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   Injury by Laura Lynn Davis F/F Bnd Copyright 2001, all rights reserved

   It was November 8, the quarterfinals of the state girl's Division II
soccer tournament.  We were ahead 2-1 and I was racing to cut off the other
team's leading scorer when it happened.  She changed direction and I tried
to swerve to get between her and the goal.

   As soon as my right foot hit the ground my knee buckled and then I was
on the ground, screaming in agony.  I knew it was my ACL.

   My name is Megan Maguire and I was 16, a junior at Central Catholic at
the time.  I was a slender, attractive tomboy and sports were my life.  As
I lay there I was bitter because I knew I wouldn't be playing basketball
that winter.  I was counting on a basketball scholarship to a good college
and a torn ACL wasn't in my plans.

   They took me to the hospital and I was admitted through the emergency

   My mom came straight from work.  She said she'd called Katie, my older
sister, to let her know.  No mention was made of my father.  We hadn't seen
or heard from him in years.  Mom stayed until almost eleven p.m.  I was
scheduled for a full examination in the morning and, possible, surgery
would follow.

   The nurse who came on at midnight, Marie, was a pretty redhead in her
late twenties.  She came in about 12:30 a.m., just as I was beginning to
doze off, and said that there were a couple of things we needed to do just
in case I did have surgery the following morning.  The first thing she did
was take my temperature - with a rectal thermometer.  I'd never been in the
hospital and didn't know that they weren't used anymore.

   I obediently rolled onto my belly and blushed as she pulled my nightgown
up.  Mom had brought one from home so I wouldn't have to wear that awful
hospital gown.  I was wearing plain cotton panties and I blushed more as
Marie lowered them to my knees.  Normally, I wear sexy thong panties but
not on game days.  Marie spread my buttocks with one hand and slipped the
thermometer into my rectum.  She stood there with her hand resting on the
back of my thigh while she waited.

   I sighed when she removed the thermometer.  She smiled and said, "98.7,
that's very good." She patted my butt and then pulled my panties up.  I
rolled onto my back and pulled my nightgown down.  Marie grinned.  "Not so
fast.  I have to give you an enema."

   I'd never had an enema but I know what it was.  "Do you have to?" I was
in a private room but people were in and out all the time.

   Marie smiled.  "Yes, but I'll lock the door to ensure privacy.  I'' be
back in few minutes."

   She left and I stared at the ceiling while I waited, reliving every
moment of the game.  When Marie returned she was pushing one of those IV
stands with an enema bag hanging from one of the arms.  It looked huge! 
Marie smiled at my sudden alarm and said, "Relax, honey, it's only two

   I pulled my nightgown up but Marie shook her head and said, "Best take
it off so it doesn't get stained.  Accidents do happen.  Take your panties
all the way off too." She paused as I pulled my nightgown off over my head.
"Leave your socks.  I'll help you into the bathroom when the time comes."

   When I rolled onto my belly I was almost completely naked.  All I had on
were my socks, the bandages and brace on my right knees, and a gold chain
around my neck.  Marie spread me and inserted the lubricated nozzle.  She
removed the clamp and stood there rubbing my back while the warm, soapy
solution flooded my rectum.  She asked me about the game and how I'd come
to be injured.  Explaining helped distract me.  So did the back rub.

   When the bag was empty she removed the nozzle.  Then she had me wait for
a two minutes.  She stayed by the bed, talking to me, her hand resting on
my bare buttocks.  When two minutes had passed she had me sit up.  Then,
instead of helping me walk to the bathroom, she just picked me up and
carried me!  I'm slender, but at 5' 6" I weighed about 115 pounds.  But
Marie didn't have any trouble carrying me.  She set me down on the toilet
and left.  "I'll be right outside if you need me."

   She left and I voided my bowels a few moments later.  When I was done
and ready to go back to bed she came in and picked me up.  When I was
settled in her arms I saw her glance at my breasts.  I blushed.  She smiled
and then carried me back to bed.  She helped me put my panties and
nightgown on and then she left.  She promised to come back and sit with me
when things quieted down.  "In the meantime, try to get some sleep."

