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The usual warnings apply - if you shouldn't be reading this then
don't. If it'll upset you then go away. And if you want to make
money out of it you can't. Enjoy...

Sadie and the Moon (FF, very anal, gs)

By Sam Cornell

I watched her picking potatoes out of a box. My potatoes. She was
picking them for me. When she had finished with the potatoes,
there were tomatoes, oranges, apples, passion fruit, whatever,
anything, it didn't matter, because she could pick them for me
and while she did that I could watch her.

I don't have a vegetable fetish. She could have been picking out
woollen mitts and I would still have felt the most desperate
aching in my cunt. The only thing that mattered was that she had
to face away as she did the picking, because that let my wicked
sight rest on her pretty little butt.

Now here's the irony. She didn't even have such a great ass.
Don't get me wrong, she was a slim, pretty, sexy nineteen-year
old (well I figured about nineteen, anyway) and she had a slim
sexy ass. But in general I prefer them a little perter, a little
less boyish. But I didn't care, because my heart and cunt ached
for her in that randomly directed way that has left quite a
number of unsuspecting women reeling from an unexpected Samantha

She had long straight dark hair (you'll have realized by now I
didn't know her name - well how could I, all she'd ever done was
pick me potatoes and things) which she normally had tied back -
something to do with working with food I figured. Quite a fine
face, a little pointed perhaps but good cheekbones, dark eyes,
but somewhere somehow I detected a dark wicked intelligence that
made me want to do terrible things to her. As she often wasn't in
the shop - imagine my disappointment when an entirely unnecessary
vegetable purchasing expedition resulted in a no-show - I figured
maybe it was a vacation job when she was out at college. Call me
an intellectual snob but I guess I prefer to pervert college

But I didn't know her name and our relationship currently
consisted solely of potato-based transactions. In my imagination,
of course, things were very different, and after each time I saw
her I would frig myself desperately, my mind's eye always
reverting to one simple image. She was facing away from me, in
her jeans and "regulation" navy sweat top, and I was kneeling
behind, watching and waiting for the jeans to come down and my
anonymous young lover to offer me her behind.

Ha. Like it's that easy to seduce someone in a shop. I tried to
figure out all sorts of ruses but none of them came close to
being practical. Complain about a bad potato? How cranky would
that make me? I mean I was doing lots of eye contact and so was
she but she just seemed to be an eye-contact kind of person. Not
a slut, just confident, or maybe a touch naïve. And I wondered
what she thought of the skinny thirty-something American with an
apparently insatiable appetite for fruit and veg.

So, she'd finished picking the potatoes, and the tomatoes, and I
knew my cupboard was already swamped with farm produce, so I
called a halt there. Four pounds forty. How cheap was the fuel
for my lust. Could I really make conversation over vegetables?
No. My nerve failed, it felt ridiculous, so I carried my
pointless prize out to my car. I was fiddling with it in the
trunk, frustration almost bringing me to tears, when it came to
me. It was lame it was sad but it was maybe worth a shot.

She was still standing there - a relief, they seemed to swap
staff every five minutes or so - and I rushed over. She smiled to
see me again. Nothing flirtatious, just a mild recognition I was

"I forgot something," I gasped a little breathlessly. "Do you
have any zucchini?"

She raised her eyebrows. I liked that - it was a new expression.
"Zucchini?" Quizzical, amused, incomprehension. Don't you just
love the English language?

"Sure, zucchini. It's for a pizza recipe."

"I'm sure it is, but I have no idea what you're talking about."
Oh my how that cheeky confidence turned me on. "But I'm guessing
this is one of those English English versus American English sort
of things. If you make me guess I'd say you want an aubergine,
but really I have no idea." She was wide of the mark - she meant
eggplant - and I could have put us both out of our misery by
saying "courgette" - the kind of useful thing you pick up after
over five years in the UK - but that wasn't the point. After all
this time, after all that frustration, we were almost flirting.

I won't bore you with the details - there's been too much food
already. But it took us maybe five minutes to get to the right
answer, with a surprising amount of innuendo involved. (Well you
think about the shape of a zucchini/courgette).

"Wonderful," I said. "Thank-you. Who'd have thought I'd learn
something like that today?" Was that it? Was this going to be a
good solid base for our next chat? Run away to try again another
day? Jeez my confidence was bad. "Listen," I went on, my heart
pounding, "as you've just found out I'm fairly new around here.
Do you know any good traditional English pubs? I'd just love to
try one out."

An innocent enough question, in the circumstances. "The White
Horse is very good. Wood beams, fires, that sort of thing."

"That's great, thanks. Now I hope you don't mind me asking, but
would you join me for a drink there?"

Well she blushed bright red. She hadn't seen that one coming.

"I know - it's cheeky of me to ask."

"Well, okay, a drink." She didn't look sure about it. But then
something occurred to her. "But maybe not the White Horse." Of
course not. What would any of her friends things of her out for a
drink with a strange American woman. "How about the Farmers?
That's in all the guide books - probably more the place you're
looking for." And somewhere her friends never went.


She looked great as she walked into the pub. Not great as in
dolled up, because that would have indicated a readiness to
accept she was on a date, and that was clearly not her intention
at all. But a simple white t-shirt and jeans still showed off her
leanness and her youth. Yum yum.

