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This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial nature, 
and is not intended for the perusal of minors.  Further if perusal of 
such material is considered illegal in your area or immoral by your 
religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise bypass this story.

This story remains the property of the author.  Permission is granted 
to download, photocopy, copy and repost so long as any such action 
contains these disclaimers, and no attempt is made to profit from 
this story.

All characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any 
resemblance to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This story may contain aspects of fantastic science or magic.  The 
parameters of what this science/magic can accomplish are completely 
at the discretion of me, the author, and, as such, I make no 
apologies for any rules of "real" physics, chemistry, biology, or 
magic that may be broken within the story.


Now onto the fun stuff

When they parted, both were breathing heavily.  David asked, "Sure I 
can't change your mind?"

Peter couldn't say a thing for a few seconds.  Part of him wanted to 
go with David.  Hell, part of him wanted to drag David into a stall 
and have his way with him.  Finally, though, he said, "I can't do 
that to Jess."

David gave him a look that said that he both understood and was 
disappointed.  He kissed Peter on the tip of his nose, said, "I hope 
Jessica realizes what a catch you are," and turned to leave.

After David left, Peter ran into a stall, sat down, and pulled his 
dick from his pants.  He began stroking himself, trying to get off 
before class, when he heard someone come into the restroom.  He was 
forced to stop in order to keep from being heard and hoped that 
whoever it was would finish quickly and leave, but even before the 
first finished, another came in and started doing normal sounding 
things.  Realizing that the number of visitors would only increase 
the closer it got to class time, Peter almost cried.  He almost 
resigned himself to going back to class with an erection, when he 
decided to try something.

Ever since he had first seen his boobs when he had woke up that 
morning, he had avoided dealing with them as much as he could.  Total 
avoidance was, of course, impossible, but most of the attention they 
had garnered had come from others.  Now, Peter slid his hand up under 
his blouse and under his bra.  As soon as his fingers touched his 
nipple, he felt an almost electric shock of pleasure shoot through 
him, forcing him to bite down on his own lip in order to keep from 
gasping out.  It only took a few seconds before he realized that the 
rubbing of his breast and nipple was not only quieter than "pounding 
his pud," it was also far more pleasurable.  He pulled his hand out, 
unbuttoned his blouse, then, not even wanting to remove it, grabbed 
the base of his bra, and yanked it out and up, freeing his tits.

He took his breasts in hand and rubbed his nipples, masturbating 
himself.  The pleasure was incredible!  It took all his willpower to 
keep from crying out as he fondled himself.  It took only a little 
while longer before his cock started twitching and spraying the 
inside of the stall door with semen.  Peter sat there for a few 
seconds before he took some toilet paper and wiped his body fluids 
off the stall door.  He threw the paper in the toilet, flushed it, 
got composed, and stepped out.  Judging from the looks on the faces 
of the other guys in the bathroom, most knew what he had been doing, 
but nobody said anything.  Peter guessed that this was something guys 
did, but it wasn't discussed in open.

He went to his fourth period English class.  Nothing surprising 
there.  In fact, the class was a little further back from where he 
had been yesterday.  Only about a week's worth, but the class was 
still behind.  Peter breezed through it, paying only enough attention 
to ensure there was nothing new.

Fifth period was his history class and the test he was sure he had 
already taken.  He went in, sat down, and waited.  Peter's best 
friend, Danny, came in and sat beside him.  "Hey, dude, congrats on 
the new chest."

Peter found he was getting somewhat comfortable with his breasts and 
replied, "Yeah, I wanted to take the day off, but I had to come in 
for this test."

"Thinking of it, you ready for the test?"

"I guess so."  How could he say that he wasn't even sure he was 
supposed to have a test today, much less whether he had studied for 
it or not.

"You sound as confident as I feel."

