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Usual disclaimer:  This story involves sexual subject matter.  If you
aren't old enough to read this, go home!  Don't blame me if you have
problems which result from reading further.

This story was written for the ASSTR Easter 2001 Challenge
( ).

Copyright by Jeff Zephyr ( 2001.  Please don't
distribute in an altered form, or with any charges for acquisition.

This story is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to real persons is
unintentional and strictly coincidental. Any real people, places, or
things mentioned in this story do not appear with permission, and any
representations of them should not be interpreted as being in any way
based on reality.

If reception of this work is illegal due to your age or other
repressive local regulations, liability for downloading it is your
problem, not mine.

Proofreading thanks to SASH Proofreading, very helpful to me:

T-shirt Teasing At Easter - by Jeff Zephyr  ( (MF
rom cons oral exhib, F exhib) c 2001.  All Commercial Rights Reserved.


T-shirt Teasing At Easter by Jeff Zephyr

I got home late, tired from work.  Everyone was asleep, that is,
except for her, my darling.  I did try to keep quiet, coming into the
house, not wanting to wake our guests.  But she'd waited up for me,
quietly.  As I sat in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, she came in to
greet me, wearing a long T-shirt, legs and feet bare.

I like T-shirts on girls.  Not so fancy as nightgowns for sleeping in,
and not as purely comfy as pajamas.  Nothing at all like fancy party
dresses, intended to attract attention.  T-shirts are enticing all the
same, especially when you wonder what is underneath.  The cloth
conforms nicely to the shape of the body.  Raw nudity is wonderful,
too, but the impression of being dressed, especially in a public
situation, while being secretly exposed, is exciting.

"Hello, lover," she said, moving to stand next to where I was sitting,
then leaning to hug me.  I put my coffee down to hug her back,
closely.  Then, I looked up to invite her to kiss me.  The thin cloth
she wore didn't slow down sensations much at all, either way.  She
kissed me, sweetly and softly, not insistently.  But slowly, taking
her time, sharing the warmth and wetness of our tongues.  I ran my
hands down her back, rubbing gently.  Then, slowly, lower and lower,
feeling the soft flesh underneath her shirt, smooth skin barely
covered by thin cotton.

I reached the hem at mid-thigh, and continued past it, caressing her
bare legs.  She felt chilled, and I pressed on her skin, rubbing it to
warm her.  When I reached the back of her knees, I stopped, and began
to reverse my path.  I'd felt no interruption in the smoothness of her
body, underneath her shirt, as I'd ran my hands down.  That made me
curious, as well as adding a new warmth inside me, contemplating the

When I reached the hem of her T-shirt again on the way up, I let my
hands slip inside, underneath the cloth, stroking the bare skin on the
back of her naked thighs.  Our kiss hadn't stopped, all the while,
arousing me, and perhaps her as well.  I cupped my hands together as I
reached her bare bottom, hugging her bare behind.  Pulling her closer,
as I felt my way up along the crease in her backside, with nothing but
skin and sensitive places beneath my fingers.

I didn't try to pull her shirt up, observing her naked self only by
touch.  I held her bare bottom for a while, kneading and hugging her,
as we kissed.  Then, I moved my hands down slowly, gently following
the line in the center with my fingers.  Right between her legs,
stroking her sweet, warm, wet place, feeling her soft fur, and
pressing gently into her moist opening.

Not for long, this was just a greeting, saying 'Hello, I'm glad to
feel and see you again.'  No words were needed, our kisses and touches
were enough to let me know that she wanted me.  But hunger for food
also hit, and I needed the energy.  If I wanted to do more than sleep,
I had to eat food.  So this sweet exploration would have to wait.

She stopped kissing me, and went to get me supper, before I took my
fingers off her sweetness and asked her to do that.  I said "Hello,
darling," and talked a little about my day, and how very nice it was
to see her again.  It wasn't like I couldn't have gotten my own food,
especially since all we did was microwave it to warm it up.  I didn't
even ask her to do it.  She just did it, knowing that I was tired, and
would appreciate it.

