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The Captured Boy (fff/m, teen, bond, nc)

By Jari 

WARNING: Standard Disclaimer 

The following story is purely a work of fiction. It contains scenes of
adult nature, so if you are under 18, stop reading now. This story
contains scenes of non-consensual sexual behavior, bondage, spanking
etc. between minors. If you are offended by such activities, do not
read any further. This is purely a fantasy, a delightful one but still
a fantasy. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead is purely
coincidental. The author is not responsible for any damage resulting
from reading this work.

Copyright 2003, the author. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of
this work outside the confines of the usenet news group,, without the explicit permission of the author is

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Jimmy still did not understand how he had got into this awkward
situation. The 16-year-old looked up to his hands that were bound
above his head. He pulled at the ropes once more to try to remove them
from the ceiling joists. In vain! He sighed and shivered a little. The
girls had removed his t-shirt and his sneakers when they had tied him
up. So here he stood in the middle of this wooden barn, his hands all
tied up, bare-chested, only wearing his torn jeans and white sweaty
socks. He, he WAS totally helpless.

He looked around for a possibility to escape, but the barn was empty
except for a few wooden banks and worn-out chairs against the walls
and some spread-out straw on the floor. Through the cracked windows he
could see the sun was shining. Outside it would probably be quite warm
already, but in this shaded barn the atmosphere felt cold and damp.
The boy closed his eyes in despair and his thoughts went past the
events of this day.

He had said goodbye to his mom this morning and had rode off on his
bicycle for a week's holiday on his own. His mother had only after a
long struggle given her permission for this lonely adventure of her
son. She thought Jimmy was too young to undertake such a journey. But
he had pleaded again and again for several days and had made a solemn
vow that he would be very careful. In the end his mom had given her

So this morning his big journey had started. His plan was to travel
east along the big river and then after three or four days to cross it
and to cycle back along the other shore. He had a small tent and the
necessary gear with him, so he would be quite self-supporting for a

'Try and give me a call one of these days' his mother called after

He waved once more in her direction and set out in the chilly morning.

After two hours he got a bit hungry, so he was looking out for a place
to rest a while and to eat some of the sandwiches his mother had made
for him. Between the trees he saw what looked like an old barn, and he
headed that way with his bike. He placed his bike at a wall of the
barn and took a sandwich out of his bag. Eating, he enjoyed the beams
of the sun on his face; they began to spread some warmth now.

Because his legs felt a bit stiff (he wasn't used to ride for so long
at a time), he decided to take a small walk around the place. When he
came around the corner of the wooden building, he was surprised to see
a small tent standing there. He had not noticed it at all before. He
looked around but there was no sign of any other person present. So
whoever owned the tent would probably still be lying asleep inside it
or would have left for an early walk.

Then the boy noticed a provisory washing-line on which some female
clothing were hanging, like a small bikini and a few bra's.

Being a horny teenager (who, to his big regret and utter frustration,
had up to now never been seriously involved with a girl), he felt
himself getting a bit aroused by the sight of this intimate female
stuff. He tiptoed to the tent and listened for a while. No sign of
life whatsoever to be heard. He looked around once more. Seeing
nobody, he went to the washing line and looked at the strange but
exciting clothing. He felt his cock stiffening a bit in his tight
jeans. His heart beat loud when he reached out to touch one of the
bra's hanging on the line. It was made of black lace and he stroke it
softly, imagining the fat meat that had filled it before. His penis
stretched itself some more.

'Hey, what are you doing there'. 

A high pitched voice suddenly woke him up. He looked around him
bewildered, still holding the tiny black bra in his hands. He saw a
small girl from about 10 or 11 years old walking around the same
corner of the barn where he had come from. She had short brown curly
hair and looked a bit of a tomboy. She wore shorts and a small
sweater, which let her flat belly in view.

'You pervert' she cried out when she saw what the boy held in his

Jimmy reddened and tried to mutter an explanation. 

'Hey, Carla, Dawn, come out and see what I have found creeping around
our tent.'

