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This is a cyber-novel based on fantasies I've had since my early
teens.  This is ALL fiction.  I am not - nor have I EVER been - abused
or molested by my parents or any other adult, and I am certainly NOT
involved in kiddie porn in any way, shape or form.  I just want to get
that straight from the beginning, okay.  For those interested, I am a
19 year-old college sophomore majoring in journalism.  I will answer
all e-mails sent to me, but this is just my hobby, okay.  So please
don't ask me for pics or sex-chat or anything.

Okay, here's the first part of my novel.  I'd like to know what anyone

Oh yeah, before I forget -- This story is my property ... not that
anyone would want to steal it, but, hey, who knows what kind of
weirdos are out there.  Oh yeah, adults only, too (yeah, right!)


My Life ... Starring - Me                   by Kari Gold

There's always silence before it starts.  Sometimes I try to imagine
that the silence lasts hours, days, years, even decades.  I'll hold my
breath, filling my lungs with the stillness.  But, then, it breaks.
The quiescence crumbles around the two sharp syllables:


I am out of my body, afloat in the ether, watching the webcam of my
life ....


(This is what it looks like when I go all OBE, which I always do
whenever I hear the word "action.")  - 

A thirteen-year-old girl lies in her bed .. still .. her eyes
squinting in the harsh bright lights.  She has mousy brown hair, fair
skin, freckles, some acne, braces, and the buds of two, egg-sized
breasts.  This morning, the girl is dressed only in a huge Green Bay
Packers jersey.  The green and yellow swaddles her body like a
nightshirt.  She lies on the bed .. still .. for another few seconds
while the camera focuses and gradually zooms in.

"Okay, baby, play with it," a voice instructs from off camera.  "Get
your kitty warmed up.  You know the drill. Show 'em what you got,

The harsh lights descend totally over her body now, devouring it,
exposing and illuminating every blemish, mole and scar.  The girl
keeps squinting, fighting to keep her eyes open.  If she doesn't,
everything will have to be re-shot from the beginning.  Keeping her
eyes open is crucial, the girl knows.  CRUCIAL.  "Courtney's World"
isn't so much about seeing this girl's naked teenage body as it is
about gazing into her naked teenage soul.

The girl scoots up the bottom hem of her jersey and runs her fingers
over her hairless hole.  Her young pussy is dry.  Even the camera
picks this up.  No moisture coats her fingers as they begin strumming
and probing the slit she's forced to keep bald.

Although there is no doubt when you look at her that she's in her
early teens, the girl still forces herself to maintain absolute
youthfulness when she's working.  Sometimes, the girl wears pigtails
and uniforms like the Catholic schoolgirls wear.  Today, however,
she's lucky as far as her wardrobe is concerned - just the big
football jersey she spent the night sleeping in.  This is a no-frills
affair, a live 30-minute webcam remote for the website.  It's the
first day of the month, and the subscribers want their exclusive,
"members only" peek into "Courtney's World."  

"Look at the little cunt play with her pussy," the off-camera voice
comments to the thousands of men and women across the world now
watching these events the very instant they unfold.  "She just woke up
about ten minutes ago, right here in her very own bed in her very own
bedroom.  So she's still a little sleepy, aren't you, baby ..?"

The girl nods groggily.

"In one hour, right after you get done watching her here LIVE in
Courtney's World, she's going to get on the school bus and go to the
local middle school where she's in the eighth grade," the off-camera
voice explains.  "Courtney is a real thirteen-year-old girl - hot,
horny and totally insatiable.  And you get to see it all right here,
for $200 a month, right here on Courtney's World.  Isn't that right,

"Totally," she moans, working her tightness into a lather.

"You heard her, people.  It's time to renew your membership right now,
so you can be here Friday at 8:00 PM to watch a Courtney's World
exclusive - Courtney's FIRST DATE.  You've seen her fuck older men and
women and even older teens, but this time it's different.  Courtney
has a date with a REAL BOY from her school, a boy who doesn't know
ANYTHING about the REAL Courtney or "Courtney's World."  Watch as our
hidden spy cams will show her seducing this unsuspecting
thirteen-year-old boy LIVE!  That's this Friday night, people,
beginning at 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time.  And remember, this is a
pay-per-view exclusive here at "Courtney's World" - that means members
only!  It's $100 an hour, or you can buy the WHOLE DATE package for
$200."  He pauses.  "Are you all excited about your date, baby?" he
redirects his attention back to the girl.

"Mm hmm .." she gurgles, rolling back her eyes and working her fingers
more frantically between her spread, coltish thighs.  By now, her
smooth slot is glistening with all-natural lubrication.  The girl has
grown so skilled at manipulating her nether regions that she can coax
arousal from her young vagina in a matter of minutes, no matter what
distractions surround her.  At the tender age of thirteen, she has
already become a "real pro."  The camera closes in for a close-up
shot, and the microphone picks up the squishy, sloshing sound of her

"That's beautiful, isn't it ..?" the off-camera voice asks the
thousands of men and women connected to the scene via cyberspace.
"Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than that?  I mean really?
Just imagine what she's going to look like on Friday night, taking
some classmate of hers, a thirteen-year-old boy, a virgin boy,
deflowering him, giving him a hard ride into manhood he'll never
forget.  Don't you want to be here to see that, people?"  The voice
pauses.  "You want everyone to here Friday night watching you, don't
you, baby?" the voice asks the girl.

"Mm hmm," the girl groans.  "I like when people watch," she speaks the
words on cue.  This has become her signature line.  "It makes me SO
WET!  I just wish you were all right here with me in my bedroom.  I
wish I could touch you, and stroke you, and lick you, and suck you,
and fuck you.  Mmmm .."

"You need some dick, don't you, baby ..?" the voice asks.

"Yeah, daddy," the girl pouts.  "I like need some hard dick REAL BAD."

"Well, we've got TJ here this morning," the voice laughs.  The camera
now spins around, leaving the bed and focusing on a desk in the right
corner of the room.  A VERY muscular man in his early-to-mid twenties
is leaning against the desk.  Over his face, he is wearing a rubber
Richard Nixon mask to hide his features.  He is dressed only in a pair
of boxers.  The bulge below his ripped abs is quite prominent.    "How
does that sound?" the voice asks.

"Yeah," the girl yips off-camera.  "Hi, TJ ..!" she coos.

"He's hot, isn't he?" the voice asks.

"Mm hmm .." the girl answers.  "I wish he didn't have to wear that
stupid mask, though.  He looks almost exactly like Brad Pitt," she

"How big is your package again, TJ?" the voice asks.

"Over 8 inches," TJ answers.  With a cocky smile, he strokes his meat
through his boxers.

"You ready to fuck this little thirteen-year-old cunt here?" the voice
asks him.

"I've been ready since I got here," TJ replies.  The camera now
follows him as he leaves the desk and moves towards the bed.

"In case you're wondering, TJ is a male dancer and a personal trainer.
You've even done some professional wrestling, haven't you ..?"

"Yep," he answers.  "I'm trying to break in there."

"The missus met him at a bachelorette party the other night," the
off-camera voice explains.  "Isn't that right?"

"Yeah," TJ answers, looking into the camera as he sits on the edge of
the bed.  He is now three feet from where the girl is lying, legs
spread, her bald pussy splayed.  "At first I thought you guys were
just fucking around with this shit," he laughed.  "But I mean look at
her!" he points to the girl.  She pulls herself up and crawls over to
him.  "This is the REAL motherfucking DEAL here!"

"Have you ever had pussy this young before, man?" the voice asks.