The two shared a brief chuckle before Miss Santuchi walked in and 
said, "Alright, class, settle down."  After everybody had quieted and 
got into their seats, she took a pile of papers and started handing a 
small stack to the first person in each row.  "You know the drill: 
Take one, pass the rest back, no talking, no notes, no books, if you 
finish early, you're allowed to do anything you want for the rest of 
the class so long as it's quiet and doesn't disturb others."

The tests got to Peter and he took one and passed the rest back. 
Looking at it, he was shocked.  The test was the same one he 
remembered taking a week ago.  Not just covering the same material, 
but the exact same test.  Same questions, same order, everything. 
Remembering the test as well as the after test review last Monday, 
Peter breezed through the test and got out his English literature 
book to do some studying.

About halfway through the class, the school's vice-principal, Miss 
Harrison, walked in, came over and kissed Miss Santuchi.  And it 
wasn't a "Hi, I'm your friend and I'm greeting you with a kiss" kiss. 
It was a "Hi, I want to jump your bones" kiss.  They whispered a bit 
before Miss Harrison left, getting a slightly-more-than-friendly swat 
on the behind as she left.

Peter wondered about that.  Miss Harrison had always been a bit 
standoffish towards the guys, but he figured that had been because 
she was the authority figure in charge of school discipline.  Was she 
a lesbian?  It would explain a bit.  Of course, the thought that this 
was all some weird dream and that was part of it popped into Peter's 
mind.  Whatever this was, Peter just shrugged it off and kept reading.

After the bell rung for the end of class, Peter quickly stuffed his 
books back into his bag and took off for gym, the last class of his 
day.  He was in Freshman Soccer.  For the freshmen, there was no 
Varsity or non-Varsity distinctions, but if one wanted to play in the 
upper levels in their Sophomore year or later, the best bet was to 
play in the "Frosh" class.  Peter wasn't sure he wanted the stress of 
Varsity, but he at least wanted the option.

In the locker room, Peter saw the other guys changing and started 
changing himself.  Just as he was about to pull his sports t-shirt 
on, his friend Jim said, "Hey, I know those are new, but you do 
realize you need a little extra?"  Peter gave him a confused look. 
Jim lifted his shirt, exposing his B cup breasts, sheathed in a 
sports bra.

Peter rolled his eyes, remembering that his dad had bought him a 
sports bra; he just hadn't remembered to bring it.  "Damn.  Think I 
could get by without one?"

Jim shook his head.  "You know Coach Dugan."  Imitating the coach's 
voice, Jim said, "As men, you have certain limitations that women 
don't.  You need to accommodate for those limits, and a sports bra 
and cup are part of that."

Peter nodded.  He had heard that speech, minus the bra reference, 
dozens of times before.  The coach didn't even like letting the 
students drill basics without a cup on.  "I guess I better go face 
the music."  Peter got back into his "street" clothes and went out to 
the gym to see the coach.

Coach Dugan was off to one side, waiting for class to start and 
checking students on the attendance roster as they entered the gym. 
As soon as the coach saw him, he asked, "Mister Wilkins, why aren't 
you in gym clothes?"

"Coach, I forgot a sports bra."

Coach looked down on him disapprovingly.  "Well, it is your first day 
with breasts, so I'll let it slide.  Forget your bra on Monday and 
you will get detention.  And go get some books.  I want to see you in 
the bleachers studying.  This isn't going to be a free period."

Peter ran and got his books, getting back just before the final bell 
rang.  He started with Science, then did some Art review.  As class 
got close to an end, he decided to check his History answers and was 
once more struck by the differences between what was and what he 
remembered.  In this changed around world he was in, men and women 
had taken a more balanced role in history.  Men still had most of the 
leadership positions, but women had been the movers and shakers of 
history.  For example, George Washington had been the first 
president, but it had been General Martha Washington who had led the 
American army (a mostly female army) to victory in the Revolutionary 
War.  Checking, Peter realized he got most of his answers right, 
although he had screwed up most of the names.

The bell rang and Peter stuffed his books back into his bag.  As he 
came off the bleachers, coach reminded him, "Don't forget the bra on 
Monday."  Peter nodded and ran to meet Jess after her sixth period 
English class.