She began by announcing she could only stay for one drink, had to
be somewhere else in an hour. That was cool. I like to work to a

Do you want to know one of the true secrets of successful dating?
Listen. You may want to talk about yourself, discuss your career,
bemoan the state of the world, but I promise you, nothing works
much better than careful, appropriate, attentive, listening.

I don't mean play dumb. You have to engage, but make sure your
attention is focused on your date and what she's saying. It's
flattering and it feels lovely and no-one is going to walk away
quickly from someone who seems genuinely interested in them.

So she was Sadie and she was at college reading geography and she
liked to ride but it doesn't really matter, does it? Because an
hour went and she was still there and she didn't even bother to
pretend to call her pretend friends. I was thrilled. I know I do
it well but every time you never know and by now I wanted Sadie
sooo badly.

And as the evening wore on and we drank and she began to
reconsider whether maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to be on a
date with me after all. I could feel the way her mood eased from
nervous tension to tentative flirtation. I could imagine her
thinking "What would it be like to go with this woman? We could
just kiss - I've often wondered what it would be like to do that
with another woman. Any maybe more - surely it must be different
from guys, and I bet she'd know how to do things to me better
than some of the boys around here. Maybe. It's cool to flirt,

Then the lovely English drinking laws required us to leave, we
were both a little drunk, and it was a lovely clear night, the
stars blinking away from a million years ago. As we walked along
the sidewalk we kept kind of bumping into each other, but I just
let it happen, didn't take advantage, I wasn't in the mood for

"Wow," Sadie said, looking up at the stars, "it's such a
beautiful night."

"It has been beautiful, thank-you," I said, deliberately
misinterpreting her. In the darkness I had no idea if she was
blushing, but I think it was a given.

"No...I. Listen, Samantha..." She was trying to find difficult
words through the alcohol. "It's been a really great evening..."

"I sense a but."

"Yes." But the but still wouldn't come, so I helped out.

"You think I'm coming on to you."

"Yes." She sounded so relieved I'd articulated it for her.

"I am. You're gorgeous and exciting, Sadie. I think you've
realized now why I've had such a passion for vegetables these
last few months." She laughed, and some of the tension was
broken. "And I've rather got the feeling, just a little, that
maybe you're attracted to me."

"I'm not a lesbian, Samantha."

"I'm not saying you are. But right now you're wondering what it
would be like to kiss me, to feel my body tight against you. And
I think maybe you think it would feel good." We were walking
across a field now, with just the moonlight to guide us.

"That doesn't mean I'm ready to do it, Sam." I wondered if she
was looking for a little bit more work from me, a little more

I rested my hand lightly on the small of Sadie's back. It stayed
there. "I bet you've wondered what it would be like to have
another woman loving you Sadie. `Would it feel different from the
way boys do?'" I was gently stroking her back now, and still no
resistance. "I bet you've fantasized about another woman's face
down there, haven't you?"

In the moonlight Sadie nodded.

"Fantasized and stroked yourself and got wet, like you are now."
My fingers were tracing the top of Sadie's jeans, hinting at real
intimacy, then teasing up her back towards the strap of her bra
and a different kind of exposure. "Made yourself come, Sadie,
dreaming of another woman licking your pussy." I rubbed my hand
over her bra strap, relishing her acceptance of its presence
there. "I've dreamed of licking your pussy, Sadie, I've lost
count the number of times I've touched my pussy and wished I was
licking your pussy. Made my pussy so wet, Sadie, like it is now.
Is your pussy wet now?" I slid my hand down to Sadie's ass,
lighting brushing her cheek.


And so we kissed.

I could taste the wine on her lips, and smell the faint dab of
perfume she had put on before she came out, no doubt repeating to
herself "this is not a date and as this is not a date too much
perfume would definitely send out the wrong signals" and now I
could smell her perfume as I kissed her and we were almost
slurping at each others mouths. She was, I guess, a typical teen
kisser, a little mechanical but as she relaxed into it a bit (I'm
guessing she was in part terrified) she calmed down and started
to savor the sensation of our tongues colliding and entwining.

I hadn't expected us to fuck in the fields, but there was no-one
for miles and the passion was so strong there was no way I was
going to break off. I slid my hands under her t-shirt, under her
bra, slipping her stiff nipples between my fingers and gently
squeezing her breasts. And as always I talked.

"I'm going to lick your pussy, Sadie. You're going to lie on your
back and I'm going to pull down your jeans and your panties and
I'm going to press my tongue against your wet pussy and your clit
and I'm going to make you come, just like you fantasized about.
You want that? You want me to lick your pussy?"

I guess she was figuring not only did I like to talk but I liked
replies too. "Lick me."

She began to struggle with the button of her jeans, so desperate
was she to undress for me. I tried to help, my own excitement
making me fumble too. And then her jeans were sliding over her
butt and down, together with her panties, and she lay back on the
grass. She looked so gorgeous and vulnerable, half-naked in the
moonlight, her long slim legs pale in the silver light and the
thick dark triangle of her pubic bush.

"You're my moon goddess," I said, quite spontaneously and in awe
that I was offered this beautiful cunt. I knelt, a humble

The air seemed thick with the musk of Sadie's honey. She was
right, she was soaking. I kissed her left thigh, her right thigh,
wanting her to feel every second of wondrous anticipation as she
waited to feel the touch of another woman on her sex for the
first time. I brushed my lips through the verdant forest of her
vee. Her hips were rocking now, her cunt seeking out the
satisfaction of my tongue. Greedy girl.

