was very
petite. Only 4 foot 8, and 90 pounds. She was an almost flat 30A
cup, with a 20 inch waist and narrow hips. She had never needed a
bra, and Pamela had often teased her about her lack of tits.
Lucy replied. "I watched you jacking off on her burger. I didn't
know you had such a big cock."
Mark didn't know what to say, so remained silent.
She continued. "The next time you plan on doing something like
that let me know, I want to take part in it."
Mark was speechless. He watched Lucy walk away, then it hit him.
She wanted to do something nasty to Pamela's food too. His cock
jumped as he wondered what that might be.

For the next two days Mark again worked the same shifts as Lucy.
She didn't comment on his little stunt, but she did make more
small talk with him. Mark realized that he and Lucy had a lot in
common. She liked the same music as him and the same movies. Mark
felt like a giant next to her. He being 6 feet and 180 pounds.
Lucy was 18 too, but looked 14. She had short jet black hair, and
big brown eyes and a sweet, happy laugh.
They were three hours into their shift when Pamela pulled up in
the parking lot. Mark's heart beat loudly in his ears as Lucy
pointed her out.

"Are you ready to make her another special burger?"
Mark's mouth was dry, but he nodded yes.
Lucy said. "Good, I'll take her order, but don't start without me
I want to help."
Mark nervously nodded again and headed into the back room. A
minute later Lucy rushed to his side.
"She wants the burger special again. Get your cock out."
Mark paused, then fumbled with his fly.
"Here let me help,"
Mark briefly stopped her. She smiled up at him, "It's okay Mark,
I've already had a good look at it."
Lucy grabbed his cock and started to rub him, stroking the shaft
of his long cock. She held one of the buns next to his throbbing
purple head.
"Not to loud," she said as Mark started to grunt and spray his
sticky sperm all over the bun.
Lucy watched as each blast covered more of the buns surface. She
used her middle finger to spread it evenly, then smiled at Mark
as she licked her cum stained finger clean.
As soon as he was finished cumming, he quickly pushed his still
hard cock back into his pants. He then expected Lucy to just
complete the burger, but she had her own twist to add.

Mark watched as Lucy lifted her skirt. She said, "Hold the bun
under my crotch."
Mark did so, amazed firstly that she wasn't wearing any panties
and secondly that her pussy was smooth and hairless, having been
shaved completely clean. She reached up and spread her compact
outer cunt lips, then pushed her small fingers into her hole and
fished around inside her pussy. The seconds ticked by and Mark
started to look around, hoping no one would see what Lucy was
doing. She then started to pull out several pickles and some
slices of sweet onion.
Mark marveled at what he was witnessing. Lucy had already
prepared for Pamela showing up and had filled her cunt with these
foods. Each pickle or slice of onion glistened with her cunt
juices. Lucy's was dripping wet and even some of this wetness
flowed out of her drenching the sperm stained bun. They quickly
finished the burger and Lucy served it to her with a big smile on
her face.
"Enjoy your burger," she said.
Pamela, in true supreme bitch fashion walked away without

Both Mark and Lucy watched as Pamela started to eat her burger.
The bun had become so soaked with their combination of juices
that it appeared it was going to fall apart. Pamela didn't seem
to notice, eating her burger while chatting on her cell-phone.
She also wasn't aware of how greasy her lips and chin were
"Look at all the mayonnaise that's dripped onto her face," Mark
Lucy giggled. "I didn't put any mayonnaise on her burger Mark.
All that white stuff is your cum."
"Oh fuck! She'll notice for sure."
"I doubt it. She's too prissy to every suck a cock. She'll have
no idea of what cum tastes like." Lucy then winked at Mark. "She
doesn't know what she's missing."
Lucy was right, Pamela didn't notice that her burger was
smothered in sperm, nor obviously did she notice the flavor of
vaginal secretions on the pickles and onions.
When she left both Mark and Lucy high-fived then returned to
their jobs.

