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Title:  No Mercy for Uncle John
Author: head2fat


   This story depicts explicit sex.  If you are under the legal age of 
   consent in your country or are offended by this type of material or if 
   you reside where it is illegal to possess such material, read no further.

   This story may be redistributed freely and without charge as long as all 
   disclaimers and copyrights are retained and no text is altered, removed, 
   or added.

   There are a few more chapters yet to come.  They should if the 
   initial feedback is favorable.   Enjoy.  



(c) 2003 Kari Alarus

Chapter 1 - Introduction

John Reynold Dupont was in deep trouble, and he knew it.   

Barely forty years old, the senior accountant was fatigued nearly all 
the time.  He had scarcely any energy after work either to pursue his 
hobbies or to maintain any kind of social life.  Even his work for 
the city was suffering, almost to the point of losing his enviable 
desk job.   John knew exactly what the trouble was - the twins.   
They were draining him bone-dry every single day.   He just didn't 
know what to do about it.

Twelve years before, he'd sworn to his sister Jessica that he'd look 
after her two daughters whenever she was out of the country.   For 
some mysterious reason, Jessica was called to travel for months at a 
time to far-flung places like Bhutan, Siberia, Vietnam, and the 
Ecuadorian Andes.  Lately, she was spending more and more time away.  
Not that it disturbed her daughters very much.  They seemed just as 
tightly bonded to their mom whether she was away or at home.  It was 
almost as if the three maintained some sort of psychic connection 
that defied distance.  And now, the girls were just as tightly bonded 
to their Uncle John.  Just in a different sort of way.

 From the moment that John stepped in the door from work, the twins 
would be all over him.  And they wouldn't leave him alone until 
they'd coaxed at least four massive climaxes from him.  Four 
climaxes, you say.  Isn't that a lot for a forty year-old man? Yes, 
it was.  In fact, it was excessive.  But I'll wager that you'd never 
laid eyes on the Foxworth twins either.  They definitely weren't the 
skinny pretty china doll type heavily made up to look sexy-cute.   
No, the twins were naturally gorgeous voluptuous young women.  Jenna 
and Julia were the most cock-stiffening 15 year-olds that you could 
ever imagine.  The girls definitely knew the awesome power of their 
exceptional sexuality.  It was a rare red-blooded male who was immune 
to their charms.  John wasn't one of them.

The girls were an exotic Euro-Brazilian mix.  The gods had blessed 
them with the very best genes of both lineages.   Flawless crme de 
cacao skin, large round sparkling blue-green eyes, full dark lips, 
faces of such stunning beauty that it hurt your heart to look away, 
perfectly formed melon-sized breasts, narrow waists, long gently 
muscled legs that any erotic dancer would envy, and wavy blond 
tresses trailing all the way down to their firm Brazilian bubble 

Despite the twins' outrageous behavior, Uncle John couldn't bring 
himself to punish them simply for turning him on, even though the 
vicious cock teasing to which they routinely subjected him bordered 
on inhuman.  John had tried several times before to lay down the law.  
He wanted them to realize that their overtly sexual antics were 
clearly unacceptable around him.  Unfortunately, with the naughty 
ways they carried on and with the skimpiest of clothes uncovering 
their voluptuous bodies, the raging inflation of his boner betrayed 
John every single time.   

Now, having succumbed to their delectable charms innumerable times 
over the past six months, John realized that the girls had him at 
their complete mercy.  Clearly under age and blood-relatives of his 
as well, the twins had ample insurance that John would never betray 
or harm them.   He faced an eternity behind bars were they or their 
trusted friend, Venus DeMonet, ever to report his misconduct to the 
authorities.   Uncle John fully understood the dire consequences of 
ever pissing the twins off. 

Chapter 2 - How Was Your Day, Uncle?

This evening, the twins greeted John's return from work wearing 
matching black mesh micro minidresses that clung to their every 
curve.   The pornographic garments were so short that the girls' 
bubble butts hung almost completely out.  The girls were already so 
aroused from their regular afternoon foreplay with each other, that 
their fat nipples poked straight through the wide mesh netting.   
Only the tiniest of black thongs graced their private parts.

As John staggered into the house, his cock was already rising to 
half-mast.  "Good lord, Uncle John, you horny goat!" the twins 
giggled in unison.      

Barely through the doorway, their uncle was sporting a massive boner 
that threatened to burst through his trousers.  The man was so badly 
horned on the twin's tight young twats that it didn't take much to 
coax an erection out of him.  But the incomparable vision of their 
luscious under-aged bodies bursting out of such obscene garments 
engorged John's cock with white-hot lava.

Jenna was the first to press her succulent curves tightly against her 
uncle.  She french-kissed him deeply to show just how much she'd 
missed him.  She giggled as John's monster cock twitched fiercely in 

"Alright, enough, you slut!  It's my turn" Julia cried, rudely 
breaking her sister's cock stiffening embrace.   

Now Julia made extra sure to grind her torrid crotch as lewdly as 
possible into the huge bulge straining her uncle's trousers.  She 
proceeded to tongue-kiss him even more erotically than her sister.  
In addition to another massive cock twitch, a loud guttural moan 
escaped from Uncle John, so intensely was he aroused.  Julia giggled 
wickedly at just how brutally her uncle was going to fuck the bejesus 
out of both her and her sister that evening, once they were done 
toying with him, that is.

"So did you have a hard day, uncle?" Jenna asked.  "Was it half as 
hard as it is now?" she giggled.

Without even giving her uncle a chance to answer, Julia exclaimed "Oh 
my, you look so uncomfortable in those tight trousers" Julia 
exclaimed.  "Let's help you out of them, now".  

At which point, both vixens descended up him, unzipping his slacks 
and knocking him down in the process.  Once he was on the ground, 
they quickly pulled his pants off and cast them aside.   John's cock 
was now almost fully erect.

"Ah, that's much better.  Now that python of yours, oops, I mean 
ours, can breathe a little." Jenna giggled at her little joke.   John 
blushed, knowing full well just how true that really was.

"Yes, but those boring boxers have got to go.  I want to see your 
sweet man-meat twitching in all its natural glory" Julia interjected.    

"But sweethearts, I'm kind of tired.  Can't we just watch movies 
tonight?" John protested, as he tried to struggle back to his feet.   
He pulled his boxers up tighter for good measure.

"Yeah, well tell that to Mr. Johnson!" Jenna playfully answered.  

Yet again, John's cock had given him away.   He knew very well that 
the girls weren't going to leave him alone until his ever-eager fuck 
rod could rise no more.   John shivered at just how insatiable the 
twins had already become.  He couldn't even begin to imagine how 
voracious their sexual appetites would be once they reached eighteen.  
They'd probably need to harness a dozen well-hung studs just to keep 
them sated.

With that remark, both twins attacked him again.  This time they 
tickled him to the ground, and refused to stop until he begged them 
to remove his shorts.  It took only two minutes of tickle torture for 
John to surrender.

His boxers now gone, John sighed in defeat.  Yet again, the twins 
were going to have their way with him, and there was little he could 
do about it.   There was one bright spot, though.  Fighting off the 
twins had partially deflated his erection.  At least for a few 
minutes he'd be able to think clearly, without his cock making all 
the decisions. 

"Oh no!  Look at how sad Mr. Johnson is.  He's all droopy" Jenna 
pouted.  "Sis, what can we do to make him feel happy again?"

"I've got an idea!" Julia exclaimed, a wicked gleam in her eye.   
Next thing John knew, Julia was in his face, looking deeply into his 
eyes.  Her luscious mouth was inches from her uncle's.  She licked 
her lips lasciviously.  "I'm going make your whistle a little wet," 
she whispered.   Even though John wasn't entirely sure what she 
meant, the shear sexiness of her intent sent sparks through his 
brain.  He could already feel the fiery sap returning to his cock.

Julia hiked up her tiny dress and pulled her thong to the side.  She 
grabbed her uncle's cock and pressed herself closer.  Rocking her 
pelvis forward, she slid the tip of John's cock right up to the lips 
of her pussy.  She purred as she ran it up and down the length of her 
engorged labia.  They were already moist with the dew of her fuck 
secretions.   Suddenly, with one smooth motion she jerked John's 
semi-stiff snake straight into her snatch.  Damn was she wet and 
tight!  The whole act was so hot and nasty that John nearly came on 
the spot.  Fortunately for him, he didn't, but just barely.  

