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WARNING!  This is an adult story written for adults.  It
contains graphic scenes of sex between female children and
an adult (almost) male.  If you are not allowed to read this
kind of material or do not want to, please leave now. If you
proceed and are disturbed by the story it is your own fault.
Otherwise, read on and I hope, enjoy.  Feedback appreciated.

And now once again we creep back into that dark part of my
mind that proves I am not as nice as people think. The part
where I hide my fantasies. And these are fantasies. No child
was harmed, nor any adult pleasured in the writing of this
story.  There is nothing real in it other than my own wish
that it was possible and acceptable.

                      The Heavy Sleeper
                        By Uncle Sky

     Before I get into my story, let me tell you a little
about myself. I am 18 and a high school senior. I am just an
average guy. I am 6'1" and weigh 175 lbs. stripped. I am no
jock nor am I a brain. Just an average guy, like so many
other guys. I am not any better looking than most but not
unattractive either. Much to my own amazement there are a
couple of girls in school who think I am special. Not the
girls I wish, but beggars can't be choosers.
     I live with my mother, a divorcee and my little sister.
We have a nice house on the edge of a small town. My mom and
I get along very well when we get the chance. She has to
work and so we do not see as much of her as we would like.
     My little sister Lynn is a 10-year-old angel. A beauty
to behold but an imp to deal with. We are very close but
have our moments of mischief as any brother and sister do.
The following story will demonstrate that, I am sure.
     It happened on a warm summer afternoon. It was Saturday
so I was home alone. At least I thought I was. Mom had to
work and Lynn was supposed to be over at her best friend
Kathy's house.
     I had been stretched out on the couch in the family
room wearing just a pair of Bermuda shorts reading the
paper. As will happen under those conditions I began to
doze. I had found the newspaper on my face a couple of times
already but I was resisting sleep. Finally I had reached
that in between stage. I was not yet asleep but the paper
was covering my face. I was floating at the entrance to
dreamland but could still hear things, like that damn
meadowlark outside the window that woke me up every morning.
     As I lay there almost but not quite sleeping I heard a
sound that got my attention. It sounded like a whisper but I
was supposed to be alone. I lay still and listened. There it
was again; and this time I could hear better.
     "Is he sleeping?"
     It sounded like Kathy. What was she doing here?
     "I think so but I better make sure."
     This was definitely my little sister. What were these
two little sneaks up to? I decided to fake sleep and see.
     Now I heard Lynn say in a louder voice, "Sky, are you
awake?" but I did not answer. "He's asleep."
     "But what if he wakes up?"
     "He wouldn't wake up if a freight train went through
the room. He's a very heavy sleeper." This was true. But
what she didn't know was that I was awake and waiting to see
what they were going to do.
     I heard Kathy say, "I'm scared".
     "Well, you were the one who said she wanted to do
this," said Lynn. "If you are chicken we will just leave and
you will never know what it's like."
     This was getting interesting. I kept still and tried to
keep my breathing even. At least they couldn't see my smile
under the paper. I heard them moving closer as Kathy said.
"I am not chicken. But we could get into a lot of trouble if
he wakes up."
     "I told you he will not wake up. He never has before
and I am sure he will not now." Well, what ever they were
going to do, Lynn had done before while I slept. This was
weird. I did not know of anything she could be blamed for
that had happened to me while I slept. I decided that I had
to let them do what ever they wanted so I could find out
what it was.
     "OK," said Lynn. "First, unzip his fly."
     WHAT! It was all I could do to keep still and control
myself. I was reasonably sure that Lynn would not do
anything that would hurt me so I let them continue.  I felt
a light touch on the front of my shorts and then heard the
zipper slowly opening. "Now reach in very gently and feel
around. You feel his cock?"
     "Take hold of it and slowly pull it out of his shorts."
Lynn was giving Kathy instructions and I was going crazy.
The very light touch of Kathy's little hand was very erotic
but I was still a bit nervous about what they were doing so
I stayed soft for the time being.
     "It's so soft and small. I thought you said it was big
and hard."
     "That comes after a while. It's soft at first but
you'll make it hard soon."
     "OK. What do I do next?"
     "Reach in under his cock and bring his balls out too.
But be easy they are very tender." This was starting to get
to me. The idea of a lovely little ten year old handling my
cock and balls was a lot to accept. It was very exciting and
I could feel the very faint stirrings in my groin.
     "Now watch what I do and then you do it" said Lynn. I
could feel her tiny hand wrap around my cock and very slowly
start to slide up and down the shaft. Good God, she was
jacking me off!
     "Now you do it"
     "Mmm.  His cock feels nice and warm and soft. Oooh.
Look it's starting to grow."
     "That's because you're getting to him even in his
     "Now what do I do?"
     "Kiss it softly then lick it around the head."
     "Mmm.  Tastes nice."
     I felt the warm kiss and then the licking start. I
would not last long at this rate. I was by now sporting a
fairly large hard on. But it wasn't over yet.
     "Here, let me show you." Lynn sounded a little
impatient. I felt Kathy release my dick and Lynn take hold
of it. Then I felt her licking around the head and up and
down the shaft. All the while she was jacking up and down
too. I was going to have trouble delaying my climax at this
rate. But it got worse, or should I say better.
     Lynn took the head of my cock in her warm, wet mouth
and I couldn't keep from groaning slightly.
     "He's waking up," said Kathy in a scared little voice.
"No he's not. I told you I have done this before, and he
never woke up. He is just dreaming because of the sensations
he feels."
     "Well, it's my turn then," said Kathy, and with that I
felt a change in hand mouth and tempo. Slowly at first and
then more quickly, she slid my cock in and out of her mouth.
It seemed to go in farther each time and it was driving me
crazy. These little ten year old girls were giving me the
best damn blowjob I ever had. Suddenly I felt more hands and
another mouth on my dick and balls. They were both feasting
on me and were kissing and licking all over my crotch. This
was fantastic. I could feel the cum starting to flow from my
balls and knew it would not be long now.
      "He's going to cum soon," said Lynn. "When he does you
have to take all of his cum in your mouth and swallow it
like we talked about. Otherwise it will get on him and he
will know what has happened."
     "OK.  Mmmmfff."
     "Let me take a turn," demanded Lynn; and she took over
the primary sucking. "You promised I could be the one to
make him come," complained Kathy.
     "Oh alright. Hurry now he's going to cum any second."