"No way," TJ shakes his head.  "I mean not since I was in like junior
high school.  And even then, I don't think I ever did a girl this

"Do you think she's hot?" the voice asks.

"Fuck yeah," TJ answers.  "You're beautiful, honey.  Just look at you.
Fuck, man, this is unbelievable.  I mean just look at her.  You guys
weren't fucking kidding.  Just look how SWEET she is."  He laughs.
"You're my little girlfriend, aren't you ..?" he asks, chucking her

The girl nods and wraps her slender, pale arms around his tanned,
chiseled chest.  TJ stoops to return her hug, as she nestles her thin
adolescent body up against his bulked-out physique.  Wrapped in his
arms, she looks even skinnier and younger than she is.  She presses
her face against his Richard Nixon mask, and through the mouth hole
his tongue snakes out.  They lock in an embrace, and he smothers her
with his massive body and hungry mouth.

"Fuck .." TJ repeatedly gasps while they make out.  "You are so sweet
... FUCK!"  Slowly, the girl begins working her busy mouth down his
neck, gradually licking every contour of his muscular body: his pecs,
abs, 'ceps.

"So you think this little cunt is hot, then, huh ..?" the voice asks.

"Man, she is HOTTER THAN HOT!" TJ replies.  The girl makes him inhale
sharply and squirm, swizzling her tongue below his abs, running her
lips and teeth along the elastic waistband of his boxers.

"Go on and dig for that bone, baby," the off-camera voice snaps at the
girl.  Suddenly a fat, hairy hand appears off camera and smacks the
girl's ass .. hard.

The girl grunts as the rough hand now spreads apart her smooth, slick
slot.  In seconds, the hand's fingers are soaked with her fresh,
pubescent juices.  The hand then uses her lubrication.  Two stubby
fingers slice into her hairless hole, and a pudgy thumb burrows into
her puckering pooper.  She grunts again.  The hand alternates between
finger fucking her two holes and delivering harsh, ruthless SWATS to
her bony, slightly boyish buttocks.

With the jersey lifted up past her belly now, it becomes even more
apparent how thin and young the girl is.  Her ribs and the ridges of
her spinal column are clearly visible beneath her alabaster skin.  Due
to her strict diet, the girl possesses not one excess ounce of body

The camera skims over her tight, trim body and refocuses on TJ.  In
the background, the sloshing and slapping of the hand can still be
heard, providing a brutal rhythm to the frantic bob of the girl's

The girl's mouth is inhaling TJ's hard meat.  At the same time, the
hung hunk is thrusting his muscular hips upward at a furious face.
His long, straight, thick cock bounces up and down like a pogo stick
between her gaping jaws.  Her straining lips can barely keep control
of his cock, and with every sixth or seventh stroke the girl's mouth
loses her prize.  TJ's dick then spills out.  The inflamed cock
smashes up against her cheeks, poking her in the nose and eyes.  His
bloated ball sack slaps her chin.

"Don't lose that bone, cunt!" the off-camera voice snaps.  Then the
hand stops tenderizing her privates and reaches up to the base of her
skull.  The fingers intertwine with her hair.  The hand yanks hard,
snapping her head back.  "Come on, baby, fetch that bone!"  The hand
then drives her head back to TJ's crotch, steering her mouth over the
body-builder's swollen glans.  The girl gulps a big breath of air, and
the hand slams her skull down around TJ's cock shaft.  An instant
later, the girl's gagging throat is impaled on eight, steely inches of
rampant cock.  "One, two, three, four, five, six .." the off-camera
voice begins counting off.

"SHIT!" TJ howls.  The sensation of the girl's choking, constricting
throat is massaging his cock shaft to an almost unbearable state of
ecstasy.  "FUCK!"

"Twelve, thirteen," the off-camera voice drones, then stops for a
second.  "She can take this for over a minute," the voice explains to
TJ and the thousands of cyber-voyeurs viewing the spectacle.  "She
started training at an early age."

"Fuck, man .. that feels .. I ain't never ever felt .. FUCK!" TJ

"Eighteen, nineteen ..." the voice drones on.  "Open your eyes, cunt!"
the voice says between counting numbers.

The girl struggles to open her eyes.  She looks into the camera.  She
knows the drill.  This is what the subscribers pay to see - her
thirteen-year-old soul getting fucked.  She smiles around the fleshy
log parked in her windpipe.

They love when the girl smiles.  It makes them feel good about
themselves, like they really aren't sick, voyeuristic vultures
circling cyber-prey.

"See, she likes it," the voice reassures TJ along with the faceless
thousands witnessing this depraved act.  "Look at that smile.  She's a
born cock-junkie.  You can't fake that kind of enthusiasm, people.  No
way!  Just look at that smile."

The girl's smile is GOLD.  Her smile is what makes the website
subscribers pay their $200 a month, and then shell out extra cash for
all the "special events" that "Courtney's World" is always offering.
Today she knows she must sell the BIG EVENT coming up on Friday,
"Courtney's First Date."  "Courtney's World" is hoping to net at least
a quarter of a million or more on this venture. 

"She likes that, huh ..?" TJ gasps.  Inside the eyeholes of the
Richard Nixon mask, his pupils fixate on the girl's ghastly smile.

"She lives for hard cock," the voice explains.  "That's why I have to
get all you young studs in here all the time.  She's too much for her
old man to handle anymore.  Ever since she hit puberty, it's like she
fucking NEEDS dick 24-hours a day."  The voice now eases up his hand,
allowing the girl to slide back her head.  "Um, she needs to get ready
for school in a couple of minutes here.  Do you mind just finishing
her off with a good fucking?"

"Sure," TJ answers, pushing the girl away gently.  She lovingly
smooches the tip of his cock-head.  A cascade of her spit and his
pre-cum slobbers out of her slack, gasping mouth.  The white froth
bubbles and fizzes, collecting in a puddle on the hunk's six-pack
stomach.  "No problem," TJ sighs, reveling in the girl's adoration.
"How do you want me to do her?"

"From behind," the voice replies.  The hand pats the bed.  "Get on all
fours right here, baby," the voice instructs the girl.  "Do you want
her ass or pussy?" the voice asks TJ.  "I got both of them primed and
ready to go."

"Can she really take me up the ass?" TJ asks, absent-mindedly stroking
his cock in preparation for his assault.  "I mean she's so young  .."

"She's had bigger than you up there," the voice chuckles, slapping the
girl playfully on her rear end.  "Like I said, she's been training
since she was ..what .. eight, honey?"

"Yeah," the girl answers.  "Eight."  She assumes the position on her
hands and knees, anticipating the invasion and anxiously diddling her

"What's the biggest you've had up your butt, baby?" the voice asks.
The hand gives TJ a bottle of WET lubricant and a wrapped condom.

"Um .. that one guy .. he was like 11 inches, remember ..?" the girl

"Oh, yeah," the voice replies.  "How could I forget him?"

"Mmmm .." she closes her eyes and sighs dreamily.  "That really hurt
at first, but after awhile it was pure heaven."

"Didn't you faint then?" the voice asks.

"Mm hmm .." she giggles.  "It was too much .. too much pleasure."

"This guy was HUNG!" the voice explains as TJ slides on the condom.
"Where did we get him from again, honey?"

"Mom met him on a call or something, didn't she ..?" the girl answers.

"Yeah, that's it," the voice answers.  "My wife does escorting," the
voice explains to TJ and any newbies in the cyber-audience.  "This guy
was like in his sixties or something.  He was a lawyer, wasn't he ..?"

"Yeah," the girl answers.