   I dozed off a while later.  The next time I woke I saw Marie standing by
my bed.  "Time to take your temperature again." I grumbled as I rolled onto
my belly.  She lowered my panties and inserted the thermometer.  She
stroked the back of my thigh absentmindedly as she kept time.  My temp was
still 98.7.  When I was put back together she sat down on the edge of the
bed and chatted with me.  As we talked, she put her hand on my left knee,
under my nightgown, and squeezed it gently.  When she left a few minutes
later she gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and promised to come in again
before morning.

   I didn't want her to go because I was totally aroused.  But I had no
idea what to say to make her stay.  I didn't even know if she was aware of
the effect she was having on me.  I'd known since junior high that I
preferred girls and I was comfortable with it.  I'd just never done
anything about it.  Didn't want to come out and be thrown out of school.  I
was a clich - sixteen and I had never been kissed!

   She came in again shortly after 4:30 in the morning.  I'd just woken up
and wondered if she'd sensed it.  I tried to explain what I was feeling but
she held her finger to her lips and whispered, "Shush.  I know what you're
going to say.  But I'm 27 and you're 16.  It wouldn't work.  Your mother
would have me in jail in a minute." She leaned and kissed me on the lips, a
brief, soft kiss that curled my toes.

   "Please, don't go.  I'm scared."

   She smiled.  "I'll be here.  I'm going to stay until you come out of
surgery.  Assuming they do operate.  And your mother will be here."

   They did operate, repairing my knee with arthroscopic surgery.  I faced
months of rehab but I was going to be able to play basketball and soccer
again.  Mom and Marie were both there when I came out.  Marie was off to
one side.  She smiled and waved before she slipped out the door.

   I began my rehab a couple of weeks later with some light exercises under
the supervision of a therapist named Bonnie.  After a while she began
working me harder.  Daily workouts were a grind for me and for mom.  In
late January, during my workout, I was surprised to see Marie coming toward
me with a big smile on her face.  She gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek
and said, "How are ya doing, Megan?"

   "Good, I suppose.  But it's hard and boring.  How'd you know where to
find me?"

   "Bonnie told me.  The hospital knew which therapist you'd chosen. 
She'll be along in few minutes to check up on you."

   I made a face.  "She's a slave driver!  I think she's trying to kill

   Marie laughed.  "If she wasn't tough nobody would ever recover!"

   She was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt so she obviously hadn't come to
work out.  I was done and I got up and grabbed my towel.  "I'm going to
take a shower.  Come and talk to me."

   She hesitated for a moment, "I shouldn't."

   I could tell she wanted to come with me so I insisted and we walked to
the locker room together.  She straddled the bench near my locked and
watched me undress.  There were three or four other women in the locker
room but none in the same aisle.  I was fit and firm and had the usual lack
of modesty common to most athletes.  I stripped without hesitation and
stood there chatting with her for a moment before going to take my shower.
I liked having her see me nude and I could tell she enjoyed the view.  I
was slender but I had nice, pert breasts (34b), a tight little butt, and
slim, pretty legs.  My dark, reddish-brown hair was razor cut and enhanced
my tomboy look.

   As I walked away I made sure my butt twitched a little more than usual.
I glanced over my shoulder when I reached the end of the aisle and caught
her staring.  I winked and was pleased to see her blush.  I was shampooing
my hair when another woman entered the communal shower.  I was surprised to
see that it was Marie.  She was taller than me, about 5' 8", and bigger in
the bust.  Her breasts were a good full 36c and very beautiful.  They
bounced gently with each step.  The rest of her body was just as nice -
flat, firm belly, slim hips, slender thighs, and a pale, perfect
complexion. I was startled, then fascinated by her total lack of pubic
hair. Her sex was shockingly, enticingly visible.

   She took the shower next to mine and turned it on.  Then she smiled and
asked if she could borrow some shampoo.  She shampooed her long red hair,
working up a huge amount of lather, which she spread over her breasts,
belly, and vulva.  It was a totally erotic performance.  At one point she
grinned at me and said, "Your eyes are going to fall out."