Julia let her uncle's cock simmer in her juicy pussy for nearly half 
a minute before pulling back just enough for it to pop out.   
Although impossibly aroused, John breathed a major sigh of relief.  
Another second longer, and he would have erupted for sure.   

The teen certainly knew what she was doing.  John's cock had inflated 
so violently, once inside her, that Julia was almost afraid he'd blow 
his load right then and there.  She didn't know just how close he'd 
really come.

Still coated with Julia's love juice, John's cock now stood straight 
out in all its glory.    

"Now, that's much better" Julia chirped, with a satisfied grin.  
Jenna just shook her head in admiration.

"Can I lick him clean?  Please?" Jenna asked, her eyes glistening 
with lust.  

"Only if you promise not to make him cum!  You know what a hair-
trigger penis he has, or at least used to have.  I'm still not sure 
our uncle can control himself yet." Julia replied.

"Oh, alright" Jenna pouted.   

Jenna sidled next to her uncle, and breathed hotly into his ear.  
"I'm going to lick that nasty sheen off your fuck pole, your very 
hard fuck pole. So don't you cum" she whispered sexily. 

Getting down on her knees, Jenna gazed right into John's eyes as she 
flicked her tongue several times over the tip and shaft of her 
uncle's cock.  John let out a sigh as his eyes glazed over.  The 
sensation was so divine.  It took all of his self-control not to cum 
that time either. 

"Umm, that was nice, but I want more" Jenna cooed.   Her eyes were 
still fixed on her uncle.   His cock twitched visibly under her 
unwavering gaze.

"Okay, Jenna, that's enough" Julia warned.   Let him cool off a 
little.  You know we need him to last most of the night!"

John shivered at the sound of that.   It wasn't that he didn't enjoy 
fucking the shit out his gorgeous nieces.  Good God there was nothing 
better!  The problem was that the twins habitually drained him so 
badly that he couldn't even see straight.  Sure, the bull-power 
elixir that the girls made him drink kept him going, but it also took 
a heavy toll on his body.  Damn, he'd never cum with any other woman 
as much as he did when the twins finished arousing him!  Endless 
ropes of thick sweet semen would rocket from his cock each and every 
time he climaxed.   And the girls would go crazy in their frenzy to 
suck every last drop from his gushing monster.  Any bit that spilled 
out, they'd voraciously lick up.  

Miraculously, after a mere five minutes rest he'd be ready to fuck 
again.  Those girls knew every sneaky trick in the book how to keep a 
man white-hot with lust.  Despite having screwed them hundreds of 
times, once the twins got him worked up, John's sole thought was to 
drill the holy fuck out of their hot tight holes.  The combination of 
the twins' nasty provocations and the bull-power in his veins never 
failed to turn John into a ravenous beast who hadn't eaten in a week.  
It didn't matter if he had already cum several times that session.  

Only when John was drained bone-dry would the girls let him rest for 
the evening.

"Not to disappoint you, uncle, you are going to watch a movie 
tonight", Jenna announced. "Julia and I staged a particularly 
arousing spectacle at the mall this afternoon. It was all especially 
for you".  Both girls laughed wickedly, recalling the sheer lewdness 
of their earlier sexual exploit.

"Now, come here and drink your bull-power cocktail, uncle.  You're 
going to need all the horny energy you can muster tonight", Julia 
said, pulling John up from the ground.

John groaned, knowing that his niece was right.  Without the secret 
energy-releasing ingredients that the girls blended into his virility 
cocktail, he likely wouldn't survive the evening.  Whatever it was in 
that cocktail enabled John to literally fuck like a bull for hours.  
After cumming once, within minutes he'd be ready to go again.   The 
stuff was truly amazing.  The only problem was that after his fourth 
or fifth climax, John would be utterly drained of life force.  It was 
almost as if every cell in his body had been sucked dry.  If it 
weren't for the revitalizing nightcap that the twins specially 
prepared before putting him to bed, John truly believed that he'd be 
in the grave by now.

"All done now?  Good boy!  Now it's time to get ready to play" Julia 
smiled evilly.

"Aren't you forgetting something, sister?" Jenna cried.  "I thought 
we were going to put on a little 'floor' show to get Uncle John, in 
the proper, you know, mood."

"Are you blind, Jenna?  Our sweet uncle's pussy jammer is already 
harder than granite.  If anything, he's in the, mood, to ream us 
senseless right now." Julia countered.  

Then Jenna whispered something in her sister's ear.  

"Oh god, I definitely forgot about that!" Julia replied.  Both girls 
laughed wickedly at the thought.

Meanwhile, the bull-power drink was already taking effect.  John 
could feel waves of liquid steel rushing to stiffen his 9-inch fuck 
barrel.   His testes were working triple time to pump an excess of 
baby juice into his bloated balls.

First on the menu, while the girls prepared this evening's 
"entertainment", was the naughty video that they'd promised.

"C'mon Uncle John, time to sit in your viewing chair", the girls 
chirped in unison.  

"Do I have to?" he moaned.

"Yes, you do" Julia replied.  "You know what could happen if you get 
too excited.  Your naughty hands would undo all of our 'hard' work!   
And no one wants that, do we Jenna?"

"Oh my god, no" Jenna cried.

"It makes us so mad when you waste your yummy man-juice whacking your 
Wilson over disgusting images of cheap trailer trash sluts" Julia 

John hung his head in shame, recalling the last time the twins caught 
him beating off over a sleazy porno mag that he'd picked up at the 
corner liquor store.

Although the viewing chair itself was quite comfy, the fact that it 
had built-in wrist restraints always bothered John.  He'd be 
completely at their mercy while they teased and tortured his helpless 
cock without any relief whatsoever.   Of course, eventually, they 
would allow him to release the unholy pressure built-up in his balls.  
The twins weren't monsters.  But John would first have to perform up 
to snuff.   That meant that he'd have to make sure that each girl 
enjoyed at least two violent orgasms before they finally allowed him 
to cum himself.   Fortunately, the bull-power elixir now pumping 
through his system virtually precluded any letdown on the fucking 
front.   John's main problem was resisting the urge to blow his nuts 
before the twins were fully satisfied.

Jenna and Julia's pussies were the tightest that John had ever 
experienced.  Far younger men had lost their loads merely easing into 
the girls' hairless love slots.  John was a far better fuck than 
that.  Yet, once in the ecstasy of orgasm, each girl's cunt muscles 
would milk John's cock so mercilessly that it took a will of titanium 
to hold back the boiling semen threatening to erupt from his swollen 
nut sacks.  The times that he'd failed to do so, the girls had made 
him pay dearly.   How so you may ask?  By pumping him with a double 
dose of bull-power, then leaving him alone with the widow Marlene.

Chapter 3 - At The Hands of The Widow Marlene

The widow Marlene had the twins' express permission to abuse their 
uncle in any way she desired, until she was completely sexually 
satisfied.  Typically that meant at least four hours of the vilest, 
most disgusting sex imaginable.  

Marlene was 47 years old and not a great beauty.   Her key features 
were a huge bald head with scattered greenish-gray tufts that stood 
out like boar's bristles from her flaky, scabby scalp, a pair of 
heavy-lidded beady eyes that literally devoured whatever they 
perceived, a long crooked nose with a huge hairy wart on its tip, and 
a severely chapped, thin-lipped mouth full of rotten teeth.  Plus, 
Marlene weighed well over 300 pounds.  Fat hung off of her in fetid 
sweaty rolls.  Her tits sagged all the way down to her belly button, 
if it could even be found beneath the putrid mounds of flesh.  Her 
multiple chins jiggled like gelatin whenever she moved.  The woman 
was clearly no one's dream date!

Since the untimely death of her husband 20 years before [some say he 
willingly committed suicide], Marlene had been with very few other 
men.   Not by choice, mind you, but the woman simply repulsed most 
everyone she encountered.   