"Some of you older members out there remember this, I'm sure," the
voice laughs.  "This guys was in great shape for a guy his age.
Wasn't he, baby ..?"  The girl nods.  "He was good looking, too.
Reminded me of William Shatner, kind of.  Anyway, when my wife met
him, she knew we just had to have him for Courtney.  So he came over
and fucked her raw, didn't he honey ..?"  The girl nods again,
plastering a dumb, giddy smile across her face.  "We weren't going to
do any ass-work with him, but Courtney insisted.  Didn't you, baby?"

"Yeah," the girl answers blissfully, her eyes telling everyone that
she is positively relishing this memory.  "I wanted that big beautiful
cock crammed up my tight twelve-year-old butt!"

"So we prepped her ass for like .. what .. twenty minutes?" the voice
laughs, and the girl keeps nodding.  "Every time he stuck it in her,
she would squeal in pain.  I mean this thing was like a baseball bat.
Remember, honey?"  The girl keeps nodding and playing with her pussy.
"She was bawling her eyes out the whole time, but she hung in there,
didn't you, baby?  She just wanted that big dick up her ass so bad."

"I didn't want it, daddy," she laughed.  "I NEEDED it.  All us little
sluts NEED it.  We ALL need big cocks shoved up our tight asses.
Ooooooo ... That's our big secret, you know" she giggles into the
camera as it zooms in for a close up.  "ALL us young girls, we ALL
just want cock.  It's just that most girls my age are afraid to ask
all you guys to give it to us.  I am like SO LUCKY to be me, and live
in Courtney's World, where all my dreams can cum true.  Are you going
to cum over here and fuck me now, TJ.  I NEED that big, thick cock up
my ass like NOW!"

"Sure .." TJ crawls over her and positions himself to mount her from
behind.  "You sure this isn't going to hurt ..?" he asks both the girl
and the voice.

"Oh, it'll HURT!" the girl giggles.  "It'll HURT LIKE A MOTHER-FUCKER!
But that's what ALL us young cunts need to put us in our place.  We're
all just brats who NEED to be disciplined with a big hard cock.
That's why we wear all those belly shirts and tight leather pants.  We
want to be hurt.  Just like that song says, the one daddy always plays
when I'm fucking,  Play the song, daddy.  Please," the girl whines.

Suddenly a boom box starts blasting a CD, a remake of John Cougar's
"Hurts So Good" recorded by fifteen-year-old pop sensation Trishy
Tanka.  As the girl starts singing along, TJ wedges his engorged glans
against the squirming girl's greased sphincter.  As the camera swoops
in circles over the bed, the lens catches every angle of the girl's
assault.  Her face contorts in ecstatic agony, her twisted mouth
continuing to sing along with the song:

"Hurts so good, c'mon, baby, make it hurt so good.  Sometimes love
don't feel like it should .. Hurts so good .."

"Back up on that bone, baby," the voice drowns out the girl and the
CD.  The hand reaches out to smack her HARD on the ass.  "Show
everyone how much you need that cock, you little thirteen-year-old cum

After another HARD smack, the girl begins grinding her hips in
earnest.  Her body begins writhing obscenely, matching the slashing
rhythm of the song.  She forces herself back, inch by excruciating
inch over the stud's penile pipe.  Whenever he lunges forward, her
whole body quakes.  She continues grinding and grunting back on the
large cock, intent on swallowing every last millimeter inside her
narrow yet malleable ass.

"How's she fucking, man?" the voice asks TJ over the rising pitch of
the girl's bleating.

"Like a FUCKING DREAM!" TJ howls.  "I can't FUCKING BELIEVE this TIGHT

"When you get her loosened up enough, just RIP her!" the voice tells
TJ.  "Show that thirteen-year-old ass NO FUCKING MERCY, you got me ..?
fucking can, do you hear me ..?  Right now, there are thousands of
people across the world watching this, wishing they were you and
fucking this prime piece of TEENAGE ass.  For all of them, man, FUCK
HER ASS!  Don't let us down, man!  Fuck that thirteen-year-old ass
'til she cries, man.  Drive that cock of yours so far into her shit
hole that the head pops out her bratty teenage mouth.  Fuck her fetal,
man.  Give the little cunt what she and every other little teenage
cunt NEEDS!  Cave that ass in, man.  Fuck her .. FUCK her .. FUCK

When the voice stops, the music suddenly ends, too.  Suddenly, the
only sound left is the pulverizing pulse of TJ's cock pumping full
throttle into the girl's blasted butt.  Her squeals are now merely
mewling whimpers, barely audible.

Spurred on by the voice, TJ fucks the stuffing out of the young girl's
limp body.  The hung hunk now cares nothing about the soul inside the
girl's battered shell.  He has been transformed into a snarling
animal, rutting her anal cavity with his fuck tusk, gutting her
entrails.  Blood bathes his latex-sheathed cock, but he doesn't care.
If anything, he batters into her even harder, faster.

"Grab her by the hair and yank her neck back as hard as you can when
you fell yourself cumming," the voice instructs TJ.  "She's been
trained to respond to that.  If you time it just right, she'll cum
right when you do.  And you've GOT to experience that, man.  This
little slut goes absolutely epileptic,"

TJ knits his brow and thrashes the girl's ass intently.  His body is
quivering and quaking with pent-up lava.  Suddenly, when he can hold
back no longer, TJ does as the voice has suggested.  He grabs a hank
of the girl's hair and yanks her head back .. HARD!  If he was in any
other state of mind, he might have been concerned about injuring the
girl, possibly even killing her.

But right now, it's all about the cock, all about the cum.  For TJ,
this is the MONSTER FUCK of an entire lifetime FILLED with so-called
monster fucks.  Nothing has ever prepared him for the ungodly
sensations he is experiencing now with this thirteen-year-old
fuck-toy.  He snaps her head back again with another violent jerk.
The second time is the charm, and suddenly her whole, skinny,
thrashing body just EXPLODES!

The girl's spasms are so violent that she bounces both their sweaty
bodies across the length of the bed.  She writhes about so wildly that
at first it seems she will shake free from the muscular man and toss
him aside like a rag doll.  But then you notice her slender, almost
boyish ass.  It is gripping around TJ's cock like a vise.  Her
sphincter is strangling the neck of his dick and milking every
available sperm from his testicles.

Instinctively, TJ raps his muscular arms about the girl, enveloping
her twitching body in his over-powering strength.  For the next
minute, the camera just focuses in on the girl's epileptic cum-throes.
Both the girl and TJ are bathed in the sweat of their struggle.  She
bites his arms and draws blood.  He presses his biceps and triceps
around her, trying so hard to squeeze the fight out of her that it
seems he will crack her ribs or crush her spine.

Finally, however, her fuck quake subsides into a mere succession of
herky-jerky aftershocks.  Three minutes after her climax, she finally
slumps over into the puddle of their sweat and fuck juices.  While she
gasps for air, the camera zooms in on her blissed-out face.

"How was that, baby?" the voice asks.  "Did he fuck your
thirteen-year-old ass good?"

"Oh, dad," she sighs.  "You can be such a dork sometimes."

"Let's take a look at that cock," the voice moves the camera back
along the girl's quivering spine, refocusing on the point where TJ's
cock joins the girl's pulverized poop pipe.  "Slide that out easy,
man," the voice tells TJ.  "Don't rip that rubber.  We don't have time
to dig it out of her ass.  She's got to get ready for school, you

"Fuck look at this," TJ finally recovers his senses as he slides his
latex-lined dick out from the girl's blasted butt.  He is referring to
the mixture of blood and feces that coats the condom.  "Fuck .."

"Slide that rubber off your dick and give it to her," the voice tells

"What?" TJ asks, stupefied.