I moved down, and paused at her entrance, the fleshy cavern gray
and pink in the strange light. Then I tasted her and she juddered
at this first contact. I knew it could not be long before she
came, but I wanted her to understand that yes, it was true, only
another woman could really satisfy her. My fingers teased and
tickled her ass cheeks and her breasts, as my tongue traced
delicate patterns all around her cunt. She was breathing quite
heavily and quite openly, honey flooding from her sex. Sometimes
my contact was just lips, sometimes just tongue, sometimes both.

I pulled back briefly to say one final thing. "Come for me,
Sadie, come with my tongue on your cunt." I knew that in her
state adding the aural sense to the experience of her first
proper cunt-licking would be enough, and the obscenity of the
word would be quite delicious, and sure enough as I touched her
clit again with the tip of my tongue she bucked and screamed as
her climax raged through her. It felt like riding an earthquake.

Eventually she stopped, and I crept up to be face to face with
her. Half naked in the moonlight she looked shattered and
magnificent. I kissed her gently on the lips. "Let's continue
this back at my cottage."


I guess I'm lucky. Sadie half-naked in the grass made me catch my
breath, and Sadie lying completely naked on my bed was a whole
new treat, almost a whole new lover. Slim and pale, I took in her
pink erect nipples and her delicious chocolate triangle of cunt
hair. She looked a little self-conscious at the hunger in my
eyes, but she never took her eyes off me as I stripped for her.

"Ready for me?" I asked. The walk from the field had been sweet
torture as my cunt hummed its need for satisfaction. There was no
time for Sadie to have any qualms about licking cunt - I wanted
my come.

I knelt on the bed and then moved to straddle Sadie's face, her
face below me. She focused on my cunt. She looked so serious,
possibly taking her time to make the transition to pussylicker. I
knew my lips were puffy and swollen and my clit poking out of its
hood, an obscene sight maybe but one I hoped Sadie would want to
return to again and again.

She poked her tongue out, towards my pussy, almost like a naughty
gesture, and I cupped my hands under her head to guide her in to
my sex. She looked really nervous now but her eyes never left my
cunt and her tongue stayed out, ready to taste another woman.

It was exquisite, the first contact, the feel of Sadie's tongue
on my pussy lips and the look on her face as she adjusted to this
new taste sensation. I guess she liked it because although her
tongue remained in a fixed position she gradually drew it along
my labia. Gently I drew her up to my clit, the only place that
really needed attention right now, and I could see the curiosity
on her face as she examined another woman intimately for the
first time. Gradually her tongue loosened as she adjusted to the
idea of licking pussy and as she maybe began to develop what I
could dream might be a true taste for pussy. My pussy.

Seeing Sadie's expression change from almost-reluctance to
something close to enthusiasm was all the stimulation I needed,
and as I began to shudder some of my tenderness left me and she
found her mouth mashed tight against my cunt. She kept licking,
reveling in the sensation of bringing me off so intimately. When
I collapsed beside her she was grinning like the cat that got the
cream, which I guess it really had.


Although we fucked hard all night, I decided to keep my deeper,
darker desires hidden. Sometimes it's more exciting to build up
to something. You don't always have to rush into the main course.

Of course I was able to enjoy Sadie's ass to my considerable
satisfaction anyway. We were quickly 69ing, and although I was on
top I scooted Sadie's knees back a bit so I could see my lover's
asshole for the first time. (She probably assumed I was getting
better access for her hungry little cunt).

Oh be steady my heart. Exposing Sadie's pretty little bumhole.
Her skin so white, turning brown around her anus. The hole itself
seemed so small, so tight, I felt sure she had never been
penetrated there. And just as Sadie's pubic mound was quite
hairy, so there were, perhaps, a little more than the usual
number of wispy dark hairs. So I licked Sadie's cunt but all my
spare senses were focused on her pretty virgin asshole.

I know I know that in the past I have tended to rush in, ignoring
cunt completely and only ever thinking about ass. Why different
now? Well to start with things don't always go exactly how I want
them, and nice tho it is to concentrate solely completely and
immediately on my lovers' asses, I'd have to admit that sometimes
that simply isn't going to happen. Or put it another way,
whatever I may get in immediate results is negatived by the fact
they never return my calls again.

And second, sometimes it's nice not to rush straight in, to look
at a pretty little bott and think to myself "sometime soon I'm
going to have you, going to get my tongue right against your
naughty little tightness and lick and lick." And so it was with
Sadie. She can have had no real idea that so much of my
appreciation was devoted to her asshole, and that just made my
enjoyment that much more voyeuristic. I could examine Sadie's ass
quite closely and she didn't have a clue.

That was fine for a short while, of course, but I don't have that
much patience. If the truth be told so much close but ultimately
not intimate contact with Sadie's ass was putting me in a spin,
and there were times when I nearly dove straight in. And that's
not how I like to do it at all.

About a week after we had first made out, I began the final
maneuvers. From some of the e-mails I receive I guess some people
don't know how to go about seducing a partner's ass. Here's one

I began, innocuously enough, with a request for Sadie to identify
what part of me she liked the best. She went for my legs - good
choice, girl, they are pretty fine, I like to think.

