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Drunk at the Beach

I have been married to my cute little wife for 7 years.  We were married
right out of high school when we were both 18.  I played on the basketball
team and she was one of the girls in the dance group that danced at half
time.  She is a little blonde, about 120 lbs, and very cute with a great
personality.  We were both each others first and hit it off right from the
start.  We dated for about six months before I finally got in her pants. 
She was always a little prudish until one night we went to a party at a
friends house.  We started drinking and this was when I found out how quick
it was for her to get drunk.  Within an hour my little prudish blonde was
totally drunk and just about ready to pass out.  I also noticed something
else about her, when she was drunk, she did about whatever you asked of
her. This was the night I STOLE her cherry.  She didn't put of much of a
fight like she normally would and after the party I took her home and we
made love for the first time.

   The next day she knew we had made love but didnt remember alot of other
details about the night.  I then learned a great lesson, if I want my way,
feed her drinks.  To make sure this was no fluke, about two weeks later I
took her out and kept feeding her beers all thru the night.  Sure enough,
about about 2 hours of beer drinking, she was drunk as could be.  Again,
she went along with everything I said and I again took her to my house and
had a great time with her.  Within six months, we were married and I didnt
really need to ply her with alcohol anymore.  She was not big on going out
and drinking but every now and then she would.

   It's now about 7 years later and my wife is still super cute for being
25.  She was down because tomorrow was her birthday and she would be 26. 
She thought she was getting old and it was making her feel very down.  I
said lets go out shopping and buy you some fun clothes to make you feel
young again.  We hoped in the car and headed down to the mall.  While my
wife was searching thru all the skirts, shirts, tops and things, I went
over to one of the bathing suit stores that was geared for the young crowd.
I looked over all their bikini's and found exactly what I was looking for.
I was a tiny little string bikini.  It didnt hide alot.  It had a little
triangle patch in the front and everywhere else was just string.  The strap
up the back was like shoe string.  It tied on the sides with string.  The
top was a little better with two larger pieces of cloth held together with
string.  I knew my wife wouldnt normally wear this but I went ahead and
bought it.  It seems the smaller the suit, the more it cost.  This was over
$50.00 for this little piece of material.

   I took the suit quickly out to the car and put it in the trunk.  Then I
headed back in the mall and found my wife.  She had bought a nice little
skirt and shirt outfit and was ready to go home.  I didnt tell her about
the suit I bought for her.  For the next week I thought about how I could
get my wife to wear this suit.  I was about to just give it to her and see
what her reaction would be.  Then the phone rang and it was her mother
inviting us out to an early breakfast sunday morning.  We were going to go
over to her house and have breakfast then come back home.  The last time we
had a big breakfast at her mothers house, my wife had come back a little
tipsy because her mom loved mamosa's.  Champaine and orange juice.  This
got me thinking.  My plan was now about complete.

   On saturday, I bought some extra champaine and orange juice.  I wanted
to make sure there was plenty there for sunday.  Then I packed up our beach
gear and put it in the car.  On sunday, we went over to her mom's house as
planned.  Sure enought, she started serving mamosa's.  I took some too this
time but everytime my wifes glass got low, I would pour some of mine into
her's and then refill mine.  I was hardly drinking any and my wife and her
mom were going thru the boose.  Sure enough they ran out of champaine so I
went out to the car and brought in my stash.  They continued to make the
drinks and they finally servered breakfast.  All during breakfast we kept
talking and I made sure my wife's glass was always full.  She mentioned it
but I said what the heck, we have no place to go today anyway.  She agreed
and kept on drinking.  We stayed for about another 2 hours after breakfast
was done.  It was now around noon and my wife and mother inlaw were feeling
no pain.  In fact, my wife was wasted as I hoped she would be.

   We said goodbye and I told my mom-inlaw I was taking her daughter home
for the rest of the day.  She said that was good.  I did take her home but
it was only for a few minutes.  We got home and I told my wife we were
going to head to the beach for the afternoon.  She said she really didnt
feel like it, she just wanted to lay down.  I told her she could lay down
at the beach and rest or sleep.  I knew in her condition she would agree
with about anything so she said ok.  I went and got her new suit and helped
her get undressed.  I had her lay on the bed naked and within a minutes she
was passed out.  I put on her new bikini and boy was it small.  It barely
covered her pussy.  My wife kept her pussy shaved except for a small little
patch at the top of her cunt.  She did this mainly for me as I liked look.
After I got her suit on her, I quickly put her little dress on that she
always wore over her bikini and then woke her up.