"Put it in her mouth," the voice tells him.  "She loves this shit.
She chews it up like bubble gum.  Isn't that right, baby ..?"

"Yeah," the girl's giggles.  "Give me your rubber, TJ.  Please .." she

TJ peels off the cum-filled condom then deposits it inside the girl's
mouth.  A second later, she's chewing it like bubble gum - cum, blood,
loose feces and all.  TJ and the camera watch the girl's smiling face
with awe.

"So was my wife right, or was she right?" the voice finally asks.

"Fucking unbelievable," TJ just gasps to himself.  "She is fucking

"So, you've NEVER fucked a thirteen-year-old girl before?" the voice

"No .. I mean like I said before, not since I was in junior high
school.  And it was NEVER like that.  I ain't NEVER fucked anyone like
that before .. EVER!  Honey, you are THE hottest girl I have ever
seen."  He strokes the girl's hair, petting her like a kitten while
she purrs and snuggles against his muscular body.  "You want to go
again?" he asks, playfully squeezing her tit-nubs through the
oversized Green Bay Packers jersey she is still wearing.

"Daddy, can we?" the girl begs the camera.

"Unfortunately, play time's just about over.  And you have to go to
school, young lady," the voice tells her.  "Now go hop in the shower,
and we'll be in there in a moment for the wrap up, okay ..?"

"Dad ..?!" the girl whines.

"Courtney!" the voice snaps.

"Okay," she sighs.  The girl picks herself up from the bed, and the
camera follows her wiggling ass across the room, out the doorway, and
into the hall.  "Mom!" she screams before entering a door to her
right.  "Can you get my clothes out of the dryer?!"

"So what did you think?" the voice asks TJ.  The camera leaves the
hall and turns back to the hung hunk.  In the background we can hear
the girl's and her mother's loud voices.

"Like I said, man, UNBELIEVABLE," TJ answers.  "You've got a sweet
deal running here, you know."

"Are you going to register as a member on Courtney's World?" the voice

"Fuck YEAH!" TJ responds.

"How about the special event on Friday?" the voice asks.  "Courtney's
First Date ..?"

"I'm there, man," TJ laughs.  "I mean sign me the fuck up for that.
Hell, sign me up for a lifetime fucking membership while you're at

"You're hooked, then, huh?" the voice laughs.

"Man, I ain't hooked," TJ answers.  "I'm addicted.  When can I come
back and get me some more of that?"

"I'll see when we can work you in?" the voice replies.  "Can you do
gangbangs?  I'd love to pair you up with some of her other really hung
regulars.  We haven't done a gangbang since her birthday party.  And
frankly, I think the little slut needs it.  You're okay with that
whole scene, aren't you ..?"

"Sure, man, I can handle that."

"I was thinking of maybe doing a special event to coincide with the
halftime of the Super Bowl," the voice explains.  "Courtney Lays a Ten
Yards of Cock.  I've already got over twenty guys lined up, and I'm
almost halfway there .."

"Cool, man, sign me up," TJ chuckles.

"You still horny?" the voice asks.

"Yeah, can I have another round with Courtney?"

"No, but my wife is downstairs," the voice replies.  "And I'm sure
she'll give you a throw."

"Cool," TJ stands up, waves to the camera, and heads out the door
still wearing his Richard Nixon mask.  Seconds later, the camera also
stands up and heads out the door, turning into the bathroom where the
girl entered a minute or so earlier.

"Hey, honey .." the voice greets the girl.

The girl is standing in the shower, covered in soap, carefully washing
her privates with a crimson-tinged washcloth.  She smiles at the
camera.  "Hi, dad!" she squeaks.  The whole time she talks, she
continues washing herself - her whole body, every nook and cranny.

"How was he?"

"Awesome," the girl gushes.  "What a hottie!"

"He liked you a lot, too," the voice laughs.  "And he fucked you

"Better than good, dad," the girl wrinkles her nose.  "He rocked my
world.  Oooooogghhh!"

"So, are you ready for your big First Date on Friday night?"

"Yes, dad .." she sighs.

"Why don't you tell everyone about the big special for our last few
minutes ..?"

"Like what, dad ..?"

"Well, tell us about the boy first."

"His name is Tyler," she grins.

"Is he cute?"

"Yes, dad.  He's VERY cute."

"And how did you meet him?"

"At school.  He's in two of my classes."

"And how did he ask you out?"

"My friend, Amber, she told his friend Paul that I thought he was
cute.  And Paul told Tyler, and he asked me out."

"And what are you going to be doing on your date?"

"He's coming over here to watch movies," the girl giggles.  "I told
him my parents were going to be gone all night, and he could come
over.  He was all about that," the girl grins.

"So, Tyler thinks he's going to get some, eh ..?"

"Yeah .. I guess .."

"Did you tell him he was?"


"Well, did you?"

"I .. hinted," she smiled mischievously.

"What did you tell him exactly?  Enquiring minds want to know."

"I told him to come prepared," she tittered.  "You know .."

"You told him to bring rubbers?"

"No way, dad," she laughs.  "Not like that.  I don't want him to think
I'm a total slut.  Some guys don't like that."

"What guys?" the voice laughs.


"So he thinks he's going to get something, but he just doesn't know
what, eh ..?"

"Mm hmm .."

"Is he a virgin?  Do you know?"

"I'm pretty sure he is, I mean with fucking and everything.  He was
going out with Angie Buckley last year, but they only got to second

"And what's second base these days?' the voice asks.

"He sucked her tits, and she gave him a hand-job," the girl answers.
"At least that's what she told Nancy Vetrone."

"So you're pretty sure he's a virgin, then?"

"Mm hmm .."

"And how far do you want to go with him?"

"I want to fuck his brains out, dad!" she laughed.  "I mean that's the
whole point, isn't it ..?"

"Are you nervous at all?"

"Well, yeah, kind of .."

"You mean to say that you're nervous going out with some
thirteen-year-old boy when you've been fucking hot older guys like TJ
for ..what .. five years now?"

"It's like way different, dad.  This is a boy from school and
everything.  And I've never been with a guy my age before, except when
I was ten, and we did those videos with Nathan."

"For those of you who weren't with us back then," the voice explains.
"Nathan was a little black boy we met on the internet through his
foster parents.  The pics and mpegs from those shoots are still
available on the site in the archives section.  Nate's gone on to
bigger and better things, too, now with his own site on The Circuit.
And he's got a REAL big cock now, too, doesn't he, honey ..?"

"Yeah," the girl sighs, spreading her hands twelve inches apart.  "A
foot long .." she sighs again.  "He was such a good lay, even back
then when he was only 8 inches.  I bet he's awesome now.  I wish he'd
quit doing all that gay stuff, though.  I'd really like to see him
fuck some pussy with that big ol' thang'," the girl giggles.
"Especially mine."

"We're working on that, honey," the voice consoles her.  "He's in a
lot of demand out on the West Coast right now.  But his handlers
assure me they'll be touring him through the Midwest in the spring,
and Courtney's World is at the top of the list, okay ..?"

"We'd better be," the girl pouts.  "I want that big black dick of his
daddy.  I want to show him that I've learned a few things, too."

"I have an idea.  Why don't you pretend Tyler is Nate on Friday

"Dad?!" she laughs, "I don't want to scare him off."

"Well, I'll let you finish up in here, and we'll see you downstairs."

The camera exits the bathroom and walks down the stairs into the
family room.  Gradually, the sound of moans and groans grow louder as
the camera works it's way into the back of the house.  "Sounds like
the missus is having some fun," the voice chuckles as the camera shot
enters the kitchen.