When Jess left the room, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.  "Hey, 
babe, already ready?  I hope you didn't cut out of class early."

"Naw.  I just forgot my sports bra, so Coach Dugan had me turn it 
into a study period."

"Geez, that must be a pain, having to remember bras and a cup.  Me? 
All I've got to remember is a set of tennies and workout clothes. 
Must be a pain."

Peter shrugged.  "Well, before today, I haven't had to wear a bra, 
but a cup isn't that bad."

Jess wrapped her arm around his waist, then took a purposefully 
exaggerated look at his cleavage.  "Well, you need a bra now."  She 
then grinned lasciviously at him.

He smiled.  "Why do I get the feeling that you might actually like it 
if I never wore another bra?"

With a sly tone, she replied, "I could get behind that."  Peter was 
struck with the weirdness of his new self.  This morning, he had been 
utterly freaked out by just having a pair of tits, now he was joking 
about them.

The two went to Jess's locker, then went to her house.  As soon as 
they were inside, she pulled him into her arms and kissed him, 
shoving her tongue down his throat.  When they parted, she whispered, 
"Call your parents and see how long you can stay.  I plan on using 
every second I can."

Peter called home and let his mother know he was over at Jess's.  She 
told him to be home by six and to have fun.  When he hung up, it was 
with the impression that his mom knew that he would be involved with 
a little more than polite conversation with Jess.  He didn't know how 
that could be, since he wasn't sure what they'd be involved in.

He turned back to Jess, now sitting on the couch.  "I've got until six."

She checked her watch.  "A little less than three hours.  Let's get 
started.  I believe you have a promise to fulfill."

Peter unbuttoned his blouse, performing a short strip tease for Jess 
to excite her, and, judging from the panting, it was working.  She 
licked her lips as he pulled the blouse off and dropped it beside 
him.  He then reached behind him and undid his bra.  He pushed his 
boobs together with his upper arms, holding them and his bra with the 
pressure he could exert.  He flirtatiously asked, "Are you sure you 
want me to take this off?"

Through heavy breath, she responded, "Little boy, you better take 
that bra off before I yank it off."

Grinning, he allowed the bra to slide off, exposing his breasts.  He 
laced his hands behind his head and shook his torso.  "Like what you 

"Oh, god, they're beautiful."  She stood and took his breasts in 
hand, palming his nipples.  Peter moaned and leaned into her touch, 
wrapping his arms around her.  They kissed passionately as she 
fondled him.  When the kiss finished, she panted out, "Peter, will 
you... do me?  I want to go all the way."

Peter couldn't say a word, but nodded.  She slid her hands down and 
undid his pants.  She said, "I've got a confession.  I started a 
rumor that you wear padded briefs."  She slid her hand into his pants 
and rubbed his dick through his briefs.  "I know you don't, but if 
the girls knew this was all you, I'd need a gun to drive them off. 
Particularly after they saw these."  She nodded her head at his boobs.

"That's okay.  All I ever wanted was you."  They kissed again and 
Jess let his pants fall to the floor.  She pulled his briefs off and 
let them fall, too.  He stepped out of his clothes and asked, "Aren't 
you a little over-dressed?"

She pulled her shirt off and tossed it away.  While she was taking 
off her pants, Peter got his first look at a naked woman's torso. 
The basic frame was still as curvy as he remembered a woman's should 
be, but there were no boobs or any hint of a pair.  Minus those 
curves, he could be looking at a guy's chest.  But those curves made 
a world of difference.  When he saw her legs, there was no doubt that 
he was looking at a girl.

Once naked, she stood and asked, "So what do you think?"

Peter was stunned.  Although breastless, Jess was as fantastic as he 
thought she'd be.  Her curves seemed to ask for him to slide his arms 
around her and hold her.  She put her hands on her hips and asked, 

"I want you."