There was some movement now inside the tent and a sleepy red-haired
face of a young teen-girl came poking out. Jimmy judged her to be
approximately his own age.

The redhead looked around and tried to evaluate the situation. When
she saw a strange boy standing next to the tent, holding her bra in
his hand, she suddenly turned red from anger and rushed out of the
tent. Jimmy held his breath sharply, because the red-haired girl was
stark naked! She jumped at him and snapped the tiny piece of clothing
out of his hands.

'Give me that' she yelled at him. 

A third small girl, about the same age as the first one but
black-haired this time, crawled out of the tent. This one at least
wore a pair of pajamas.

The elder girl ordered 'grab that boy!', and the two small girls
quickly obeyed her.

Before Jimmy knew what was going on he lay on his back on the ground
with two girls holding his arms and legs. He could perhaps have freed
himself if he had wanted to, but he was both overwhelmed with shame by
the discovery of his indecent activity and in shock by the sight of
the beautiful naked girl.

The girls then had towed him into the barn, pulled off his t-shirt and
sneakers, and, before he had been able to come back to his senses,
tied him up in the position he was now. Then they had left him.

This had all taken place two hours ago, and Jimmy did not understand
what the girls were doing in the mean time. He only knew that he was
very tired from standing up so long and that his arms began to ache.

'Help' he cried out several times, but without result. 

Tears began to fill his eyes but he did not want to cry. He was
supposed to be a big boy now.

Then he heard voices outside. The door swung open and the two ten or
eleven year old girls came in. They were giggling and laughing between
themselves. The brown haired still wore the same clothes as before but
the black haired had put on a small bikini.

When they saw their victim, half-naked, still tied up helplessly, they
stopped giggling.

The girls walked around Jimmy a few times in silence. He felt very
small and humiliated to be observed in this way.

'Untie me right now, or something will be in store for you two' he
tried to sound stern.

The girls did not react to his feeble and not very convincing command.

'What is your name?' the brown-haired asked him instead.

'Jimmy' he answered timidly. 

He pondered what their intentions could be. He hoped they would soon
be tired of this game, and release him so that he could continue his
cycle tour. He wondered where the older girl was. He would have felt
more at ease with a girl of his own age than with these two very young
ones. Besides that he could not get rid of the image of her beautiful
naked body he had seen this morning: her swaying boobs, the small
patch of dark pubic hair, her shapely legs. He wanted to see her again
and try and make friends.

'We have decided to punish you for what you did outside the tent this
morning. That was really gross' the brown haired continued.

She seemed to be in charge when the older girl was not there. 

'Carla, remove his pants' she ordered the black-haired girl. 

'Hey, you can't do that. I don't want it' Jimmy exclaimed. 

He did not at all like the idea of having his jeans removed and to
stand before these very young girls just in his underwear.

'Do it, Carla' the brown-haired girl said again. 

Carla smirked and stood herself in front of the older boy. She
unbuttoned the waistband and pulled down the zipper. Jimmy tried to
turn away from her but, hanging in the ropes, he had very little room
to maneuver.

Carla placed both her hands at his sides and pulled his jeans down.
She forced him to step out of his trousers completely. He was very
much ashamed now that these strange young girls could see him in his
white briefs.

So Jimmy said: 'Ok, I had my punishment. Now please untie me. I
promise I will never do such a thing again, it... it was a terrible

But both girls laughed out loud and the brown-haired said: 'this is
only the beginning, Jimmy-boy.'

She turned to Carla: 'have you ever seen a boy naked?' 

Carla shook her head. She seemed to be excited by the idea because she
turned somewhat red in her face.

'Me neither,' the brown-haired said, 'so now we have the chance, and
with an older boy too! Let's do it and strip him naked.'

Jimmy was truly shocked. That his privates should be exposed to the
eyes of these little girls was beyond everything he could imagine. He
felt very embarrassed and small.

He began to struggle and to pull the ropes. The girls just watched his
efforts smiling and looked at the futile flexing of his muscles. Soon
he realized the uselessness of his attempts.