I could have said something sexual, teasing or suggestive, now that
I'd confirmed my suspicions about her attire.  She truly had only that
single thin garment to cover her.  Her legs were well exposed, soft
and lovely.  Her naked bottom would only be concealed if she were
standing upright.  We could be interrupted easily, by our children who
might not care or even notice, being too young to worry much about
such things.  But our holiday guests certainly might, and I didn't
know how they might react.  Shock, or desire, but certainly some kind
of teasing, at the least.  Yet she seemed not to care about that at
all, as if it was just she and I, alone in the house, together. 
Waiting for our time to get romantic, with no need to get up early for
work the next day.

I didn't need to speak of this.  For one thing, if anyone was up,
talking much about it might draw their attention, though we did try to
speak quietly.  Her naked bottom said more than words, inviting me to
touch it, caress, it.  Her wetness, and my touch to bring out more of
it, was my offer to her.  Words seemed unnecessary, and if someone was
listening, it might be embarrassing.

As she leaned over to get my warmed food out of the microwave, I got a
brief view of the bare flesh above her legs.  Seeing it added to my
excitement, even though I'd often seen her lovely naked bottom. 
Despite the fact that I'd just held it, long and lovingly, in my
hands, something about seeing it made it more exciting, especially
since we weren't alone in our house.  This added to my appetite, both
for food and other things.  I attacked my meal, eating quickly. 
Though I felt exhausted when I arrived home, I felt new energy fill
me.  I didn't believe that it was merely the taste of food which did
that for me.

She let me eat, silent, as she picked up things in our kitchen.  She
was facing away from me, as she bent over completely to get something
off the floor.  This exposed her bare bottom fully.  Since her legs
were apart, the opening of her sex, the soft sensitive button above
that, and her thin, trimmed pubic hair, were all clearly visible. 
This was a lovely sight, and I gasped, as it literally took my breath

She stayed in that position, not saying anything, as if she might be
looking for something on the floor.  But I knew better.  I loved to
look at her, no matter how often I saw her like this.  She was well
aware of that, posing like this, showing her sweet, wet pussy to me.

I was tempted to interrupt my quick supper, as I'd already stopped for
the moment to gape at her.  A taste for something sweeter than food,
delicious and warm, filled me.  I could see it, so inviting and open. 
But she stood and turned around, completing her cleanup task, after
remaining bent over long enough to tease me well.  Making love in the
kitchen with guests about would be risky, anyway, I told myself.

I resumed my meal, as she finished what little tasks she could find. 
Then, she pulled a chair out next to me, sitting and talking with me. 
To me, mostly, telling about her day, and all sorts of things, letting
me listen as I ate.

The chair she found a bit uncomfortable, perhaps, because she got up
and moved it, away from the table.  As she sat down, with the chair
facing directly at me, her legs parted to give me a clear vision of
her soft pubic hair, and the places below.  Only a momentary flash,
though, as she closed her legs, then pushed the hem of the T-shirt
down.  The view of her sweet pussy from the front added to my
pleasure, and my appetite seemed to grow even more.

She then pushed the T-shirt down further, past her knees, catching it
on them.  While this concealed the lower parts well, it tightened the
cloth above, pressing it against her breasts.

"It is cold.  Brrr!" she told me, shaking her body.  I could have
mentioned that more clothing could make her warmer, but her breasts
jiggled so nicely, and the hard nipples poked out, distinctly visible,
almost as though nothing was in the way.

"I'm sure I can find some way to warm you up, soon," I said, smiling,
licking my lips suggestively. "I can think of some things we could rub
together for warmth.  You heat me up nicely, my love, just sitting

Her T-shirt teasing reminded me of other situations in the past.  With
her - but we knew them already - and with others.  I mentioned how
nice T-shirts were for warming up, and that led to talking about past
encounters, hers and mine.  Telling each other sexy stories, true or
otherwise, is always fun. The best are true stories, not because they
are always the hottest, but because they let us share our memories. 
Becoming closer, because of our shared secrets.

Since I was the one who brought up T-shirts, I started telling her my
hot T-shirt story first.

"There was this friend of mine, a guy, and we were supposed to get
together for something or other, a road trip thing.  So I stopped by
his place early that morning.  He wasn't up yet, but his girlfriend
was.  She'd answered the door wearing just a T-shirt, maybe not even
as long as yours, but darker."