   I helped my wife out to the car and she mentioned that noticed that this
was not her normal bikini.  I told her I had bought her a new one that
would let her get more sun and help tan her body better.  She as of yet did
not know how small it really was.  I told her she could check it out when
we got to the beach.  She was asleep within a minute or two of sitting in
the car seat.  I got to the beach and parked where I knew all the younger
(15 to 25) crowd liked to go.  I got out, got our blankets then went around
and opened my wifes car door.  I woke her up and helped her out of the car.
I took her down and found a nice place just a little bit away from all the
people.  Not much, about 100 or 200 feet from the big crowd.  I layed our
blanket down, the sat my wife down.  I made a little pillow out of my shirt
for her and told her to lay down.  I asked her to lay on her stomach and I
would put suntan lotion on her legs and back.

   Within a couple minutes my wife was out cold again.  She still had her
little short slip on dress that she always uses to cover herself up until
she gets down to the beach.  The good thing was this dress buttoned up the
side.  Usually she would just pull it over her head, but it was also made
to unbutton down the side.I started to unbutton the dress.  When it was
totally unbuttoned, I pulled one side over, removed her arm from it,
continued to pull it around her and removed her other arm from it, then I
just slide it from under her.  She never really moved a muscle.  And she
didnt really know what she had on under her dress.  She never did really
look.  Now with her dress off, all that showed on her backside was a string
disappearing into her butt crack and a string across her back holding her
top on.  She was really hot.  I got a huge stiff erection just looking at
her.  I got the baby oil and started rubbing it in all over her back and
legs.  I also generously rubbed the lotion into her ass cheeks.  It was as
if she was her with no bottoms on.  After I got the lotion on her I got up
and went down to wash my hands off in the ocean water.  When I looked back
up at her, it was if she was naked on the beach.  The little patch between
her legs was hiding her cunt, but that was about all that was hidden.  I
decided to splash in the water and watch what would happen when people went
by.  Two girls and two young boys walked by and the boys pointed right away
to my wife.  The girls just sort of stared, but the boys changed their
paths of walking so they would walk closer to my wife.  They didnt stop but
they kept their eyes on my wife as long as they could.

   When they finally got about 200 feet away I walked back to where my wife
was.  She was sound asleep.  Passed out cold.  I was so hard it was
hurting. I got the bottle of baby oil and decided to put another coat on my
wife.  Where else could I rub my wifes butt in public and get away with it.
While I was rubbing oil on my wifes cheeks, my fingers slipped down lower
and thats when I noiced the bathing suit was somewhat adjustable.  I could
pull back on the stings and the cloth material would come back and cover a
little more of her butt, or I could pull more on the front strings on her
bikini and the little patch triangle would move forward.  Well the more I
pulled on the front strings, the less it covered of her bottom.  As I
contined to pull I could start to see the bottom of her cunt where it met
her butt.  I slowly continued to pull and to my surprise the material kept
going forward and now I could see my wifes entire cunt slit.  It looked
like she didnt have anything on at all.  You could see the string going up
the crack of her ass, but it disappeared into her ass and then to my
surprise, has disappeared into her pussy cunt crack.

   I quit pulling on the front strings and sat back in amazement.  My wife
was a good as totally nude on a public beach.  I took the oil bottle and
generously rubbed the oil all around my wifes cunt.  It now glowed of
juices in the sun.  I reached in the bag of beach stuff I brought and
pulled out the video camera.  I started filming right away.  I had to get
more so I got up and walked down to the water and kept filming.  It looked
exactly as if my wife was nude on the beach.  You could make out her cunt
perfectly.  While I was filming, I was too busy to notice the boys coming
back up the beach again.  This time there were about six of them.  The same
two that had walked by before but they had brought four of their buddies. I
wasnt sure what to do but my excitement got the better of me and I stayed
there at the water and kept filming.  The boys got closer and closer.  At
first they must have thought she still was covered with her bikini.  Then
one of them noticed, he pointed and all the guys stopped.  They just kept
stareing.  Then they made the decision to move closer.  They walked up
behind her and just stared at her open and wet pussy.They looked around and
saw me filming but didnt say a word.  They just stood there and stared. 
Then one of the sat down at the end of her feet and eyed her even closer. I
kept filming and watching what would happen.  The other five were laughing
and they too sat down at the end of her feet.  They would every now and
then look back at me but they mostly kept looking my wifes wife clean
shaven cunt.