When Mark's shift was over he found Lucy waiting for him by his
"That was a lot of fun," she said.
"It sure was," Mark said, his cock getting hard again thinking
about it, the vision of Lucy pulling the food out of her wet cunt
still fresh in his mind.
"Can I get a ride home with you?" she asked.
As Mark drove down the road he asked, "That was so hot you having
those pickle and onion slices in your pussy. How did you know
Pamela would show up today?"
"I didn't, but if she did I wanted to be ready."
"That's so cool." Mark said before pausing, then added. "Were you
ready yesterday?"
"To bad it went to waste," Mark said.
"Who said it went to waste?"
Mark looked at her blankly.
Lucy smiled at him. "I made a special burger for myself."
Mark nearly drove off the road upon hearing that.

When he arrived at Lucy's house, she asked him if he wanted to
come in. She said her mom wouldn't be home for several hours, as
she was working a night shift. She was an only child and her
father hadn't been living with them for years.
Mark followed Lucy into her house and she lead him straight to
her bedroom. Again Mark felt nervous, but this time it was
anticipating getting another look at Lucy's hairless pussy.
Lucy kissed him, then she lay down on her bed.
"I want to fuck you Mark."
Mark's big cock tented his pants. She reached over and unzipped
him, reached in and pulled it free. A moment later she had his
cock in her mouth. As she licked and sucked on him, she worked
her blouse open, exposing her tiny tits. Her small brown nipples
as erect as his cock. Mark pulled off his shirt and then pushed
his pants down off his hips. Lucy pulled her skirt off, all the
while sucking on the shaft of Mark's cock.

She let his cock fall free of her mouth and said, "Do you want me
to suck you off first or do you want to fuck me now?"
"I want to fuck you," Mark gasped.
Lucy spread her legs wide. Her narrow slit barely parting. Mark
again marveled at the awesome sight of seeing her sweet bald cunt
and the thin crease of flesh that separated her inner and outer
He lowered himself down on top of her, then pressed his big, fat
cock head into her fuck lips. Looking down between her legs, he
was sure he couldn't fit inside her, she was so small, and had to
be way too tight for his big member.
"Well I fit?" he said softly.
"I'll make you fit," she said back, pushing her hips up and
rubbing her thin cunt lips across his swelling cock head.

Mark pushed down as she pushed up. Slowly her pussy lips parted
and started to take him in. Mark's cock plunged forward, and her
silky lubrication soaked into his skin. The bit of friction he
felt at first disappeared, and finally his cock pushed through
her opening and deep into her pink tunnel.
Lucy gasped and moaned as Mark's big cock assaulted her cunt
hole. She was supper tight, the tightest vagina he had ever had.
Mark wondered how she could even have pushed some pickles up
inside herself. His mind then flashed back to seeing her digging
around inside her box with her fingers to get them out. Now he
understood why it took so long. The tightness of her cunt rapped
so tightly around his cock caused him to loss control far sooner
then he wanted and he exploded in her. Drenching her
close-fitting pink walls with his hot, sticky cum.
"Sorry," he said. "I wanted to last longer, it's just that your
pussy is so tight."
"That's okay Mark."
Lucy then kissed him deeply and rocked her hips forward, still
fucking his hard cock. Mark could feel all his gooey cum sliding
around inside her.
"Stay in me Mark, while I cum on your cock."
She reached down between her legs and started to rub her clit. A
few seconds later it triggered her own orgasm. Mark felt her cunt
muscles clench and unclench around the shaft of his cock and he
had a short mini orgasm with her, both of them moaning loudly as
the sounds of them fucking filled the room.

When Mark pulled free of her pussy, Lucy brought her mouth to his
cock and sucked him clean. They stayed on her bed, caressing and
talking for over an hour. Mark finger fucked her to a second
orgasm, and she had sucked him off once. Taking his big load in
her mouth and swallowing it all. After that they got dressed.
Lucy's mom would be home shortly. Mark kissed her good night and
headed home. He couldn't wait to see her at work the next day.
Mark wasn't able to get much sleep that night. All he could think
about was Lucy and how kinky and hot she was. He would never had
guessed in a million years that someone so sweet and innocent
looking could be such a slut. A sharp contrast to Pamela, who
dressed like a slut, but most likely had never even put out.
When Mark arrived at work Lucy was waiting for him in the parking
lot. She kissed him, then took him by the hand and pulled him
into the restaurants ladies bathroom.