My darling asked me, "Was she pretty?", with a smile on her face.  I
knew that meant she liked this, teasing comparisons with other women,
because she'd always win, no matter how nice I found someone else.

"Very lovely, and I flirted with her often.  It wasn't serious,
really, because she was with my friend.  But I did let her know that I
admired her, finding her sexy."

Stopping a moment to finish the last bit of my meal, I went on. 
"Well, she invited me in for coffee.  Not an unusual thing, but she
didn't go and get something else to cover up with."

"Interesting," my darling said, eyes twinkling at me, as she spread
her legs under her shirt, pulling it even tighter, but away from her
body, concealing everything now.

"After pouring my coffee, she got some creamer off a high shelf. 
Reaching up made her shirt rise, and it wasn't really long enough to
cover her when she was standing.  Her bottom was exposed to her waist.
I was single and horny, and the sight of her bare ass, from an angle
so I couldn't see her pussy. It was still awesomely lovely, and went
straight to my cock, no way to hold my reaction back there.

"As she turned back towards me, spotting my reaction and stare, her
pussy briefly popped into view, before her shirt dropped down to
conceal it."

Talking about this generated a reaction in me now, if not quite as
strong as the original exposure.  I'm sure my darling noticed that
too, as I spread my legs a little and turned toward her, trying to
making it harder to spot.  I wondered if she was reacting as well, but
other than her face, it was hard to see anything.  I liked how her
legs wiggled slightly, rocking on the chair, knowing that her bare
bottom was rubbing directly against the hard wood.

I went on with my story after this brief pause for such thoughts,
while sipping my coffee.  She didn't interrupt me, waiting patiently. 
"Well," I said, "she went off to check on my friend, to see if he was
awake or not.  She'd told me he'd gone out the night before, and
didn't seem likely to wake up, but she'd try it anyway."

I smiled, thinking about what I remembered, and said, "When she came
back, she said 'He's out of it.  Maybe he'll wake up.  I told him you
were here, but he didn't say anything.  Didn't even move.'

"She went about the kitchen, picking up and moving things, which gave
me brief flashes of her bottom, from both sides.  Her shirt wasn't
long enough to cover her, and she knew that, but was still walking
around in front of me.  It was possible she did this only by accident,
or it was normal for her to be bare-bottomed in her own place.  The
next thing, though, certainly was no accident."

"What happened?", my darling asked me, letting her shirt fall tight
against her breasts again, pulling one leg up on the chair, sliding
her pussy right to the edge, though I couldn't see it.  Her shirt
concealed the details, but I knew her well, what she'd be letting
touch and rub to please herself.

I said, "The next thing?  She sat on the chair across from me, pulling
it away from the table so that nothing would stop me from seeing her
body.  While doing that, she let her T-shirt slide up, so her entire
bare bottom was in contact with the chair.  The front of her T-shirt
barely covered her pussy, and that was mostly due to her legs being
crossed, not the cloth concealing it."

My darling interrupted me a moment as she stood up, hiked her shirt up
a little, but not quite enough to uncover her bottom for my view. 
Then, she sat back down, shirt no longer under her at all, legs
crossed in front of her.

I liked this game, her playing the part from the story.  I went on,
saying, "Well, the girl leaned towards me a little, and said, 'You've
always been a lot of fun to be around, you know?'  As she said this,
she uncrossed her legs, spreading them slightly.  Then, slowly, she
opened them up wide, pulling her T-shirt up a little so nothing would
block my sight of her bare pussy.  Fully exposed, open wide, a lovely
patch of fur surrounding her sweet slit and opening.  Her clitoris was
visible, peeking out, looking so delicious, I sighed with desire
looking at it.  Moisture glistened on her opening below, and droplets
were present all along her slit, and her hard clit.  There was no
pretense about an accidental show of her sweet pussy.  This was for
me, something to arouse me, tease me, maybe something beyond that, and
I couldn't ignore it.

My darling asked me, grinning, "Like this?" She pulled her T-shirt up
past her navel, uncovering her tiny pubes, her lovely mons, and her
lovely abdomen.  She uncrossed her legs, spreading them wide, giving
me a dazzling view of her sweetest place.  My dick was already
twitching from the vision from my memories, but this real life show
made it rock hard, and I contracted my muscles, to reduce the pressure
of it trying to escape from my pants.