And of course Sadie asks me "what's my finest feature Samantha?"
and it wouldn't matter if she had the finest breasts or the
cutest quim or whatever because the answer was always going to be
"your bum".

Well she was surprised, and like I said she just had a nice ass,
not a great one. The honest answer was probably her lips, if you
want to know, but honesty never gets you far enough.

"Uhuh," I explained, "every time I see you in a pair of jeans I
just want to hold you there. You've got the most kissable
squeezable butt cheeks I know." Note how I was talking only about
her cheeks. It's funny, isn't it? They're definitely one of the
most "innocent" bodily parts, whereas what lurks between is
definitely forbidden territory.

"I could worship at the temple of Sadie's bottom all day," I
finished. "Howabout you lie face down and let me show my

Sadie slipped down her panties and lay as requested. I began with
a simple massage - a cheek in each hand, gently stroked and
squeezed. She purred with pleasure. And she didn't know, or
didn't care, that every now and then the squeezes would pull her
cheeks apart and her asshole would peek at me.

Next I bent down and kissed and licked her butt cheeks. It
complemented the earlier fondling beautifully, and still gave no
inkling of what was to come.

The first hint, I guess, was when I rested my tongue at the very
top of her ass crack. I felt like an explorer, waiting at the
entrance to a forbidden but indescribably sensuous land. I gently
traced my tongue down Sadie's crack, not pushing between her
cheeks at all, kept from my ultimate target by the fleshiness of
her bum. It was, I figured, still pretty innocuous, but I guessed
Sadie was getting the first hints of where I was really heading.

But then I pulled away, my lips and tongue tracing patterns all
over the soft firm flesh of Sadie's bum cheeks. Once again, it
seemed, I really was just loving her bum.

But then I was back at her crack, and my tongue was a little more
insistent, probing a little between Sadie's cheeks, then moving
away again, as if I was uncertain I wanted to go there. (I was
anything but uncertain).

Then I was quite definite, my tongue tracing a firm path down
Sadie's crack, not penetrating to the bottom of her anal valley
but far enough to be so much more intimate than we had ever been

I took time out to slide a finger against Sadie's cunt. She was
soaking, just like I knew she would be.

Then, finally, almost finally, I pulled Sadie's butt cheeks
slightly apart, and once more my tongue slicked its way down from
the top of her crack. I could feel her tensing up, for surely now
I was going to lick her asshole, but at the last minute I slipped
around, as if I didn't dare put my mouth and tongue up against
that most private exciting and nasty of holes.

I pulled away, desperate for that final step but knowing it had
to come from Sadie. "How's it feel to have your bum worshipped?"
I asked.

"Mm good." I could hear Sadie sounded tense, stimulated by what I
had done but not satisfied.

"Was it okay what I did?" I asked.


"You didn't mind me going so close?"


"Did you think I was going to lick you there?"



"I wouldn't have minded."

"Then, if you'd like me to, lie back down, pull your bum open for
me Sadie and let me worship your ass properly."

And she did, reaching back with both hands to grab her buttocks
and pull them wide apart, offering me her ass and her asshole

It felt so good, to me and to her, as I pressed my tongue hard
against her private ring. There were no half-measures about this,
it was a full oral assault on Sadie's anus. And she responded by
pushing her ass up, towards the hungry need of my mouth. I was
finally licking my teen lover's asshole.

I finished her with a few delicate finger strokes on her clit,
but the intensity of her orgasm was the experience of her asshole
not her cunt.

As we surfaced we were both grinning, Sadie sheepishly, me the
cat who got the cream. Like I did.

"That felt incredible," she said. "Weird, but incredible. I'm not
really sure I should have liked it as much as I did. But I did.
But surely for you, wasn't it...?"

"Divine." The truth was it wasn't so long since we had both taken
a shower, and so Sadie's bum hadn't been the all-round sensory
experience I always truly savor, but there was time for that to


I knew it would be a while before I could persuade Sadie to lick
my ass, or even to let me lick her in a more 'natural' state, so
over the next couple of weeks I hatched a plan to develop a
different perversion.

It was a beautiful early summer morning as we headed out into the
gently rolling English countryside. In my pack were a simple
picnic and a nicely cooled bottle of chardonnay.

We chatted and laughed as we walked, two sexy young things, I'd
like to think, in our hiking shorts and t-shirts. After a couple
of hours we found a quiet spot for a little frantic
finger-fucking followed by the picnic and the wine. The weather
and the food and the booze all combined to make us feel nicely
relaxed with each other. Eventually we started to head off,
although I knew with the route I was taking we were still a long
way from home.

Sure enough, just as we were walking past a small copse Sadie
announced she'd "gotta go". Although there wasn't much pressure
in my bladder, I lied (don't I always?) and said I needed the
same. We moved off the path, gingerly avoiding the branches that
threatened to scratch our bare legs.

There was a sweet little clearing in the middle of the copse,
shaded but sunny and quite quite private. I couldn't have
invented it better if I tried.

I could tell Sadie felt a little uneasy at my presence in the
copse with her. We'd never peed in front of each other, and
although I'm sure she'd have been pretty unselfconscious in front
of a friend, I guessed she already knew enough about the lie of
my mind to realize that there might be something unnatural in my
mind concerning this call of nature.