   We didn't touch one another, didn't come within a foot, but it was still
an incredibly sexual experience.  Later, we walked outside and stood
chatting while waiting for my mom to pick me up.  It was cold but I didn't
really notice.  I was busy plotting Marie's seduction but not getting to
far because I just didn't know how to seduce another woman.

   Mom arrived and got out of the car when she saw Marie.  They shook hands
and chatted for a moment.  Then mom said, "You know, Megan is just 16."

   Marie smiled.  "I know.  That's why I won't be seeing her again.  I just
wanted to say hello and see how she was doing." She turned and started to
walk away.

   I glanced at mom, furious with her for interfering.  She saw the look on
my face and stepped back.  "Mom!  How could you?  I'm not a baby!  I'll be
17 in a few weeks.  Now go home and I'll see you later."

   I turned and hurried after Marie.  When I caught up with her she was
just unlocking her car.  "Wait.  I need a ride home."

   She glanced up in surprise.  "Where's your mother?"

   I looked back.  Mom's car was gone.  "Gone.  I told her I was going to
ride with you."

   Marie hesitated.  "And she was comfortable with that?"

   I shrugged.  "Doesn't matter.  I'm a big girl now and I can take care of
myself.  I'll be 17 on the second of February." I smiled.  "Age of consent
is sixteen.  You're safe and I'm certainly consenting.  Actually, chasing
would be more accurate.  I've been trying to figure out how to seduce you
but I don't have a clue."

   She grinned.  "You're doing a damn good job anyway!  Hop in before we
both freeze."

   Marie drove me straight home and drove fast enough to pull into the
driveway just behind mom.  "Stay here for a moment." She got out and went
over to mom.  They talked for what seemed like and hour but it couldn't
have been more than two or three minutes.  Finally, mom nodded and they
walked toward the front door together.  At the last moment, Marie turned
and waved for me to join them.

   "Jeez, I thought you were going to leave me there to freeze!" But I was

   We sat and had coffee and mom laid out some ground rules.  No dates on
school nights.  No overnights at Marie's.  No this, no that.  Marie agreed
completely.  I didn't but I apparently I didn't have a vote.  "Can I walk
her to her car?" My voice dripped with sarcasm.

   Marie told me to mind my manners.  "You're not to big to spank." Mom
actually smiled!  I pouted.  But, inside, I was thrilled with the way
things were turning out.  We chatted for a while longer and then I walked
Marie out to her car.  Mom stayed in the kitchen and Marie and I hugged in
the front hall.  She ran her hands up under my sweatshirt and I turned my
face up for a kiss.  It was a long, satisfying erotic kiss.  She unhooked
my bra and fondled my small, firm tits for a couple of moments.  My nipples
turned into hard little points and I moaned with pleasure.

   Then she stepped back and opened the front door.  We walked down to her
car and I asked her when I was going to see her again.  "I'm off tomorrow.
How about a early movie?  I'll pick you up from school?" We talked and made
arrangements and then she was driving away.

   I went inside and paused to hook my bra.  Mom was still in the kitchen.
She glanced up as I walked in.  "Megan, are you sure about this?  She *is*
eleven years older than you are."

   I crossed the room and hugged her.  "Mom, I'm not planning on settling
down with her for life.  But, for here and now, she is the person I want to
be with." I kissed her on the cheek.  "Look on the bright side, she's not
going to get me pregnant!"

   She pushed me away.  "Don't be fresh!" She was fighting not to smile. 
"I just don't want you getting hurt, that's all." She turned back to the
sink.  "She does seem like a nice sensible person.  When are you going to
see her again?"

   "Tomorrow, if it's okay with you.  She'll pick me up after school and
we're going to go to an early movie.  Then we'll get something to eat and
she'll take me over the club for my workout."

   "How will you get home from there?"

   "She's going to hang out and drop me off afterward.  I'll be home by
ten." I didn't mention she'd probably shower with me again.


   "Aw, mom.  9:30?"

   She was silent for a moment.  "Okay, 9:30." She turned and looked at me.
"Be careful, Megan."

   I nodded.  "Always.  I'm going to do my homework and go to bed.  Nite."