"Yes, that is what it was like," I replied, in a quiet voice.  "I
don't think it was as pretty as that, but it certainly affected me
strongly.  I wanted to reward her for the show she was giving me."

"Hmm, what kind of reward did you offer?", my darling asked me.  She
closed her legs tight, then opened them wide again, putting pressure
on herself.

"An oral one.  I told her that I'd like to kiss her pussy, to make her
feel what she was doing to me."

"And did she like the tip you gave her?"

"She stopped me before I could give her much of one, at least, as much
as I felt I owed her."

"That's too bad," my darling replied, sticking her tongue out at me
and licking her lips. "You give good tips."

"I think she liked the tip of my tip," I said, sticking my tongue out
and flicking it, suggestively, to make my point.  "When I knelt down
between her legs, her sweet aroma drew me right in.  I love the sweet
taste of wet pussy, and I hadn't tasted hers before.  The thought of a
new treat, and one which looked and smelled so good, was overwhelming.
Besides, I'm a sucker for plump, hard clitorises, sticking up to eat. 
Er, clitorii?"

My lover said, "Something like that.  You sure like to suck it,
whatever you call them, anyway."  She put one hand on her thigh, then
ran one finger right up between her legs, right to her clit.  Flicking
it, drawing it up to peek out for us.  We both shared a fascination
with this particular area of female anatomy, playing with it with
excessive frequency.

I resumed my story, saying, "Her clit wasn't just fully visible,
sticking out hard, it was wet.  As though her arousal had spread far,
or she'd helped it along when she'd left the room to check on my
sleeping friend."

"Imagining you tasting my clit could make me wet like that," my
darling said.  Hers was moist now, as her finger softly stroked it in
front of me.

"I did start with her vagina, not her clit, lapping her flavor right
up.  She was wet, but I didn't want to rush.  But she seemed so ready
for more, and I couldn't resist tasting her clit, feeling its hardness
pulled between my lips.  I sucked it in hard, flipping my tongue
rapidly across it, licking it hard.  I would have done that for hours,
it felt so good, and her sighs of pleasure let me know that I was
doing her right."

"So, why didn't you?" my darling asked, flicking her clit hard with
her fingernail, making it jump each time she hit it, her whole body
shaking a little each time as well.

"She came, almost right away.  She cried out, but covered her mouth,
to stifle her noises.  I didn't let up on her clit, either, because
she kept getting off on my sucking it hard.  Coming hard, long and
strong, pushing her pussy into my face.  But when she slowed down, I
did as well.  To my surprise, she got up suddenly and ran off, out of
the room, leaving me kneeling alone on her kitchen floor."

"What happened next?"

"She came back, not long after that, and said, 'I'm sorry, sorry for
teasing you.'  Then, she hugged me, and said 'Thank you, for
understanding.  Don't say anything about this, OK?'

"I don't think she was planning to do more than tease me, get herself
hot, maybe show off a little for me.  She was my friend's girlfriend,
you know?  Anyway, I didn't mind helping her out if she was feeling
horny that day."

"Hmm," my darling answered me, "I think that I'd like a tip like that.
If you think that this show is worth it?"  She spread her legs
further, tucking her feet behind the chair legs for leverage.  Then,
she rubbed her whole pussy with her hand, plunging two fingers inside
her, drawing moisture out on them.  She ran her fingers up her slit,
catching the center between them, drawing my attention to the hard,
wet pearl she held between them.  Letting me know that her arousal was
real, not just a bit of teasing.

Yet she didn't leave herself exposed for long, teasing me even more. 
I didn't even get to answer her question, though I think both of us
already knew.  Quickly, she plopped the front of her shirt down again,
pulling it past her knees, stretching it over them.  Making a tent
which again concealed every detail from view, yet I knew that her bare
bottom was still pressed against the chair, and for certain, the edge
was riding between her thighs, one leg down to the side.  From below,
her bottom would be easily visible.

"I'm freezing, it is so cold," she said to me.