A trim, bleached blonde woman in her forties sits astride TJ's cock.
She pounds herself down around his shaft, smoking a cigarette as she
humps the young, muscular stud.  "You fucked my daughter, huh ..?" the
woman badgers TJ.  "You fucked her thirteen-year-old ass hard, didn't
you ..?"

"Yes," TJ gasps.

"They ought to string up fucking child molesters like you and cut your
dicks off, you know that ..?"  The woman spits in TJ's eyes.

"Yes .."

"So how was that thirteen-year-old ass, huh, you fucking pervert?" the
woman asks again, aware now that she's on camera.   "How was it?"

"Awesome," TJ grunts.

"I'll show you awesome, you sick fucking pervert," the woman harasses
TJ as she slams down on his shaft.  "How's this for awesome?"

"Fuck .. fuck .." TJ gasps while the woman presses down her fists hard
into his chest.  As he fights for air, she picks up her frenetic pace.
Seconds later, she is fucking the wind out of the muscular stud, and
he is gurgling for air.

For the next ten minutes or so, the camera records ever stroke of the
brutal fuck scene.  Courtney's World isn't just about the girl.  It's
about her perverted mother, too - Miranda, the Soccer Mom Slut.

"Bye mom, bye dad!" The girl suddenly calls out from the living room,
her voice coinciding with her own mother's thrashing climax.   "The
bus is out front.  I've got to run."

The camera leaves the kitchen and sprints into the living room.  It
stops at the front window and films the girl as she dashes to catch
the bus.  The camera blurs the shot slightly to obscure the writing on
the side of the school bus and any neighborhood landmarks that might
be identifiable.

"And that's all for today," the voice announces.  "For Courtney's
World, this is Big Daddy signing off."

.... My consciousness drifts outside the shores of my flesh, like a
sailboat afloat in a peaceful lake.  From the deck of my soul, I can
watch whatever happens and not feel a thing.  And when it's all over,
I just glide home into port, docking back inside my head and weighing
anchor in my brain ...

I finish reading and look up.  My English teacher, Miss Moyer, stares
at me, her jaws agape.  No one else in the class could care less,
though.  Even my best friend, Lori Pearson, is just staring blankly
off into space.  I guess my story is kind of long.

"That's beautiful, Cathy," Miss Moyer finally speaks.  "Absolutely
beautiful .."

"I don't get it?" Renee Scruggs sneers.  "It didn't make any sense.  I
mean what the heck kind of story was that?  Nothing happened."

"On the contrary, Renee," Miss Moyer observes.  "A lot happened ..
inside the narrator's mind."

"But she didn't even tell us where she was or what she was doing,"
Darren Moore cuts in.

"You're supposed to use your imagination, stupid," Lori finally comes
to my defense.  It's about time, too.  I mean she is supposed to be my
best friend and everything.

"Lori's right," Miss Moyer adds.  "Cathy's story is about traveling
outside her own body .. her soul floating about, unfettered, with
nothing to tie her to this world, the material world, the here and
now.  It's about feeling and being intangible.  This could be
happening anywhere or at any time - the bus ride home, while you're
out with friends, even when you're sitting right here in class."  Her
eyes twinkle.  "Judging by the looks in some of your eyes while she
was reading, she was describing exactly where your minds were at."

The bell rings and everyone starts shuffling out of their desks.

"I want you to read chapter eight in your composition books tonight
and come prepared with another story tomorrow.  This one will be a
descriptive piece about a member of your family .."  She calls to the
backs of the students as they file out the door ahead of me.  "Cathy
.." she singles me out just as I am about to reach the doorway.

I stop and turn back towards her.  Lori halts, too.

"Can I speak with Cathy in private a second?" Miss Moyer asks Lori.

My best friend nods.

"Wait, okay ..?" I ask Lori.  She nods again and moves into the
hallway, closing the door behind her.  I turn back to Miss Moyer.  "Is
everything all right, Miss Moyer?" I ask her.

"You tell me," the teacher smiles.

"Um, yeah, everything is fine.  Why?"

"This is the second time you haven't followed the writing assignment
this week, Cathy."  Miss Moyer arches her eyebrows.  "You were
supposed to write a one page story about something you did yesterday,
using concrete details .."  She stresses the words 'concrete' and
'details.'  "What you wrote was exceptionally beautiful, but you
didn't follow the assignment again.  I can't keep giving you A's just
because you write so well, Cathy.  You really do need to follow the
assignments.  Part of education is learning structure.  You have
plenty of opportunities in here to express yourself freely in both
verbal and written form.  But when I assign a composition out of the
book, I expect the instructions to be followed.  Do you understand

"Yes, Miss Moyer, but .."

"But what?"

"Never mind," I back off.  I mean how can I even try to explain why I
didn't write the assignment with concrete details?  "I'll try harder
tonight.  I promise."  This time, I'll just make something up.

"It's not a question of your trying, Cathy," Miss Moyer's face
softens.  "You always try very hard, harder than just about any
student I've ever had.  What you need to work on is discipline.  You
need to start doing what other people tell you to do sometimes.  Life
is not always about doing what you want.  I'm sure your parents have
taught you that.  I know it seems to you at your age that adults don't
know what's going on, and that they can't possibly understand you.
But we do, Cathy.  We've been there ourselves, and sometimes when we
give you instructions to follow it's for your own good .. to help you
develop into a mature adult.  Do you understand what I'm saying,

"Yes, Miss Moyer," I look in her eyes to demonstrate my contrite
sincerity.  "Can I go now.  I'm going to be late."

"Go on," she waves me out the door.  As I leave, students begin filing
in for the next period class.

"Did you get in trouble?" Lori asks as I file into step beside her.

"No, not really .."

"Good," Lori smiles.  "Although I have no idea WHAT your story was
about in there.  Are you like on drugs or something?"

"Funny .." I shoot back.  "I gotta fly.  C'ya!"  I sprint off down the
100 Hall to my history class.


"Can I talk to you a sec?" Paul Wendling asks.  It's sixth period now,
and I'm sitting at the lunch table waiting for Amber Hall and Darcy

"Yeah," I smile.  "What's up?"  Paul - along with Amber -- is the one
who fixed me up with Tyler.  I owe him, BIG TIME!

"It's about Tyler .." he begins, then stops.

"What about Tyler?"  Suddenly my stomach opens up like quicksand.
Something in Paul's voice tells me this serious, VERY serious.

"He .. he's .."

"What?  Tell me!"

"He doesn't want to go out with you on Friday, okay ..?"

"What do you mean he doesn't want to go out with me?"

"He just doesn't, okay ..?"


"Because he only likes you as a friend, okay ..?" Paul is speaking
fast, like he wants to get out of there as soon as possible.

"A friend?"

"He .. he likes Chrissy Montana," Paul blurts.  "He .. he only wanted
to hang out with you as a friend, okay ..?  He didn't know you wanted
to get serious.  Then I guess you said something to him yesterday, and
he .. He told me to talk to you.  He's sorry.  He doesn't want to hurt
your feelings or anything.  He just didn't think you thought he was
serious, you know about 'going out' going out.  He thought you knew
that, that you guys were just friends .."

"Oh .. I didn't .." I have no idea what to say.  "Tell him it's cool,
okay ..?  I understand."

"He's just really into Chrissy Montana," Paul adds.  "It's like
nothing personal.  Okay ..?"

"Sure .."

He gets up and leaves just as Amber and Darcy walk up.  They nod to
him before he goes back to his table.

"What was that about?" Amber asks.

"Tyler sent Paul over to dump me," I tell them.

"What?" Amber exclaims.