   The next, on the way out of school, I stopped in the girl's room and
rolled my uniform skirt an extra turn.  I wasn't the prettiest girl in
school but it was generally acknowledged that I had the best legs.  And the
scar on my knee didn't detract from that.  I wanted to show them off for
Marie.  At the last moment, I went into a stall and took my bra off.

   When I opened the car door the first thing Marie said was, "Where's your

   I lifted my backpack.  "In here."

   "Go back and put it on.  You're not a slut and I won't have you acting
like one." I knew better than to respond so I just turned and trudged back
inside.  When I returned I dumped my backpack in the back seat and got in.
She smiled and said, "Much better." She pulled away from the curb while I
was fastening my seatbelt.  There was a line of traffic at the stop sign at
the end of the road.  She stopped and reached over and stroked my bare
thigh.  "God, you've got beautiful legs!"

   I sighed and smiled.  "Thanks.  I love having you touch me."

   She continued to stroke my thigh during the ride to the theater.  I
forget what we saw but I think it was Jurassic Park.  We were sitting in
the back and she was stroking the inside of my left thigh and I was so
aroused I couldn't see straight.  By the time the opening credits were over
I was cuddled as close to her as possible and she was stroking my mound
though my panties, just barely touching me with the tips of her fingers.  I
clung to her, biting my lip in order to remain silent, as my body shuddered
through a wonderful orgasm, the first I hadn't induced with my own fingers.
It was fantastic!

   I put my head on her shoulder and closed my eyes while my breathing
returned to normal.  She was wearing a man-tailored shirt and I undid one
button, then another.  Her bra hooked in front.  She whispered, "No," and
slapped at my hand but I unhooked it anyway and slid my hand inside her
shirt.  I cupped her left breast and giggled as her nipple hardened against
the palm of my hand.  "God, you've got beautiful tits!  I wish mine were

   She shook her head and whispered, "Your tits are just right for your
body.  I love them." I continued to fondle her breast as we watched the
movie.  I wasn't paying much attention because I was more interested in the
way her expression changed as I fondled her.  I pinched her nipple and
heard her moan.  She didn't push my hand away so I assumed she found it
pleasurable as long as I didn't pinch too hard.  I ran my hand down over
her belly but her jeans were too tight for me to get my hand inside and she
slapped my hand away when I tried to undo her belt.  Her limits were her
limits and I had to respect them or take the consequences.  I didn't want
her to take me across her lap, not in public anyway, so I went back to
fondling her tits.

   She hooked her bra just before the lights came on and we followed the
crowd out.  I wanted to hold hands but it wasn't a good idea.  Too many
people around and someone might recognize one of us.  We were in the,
moving toward the exit, when I asked, "Would you be shocked if I took my
panties off?"

   She shook her head.  "Are you trying to prove that they're right about
Catholic schoolgirls?"

   "Who's they and what are they right about?"

   She laughed.  "Every man in America fantasizes about Catholic
schoolgirls.  I think it's the short skirts, the knee socks, and the bare
thighs.  Definitely the bare thighs.  But they say you're the horniest
girls in the world because you're so repressed."

   I giggled.  "Do you think I'm repressed?"

   She shook her head.  "No, but you are kind of *shy*.  Leave your panties
on until we're out on the road.  Where shall we eat?"

   I thought about it.  "How about Jenson's?" Jenson's was an upscale
burger place across town, near the club where I worked out.

   "Sounds good." She glanced at me and smiled as I slipped my panties off.
She held her hand out and tucked them into her pocket after I handed them
over.  Then she ran her hand up the inside of my thigh until it was nestled
against my vulva.  I closed legs, trapping it between my thighs.  I
squeezed a couple of times and she chuckled.

   "What's so funny?"

   "Nothing.  I just thought of an erotic book I read a while back.  What
you're doing reminded me of it."

   "Go ahead, tell me about it."

   "Well, it was called 'THE SLAVE' and in it this young woman who wants to
be a slave is being tested.  The man is wearing boots and he sits, or
stands, with the toe pointed up an angle, his heel firmly against the
floor. Then he makes the girl straddled the boot with the toe pressing
against her vulva.  He give her a certain amount of time, two minutes or
five, I can' remember exactly how long, to bring herself to orgasm by
humping herself against the toe of the boot.  It was very erotic."