That was for sure. The feel of those two hot little mouths
was driving me over the wall. It was fantastic. Kathy was
slurping up and down on my dick and Lynn was gently
squeezing my balls as she kissed the shaft of my cock. Two
hungry mouths and four busy hands. It was a wonder I lasted
this long but it was about over. I felt the cum traveling up
the tube on the bottom of my dick. The head felt like it was
going to explode.
      Then it did, and I felt gob after gob of hot sticky
cum shoot into Kathy's mouth. She was having trouble keeping
it all in I guess, because I heard Lynn complaining. "Here,
let me help. You are missing some and it will ruin his
     The sucking went on as I finished my orgasm. This had
been one hell of an orgasm. I was completely exhausted, but
very happy and satisfied.
     "Now clean all of the cum off of him," said Lynn. I
gave them a minute to finish before I did anything. Then
just as they were about done cleaning me up, I jumped up and
grabbed them both by the arm.
     "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" I
     The girls both screamed and tried to pull away. I had a
good grip on them and was not about to let them go. They
both started to cry but I couldn't let that stop me now. I
had to think what I wanted to do. This was an opportunity I
could not let pass up.
     "Please Sky," sobbed Kathy. "Let me go. I'm sorry.
Don't tell on me, please!"
     "Kathy," I said, "I want you to go home and think about
this. I will talk to you later about what you have done."
     "You aren't going to tell on me are you Sky?" she
cried. "No, but you will have to be punished and I don't
know what that punishment will be yet," I said. "Go home
now." With that I let Kathy go; and she ran out of the room.
I heard the door slam as she left the house. 'There goes a
great little cocksucker,' I thought. With a little planning
I would get to enjoy her again.
     Now I was left with Lynn. She was still crying. I told
her to stop crying and calm down. "Are you going to tell
Mom?" she asked. "I should," I said. "You must be punished
for this. It is no way for a nice girl to act. I'm sure Mom
will be very angry." Of course this was all a bluff as I had
no intention of telling Mom or anyone else for that matter.
This was too good an opportunity.
     "If you promise not to tell," she said, "I will do
anything you ask."
     "Yes, anything."
     "Hmmm. OK I promise. But I am going to have to think
about this. For now just come over here and give me a big
kiss."  My delightful little sister came over to me slowly
and put her arms around my neck. She looked me in the eye
and said, "I love you big brother, very, very much." And
with that she placed her tiny mouth, that just a few minutes
ago was wrapped around my dick, against my lips. Her lips
were warm and soft and as we kissed she parted then allowing
her tongue to poke out and into my mouth. We probed each
other's mouths and our tongues fought as we kissed. I was
amazed at the passion that this little girl was showing.
     When the kiss ended I told her to go to her room and I
would come up and see her shortly with my decision about her
punishment. She smiled a little as she left the room. I
think she knew then that she had me right where she wanted
     Yes, I had to think about this. For all of about one
second. I knew that this heavy sleeper had to make the
punishment fit the crime. And oh did it ever. But that is
another story.

                     The end of part 1.

                      The Heavy Sleeper
                        By Uncle Sky

     I sat there on the couch thinking about what had just
happened. It was amazing and wonderful. I had never thought
of my sister in a sexual way before. She was only ten after
all and I was so much older and grown up. Yeh, right.
     As I sat there I realized that I loved Lynn very much.
I loved her as my little sister, who I had always tried to
protect. But now I realized there was more to it. After that
kiss we just shared I realized that I loved her as a woman
too. Well, not yet a woman but in that way.
     I remembered the look of fear on her face and for that
matter on Kathy's face as well. That was not what I wanted
to do to them really. I loved my sister and actually kind of
liked Kathy too. I wouldn't want to hurt either of them.
What they had done, though pleasurable, was wrong. But they
did not deserve what I'd done. I had frightened and
threatened them. I needed to make this right and now.
      I got up and headed to Lynn's room. As I approached I
heard her voice. I listened for a second. She was saying,
"It will be ok. He won't tell and I don't think he will
punish us much either." She had me figured out all right.
     I tapped on the door and walked in before she could
hang up. "Let me talk to her", I said. She handed me the
phone with a look of doubt on her beautiful face. I smiled
to ease her fear and then gave my attention to Kathy.
     "Kathy?" I said. I could hear her still crying on the
other end. "Stop crying, love. I am not going to tell anyone
and I am not going to punish you either. You must know that
what you did was wrong. A person should never under any
circumstances engage in any sexual act without the consent
of all parties involved. Do you understand that?"
     "Yes Sky', she said. "I'm really sorry, and I'll never
do it again."
     "OK then Kathy. We will talk more about this another
time. Just so you understand about it. Now you wash you face
and put on a smile so your folks won't think something is
wrong. Be good and I'll see you later. Bye, bye."
     Kathy said, "Thank you Sky. Bye, bye." and hung up. As
I hung up the phone I glanced at Lynn. She had a big smile
on her face. She had heard what I said and figured it
applied to her as well.
     "Don't think this is all over yet", I said. "We need to
have a talk about what you did." She looked down at her feet
and pouted a bit. "You took advantage of someone for your
own sexual pleasure. That is bad enough, but you did it to
someone who loves you and who you presumably love as well."
     Lynn was looking very ashamed now and a tear ran down
her cheek. "I'm sorry Sky. I didn't think it mattered
because you didn't know what was happening. I guess I just
didn't think."
     "It's ok Lynn. I am not angry with you. I am a little
disappointed in both you and Kathy, but I am disappointed in
myself too."
      She looked surprised. "Why are you disappointed in
yourself, Sky?"
     "Because I let it happen. I was awake the whole time
and wanted to see what you were going to do. When I realized
what it was, I just lay back and enjoyed it. That was wrong
     "You did? I mean, you enjoyed it?"
     "Hell yes angel. It was the best blowjob I ever had. I
hope I am lucky enough to find someone who is half as good
at it that will give me many more."
     She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. "OK. Let me
get this straight then." she said. "What I did was ok except
that I didn't ask, right?"
     "Well, it was ok with me. But nobody must know about
it. It is illegal for that kind of thing to go on between an
adult and a child. I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone
found out. And society frowns on that kind of thing between
family members. It is incest and most people think it's
wrong. As for me, well I think anything people want to do
that they both consent to, is their own business. As long as
they are not hurting anyone I can't see the harm."
     Lynn was smiling now. "So as long as I ask and get
consent from someone it's ok to do what ever I want to?"
     "Yes, as far as I'm concerned. But you have to be aware
of what is accepted by society and be prepared to deal with
it. You either keep it private or be prepared to suffer the
penalties of other people's hang-ups."
     "OK", she said. "I have a question then. Can we do it
again now?"
     I was floored. "Er. Ah. What do you mean, do it again?"