With the exception of her balding scalp, she was horribly hairy all 
over.  She rarely shaved her legs, back, armpits, or mustache.  
Marlene didn't believe in douching, either.  So her cunt stank to 
high heaven.  She spent most of her days sitting on her ass watching 
television.  The only time she ever got up was to stuff her face with 
sour-cream pastries and over-ripe cheese.  Since she seldom brushed 
her teeth, more than half of them had fallen out.  The widow's breath 
was so foul that it had peeled the most of the paint from the walls 
of her tiny shotgun flat.  Marlene might bathe once in an entire 
week, if she remembered.  So one can only imagine how vilely she 
reeked.  Just to be in her presence was nauseating enough for any 
mortal, but to be forced to have sex with her - well..

As his punishment, the twins insisted that Uncle John thoroughly 
satisfy the impossibly horny creature before they would even come to 
drag his carcass away.  There would be no possibility of escape, 
either.  Shackled to the wall by a long, heavy chain, with his hands 
bound tightly to his sides, John was totally at the widow's mercy.

To start with, the widow demanded almost 30 minutes of vomit-inducing 
foreplay just as a warm-up.  While she smothered his face with her 
putrid piss-slot, John was forced to eat her toxic twat not just 
once, but at least three times to get her juices really flowing.  
Only after flooding John's mouth with the foulest conceivable cunt 
crud would Marlene finally clamor to be fucked.   But that posed a 
bit of a problem.  The woman's fuck hole was so loose from years of 
unrestrained self-abuse that she would have barely felt a bull 
elephant.  It was John's unenviable task to have to give the 
disgusting widow an orgasm purely from fucking.  Plus, he'd need to 
ring her bell at least three times before she'd let him dismount.  
The only way that John could possibly manage that was to drench her 
snatch with lubricant, place a stallion-sized sheath over his cock, 
and then plough away.  

Yet even having fucked her, the ordeal was far over.  Marlene loved 
to have her asshole licked after being fucked.   Yet, she steadfastly 
refused to let John use his hands to scrape away the layers of 
excrement congealed in her sickening crack.  So, using only his 
tongue, poor John was forced to scour her shit-encrusted rim for half 
an hour, just to reach bare skin.   Then he'd have to spend another 
half hour licking her to climax.

John's penultimate challenge was making himself cum not just once, 
but twice inside the disgusting creature - first in her cunt, second 
in her ass.  As his final humiliation, Marlene demanded that John 
suck and swallow his own spooge out of her shit hole.  Only then 
would she call the twins to come pick up their uncle.

At the end of his torture, Uncle John would be utterly destroyed and 
virtually in tears.  Only when safely out of the widow's reach would 
he allow the torrent of disgust and shame to freely flow.  

Once back home, John could scarcely wait to puke his guts out.  Next, 
he would gargle for nearly ten minutes with a mixture of bleach and 
mouthwash, just to purge the toxic taste of Marlene's putrid shit 
from of his mouth.  After that, he'd spend an entire hour in the 
shower fiercely scrubbing all over with a hard-bristled brush to 
cleanse himself of Marlene's foul stench.  After all this, it still 
took a powerful sedative to finally allow John some sleep, if you 
could call it that.  Fitful nightmares of a ten-foot long tongue (his 
own) covered with eyes and trapped inside Marlene's shit canal would 
haunt John's dreams the entire night.

Even with a double dose of bull-power elixir pumping through John's 
veins, it was barely enough to keep his cock from violently shrinking 
in retreat at the inexcusable obscenity of sex with that creature.  
Normally, a single dose of bull-power was enough keep even an 
octogenarian's dick hard for hours, or at least until his heart gave 
out, which was far more likely.  But since Marlene's noxious 
appearance and toxic hygiene typically rendered permanently impotent 
any hapless fucker drunk enough to even consider screwing her, the 
normal dosage was woefully inadequate.  To endure sex with Marlene, 
John needed much more than bull-power.  He needed a mind-numbing 
sedative and the stamina of a wolf pack.  The handiest solution was 
drugs - highly illegal drugs.

The first time that the twin's inflicted Marlene upon him, John had 
nearly died.  It was due to shear force of will that he even survived 
the encounter.  Seventeen hours of unthinkable abomination before the 
twins had come to rescue him!  It took John a full week of TLC from 
both twins to recover basic motor skills and sexual function.  Even 
after that, the horrifying nightmares haunted him for months.  

Since that first time, John swore to himself that he would never 
again allow himself to disappoint the twins.  Yet, it was nearly 
impossible for his cock to resist their relentless erotic assault.  
All day long, the impossibly delectable Jenna and Julia would 
viciously tease and tempt their poor uncle until his cock twitched 
uncontrollably with white-hot lust.  Inevitably, he'd either stoke 
himself for relief or prematurely blast his stack.  Next thing John 
knew, he'd be shackled once again, at the total mercy of the creature 

Since then, the mere thought of that unconscionable 17 hours along 
with a triple dose of speed was enough to motivate John to satisfy 
Marlene as quickly as possible.  Now, if he could finally learn to 
withstand the overwhelming seductiveness of the twins ....

Chapter 4 - The Twins' Wild Adventure At The Mall

It would have been a felony anywhere in the country to even discuss 
the video that the twins had cued for John's enjoyment.   It was 
incriminating enough that the twins were taping John as he watched 
the illegal production.  Legal ramifications aside, though, John was 
far more concerned about enduring the video's extremely salacious 
contents without spurting cock cream all over himself.

Jenna and Julia had arrived at the Westmont Mall wearing skintight 
minidresses so short that bending over would have mortified all but 
the bravest exhibitionists.  Those scandalous red dresses and the 
girls' long firm golden legs, fetchingly showcased in high-heeled 
chunky sandals, held the undivided attention of every male present.  
Upping the distraction factor was the fact that the dresses were 
daringly slashed in strategic places to bare mouth-dropping glimpses 
of ass, tits, and torso.   The cock-stiffening garments were so 
fucking short that you could see the girls' butt cheeks through the 
gap at the top of their thighs.  The fact that the girls wore the 
tiniest of thongs made their outrageous outfits even more shocking. 

Venus DeMonet, their 18-year old female friend, had agreed to record 
the twins' mall exploits with her digital camcorder.  Although ever 
the exhibitionist herself, to not create a competing distraction, 
Venus had reluctantly agreed to wear a simple top and pants ensemble.   
Still, her flimsy top was virtually see-through, and her pants were 
so tight that the contours of her camel toe could be seen by anyone 
who cared to look.

Guys' jaws were dropping all across the mall that afternoon.  The 
twins' tits bounced freely without the constraint of any bra, and 
juicy glimpses of their bubble butts were a near constant sight as 
the gorgeous girls strolled down the mall's main aisle.

Naturally, the girls' first stop was the shoe store.   An eager teen 
sales attendant scrambled to meet them as they strode through the 
door.   His eyes instantly bugged out at the salacious sight of the 
twins in their short dresses.   Embarrassment rapidly followed when a 
nice little bulge started to grow in his trousers.   Venus and the 
twins giggled over the tease fest to come.

The twins sat down in the fitting area with their legs crossed in a 
most unladylike manner.  The poor sales attendant couldn't help but 
get a good look at plenty of stunning leg, a lewd portion of ass, and 
a hint of thong-clad crotch.   The girls were so aroused already that 
their white lace thongs were already soaked with cunt juice.  The 
pungent smell of their sex suffused the immediate area.  This, of 
course was not lost on the sales attendant.  His breath started to 
labor and beads of sweat formed on his bow.

Julia waited for several seconds while the sales attendant gazed 
helplessly at her partially exposed ass cheek.  Finally, she blurted 
out "Excuse me, pervert, but my eyes are up here!"

As if prodded by an electric rod, the sales attendant quickly jerked 
himself to attention, at least, as much as he was able.  Sweating 
profusely, with a nice boner stretching his trousers, it was quite 
difficult for the kid to maintain any composure.

"So what's your name, sweetie?" Jenna asked, in an attempt to loosen 
the tension.

"M-m-marty" the kid stammered.

"Well, Marty, we'd like to see something sexy and daring.  Do you 
have anything like that?"  Julia asked.

"S-s-sure, l-let me go get them" Marty replied, as he started towards 
the back room.

"Oh Marty dear!" Julia called.

Marty stopped so suddenly that he nearly sprained his ankle.