Carla hesitated and seemed a bit shy to proceed. 

She said to the black-haired girl: 'you better do it, Lisa.' 

So Lisa stepped forward, took hold of his briefs and pulled them down
in one swift stroke. Jimmy was so ashamed to have his privates exposed
that he just looked up to the ceiling.

The girls looked at his cock and balls in silence. Neither of them had
ever seen the private things of a teenager boy before so they looked
in amazement at the flaccid penis and the dark sack with the two balls
clearly visible in it, hanging low between the boys legs. Jimmy had
some nice pubic hair too, a triangular patch of dark-blond hair above
his cock, ending in a very slim line going up to his belly-button.

'It looks weird,' Carla whispered after a while of intense inspection
of Jimmy's groin. 'I know his weenie is for peeing, but what is that
other thing for, with all that loose skin? And look at all the hair!'

Lisa seemed to know a bit more of a boy's anatomy and said: 'it must
be his balls. It is needed to make babies.'

She seemed to be intrigued by the boy's balls, because suddenly she
stretched out her tiny hand and felt them up.

Jimmy was feeling very ashamed at being helplessly exposed to these
two young pre-teen girls. So he just continued looking up at the
ceiling and tried to blank his mind, hoping this ordeal would soon be
over. But when he felt his balls being touched, he was truly shocked.

Bewildered he looked down and saw how Lisa in her curiosity could no
longer restrain herself and had her hand stretched out to his balls.
She rolled his plums in her warm and moist hand. Something began to
stir in Jimmy's groin.

'Stop that,' he cried out in panic, 'you cannot touch me there, you
know, you. . . you are too young for it!.

'It feels very strange,' said Lisa to her friend, 'you can feel two
round balls in it. Here, feel it yourself,' and she reached out,
grabbed the hand of the other girl and placed the boy's sack in her

Carla let the balls roll in her hand from side to side for a while.
Her face was all blushed. She was breathing somewhat heavier than
before and her tongue licked her lips from time to time.

After a while she let go of Jimmy's balls and reached out with her
index finger to the boy's penis. She softly pushed his manly flesh and

'This too feels very strange. It's like a cushion,' she said to her

The little girl soon grew bolder and pushed the flexible tube from
left to right and back again.

'Don't do that' begged the humiliated boy and wriggled in shame, 'I
don't like it.'

Carla suddenly grabbed the boy's penis in her warm hand and gave it a
hard tug.

'Oouuch' Jimmy cried. 

He moved his groin as far away from the torturing little hand of the
girl as he could: 'that hurts, please don't.'

'Ok, Carla, that is enough,' Lisa said, 'we will hurt him soon enough
in other places.'

Lisa pulled Carla back and took her turn in front of the naked boy.
She looked intensely at his privates from a distance of a few inches
and began to stroke his pubic hair with the back of her hand.

Jimmy groaned and tried again to move backwards again. This time not
for pain afflicted on his organ but for a disturbing feeling that
started to build up in his groin. He felt that the subtle touch of
this inquisitive girl was arousing him and he certainly did not want
that to happen!

The young girl now took the boy's penis in her hand and gave it a few
soft squeezes. When she let it go, the thing had definitely grown a

'Oh look, Carla, it moves on it's own,' Lisa uttered her amazement to
her friend.

Jimmy panicked at the thought that his penis would get stiff in front
of these girls. With all the powers left in him he tried to prevent
his cock from growing, but alas!

'It is getting bigger and bigger, look how it grows' Lisa cried out in
disbelief, she was struck by the strange phenomenon that she seemed to
have caused.

After a few seconds the boy's cock stood almost straight up along his
flat belly. Jimmy moaned a bit in his shame. The girls however got
aroused themselves now, seeing how the small and soft looking tube of
flesh had suddenly risen to a big, fat, impressive looking dark pole.

'Why would his weenie get so big?' Carla asked her friend when she had
overcome her amazement.

Lisa thought for a few moments. 

'Maybe it is . . . Dawn once told me that boys can get stiff and then
they cum.'