     "You said it was ok as long as I got consent. So I'm
asking you if I can give you another blow job now."
     "Are you sure that's what you want to do? You don't
have to, you know. I'm not mad or anything."
     "Yes I want to. I love sucking your thing and tasting
your cum. It makes me feel warm all over and I get real
tingly down between my legs. I like that and want more.
     "OK sweetheart. But let's do this right. I want to make
you feel good too. OK? We can share the experience and not
just make it good for me." My little angel now had a huge
smile on her face. I had made her forget her fear. She was
happy now.
     "OK Sky, what should I do?"
     "Just relax and enjoy yourself my love. If I do
anything you don't like, just say stop and I will. This is
all for us both to enjoy."  Having said that I leaned over
and took her into my arms. I planted little kisses all over
he face until I reached her lips. I stopped there and gently
pressed my lips on hers. As before, she responded. At first
it was just a gentle kiss. Then our lips parted and our
tongues poked out tentatively exploring each other's mouths.
That became more urgent as the kiss continued. I finally
pulled back, almost breathless. My heart was beating a mile
a minute and I could feel hers was too.
     I slid my lips down her neck and kissed lightly under
her ear and down over her throat. She sighed. I felt her
body relax as she gave herself over to my attention. As I
continued my kissing, I slowly began to unbutton her blouse.
Her chest came into view, bare and beautiful. There were no
breasts yet but her nipples were puffy and distended. I
continued my trail of kisses down over her chest, bypassing
her nipples at first but then coming back to them. I took
one into my mouth and sucked on it gently as I moved my
tongue over it. I had my hand on her other nipple and
pinched it slightly as I rolled it between my fingers. Lynn
moaned low in her throat in response.
     It was time to move on. As I continued to suck on her
nipple I moved my hand down to her feet. I slipped off her
shoes, then her socks. Then I let my fingers trail slowly up
one leg, over her knee and up her thigh. I stopped just
short of her panties and crossing over, trailed down the
other leg. She was wiggling now, wanting more. I unzipped
her shorts and slid them down. She raised up a little to
help me get them over her hips. I moved my mouth over to her
other breast and continued my attack. Her shorts were soon
on the floor. I raised her up off the bed slightly and
pulled her blouse off the rest of the way. It joined her
shorts on the floor. She was now naked except for her
     I pulled my head back to gaze on this wonder. I had not
seen her naked for a long time. Not since she was a baby.
She was gorgeous. I could have looked at her for hours but
her hand went behind my head and pulled me back down to her
chest. I resumed my playing with her nipples using more
tongue than lips. She seemed to enjoy that a lot and
squirmed under the attention. Once more I moved my hand to
her leg and made my way up toward her mound. I let my
fingers press against her little pussy through her panties.
They were damp from her excitement. I moved one finger under
the leg band of her panties and slid it over the lips of her
hot pussy. She groaned as I slid my finger between her labia
and grazed over her little clit.
     It was time to remove her panties. I took them by both
sides and pulled them down. She again lifted her hips to aid
in their removal. They were soon on the floor with the rest
of her clothes. She now lay there before me fully naked. Her
mound was puffy with her youth and was still bald. It was
more than I could resist and I moved my lips down off her
nipple toward her pussy. I took it slow at first, moving
down her belly and dipping my tongue into her belly button
as I went by. She giggled at that. I continued my travel
downward to the top of her pubic mound. There was no hair
there yet and so I enjoyed kissing and licking her.
     I bypassed her pussy and kissed my way down her thigh
and then back up the other side. Then I reached my goal. The
warm, moist center of her sex. The smell was intoxicating. I
licked it from bottom to top covering the whole pussy with
my tongue. When I reached the top I stopped and went back to
the bottom. This time I slipped my tongue into the slit
between her lips. Pressing it in I moved up slowly. I passed
over the hole from which she was dripping her juices,
tasting her nectar as I passed. Up I went until I reached
the hood that hid her very tiny clit.
     With some effort I managed to slide her hood back and
revealed the clit. I pressed my tongue against it and moved
it back and forth massaging the little button. Her hips
pushed up against my mouth wanting more. As I continued my
attack on her clit I moved a finger over her pussy, gently
caressing it from top to bottom. Slowly I slipped my finger
into the space between her lips. I found the hole. The
entrance to her love tunnel. That warm, slick passage that I
so wanted to explore. I moved my finger into the entrance
and felt it open for me, then clamp down on my finger. While
still massaging her clit with my tongue I moved my finger
slowly in deeper and then out again.
     I kept up my ministrations on both her clit and hole as
I pressed my mouth firmly against her warmth. She was
returning the pressure and moving her hips around in
response. She groaned and sighed and soon had her hands
behind my head, pressing me into her even harder. Suddenly
she arched her back and stiffened, holding my head firmly
against her body. She was having an orgasm of tremendous
proportions. I would not have believed it possible for a
girl so young but it was happening. I continued my pressure
on her clit but stopped moving my tongue. I slid my finger
in and out of her tunnel more slowly now and felt her clamp
down on it tightly. It lasted for just a few moments and
then she went limp in my arms, completely spent.
     As I moved up her body and looked in her eyes I saw a
sparkle more beautiful than I had ever seen before. She had
a little smile on her face that showed she was happy but
small enough that you knew she didn't have the energy for a
big grin.  "Oh Sky. Thank you so much. I never knew I could
feel so wonderful. I want more but I am exhausted and can
hardly move."
     "There is more my love. And there will be as much as
you want, but right now just rest here in my arms." I held
her to me and let her rest. She dozed off and slept for a
while as I thought about what had happened. I was amazed at
her and for that matter at myself. Could this all be a
dream? If it was, I never wanted to wake up. I lay there and
enjoyed the after glow of our shared love. And I thought
about what might come when she awoke.
                         End Part-2.
                      The Heavy Sleeper
                        By Uncle Sky

     When I left off my story I was lying on my sister's bed
after giving her a great orgasm using my mouth and tongue.
Lynn was sleeping as I held her warm and naked body close. I
was thinking of all that had happened on this lazy Saturday
afternoon. It was an amazing event. But it was also a
dangerous event. If word got out I would be in deep shit. I
was fairly certain that Lynn would not tell anyone but I was
not as sure about her friend Kathy. I needed to take steps
to make sure of her silence too. But that would come later.
