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This is the first dirty short story ever written by yours truly.  I
wrote it when I was in fifth grade while I was home sick from school.
I remember it took me ALL DAY.  It's based on real people, but it is
ONLY A FANTASY, okay ..?  The events ARE NOT real, but it REALLY is
the EXACT story I wrote, minus some name changes (to protect the
innocent AND guilty) and some spelling and grammar corrections (and
even those I tried to keep down to a minimum).  So take it easy on me,
okay ..?

And, once again, this is ALL fiction.  I am not - nor have I EVER been
- abused or molested by ANYONE!  I just want to get that straight from
the beginning.  For those interested, I am a 19 year-old college
sophomore majoring in journalism, and I've posted a few stories here
on ASSM over the last few weeks - Middle School Mysteries #1-#3 and My
Life - Starring Me.

I will answer all e-mails sent to me, but this is just my hobby, okay.
So please don't ask me for pics or sex-chat or anything.

Okay, here it is.  I'd like to see some other writers post some of
their EARLIEST stuff now, too, so I don't feel like THAT MUCH of a

Oh yeah, before I forget -- This story is my property ... not that
anyone would want to steal it, but, hey, who knows what kind of
weirdos are out there.  Oh yeah, adults only, too (yeah, right!)


Babysitter Brad                   by Kari Gold

My name is Kari Gold.  I'm in the fifth grade at Apple Elementary.  My
mom and I live in Stratford, Ohio.  Stratford is a suburb of
Cleveland.  We stayed in our house in Stratford after my mom and dad
got divorced last year.

My mom is very active in the school PTA.  She goes to PTA meetings
once a month.  She gets me a babysitter when she goes to meetings.

My regular babysitter is Karen.  Karen is in high school.  I like when
Karen babysits.  Karen calls it slumber parties.  We talk for a long
time before I go to bed.  Karen lets me stay up until my mom pulls in
the driveway.  I pretend to be asleep when my mom comes in.

Tonight mom has a PTA meeting.  But Karen is sick.  Now mom doesn't
have a babysitter.  She called three girls.  But no one can come over.

I have an idea.  Brad Martin is our neighbor.  Brad is fifteen.  He is
the same age as Karen.

I want Brad to babysit me.  Why?  Because Brad is the cutest guy.  I
think I'm in love with Brad.  How do I know?  A girl just knows.

Brad is tall and muscular.  He has big brown eyes and wavy brown hair,
too.  He wears jeans all the time.  He looks very good in jeans.  He
does a lot of yard work.  I watch him from my window.  But he doesn't
see me.

Brad used to play with me all the time.  But then he got older.  He
thinks I'm still a kid I think.  He would be so surprised if he knew
me really.  

I know about sex by now.  I got a dirty book from my best friend last
year.  The book was called "Autobiography of a Flea."  The title is
weird.  But the story was all about sex.  Dirty sex, too.  I read it
all the time.

I bet Brad would be surprised how much I know about sex.  I bet he
wouldn't think I'm just a kid anymore.  I'm dying to show him.

Maybe mom will ask him to babysit.  But I need to get her to.

"Mom.  You could call next door.  See if Brad could babysit."

"Good idea, Kari.  You wouldn't mind?  He is a boy."

"No, I wouldn't mind.  You need to go to your meeting.  I'll be fine."

Mom called Brad.  I was sweating.  I was so nervous.  I went to my
room so mom couldn't see.   I listened when she called.

"Good," she said.

Brad was coming over.  I put my face in my pillow so mom couldn't see
me laughing.  She came upstairs.

"Brad is coming over."


"Are you feeling OK?  You're in bed.  You look like you're sweating.
Are you sick?  Maybe I should cancel and stay home."

"No.  I'm fine.  I was exercising in here.  It's too cold to go

"Let me take your temperature."

I let her take my temperature.  I was hotter than normal.  But I told
her I wasn't sick about a dozen times.

She made dinner.  But I wasn't hungry.  But I ate a lot.  Because I
didn't want her to think I was sick.

Finally it was 6:30.  Brad rang the doorbell.  I lay on the couch
reading a Beverly Hills 90210 paperback book.  I wanted to run up to
the door when it rang.  But I didn't.  Brad would think I was just a
dorky kid then.

Mom had to come downstairs to answer the door.

"Brad is here.  Why didn't you answer the door?"

"I'm sorry.  I was reading.  I didn't hear it."

