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Minivan   (M/F, oral, true)
By "J"

My second story                 (feedback requested)

IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden
by law to read electronically transmitted erotic
material,  please go do something else.

    This material is Copyright, 2001, Sun Ra
All rights reserved.  I specifically grant the right
for all reproduction necessary for normal Usenet
propagation.  I specifically grant the right of
downloading and keeping ONE electronic copy for your
personal reading so long as this notice is included.
Reposting requires previous permission.

We were celebrating my new job. I'd actually had it for several months but
had been too busy to do anything social. Somewhat guiltily I gave Kaye a
call. I had sort of lost touch with Kaye, but in that way that only good
friends can do, we picked up where we left off like no time had passed at

"Let's go out. Dinner."

"Where do you want to go Kaye?"

"How about Narita?"

"The sushi place?" I had done sushi once.  My stomach turned queasily.

She heard the disgust in my voice.

"It's not that bad. Besides they have non-sushi dishes too."

"Urm. Ya OK."

It didn't really matter. I was more interested seeing her and telling her
all about the preceding months.

"What time Kaye?"

"Be there at 7:30"

"OK. See you there."

I hung up, checked the time and started to get ready to leave. I always seem
to have trouble getting anywhere on time, but for Kaye I'm always on time.
She hates to be kept waiting, and she can go from warm and friendly to ice
bitch if she's kept waiting and you don't have a good explanation. And yes,
she can tell.

I made it with time to spare, and waited patiently at the bar. 7:15. 7:30.
7:45. Got up from the bar, went outside. Something was nibbling at the edge
of awareness. Something about this part of town I looked around.
Oh, right. Parking. There's no parking to be found in Forest Hills. None.
It's easy to forget that when you take PublicTrans everywhere. Speak of the
devil, there she was in her gray and red minivan driving by, anxiously
scanning for a parking place. I smiled to myself for she hadn't seen me. I
went back inside and waited by the door. Ten minutes later she came rushing
in, and went right by me. She looked frantic.


"Oh there you are! I thought you might have left. I had trouble finding a
parking place and..."

"Kaye" Cutting her off.

"It doesn't matter. You're here. You made it."

She looked beautiful, as usual. The waitress bade us to take off our
footwear before guiding us to our table. It was a Japanese "pit" style
affair. After a few moments I felt something squirming in my lap. Her toes.
I looked up at her.

"I gotta stretch my legs, to you mind?"

"Uh, not at all Kaye."

"Oh dear. Is something getting hard?" She asked slyly.

"Hmph. Let's just eat, OK?" I thought non-erotic thoughts and willed my
growing boner to deflate.

Kaye, an expert in Japanese cuisine, had picked out a splendid meal for both
of us. We pretty much talked and ate the night away and failed to notice it
was getting late and we were one of the last two diners in the restaurant.
We'd spent a lot of time talking and catching up, and I don't think either
of us wanted the evening to end. It would have been problematic for either
of us to take the other home, for we both lived with other parties in our
respective households. Somewhat disappointedly I said

"Kaye, let's get going."

I paid the bill and helped her on with her shoes.
"Kaye, where are you...?"

She cut me off. "I'm parked right outside"

"You are? The last I saw you were franticly looking for a parking spot."

"You saw me?"


She laughed her hearty and sensual laugh.

"I circled a couple more times and just as I was about to give up, a spot
opened up right in front of the restaurant."

She walked over to her minivan and keyed her unlock.

"Get in"

I walked over and got in. She turned and faced me. I'm not sure how but we
got started on another conversation. We sat for quite a while talking
however for some time a question had been running through my mind, so
abruptly asked.

"Can I lick your pussy Kaye?"

She stopped talking altogether and just looked at me for a moment, then she
laughed that sensual laugh.

"I was just sitting here and thinking about how I wanted you to lick my
pussy and how to ask you."

She turned her head and looked out the front windshield.

"I wonder if anyone could see us?" she mused almost to herself.

 I leaned forward and put my hand between her legs feeling her up. Still
looking out the front she spread her legs and said

"Don't fuck with me J"

She always says that when she's thinking of doing something nasty. My heart
beat faster, and leaning closer to her I could faintly smell her excitement.

"Am I fucking with you in some manner Kaye? I certainly don't see how."

I continued to finger her and she cuffed me lightly on the side of the head.


She looked out the window again.

"What if someone sees?"

"I don't know Kaye. You've got tinted windows except on the windshield, and
it IS pretty dark inside here. Someone would have to shine a light directly
in here to see something."