Her first decision, oh delicious dilemma, was which way to face.
Away would in one sense more private but would mean exposing her
bare ass, whereas towards me would reveal more of her peeing but
potentially everything would be hidden by her knees and her

Either way was good enough for me.

Well she opted for face-on, scooting her shorts and panties down
as she squatted down to pee and I did the same, the two of us
facing about five feet across the clearing.

The look on Sadie's face was the most erotic imaginable - one of
exquisite embarrassment and awkwardness. I smiled at her but let
my gaze drop lower, waiting for her to pee. Not surprisingly she
didn't find it easy, and I was first, loving the feeling of
releasing my hot piss in front of my shy lover. She couldn't help
but glance down at the little stream running between my feet.

Then Sadie began to pee, and although as such I couldn't see
anything I fixed my eyes on Sadie's crotch. Her face was bright
red at the intimacy of my examination.

She seemed to pee for ages, a delicious moment almost frozen in
time, but finally the flow stopped and she reached into a pocket
for paper as I, once again mirroring her, dabbed myself dry.

"Oh shit Sam," she murmured, brightening even further at the
prolonging of her discomfort, "I haven't got any tissue." My how
the heavens were smiling on me.

I stood up and drew up my shorts and panties slowly, then walked
the short distance over to where Sadie was still squatting. She
reached out for the tissue but I ignored her and, squatting
alongside her, reached towards her pussy.

"Allow me," I said quietly, and then when the wad of paper in my
hand was so close to Sadie's pussy I checked again. "May I?"

She nodded, her breathing quite audible in the silence of the
clearing, and as I brushed her wet pussy with the paper she
jumped about half a foot in the air. Of course I wasn't bothered
about actually drying her, and after the slightest pretence that
I was doing the job I dropped the paper on the floor and began to
finger her cunt.

I reached my other hand around her bum cheeks, all curved and
taut from her squatting position, and curved my fingers towards
her asshole. "May I?" I asked again.

"God you're a bitch Sam," Sadie replied, maybe with a hint of
frustration but I noticed she didn't say no. I pressed my index
finger against her asshole and slowly poked it inside, all the
time my other hand caressing her pussy.

"It turned me on watching you pee, peeing in front of you Sadie.
Made me want to touch your pussy after you peed. Feel your pee on
my fingers." The finger in Sadie's bum was a long way in now,
beyond the second knuckle. Her position made access deliciously
easy and rude. She was close to coming, and I knew that meant I
could get away with even more. I pulled my hand away from Sadie's
cunt and licked my fingers. "I think I can taste your pee on my
fingers Sadie," - the finger in her bumhole was poking in and out
quite easily now - "it's so exciting to taste your pee." I kissed
her, and her response was eager, desperate, frantic, despite or
maybe because of the hint that she could taste her own piss in my

I poked my finger as far up inside Sadie's bumhole as I could get
it and she began to come, rocking unsteadily in her awkward
position. Only when she was still did I delicately remove my
finger from her bum and lick that clean in front of her wide


Having planted the seeds of pee fun in my young lover's mind it
was time to return to the real focus of my erotic attention - her

The problem, and to me it was a problem, was quite simple. She
was forever showering, a nice clean girl, and there never seemed
a chance to enjoy Sadie's bum the way I wanted it to be. I had
thought about asking her not to shower - I've been happy enough
to ask that in the past - but I knew that with this girl that
wouldn't wash (!). She was more than happy for me to lick her
bumhole, but was clearly self-conscious about "what it was like
down there". That self-consciousness only made me even more horny
to have Sadie's ass au naturel.

In the end it took a combination of planning and opportunism. And
not for the first time I found that a little bit of alcohol
helped to wash away some inhibitions.

I offered to pick Sadie up after work, and when she came out of
the shop in her jeans and navy sweat top my heart went back to
all the times before when she had seemed so unreachable. And now
her sexy little ass was mine.

As we were driving back to my cottage I "spontaneously" suggested
a quick drink. I was full of some invented triumph at work that
needed celebration, so she was easily persuaded and we found
ourselves sitting in a pub garden with a bottle of champagne
chilling on ice. The car, for those of you who worry about such
things, was to be abandoned for the evening.

I was absolutely at my most flirtatious, commanding and
interesting, which wasn't so easy because Sadie still felt
completely unable to give any hint of a relationship in public. I
understood that, I'd been there myself a long time ago.

The first bottle went pretty quick and as we moved onto the
second I began to believe that maybe tonight would be the night.
I kept talking about how much I'd wanted her for so long, how I'd
invented all these stupid reasons to buy fruit and vegetables,
and how, more than anything else, I'd stared at her pretty little
ass in those tight jeans and nearly dribbled with need.

"You have no idea," I said, pouring Sadie another generous glass
of champagne, "how much I ached to peel down your jeans and
pretty pink panties..."

"You could see my panties?!"

"Sometimes, when I got you to bend down and pick me up something
that just happened to be on the floor."

"You're terrible."

"Uhuh. Anyway. Don't interrupt. I was just getting to the good
bit. So, pull down your panties and open up your bum and love
your pretty little behind like it needs to be loved."

"Why do you like it so much?"