"Wouldn't it be easier if you measured our feet first, dick brain?" 
she fumed.

"Oh yeah" he sighed.  "Sorry about that"

"Look, don't be sorry, just take care of it" Jenna said.

As Marty approached, as if on cue, the twins uncrossed their legs and 
spread them wide open.  The violent lurch in Marty's cock was 
tangible, as was his moan of lust.

"Omigod!" he exclaimed aloud.   The poor boy was rendered immobile 
with arousal.   The tent in his trousers now bordered on obscene.   

"Well, what are you waiting for, jerk off?" Julia demanded.

"Give him a break, sis" Jenna giggled.  Staring brazenly at his 
crotch tent, she added, "I think his poor little brain is suffering 
from severely low blood flow."   

Marty was visibly shaking as he measured their feet.

"Why are you so nervous, Marty?" Jenna sweetly asked.

"Um, I dunno, miss" he lied.

"It couldn't be that you're thinking about just how viciously you're 
going to choke your chicken after we leave, could it?"  Julia sniped.  
Then looking straight at him, she added, "You sick fucker!  I can't 
believe that your perverted little mind wants to take advantage of 
our innocent need for footwear merely to get your hairless rocks 

To goad him further, Julia spread her legs even wider, up to the 
point where her thong disappeared up her crack.  Julia's now exposed 
cunt lips glistened with dew.

"Holy fuck!" Marty exclaimed, as his hand automatically reached for 
his cock.  He was about to cream his pants right then, until Julia 
screamed, "Go get our shoes, wanker!"

Marty bolted to the back room like his ass was on fire.  Of course, 
it wasn't his ass that needed to be so desperately cooled off.

After a few minutes alone in the changing area, the girls were 
getting restless.

"Go back there, and see what's keeping that pathetic wimp" Julia said 
to her sister.

"I'll bet I already know!" Jenna giggled.

Sure enough, she found Marty in a most embarrassing posture, even 
with his back to her.  He was furiously stroking his skinny pecker!   
Just as she was about to say something, Marty grunted out his lust, 
liberally coating the back wall with spunk.

Jenna's pussy tingled wildly at the sight of so much boy cream 
running down the wall.  Even so, she curbed her tendencies.   
Besides, Marty wasn't very attractive, and more importantly, Julia 
was waiting.

"Bad move, Marty!" Jenna tsked.   "Very bad move!  Julia is going to 
be furious when she finds out that you've spoiled her fun by jerking 
off without permission.   I sure would hate to be you right about 

Jenna's words put the fear of God into the poor boy.  And for good 
reason, if you had any idea how nasty Julia could really be.  Marty 
hung his head in abject shame as he pulled his tidy whities up.  He'd 
been caught red-handed in the middle of an overtly sinful act, in 
public no less.

"Well, get out there and face the consequences, before I call 
security to tell them what a sick fuck you are!" Jenna snapped.

Completely mortified and shaking with fear, Marty pulled his trousers 
up and stumbled back into the showroom.  Jenna followed closely 

"So where are our shoes, fuck-face?" Julia demanded.

"Go ahead, tell her!" Jenna ordered.

"I b-b-beat off in the b-b-back"  Marty stammered.

"You what!?" Julia screamed.  "You pathetic sorry excuse for life!  
Get your ass over here now!   I want to see you grovel!"

Slowly, Marty shuffled over to her, his head nearly dragging.  When 
he was within arms reach, Julia grabbed his shoulder with a powerful 
grip that belied her girlish frame.  Pulling him close, she forcibly 
raised her knee into his crotch.  "That's for humiliating us!" she 
yelled.   "And this is so that you'll never do it again!"

While Jenna's hand covering his mouth, Marty screamed in agony as 
Julia repeated crushed his swelling nuts with powerful and deadly 
knee lifts.   

Julia ceased her vicious assault only after Marty had finally blacked 
out from the pain.  His dead weight slumped to the floor as she let 
go of him.

"Oh, that felt so good!" Julia exclaimed, deeply flushed and a little 
short of breath.   "Now, what I need is a good fuck!"

"Me, too, sis.  I'm dripping like a faucet" Jenna replied.

"Me, three.  Let's get out of here and nail some serious cock!" Venus 
added.   At that, all three girls ran laughing out of the shoe store.

In a particularly wicked mood, the twins pranced down the aisle, 
shaking their asses oh so naughtily.  Necks snapped everywhere as the 
cock-shocking trio made their way through the crowded mall.  Coeds 
yelled at their drooling boyfriends, and wives had to slap their 
husbands to keep them from gawking.

The twins' next stop was a health food store that catered to body 
builders.  There were guaranteed to be a few men there.   The girls' 
snagged seats at the juice bar, and ordered something to drink.  
Within minutes, the little shop was packed with men.

As soon as Venus entered the shop with her camcorder, Julia whispered 
to her sister, "Let the games begin."

The girls spun their chairs around with their legs very nastily 
crossed.  "Hey guys!" they exclaimed in unison.  A collective moan 
rose up from their captive audience.

"Now fellas, we have a problem that we hope you could help us solve.  
Our older boyfriends sometime have, um, trouble getting it up, even 
as young and sexy as we are."  With this, the twins spread their legs 
wide open for emphasis.   Suddenly, the lord's name was being invoked 
in various forms all over the room.

Selecting a muscle-bound stud with a noticeable bulge in his shorts, 
Julia asked "You wouldn't be prone to a problem like that, would 

"No miss, I sure wouldn't" he replied.

The guy's gaze was sure and steady, and he had the most gorgeous blue 
eyes.   He definitely would do.

"What's your name, sweet stuff?" Julia asked.

"Charles, miss."

"Well Charles, you seem like someone who could really help us" Julia 
winked to her sister.   "Now, unlike some younger guys we know, you 
wouldn't lose your seed if we did something like this would you?"  
Julia and Jenna pulled their thongs aside, and each girl oh so 
naughtily snaked her tongue over her lower lip as she slipped a 
finger deep into her slot.  

"N-n-no, miss" Charles stammered, trying desperately to keep his 
cool.  Unfortunately, the stiff snake in his shorts was already 
poking its monster head out of the leg of his shorts.

"Damn, this fucker is hung!" Julia said to her sister.  Both girls' 
cunts started to water profusely.

As for the rest of the men, several were already stroking their 
willies.  From the strident grunts that could be heard, some were 
already shooting their wads.   

Reluctantly, Julia and Jenna pulled their fingers from their twats.  

"My my, our fingers have gotten a little, um, soiled" Julia lamented.  
"Charles, would you be a dear and clean mine off."

"Well what about me?" Jenna snapped.

"You'll just have to find your own stud" Julia rejoined.

"So that's how it's gonna be, huh?"  Jenna pouted.  Suddenly 
stretching her legs even wider, she proceeded to rip her thong off.  
"Alright, boys, who here wants to clean my pussy?"

The place exploded.   A tidal wave of horny men slammed into the two 
teens, trapping them against the juice bar. 

Charles, of course, was the first to reach Julia.   Within seconds 
his thick stiff rod had found its way into her tight cunt and was 
plowing the little slut with a vengeance.   As for Jenna, all she 
knew is that someone's huge fat cock had made its way into her snatch 
and was proceeding to stretch her cunt to new dimensions.

Without warning, the crack of a service revolver quickly quieted 

"Pull out of those girls now!" a burly mountain of a man in uniform 
ordered.   Both cocks quickly retracted from their slippery roosts.  
"Take them to the basement; and book 'em both for statutory!" he 
ordered to three uniformed men accompanying him.

The twins expressed both anger and relief that they'd been so quickly 
rescued.  Julia was angry, because she'd actually wanted Charles to 
fuck her senseless.   Jenna was relieved because until security came 
she hadn't any idea who'd penetrated her.   Now, a good look at her 
pot-bellied, balding molester was almost enough to turn her stomach.  
On the other hand, she mused, the well-built blond security guard 
wasn't looking too bad at all.

Within seconds both girls had found their way into the protective 
arms of the security guard.   The name patch on his uniform read 

"Thanks for saving us, mister" Jenna cried.  

"Yeah, thanks a fucking lot!" Julia snapped.

