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PlanetDweller's Weekly Erotic Story Vignette  ~   February 14,

My Val & 'Tine (Fb, pedo, mast, young, preg, caution)



"Thanks, Delilah, you don't know how much of a lifesaver you
always are for me" Marilina, my neighbor for across the hall and
down two touching me on the shoulder as she turned to quickly
leave, her employer calling her back to work unexpectedly for a
second and third unneeded and unwanted shift at the emergency
care clinic where she was charge nurse, a major snow storm
outside guaranteeing hell for her and also lots of overtime for
the next couple of days, she easing her seven-year-old son,
Valantino, to me as she scooted down the hall to make the

"No problem, Val and I always have fun, don't we, Val?"

"Yes, Aunt Delly, we do!" he smiling back at me, my hands on his
shoulders as he watched his mother wave back at him as the
elevator's doors closed at the end of our hallway.

  In the six years I've been a resident at Claret Towers,
Marilina living there for two years longer than I, we had become
fast friends by the virtue of the fact that we were the only two
single women in the entire building, the rest of our fellow
co-op'ers being either younger families or older couples.

  Val was a year old when I moved in. I got to know her, his
mother Marilina, over washing and folding clothes in the common
laundry room down in the basement for about a year before one
moment on one day she complained that she had lost her usual
babysitter at the last minute and couldn't go out on a date that
night because of it.

  I volunteered to babysit Val, even though I had never been
around an infant or toddler, not ever, not at all.

  Out of desperate horniness, I think, that and the fact we had
become more or less friends and she trusted me, she let me take
care of her son that night.

  He was in training pants then. Almost out of them, but not
quite. When he messed his pants up, I cleaned him up and became
fascinated, yes, I admit so, with him and his body.

  Being raised in an orphanage after my mom died when I was just
two myself, no close relatives anywhere to take me in, I was
never exposed to many of the usual things most girls are exposed
to growing up, including taking care of relatives' and friends'
small children.

  Because of that, I think, I was determined at an early age to
have a family of my own, something I never had. That's why I'm
now six months pregnant even though I don't have a husband or
even significant boyfriend in my life. Tom, my long-time screw
partner, agreed to get me pregnant at my request and be there for
our child when needed, but let me assume primary, actually damned
near all at my request, responsibility for raising my child. At
thirty-one with no prospect of a long-term relationship in sight,
all of my "good eggs" were being used up and my biological clock
was ticking very loudly. That's why I became pregnant. That's why
I wanted to become pregnant. That, and the fact I wanted my own
family and now had the financial resources to do so.

"Can we play "Go Fish", Aunt Delly?" my young non-related nephew
asked as he headed into the kitchen to grab a snack.

"Uh-hu, but no cookies before supper, games afterward" he looking
a little disappointed.

"Oh, ohh-kay."

  I warmed up some leftover spaghetti and meatballs from the
other night I had fixed for him and made some fresh buttered
garlic toast which he always liked.

"You're a great cook!" he sounding adult almost at times, his
intellect and speech older than his age.

"Thank you, and you're a great guest, I always love it when you
enjoy eating my cooking!" smiling happily back at him.

"You'll make a great mom when the baby's born" he eating his last
bite of hot bread and taking the last gulp from his glass of
grape-flavored Kool-Aid With Vitamins Added.

  Marilina, his mom, not letting him normally watch that much
television, I didn't complain when he didn't want to play go-fish
or chutes-and-ladders or another game with me and wanted to watch
the Cartoon Network instead.

  He sat on the floor in front of the entertainment console,
laying flat, his arms propping up his chin. He was a handsome
young man, indeed.

"Wanna backrub?" I asked from my pregnant heaviness sitting on
the couch just behind him, he turning to look back at me.

"Uh-uh, but can I feel the baby kick some more?"


  I pulled my top off as he got up from the floor and moved to
sit beside me on the couch, his eyes still occasionally cutting
to Sponge Bob blaring on the set as he gently placed his hand
atop my swollen belly. Then, a kick, a hard one, almost like my
son knew Val was there and wanted to say "hi" to him.


"Uh-hu. Being pregnant is wonderful."

"Yeah. Can he be my brother when he's born?"

  Marilina had already explained in age-appropriate ways "the
facts of life" to him as best she could, but at just seven even
though he was more mature than a lot of teen- agers he still had
a child's knowledge evidenced from time to time.

"Well, only your mom or dad can give you a real brother, but
sure, I don't think your mom would mind if Peter becomes your
brother after he's born" his hand now rubbing my swollen abdomen
in a nice, easy motion. It felt so nice.

"Neat! Can I play with your titties some, Aunt Delly?"

"Of course you may" quickly shedding the harness that held my
pendulous breasts "I'd appreciate it if you'd suck on them some,
use your teeth a little but not much like I showed you how to do
the other night, have to toughen them up some" his eyes alight

  I flicked the tv off as Val's mouth latched on to my teet like
he was nursing allover once again, like he was my son drawing
life from me and giving it back again, his hand steadying my
mammary mass as his mouth drew forth ancient memories of a time
just now present.

"That's nice, Val, very nice; chew a little harder if you want,
please" his teeth gently biting a little firmer now as his vacuum
suction of them remained constant. I could feel the dampness
between my legs growing, leaking a little between my thighs as
the colostrum leaked from nipples.

