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STORY: Stevie's Bitches (mF, FemPed, anal, inc)

How Stevie got his balls

Introduction and Authors Note:
This is a story in one part.   It is based very very vaguely on a
character from "Luckiest Man in the World", a story in 4 parts about a
huge black cock.  This is what it would be like to be hung like that
as a little kid.  This story contains Young Boy - Older Woman sex,
Female Pedo themes, and Assfucking.  You don't like it, you were

I am interested in this theme because recently, you hear more about
adult women getting sexually involved with young boys.  I think this
actually happens a lot, but you don't hear about it, because the boys
like it.  I just wish it had happened to me.  You can probably also
tell that I want a bigger dick, in some mildly racist way, wishing I
were black.  Silly Cracker.

OK, I honestly don't think this is my best work, but that's just me. 
Maybe it is all about desire.  I desire to fuck my underage
babysitter/stepdaughter more than I wish I was a 10 year old stud
fucking his aunt.  But it was in here somewhere, right?  I hope
someone enjoys it.




I figured it out when I was 10, but it had been going on a long time
before that.  I had an aunt who was only 11 when I was a baby.  She
took care of my a lot when I was a boy. My mother thought it was
helpful having her around, but she might have suspected.  I mean, she
knew about what I had.  She was in a little denial.  But not Aunt
Missy.  From my earliest memories, she was sucking my cock like it was
her last meal.

I asked her about it a few times over my long affair with her and her
friends.  She claims to have first sucked my cock when I was only 7
months old.  She was babysitting me reluctantly, and it came time to
change my diapers. (this always is embarrassing)  When she had cleaned
my little stinky butt (and told me how bad I was for making a mess and
not waiting until my mother had come home), she was powdering my ass
up, and she saw my dick start to grow.  Now this is not that commonly
known, but little baby boys do get hard.  But Missy says that it
wasn't just that I was growing, but that she couldn't believe the
size.  She thought it couldn't be normal, but didn't want to ask my

The next time I had to be cared for, she volunteered, to my mother's
surprise.  This time, she invited over a couple of her girlfriends
after my mother was gone.  They might want to see it, and one of them
had a kid of her own.  But this isn't something my mother could know

My sister is a little of an outcast in the family. She was really my
mother's half sister.  She had a white mother, and was definitely
black, but was a lot lighter than us.  She seemed to hang out with a
freakier crowd, and my sister didn't really approve.  Word got around
that Missy did things that black girls, just didn't do.  Things like
suck dick, take cum in their mouths and faces, and even get fucked in
the ass if they liked the boy, or he bought her something nice.  Like
I said, black women didn't do that, but Missy must have favored her
mother's side.

Well she says that she brought over a few girls, and laid me down and
showed them what I had.  Even the one with a boy of her own couldn't
believe what they saw.  It was at least 3 inches long and more than an
inch around.  And I couldn't walk yet.

A couple girls wanted to see if it would get a little bigger, so they
and the others took turns playing with my little black cock.  She says
she wasn't the first one to suck it, but I think she was.  Missy's
friends all say it was her, and that she really liked it.

That was the start, and it didn't end.  My first memory of my aunt
worshipping my cock, I remember being 4 years old and watching her
suck me before bed.  It always got me tired and I would stay in bed
while she and the boy she brought over could go fuck in the shower. 
She was only 14 then, and always had an older boyfriend.  Usually a
guy at least 18, but I heard she had taken dicks as old as 30 before
she was 16.

By the time I was 9, I was doing the fucking.  Mostly my aunt and her
friends, all around 17 to 21.  To them it was a novelty.  First of all
a cock my size usually came attached to grown men, and I was still
playing with my little army men when she wasn't around.  Mainly they
were there for the ultimate taboo.  I was nine years old and pumping
their furry cunts.  They knew that any man fucking such a little girl
would go to prison for life, but since women fucking little boys
wasn't a threat anyone seemed worried about, they could indulge in
this dark secret.

Of course, I didn't see what the taboo was all about ( I didn't even
know what the word meant), but I knew that their long slut tongues on
my young cock felt nice.  I wasn't even cumming properly at that age. 
I would convulse a little, and I felt the tingle in my balls and my
guts, but only a little clear fluid would come out.  The girls liked
to taste it, but it wasn't much.  Since it wasn't real sperm, the
sluts could take me without any rubber.  Even the sluts that weren't
on the pill (some were already mothers, a couple with more than one
from different fathers.  They never learn.)