'What does that mean: they cum?' Carla asked. 

'I am not sure, but she said boys like it a lot.' 

'Then we should not let him cum,' decided Carla, 'we want to punish
him, not reward him.'

'You are right,' Lisa answered, 'let's try and get his thing down

She turned to Jimmy, who had listened to their conversation with a
blushed head. He was totally ashamed to hear these pre-teen girls talk
about boy-things he thought should be kept secret.

'Can you get it down again? Then do it now!' Lisa ordered the poor

'I... I cannot control it that way, it will get small again in a
while,' Jimmy stuttered with a trembling voice.

'And in the mean time you will enjoy yourself, don't you? No! We will
not allow that. Make it soft again now!'

Lisa thought for a moment and looked at the impressive member, which
showed no inclination to soften again. Instead it stood proudly
upwards, and throbbed lightly in the rhythm of Jimmy's heartbeat. It
was impossible for Jimmy to get his erected penis down with these
girls watching him so closely.

'Maybe if you touch it, it will soften up,' Carla proposed. 

Lisa looked doubtful, but she grabbed the shaft of Jimmy's penis with
her full hand and gave it some squeezes and hugs. Little did she know
that this action brought the boy almost over the edge. But she heard
his breathing going faster and deepening. At the same time she felt
his cock stiffening even more in her pumping hand, so she concluded
that this would not do the trick. She let go of the throbbing male

Jimmy sighed in relief. The last thing he wanted was to shoot his cum
in front of these little girls; he could think of nothing more

Lisa turned around to her friend Carla but while she did so she
accidentally struck the back of her hand against the balls of the
teenager-boy in front of her.

This had a very peculiar effect! Jimmy cried out loud from the sudden
agonizing pain in his groin. A nauseating feeling came over him,
starting in his groin and rising up to take control over his entire
body. He seemed to have no strength left any more and he hung limply
in the ropes that tied him up, groaning loudly. His face had turned
all white and his eyes popped out.

The two girls looked at this unexpected behavior of their victim with
great astonishment.

'Look at his thing!' Carla cried out and pointed at Jimmy's member,
'it is getting small again. So that's the way to do it.'

Indeed the pain was so overwhelming that Jimmy could not maintain his
erection, and his penis became flaccid again. He moaned and groaned
and pulled at his ropes. He wanted to cup his balls for protection but
he could not move his arms.

At that moment the door swung open once more and the red-haired girl
entered the barn.

'What are you girls doing?' she asked her two small companions, 'you
are not teasing the boy too much, are you?'

She was dressed in a bikini and a black sweatshirt. Her legs were
naked from the waist down, and despite his agony Jimmy could not but
notice that they were very beautiful, long and tanned. He sighed.

'Dawn, look what we can do with him,' said Lisa with a voice, high
from excitement. 'His name is Jimmy, by the way.'

She reached out, grabbed the boy's penis and began to give it some
squeezes and light tugs. Despite his miserable condition Jimmy was
responding to this direct approach of his sensitive organ (and the
view of Dawn's legs also helped a bit). He became stiff again.

'Jesus' Dawn brought both hands to her face as she saw what the two
small girls had been up to so far.

She looked herself curiously at the throbbing member of the boy of her
own age before her. She had never seen a teenage male member before,
let alone in an aroused state. She had only felt one or two hard-ons
through the trousers of some of her boyfriends before. She looked in
awe at the size of it.

'Yes, and now watch this' Lisa added proudly. 

Jimmy suddenly realized what his tormentrix intended to do and
breathed in sharply.

'Don't do th...' he started to exclaim, but Lisa hit his balls again
quite hard with the back of her hand.

'Ooooowwwww' the tormented boy cried out. His penis shriveled again
swiftly when a new gulf of almost unendurable pain hit his body.

Dawn had a vague notion of how sensitive a boy's balls were, so she
felt pity for the tied-up boy before her.

'I don't think he likes that, Lisa' she smiled as she saw the boy
hanging limp in his ropes again.