   Then it happened, on of the boys tapped my wife on the leg to get her
attention.  This shocked me and I was about to run up and ask them to
leave. But he tapped on her leg again and she didnt move.  He looked back
at me then he slowly rubbed his hand from her ankles and started sliding
them up her leg.  She didnt move, and even worse, neither did I.  I was in
total excitement.  I know I should go tell the boys to leave but at the
same time the excitement of not knowing what would happen kept me where I
was.  I saw the boy shake my wifes leg a litte but she didnt move or say a
word.  I suppose he took this as a go ahead.  My wife was in the usual
position, she was on her stomach and her legs were spread about a 18 inches
apart.  One of the boys reached down and lifted one of her legs and pulled
it further apart.  Then the boy that was sitting between her legs got the
ideal and he spread them both as far as they would go.  Now instead of
looking like a person just sunbathing, my wifes leg were three feet apart
and it split her cunt wide open.

   Of course I was filming the whole thing.  Then I saw one of the boys
hold something in front of his face.  I couldnt tell what it was but he
kept holding it in front of his face.  Not until he had the other five boys
stand next to my naked wife and he put the object back up to his face did I
realize it was a camera.  The boy was taking nude pictures of my wife with
all the other boys in the picture.  I saw the boy walk to her side and take
a couple pictures of her face as she was laying there sleeping.  I decided
it was time to halt things so I turned off the vcr camera and started
walking out of the water.  The boys saw me and they all got up and started
walking back down the beach from where they had come from.  I couldnt
beleive what I had just done but boy what a rush.  My dick was as hard as
it had been in many years.  I got back to where my wife was, put the camera
back in the bag, then got my wife back into a normal position.  I got her
thong put back in place and then woke my wife up.  It took me about 5
minutes to get her up and her little dress back on her.  I helped her back
to the car, then we went home.

   At home I helped my wife into bed, it was only around 4 pm.  Then I went
in the living room and put the tape in the vcr player.  After rewinding it
I watched the tape which lasted about 10 minutes.  It was sooooo hot to
watch.  I couldnt beleive how bold the young boys were.  After watching the
tape three or four times, I had to get some releif so I walked into the
bedroom where my cute little wife was sleeping.  I pulled back the covers
and looked at my wifes freshly shaven pussy.  I licked my lips and slowly
started licking the the sweet, young crack of her cunt.  Within a minute
her pussy was so wet it was leaving puddles on the bed.  I pulled my wife
so her legs were laying off the side of the bed.  I pulled her legs over my
shoulders and while I was standing I slide my dick into her.  I was so hot,
she was so hot, it hadn't felt this good in a long time.  I slid in and out
about 20 times before I shot a load deep into her unprotected cunt. 
Usually I would pull out or wear a rubber but there was no way I was coming
out of her this time.  I only hope it was a safe time of the month.  After
I finished I cleaned her up and put her back into bed.  I hid the tape
because I would NEVER want her to find it.  Then I started planning my next
encounter.  After today I knew I had to have more.  I wanted to try
something different next time but I didnt know where to take her.  I looked
thru all the papers and checked out many places that I could take her.  I
just wasnt sure where she would fit in if she was passed out.  Then it hit

   There was a great little country western bar where every saturday night
they had live bands and the place would be packed.  At least 400 people
would pack the place and they had great little booths you could sit out.  I
decided this would be my next adventure with her.  I now had to figure out
the advanced plans.  My mind started racing and within an hour I had the
whole night planned.  First, buy her a new outfit, very short, very sexy.
Then, new shoes to go with the outfit.  Must be very high heeled, very
sexy. Finally, how to get her drunk before I take her out.  She wouldnt
wear the outfit I would pick if she wasnt drunk before I got her dressed.
This part I would have to work on.  Plus, she didnt like to drink very
often so I figure an adventure like this once a month would be very
reasonable.  So this gave me about 30 days to buy everything and set the
next session up.