However cold the rest of her might be, her pussy sure seemed hot
enough.  Another story came into my mind, thinking of hot pussy.  I
was enjoying this teasing game, and I told her, "This might warm you
up.  Another naked T-shirt story."

"Please, yes, tell me," she said.

"I stopped for gas, and another car pulled up next to mine.  A boy and
girl, teenagers, were in it.  The boy went into the station, and the
girl got out to pump the gas.  She was about 16, and wearing a long
T-shirt and tennis shoes, pretty blonde hair, slim, a girl to look at
no matter what she was wearing.  I saw no lines under the shirt, but
it was loose enough to make it easy to imagine shorts, or at least a
bikini bottom, being underneath.  On top, though, there was no doubt
that it was the only covering.  It wasn't transparent, but the bounce
of her pert breasts made  me imagine that she truly had nothing under
it, not just no bra, but nothing at all.  Just as strongly, I figured
that no one else had that idea.  I saw no one else looking at her in
an obvious way.

"I was younger then, so it didn't take much to make me hard.  And I
could do little to stop it happening.  I wore loose pants that day,
with no underwear on myself.  My observations excited me, and though I
tried to hold back my response, I still got visibly hard.  I didn't
think that anyone would notice, not unless they were close enough to
me to see what I was seeing.  An almost naked teen girl, pumping gas."

My darling said, "It would be fun to be out like that, bare bottom
barely covered, wind blowing up into my pussy."

"It did seem like she was having fun, because she was smiling brightly
while doing that.  A gust of wind made her T-shirt pop up, proving me
right.  Her long blonde hair was flying in the wind, looking very
pretty, but I saw something even better to stare at.  She was facing
towards me, looking at me, so when her shirt came up her bare pussy
was on display, sun shining brightly on it.  A tiny patch of pubic
hair, trimmed to just a circle on her mons, nothing concealing her
cleft, it looked lovely like that.  Made her look more naked that way,
you know, with the pink details of her pussy clearly visible."

"I know that you like looking at mine that way," my darling

"I smiled at her, watching this happen.  And she smiled back.  I'm
sure she could see my hard-on, but I was too far away to see any clear
signs of arousal from her.  Her legs weren't closed tight, and I could
see more than just her bare slit.  Imagining her naked pussy wasn't as
good as really seeing it.

"As the wind died down, and her shirt fell to conceal her nakedness,
she finished pumping her gas.  Rather than go into the station for her
boyfriend, or back into her car, she ran around her car.  All the way
around to the side facing me, with her car blocking anyone else but me
from seeing her body.  She'd already accidentally shown me her naked
bottom, but she wanted to be doubly sure I realized what she was
doing.  That there was nothing under her T-shirt but her lovely body,
though, I knew already.

"She pulled her T-shirt up, staring at me, watching to see how I'd
react.  Not just up to her waist, either.  Using both hands, she
lifted the front of her shirt to expose her lovely little breasts,
firm and round, with hard nipples, hurting me with desire.  Legs
apart, spread, not tight at all, let me see her pussy clearly, her
lips parted, showing her lovely pink middle.  We weren't far apart, a
few feet, and I could see everything so clearly.

"I didn't say anything, or move.  I just smiled at her, nodding my
head in approval.  My dick also nodded its approval, but I couldn't
control it.  Then, her boyfriend came back, and she dropped her shirt

"He didn't say anything, but I'm sure he noticed her showing herself
to me.  He was grinning broadly, smiling at her, at me, probably at
everybody.  They both got into the car and drove away.  He looked very
happy, ecstatic even.  I felt that he was a very lucky boy, enjoying
such a girl in his life."

My darling stood up, stretching her arms and legs, letting her bare
bottom, her lovely pussy, pop into view as her shirt rose.  She then
pulled the T-shirt up, over the top of her lovely breasts, showing me
that her nipples were hard, her breasts swaying in front of me.  I
stared, entranced at this lovely vision, and her daring in doing so
with our guests not far away.

"Do you feel lucky, hmm?", she asked me, shaking her body to make her
breasts bounce even more.