     Lynn had been sleeping for about 15 minutes and I was
just enjoying her 10-year-old body. I ran my hand over her
hair and down her cheek. I slid my finger along her tiny
lips. I let my hand wander down over her shoulder and across
her chest, letting my finger twiddle her puffy nipples. I
continued to caress her body, moving down over her tummy and
past her bare and swollen pussy. I dragged my fingers along
one leg and then back up the other. I slid my finger along
her moist pussy lips, enjoying the warm, slippery feel of
her. I was tempted to slide my finger into that warm hole,
but I resisted so as not to waken her. This was heaven.
     It occurs to me that I have not told you what Lynn
looked like other than to mention she was an angel and a
beauty to behold. She was that but she was not your every
day 10-year-old. My father was over 6 feet tall. My mother
on the other hand was just 5 feet tall. I took after my
father and Lynn took after her mother. She was just about 3'
11" tall. OK she would say 3' 11 and 1/2". She was small for
a 10-year-old but strong and active. She had lost her baby
fat and was trim.
     Her hair was blonde and shoulder length if she let it
down, which she never did. I didn't remember the last time I
had seen her with her hair down. She wore it in two tiny
braids or as we called them, pig tails. She looked and acted
the part of a little pixie with sparkling blue eyes and a
smile that would melt your heart. And I held all of it
pressed against my side as she slept.
     Suddenly the phone ringing shattered the silence. I
reached over to the bedside table and grabbed it hoping it
would not wake Lynn. It was my mother calling. Oh shit! I
had forgotten she was due home. There would be hell to pay.
But I was saved.
     "I'm going to be staying very late tonight," she said.
"One of the other girls is out sick and I have to work an
extra shift. I will not be home until about midnight so I am
depending on you to take care of Lynn and get dinner."
     I breathed a sigh of relief and replied. "No problem,
Mom. I can manage easily with Lynn's help. She and I will
see that everything is taken care of so you don't have
anything to do when you get home."
     "Thank you dear, that's a big help. I have to go now. I
love you both. Be good. Bye."
     "Bye mom" I said as the phone clicked. I hung up the
receiver and settled back down glancing at Lynn. She had
been awake and asked what Mom had said.  "Bad news I'm
afraid" I said with a blank expression. She looked worried
so I went on. "Mom is working a double and won't be home
till after midnight, so we are on our own."
     Lynn punched my arm as she smiled. "You had me worried
for a minute", she said. "I thought we were in trouble. Does
that mean we can keep doing what we're doing?"
     "What ever do you mean?" I was having a hell of a time
not grinning. "What are we doing?"
     "We're doing sex, you dummy. And I want more. You said
we were going to share the fun but I fell asleep after you
licked me and I came so hard. I never felt so good before
but I didn't get to suck your thing again like I wanted to."
     "Are you sure you want to continue with this? You know
you can stop any time. All you have to do is tell me and
it'll be over. I don't want you to do anything you don't
want to do."
     Lynn looked at me with what she meant to be a stern
face. It didn't work and I smiled. "I want more! I want to
suck your cock again. I want to see you squirt again. I want
more and more."
     "OK my little lover. What do you want to do next?
Should I take off my shorts? You tell me what you want me to
do and I'll do it."
     Lynn got up off the bed and looked at me. "You just lay
still and let me do what I want, OK? I nodded and she
reached for my shorts. Her little fingers struggled with the
snaps and zipper but she got them undone and began to slide
them down off my hips. I raised up to help her and she took
them all the way off my legs and dropped them on the floor
with her clothes. Next she slid her fingers under the
elastic of my boxers and began to slowly pull them down.
They slowly revealed my prick as they passed over my groin.
I was only half-hard so far but was growing harder as she
undressed me. The boxers soon joined the rest of our
clothing on the floor. I wasn't wearing any shoes but I had
on socks. Lynn soon made short work of them and I was
totally naked on her bed.
     Her eyes were big and round as she looked over my body.
As I said before I am no great specimen. Just a normal
average guy. But she had not seen me naked before and even
though she had seen my cock, it seemed all new to her when I
was completely naked. She ran her tiny hands over my chest,
tugging on the few hairs I had. Her fingers moved playfully
down my body until she came to my cock. She moved her hands
down both my legs and then back up to my balls.  I was in
heaven. Her warm hands were so soft and gentle it was like a
feather was being dragged over me. It was getting to me very
fast. My prick started to grow and moved as it raised up.
Lynn watched for a minute and then slid her hand under my
balls and seemed to weigh them. I groaned.
     Her hand jerked away quickly as she asked, "Did I hurt
you? Did I do something wrong?"
     "Oh no. You are doing just great. It felt so good that
I just couldn't keep quiet. "Please don't stop." Her hand
returned to my balls and rolled them around in their sack.
Then she wrapped her other hand gently around my cock and
started to slide it up and down the shaft.
     "Oh Baby, that feels so good. Keep doing that please,"
I groaned.
     Lynn was now lying on the bed with her feet up by my
head as she played with my prick. I thought I might as well
give her some pleasure too as long as she was so close. I
cupped my hand over her mound and pressed. I moved my hand
over her labia slowly and then inserted my finger between
the puffy lips. I ran my finger up and down the slit, just
touching her hole and then her teeny clit. She wiggled
showing her enjoyment but continued her own exploration.
     I watched her as I played with her pussy. She was still
stroking my cock with her little hand. She could barely get
it around me but it was enough. Her other hand still held my
balls as she stroked me. Suddenly she bent her head down and
placed a gentle kiss on the tip of my cock. It made me jump
and she smiled. Her mouth opened and she ran her tongue
around the head and over the little slit. This was even
better than the blowjob I had gotten earlier. I was hard as
a rock by now. My hips were moving up toward her face as she
licked me and covered me with her spit.
     As excited as I was I could not help but notice that
Lynn was getting there too. She was now very wet and moving
her hips all over the bed. Her mouth was wrapped around the
head of my cock. She could not get much in even though I'm
not very large. But she worked at it with vigor and managed
to get more than I expected in that tiny mouth.
     I was getting almost as close to orgasm as I believed
she was. Suddenly she raised up off my cock and stopped
sucking and stroking. I groaned in disappointment.
     "Why are you stopping?"
     "I need to ask you something again. You said I had to
ask so I am."
     "What? What do you want? You can do anything but don't
stop, please."
     Lynn got an impish grin on her face. It was obvious
that she had me right where she wanted me and was about to
take advantage of that position. "I want to do it" she
     I was puzzled for a moment. "Do what?"
     "I want to..... I want to put your thing in me. I want
to fuck you" she blurted out.  That got my attention fast. I
was jolted out of my near climax but was still hard.
     "I don't know if we can sweetheart." I was afraid. "I
may be too big for you. I don't want to hurt you." Lynn
began to pout. Her lower lip pushed out and began to quiver.