  Eyes closed, my soul wandered to a place where only women can
go. A place of life. A place of death. A place of fear. A place
of hope. Our place of renewal and rebirth. Then, a small hand
started rubbing my pussy through my elastic-waisted stretchpants.

"That's enough of that, young man!" I playfully scolded at him.

"But Auntie Delly, we always play when we're together!" a look of
disappointment now crescending.

"And we will, in a little bit" easing my bulk off of the couch,
pulling him up with me "go get undressed and met me in the
bathroom, time for your bath."

"Yeah!" was all he happily shouted as he made his way to the
spare bedroom, his bedroom when he slept over, his clothes flying
in all directions as he did.

  I was on my hands and knees kneeling beside the tub drawing his
bath water, naked, when he came in behind me, his hand finding my
open pussy as I gently faked an "ohhhh, I didn't know you were
there, my little boy!" gasp of faux surprise as I turned to him,
pulling him close to me for a nice hug.

"Yeah, you knew, but you're sweet" my little near-adult grinned
back at me.

  He was such a handsome young man. His heritage, Curacao Indian
and Aztec Indian and a little Italian thrown in for good measure.
His eyes, bright. His smile, brighter. His heart, brighter still.

"This is the way we wash our head, wash our head, this is the way
we wash our head, so early in the morn-ing" my nursery rhyme
singing happily from my lips as I scrubbed him down from head to
toe, rinsing him off with the handheld shower massager, draining
the dirty water out, running more warm water to fill the tub back

  I couldn't wait any longer. He had gotten me almost too hot
earlier with his breast sucking. Not that I'm complaining. It's
what I wanted him to do, that, and toughen my nipples up a
little, needed to be done.

  My fingers found his penis as he leaned back in the tub. What a
perfect little member it was. His eyes brightened, his eyelids
closed some as his body stiffened up a little, his legs
stretching out some.

"My perfect little Val', and my perfect little 'Tine" my name for
his pee-pee being "Tine", short for "Tiny", a name once he
realized what it meant when he got older would make him a little
irritated with me for calling "it" that but now he was too young
to care and it was a joke anyway, it being not all that tiny for
a seven-year-old, not at all, my fingers pulling at it and
playing with it as he relaxed under my touch in the warmth of his
bath water and the love he felt from me.

"Aunt Delly?"

"Yes, Darling?" my eyes fixated on that perfect little cocky-cock
of his now.

"Can you gimme a sucky-suck of 'Tine", please?"

"Sure, Hon', let's get you dried off and we'll go to my bedroom
and play for a while, then off to bed."

"Aawwww! I don't' wanna go to sleep now, it's too early!" the
towel now on his bottom and between those sweet little cheeks, he
never minding my extra attention "down there" at all.

"Well, you didn't keep your promise not to tell your mom that I
let you stay up late on a school night last time you were here
and now she's made me promise her that you'd be in bed no later
than ten o'clock. If you don't want to play with your Aunt Delly,
that's fine, I'm tired, we'll go on to bed right now if you'd

  He shot me a drop-dead "that's not funny, Aunt Delly, not at
all" look. I smiled. He smiled back. We hugged. I picked him up
and carried to my bedroom, gently laying him down on my bed. My
excitement started working with my surging hormones to make me a
little nauseous but I wasn't going to let almost puking stop our
fun. I ran to the kitchen, munched down a couple of pickles with
some Texas Pete hotsauce dashed on them and came back to the

  Val was almost asleep. His bath always relaxes him, almost puts
him to sleep a lot of times. Slowly my mouth began sucking on his
little but thick string bean-sized member as I crawled onto the
bed with him.

"Tine-eee, ohhh, Tie-Ine, wake up, wake up! Val, ohhh, Val-Ahll,
wake up wake up, your Aunt Delly's here now" happy whisperings to
him, he grinning now, having been playing possum with his Auntie
the whole time.

  I sucked and sucked him for our usual ten to fifteen minutes,
until he became happy and a bit bored by my oral'ing of him, at
which point I always stopped.

  Propping the pillows up, I leaned back on them and opened my
legs for him, he always being fascinated by my now-swelling
pussy, his small fingers and hands playing with me as he wished.
Heaven. Sheer heaven.

"Want your suckee-suck now, Auntie?"

"Uh-uh" lust not helping but fill me a little as he eased himself
to lay between my legs, his mouth clamping over my clit,
mimicking the sucking action of him on my nipples sans the teeth,
as I had taught him. Even more heaven.

  Inside me, my son-to-be Peter kicked me gently a few times just
to remind me that he was still inside me and was enjoying the
pleasure Val was giving me almost as much I was in ersatzly
through our shared state of being.

"C'mon, Val'ee, one more suck for you and then time to go to
sleep" my orgasm light but there, my nausea not going away but
actually increasing and killing whatever mood I might have been
able to get into.

   Leading him back to his room for the night, my mouth found his
member for one more brief time as my hand rubbed his bottom and
anal pucker as my mouth sucked him off, his hand playing with my
nipples and breasts as he wished as I leaned my weight over him
sitting on the edge of the bed as he lay slightly under the
sheets before a surge of half-digested spaghetti almost came back
up for real and I knew it was time to retire for tonight.

"Good night, Val, good night, 'Tine, see you in the morning" my
finger flicking at the lightswitch as my hand gently closed the
door to his room, his love for me and my love for him opening new
doors still to mansions of happiness within our hearts.

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