I had a couple of regulars along with my aunt, but it was usually a
different girl every weekend, coming so see the little kid with the 8
inch dick.  The new bitches would sometimes get a little nervous when
they saw how young I was, and that this was really a little boy.  But
after watching it slide in and out of their friends, and my own aunt,
they would usually break down and feel my fill their mouth and throat.

But I was their plaything.  I did what they wanted, of course without
complaint.  But some would ask me to lick their cunts before or after
fucking them.  I was about to, after all, they sucked me.  But my aunt
Missy stopped me right there and told them I didn't do that.  After
they left, she told me why, and reminded me of this fact after every
fuck session:  Pussy eating is for wimps.  It was what white boys and
slut girls did.  I asked if it was something she did, and she just
smiled and said "Sluts never tell on each other."

"But why can't I do it?"  I asked.  I saw how disappointed they were
when they were told no.  She smiled and told me a little about sluts.

"You can't trust a slut unless you own the little bitch.  Sluts need
cock all the time.  They love it in them, and they love all of the
cream it leaves behind.  When a slut bitch presents her cunt, you know
you ain't the first big dick in there.  And dicks leave their sweet
nectar behind.  When you lick a pussy, you are probably licking up a
little mess from the last stud to bone her.  We don't like to clean
out the spunk from the good ones.  I love thinking about the man who
left it in me when I have someone licking me out.  It's like a dirty
secret knowing someone who loves my cunt is eating the hot spunk of a
stranger.  Of course, when there isn't any cock around, we little hoes
sometimes take care of each other.  When a bitch is licking my kitty,
I describe the man that was in there before that.  It isn't that sluts
like pussy, well, some do, but most just love big dick s much that we
will lick where it used to be if we have none ourselves".

I was keeping up with her, but all the words like spunk cream and
sperm were a little strange, because what came out of my dick wasn't
much.  That's when she showed me what she meant.  The girls were gone
and my cock was waking up after having my little "feel goods" as I
called them.  Missy went to her bag and took out a couple of video
tapes.  They were unmarked, and she took them over to the vcr and
turned on the tv.

She had the tapes ready at the part I was supposed to see.  It started
and I immediately saw a large dick, sliding in and out of a pair of
wet red lips.  Two big man-hands held her head while he drove in and
out of her.  I was very shocked.  I had always held still while the
sluts sucked my cock, but this man was taking control  I could tell he
was a white guy, but his skin was darker, like an Italian.  He pumped
her mouth furiously as the camera pulled out a little to see how her
head was being rattled with his fucking.

I heard him say he was about to shoot, and the camera moved a little
behind him to get a shot of her face.  I always wanted to have my baby
orgasms in the bitches holes, but this guy suddenly pulled out of her
mouth and pushed her head back.  The video slut's mouth was still open
from his dick and her eyes were wild with lust.  He jerked his dick
once or twice, and suddenly her face was white with thick cream.  It
kept coming out like a hose and coated her face and in her hair.  I
could see she was trying to catch it in her mouth, but he wanted to
cover her, and he aimed it around.  When it died out, she started to
laugh with a look of joy on her face.  She loved it and started to
scoop it into her mouth to eat it.  There she was.  My aunt missy,
sitting beside me on the couch, and I always thought was my private
cocksucker, was on screen eating cum while she laughed.  I looked at
her watching the tape and rubbing her cunt absently.  She paused it
with a great cum-slut look on her face.

"I told you I was a cock whore.  That was a few years ago, when I was
still in high school.  That shop teacher loved to coat girls.  He knew
he was a heavy cummer and liked to see our faces when it covered us

"That was your teacher?"

"No, what would I do with a shop class.  But I heard he came gallons
and I wanted a taste.  But he started fucking my friend Rosey when she
was a skinny freshman.  She has a tape of him fucking her in the ass
for the first time after school.  She leaked for two days after that
load went up her ass."

I tried to imagine what that would look like, but she went on. "I want
you to see what is going to cum out of your dick.  Your tool is so
beautiful, but your balls are still like a little boy.  I know that I
can make them drop if I make you cum hard enough, but that will be
tricky.    I think I got the skills.  And it should be just me.  You
mommy isn't going to be home in a couple weeks.  I want you to keep
from playing with yourself for the next two weeks. I want what you
have to build up.  No fucking any of the other whores you know.  This
needs to be a full two weeks to work.  If it does, you will cum like
that guy, maybe more."