"Dunno. But sometimes I just crave your ass, Sadie. Right now I
need, so bad, to get my tongue pressed right up against it."

"It always feels so good."

We didn't finish the bottle, and began walking quickly across the
fields to home.

"Are you going to eat my bum Sam?" Sadie was just getting used to
talking dirty, and I loved it.

"I'm going to stick my tongue right up your tight little bumhole

"I like you licking my bumhole." I was almost running now.

As soon as the door was shut we fell on each other, mad and
crazed with our excitement. But then Sadie pulled away, her eyes
sparkling. "Let me go take a shower so you can do what we both
want so bad."

"Let's just do it now, anyway, forget the shower."


"I want to lick your bum now, Sadie, just as it is." Her eyes
really were incredible, so excited and passionate. I wondered if
my feelings for her were turning into something more than just
terrible lust. Whatever, it gave me the courage to be a little
more open with her. "It would really turn me on, Sadie, to lick
your bum without you showering."

For a couple of instants she blinked, and then she smiled. "Wow,
you really are a pervert aren't you?"

I smiled, and as I grasped her hand I felt a real emotional
intimacy with her, to match the physical intimacy she was about
to offer.

Sadie turned and walked away, leading me gently towards the
couch. For the first time in I don't know how long, someone else
was in control.

She knelt on all fours, her ass towards me, and as she fiddled
with the button on her jeans she talked. Never before have such
beautiful filthy depraved words and thoughts come from such a
sweet English rose.

"You going to lick my bumhole, Sam?" she asked, as the top of her
jeans slipped down to reveal her panties. "You like it dirty,
huh? You want to lick my bumhole when it's nice and dirty? Get
your tongue and press it right up against my dirty bumhole?" She
was pulling her panties down now, revealing the whiteness of her
ass and the dark vertical line of her crack that was about to
part and reveal everything my lust could ever want. "You going to
smell it too? I bet you want to. You want to smell my dirty
bumhole don't you Sam?" I was nodding dumbly although I don't
think she could see. She was pulling her bum cheeks apart now,
exposing her intimate little hole for me. I don't know who was
more excited, Sadie or me. "Tell me."

She wasn't commanding like I would. Rather, she needed me to say
it just as much as I wanted to. "I want to tongue and smell your
dirty bumhole Sadie," I murmured. Her ass was stretched wide now,
her brown little anus all vulnerable before my eyes.

"Is this what you want then Sam? Do you like what you see?"


"Tell me. It would really turn me on even more to hear you tell
me what you can see. And smell," she added, almost as an

"I can see your dirty bumhole, Sadie. So tight and brown and
nasty." I moved really close. "Fuck yeah, so smelly and sexy."

"Smell my dirty bumhole, Sam. You smelling it?"

"I'm smelling it, Sadie."

"Is my bumhole dirty Sam?"


"Tell me."

"I'm smelling your dirty bumhole Sadie." She was stroking her
soaking cunt now, trying to take it slowly but clearly in a
desperate frenzy.

"Put your tongue on it Sam. I want you to taste my dirty bum."

I moved even closer. "When did you shower?" I asked.

"About seven thirty this morning. You like that, don't you Sam?
Over twelve hours since I last showered. That's what you want to
hear, isn't it? I've been two, maybe three, times since then. You
can smell that can't you Sam? You're going to taste it too."

I poked my tongue out and we both groaned at the gloriously
sordid intimacy of what we were doing, what she was offering and
what I was taking. "Shit yeah Sam, lick it, lick it, lick my
shitty ass."

I pushed her fingers away and began stroking her clit, just a
couple of the most delicate brushes was all it needed, and Sadie
was ramming that sexy dirty bumhole hard against my mouth. She
had come with my licking her bottom many times before, but never
anything close to this.

She rolled onto her back, then pulled me in for a long, bad kiss,
quite surprising given where my tongue had just been. "You like?"
I asked, knowing that in a couple more minutes she would be
between my legs giving my puss the softest sweetest licking it
could have.

She nodded, still smiling. "I like."


Our final descent together into intimate and sordid depravity
began, perhaps ironically, while I was away on a trip. My cell
phone didn't work in the crappy backward country I was visiting,
and none of the hotels had decent net access, so I was forced to
frequent net cafes, a first for me. My frustration grew and grew,
as each time I went into one of the places there never seemed to
be a private place where I could write or read mails properly.

After a week of this I was bubbling away madly, it was only two
days before I flew back to England, but Sadie had her hooks in me
bad and I needed some kind of intimacy with her. At last, at long
last, I found a seat in a net café that wasn't overlooked, and I
really let it pour out. Everything I had done and everything I
wanted to do to my poor young lover literally exploded onto the
screen. It was the most obscene e-mail I'd ever written - which
takes something - but of course when I clicked send the emptiness

Worse still I got no reply, and as I sat on the plane home I
assumed I'd blown it. She was only young, inexperienced really,
and I had opened up to her the darkest most depraved corners of
my sexuality. No wonder she had run away.

I was on the train back out to the countryside when my phone
rang. I took a deep breath - well at least it was decent of her
to speak to me in person about it.

"Hey." I tried to sound normal.

"Hey sexy." That wasn't what I expected. And there was something
about her voice too.

"How you doing?" My mind was abuzz, confused. Where did we stand?