She wavered. I watched the battle play out on her face. She came to some
kind of decision. She got up and went to the bench seat of the van.


She slid forward and slid her pants off and then her panties.


I got down on my knees between the bucket seats and tried to find a
comfortable position. I was dying to lick her and my dick throbbed painfully
against my leg.

"Wait a sec."

I undid my fly so I wouldn't blow off my leg when I came. "Ah that's better"

I took my time sliding my tongue first around her hairy outer lips and then
in a circle around her inner lips, all the while inhaling deeply the smell
of her excitement. It was somewhat intoxicating, and I felt slightly
lightheaded. I was very excited by the thought that someone could catch us,
and somewhat fearful at the same time.



The thoughts came to me as Kaye froze.

"Stop! There are some people getting into the car next to us!"

I continued to slowly lick her cunt, swirling my tongue on her clit.

"Shh. Don't worry. They can't see us." I whispered up at her.

"J!. Stop licking my pussy!" She tried to push me away gripping my head, so
I sucked her clit into my mouth and slowly slathered my tongue across it.

"Oh. Oh. Oh ohshit" she panted. The people in the car next to us had backed
out and left, and Kaye had returned her attention my ministrations although
she had not released her grip on my head.

"you bastard."

I laughed, and started a slow tongue fuck.

"oh yessss. Ah.  Lick That Pussy! Lick it! Suck my clit! You love licking my
pussy don't you? Lick me! Harder!"

She held my head tighter, humping my face in time to my tongue thrusts. It
felt like my balls were going to boil over and I remembered to pull a napkin
from my pocket to catch the cum.

I jacked her legs back so they were almost touching her shoulders and buried
my face as deeply as I could into her crotch. I sucked as hard as I could
and shamelessly slobbered all over her pussy licking and sucking noisily.

Kaye breathing was ragged and her whole body was writhing although the van
itself wasn't moving. I sucked her clit into my mouth as deep and whipped my
tongue across it as fast as I could. Kaye squeezed her thighs against the
sides of my head, blocking out all sound. She was saying something, probably
letting me know she was cumming, but I could hear nothing but the blood
pounding in her thighs. She gushed her juices onto me and I made sure I held
the napkin firmly feeling myself cumming from licking her to orgasm.
She finally released me and slowly put her feet on the floor.

"Oh damn. J, you know that was so good, right?"

"um. Right. Good."

She looked at me appreciatively.

"God. Where did you learn to lick pussy like that?"

"Long story."

"Hah. I'll bet. Give me the short version."

I felt a bit of trepidation. How do you explain an obsession? How do you
explain your first orgasm in the second grade, brought on by a passionate
description of cuntlapping, the orgasm so strong, you nearly passed out?
Time goes by and you find yourself a teenager, then collegebound the
obsession growing ever stronger. That you know without being told that it
was "unmanly" to want lick pussy. A chance comment convinces you of this.
Real Men, you are told, do not lick pussy.
 How do you explain the shame. The other guys talk about boning this female
or that one, and you laugh along with them but inside you're wondering what
her pussy tastes like and how much better she would probably like a nice
long cuntlapping session before you slide your boner into her hot, gooey
well prepared channel. How do you explain that you're not doing it so she
will reciprocate, but that licking her pussy for as long as she can stand it
is an end in itself?
You keep your own counsel, keep your obsession to yourself. You dream of
women love to have their pussy licked, riding your face, sliding their
juices all over your face, begging you to lick again and again until they
faint. Your dick gets hard thinking about this, but it's difficult to
explain because it both excites and disgusts you. I tell Kaye bits and
pieces. She looks at me seriously.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of"

I don't tell her I've been living with the shame for most of my life. It
simply seems "part" of the obsession. Mentally I know I have nothing to be
ashamed of. Emotionally and sexually, I'm twisted, and live in a kind of
dread of someone finding out and yet excited at the same time. I'm reminded
of those immortal words of Woody Allen:

"If sex isn't nasty, you're not doing it right."

I feel better when Kaye says it because she likes a skillful pussylicker and
she seems something of a connoisseur and would know a good cuntlapper from a
bad one, or so I like to think. She always seems to know just what to say.

I look at her and smile.

"You taste good."

She sort of blushes.

"Um thanks. We should get going."

"OK" I kissed her pussy, slowly and carefully, mindful of her tender,
sensitive clit.

"J, please. I can't take anymore. Please don't start"

"Ok. I was just saying goodbye."