"So what's your problem, kid?" the security guard asked.   Before 
Julia could utter a response, he waived her into silence.  "Just tell 
me something.  Why should I not have the 

two of you arrested for indecent exposure and inciting a riot?"

Julia grew strangely quiet.  This time Jenna rose to the challenge.  
She whispered something sweetly in the security guard's ear.   His 
eyes glazed over, and his cock lurched in his trousers.

Quickly regaining his composure, Dave responded.  "That sounds nice, 
but I'm not gonna risk jail time for either one of you.  So get your 
butts moving down to my office!  Now!"

The bluff and bluster was simply for the benefit of the crowd.   In 
actuality, Dave was more than eager to get a private showing from the 
sexy twins in the comfort of his own office.

Male heads were still turning, as Dave and the oversexed twins made 
their way to the stairwell leading to the security office.  Venus 
followed discreetly behind with the camcorder.

Once in the office, Dave locked the door and put up a sign in the 
hall window, and closed the blinds.  The sign read "Do Not Disturb. 
Meeting in Progress."  

Both girls were a bit peaved that Dave wouldn't let Venus in to 
record their "performance", but as promised, the twins began their 
erotic show.   Unnoticed by any of them, a small crack in the blinds 
was just large enough to allow Venus some choice footage.

The twins began with a sultry dance that had them hiking their tiny 
dresses in the back to expose their asses, while they lewdly ground 
their thong-clad crotches into each other.  After a few moments they 
wriggled out of their thongs.   Now the girls were kissing, moaning, 
and grinding their shaved pussies into each other.   

Already, Dave had dropped his trousers and was furiously polishing 
his pole.  The girls noticed that it was quite a nice one - nearly 9 
inches long and 2 inches in diameter.   Their pussies were on fire at 
the mere thought of that monster reaming their slots.

The girls climbed onto Dave's desk to continue the show.  When they 
wriggled into a 69 position, and proceeded to eat each other out, 
Dave grunted out some choice obscenities and shot his first load.  
The cum stream shot across the room and coated the window.  Jenna was 
particularly disappointed that her hungry cunt wasn't the recipient 
of such copious bounty.   

After such an intense orgasm, Dave slumped listlessly into the 
comfort of his rolling chair.   He kept uttering "Oh God!  Oh my 
fucking God!" to himself.

For the next course, the twins wriggled out of their skin-tight 
micro-dresses.   At the luscious sight of their full ripe bodies with 
their melon-sized titties bouncing freely, Dave's pole rose again.   
The fact that these awesome honeys were just 15 years old only fueled 
his arousal.

"Oh, so you can get it up again.  I thought that you had retired 
after that one shot." Jenna giggled.    

"You girls are fucking amazing!  You're almost too hot for me!" Dave 

"Well, lets turn the heat up a notch and see if you can keep up." 
Julia piped in.

Each girl produced a flexible fake-skin dildo from her purse.  They 
proceeded to screw the threaded ends together to create a serious-
looking double-headed fuck toy.   A small tube of  K-Y jelly 
miraculously appeared, and the girls got busy lubing up each other's 
ass holes.  Their tits jiggled wildly as they did so.  Finally, they 
stood back to back, each holding an end of the double-headed toy.   
Each girl moaned as she slid her end into her slippery ass slot.  

Seconds later the girls were alternately pounding their asses 
together and pulling away just enough to keep the dildo inside them.

"Fuck me harder, you slut" Julia screamed, as she slammed her tight 
butt into her sisters'.

"I'm a slut now, am I?" Jenna replied.  "OK, bitch, see if you can 
handle this!"  Jenna slammed back so hard that the dildo slid a full 
inch further up both her and Julia's shit chutes.  Both girls 
screamed with pleasure at the unexpected penetration.  Already, 
Dave's stroke hand was working overtime on his turgid fuck stick.

Fairly quickly, the twins found the right rhythm to fuck themselves 
to orgasm.  When release finally came, both girls started squealing 
to high heaven.   That and the agonized looks on the girl's faces as 
their orgasms exploded through them, was enough to launch Dave's 
second cum blast of the afternoon.

Poor Dave seemed so drained of energy as he slumped back into his 
chair, that the twins almost felt sorry for him.  But not quite.   
They took advantage of Dave's weakened condition to tie his ankles 
together and cuff his hands behind his back.

With Dave secured, the twins were finally able to open the door and 
let Venus in.  With Venus' help, they dragged Dave's struggling form 
to the middle of the floor.

Camcorder rolling, Jenna and Julia descended upon their prostrate 
victim.  Julia positioned herself astride Dave's mouth, and Jenna 
proceeded to suck Dave's cock back to life.  It didn't take long for 
the talented girl to return the steel to the security guard's 
monstrous cunt stuffer.  

Under the threat of leaking the incriminating tape to his superiors, 
Dave's tongue worked overtime to pleasure Julia's dripping snatch.  
Meanwhile Jenna had lowered her sopping cunt onto Dave's now erect 
cock, and rode him like a cowboy.  

Despite seething with anger at being tied up, Dave couldn't hold back 
the massive orgasm building in his cock from the merciless assault of 
Jenna's tight box.  Damn!  The girl's cunt muscles were expertly 
conditioned and she sure knew how to use them.  He wondered whether 
any man was safe from this teenage vixen?

When Dave finally exploded for the third time, so did the girls.  
This time, though, Dave was so fatigued that he actually passed out.   
Yet, once their own orgasms had subsided the girls were still horny 
for more.   They hadn't nearly finished raping their victim yet.  

Chapter 5 - Subduing the Tower of Cock

Despite Venus's stern cautions, the twins raided her private stash to 
inject some new life into their depleted stud.  Venus' stash was 
actually a rare collection of ancient forbidden elixirs, passed down 
through countless generations of warrior women.  The original recipes 
dated back to the time when the Goddess was universally revered, by 
both men and women. 

The modern versions of the elixirs carried names like EverStiff, 
CumFlow, RopeBuilder, NadBooster, and FireHeart.   They worked by 
supercharging the male sexual organs at the expense of other 
essential organs.   For example, EverStiff could make any cock harder 
than stone for hours, but it crippled the heart.   RopeBuilder 
supercharged the male orgasm, enabling normal males to shoot multiple 
bursts of cum with awesome propulsive power, but it depleted the 
eyesight, hearing, and thyroid.   NadBooster made male semen extra 
thick, rich, and creamy, but it consumed the lungs and liver.  
CumFlow could instantly double or triple the amount of semen that a 
male was able to release, but it crippled the spleen and killed the 
kidneys.   FireHeart was the most dangerous substance of all.  It 
could turn any male into a raging sexual animal, whose lust would 
burn for hours.  Males given FireHeart could orgasm dozens of times 
in a single night, and still hunger for more.  The drawback was that 
it was usually fatal.  It burned up the brain and boiled the blood.  
There was no recovery from FireHeart.

"Since you two seem so intent upon this, you'd better secure your 
victim a lot better than that" Venus warned.

"Why?" Julia challenged.  "He's not going anywhere with his hands and 
feet tied."

"Just humor me, okay?" Venus replied.

"C'mon sis, it wouldn't hurt anything.  Besides, it sounds a little 
kinky to me" Jenna giggled.

"Alright, already!  Let's just get it over with!" Julia relented.  
"So how exactly do we do this, Venus?"

Under Venus' guidance, the twins stretched the still unconscious 
security guard's legs apart and, using hardware and rope from the 
utility closet, secured each leg to a bolt drilled into the base of 
the nearest wall.  They secured Dave's shacked wrists in a similar 

Venus issued her approval when everything was done.

Normally, the girls wouldn't dare use any of these elixirs on anyone 
they loved, but since they didn't know Dave from Adam, they weren't 
the least bit concerned.  Their sole use for him was as a sexual 
plaything.   So they mixed a few drops of each of the five elixirs 
together and held Dave's nostrils closed while they poured it down 
his throat.   The effect was immediate and spectacular.

Dave's cock rose magnificent like a phoenix from the ashes.  It was 
as if liquid granite had inflated his penis to impossible dimensions 
and then hardened.   His balls tripled in size and pulsed with 
nuclear power.  Pre-cum was leaking copiously, almost as if he had 
suffered from hours of teasing foreplay.   His skin was on fire and 
his eyes burned with an unholy lust that could not be quenched.  His 
entire brain seemed focused into his member.  In effect, the 
resurrected Dave was nothing but a humongous cock & balls attached to 
a superfluous body, that, nonetheless, trembled with incredible 
masculine energy. 