She was good at this. She had me and knew it. "You promised
if I asked we could do whatever I wanted, and I want to
FUCK!" I could actually see a tear in the corner of one eye.
Damn she was good.
     "OK," I groaned. "We can try, but if it hurts you, tell
me and we'll stop." The tears were gone and a huge smile was
spread over her cute little face.
     "What do I do now?" she asked.
     "Well I think we are both close to being ready, but
lets just use a little more mouth power to be sure" I said
with a grin. She nodded and went back to work on my dick as
I began to lick her pussy. It didn't take much before we
were both wiggling all over the place.
     I pulled Lynn over to the middle of the bed on her
back. I moved between her legs and crept up so my cock was
pressing against her pussy. "Remember, if it hurts you tell
me and I'll stop." She nodded as I saw the look of fear
mixed with passion on her face. "You're sure you want to do
this?" I asked, giving her one last chance to back out.
     She was wiggling all over the bed trying to get my dick
in her. "DO IT!" she yelled. So I reached down and aimed my
cock at her tiny hole. I pressed the head against her gently
at first but then harder. Nothing happened. I pushed again
even harder this time. Just as I did Lynn pushed up with her
hips and the head popped in past the opening to her vagina.
I was in. Just barely, but in my little sister. Her face was
pale and all scrunched up. It was obvious she was trying
very hard not to show her discomfort.
     "You OK lover?"
     Her voice was small but she managed to squeak out a
yes. I pushed in further. There was plenty of lubrication
from both of us licking and sucking before we started. My
cock moved in a little more and hit her hymen. She winced. I
wasn't sure I could do this. She tried to smile as she
pushed up at me with her hips. I slid in and could feel the
hymen stretching. Then I looked at her face and saw tears
running down her cheeks. She was pale and I could see the
pain was bad.
     "That's it," I said as I pulled out. "I can't do it
with all the pain I'm causing you." Lynn looked heartbroken
and the tears were really pouring out now. "Oh pleeeaase,"
she cried. "Can't we try just one more time?"
     Truth be told, I wanted this as much as she did; but I
couldn't stand to see her in pain. I thought about it for a
second and then gave in. "OK, but we do it differently this
time." Saying that, I moved Lynn over to the side and lay
down on my back.  "You get on top this time, but first go in
the bathroom and get the tube of KY Jelly Mom uses when she
gives you an enema." She was gone almost before I finished
talking. In a flash she was back and had the top off the KY.
She knew what I wanted to do and took it on herself. She
squeezed out a big glob of lube into her little palm and
then wrapped it around my cock. She slid her hand all around
and up and down getting me well lubricated. Then she held
the KY against her pussy and squeezed. She was ready now.
     Lynn put the KY down and wiped her hand on a towel she
had with her. Next thing I knew she was on top of me; aiming
my cock at her hole again. With all the lube it slid around
and was a little hard to get lined up. Finally she got it
against the entrance to her love tunnel and she sat down
slowly. This time I slid in more easily and was again
pushing on her hymen before I knew it. "Take it slow, Baby.
Pull up and then slide down a few times to get used to it
and stretch you out." She followed my instructions, and
slowly raised and lowered her tight pussy on my cock. But we
were still not through her virginity. I started to tell her
we needed to stop again.
     "Honey, I think" was as far as I got. She knew her last
chance was about over and with all her strength she slammed
down. It worked. I was through and about half my cock was
buried in her pussy. But she was in pain and crying again. I
knew the worst was over now and pulled her down onto my
chest. I held her still, not moving our hips so that my cock
was not causing any new pain. "Just hold still lover, while
you get used to it. You let me know when you feel ready to
move again."
      Her head was on my chest and I barely heard her
answer, "OK". We stayed in that position for a few minutes.
As I held her I planted kisses all over her face until I
reached her mouth. I pressed my lips to hers. She pressed
back and opened her mouth a little. Soon our tongues were
exploring each other's mouths. It was another very
passionate kiss like the one earlier. This kid was a great
     Then, very slowly she began to move a little bit at a
time. She was obviously tender but seemed to gain comfort as
she moved. I let her do all the work. I did not want to
cause her any more pain. I would be devastated if we had to
stop now but I would if she asked. She continued to move up
and down on my cock. I went a little deeper but not much.
She was just so small.
     Now she sat up again. There was a smile on her face and
it was from ear to ear. "It stopped hurting," she said. And
with that she took full control and moved up and down faster
and faster. Now that I could see she was enjoying herself I
was able to enjoy it too. As a matter of fact I was rapidly
nearing my orgasm. I was about to tell her when she beat me
to it. "I'm going to cum again. Oh it feels so good. Oh, oh,
sky it feels even better than last time."  I was very near
too. We both groaned and panted. Lynn was moving faster than
ever and I was pushing up too. I tried not to push too hard
but it was not easy. Then Lynn suddenly became rigid. Her
body was like a board and her face was contorted as she
reached her second orgasm of the day. I was right there with
her and began pumping great gobs of cum deep into her pussy.
She was so tight the cum ran out around my cock. It lasted
only a moment but seemed like an hour.
     As we both came down from the terrific joint orgasm,
Lynn collapsed on my chest again. We were both out of breath
and drenched in sweat. I felt like I had run a marathon and
she looked like she had run it with me.
     We lay there for a long time not thinking about anyone
but each other. We kissed again and again. After a short
time Lynn raised her head and looked me in the eye.
     "Did I do it right? Was it good for you too?"
      "It could not possibly have been better my little
love. It was the best I ever had and I doubt I will ever
have another as good."  She smiled that special smile of
hers and said, "It was great for me too. I never knew it
would be so good. And you were so good to me. But....."
     I was worried now. I had just heard that awful word.
BUT! "But what?" I asked.
     If possible her grin got even bigger. "But, don't bet
that you will never have another one as good. I intend to
ask again many times. And you know what they say about
     With that we both broke into great big belly laughs. I
knew then that it was ok and we would do it many times
again. As we lay there recovering and enjoying each other
the phone rang again.
     I looked at Lynn as she picked up the phone. She
shrugged her shoulders at first, as if to say she didn't
know who it was. I waited and listened.
     "OH. Hi."
     'Uh, nothing."
     "No, she had to work a double shift and we are all
     "Well, I don't know."
     "I know, but he told you not to worry."
     "OK, I'll ask him."
     Lynn turned to me. "It's Kathy. She's still worried
about what happened and wants to come over to talk to you
about it. Is it ok?"