   About a week had gone by and I had all the things needed.  I bought her
a very short skirt, nice high heels with about a 4 inch heel.  Some black
fishnets that were very sheer.  And I bought a pair of lacy black
underwear. What was special was the underwear had about 8 snaps on them. 
When snapped together they looked like normal underwear, but when you
unsnapped the snaps, they split wide open.  It was like you weren't wearing
any underwear.  This would be perfect as I could get my wife into them
without her thinking anything suspicous, then unsnap then at the right
time. I even went one saturday night to the western bar to check things
out. Sure enough, around 11pm things started to get wild and it would be
the perfect place to take.  It had been about 2 weeks since I had taken her
to the beach and as I left to go to work this morning, there was an
envelope on my car windshield.  I opened it and dropped dead in my tracks.
There were about 5 pictures of my wife printer on computer paper and it was
from when she was at the beach.  A couple were shots of her face and the
rest were all shots from between her legs.  Also, anytime one of the guys
were in the picture, his face was erased so you couldnt see who it was.  A
note was also in the pacakage.  It was about one full page long.

   I started reading the note.  It said how nice it was to put a show on
for them.  They liked it so much they wanted another one.  They had one of
the guys leave when we did and he stayed way behind and followed us to our
home.  Now they wanted a repeat or some of these photos could end up in my
wife's hand or even worse, on the internet for everyone to see.  They must
have thought this out for a while because they had everything planned to
the smallest detail.  Today was wednesday, on sunday they wanted me to take
my wife to the beach again, in the same outfit, but to a different
location. They wanted me to take her about 4 miles further down the beach.
We had been there before but the beach wasnt as nice and not many people
used that area.  I was to have her there by 2pm or the pictures would be
mailed out.  Also, they wanted her to be in the same condition she was in
last time.  They dont know what that was but they wanted her to be in that
conditon.  The last note said after I layed her out on the towel, I was to
walk down the beach about 1 mile.  I would still be able to barely see my
wife but it would take me a while to get back to her.  I turned the paper
over and on the back was a map of where they wanted my wife, and another
warning.  If she is not there and you do not walk away down the beach, we
will send the pictures.  If you do as we tell you, we will leave all the
pictures next to your wife as we leave.

   I was sick to my stomach.  I drove awhile then called into work and said
I wouldnt be in today.  I thought about calling the police, but I would be
in just as much trouble with the wife if I did that.  I thought about not
going but then what if they did post the pictures or give copies to my wife
and friends?  Now I know what true blacmail is, they have you and you know
it.  I was going to have to do what they wanted.  I had to figure out how
to get my wife to the beach where they wanted.  I stayed out most the day
trying to figure out what to do.  When I got home I gave my mother inlaw a
quick call and told her how much I enjoyed the breakfast with her a couple
weeks ago and we should do it again.  This time at our house.  She liked
the ideal and agreed to come over around 9am this sunday.  I went and told
my wife that her mom would be over for breakfast sunday and she was really
happy that I asked her.  We went out on saturday and bought everything for
the breakfast.  I made sure we had ALOT of champaigne for their breakfast

   When sunday arrived I got my wife up around 7:30.  While she was
cleaning up and getting ready I made the first container of mamosa's.  I
made a jug full with them being extra heavy on the champaign side.  I took
myself and my wife in a glass.  She didnt think we should start so early
with mom her but I told her one glass wouldnt kill her.  She was slowly
drinking her glass and doing work around the house.  Everytime she would
set her glass down, I would pour some of mine into hers.  It was like she
had a virtual glass.  It never got empty.  By 9 am when her mom had arrived
I had managed to get about two tall full glasses into my wife.  I don't
know if she knew it was more than one glass but she never said anything. 
With her mom here I poured them both glasses and they started to cook.  Now
that my wife had company, she was drinking the glasses much quicker.  Her
mom would finish one, so my wife would finish hers, and I would refill both
of theirs.  By the end of breakfast, my mom and wife had drank down three
glasses each.  These were not small glasses but the big tall ones.  That
made about five for my wife and she was starting to feel no pain.  I knew
about an hour from now when it kicks in full, she would be wasted.  But I
wanted to make sure so I pulled all three of us one more round and said
lets go into the living room and chat.  We chatted for about 30 minutes
then her mom said she had to get goinging.  It was about 11:30 now and my
wife had only drank about 1/2 her glass.  After my mom left I got my wifes
glass and told her to finish it up so I can wash up the dishes.  She didnt
want to finish it but I talked her into it and she drank the rest down in
two big gulps.