I went back to reading the book.  Brad came in.  Mom told him what to

"Bye, Kari," she said.

"Bye," I replied.

She left, and Brad came in the living room.

"Hi, Kari."


"How are you doing?"


"How is school going?"


"What grade are you in now?"


"Who do you have?"


Brad laughed.  He went to the same school for elementary.  One of the
fifth grade teachers was named Mr. Krakas.  Everyone called him

"I had him, too.  Who'd you have for fourth?"


"I had Clarke."

"I had her for math and science."

"What are you reading there?"


I showed him the book.

"I watch that sometimes."

"Is high school like that?"


"Do you want to watch TV?"


I turned on the TV.  Brad sat down.

"Do you want me to get you a can of beer?" I asked.

"No way."

"It's all right.  My mom won't even notice.  She doesn't drink it.
She just keeps it for company.  I can hide the empty can outside in
the trash.  It's no big deal."

"No, I can't."

"Don't be scared.  You do drink beer, don't you?"


"One beer coming up."

I got up and got him a can of Bud Light out of the fridge.  I opened
it and handed it to him.  He looked scared.  But he drank it.

The news was still on local TV.  Brad drank the beer.  Then he started
flipping through all the channels.

I pretended to go back to reading.  I was sweating again.  I looked up
from my book and watched him.  He was only paying attention to the TV.

"I'm going up to my room."

"Okay.  I'll be down here if you need me."

I went up to my room.  I opened my hope chest.  At the bottom was
where I hid my dirty book.  I got it out and got in bed.

Now I was really hot and sweating.  I read my favorite parts again.  I
loved the parts about the priest with the big prick.  I wondered if
Brad had a big prick.  I wondered if Brad fucked other girls yet.

I was getting very horny now.  I thought about Brad naked.  I imagined
being naked, too.  Then we kissed.  I grabbed his prick.  He touched
my pussy.  We kissed more.

I got under my covers.  I took off my jeans and my panties.  I played
with myself.  I was so quiet.  I was sure Brad would hear me.  But he

I could hear the TV.  I kept reading the book.  Then I would think
about Brad and me fucking.  I rubbed my body.  I imagined it was Brad
doing it.  I wondered what his prick looked like and felt like.

I like masturbating.  Mom doesn't know I think.  I heard about
masturbation in school this year.  But I kind of discovered it myself,
too.  Some days I liked to lie in bed and masturbate for a really long
time.  I would read or just think.  I also masturbated before going to
sleep most nights now.

Brad would be so surprised if he came up here now.  What if I just
called him?  What if he saw me?  What would he say?  Would he be
horny, too?  Maybe he would strip naked.  Maybe he would even fuck me.

I masturbated for an hour thinking about Brad and me.  At 8:00 I got
back dressed and went downstairs.

Brad was watching TV on the couch now.  I sat down on the other end of
the couch.  My heart was pounding so hard.  I was sweating, too.

Brad was watching a movie on HBO.

"Do you want to watch something?"

"No this is all right," I said.

We watched the movie for an hour until 9:00.  I was so scared that I
didn't talk.  He didn't talk either.  I was upset when it was 9:00
because that was my bedtime.  Mom would be home in an hour.  I blew my

"It's your bed time," Brad said.

"I'm not going to bed.  I want to watch the movie."

"You have to go to bed.  Your mom said nine o'clock."

"You can't make me."

"Come on, please.  Don't give me a hard time.  Your mom is the one who

"I'll go to bed if you come upstairs and play a game with me."

"What game?"

"Cards or something.  Come on.  I'll go to bed then.  I promise."


"Do you want the rest of your beer?"


I picked up the can of beer.  Then I went upstairs.  Brad followed me.
I went into my room.  I put the can of beer on my nightstand and got
out my Little Mermaid playing cards.  I sat down on my bed and
shuffled the cards.

"Don't you have to get on pajamas or something?"

"I didn't say I'd do that, did I?"

"Come on.  I'll go downstairs and come back up after you're ready for

"That wasn't the deal.  You said you'd play cards with me.  That was
the deal."

"Come on.  Please."

"I'll get ready for bed if you can beat me in cards."

"Really?  What game?"


"You know how to play poker?"

"Yeah.  Is it a deal?"


"Every time you win, I take off a piece of my clothes.  If I win, you
take off a piece of yours."

"No way.  That's strip poker."