He moaned and sobbed a bit. 

'But it is fun to do' the small girl said innocently. 

'That may be so, but a boy's balls are very sensitive I've heard, so
these strokes of you must hurt him a lot.'

The three girls watched for a while in silence how the tormented boy
fought against the pain and tried to recover from the blows on his
sensitive male balls.

After a few minutes he was able to stand up straight again and to look
his tormenters in the eye.

'Please untie me, I have had enough. I am sorry if I offended you, I
will never do it again. Please, let me go.'

Dawn felt some pity for the helpless boy. He was standing there tied
up for some hours now, so his arms would probably hurt a lot and maybe
he was hungry.

But on the other hand it was an exciting feeling to have this naked
teenage boy in their power and to see his mighty male body all
helpless and at their mercy.

She hesitated and looked at Jimmy. She could not help noticing that he
was very well build. She especially liked his long, muscular and
almost hairless legs. She decided that she wanted to profit from this
opportunity some more, before she would release him.

'Are you hungry, Jimmy?' she asked. 

He nodded affirmatively. He hoped they would release his hands to let
him eat. Maybe he could try and escape. But instead he was feeded by
Carla, who just put pieces of bread and cheese in his mouth, without
releasing his bonds.

He wondered when this ordeal would end. Up to now they had afflicted
some pain on him, but in general their behavior was not unfriendly. He
only wished they would let him have his pants back on. Hanging naked
in front of these girls was still very embarrassing for him. He
wondered what they were up to next.

Suddenly he felt an urge to pee. 

'Hey, girls, listen, I have to piss' he said while his head got red

The girls looked at each other. 

'We cannot untie him' Dawn said pensively, 'he will try to escape. We
have to bring something in, a jar or something like that, and let him
pee into that.'

'I'll look around' Lisa said and went out for a moment. 

When she came back she had Jimmy's own drinking bottle with her that
had been attached to his bicycle. She let the water, that was left in
it, pour out on the floor. She looked at Jimmy and smiled.

'Can I do it, Dawn?' she asked. 

Dawn nodded. Lisa placed herself at the right side of Jimmy and held
the bottle in front of him, just below his penis.

'I cannot pee like this' Jimmy exclaimed, 'I must do it on my own.' 

'Take his penis and put it in the bottle' Dawn told Lisa, not paying
attention at the boy's words.

Lisa took the flaccid member in her hand. She giggled a bit because of
the eerie feeling of it. Then she placed the tip of his penis just
inside the bottle.

'Go on, pee!' she ordered the bewildered boy. 

Jimmy closed his eyes. He was very much ashamed to have to pee in
front of the girls. He groaned and sighed for a while, his head red as
a beet now. But the pressure in his groin became in the end
intolerable. So he set all his will power to it and at last he felt a
hot stream of piss going down his member and pouring out into the

Lisa was enthralled by the phenomenon. When she saw nothing came out
any more of the boy's penis, she pulled it back and closed the bottle.

She exclaimed: 'Yack. It feels warm. We should have him drink his own

Jimmy's eyes became round as marbles when he heard this, especially
out of the mouth of a small child.

'Now listen you girls, this has gone too far already. Untie me right
away, or I will send the police after you.'

Dawn had intended to let the boy go free soon, because she thought he
had learned his lesson and the girls would probably get into serious
trouble if they held him captive too long. But the menacing words of
the boy ignited her anger again and she decided that Jimmy had to be
punished some more first.

'Hey, girls, listen' she said to the two youngsters, 'I think we
should use this opportunity of having a real boy at our disposal to
teach you two some more about boys.'

'Oh no' she heard Jimmy groan. 

'Tell me: what have you learned so far about him?' Dawn sat herself
down with the two other girls in a small circle on the floor, and
pointed to the tied-up boy, standing helplessly about two meters away.

'Well,' said Carla, 'we have seen his weenie and his ...balls (she
looked sideways to Lisa to see whether she used the right word). He
has also hair around his things.'

She thought for a moment. 