   I told her go sit down in front of the TV and I will clean up the
kitchen.  She liked that alot and I watched as she bumped into the wall
trying to get out of the kitchen.  She was just about there.  I washed up
the dishes taking my time to let the alcohol work.  When I did go into the
living room, it was about 12:15 and sure enough, my wife was passed out of
the couch.  I ran upstairs, pulled out the hidden beach bag I had packed
last night, and brought down my wifes tiny string bikini and her short
beach dress.  I went down and shook on my wifes shoulders and after a few
trys she woke up.  I told her we were going to the beach but she didnt want
to go.  I let her know that if I could invite her mom over and keep them
company, clean the kitchen, then should could at least go to the beach with
me for an hour.  I told her we would only stay about an hour then she could
come home if she wanted.  You could tell she didnt really want to go but
she said ok.  I told her to just lay there and I would get her bikini and
beach dress on.  She closed her eyes, layed her head back and I started
taking her clothes off.  When she was totally nude, I grabbed her little
string bikini, slipped on the bottoms then the top, then slide her dress
down over her.  It was hard with her laying down but I got the job done. 
Then I put everything into the car, came back in, woke her up best I could
and helped her to the car.

   It was about a 15 minute drive to the beach that they wanted us to go
to. I drove and my wife didnt open her eyes once.  When I turned into the
beach area I noticed no other cars there.  I parked and before I got my
wife out, I walked to the beach's edge and looked around.  There was nobody
here.  I grabbed the blanket, beach bag, etc.  and carried them down to the
beach.  I sat them as far back on the beach as possible.  Next I went back
to the car, grabbed my video camera out of the car, and placed it down away
from my car a little but up on the hilly side of the beach.  I put it in a
bush and pointed it towards my wife.  I adjusted the camera and kept
placing things under it until I could zoom in on my wife and get a really
clear shot.  After I was satisfied with what was in the viewfinder, I press
the record key and walked away.  I went back down to where the blanket was
and looked up to where the camera was hidden.  Unless you knew it was
there, you wouldnt be able to see it.

   Next I went up and opened the car door on my wifes side.  She was still
passed out.  I had to shake her three or four times and I told her we were
at the beach.  She didnt seem to understand or care so I just helped her
out of the car and took her down to the blanket.  I looked at my watch, it
was exactly 1 pm.  After laying my wife down, I looked around but I could
see nobody.  This made me feel a little better as I thought maybe they were
just pulling a big joke on me.  But I couldnt chance not following their
instructions.  I layed my wife down, took off her dress but I did not play
with the strings on her bikini.  They didnt say I had to do anything like
that.  I left her laying on her back, her feet together, and her string
bikini covering up everything so it looked exactly like she was just sun
bathing.  I started walking down the beach.  There was only one way you
could walk as the other way was blocked off due to pipes running along the

   After I walked about 5 minutes I saw another car pull up on the beach
and park next to mine.  I slowy kept walking and about 8 young boys got out
of the car.  They stayed next to their car and looked down at my wife and
watched me.  They must have stayed there for another 5 minutes.  I was now
about 10 minutes away from my wife.  I could still see her but not very
well.  I watched the boys as they slowly walked down to my wife.  One boy
stayed up top and pointed in my direction for me to keep on walking.  The
one boy stayed up there the whole time.  I got about 20 minutes down the
beach and there was a small sign laying where I couldnt miss it.  It said,
wait here five minutes, then return to your wife.  I did just that and when
my five minutes were up, I turned arounded and walked much quicker toward
my wife.  It took me about 15 minutes to reach her.  I had noticed the boys
leave after I was about 10 minutes away, so when they pulled out, I ran at
top speed to get to my wife.  To my surprise, when I got there, she was
laying exactly as I left her.  If didnt look like she had been moved.  And
there at her feet was a large envelope.  I opened it up and there were alot
of pictures and a small note.  Heres all the pictures like we promised. 
Thats all it said, nothing else.  I went and sat down next to my wife and
slowly shook her arm.  She didnt awaken right away.  It took about a minute
then my wife slowly responded.  She was still very drunk.  I asked her if
she was ready to go home and she said yes.  I slipped her dress on her, got
her to the car then when and got the blanket and everything else.  I
couldnt wait to get the video camera.  I ran over and sure enought it was
still there and recording.  I turned it off, put it in the trunk, and
decided not to watch it till I got my wife home.