"I'm wet you dirty bitch, waiting for you to get home and fuck my
arse off." There was a schoolgirl sitting opposite me, maybe
fifteen, quite cute actually, and I suddenly became acutely
conscious of the volume of my phone.


"Can you talk?"

"No. I'm on the train."

"Can you listen?"

"I guess."

"Good, then listen. I'm sitting on the bed, I'm just wearing
those sky blue panties, you know the ones you really like.
They're wet already, and I've been touching myself the last ten
minutes as I got ready to call you. Tell me about your panties,

"Navy, like usual." The pretty girl opposite gave me an odd look.
"US Navy, not Royal Navy," which was meaningless to all concerned
but the girl looked away again.

"Are you wet?" asked Sadie.


"Good. My cunt is soaking too Sam." Sadie had never called it
that before. It was a thrilling step. "I'm touching my wet cunt
now thinking about your wet pussy Samantha. How I'm going to lick
it when you get home."


"That mail you sent me was something else, Sam. Something else.
Blew me away, your passion, your need. As soon as I started
reading it I could feel my cheeks burning hot. You've got a
filthy mind."

"I have."

"I bet you want to touch your wet cunt you dirty bitch."

"I do."

"I'm touching mine. Got two fingers right up my cunt for you


"You really want to do all those things with me?"


"I can't believe how hot it made me reading some of those things.
The way you put it was so sexy, so beautiful."


"I'm going to rub my bum for you now, Sam, would you like that?"

"Yes." The schoolgirl was looking at me real odd now, and I
realized I'd been crossing and uncrossing my legs as a response
to my excitement.

"Rubbing my bumhole for you now, Sam, mm, feels so bad, nice and
dirty for you too, just how you like it. Tell me about your
bumhole, Sam, what's it like?"

"The same."



"You'd like me to lick it now, wouldn't you, Sam, when it's
dirty? That's what you said in your mail."

"I would."

"I've got my tongue out now, Sam, imagining I'm pressing it
against your dirty bumhole. Nnngh. You hear that? That's the
sound of me tasting your nasty smelly bum."

"Incredible." I simply couldn't control myself, and I knew I was
rubbing gently back and forth on the seat. There was no way the
girl opposite didn't know what was happening to me - my nipples
were stiff, my face was flushed and there was probably more than
a hint of my scent in the air. She wasn't moving, however, and
kept taking sneaky peaks at me from the pages of her teen

"Poked my finger up inside my bumhole for you Sam. Feels good,
but not as good as your finger. Pulling it out, would you like me
to lick it now it's been up inside my dirty bumhole?"

"Fuck yeah." The comment was involuntary, I really couldn't help
myself, but it was a sign of the involvement of the schoolgirl in
my erotic distress that she didn't bat an eyelid at my sudden
obscenity. I looked at her insolently now, my eyes lingering over
the buttons of her white school blouse before lowering further to
appreciate her legs. Still she didn't move, in fact I could have
sworn her knees parted a little bit. I shunted forward a little
on my seat and opened my own knees slightly. I could see she
noticed and however she tried to pretend she was reading the
magazine her eyes returned to my skirt and the possibility she
could see up it.

"My finger's all smelly after being up my nasty bum, Sam. You
sure you'll want to lick my dirty bum when you get here?"

"I'm sure. You're making me so wet," I added, for the benefit of
my young friend opposite, as final confirmation she was part of
the game. She shifted a little bit, and I wondered how soaking
her sweet your cunt was at the depravity of the woman opposite.

"Going to lick the finger that's been in my shitty arsehole Sam.
Mmm. Tastes bad."

"You're terrible," I commented, and opened my legs a little
further, definitely unnaturally wide now, and I was sure the girl
could see my panties. She still had the magazine open but her
eyes were totally fixed on my lower body.

"And you want to piss all over me, right Sam?" Sadie's voice
sounded quite weird now, and I could only imagine the state she'd
got herself in.

"I do want to, yes." I didn't think I could share that with my
young friend.

"That's a nasty thought, Sam, to want me kneeling under your cunt
with my mouth open waiting for you to pee all over my face. Bet
you want to pee right in my mouth, don't you Sam?"

"Yes." I desperately wanted to touch myself in front of the
schoolgirl, but there was still a chance someone else would walk
along the carriage. But inspiration came and, taking a deep
breath, I briefly lifted myself up from my seat, hiked the back
of my skirt back and slipped a hand underneath. The girl gasped -
I don't think she'd expected anything like that. But she didn't
move, and her eyes stayed on my waist. Now I could finger my ass
and cunt in front of the girl and if anyone came near I could
close my knees and no-one would notice a thing.

I slipped one finger inside my asshole and the other reached up
to my clit. The girl could see at least some of this happening
inside my panties, and her mouth was now hanging open. "I'm
touching myself for you," I said, and although it was for Sadie I
guess the girl included herself in the comment too.

"My God you are a desperate slut if you're doing it on the train.
Where are you touching yourself?"

"My pussy and ass." The girl was transfixed, but I wanted her to
give me a better look at her panties. I slid forward a little and
brushed her knees with mine, and I guess it was an indication of
the state she was in that she simply allowed me to part her
knees. Mm, regulation white panties with a nice large wet spot on
the front and a few hairs wisping around the outside.

"You want me to pee my panties for you, Sam? You said you'd like
to see that in your mail?"