"It's the only way I'm going to get ready for bed.  And you said.  If
you don't play, I'll wait until my mom gets home.  Then you'll be in

"I'm not playing strip poker with you, Kari."

"It's your funeral, Brad.  My mom won't pay you if I'm not in bed.
I'll tell her you drank a beer and just sat downstairs and didn't do
anything.  She won't pay you at all."

"Why are you doing this?  Please stop.  Come on."

"Are you scared?  You're scared I'll beat you in poker?!"

"No.  I'm not scared.  I just don't want to play strip poker.  It's
not right.  Now cut it out."

"I won't get ready for bed unless you play.  So you better.  Or else
you won't get paid."

"You're blackmailing me."

"No, I'm not.  It's just a stupid game.  I can't believe you're

I dealt the cards out.  Brad looked at them.  I thought he would
leave.  But he sat down.

"Fives are wild," I said.

He picked up his cards.  I smiled.  Little did Brad know that my
Little Mermaid playing cards were marked.  I scratched the edges on
all the aces and face cards.  I bent the corners on the 10s, 9s, 8s
and 7s.  I nicked the tops, bottoms and sides on the 6s, 5s, 4s and
3s.  The 2s were the only cards I didn't mark.  I did this once before
I played cards with my cousins.

So I could tell when Brad had a better hand than me.  I had a pair of
3s and 5.  I traded in two cards and got another 5.  Brad had a full
house with Jacks and 9s.  I was going to win.

Brad was mad when he lost.  He took off his right shoe.

We kept playing more hands.  I purposely lost some hands so he
wouldn't suspect me cheating.  Plus I wanted him to see me naked, too.
I wanted him to get horny.

At first we just took off our shoes and socks.  Then things got
interesting on the ninth hand.  I won, of course.

"No way," Brad said.

"Quitter.  I'm going to tell my mom about the beer if you don't keep

He looked mad.  He took off his shirt.  He was very muscular.

"We have to stop," he said.

"No.  Fives wild."

I dealt the next hand.  I lost this one on purpose.  I traded in good
cards for bad ones.  I wanted him to keep playing.  I took off my
T-shirt.  I was wearing a training bra.  He looked at me.  I looked at

The next hand I let him win again.  I took off my training bra.  My
chest felt so cold.  My nipples felt hard.  I shivered.  My top was
naked in front of Brad Martin.  My fantasy was coming true.

He looked at me, too.  Really looked.  He was quiet when we played the
next hand.

I had bad cards on the deal.  He had good cards.

"I fold," I said.

"You what?"

"I don't want to play this hand.  Replay."

"Now who's scared?"

"I'm not scared.  I just fold.  It's before the draw.  It doesn't
count.  That's the rules."

"If I would have known that, I would have just folded every hand."

"Then I would have told my mom."

"So you can fold and I can't?"

"You can fold.  But you can't fold every hand.  That's cheating."

"Let's say we can each only fold three more hands until the end," he


We played again.  He folded after the deal.  That was one.

We played again.  Fives were wild.  This time neither of us folded.  I
had four spades on the deal.  He had two pair.  The card on the top of
the pile was a five.  That would be my card.

We drew cards.  I had a flush.  He had two pair.  He lost.  All he had
on now was his jeans and underwear.

"No way," he said.

"You know the deal."

He was mad.  He took off his pants.  His prick was hard in his
underwear.  It stuck straight up.  The end was touching the elastic
waistband.  Brad had a big prick.

I was so sweaty.  He sat down and dealt the cards.  He called fours
wild.  He had bad cards on the deal, so he folded.  That was two.  He
only had on more.

He dealt again.  He had bad cards again.  He folded again.

"That's three.  You can't fold anymore now."

"That isn't fair."

"That's the rules."

He dealt again.  Fours wild.  This time he had a pair of queens.  But
I had three 4s and an 8 of diamonds and a 2 of spades.  I traded in
the two.  He traded in three cards.  He got the last 4 for three
queens.  I got a 5 of diamonds.  I had a straight flush.

"Read 'em and weep," I said.

I laid down my cards.  His face fell.

"You'd better do it," I said.

I watched him stand up and take off his underpants.  His prick was so
hard it snapped out when he pulled his underpants down.  I once saw my
dad's prick in the bathroom.  But it was soft.  I saw my little
cousin's pricks, too.  But it was small.