"No way," Darcy adds.

"What an asshole!" Amber fumes.  "He told Paul he liked you.  Paul
wouldn't lie to me about that."

"Well, obviously he did because Tyler is in LOVE with Chrissy fucking

"Chrissy Montana can kiss my ass," Darcy spits.  "I hate that fucking
preppy bitch.  What the fuck do guys see in her in the first place?"

"You are so much more TOTALLY better looking than her," Amber assures

"TOTALLY," Darcy adds.

"You know I'm not," I look away from them so they can't see me crying.
I don't know where the tears are coming from.  They just kind of snuck
up on me.

"You are too," Amber protests.

"Okay, then, if I'm so much hotter than her, then why does she have
like EVERY guy in school chasing her around, and I haven't had like
one date .. EVER?!"

"'Coz guys are assholes ..?" Darcy answers.

"All they look at is a girl's tits and face and ass and stuff," Amber

"So Chrissy Montana IS better looking than me, then ..?" I shoot back
in triumph.  I know they're lying to me.  I'm not better looking than
anyone.  With my mousy hair and skinny body and braces, I look like a
freak ..a fucking freak.

"She is not better looking than you," Amber argues back desperately.

"But she does have a better face, tits and ass than I do, right ..?"

"We didn't say that," Amber protests.

"You just said that guys only look at a girl's face, tits and ass, and
that's why they all like Chrissy better than me.  Well, that must mean
that they think she's better looking than me.  And if guys think she's
better looking, then she is.  Period!"  My logic is irrefutable, and I
momentarily bask in my hollow victory.

 "Well maybe to guys she is .." Darcy concedes.

"Maybe I should become a lesbo then?" I joke grimly.

"Yeah, then YOU could chase after Chrissy Montana, too," Amber
snickers.  Suddenly we're all laughing, but it's tinny, like the laugh
track from a lame sitcom.


"This CAN'T be happening!" my dad booms.  He throws his hands up in
the air.  "This just can't be happening to me."

"BOB!" my mom snaps at him.  "Would you just .."

"No, I won't JUST do anything," my dad hollers back.  "Do you know how
much publicity we've done on this?  Do you have any idea how many new
subscribers we've signed up since we started promoting this?  Do you
have any idea how MANY people ACROSS THE WORLD have pre-purchased
Courtney's First Date this Friday night?  Do you have any idea HOW
MUCH MONEY we're talking here?  We're not talking thousands, babe, not
even hundreds of thousands.  We're talking over $1,000,000 gross here!
Minus Reza's cut, that nets us - you, me, Cathy, this ENTIRE family -
half a million dollars .. TAX FREE!  Half a mill, babe!  HALF A MILL!"

I burst out in tears again.  I can't help it.  Not only was I DUMPED
by Tyler this afternoon, but now I have to share every humiliating
detail with my parents .. MY PARENTS!  And, to top it all off, my
being the world's BIGGEST, UGLIEST LOSER CHICK EVER is going to cost
my family HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!  This can't be happening!  But it
is, and it's ALL happening to me - Cathy Dewers, the world's biggest,
ugliest loser chick of ALL TIME!

"My God, Bob, would you just listen to yourself?" my mom raises her
voice now, too.  "Our baby daughter is sitting here, crying her eyes
out, heartbroken, and all you can think of is money!  What kind of
monster are you?  What has this whole thing done to you?  Look at our
daughter, Bob!  Look at her!"

My dad tries to turn away and ignore my mom's ranting, but he can't.
She grabs his face between her clenched fingers and jerks his head so
he has to look at me.  When we peer into each other's eyes, I unleash
another fit of tears.  I can't help it, and I can't stop.

"I'm so sorry, dad .." I bawl like I did when I was I baby and I knew
I'd done something wrong.  "I'm SUCH a loser!"

"You are NOT a loser, Cat," my mother scolds me.  "Tell her, Robert.
Tell your daughter she is NOT a loser."

"You're not a loser, baby," my dad sighs.  "I'm the loser here.  I'm
the one who blew this.  I'm the one who didn't plan on the
contingencies .."

"GOD DAMN YOU, ROBERT!" my mom howls.  "Do you even know WHY our
daughter is crying?  Do you even have ANY IDEA what she's going
through.  This isn't about contingencies or proper planning.  This
isn't about YOU, either.  This is about our baby and her pain .. HER
pain!  Do you hear me?  HER PAIN!"

"I'm sorry," my dad starts.  "I didn't mean to suggest that the money
was important than Cat's feelings .."

"Well you did, ROBERT!"  Now it's my mom's turn to interrupt.  "Our
daughter gets her heart broken, and all you can scream about is the
money you're going to lose."

"That's not what I meant, baby," my dad is suddenly begging me to
understand him.  "I know I said those words, but that's not what I
meant .."

"Yes, it is," I spit back at him.  "Everything you said is true.  I'm
a big fat loser, and I cost us all half-a-million dollars because I'm
stupid, ugly loser."

"Honey, you are certainly NOT a loser," my dad implores, shaking his
head.  "You have the single most successful youth-oriented porn-site
on the worldwide web.  Last year, you made this family over $1,000,000
because of YOUR site.  Because of you, we live in this house, own
three cars and an investment portfolio that'd be the envy of Bill
fucking Gates.  And, when you turn 18, you're going to be able to name
your college - Harvard, Oxford, the Sorbonne, anywhere you choose --
and you're going drive up to the front gate in your own brand-new,
cherry red Porsche.  And, when you graduate from college, you'll be
able to live anywhere you want in the world, and do anything your
heart desires.  You're the farthest thing in the world from being a
loser, Cat.  My God, you're smart; no, make that brilliant.  Look
around you.  This is what you've built.  Courtney's World was your
dream, and you made it happen.  YOU!  Now get out of this frame of
mind immediately, and let's work on solving this problem the way we
always do - as a family!"

He's right, absolutely right.  But I don't want to hear a pep talk
now.  I'm not Courtney Star, teenage porn goddess.  I'm Cathy Dewers,
and a boy I really, REALLY like just dumped me for some air-headed,
big-titted, preppy bitch.  Life isn't Courtney's World!  That's just
some bullshit fantasyland I created, where everybody loves me and I
can have fun all day, and no one gets hurt .. ESPECIALLY ME!

Why can't dad understand that?  Why can't he just let me be real

I break out in another round of tears, and this time I punctuate my
weeping with a fitful dash upstairs.  In seconds, I'm slamming the
door to my room and hurling myself atop my soft queen-sized bed.
Submerging myself beneath the clean sheets, cozy blankets and fluffy
pillows, I just keep crying, drowning myself in the moment.

How did it ever get this way?  What did I do wrong?  How can I fix it
... fix my LIFE?

I never knew I had a unique childhood until I made my first friend at
school.  It happened on my first day.  His name was Anthony Klavis,
and we befriended each other as seat partners on our first school bus

For weeks before the school year began, mom and dad had told me NEVER
to tell anyone about the "private family games" we played at home with
our "dear dear friends."  I guess they kept me out of kindergarten
because they thought I wouldn't be able to keep our secrets, but when
I reached the age of six they were forced to enroll me in the first
grade.  That's how I met Anthony on the bus, and how I realized my
family and I was "different."

"I like you," I remember whispering to Anthony that first day.  We'd
only been sitting together for five minutes or so, and we were already
holding hands and giggling.  "Do you want to come over my house after
school and fuck?" I whispered.

This seemed like a perfectly ordinary question to ask my new best
friend.  He greeted me with a puzzled, horrified stare, though.
"That's a bad word," he told me, mortified.  "You said a bad word."