She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.  She 
kissed him while pulling him towards the couch.  She spun him around 
and lay him on his back.  She straddled his hips and took his breasts 
in hand.  She stroked them with a circular motion while grinding her 
clit against his cock.  He took his hands and rubbed her flanks as 
she moved upon him.  After a few more seconds, she lifted up, took 
his cock in hand, and then slammed herself down on him.  They just 
stayed together like that, enjoying the feel of their coupled bodies. 
Soon Jess started moving again, rocking back and forth and taking his 
breasts in hand once more while doing so.  It was only a short bit 
later before it got to be too much for him and he sprayed into her 

He was going to apologize for cumming so quickly, but she just slid 
off of him, crawled up and turned around, then straddled his head 
while facing his crotch.  She leaned over and took his cock into her 
mouth while he pulled her hips down and started licking her cunt.  He 
licked avidly, not caring that some of what he was tasting had to be 
his own cum.  She licked slowly, controlling his arousal, allowing 
him to get and stay aroused while he serviced her.  She continued to 
control him until she started thrashing about on top of him.  She 
deep throated him and pushed him into an orgasm as she rode him 
through an orgasm of her own.  She turned back around, lying on him 
and kissing his face clean of their mingled juices.

They snuggled together for a bit before she slid off and stood up. 
"Come on.  Let's get a snack before we proceed."  They went into the 
kitchen and she got out a couple packages of Pop-tarts.  While 
snacking, they heard the doorbell ring and Jess said, "Wonder who 
that is."  She got up and went out to check.

She came back a few minutes later with a sly smile on her face.  She 
straddled him and sat on his lap.  She wrapped her arms around him, 
subtly ground her hips against his, and asked, "Babe, do you love me?"

"Of course I do."

"What would you do for me?"

"Anything."  Of course, with her grinding like she was, he almost had 
no choice but to say that.

"Would you do another guy for me?  In front of me?"

The surprising nature of her question briefly allowed him to overcome 
his arousal.  "Why?"

"Would you?"

"I... suppose.  With the right guy."

"What about David?  Do you find him sexy?"

Remembering his earlier encounter, Peter suspiciously said, "Yeeeaaah.  Why?"

"Because he's out in the front room.  He told me about how he tried 
to seduce you, but how you remained faithful to me."  Peter thought 
about it and didn't really consider that he had been seduced, but 
maybe he was wrong.  "Now, you've got him so hot for you, he's 
volunteering to indulge me a fantasy, and let me watch the two of you 
do it."

"What if I don't want to?"

She nuzzled his neck.  "Then we won't.  But if you'd like to try it, 
I'd love to watch."  She nuzzled behind his ear and whispered, "I'd 
really like to watch, Peter.  Would you do David and let me watch?"

Peter was nearly swooning with pleasure.  Now THIS was a seduction. 
And Peter did want to try sex with David, so he said, "Yes.  Yes, I 
will.  For you."

She plastered her lips to his, then called out, "He said, 'Yes,' 
David!  Come on in!"

The door to the other room opened and David stepped in.  He was 
wearing a low-cut sweater in the school's colors with a patch of a 
megaphone with the letters EVH (for East Valley High) on it stitched 
on the front, a pair of short shorts, and tennis shoes and socks. 
Peter's first impression was that of a male cheerleader's outfit.

David froze in place when Jess climbed off Peter's lap.  Peter 
realized he was naked as a jaybird when David's eyes went straight to 
his crotch.  Peter's cock was already, thanks to Jess, almost hard, 
and there was no way he was going to be able to tuck it away, so he 
instead went the other route.  He wrapped his right hand around his 
penis and lifted a boob with his left.  In a sultry voice, he asked, 
"Like what you see?"  David could only nod.

Jess told David, "I think you're over-dressed."

David grabbed the bottom of his sweater and yanked it off. 
Underneath, he was wearing a sports bra which quickly came off as 
well.  His breasts flopped free, and Jess and Peter saw that his cup 
size was about the same as Peter's, although his band size was 
larger, making his breasts seem slightly smaller in comparison.  He 
bent over and pulled his shoes and socks off, then pulled his shorts 
and briefs down in one smooth motion.  David's penis was smaller than 
Peter's, and Peter guessed that he was only about six inches long 
when hard; something he was already most of the way towards.