The awesome sexuality exuded by the beast that they'd created 
threatened to overwhelm even the sexually adept twins.   Both girls' 
cunts were like burning lava.  They were overcome by a burning need 
to fuck the living bejesus out of this male creature, as if their 
very lives depended on it.   Even Venus DeMonet was on fire with 

Much to the twins' chagrin, she insisted on having first crack at the 
creature that used to be Dave.  Venus leaped upon the creature's cock 
with a screaming fury.   The juices were literally gushing out of her 
cunt, and she was wild-eyed with lust.   She was so wet that she took 
the entire 15-inch monster in a single thrust.   Once aboard the meat 
rocket, she bucked, ground, and squeezed herself through ten mind-
shattering orgasms before falling off of the still hard tower of 
cock.   Her body was afire with total sexual bliss.   The sheer 
radiance of her face alone made the fluorescent lights in the ceiling 
pale in comparison.

As for the beast, its furious cries of release literally shook the 
walls each time it came, which was at least 4 times while Venus rode 
it into submission.  And cum it did!  A thick mixture of cum and girl 
juice dripped from Venus's cunt in giant gobs.  The creamy goop 
coursed down her thighs like rivers of mud.  It was hard to imagine 
that so much thick creamy cum could emerge from a single cock.

Deprived of the creature's cock, Julia and Jenna had had to settle 
for his tongue.   Fortunately, it had become almost as hard and 
nearly as long as a normal man's penis.  While Jenna rode hellfire on 
the creature's tongue, Julia feverishly worked the double-headed 
dildo into her cunt and ass.   Five majestic orgasms later, the twins 
switched places.

Even before Venus had dismounted the creature's cock, the entire 
security office reeked with the raw pungent smell of a wild animal 
orgy, and yet the girls weren't even half finished.

Venus and the twins greedily lapped up all the oatmeal-thick cum that 
they could find.   It was so rich and delicious that they couldn't 
get enough of it.   Imagine something a hundred times more delicious 
and satisfying than Godiva rum-chocolate and you have some idea of 
just what the creature's cum tasted like.   Fist fights nearly broke 
out as the three girls battled for the last remaining gobs sticking 
to the carpet.

Jenna was next to mount the giant cock.   In her infinite wisdom, 
Venus had set the camcorder on auto-record and had mounted it on a 
far wall.  While Jenna rode herself through a dozen ear-splitting 
orgasms on the swollen spear,  Julia attacked Venus' cunt with a 
vengeance.   Sated beyond all precedent, Venus was utterly helpless 
to resist Julia's tongue assault upon her still engorged clit and the 
sweet creamy insides of her pussy.

When Julia finally got her chance to ride the still-stiff flesh 
tower, she was beside herself with lust.  Jenna was lost in mindless 
bliss, and Venus had finally recovered. 

Like Venus and Jenna after her, Julia mounted the monstrous cock with 
a single leap, and sank down on it to the hilt.   But Julia was hell 
bent upon making up for lost time.   She rode the cock so viciously 
and squeezed so mercilessly that it erupted within minutes of her 
attack.   That ejaculation was so prolonged and violent that it 
terminally extinguished the light in both the creatures eyes and 
ruptured its eardrums.   

As Julia continued to slam her ravenous cunt onto the creature's 
cock, the room's walls began to rumble.  When the first orgasm hit 
like a wall of sound, Julia clamped down so hard on the creature's 
meat that she nearly took the head off.    The creature instantly 
climaxed again.  This time both its kidneys imploded and its entire 
lower body went dead, but the ensuing cum stream was mind-boggling.  

The cum flood was so powerful that it induced a compound orgasm in 
the unsuspecting teen.   In the space of a mere 60 seconds, Julia 
experienced 7 jumbo climaxes, each successive one more powerful than 
its predecessor.    When climax number 7 hit, it was like a nuclear 
explosion going off in her brain.  Bolts of ecstatic fire blazed 
across her skin.   The singing of crystal bells coursed through her 
blood.   Her entire body was ablaze with light.   It was like nothing 
she had ever imagined.   The sensations were so overwhelming that 
Julia actually lost consciousness for several minutes.   She finally 
awoke to the pain of Venus slapping her.    

"What the fuck!" Julia screamed, when her eyes finally opened. 

Venus grunted a sigh of relief.  "Good God!  I thought you were dead 
for sure."

"Damn you to hell, but I thought so too," Julia said, tears of pain 
and joy streaming down her face.  "I actually felt like I was in 
heaven."  After a long pause she added, "Of course, seeing your butt 
ugly face now has convinced me otherwise."

"Ooh, you ungrateful slut!  If you weren't so drained, I'd kill you 
over that remark" Venus rejoined.  "As it is, you'll owe me big time, 
for letting it slide."

With Venus's help, Julia pulled herself off of the creature's cock.   
After 12 cataclysmic eruptions, Julia's insatiable cunt had finally 
subdued the Herculean pole of power.  This was one cock that would 
rise no more.   It was finished as was the creature itself.

Venus and Jenna, having just recovered, got dressed and collected 
their things.   With an arm under each shoulder, they helped Julia 
out of the sex-polluted security room.       

Of no more use to them, they left the dying creature, formerly known 
as Dave, cuffed and secured, as they departed to resume their play in 
the mall.

First order of business, though, was ice cream.   They all knew they 
deserved it.   

Unfortunately, now that all three girls wore that thoroughly fucked 
look, their sexual allure was even more potent than before.   Still 
in their tight red minidresses, which were now thoroughly soaked with 
cum, the twins caused major inflation among the gawking males, who 
quite literally were helpless to resist the call to arousal.   Venus, 
in her see-though cum-soaked top and skin-tight pants, was stiffening 
her fair share of male members, as well.   

To avoid another testosterone riot, the three vixens sprinted to the 
security of the nearest women's restroom.   Once there, they cleaned 
each other up and took ample time to catch their breath.  Ice cream 
would have to wait.

Chapter 6 - Tina and Tracy: Grade School Sluts

All hell broke loose when little Tina and Tracy, two very pregnant 10 
year-olds, burst through the mall's west entrance with their gay 
friend, Mike.   Hiding behind a ficus tree, Venus already had the 
camcorder rolling.

Tina and Tracy had arrived just as expected.   Having received a 
phone tip from Mike just ten minutes prior, Julia and Jenna were 
waiting on a nearby bench.   For diversion, the twins had been 
working their sexy wiles (and scandalous dresses) to coax quite a few 
more humiliating erections (and ejaculations) from their hapless and 
growing male audience.   

Already in their 7th month, the girls' distended bellies were heavy 
with burgeoning life.   Despite their young age, both sported plump 
well-shaped titties, filled to bursting with milk.  Yet, even more 
shocking than the girls' physical condition was the scandalous way 
they were dressed.   

Inch-wide bands of see-through cloth were the only things keeping 
their over-sized breasts from bursting free.  There was just enough 
material to cover their nipples.  Their tiny, flared skirts were 
barely more than belts.  They concealed absolutely nothing.  Both 
girls wore chunky heels to make their bare legs seem even longer.  It 
was obvious that neither girl was wearing panties.  Their smooth 
hairless pussies glistened lewdly, the result of healthy coatings of 
baby oil, as they sauntered down the mall.  Their chubby asses hung 
completely out for all to see and enjoy.

Both girls were natural breathtaking beauties - long blonde hair, 
large blue-eyes, flawless peaches & cream skin, and full luscious 
lips.  In their young lives, they'd already conquered scores of male 
hearts.  Today though, the girls had amplified their looks with dark 
eye shadow, heavy makeup, and bright red lipstick.  Their intent had 
been to make them seem older, but the net effect was to turn them 
into baby fuck-sluts - neither sweet nor innocent, but oh so 
obscenely pornographic.  All in all, they were a pedophile's ultimate 
wet dream!   

Even religious elders and staunch family men found their cocks 
mesmerized by the pornographic allure of these obscenely attired 
pregnant pre-teens.   Impossibly hard erections tented up male 
trousers all over the mall.  One can only imagine the unholy thoughts 
boiling in each man's head.