She locked the bathroom stall door, pulled his pants down then
lifted her skirt. Again she wasn't wearing any panties. She
jumped up and rapped her legs around Mark's waist, then lowered
her dripping snatch down onto the head of Mark's big cock. He
pushed into the mouth of her tight, wet pussy. He had to push
hard, forcing himself into her and as he did she let most of her
weight down onto his cock. Mark was sure most of Lucy's 90 pounds
were now being held up by his cock alone.
They fucked hard and fast, moaning loudly. Her tiny tits swelling
slightly from her arousal.

As they fucked the bathroom door opened and in came three girls.
Mark and Lucy recognized the sound of Pamela's voice right away.
She was again bitching about something to her girlfriends. Lucy
kept fucking Mark's big cock as they listened to the girls
"Billy wanted me to suck on his cock," one of the girls said.
"He's a pig," said Pamela.
"And he wanted to cum in my mouth."
"Oh gross," Pamela said. "I would never let a guy cum in my
One of the other girls said, "I overheard my older sister say it
doesn't taste bad."
"I don't care what it tastes like, I'm never going to know and
any guy that even asks me to do that I'm going to dump faster
then I can max out his visa."
They all laughed. Once they had left, Lucy worked harder at
getting Mark to cum in her.
"Fill me up Mark. I need you to cum in me, hurry."
That's all Mark needed to hear. He grunted and his cock wildly
sprayed up inside her, flooding her cunt with his thick cum.

Lucy climbed off his big cock. "Unlike Pamela," Lucy said. "I
love sucking your cock and eating your cum."
She licked him clean. Then said, "I can't wait to suck you off
again. I want to swallow your hot load."
Mark grinned. He could wait.
Together they headed into the kitchen and got to work. As luck
would have it, Pamela and her friends were just in the process of
ordering their burgers.
Lucy made sure she was going to fix Pamela's meal again.
She grabbed a bun, stood in front of Mark and handed it to him.
Mark said. "Sorry Lucy, I don't think I can produce right now."
Lucy smiled at him, "I know Mark, but I can."
She then lifted her skirt, reached between her legs and pulled
her thin cunt lips apart.
"Hold it here," she said, pointing to a spot directly under her
fuck hole.
Mark held the bun under her cunt. A creamy discharge formed at
the mouth of her cunt, then started to slowly drip onto the bun.
The slimy mixture of sperm and pussy juices soaked into the bun.
Mark had squirted a great deal of cum into her pussy, so it took
awhile for her cunt to drain. Long stings of sperm dripped from
her hole onto the bun's surface. Once her cunt had emptied, they
quickly finished the burger off and Lucy rushed it to her.

Pamela took the burger from Lucy saying, "Thanks for taking all
Lucy smiled back. "Enjoy," was her only reply.
Again Mark and Lucy watched the show. Enjoying the sight of
Pamela eating the cum soaked burger. Only this time Pamela paused
after the first bite. She lifted the top bun off the burger, then
took the meat patty off the lower part of the bun. She looked at
it for a second, then brought it to her nose and sniffed.
Mark and Lucy held their breath. Pamela handed the bun to her
girlfriends and they all sniffed it. Then each of them in turn
took a bite of the bun. They then tasted the buns of the other
girls hamburgers.
Pamela got up and marched right up to where Mark and Lucy were.
"Can I help you?" Lucy said calmly.
"Yes, I want more of the sauce that you put on my hamburger bun."
"I'm sorry I don't know what you're talking about."
Pamela put her hands on her hips. "I'm not taking no for an
answer you skinny bitch. I know the manager, Jim has told you
people to make me special burgers. Now I want them for my
girlfriends too."
Lucy smiled. "I'm sorry, but we're all out of that special sauce
at the moment. But I will be sure we get more in for you
tomorrow. That's if you will be back."

"I'll be back, but you can expect to be fired if you don't have
it for me and my girlfriends."
Lucy glanced back at Mark. "Don't worry, I'll make sure you have
lots of that creamy sauce for you and your friends."
Wordlessly Pamela marched away.
Lucy hugged Mark, looking up into his eyes. "I hope you are going
to like fucking me all evening and most of the day Mark, we'll
need a lot of your cum cream if you don't want to get fired."
Mark's cock pulsed at hearing those words. Thanks to Pamela's
love of his cum, he was going to get more fucking then he ever
thought possible.

(Again Comments welcome. Let me know if you wish a reply back.

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