     I thought about it for a full second. "If her folks say
it's ok then she can come over. See if they will let her
sleep over."  Lynn got that grin on her face again and
returned to the phone,
     "He says ok if your folks say so. Ask if you can sleep
over but don't mention that my mom is not home."
     There was a long pause. Then "OK".  She hung up the
phone and with a big grin said, "It's ok with her folks.
She'll be right over."

         And that will be Part-4, the last chapter.
                      The Heavy Sleeper
                        By Uncle Sky

     After a day of surprises and great sex, my sister Lynn
and I were recovering when the phone rang. It was her friend
Kathy and after some discussion it was decided that she
would come over to our house to talk. Lynn and I were still
naked and a mess after all we had done.
     "I think we better hurry and clean up before Kathy gets
here," I said. "I'll go wash and then start supper. You get
things straightened up here then take a quick shower. I'll
send Kathy up when she gets here."
     "OK" I heard as I ran toward the bathroom. I figured we
only had 10 or 15 minutes so I hurried. I washed myself off
and then ran to my room for my robe. I thought that would be
enough for tonight. Then it was off to the kitchen to start
     I was not much of a cook but my mother was and she left
things for just such an emergency. My favorite was on the
menu for tonight. Mom had left some tossed green salad from
last night in the fridge. It had her special oil and vinegar
dressing spiked with Port wine. There were also some hot
dogs there. I took them out and then opened the freezer for
a jar of Mom's special cheese sauce. I had to do this fast
if I wanted to be ready.
     The hot dogs went into the microwave first. They were
done in just a minute and then the cheese sauce followed.
While that thawed, I started the water for macaroni. Next I
set the table for three. By the time that was done I heard
the doorbell. I ran to answer it and found Kathy standing
there when I opened it. She was looking sadly down at her
     "Hi Kathy, come on in. Let's go into the living room
for a minute and talk." She followed me still looking at her
feet. When we got in there, I sat down on the couch and
gestured for her to sit next to me. She sat down gingerly as
if expecting something bad.
     "First, let me tell you again that I am not mad at
you." Her eyes came up slowly. "As I told Lynn, I am
disappointed with both of you and with myself." She looked
puzzled. I then went on to say pretty much the same things I
had said to Lynn earlier. I ended with "Do you understand
now that you must always ask before doing anything like that
     Kathy was smiling now just a little. I thought she had
gotten the message.
     "If you are not mad Sky will you give me a little hug
so I know?"
     I stood up and reached for her hand. I helped her stand
and drew her into my arms. She pressed her body against mine
and turned her head up to look in my eyes as we hugged.
     Kathy was a very different looking girl from Lynn.
Where Lynn was short for her age, Kathy was tall. They were
almost exactly the same age, ten. But that was about the
only resemblance. Kathy had red hair. Really red. It was
short and curly. In fact we kidded her that she looked like
little orphan Annie. It was true, but only to a point. She
was not flat-chested like Annie or Lynn. She had just the
slightest little bumps on her chest that signaled the
beginning of breasts. Her figure was a little rounder than
Lynn's was too. She still had a little of her baby fat but
all in the best places to make her look very sexy. Her eyes
were the brightest blue I have ever seen. And as is often
the case with red heads, she had freckles. Boy did she have
freckles. On her cheeks and over her little pug nose they
spilled. And I could see them on her chest where it was
visible above her collar.  I bet myself that they went all
the way down to her breasts.
     Tonight, she was wearing a white short sleeved blouse
and a plaid skirt that came down just to the tops of her
knees. She had on white socks and sneakers to complete her
outfit. It sounds pretty normal and plain but somehow she
looked special.
     I couldn't resist her warmth and beauty and I bent down
and kissed her forehead. She squeezed me tighter. I kissed
her cheek and then the tip of her nose. She giggled. I
kissed her soft, warm lips. I hadn't meant to. It just
seemed the right thing to do. She responded by pressing her
lips firmly to mine and moaning softly. I suddenly
remembered supper.
     I pulled back slightly and asked her if she had eaten
yet. She said no so I told her to go up and wash up, then
wait in Lynn's room 'til I called. She ran off and up the
stairs with a big grin on her face. It matched the one on
mine. This evening showed promise I thought. If I knew Lynn
she would tell Kathy everything.
     I got back to the kitchen just as the cheese sauce was
done. I checked the macaroni and it was almost done as well.
I served the salad and filled the glasses with milk. I cut
up the hot dogs and added them to the cheese in a bowl.  All
that was left was the macaroni. I went to the foot of the
stairs and hollered up, "five minutes". I went back to the
kitchen and checked everything. All ready. I took the pasta
off the stove and drained it in the sink. I dumped it into
the bowl with the sauce and hot dogs and mixed them up.
     I stopped for a second to think if I had everything.
Yup. I picked up the bowl and turned around to put it on the
table and almost dropped the whole thing.
     There, standing in the doorway from the hall, were two
of the most astonishing sights I had ever see. Two naked ten
year old girls. They did not have a stitch on. The only
things they wore were two of the biggest grins you ever saw
in your life. I noticed that I had been right about Kathy's
freckles. They covered her chest only thinning out as they
went over her breasts. The girls  just stood there, waiting
for me to say something.
     I made no comment on their lack of clothes. I acted as
if nothing was unusual. "Supper's ready. Sit down and dig
in." I said. They looked at each other with a little
disappointment on their faces. They sat down and I joined
them. I started on my salad and watched out of the corner of
my eye as they did the same. I could see that they were
puzzled but I was going to make them wait a bit for my
     Soon we had finished our salad and I served the main
course. "I hope you like this Kathy. It's my favorite and I
think Lynn likes it too."
     "Oh yes, I love it," came her soft answer.
     "One thing though please" I said. They both looked up
at me waiting for me to continue. "Please don't spill any on
you or I'll have to lick it off." I now had a huge grin on
my face and the girls burst into laughter. Somehow we
managed to finish the meal without choking or spilling
anything. I told them they had to clean up before we could
do anything else. That was all they needed to hear and
before I knew it the table was cleared and the dishes were
done and put away. I think they set a record.
     While I had let the girls clean up I was in the living
room relaxing and thinking about what might come next. The
things that came to mind made my dick grow. I was only
wearing the robe I put on earlier and it didn't cover me
very well. I adjusted it the best I could and waited for the
     As I said, they finished in record time, and came
bouncing into the room. In a flash they were sitting on the
couch, one on each side of me. I put an arm around each of
them and waited. They snuggled close to me and each placed a
hand on my thigh. One on the left and one on the right. You
could easily see that I had an erection. I waited to see
what they would do next.