"Ohmigod, Tracy!  Look at that bearded guy in the baseball cap trying 
to cover his boner!" Tina giggled.  

"Well, let's give him something to really look at" Tracy naughtily 

The two quickly recited the following little ditty before proceeding 
with their tease.

     I've got an itch I need to scratch. 
     That nasty itch is in my snatch. 
     I'm sorry, boys, you might get caught  
     With lava blasting out your cock!

The pre-teens raised their obscene excuses for skirts and ground 
their bare crotches together in an inhumanly erotic girl-girl 
coupling.  For good measure, they deeply tongue-kissed each other.  
After thirty seconds of this, the two pulled apart to assess the 
level of damage to the males in the audience.  Their feeble attempts 
to pull their tiny skirts down in a mock show of modesty did little 
to relieve any guy's discomfort.

"Uh oh, look at him now!  I think the poor fucker's gonna pop!" Tina 
exclaimed excitedly.  

"I think you're right, Tina!  But he's not the only one!  Check out 
those four suits racing to the john!  They must really need to go 
bad!  Oops, I sure hope it wasn't something that we caused" Tracy 

"Omigod, that young guy's touching himself!" Tina continued.  She was 
giggling so hard that she almost peed herself.  "Damn, he's pulled it 
out and is jacking off right in front of the entire mall!  How 
thoroughly disgusting!" she cried, still giggling.

"Dude!  Can you believe that?  He's hosing his girlfriend with his 
cum stream!  She's trying to cover up, but not doing too well.  God, 
look at all that goop!  He must have been storing it for weeks!  Just 
imagine how pissed his ole lady must be!" Tracy giggled.

"And think how much more pissed she'll be once they get home!  That 
poor guy is dog meat!  I really feel sorry for him ." Tina said, 
pausing for effect.

"Not!" screamed both girls in unison, quickly overcome by a severe 
fit of laughter.

"Damn, that sorry wanker barely lasted two minutes!   My 37-year old 
boyfriend lasted ten times that long the first time I ever let him 
fuck me; and that was after I'd teased the fuck out of him for an 
entire week!   Now, the fucker can plow me senseless for a full 45 
minutes before my impossibly tight snatch finally busts his nuts!" 
Tracy yelled, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Chapter 7 - Tracy's First Good Fuck

Tracy fondly recalled the first time she laid eyes on her current 

She was hunk-hunting that day and, for a young girl, was clearly 
dressed to fuck.   

She wore razor-cut micro ass shorts.  The shorts were so tight, that 
the outline of her pussy lips was unmistakable.  They were so short, 
that nearly all of her tight little ass hung out.   Those ass shorts 
made other girls' daisy-dukes look like granny's undies in 
comparison.   Tracy's little cone-shaped tits were effectively on 
public display under her loose super-cropped wife-beater tee.   The 
tiny excuse for a top barely covered her nipples.   The girl's long 
shapely legs were tan and bare.  A new pair of white platform tennis 
shoes made her look several inches taller.

Surprisingly, Tracy wore no make-up that day.  She had fixed her hair 
in the style of a little girl - two long pigtails with red ribbons on 
the ends.   She felt that the dramatic contrast of her innocent looks 
with her obscene attire would be able to corrupt even the most 
morally upright male.  She was absolutely right.

Her future boyfriend was working at the south end of the neighborhood 
playground, mixing plaster for a new wall.  He was a 36 year-old 
blue-eyed hunk in tight blue jeans and a tee shirt.  His name was 
Derek.  He very much reminded Tracy of her recently departed father, 
who'd been lost in the last US invasion of Iraq.

When young Tracy approached him in her cock-hunting outfit, it was 
lust at first sight - for both.   Derek had been so shocked at her 
approach, that he was literally struck dumb.  All he could do was 
stare.  Well not quite.  He was growing a pretty large bulge, as 

Tracy's mom would have killed her if she'd ever caught her daughter 
wearing a white trash outfit like that.  Tracy had had to sneak out 
the house wearing a different set of clothes on top.  Once out of her 
mother's sight, she ditched her outerwear behind a bush.   Now, 
looking the total cock-slut, Tracy had felt more than ready to prowl 
for cock.

Tracy posed for him provocatively while asking innocent questions 
like what he was doing and how long would it take.

After a few more of these questions, Tracy changed course.  "Oh God! 
I'm sooo hot.  Aren't you?" 

Before Derek could reply, Tracy had poured the entire bottle of water 
she'd been holding right down the front of her radically cropped tee.  
Instantly her soaking wet titties were exposed to the world.   Her 
little nipples were hard as rocks.  

"Ahh, much better!  Don't you think?" she asked.  An evil twinkle 
gleamed in her eyes.  

The effect on Derek had been electric.  He'd gotten so hot viewing 
Tracy's naughty little scene that he'd nearly creamed his shorts.  By 
his rough breathing Tracy could tell how highly aroused he was.  And 
that's just the way she left him.

"Well, gotta go now.  See ya tomorrow!" she yelled, as she scampered 
off to her girlfriend's house.  Tracy had gotten herself incredibly 
turned on by her little show, as well.  Fortunately for Tracy, her 
best friend Tina knew exactly how to cool off an overheated pussy.

For the next four days Tracy faithfully returned to Derek's work 
site.  Each day she wore a different cock-shocking outfit.  The 
second day, a micro-bikini top (essentially two tiny triangles) and 
daisy-dukes ripped all the way up the sides.  The next day, a simple 
white dress, two sizes too small, and short enough to expose her 
white cotton panties.  The fourth day, a skin-tight sporty tee-shirt-
dress that just barely covered her pubes.  

Each outfit had had the desired effect of Derek, some more than 
others.  Tracy took careful note of what seemed to work best on him - 
that is, whatever caused the bulge in his jeans to swell the quickest 
and his brow to sweat the most.  

On the fifth day, Tracy wore her best "fuck me" outfit.  It was that 
same wife beater tee from the first day, but with the words "Very Bad 
Girl" scrawled across the front in red lipstick.  Tracy had applied 
the same red lipstick to her pouting mouth and had braided her hair 
quite sexily.  Instead of ass shorts, Tracy wore a very short, very 
tight, black vinyl miniskirt that let her ass cheeks hang out enough 
to attract some serious attention.  She capped off her "fuck me" look 
off with a super sexy pair of black high-heeled pumps.   Dressed like 
that, the girl had caused innumerable accidents as she boldly 
strutted to the playground to finally offer herself to Derek.

When he saw Tracy in that outfit, Derek's jaw dropped almost to the 

"So what do you think?" she asked.  She twirled around for effect.

Derek was speechless, but the humongous tent rapidly stretching his 
trousers spoke volumes.  Having raised two stunning teen daughters 
with his ex-wife, Derek had never before been attracted to such young 
meat.  Now, the white-hot lust consuming his brain left him dazed, 
confused, and a little ashamed.

"Psst.  Follow me.  I've got something to show you" Tracy motioned.  

"Um, I really don't know if I should" Derek hesitated.   He was more 
than a little embarrassed.   Plus, he was pretty unsettled by how 
brazenly the young pre-teen was licking her lips and staring directly 
at the bulge in his crotch.

"I promise you it won't hurt!" Tracy teased.  "It'll just take a few 
minutes!  C'mon?  Please?" Tracy pleaded.

"Oh, alright, but only a couple of minutes.  I've really got to 
finish this job!" Derek replied.

Merely following the young girl in her extremely hot outfit was 
raising smoke from Derek's cock.  As concerned as he was of what 
might happen, he was much too aroused to retreat.

Tracy led him to a small wooden shed not more than fifty yards away.  
It was a bit weathered but still sturdy.  It was also unlocked.  She 
opened the door and went inside.  She called Derek to follow her.  

Once they were both inside, she slammed the door shit.  Enough light 
streamed into the room through a gap in the roof to illuminate a 
small cot in the far corner of the shed.   There was a small wrapped 
package sitting on top of a wooden table.  It had a red bow on it.

"So, can you guess what it is I want to show you?" Tracy asked.

"I'm sure I wouldn't know" Derek carefully replied.  He had his 
suspicions, but he dared not entertain them.