"Would you do that?"

"I'm your slut now, Sam, and I'll do anything you want. You might
want to think about that on the rest of the journey. Anything you
want. Anything." Without knowing it this offer had me rubbing my
clit even more frantically, and I had to hold myself back from
going too far yet.

"Ok I'm trying now for you Sam. I'm trying to pee my panties for
you. Shit this is difficult. I know I need to go, I held on
specially, but it's really difficult."

I really wanted the schoolgirl to touch herself for me, but
instead I noticed she was rubbing herself against her chair, like
I had before. Maybe that was enough.

"Fuck, it's coming Sam, it's coming. Oh fuck, that feels
incredible. It's so hot. Fuck now it's running out my panties.
Fuck I'm really peeing my panties bad for you Sam, I hope that
really turns you on."

"Yeah. But save some for me."

"You want me to piss on your face too when you get here Sam?
Would you open your mouth for my piss?"

"I would. Now put your panties in your mouth." That caused a
reaction opposite, her mouth dropped open another foot, and she
was madly humping her seat. I slid my knee up between her legs
and she took the bait, shifting right down so she could frig her
sweet cunt off against my leg.

"Okay. Just for you Sam. Fuck they're soaked through. Rubbing
them all over my face Sam, getting my face all pissy, and now I'm
going to gag myself for you with my pissy panties. Nnnggg."

"Come for me." It was a three way command. Over my phone I could
hear Sadie's wild animal moans, whereas my schoolgirl's orgasm
was altogether more astonished, her mouth and eyes wide open as
she fought to stay silent, my knee all slick with her cunt
juices. My own cum was a fabulous tightly controlled
earth-breaking spasm, my ears filled with Sadie's piss-gagged
shrieks and my eyes full of the wide-eyed bucking of the young

As we pulled ourselves together I realized the train was slowing
for my station. With shaky hands I scribbled my number on a piece
of paper and handed it to the girl. "If you...well, you know."


As soon as I was through the door Sadie had me bent forward over
the kitchen table and my skirt around my waist.

"You wanted this all this time, didn't you Sam? Wanted me to do
your dirty bum?" I nodded. "Fuck I can't believe I want to do
this so badly. You've corrupted me you bitch. Pull your bum open
for me." I reached behind and did as I was told, exposing my
little brown anus totally and utterly. I could feel Sadie move in
close. "I can't believe you've made me want your smelly arse so
bad, Sam. Mm, nasty." Her breath was on my hole she was so close.
"Okay, I'm going to lick your dirty arse, Sam, just like you've
always wanted. Fuck. Ng." And she was doing it, never tentatively
or cautiously, just tonguing my bumhole like it was the sweetest
thing she'd ever tasted.

I stayed bent over like that for a while but then asked if I
could do Sadie too. We ended up on the kitchen floor in an
asslicking 69, her bottom as sexy and dirty as I could ever have
dreamed for. We came like that, tongues in bums, fingers on

I let us recover for a minute or two, but then I was tugging
Sadie to her feet. "Come on, you've got the second part of your
promise to keep." She looked a little scared now, as if she'd
used up all her sexual courage on my asshole, but she followed me
along to the bathroom obediently enough. "Kneel in the bath," I
said, and although our relationship was far more equal than any
I'd had for a long time, I think Sadie knew that playing it my
way was the best for both of us.

She seemed so young and slim and vulnerable as she knelt there,
her nipples poking out hard despite her apprehension at what I
was about to do to her. I climbed in carefully over her, one foot
either side of her waist, facing up her body towards the cute
face that I was about to violate with my pee. I felt strangely
self-conscious standing naked over her, her eyes taking in my
body like it was our first time. And normally I like talking, but
we were both silent, wrapped up in the new stage of intimacy we
were about to enter.

She actually moved her face towards my pussy, making it easier
for me to piss on her lovely face. We stayed like that for what
seemed like ages as I tried to relax enough to let go. She looked
so serious, so scared, so deeply turned on as I pulled my labia
apart, every inch of me trying to let go.

Then, the first tiny dribble, and she jumped as the drops of my
pee splashed onto her breasts. Then a trickle and a stream, and
as the flood increased it arced up Sadie's body, her neck, until
it was pouring all over her upturned face and then, in a final
act of intimacy and offering, Sadie opened her mouth for my pee
and I was pissing into her sweet mouth. Once again there was no
doubt or reluctance, and to prove how much she wanted my offering
she stuck out her tongue and rested it at the bottom of my cunt
as my pee flowed all over her mouth and pretty face.

As the stream abated she brought her mouth higher, tonguing and
teasing my clit, and the sight of her face and hair soaked with
my pee was too delicious and I came hard, holding her head close
to me pissy cunt.

I quickly turned and knelt over Sadie in a 69, offering my own
face for her pee. She too took a little while to get going, but
soon I was bathing my face in the shower of her hot salty piss.
It only took a couple of licks of her pissy throbbing clit and
she was coming against my hungry mouth.

We lay there for a second, resting in the porcelain, soaked in a
nasty cocktail of our piss.

Then the phone went. We were both too exhausted, too intimate, to
do anything than lie in our own pee and let the call go through
to the machine.

"Oh, hello." The voice was young, female, unfamiliar. "Um, this
is Alice, the girl from the train..."


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