I knew that would be hard, but I wanted to do what he did. Girls liked
my dick, but Missy loved his cum, and I could see the difference it
made.  Dick just opened her up, but cum marked her for later.  That
was what you left behind for wimps to eat.  I was starting to

The 2 weeks crawled by.  I didn't realize how much I was getting till
I didn't get any more.  That was strange.  It was about the longest I
have gone since.

When the day came, I was ready to like a horny dog, but she didn't
drop down and start sucking like she always did.  Instead she
introduced me to something new:  The tease.

It was so hard watching her strip out of her clothes to that slow deep
melody.  She peeled every piece off until she was down to matching
animal print bra and garters holding up the black stockings.  Sluts
never wear panties, so I could see her clearly shaved cunt.  The
caramel colored lips were prominent and wet.  I wondered if she had
seen any action in the last week like I didn't.  I felt those first
pangs of jealousy when I thought of other dicks in her, but the
shaking of her ass, and her round titties shaking brought me back
here.  The bitch was mine today.

When she was down to those basis, she then stripped me, but much
slower than she ever had in the past.  It wasn't about business, it
was about enjoying every step.  I wasn't having fun at first, because
the pussy was right there and my dick was hard, I didn't see what the
point was.  Until she started to lick around my body.  She kissed all
over except my dick, which was bobbing around like crazy bird.

She sat me down and opened my legs and looked at my big dick staring
back at her.  I was feeling anxious to fuck, but I like what she was
doing.  I thought I was going to get sucked by the bitch that knew my
cock better than I did, but that isn't what happened.  Instead, She
put her face right down onto my young hairless balls.  I couldn't
imagine what she was going to do down there, until I felt her wet
tongue on my ballskin.  It was incredible.  I couldn't believe
anything could feel this good.  And my slut aunt Missy knew exactly
what to do down there.  The slut licked every inch and then started to
nibble, taking little tickle bites.  After they were wet and soft from
her tongue and teeth, she opened her mouth and took my entire sac,
both my preteen nuts, into her mouth and began to suck.  I thought I
was going to cum because it felt so good, but I didn't.  It just kept
feeling good with no end.  After ten minutes of sucking, she took a
little break and told me that this was how sluts get the cum ready. 
It was the slut's job to get cum warm and soft for the long trip
through the big cock and into her waiting holes.

She then went down on my cock, like she always has, but this time a
little slower, and all the ball sucking made it more intense.  This
would make me cum, but she always stopped before I went over the edge.
 She played my like an instrument, and she should, seeing as how she
had been sucking me off for 10 of my eleven years.

This seemed to go on forever.  Balls to cock to almost cumming, then
back down to balls.  Then after an hour, she changed the pace and
crawled up on the couch and put her cunt over my wet dick.  She was so
wet, I thought it had to be another man fucking her before me.  No
bitch had it flowing down her thighs by herself, could she?

She started to fuck with her wet cunt and looked happy.  She looked at
me and stroked  my hairless chest.  I wanted to thrust into her cunt
harder and cum, but she held me back.  " I can't let you um to fast,
it needs to build, baby.  Just let it boil while I massage you."  I
felt her squeezing her cunt all around my dick.  Only a few of the
sluts I have fucked had this kind of skill.  Missy was the best, and
she was still only 20.  She had been doing this a long time, since
before she had hair on her cunt, she told me once, but nothing more
than that vague reference.

I lay back and tried not to think about how much I wanted to and felt
what she was talking about.  I think I could feel something in my
balls.  Not the tingle I felt when that little bit of clear fluid came
out, but something different.  They felt heavy, and hot.  I
concentrated on her big tits in my face, and sucked those dark brown
nipples.  She always sugared them because she knew little boys liked
sweets.  She liked it when I asked her for candy tits.

This slow fucking up and down went on forever again, and I was getting
dizzy with the forces working on my dick.  I think it was getting
bigger, but that wasn't possible, was it?

She finally crawled off my dick, and I saw her legs shaking.  I didn't
count how many times she came.  My dick was never this wet.  It was
more juice than I got from three or four sluts after an afternoon of
fucking.  All this from my aunt.  She knelt in her original position
and went to work on my balls and dick in a rotation that lasted 30
minutes each round.  I think my dick was a little bigger around.  I
was bursting at the seams.