"Derek, I've been teasing you for an entire week" Tracy blurted.  
"And I think you deserve a little reward" she continued.  "So I'll 
give you a choice, you can have what's in the box on the table or you 
can have what in this box.."  Tracy yanked up her miniskirt to reveal 
a red ribbon around her privates.  It was obvious that she wasn't 
wearing any panties.  She pointed directly at her snatch.

Derek's reaction was entirely predictable.  His cock nearly leaped 
out his jeans.  His eyes glazed over at the luscious sight of the 
young girl's baby-smooth mound beneath the red ribbon.   A tiny bit 
of drool formed at the edge of his mouth.   

"So what's your choice, big guy?" she asked.

Derek wasted no time shedding his jeans.  Next off was his shirt.  

Tracy recalls just how gorgeous Derek had looked with his shirt off.  
The man rippled with muscle all over his body.  Plus he had a six-
pack to die for.   She was instantly and obscenely wet at the mere 
sight of him.  

"Well what are you waiting for?  Just fuck me!  Fuck the living shit 
out of me, now!" she cried.  Her carnal need was unbearable.

Derek's shorts hit the floor, and he was on her within seconds.  They 
kissed deeply, before Tracy abruptly pulled away.  As nice as that 
kiss was, Tracy's burning cunt needed cock.  She had to have it 
inside her as quickly as possible.

"Goddammit!" she cried, "Just slam that gorgeous gun into me!"

Derek didn't need to be asked twice.  As he lifted her small body up, 
Tracy spread her legs wide apart in anticipation.  As her cunt lips 
flapped open to receive her reward, her juices started to dribble 
out.   Anyone could see that her pussy was beyond ready for full 

Derek's cock was so hard that it stood straight up.  In one smooth 
motion, he skewered the young girl's gaping cunt onto his turgid 
spear.  God was she tight!  And she was oh so wet, as well.  Derek's 
eyes closed in ecstasy from the sweet sensation of her silky 
tightness coating his cock.  Already the lava was starting to rise 
from his swollen balls.  He prayed to God to be able to last long 
enough to get the job done.  

It was true that the little bitch had teased the fuck out of him all 
week.  Several times Derek had wanted to ream the slut so hard that 
she wouldn't have been able to sit for a week.   He'd needed to jack 
off every single day that week, but dared not admit to himself that 
he lusted over a slender slip of a girl younger than even his own 

"Deeper!" Tracy grunted.

Damn it!  That was it, he decided.  This little slut was going to get 
royally drilled!

Derek rammed his cock all the way up the young girl's cunt.  Wow!  
The girl was so fucking tight that he'd almost lost his load on the 
initial thrust.  He would need to go slower or he wouldn't last much 

Tracy grunted loudly from the shear pleasure of being so filled!   
She'd never been stuffed like this before.  None of her or Tina's 
dildoes had ever felt this good.  Tracy couldn't believe how much 
more satisfying Derek's thick 9-incher was compared to Johnny 
McCray's skinny dick.

"Faster!" Tracy cried.

Derek picked up the pace.  In no time, he was pounding her slot in 
earnest.  He was slamming Tracy's young cunt onto his man-meat so 
hard that her cervix was getting sore.  But it was a soreness that 
felt damn good.  

All too quickly, Tracy felt a trembling build up in Derek's body.  
Damn, he was about to come a little too soon!   She still needed to 
cum so very badly, but now she might not even get the chance.

"Oh my fucking God!" Derek screamed as he came. Raging torrents of 
hot cum hosed the insides of Tracy's love canal.  God there was so 
much of it!   The contractions from the man's balls seemed to last 
forever.  After ten seconds, he was still cumming!   That's when 
Tracy started to feel her own orgasm ignite.

"I'm cumming!" Tracy screamed.   As her cunt muscles spasmed around 
Derek's cock, even more man-juice shot out.  Where was this hunk 
storing all this cock cream?  Tracy cried in ecstasy as the initial 
wave of orgasm slammed into her.   

"Fuck! That was awesome!" Tracy cried.  Still impaled on Derek's 
cock, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him 

"Holy Christ, you were fucking fantastic!" Derek exclaimed.  Your 
greedy little box drained me like I've never been drained before!"

"Well, I sure hope there's more where that came from" Tracy said.  
"Are you ready to go again, lover?"  The teen was still incredibly 
horny, especially with such a hot fuckable hunk so close at hand.

Derek was in total awe that such a young girl could turn out to be 
such a world-class slut.  The mere memory of all the nasty teasing 
that she'd subjected him to made the man eager to fuck the holy shit 
out of the teen yet one more time.  

For the next round, actually the next two rounds, Derek carried Tracy 
to the cot, where he could properly fuck the bejesus out of her.  
That he did.

Tracy knew in her bones that she'd become pregnant that day.  Of 
course, she didn't reveal that to Derek until much later.

Swearing the girl to secrecy, Tracy and Derek became regular lovers 
after that.  

Knowing how impossible it would be for a grown man to publicly unveil 
a 10-year old girl as his lover, Tracy graciously allowed Derek to 
see other women.  Fortunately, her continual teasing antics and her 
incredibly tight cunt kept Derek coming back for more - far more than 
any of his others.   

It didn't hurt that Tracy let Derek regularly fuck her sexy friend, 
Tina, but only if she could join in, as well.

Chapter 8 - Nut Killer

Reminiscence over, it hit Tracy that she'd just finished announcing 
to everyone in the mall exactly how she'd gotten pregnant.   And 
she'd almost exposed Derek in the process.  She silently cursed 
herself for being so stupid.   

"Hey, what are you looking at, bitch!?" Tina screamed at a 40-ish 
matron who was glaring at her and her sister with unconcealed 

"Yeah! I bet your nasty snatch wasn't ever that tight, you old hag!" 
Mike yelled. 

Having watched this lewd scene unfold from where they'd been sitting, 
Jenna and Julia rushed over to keep a bad situation from getting 

"Hey! It's Jenna and Julia!" Tracy exclaimed.

"Hi girls!  Hi Mike!" Jenna and Julia chirped, together.

"What's up?" Tina asked

"You guys need to come with us, now!  No arguments, okay?" Julia 

"Oh, alright" Tina moped.  

"Yeah, whatever!" Tracy replied.  "But first, one last trick.  Ready 
to NUK'em, Tina?"

"Yeah, dude, let's do it" she agreed.

"On the count of three.  One. Two. Three!" yelled Tracy.

Both girls bent completely over, their heads cocked to the side.  A 
collective moan rose from the gallery as their scrumptious tits 
exploded out of the miniscule tops.  While still bent over, the girls 
pulled their pussy lips as wide apart as possible.  The girls were 
wide open all the way to their cervixes.  When they stuck their index 
fingers up their snatches, groans of boiling lust echoed all 
throughout the hall.  The girls were obviously wet - very wet.  As 
they slowly pulled their fingers out of their cunts, the pre-teens 
licked their lips in an almost obscene gesture.   The sound of 
zippers busting open could be heard up and down the aisles when the 
girls slipped their index fingers into each other's mouth and sucked 
them clean.

Still upside down, they waved to their audience, and then blew them a 
kiss, all the while stifling giggles.  After a few more moments, the 
girls straightened up.  Once upright, they made quite a show of 
trying to cover their exposed pussies with their tiny belt-skirts.  
Then they finally burst into laughter.   

"Damn!  Absolutely incredible!" said Venus, her camcorder still 
running.  "Look at those fuckers blast their cream!  Whew!  That 
little stunt is going to pop these guys' nuts for months!"

Tina and Tracy were still laughing as they joined Jenna, Julia, 
Venus, and Mike in a hasty retreat to the mall's food court.

"By the way, what does NUK stand for?" Jenna asked.

"Nut Killer!" cried Tina and Tracy in unison, before again bursting 
into laughter.

"Yep, they sure got that right," said Jenna to her sister.

<to be continued> 

(c) 2003  Kari Alarus

Author's Note:

Never molest or even sexualize real underaged children.  Even if they 
seem like the sexiest things on earth, know that it's unconditional 
love and affection rather than sex that they crave.  It's a very 
short road from thinking to admiring to touching.  And from there 
it's a very hard road to hell.


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