"Um do you want to fuck me?"

"No Kaye. But it isn't you. I came while I was licking your pussy."

"You did?"


She looked at me speculatively  as she put her panties back on .


 From her that usually means she's got other nasty thoughts in the back of
her head. I decided to test that theory. Before she had a chance to slide
her pants back on, I slid forward and gently nuzzled her cunt.

"What did I .....ah.. I just got That feels good."

She slowly started to hump into my face.

"J, please stop. We have to get out of here. It's getting late."

I sighed reluctantly. She was right. It was getting late.

"OK. OK"

She looked at me sadly as she put on her pants.

"Your face is full of pussy juice"

"Really? I wonder where it came from"

I could smell her all over me, and I wore it with pride. A job well done, a
beautiful woman, well satisfied. Or something like that.
I un-wedged myself from between the seats and wiped as much of her juices
from my face as I could.


"Not really."

She got a moist towelette from the glove compartment.

"Try this"

I swiped most of the dried juice from my face but left a patch just below my
nose so I could 'smell her' just a bit longer. I knew I would go to bed and
probably play with myself reliving our session in the van.
She started up the van and pulled out. The ride was filled with
inconsequential talk until I was nearly home. She pulled over and stopped
with the engine running. The conversation was going into overtime again,
when I started to get the tightness in my solar plexus again.

We'd been talking, somewhat theoretically about pussylicking and how to
teach it. I maintained that I couldn't be the teacher. That the person on
the receiving on had to be the teacher.

"I think you should show me some of the finer points." Laughing her sensual,
throaty laugh.

I smiled to myself. I was thinking that my theory was correct after all and
she really enjoyed our risky sex play earlier in front of the restaurant.

"OK. Turn around here, make a right on 109 and go down 5 blocks."

She followed my directions and at the 5th block I told her to make a left.
We found ourselves on a street filled with huge oak trees laden with leaves.
They very effectively blocked out the street lights creating huge pools of

She found a suitable spot, and wasted no time folding down the bench seat
and shucking off her pants. I stopped to marvel at this. Kaye has a
voluptuous, hourglass figure, with lush erotic curves. I could never figure
out how she managed to get all that lovely woman-flesh into those tight
pants without splitting something.

She broke my reverie "OK show me that trick you were talking about." She had
pulled her sticky panties off, and I felt a strong ripple of anticipation go
through me.

I'm able to curve the sides of my tongue around to make a tube. Perfect for
what I call a double-tongue fuck. I folded my tongue, wrapping it around her
clit and held still while she fucked me.

"Put a finger in. I need something to bear down on. Oh shit. Oh shit Damn."

I was meeting her thrusting but she was getting too excited and was humping
too wildly for me to keep my tongue shaped like a tube. I thought I was
going to tongue fuck and lick her to orgasm again when she stopped me.

"Slide your dick in."

I slid my boner into her hot slick creaminess.

"In good?"

"Yeah. What..."

She opened her legs wide and then jacked her knees almost to her shoulders.

"Jesus Christ Kaye!" It felt incredible. In that one motion she had turned
the somewhat 'straight' tube of her pussy into a tight, curved tube, my cock
trapped. The slightest movement produced waves of pleasure. She lowered her
legs somewhat, but kept that submissive bitch-in-heat pose that men love.
She had me right where she wanted me. I could see it in her face, although
she was striving for an innocent "who me?" expression.
I fucked her as slow as and as deeply as I could because I knows she likes
the cervical stimulation and because I was close to the boiling point
myself.. It was on an instroke that she gripped me hard and 'kegelled' me.

"How does that feel?" She asked slyly.

Christ. I felt a flash flood of extremely intense pleasure ripple through

"I'm having a Religious Experience Kaye. Don't interrupted me." We broke up
in laughter, and I would have lost my erection completely had she not
reminded me by giving a final squeeze.

"J! look at the time. We gotta finish up! Hurry up and cum baby"

I held her legs open, letting her rest them on my shoulders for support. I
thrust rapidly and came quickly and regretfully shooting off all over her
stomach. I knew she hadn't come, and went down on her bringing her off
I think she was a little surprised, but the hour was very late and I had to
get up for work in a few hours.

I helped her clean up the mess and straightened the seat back while she got
dressed again. She drove me back home.

"I had a great time J. Let's do this again."

"OK. I had a great time too Kaye."

I kissed her good night, and as she waited for me to make it inside the
house I remember thinking "Man the tales that minivan could tell!."


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