'His weenie can be both small and soft or big and hard. And we know
how to get it big or small.'

She looked rather proud of her summoning up of these details. 

'Very good,' Dawn said, 'but did you girls having ever heard of the
words "wanking" or "jerking off"?' (A soft groan came out of Jimmy's

The two small girls looked at each other and shook their heads. 

'Well, "cum" then, or "masturbation" perhaps?' (Jimmy began to pull
his ropes once more).

'Yes,' Carla said, 'Lisa mentioned the word "cum" before. It was
something a boy likes to do. So we decided we should not let him do
his cum.'

Dawn laughed at the way Carla expressed herself. 

'Yeah, you are probably right,' Dawn continued, 'but on the other hand
this is perhaps a good occasion to find out for us what exactly
happens when a boy cums. Whenever can you learn about something like
that? I have heard it can be quite a spectacle. At the end some white
stuff seems to spurt out of their cock.'

(Of course Dawn had some experience with this phenomenon: some months
ago she had dated a boy with whom she got into heavy petting. When
they were both all hot and agitated, he had asked her to stick her
hand inside his pants. She had done so and had felt his hard-on. Only
after a few seconds she had felt the hot rod jerking and her hand had
been sprayed with some lukewarm liquid, which proved very sticky once
she had removed her hand again. She thought it better though to
pretend she was as ignorant about the subject as the other two girls.)

'They pee white piss?' Lisa wondered. 

'No, it is not their piss, it is something else. It is called semen,
or cum, and it is there to make babies.'

'I would like to see that,' Carla almost whispered, her face all
flushed with excitement.

Dawn smiled in herself. After her experience with the boy who came in
his pants, she herself had been very eager to be able to see what
actually happens when a boy's rocket explodes.

 From the very beginning of this adventure she had toyed with the
thought to satisfy her sexual curiosity by letting her helpless victim
cum. She shivered at the thought of arousing the tied-up boy so much
that he would have to give in at the end. She was not quite sure that
they would be able to bring the boy so far that he would get an
orgasm, but sure she was eager to try it.

So she had tried to talk her little friends into it and luckily Carla
had agreed to the idea.

Lisa seemed less interested. She frowned and said, 'I think we should
really punish him too. He will like to do his cum thing, so I think we
should spank him afterwards.'

'Ok' Dawn hastily agreed. She was very excited now and wanted to begin
the proceedings with the boy.

Jimmy had listened to the girl's conversation with growing discomfort.
Never would he cum before these girls, NEVER! Yes, if he would have
been alone with Dawn, then perhaps.... but not with these young tiny
girls around. He was determined not to get stiff again!

'Jees. It is getting hot in here,' Dawn muttered. 

The sun was high up in the sky now and the barn, which had been chilly
and damp before, began to heat up. But it was of course also her
excitement which made Dawn beginning to sweat.

She pulled her sweatshirt over her head. Underneath she wore a
matching bikini top. Its color was light blue and maybe it had fitted
her once, but now it had actually become a bit too small for her. The
top was hardly able to restrain her rather big boobs.

Jimmy swallowed when he saw her boobs almost spilling out of her top.
Suddenly he wasn't so sure anymore about not getting stiff again. His
eyes dwelt over Dawn's fantastic figure and he knew not what excited
him more: her overflowing, white boobs or her gorgeous long and
well-defined legs.

'Common Lisa, you on my right side and you Carla.. here at my left'. 

Dawn placed herself in front of the unhappy looking boy and directed
her friends to stand next to her.

'Please, don't do this to me, please. I... I have money.... if you...I
can give you some...' the boy stammered when he saw himself confronted
with the three girls, who's intentions he knew too well.

Dawn was standing now so near him that he could smell her delightful
scent. 'Now watch' the excited girl said. She hesitated for a second
but then lifted her right hand and began to stroke the hairless chest
of the helpless boy.

Jimmy closed his eyes and averted his head. The two preteen girls
started to giggle again when they saw him doing that.