"No, I didn't," I protested.  "Fucking isn't bad, it's fun.  I love
fucking.  Don't you want to fuck me?" I pouted, suddenly hurt more
than I'd ever been hurt in my life.

"Get away from me," he bawled.

This made me start crying.  When the bus monitor came up to our seat
and asked what was wrong, Anthony pointed his finger at me and said I
was saying "BAD WORDS."  In my defense, I wept that Anthony said he
didn't want to come over to my house after school and fuck me.  I can
still remember that old-lady bus monitor's face.  She about shit! Then
the old bat slapped me across my face, so hard my lip split.

Well, needless to say, mom and dad pulled me out of that school, and
we moved almost immediately after that .. three states away.  Before
they re-enrolled me in school again, they talked to me again, this
time along with some of our "dear dear friends."

I was only six, then, but I remember that conversation like it was
yesterday.  There were ten of us - me, mom, dad; Uncle Pete, Aunt
Darcy and their two kids: Thaddeus, who was eleven and really cute,
and Maureen, who was a couple years older than me and pretty bossy;
and then there were the Longstreets: Mike and Marty, and their
daughter Amber, who was thirteen back then and just about the most
beautiful girl I'd ever seen.

We all got naked the way we always did at our parties, and the adults
let us all play first before the big pow-wow.  As always, Amber
Longstreet and Thaddeus started groping and tasting each other RIGHT
AWAY, which left Maureen and me feeling very left out.  We both LOVED
Thaddeus, and we both prayed one day we'd be as beautiful as Amber so
we could have Thaddeus look at us the way he looked at Amber.

Still, it was fun just watching them.  And the adults must have
thought so, too, because that's what everyone ended up doing for
awhile, just watching Thaddeus and Amber suck, fuck and cum all over
each other.  Maureen must have been really turned on because she just
about forced me to get on all fours so she could stuff a pink vibrator
up my pussy.  Maureen loved to boss me around and torture me like
this.  Sometimes I liked it, especially when she'd lick my pussy.  But
other times, it just HURT!

That day was one of those times it HURT!  I started bawling, and my
dad rescued me - like he always did.   I was sobbing like crazy, and
to calm me down he let me suck his dick like a pacifier, which always
worked .. and still does, BTW.

Anyway, Amber saw how upset I was, and she cuddled up close to me as I
sucked my dad's cock, kissing my pussy and making all the pain go
away.  Meanwhile, Uncle Pete took care of disciplining his bitch
daughter, and we all watched as he beat her ass black and blue before
nailing her doggie-style with his man-sized dick.  Maureen wasn't so
bossy after that, especially when Mr. Longstreet, Thaddeus and my dad
took their turns at punishing her, too.

After all that, mom, dad and the other adults talked to all us kids
about our "special" way of life.  I cuddled up with Amber, and she
whispered to me to "really pay attention."  Since I wanted to be just
like Amber, I focused all my concentration on what the adults were
saying, and it all began to make sense to me.

My family belonged to a group of people called the Rene Guyon Society,
which was named after some French dude who believed parents should
introduce their kids to sex at an early age.  This is what they do in
a lot of so-called "primitive cultures," which really aren't so
primitive when you consider that they don't have rape, murder or any
other violent crimes.

Anyway, the adults explained that, even though our way of thinking was
right, everybody else in the world was told our way was wrong.  As a
matter of fact, the brainwashing was so bad that what we were doing
for fun in the privacy of our own homes was made illegal.  Then Amber
asked: "Why don't people just change the laws?  We live in a
democracy.  Why not just let people vote on whether or not they want
to let kids have sex.  I mean who the hell would vote no to that?
Everyone loves sex, and everybody should be able to fuck whenever they
want to.  What right does the government have to tell us what we can
and can't do for fun when it's not hurting anyone?"

That was why I idolized Amber so much.  Not only was she the most
beautiful girl I knew, she was also the smartest.

Uncle Pete answered her question by telling us all how the government
makes billions of dollars a year on taxes collected from the so-called
legitimate pornography companies like Playboy, Penthouse and all the
X-rated videos.  If people were allowed REAL sexual freedom, he
explained, we'd have no use for lame-ass mainstream porn, and the
government would lose all that tax money.  Uncle Pete then went onto
explain how the Rene Guyon philosophy wasn't just about sex, it was
about economics, too.  People like us didn't charge each other for
sexual pleasure; we traded it freely among ourselves, just like
everybody should do.

His arguments made a lot of sense, even to me at six years old.  I
always have been precocious, I guess, which is why a few years later,
at age 10, I dreamed up "Courtney's World" so my family and me could
make a fortune .. and have FUN doing it.

A lot changed in the years between first grade and seventh grade.
When I was 8, the BIG BUST came down.  It was an international job
focused on people all over the world who lived like our family.
Luckily, a fed that knew my family and used to come over our house and
fuck me once in awhile tipped my dad off a few weeks before the bust
went down.

So we packed up everything and moved again to where we live now.  This
time, though, we changed our names, identities and everything.  Dad
and mom had been preparing for something like this since before I was
born, and they'd already had our second identities established for
YEARS.  So, we just moved into a new house, with new names, new
furniture, and started life all over again.  Actually, it was WAY

About a year later, dad FINALLY limped into the twentieth century and
got us a computer.  When he first logged on, he couldn't believe what
we'd been missing all those years.  He found some like-minded souls
hanging out on usenet newsgroups, and started trading jpegs and mpegs
with people all over the world.

Somewhere along the way, he hooked up with this Arab guy named Reza,
who is like the sheikh of his OWN country.  In Reza's country, porn
and prostitution with kids (and animals) is TOTALLY legal, as is just
about everything else: drugs, gambling, even slavery.  So, realizing
he was sitting on a virtual goldmine, Reza got these computer techs to
come into his country and build this GIANT server.  Then he had these
software geniuses invent this networking program that lets people all
over the world access his server, put up their own sites, and do
whatever they want to WITHOUT getting busted.

I don't know HOW it all works, just that the signal from our computer
here at home gets scrambled inside the normal signal that goes to our
local ISP, and it's absolutely undetectable unless someone has the
de-scrambling code.  From our ISP's server, our scrambled signal hooks
up with server-relays all over the world until it finally finds the
one that's programmed with our private unscrambling code.  With all
this happening at slightly slower than the speed of light, the
transmission and reception is almost instantaneous; meaning we can
broadcast off our webcam, and people all over the world can see us in
pretty much real time.

Reza's software also works for people who just want to receive all his
server's websites and be untraceable while they're doing it.  Because
the signal is like super-encoded in regular internet traffic, NO ONE -
not the cops or the ISPs or anyone - can tell who's downloading off
Reza's server and who isn't.  You can download the whole software
package anonymously off Reza's server for $10,000 in super-encrypted
e-money.  And, believe me, it is WORTH IT!  

"Courtney's World" is just one site on "The Circuit," which is what
Reza calls all his inter-linked websites.  I already mentioned my
friend Nate.  His site, "Nate the Great," follows him all around and
records all his exploits.  Lately, however, he's been staying around
the San Francisco area fucking all the gays out there.  They just
can't get enough of the thirteen-year-old black boy with the foot-long

"Chelsea's Room" is pretty much a blatant RIP-OFF of my site,
featuring "Chelsea Summers," this 14-year-old girl from Minneapolis.
Her mom and my parents are old friends from the Rene Guyon Society
days, and Chelsea is all right, I guess.  Sometimes we'll hook up and
do simul-blasts, and those are pretty fun.  I just get tired of
Chelsea after awhile because she is such a know-it-all and way too
competitive.  She also trash-talks me a lot in her e-mails with other
people, which does eventually get back to me.