     Kathy took the lead. "Can I take off your robe so you
will be naked like us?" she asked in a little voice.
     I stood up in front of her and let her open my robe.
For a moment she just stared at my cock. Then, as if waking
from a nap, she slipped the robe off my shoulders. I sat
down again and enjoyed the feel of two naked bodies pressed
against mine. It was time I spoke.
     "What have you two little pixies got planned for this
evening?" I asked.
     Again it was Kathy who answered. "Lynn told me what you
did after I left this afternoon. I want to do that too."
     "I don't know exactly what Lynn told you so you will
have to tell me what you want to do."
     It was Lynn' turn now: "I told her everything. I know
you said it was our secret but she knew part of it and I
thought it was OK to tell he the rest." She looked a little
worried that I might not be pleased about her telling.
     "Ok," I said. "But just like with you, I have to know
what she wants and I must know she understands what will
happen. I also need to know she understands that she must
not tell anyone what has happened and may happen in this
house. If she tells I could go to jail and you would both be
in deep trouble. And that does not even count what Mom would
do if she found out."
     Kathy looked very serious now. "I understand Sky. I
promise, cross my heart, that I will never tell anyone in
the whole world what we did or what we do together." She
paused then continued. "I want to do the things you did with
Lynn. I want to touch you and have you touch me. I want to
lick you and have you lick me. I want you to cum in my mouth
and I want to cum in yours. I want you to put your thing in
me and fuck me. I want to cum and cum and cum. I want it all
or as much as we have time for." She stopped and took a deep
breath. She had said it all without taking a breath and it
showed. "Is that enough?" she asked.
     "Yes, I think that about covers it" I said with a
smile. "I do need to lay out some ground rules though. At
any time, if you decide you want to stop, just say stop. If
there is something we start to do and you don't like it, say
no. If you are in pain you must tell me. If there is
something we are doing and you want it done differently, you
must tell me. You are in control. Nothing will happen that
you do not want to happen. And one last thing: We must be
done and in bed with everything cleaned up before Mom gets
home. Understood?"
     Both girls answered at once with big smiles on their
faces, "You bet we do!"
     With that we picked up my robe and headed up the stairs
to my room. I decided on using my room because the bed was
bigger and had room for three. Besides, when Mom came home
she would never look in my room, but might peek in Lynn's.
When we got there, I waited to see what they would do. They
wasted no time in jumping on the bed and holding out their
arms to me in invitation. I joined them and stretched out in
the middle of the bed. The girls took places on each side of
me. They knew it was their show so they started.
     They each kissed me on the forehead, then down to my
ears and then my cheeks. It was like stereo. Each girl did
what the other did but on the other side. Then came a
problem. I only had one mouth. Lynn motioned to Kathy to go
ahead. I guess she figured she had her chance earlier and it
was only fair. Kathy kissed me, hard at first. I pushed her
away a little and then kissed her, softly. Our lips just
barely touched and we opened our mouths. I slipped my tongue
out and ran it over her lips then into her mouth. She
caressed it with her tongue and began to suck on it. It was
a hot, passionate kiss and it was getting me hot.
     While Kathy and I had been kissing Lynn had moved down.
She left a trail of kisses down my neck and over my chest.
She had reached my nipple and was licking and sucking on it.
Kathy noticed she had fallen behind and kissed her way down
my neck to my chest and started to work on my other nipple.
What a dream. Two lovely ten year old girls covering my
naked body with light kisses and licking here and there as
they went along. They decided to move on down and crossed my
belly as they approached my pubic hair. They kissed around
it and played with the hair with their tiny fingers. It
tickled and I wiggled a bit.
     After a few minutes they moved down my legs, one on
each. They got to my feet and played with my toes, covering
them with kisses and little nips. Then it was back up my
legs again. Finally, they reached my groin. They each put a
hand on my balls and rolled them around. They placed their
other hands around my cock and started to pump slowly up and
down. I groaned with the pleasure. Before I knew it I was
witnessing a replay of the event that had started this
wonderful day. They were both attacking my cock. They
covered it with tiny kisses. They licked the head like a
lollipop. They licked up and down the shaft. They were
driving me crazy. Kathy glanced at Lynn and saw a nod. She
placed her lips at the top of my rigid prick and very slowly
opened her mouth letting me slide into her. The head was
soon hidden in the warm wet cavern and I was in heaven. I
concentrated on not moving my hips so as not to scare her.
Slowly she moved down accepting more and more of my rod into
her little mouth. When she finally stopped, I saw that she
had about three-quarters of it in her mouth. More than Lynn
could take but still not all of it. In order to take all of
it she would have to deep throat me and I didn't think that
was a good idea the first time. She was after all only ten.
     While Kathy worked on my cock, Lynn was not loafing.
She played with, kissed and licked my balls. Kathy moved up
and down faster and seemed to be really enjoying herself. I
know I was. I felt my orgasm nearing and warned them. They
both just smiled and kept doing the things that were driving
me crazy. Pretty soon I was thrusting up into Kathy's mouth
in spite of my intent not to. I was going wild with all they
were doing. I felt the cum boiling up from my balls into my
prick. Lynn must have felt it too. "Here it comes," she
yelled. And just then I started gushing. First it went into
Kathy's mouth. Then she pulled back and pointed my shaft at
her face. Lynn put her face next to Kathy's and I continued
to squirt as Kathy moved my cock back and forth between
them. My cum was soon all over both faces. It seemed as if I
would never stop. When I did begin to slow down, Lynn took
me into her mouth and sucked the rest of my cum out of my
slowly shrinking dick. I lay there exhausted from what may
have been the biggest orgasm of my life.
     The girls cleaned me up with their tongues. Then,
realizing I was in need of recovery time, they started to
lick my come off each other's faces. I just relaxed and
enjoyed watching. But they didn't stop at cleaning up the
cum. They started kissing each other and were soon in a hug
next to me. I moved over a little to give them room and they
continued kissing and licking. They moved from their faces
to their necks and then took turns kissing and sucking their
breasts. Lynn was flat but Kathy had small mounds that would
soon be breasts. Both had tiny pink nipples that were now
hard and pointing up in the air. They caressed each other
and moaned at the pleasure it gave them. As one was sucking
the other's nipple the other was pulling and squeezing her
friend's nipple. I just watched for a while, enjoying this
erotic show.
     As I watched, Lynn pushed Kathy down on her back. Then
she started kissing Kathy's breasts and down her tummy to
her pussy. I noticed that Kathy's pussy was different from
Lynn's. Her labia were not as plump and did not push out as
much. But you could see her inner lips and a little of her
hooded clit peeking out. She only had a very few wisps of
red hair where she would someday have an amazing red bush.