David stood up, bent over slightly, and lifted his boobs up, seeming 
to offer them to Peter.  He licked his lips and asked, "Do you want a 

Peter saw Jess take a seat, sliding her fingers into her cunny as she 
watched.  Peter looked to David and said, "Bring those big boobies 
over here, boy."

David walked over to him and lifted up one boob as Peter lowered his 
head and licked at his nipple.  David moaned and pulled Peter into an 
embrace, mashing himself into the younger boy.

After a bit, Peter let loose of David's breast and leaned up to kiss 
him.  David smashed the two of them together and rammed his tongue 
into Peter's mouth.  Peter wriggled against him, not to be free, but 
to feel their bodies together.  Their breasts and dicks rubbed 
against each other in heated passion.

They separated and David slowly went down to his knees.  He paused at 
Peter's breasts, taking the time to generously suck and fondle both 
orbs before licking his way down to Peter's crotch.  He took Peter's 
dick, already quite hard, and kissed it, putting half the dickhead 
into his mouth.  Using his tongue, he massaged it, tasting the 
pre-cum that was produced as a result of his actions.  He then licked 
his way up and down the length of Peter's shaft before taking the 
full length into his mouth.  He bobbed up and down on his lover's 
tool.  Peter took his own breasts in hand and rubbed them as his hips 
moved back and forth, almost of their own accord, fucking David's 

David suddenly pulled off of Peter and rolled onto his back.  He 
pulled his legs up and did the splits, pointing his ass to Peter. 
Massaging the backs of his legs, he said, "I want you to cum inside 
me.  I want to feel your juices oozing from my butt."

Peter got on his knees between David's legs and put his dickhead into 
David's sphincter.  He asked, "Ready?" and David nodded vigorously. 
Peter grabbed David's legs and forced himself down, shoving his dick 
deep into David's bowels.

David grunted in ecstasy and moaned, "So good.  So big!  Bigger than 
any I've ever had before."

Jess, panting in sexual heat from the scene before her and the 
ministrations of her fingers, said, "Yeah, Peter, fuck him.  Grab his 
boobs and ride him like a horse!"

Peter palmed David's boobs and rolled them about as he pumped his 
hips into David.  It wasn't too much longer before David was cumming, 
spraying himself with his seed.  Peter thought he'd want to take a 
break, but he said, almost begging, "More!  More!  Fuck me.  Fuck me 
like a girl!"

David softened only a little before growing hard as Peter reamed him. 
A couple minutes later, Peter said, "Gettin' close.  Gonna cum."

Jess said, "Let me see.  Pull out and cum on him."

David clasped his legs around Peter.  "No.  Let him cum in me.  Let 
him fill me up."

Jess stood up, came over, and knelt beside David.  "Do you want him 
to plant his seed in you?"  David nodded.  "Then tell him.  Tell him 
you want to have his baby, and ask him to fill you up."

David looked up to Peter.  "Please, sir, I wish to have your baby. 
Fill me with your seed.  Make me pregnant."  And that was all it 
took.  Peter came, filling David to overflowing.  At the same time, 
David came, adding to the already sizable amount of cum already upon 

As Peter pulled out of David, Jess tackled him, driving him to the 
floor, and covering his face with kisses while she said, "You are 
{kiss} such an {kiss} incredible {kiss} {kiss} boyfriend."

After a few more kisses, they sat up and saw that David was also 
sitting up with a bit of a sorrowful look on his face.  Peter asked, 
"What's wrong?  Didn't you like that?"

"Oh, no.  I loved it.  I just regret that I can't do this all the time."

Jess said, "If you're willing, you can play like this again."

"Oh, more than willing.  It's just..."


"Part of me really does want to have a baby growing inside me.  I 
mean I know it'll never happen, but still..."

"What about your breasts?  How do you feel about them?"