Dawn let her hand dwell around his small nipples for a while; she
pinched and pulled them so that they became hard. Then she let her
hand wander downwards towards his belly. She heard the boy sigh. She
thought his flat and muscular abdomen felt gorgeous. She moved further
downwards and reached the outline of his pubic patch of hair.

When she started to stroke his pubic hair she heard Jimmy gasp. He
opened his eyes and looked at her.

'Please stop. I am so ashamed' he whispered. But Dawn was already too
much aroused to pay attention to his pleadings. The two young girls
however seemed to find it all very funny, because they could not stop
giggling and laughing between themselves. Especially when they saw the
boys' penis starting to grow again.

'Look: there it goes again' Carla pointed at the rising member and her
eyes sparkled with excitement when she looked up to Dawn. Dawn had
grasped the boy's cock, and she felt the thing continue to grow in her

It soon became too much for Jimmy to deal with. This almost naked
beautiful girl in his proximity, that warm hand that was squeezing and
stroking his most sensitive parts, his submissive position: he let out
a loud cry of frustration!

When she heard the boy crying out, Dawn smiled. Now she was certain
that he was responding to her touches and that he would soon have to
give in and would reach the inevitable climax. She felt her hart
beating at an incredible rate and a tingling feeling went through her
body. She had never realized how it would feel to have this power over
a boy.

She looked at her two young friends and saw that Carla held Jimmy's
balls in her hand and was fondling them. Lisa had reached with her arm
to the back of the boy and was tormenting his bottom. Afflicting pain
on the boy seemed to satisfy her most.

'We can get him spurting his stuff now, isn't it?' Carla asked the
older girl.

'Yes, we can and I think he will soon be ready to do so,' Dawn said. 

'Oh, may I do it?' little Carla asked eagerly. 

Dawn hesitated for a moment. She liked to do it herself, but when she
looked at the little girl beside her, her face all flushed with
excitement, her mouth slightly opened, she could not help but smile.
'Maybe I can even enjoy it more when I have my hands free,' she

'Yes, take over' Dawn said. She moved the little girl in front of her
and placed the boy's throbbing member in the tiny, sweaty hand of
Carla. The little girl immediately started doing what she had seen
Dawn doing. She stroked the erected member with long movements.

Jimmy had hoped that, when it was clearly inevitable to be jerked off
by one of them, it would have been done by Dawn. That would have felt
better. But having his dick pumped by this tiny girl was very
humiliating. He squirmed and sighed and moaned, but he felt the urge
in his groin inevitably growing.

Dawn saw how Jimmy was loosing control more and more. She realized the
boy in front of her could come any moment now. She could not control
herself any more and moved her hand inside her tiny bikini and started
to stroke her virgin cunt. When Jimmy opened his eyes for a second he
saw the beautiful red-haired girl stroking herself inside her panties.
That very exciting view pushed him over the edge. The girls saw how
his body all tensed up... his back arched... he let out a heavy
groan... and big globules of creamy cum came spurting out of his
convulsing cock.

"Aaah,' Carla cried out, because her face got covered with the gooey
stuff. It was more a cry from excitement than from repulsion, because
she kept on pumping the poor boy, even when nothing came out of his
cock any more. She looked around her shoulder to Dawn to get
instructions what to do next. She saw that Dawn looked all flushed and
was moving her hand frantically inside her bikini panties. Dawn moaned
and sighed and breathed deeply.

'Is everything alright with you, Dawn?' Carla asked surprised. 

'Yeah... yeah, I'm fine,' Dawn panted. She had just experienced the
greatest orgasm she had ever had in her entire life, and needed some
time to recover. After some time she was able to focus her attention
again on the others.

She saw Jimmy hanging in his bonds, his head bent down, his belly
smeared with traces of his own cum. Lisa was still pinching his bottom
and looked rather dissatisfied. Carla on the contrary looked up to
Dawn with a face all red from excitement and covered with most of
Jimmy's white cum. Some threads of semen were actually hanging from
her chin to the tip of Jimmy's shriveling cock!

Lisa could not help but laugh.

To be continued...

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