After 3 rotations with her mouth she stopped.  "I think you might be
ready, lover."  She smiled really big and backed away from the couch
and leaned back looking at me.  I didn't know what to do, so I just
looked at her, waiting for a que.  She smiled so big, and finally told
me to watch her while she got ready.

I didn't know what that meant, after what we were doing, wasn't she
ready?  She rolled over and got up on her knees.  She kept her head on
the pillow on the floor, and turned around so she could look at me
while I looked at her dripping cunt between her legs, below her bent
over ass.  She began to tease her cunt, but before I got off the couch
to fuck her, she brought her very wet fingers to her tight pucker. 
She began to rub all that cunt juice into her asshole.  I sat back
down and realized that there was something new coming to my education.

I watched her rub the juice into the tight hole, and with one finger
and then two she pumped in and out making sure it was slick inside.  I
heard her breathe heavy while she stretched herself out.  She looked
at me glazed eyes wide, "I don't know if I can hold out any more,
baby, I cum so hard in my ass.  I like to stretch it out more with my
fingers, but I need it to be so tight for you.  This makes boys cum so
hard they pass out.  I need you to have the hardest cum, so I need you
to fuck me hard, OK?  Can you do this for your aunt, Stevie Baby?  I
need you to fuck my ass hard.  Like the man in the video did to my
sweet mouth.  I want you to fuck me that hard.  Harder.  Can you baby?
 Can you fuck me harder than that man?"

I didn't say I word, I just went up to her and placed my cock at the
tight hole in front of me.  It looked wet, and I watched her make it
wink open and closed for me to see she was hungry.  I placed my dick
head in that target and I did what I always did, I shoved it in with
all my strength.

I heard the breath catch in her throat and she reached out and gripped
the carpet in pain.  I asked if she was hurt, but she shook her head,
still not speaking or breathing.  It was too late for me to do
anything, so I started to fuck her vise like ass as hard as I could. 
I fucked in and out as fast as I could.  I knew I would cum soon after
all the teasing I had gotten, but it wasn't  fast enough.  I needed to
get deeper into this tight tunnel.  Unlike her slut cunt, I felt
gripped from all angles.  No cunt had this kind of hold.  Not even my
fist when I jerked off.

I pumped into as I heard her gasp.  She shuttered and her body shook
and jerked.  I would have stopped, but I was too close. She suddenly
stopped breathing and whispered, "Oh God" and I felt her whole anus
spasm and pull.  That's when I exploded.

There is no other word for what happened.  I felt everything in my
lower groin rush up and out my dick, it felt like I was losing my
insides.  I could feel it as it rushed out of my dick into her slut
ass.  I screamed and gripped her hips while I drove into her deeper,
instinctively pushing my cum into the deepest part of her body.  I
felt it pump out a stream at least 5 times, maybe more.  It's so hard
to tell, no slut ever did this to me again over the rest of my life. 
It was amazing.

When it subsided, I felt a burning in me.  My balls hurt, and I mean a
lot.  I rolled off her, and my legs wouldn't hold me up.  I collapsed
and almost cried with the pain.   It was so weird having such pain
follow such pleasure.

Missy collected herself and picked me up and put me on the couch.  I
was confused and totally drained.  Without thought to where it had
been, she began to suck my limp wet dick.  There was some white stuff
on the tip, and she licked it first, and said Mmmmm.  I passed out
shortly after feeling my dick slide into her throat.

I woke up sometime later.  Missy was asleep with my dick in her mouth.
 She looked happy.  I slid out from under her carefully so as not to
wake her, but she was out cold.  I stood up on wobbly legs and looked
at her.  She was spread out face down.  I saw a little rubber plug in
her asshole and wondered when she put it in, and what was it for?
(she told me later that it was my first cum, and it was special, and
she couldn't let it run out while she was asleep.  She said she wanted
to enjoy it.)

I went into the bathroom to piss and it was hard to walk, I was still
in a lot of pain.  I got in and closed the door.  As I pissed I looked
at the mirror on the door.  I could see something below my dick.  I
was mesmerized by what I saw.  I had real balls.  Like they just
dropped out of me.  Big as my cock deserved.  She pulled my first cum
out of my 11 year old balls with her tight slut asshole.

I would have to thank her for that someday.

the end.  

Like it?  I wrote it.  Copyright  bla bla.  I have an attorney.

Drop me a line to comment, insult, or send a picture of your tits.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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