"They're nice to play with, and the guys I like to fuck like to play 
with them, but I... could take 'em or leave 'em."

"But you'd rather leave 'em?  Not have them?"  David nodded.  "Ever 
wonder if you're a transsexual?"

"All the time.  But nothing to do about it until I turn 18 and move 
out of the house."

"Well, you can be Peter's and my girlfriend.  Both sexual and 
otherwise.  Right, Peter?"

Peter, who had been stunned by the revelation that big, strong David 
was really a girl inside, said, "Yeah, sounds great."

David tackled both of them, giving them a big hug.  "You are great!"

The three of them stayed together until Peter had to leave.  They did 
some petting, but mostly sat and talked.  There were times when Peter 
felt left out of the conversation.  It was almost like he was in a 
room with two girls.  One thing he did notice was that they made 
mention of men's and women's colors for make-up.  From what he could 
gather make-up was only for special occasions, but when it was worn, 
both men and women wore some.

At shortly before six, Peter mentioned that he had to go.  David left 
with him, saying he had to get home, too.  Just outside, David 
wrapped his arms around Peter, kissed him, then said, "Thanks, Peter. 
You're something special," before walking home.

Peter walked home, thinking that whatever had changed things had 
changed things for the better.  When he got home, he was greeted with 
a brief surprise party celebrating both his birthday and new boobs. 
It was just a few cards and a cake for after dinner, the real party 
being planned for Sunday, but it made him happy.

The next day, Peter woke up, wondering whether or not he had just 
lived through some kind of strange dream.  He was quickly disabused 
of that idea when he sat up and his breasts shifted on his chest.  He 
was starting to get used to the idea of having boobs while he put on 
a bra and a casual T-shirt, as well as a set of those genital lifting 
briefs and a pair of shorts.

He went downstairs, where his mom (still flat-chested) was cooking 
breakfast.  As soon as she saw him, she greeted him with a cheery, 
"Good-morning, sunshine!"

He said, "Morning, mom," as he sat at the island in the middle of the 
kitchen.  His mom put a plate of eggs and toast and a glass of orange 
juice in front of him.  He looked around and asked, "Where's dad and 

"Same place they always are on Saturday morning, down at the field 
getting ready for the game.  Part of their duties as team members."

"Dad, too?"

"Of course, dad, too.  He may only be volunteer coach, but he takes 
his duties seriously.  You know that."  Actually, he didn't.  In 
Peter's old world, his father was just a supporter of the football 
team, not a coach.  Seeing his mystified look, his mom asked, "Is 
something wrong, Peter?  You seem really... out of it."

He stirred his eggs with his fork.  "It's nothing, mom.  Just 
something I've got to work out."

As he started to eat, his mom said, "Okay, but you know you can talk 
to me about anything?"  He nodded.  "Thinking of the team, your 
father would never say anything, but now that your boobs have grown 
in, he'd really like it if you tried out for the team, following in 
his footsteps."

Peter swallowed.  "I'm hardly big enough for the team."

His mom gave him a look like he was crazed.  "You're plenty big.  Oh, 
you mean height-wise."  Peter almost gagged on his orange juice when 
she said, "You don't have to be as tall as your dad just to be a 
cheerleader like he was."  Peter started spitting up his juice, and 
his mom patted his back until he got it out.  "What's wrong, Peter?"

He blurted out, "Dad was a cheerleader?!"

"Of course he was.  But you knew that."

Peter was shocked.  He looked up at his mom.  He wasn't sure he could 
confide in her, she'd probably think he was crazy, but he had to say 
something to someone.  "Mom, I think I'm going nuts.  What would you 
say if I said that when I went to bed on Thursday, I wasn't expecting 
to grow boobs?"

"Well, I know you were worried about them growing in, but-"

"No, I mean I wasn't expecting them, and dad didn't have any, and you 
and Lorrie did, and-"

"This is reality, not T.V.  Can't you tell the difference?"
"Sure, I just like T.V. better."

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