"Yes," I said, softly, sighing. It was hard to speak, and I didn't say
more.  I knew that I was lucky.  It didn't matter how often I'd seen
her this way, it always excited me.  She could make me hot with desire
with a glance, but her naked body, showing off, teasing me and herself
with touches and flashes, made me crazy with lust.  She covered
herself up, but not before I turned away from looking at her, which
took a long time, a couple of minutes in reality. But it felt like an
eternity.  I only looked away to see if someone might be coming to
catch us like that, not because I'd tired of looking at her.

I'd finished my meal, so I put the dishes in the washer.  We went to
the bathroom together, to share warming up in the hot water of our
shower.  I was a little worried that our guests might wake up from our
activities, but figured that they would understand if we wanted to do
something more amorous than merely washing up in the shower.  I did
expect that we'd mostly wash up, then escape to the privacy of our
room for the main event.

I stripped naked first, dropping my dirty clothes into the hamper.  I
could cover myself with a towel for the trip to our room, so it didn't
matter that I'd brought nothing to change into.  I said, "Wait until I
get cleaned up a little.  No need for you to get all dirty, just to
warm up with me, OK?"

I hopped in the running shower first, and did the usual routine of
washing, slick with soap all over my body, rubbing my hard cock to
calm it a little.  We talked, teasing about what we'd be doing to each
other soon. Not that we'd likely do it exactly that way, because
improvising was so much fun, but talking about sucking on each other's
bodies really turned me on.  She could have gone to sleep, rather than
waiting up for me, but I think she wanted this as much as I did. 
Maybe more.  I loved her so, and wanted to make her happy tonight.  I
knew that it wouldn't take that much to get me off, but there is more
to sex than just an orgasm.

"T-shirts make you hot, don't they?", she asked, as she got into the
shower with me.  Still wearing her T-shirt, and I expected her to pull
it off rather than getting it soaked, because she liked to sleep in it
when it was chilly.  Instead, she moved next to me under the spray,
soaking it up.  The water quickly made it slick, sticking tight to her
body, and transparent enough to have a good impression of the details,
if not a clear view.  Her breasts, still with pointy hard nipples,
were wrapped in tight, wet cloth.  Her bottom was clearly visible. 
The lovely shape of her ass, the darker color of her pubic triangle,
even the center of her slit below, all could be seen through the wet
material.  Not clearly, as if she were naked, but definitely showing
her form in detail, revealing her nakedness under the garment.  Like a
wet T-shirt contest, soaked and sexy.

"I'd pick you as the winner in our wet T-shirt contest, you sexy
thing!" I said, smiling at her, holding her hands in mine, but not
pushing our bodies together.  That way, we could touch, but still look
at each other well.  Then, I added, "But won't you get cold, sleeping
with your shirt all wet like that?  I don't know if I want you next to
me like that," I teased, laughing.  She was teasing me, for sure,
letting me see her covered in the soaked T-shirt, not naked as usual.

"You can keep me warm tonight," she answered, serious in her sexiness,
almost purring with the desire dripping off her tongue, like the water
falling off our bodies.

I hugged her tightly, turning us within the shower so both could enjoy
the warm, gentle spray.  We rubbed our bodies together, using a little
soap but mostly just our fingers, and everything else, and soon any
chill we might have felt faded away.

"This shirt does get in the way," she told me, and she pulled it off,
tossing it out of the shower to the floor, leaving her naked with me,
but with nothing to wear after her shower.  That excited me too, her
risking more exposure, just to share her body with mine, to keep on
teasing me.  I knew she could find a towel or two, but there might not
be one big enough to cover her fully.  We had to go past our sleeping
guests to get to our room, and while I wasn't too worried about
walking past them in a towel, she might draw more attention if
spotted.  Her T-shirt, at least, would suggest that she might have
something under it, making her more 'decent'."

"I love you," she said, after she turned back and pressed her body
into mine.  Right before she kissed me, stopping me from saying it
back to her.  Those three words, said with sincerity, are the best
aphrodisiac ever invented.  Maybe it is the way she says it, reminding
me that she wants me, not just for sex, but for everything. I've
always loved kissing, especially when we are naked, feeling our whole
bodies touch, my hardness against her softness. I was already up for
this, more than ready for her, with her teasing in the kitchen.  But I
had imagined we'd wait until we were in our bed before really doing
something about this desire, up until this point.