The rest was smooth and inviting. I could also see a little
moisture on her labia indicating that she was getting
excited. When Lynn reached her pussy, she licked it with a
broad stroke of her tongue. Then she parted the lips and
slid her tongue along the crease and up to the clit. I could
see her tongue pushing on Kathy's clit and I could see Kathy
pushing up against Lynn's face as she enjoyed the attack.
     While Lynn was working on Kathy I decided to join the
fun. I moved around and positioned the girls with little
effort, so that I could get my head between Lynn's legs. I
wanted more of that delicious pussy I had tasted earlier. I
pressed my tongue into her much as she was doing to Kathy.
We both were enjoying our work and the effect it was having
on the recipient. My position put my dick up near Kathy's
head. In spite of her involvement with Lynn, she found time
to play with my cock a little too. The three of us were busy
giving each other the best time we could. It didn't take
long for Kathy to reach her limit and start an enormous
orgasm. Lynn sucked and sucked and managed to get all
Kathy's juices as fast as they oozed out of her pussy. In
short order Lynn was following with her cum. She was not
having as big an orgasm as Kathy was, but she was having a
good one and I enjoyed drinking her fluids.
     I didn't want to cum yet so I pulled away from Kathy
and we all kind of rested for a bit. It was only a minute
before Lynn was whispering in my ear. "She's ready now. Fuck
her while she's hot and wet." I didn't need any more
prompting. I moved around between Kathy's legs and up to her
lips. I kissed her and asked if she was ready. "Boy am I
ready," she said. As I held myself over her, I felt Lynn's
hand on my cock. She rubbed it up and down Kathy's pussy
getting it lubed up. Then suddenly she yelled, "WAIT!" and
ran out of the room. I knew right away what she was after.
In just a few seconds as I continued kissing Kathy and
rubbing her pussy with my cock, Lynn was back. She had the
KY and a big towel. She quickly lubed up my cock and
squirted some KY in Kathy's pussy. Then she wiped her hands
on the towel and folded it under Kathy. "Just in case," she
said. Then without another thought she placed my cock at the
entrance to Kathy's vagina. I pressed forward slowly. With
Lynn aiming and all the KY, it took hardly any effort to
gain entrance. My cock slipped in just past the opening to
that hot tight pussy. Kathy's eyes got big and she looked
scared. "Relax honey, just relax." I could see she was
trying. I slid in a little farther. Then I pulled almost all
the way out. She was as tight as a drum and as hot as an
oven. I continued to push in and pull out slowly. I went in
a little bit farther with each stroke. In no time I was
pressing against her hymen. My second cherry in one day. I
pressed forward and saw her wince with pain. 'Here we go
again,' I thought. It seemed as if there was no way I could
do this without hurting her and I couldn't do that. I was
about to pull out when all of a sudden I felt a big push on
my butt. It was Lynn helping out. She pushed so hard and so
fast that I was through the hymen before I knew it. Kathy
had a look of shock and pain on her face. Before I could say
anything I saw Lynn up at her ear and heard her soothing
Kathy. "That is the hardest part. He'll hold still now so
you can get used to it. The pain will go away and it will
start to feel good. When it does, you start moving and he
will know you are ok." I saw a tear at the corner of each of
Kathy's eyes. She sniffled and said, "ok".
     As I held still waiting for Kathy to adjust to my cock,
I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. Lynn was
stroking her tits and her hair trying to comfort her. I felt
like my cock was in a hot vise. This pussy was so tight I
wondered if I would be able to move. The answer soon came
when Kathy started to move a little. I held myself over her
and gave her room to do all the moving. She pressed up and
let herself drop down. She repeated the movement several
times very carefully. Then I saw a big smile creep over her
face. "It's stopped hurting. You can go on now. Fuck me now
     "As you wish my little lover." And with that I started
pushing in and pulling out of that fantastic little pussy. I
moved slowly at first but increased speed as I went along. I
found I could manage to get almost all of my average sized
cock into her. More than I had with Lynn. Kathy started
moaning and I must admit I did too. We were both deep in the
act of passion. Lynn was caressing Kathy's breasts and had a
hand down between us rubbing her clit. "Oh, yes. Oh. Oh. Sky
it's so good. More please. Don't stop. Fuck me, fuck me." I
couldn't believe how hot this little ten-year-old was and
her words drove me on. I plunged into her over and over, as
she pushed up to meet me. I could not see anything but her
now. He beautiful little face with those bright blue eyes
filled my vision. There was nothing there but the two of us
rapidly nearing the top and the release of orgasm. I warned
her that I was ready to cum. She moaned that she was too.
"Come for me little one," I groaned. "I am sky, I am. I'm
cumming. Oh god I'm cumming." And as I began to pump my
sperm into her tiny pussy, it clamped down harder than ever
on my cock. If we hadn't used so much KY I don't think I
would have been able to move. Finally as we both reached the
peak of our mutual orgasm, I plunged into her one last time
and held it there deep in her pussy as she clamped down on
me. We held each other tightly as I pumped more cum into
her. Then after what seemed a very long time, we began to
relax. Her pussy let go of my cock and I began to soften and
slide out. It was then that I noticed that she had either
passed out or fallen to sleep. I let myself drop over to the
side and onto my back. I was exhausted.
     I put my arm under Kathy's head and held her to me. I
felt her heart, and could tell she was ok. I rested.
Suddenly I felt something warm and wet on my cock. I looked
down, and there was Lynn licking the cum off my cock and
cleaning up all she could find. After she finished with me
she moved over to Kathy's pussy and sucked her out and
licked her clean as well. When she was done, she looked up
at me and smiled. "That was cool. Now we are all even. What
can we do next?" I had to laugh.  Kathy opened her eyes and
asked, "What's so funny?"
     "Just your little nympho friend," I answered. We all
laughed and hugged each other. We were all very tired and
needed to rest. I looked at the clock. It was only 10:00 PM,
but I decided we had done enough for one night.
      "Girls, it is time we started to clean up and get to
bed." They started to complain but I put a finger over each
of their mouths. "We don't want to do too much the first
night. You will be so sore tomorrow you won't be able to
walk. How will we explain that?" They both smiled at that
and looked at each other. Then like a set of twins in stereo
they asked together, "Can we do it again another time?"  I
hugged them both and kissed each of them softly on the lips.
     "Yes, My Darlings, we can do it again another time. But
only if I am not asleep"

                          The End.

Uncle Sky

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