"Lotus Cam" is another popular site on the Circuit.  It's basically a
series of remote webcams set up in some Asian whorehouse.  You can
flip through the channels and see American and European johns fuck
little Asian girls 24-hours a day, which can be pretty cool when
you're bored sometimes.  Other popular Circuit sites include The Boy
Barn (gay pedo beast), The School (child sex slaves in Reza's own
country attend his private school), The Plantation (whites abusing
black slaves right here in the USA!), Pinecones' Crib (live webcam
remotes of a black pimp and his homies 'turning out' young white girls
and boys), and The Bathroom (a German site where men and women use
adults and children - mostly Turkish immigrants -- as public toilets).
Numerous additional sites pop up and go down continuously, and you can
pretty much stay online with the Circuit all day and NEVER get bored.

Of course, cops all over the world have been trying to shut Reza down
for YEARS, but no one's been able to yet.  With his chief exports
being pornography and oil, Reza is pretty much untouchable as long as
he operates within the borders of his own country.  Cops are always
saying they've found a way to hack into his server and bust everyone,
but they never can.  If they download the software themselves, it
doesn't do them any good because they don't have the code or the
server location that unscrambles their signal.  And, even if they DO
bust someone with Reza's software, a virus will completely erase the
hard-drive the second someone tries to log on without the proper ID or
do any kind of hack.

All this makes Courtney's World and the Circuit pretty much 100%
secure, which is why we my family decided to go with my idea and start
up the website.  The $10,000 start-up fee "keeps out the riff-raff,"
as my dad says, and the scrambled signals mean people can only VIEW
the sites.  NO ONE can download or print ANY files or images off the
server.  This means pics and vids of me aren't circulating around the
internet where kids my age might see them.  Charging $10,000 also
keeps kids from accessing the Circuit, which keeps my identity safe,

As for adults, I'm sure some of them recognize me around.  Sometimes,
I can even catch it in their eyes.  Once I was at the mall shopping in
Dillards, and this real rich-looking woman in her thirties just kept
staring at me.  When she heard me talk, her eyes really lit up.  So I
flashed her my famous smile and ran my tongue over my teeth.  I
thought she was going to faint right there.

The thing about adults is if they recognize me, they definitely won't
say a word to ANYONE because that would be admitting they're into The
Circuit.  This would mean some SERIOUS prison time if they were ever
found out.  As for the local cops checking out the Circuit and
recognizing me, my dad's got that covered, too.

Our friend in the FBI, the one who tipped us off on the first bust
five years ago, he's now one of the big shots in the FBI's computer
sex-crimes division.  When we put up Courtney's World, he issued an
order to all the local police departments nationwide that they needed
to copy his office on any information regarding cyber-sex crimes.
This way, he can tip us off if our names ever come up.  It's also
pretty unlikely that any of the local cops around here would EVER
spend $10,000 to log onto Reza's server.  I mean no one around these
parts would EVER suspect that there's a kiddie porn empire in their
own back yard. 

About the only big scare that's ever hit The Circuit happened last
year - Operation Shutterbug.  Some asshole bible-thumper in the Secret
Service got the brilliant idea to snap photographs of The Circuit's
sites off his computer monitor.  Luckily, Reza's contacts inside the
feds let him know about this before things went too far.  So he got
his techs together, and they started digitally pasting faces of random
people over all our images.

When Operation Shutterbug started identifying people, they became a
BIG JOKE because they began busting innocent people all over the
country.  After a few celebrities' and politicians' kids got their
names and faces plastered all over the media, all hell broke loose.
Needless to say, Operation Shutterbug was closed down FOR GOOD!

So, considering all this, I feel pretty safe being Courtney Star,
internationally renowned kiddie-porn starlet.  When I first got the
idea for Courtney's World, I was just a bored, horny ten-year-old girl
who thought having my own porno website would be WAY COOL!  I spent
pretty much every spare minute surfing the "adult sites" with my
parents, and the three of us agreed that ALL the sites we found were
basically lame, rip-offs.  It was shortly after that when dad hooked
up Reza and discovered The Circuit.

The minute dad and mom showed me The Circuit, I KNEW what I wanted to
do.  I mentioned my idea to my dad, and he chuckled the way dads do
when they think you're just being a typical kid.  "Maybe in a few
years, when you're older," he patronized me.

"Well FUCK THAT!" I remember thinking.  So I went up to my room and
started writing up a full-scale plan for my website.  I was going to
make it so HOT and GREAT that my dad couldn't possibly say 'no' to it.
Two days later, I brought my idea up again at the dinner table.  When
I saw the looks in mom's and dad's eyes, I hauled out the drawings and
plans I'd made.  After my initial sales pitch, I wouldn't fucking shut
up about it for three straight days, not until dad promised to e-mail
my ideas to Reza.

Now Reza already knew who I was and what I looked like.  He'd paid dad
a bundle for some pics of me from the old Rene Guyon Society days.
When he heard about my ideas for the site, he surprised dad by jumping
at the chance.  He loved all my ideas and gave me complete creative
control over the site.

When we launched Courtney's World a month later, it was an INSTANT
SMASH HIT, just like I always knew it would be.  I'd been around
enough horny older men and women to KNOW what they wanted in a kiddie
site.  They wanted to see a bratty, precocious, HORNY little nympho
who'd do ANYTHING to get off.  They also wanted to see this little
slut get PUT IN HER PLACE by BIG COCKS shoved in EVERY HOLE!  They
wanted to see her BANGED into submission, only to rebound back -
snotty, smug smile and all - and demand even MORE - HOTTER, FASTER,

With this in mind, I created Courtney's World down to the last detail.
Courtney would be a bratty, yet lovable little nympho who with a
dominant yet loving father and a TOTAL SLUT for a mother.  Like all
parents, Courtney's mom and dad would have to deal with their
daughter's moods and passions, but unlike "normal" parents they knew
what was best for their daughter and what she really needed - A GOOD,

Thus, mom and dad trolled the sexual underground for hung studs and
horny hotties to keep their darling daughter happy and her insatiable
libido at least somewhat occupied.  The formula was GOLD, and Courtney
Star became an overnight sensation .. all because Courtney's World was
SO REAL!  At least that's what the people think.

To the people who look into Courtney's World, Courtney Star is this
smart, she's funny, she's confident, she's sexy, and she has life ALL
figured out.  Courtney Star is wise beyond her years, with the kind of
peace of mind that EVERY girl her age desires.  And Courtney's
"secret" for finding this state of adolescent Nirvana?


So simple, yet so sublime .. In Courtney's World, the solution to
every teenage ill was HARD COCK and WET PUSSY and PLENTY OF IT!

Funny, how illusions can become such a part of your life that they
actually seem to be reality.  That's what happening now with this
whole "Courtney's First Date" fiasco.  Me and BIG IDEAS!  I forgot
rule number one - Courtney Star is a fictional character; Cathy Dewers
is a REAL, thirteen-year-old girl who lives in a world she didn't
create.  Tyler and Chrissy and Paul and Lori and Darci and Amber are
REAL kids living in the REAL world with NO CLUE about Courtney's
World, The Circuit, Reza's super-server or the multi-billion dollar
cyber-kiddie-porn industry.

So now, both Courtney Star and Cathy Dewers are OFFICIALLY FUCKED, and
it's ALL my fault.  Which leads me back to my original question:

How can I fix this .. fix MY LIFE??!


Does anyone want to see more of "My Life ... Starring - Me" ?  Let me
know by posting a review - good OR bad -- on or
emailing me at .

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