She reached down with one hand as we kissed, putting it between our
legs where our sexes met.  My hard cock fell into her hand, and she
pressed it into her body.  Pushing it inside her, after rubbing it
briefly against her, making me hum with pleasure.  I put my hands
behind her bottom, helping to push us together.  I was glad our shower
was wide enough, and not so slippery, so we could spread our legs,
without losing our balance.  At least, making it less precarious,
because doing things in the shower is so much fun!  I could have asked
her to try another position, maybe lying down.  It would have felt
safer, though I didn't want to interrupt this moment, feeling the joy
in our kisses joined with that from below.

Our kiss was intense, fueling our passion.  We didn't stop it at all,
even when we started fucking.  Slowed a little, but didn't part our
lips, not even our tongues.  She wanted this, I knew without words. 
Not sex, that part was so obvious anyone could have known.  But making
love standing up, in the shower together, is both exciting and harder
to do, and was something else.  But I knew it, even so, and she showed
me with her actions that I was right.

She put her arms out, catching the handhold on one side, the curtain
rod on the other, for balance, as she pushed her hips hard into me. 
She wiveled them, pressing her body hard against mine, pressing on me
within herself, tight and sensual beyond words. Making love like this,
standing up, reminded me of dancing.  The music came from our shared
passion, the rhythm from the waves of our mutual pleasures.  It was
like making love outside in the rain, and that reminded me that it
would be warm enough to think about doing that soon.

My back blocked some of the shower spray, but water flowed over us,
falling between our bodies.  The slickness between us, the splashes on
our chests, abdomens, and pubes, added to the stimulation of our
thrusting gyrations, and delicious kisses.

She rocked her body hard against mine, rubbing her nipples across my
chest, brushing her tips against mine.  Our pubes brushed together,
mine against her sensitive button, and she moaned with pleasure,
tickling my tongue as we kiss.  We breathed through each other's
mouths, softly, breathlessly, not wanting to interrupt this long
enough to take a full breath.

Our thrusts were short, keeping our bodies tightly connected, not
pulling apart.  But the motion of our hips in this erotic dance of
love made up for that.  Our pubic muscles also helped, both of us
trying to play with each other there, pressing and pushing, in an ever
so slow, terrifically pleasurable fuck.  I didn't want our contact
broken, and it didn't matter if my immediate desire for long strokes,
to speed my release and intensify my pleasure, went unfulfilled.  I
loved to feel her pleasure, her passion driving us together.

On a dance floor, I'd end up leading, feeling foolish if I didn't do
that as expected.  But for our loving, for this time together, it was
much better to follow her.  Her movements got faster, and she leaned
back, pushing my hardness into her stronger, deeper, all the way into
her.  Our sexes were locked tight, as she held us together, not
drawing apart.  We rubbed our bodies together, blissful tingles of
contact flowing from our faces, our lips, breasts, pubes, even down to
our feet rubbing each other.  Barely thrusting, our motions confined
to slow rotations and internal tensing.

I held her ass tightly, holding her body up as she leaned back.  I
bent with her, and held her as she let her weight press down on me,
pushing her vagina down on my hard cock within as well.  The pressure
there was tremendous, and I felt like I might break rather than bend. 
She pushed hard into me, and I knew that her clitoris was crushed
against my pubes, while my cock pushed her vagina upward, stretching
it, and my cock, helping to catch her two most sensitive places at
once.  She rocked her hips back and forth, putting almost painful
pressure between us.  The warm water falling on us could not get in to
reduce our natural lubrication, and the heat of our motion together
was pure pleasure.

Our lips and tongues had been locked in a near non-stop kiss, and now
she stopped, pulling her face back from mine, to cry out her joy.  She
thrust hard against me, and I pushed back, several times, squealing
with delight each time, and I almost joined her in this glorious
release.  It was hard to keep our balance as she came, and her grip on
the curtain rod slipped.  I caught her, holding her so she wouldn't
fall, but we were pulled apart in the process.  She started to giggle,
softly, embarrassed and maybe a little frightened, as she pulled
herself back upright.  Leant up against me, she hugged me, kissed me
again, and told me, "That was very good."

An understatement, in words, but her breathless lustful tone let me
know how good she felt.


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