   After we got home, I put my wife in her bed, and without even undressing
her went to get the camera out of the car.  I closed the door to the
bedroom so my wife couldnt accidentally walk in on me.  Then I got the tape
out of the video camera and put it in the vcr.  I rewound the tape and
pressed play.  I saw my wife laying there alone on the blanket for about 5
minutes.  Then I saw the first of the young boys show up at her side. 
Before long the tape show about 6 youngs boys between the age of 13 and 20
at her side.  Then what happened next made my eyes pop out of my head!  The
youngest of the boys, about 13, walked up to my wife and shook her leg.  My
wife did not respond.  He did it twice more and still she didnt stir.  Next
I saw one of the points and say something and the next thing the young boy
did was untie the bottoms the wife was wearing.  All they would have had to
do was move the material aside but this young boy unties one side then the
other side of my wifes string bikini bottoms.  Then he lowers the front
side of the bikini down and so now she is lying with no bottoms on.  I see
the boy pull on the bikini bottoms and next thing you know he has them in
his hands.  My wife doesnt stir and the young boy looks up to the other
boys.  They something and next thing i see is the boy playing with my wifes
cunt.  For about a minute he is probing her and playing there.  Then I get
really scared.  They young boy lowers his swim bottoms and out sticks his
little hard dick.  He has no hair that I can see and his little dick is
only about three to four inches long.  I watch as the other boys help him
down between my wifes legs and the next thing I see is this boy is fucking
my wife.  My camera didnt have the greatest angle on the event but I could
tell he was fucking my wife.  I watched as he moved up and down on my wife.
She didnt stir even once.  Within about three minutes I saw the boys face
contort and the next thing I know he had stopped fucking her.  This young
boy of 13 or so had just fucked my wife and dumped a load of hot sperm deep
in her cunt.  I knew for sure this was a bad time because my wife had just
had her period about three weeks ago.  I always used a rubber after the
first week because we didnt want children for quite a while.  As all this
was running thru my mind I was watching to see what happened next.  The
oldest boy which looked to be about 20 moved the young boy aside and he too
dropped his trunks.  I could tell from even this far away he was no small
boy.  His dick was hard and about 6 or 7 inches long.  He got between my
wifes legs and the next thing I know he too is fucking her.  Then I notice
something I had not noticed before.  One of the kids also had a vcr camera
and he had been recording the entire scene.  Including me walking way down
the beach and the young boy removing my wifes suit.  As if I wasnt already
worried to death, now I wondered what was going to become of the video. 
This new boy fucking my wife must have had some experience, because the
next thing on the video is him lifting my wifes legs over and behind his
neck.  Now he is drilling in rather deeply and it only takes another
minutes for him to loose his load.  I know all this baby making sperm is
being driven deep into my wifes cunt.  He stays on her another minute then
another boy replaces him.  This boy is about 15 or 16 and he too fucks my
wife.  It only takes him about three minutes.  He pumps really fast and is
done in no time.  For some reason the other three boys do not try to take
their turn with my wife.  But, three young studs have dumped their baby
making come into my wifes unprotected pussy.  I know that their sperm is
probably as potent as they get.  I see one the boys get down and play with
my wifes cunt for about a minute.  It looks like he puts something in her
pussy then the next thing I know they are putting her thong bottoms back
on. I then see them straighten her back up like they first saw her and they
left.  About ten minutes later I show up and that is when I packed my wife
up and took her home.

   I turn off the tape and go into the bedroom where my wife is sleeping. I
undo the ties on her bikini bottom and pull the bottoms off of her.  There
is a string coming out of her cunt.  I slowly spread her legs and pull on
the string.  I couldnt beleive it.  They had put a tampon in my wife to
keep all the sperm in her.  When I pulled it out, it came out very very
easy.  Her cunt must have as slippery as it has ever been.  Remember,there
were three sets of young teenage loads inside my wife.  As the tampon slide
from between my wife it was followed by drip after drip of white cum.  I
thought it would never stop flowing from out between my wifes legs.  I went
and got a wash cloth and cleaned her up the best I could.  Everytime I
thought she was clean, more come would flush out her cunt lips.  After
about 30 minutes no more white fluids was seaping from my wifes lips.  I
undressed her completely and went in to check on her about every 20
minutes. Each time I went in I would have to clean a little more sperm off
her cunt lips.  If this much can just leak out, how much was still inside
her and splashing her eggs with fresh sperm.  There wasnt much I could do
except keep cleaning her off.  Hopefully she would sleep for a while and
give all that sperm a time to drain out.  I did stick a pillow under her so
that her pussy was point down.  This helped the sperm drain a little better
from her cunt.  
To be continued in part four. If you like it, let me know.
I will refomat the entire story once I get it finished.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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