But Brad's prick was big and hard.  It was just like the priest's
prick in the dirty book.  I looked at his prick.  We smiled at each
other.  Brad wasn't mad at me anymore.  I think he was starting to
love me like I loved him.

I got off my bed and stripped naked, too.  He looked at me.  Then he
walked up and hugged me.  We kissed.  I already knew about French
kissing.  We kissed some more with a lot of tongue.

I reached down and held his prick.  It was hard.  It throbbed.  Just
like in the dirty book.

"I can give you a blow job," I said.

"You know about that?"

"I know a lot of things about sex.  I'm not a little kid you know.  I
could be your girlfriend."

"You are very pretty, Kari.  I just didn't think about you like this.
Not until now.  Now I can see that you're a very sexy girl.  You're a
lot sexier than the girls in school I know."

"How about that blow job, Brad.  I really want to."

"OK, if you want to.  That would be cool."

I knelt down.  I looked at his prick close up.  It was beautiful.  I
French kissed it on the tip.  It quivered.  I licked it.  It tasted
fleshy and salty.  Not bad really.  I put my lips over the tip and
sucked.  Just like I read in the books.  I sucked a banana once and
pretended it was a prick.  But this was way different.

Brad's prick was real.  I sucked the tip.  It tasted sweaty.  It
smelled sweaty, too.

He kept shivering every time I sucked.  I touched his balls.  He
shook.  I kept sucking.  I could only get the tip of his prick in my
mouth.  I was scared the rest would choke me.

He kept shaking.

"I'm coming, Kari," he yelled.

He spunked in my mouth.  I wanted him to.  I wanted to taste what
spunk tasted like.  It was gooey and watery.  It tasted like salt and
sweat.  Just like I read.

I swallowed his spunk.  Brad's prick was still so hard.  It was
dripping spunk, too.  I couldn't believe how much spunk.

"Do you want to lick me?" I asked.

"Can I?"

"Yes.  We have time before mom gets home.  But you have to hurry."

I lied down on the bed and spread my legs.  Brad kissed my pussy.

"Lick my clitoris."

"Where is it?"

"The bump on top."


He started licking me.  It felt so wonderful.  It felt like I was
being turned inside out.  It felt better than my fingers or hands ever
did.  He sucked my clit, too.

"Quick, before my mom gets home.  Put your prick in me," I said.

"Are you sure?"

"Just for a second.  Put the tip in me.  Not hard.  I want to be
virgin still.  But just put the tip in so I can feel it."

He got up on his knees.  I spread my legs even wider.  He aimed his
prick at my pussy.  I could feel it on the outside of my pussy.  He
slid the tip in very gently.  I could tell Brad really cared about me.
He didn't want to hurt me.  Brad loved me now.

He fucked me like that for a few minutes.  Then we heard my mom's car
pull up.

"Shit!" we both said.

"Jinx!" I said.

He jumped up.  He grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom.

I turned off my light.  Then I hurried and got my nightshirt on.  I
was just about to get under the covers when I saw the can of beer.  I
picked the beer can up and hid it in my hope chest.

Then I heard mom come in.  I dove into bed.  I was sweating.

"Brad?!" mom called.

He didn't answer.  She walked upstairs.  She opened my door and peeked

"Hi, mom," I said.  I was trying to sound half asleep.

"How was everything pumpkin?"

"Fine.  Brad's a good babysitter.  Can he babysit next time?"

"We'll see."

"Hi, Mrs. Gold."  Brad came out of the bathroom.  He was dressed now.
You would never know anything happened he was so cool.

"Hello, Brad.  She didn't give you any trouble did she?"

"No, not all.  We had a lot of fun."

"Brad said he'll babysit again, mom."

"Okay, honey.  We'll see."

"Really, Mrs. Gold.  I wouldn't mind at all.  Kari's really cool."

"Good night, Brad," I called out.

"Good night, Kari," he answered.

He walked downstairs with mom.  They talked some more.  But I couldn't
hear them really good.  Then Brad left and mom came back upstairs.

"So you like Brad?  Better than Karen?" mom asked.

"Kind of."

"That wouldn't be because you have a crush on him, would it?"

"Come on, mom.  Brad is way too old for me."

"He won't be in a little while.  Pretty soon you'll be totally boy

"You don't have to worry about me, mom.  I hardly even like boys.  I
just miss having a guy around, you know."

My mom did, too.

"I guess it would be all right if Brad babysits now and then.  Good
night, Kari."

"Good night, mom."


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