   I squeezed her hand between my thighs.  "You're wearing boots.  How long
would you give me?"

   She glanced at me with a surprised look.  "That appeals to you?"

   "Being a slave doesn't.  But humping myself on the toe of your boot
sounds like fun!"

   She was silent for a few moments.  "We do have time.  And my apartment
is right on the way."

   Ten minutes later we were in her living room.  She sat down on the sofa
and watched me undress.  When I was finished she took me into the kitchen.
She leaned against the counter and stretched her right leg out, the toe of
her cowboy boot pointing up at a 45-degree angle.  I got down on my knees,
astride her boot, and eased myself down until the toe of the boot was
pressed against my vulva.  "How long do I have?"

   She shrugged.  "Five minutes?"

   I nodded.  I wrapped my arms around her leg and began to rub myself
against her toe.  It felt wonderful!  It was slightly humiliating and
weirdly arousing.  She brushed my hair with her hand.  "Hump yourself,

   I glanced up at her, surprised.  Her words aroused me further.  I humped
faster and harder, moaning and whimpering as pleasurable sensations flooded
through my body.  "Unnnh!  Unnnh!  Oh, God, that feels soooo good!"

   She pushed her middle finger into my mouth and I sucked it.  "Hump,
bitch.  If you don't come within the time limit I'll spank you!"

   I humped, rubbing my nipples against her jeans, sucking her finger.  The
toe of her boot slid into my wet cunt.  I adjusted my position until my
clit was pressed against it.  I humped faster and harder and rubbed my
nipples against her jeans.  She pushed another finger into my mouth and
lifted her hand, forcing my head back until I was staring up at her.  I was
beginning to sweat.  "Hump, you hot little slut!  Work it!"

   I came with a rush, grunting and moaning, grinding myself against the
toe of her boot as the pleasure flooded through me.  Afterward, I clung to
her leg, shivering, while I came down.  When I slipped off her leg, onto my
knees, the toe of her boot was covered with my cunt juice.  She crouched
and wiped it off with my panties.  Then she said, "Open your mouth."

   I opened my mouth and she wadded up my panties and shoved them in.  Then
she got up, pulled a chair out from the table, and sat down.  She patted
her lap.  "Up here.  You missed by 10 seconds." I stretched out across her
lap.  She rubbed my buttocks.  "God, what a fine tight little ass." Then
she spanked me until I cried.

   When it was over she slipped her hand between my legs and laughed when
she found me sopping wet.  "Looks like I need to buy you a collar.  Slave."

   I nodded.  "Yes, ma'am."

   That was ten years ago and we're still together.  I'm just finishing
grad school.  Marie attended both of my graduations and she was the only
one who knew I was naked under my robe both times.  And both times my butt
was red and sore from a spanking administered just a few minutes earlier.
At my high school graduation I had to keep my buttocks clenched to hold in
the butt plug she inserted after spanking me.  At my college graduation, my
nipples were clamped and I wore a harness that held a big dildo in place
deep in my tight, wet cunt.  It filled my pussy and kept me turned on the
entire time.

   That was the beginning of my descent into sluthood.  I'm a total slut at
heart.  I love to fuck, love to be used and humiliated and occasionally
abused.  But, in public, Marie has always insisted that I act like a lady.
In private, I'm used like the whore that I am.  I've asked Marie to pimp me
out to other women but so far she's refused.  Each time I say, "You know
I'm a whore at heart.  Why don't you use me like one?" She just shakes her
head.  I know she's disappointed in me but I can't help myself.

   When I go up to get my grad school diploma in a couple of months I'll
have nipples and clit clamped and vibrators in my pussy and ass.  God, I
can't wait!

   The end.

   <1st attachment end>

   <2nd attachment, "justine.nichole.txt" begin>

   Justine and Nichole by Laura Lynn Davis F/F Bnd Copyright 2001

   My husband and I went to the Cape last summer for a month.  We're both
teachers and since both of our families have money there's no need for us
to work during the summer.  I teach junior high math, or used to, and Jeff
teaches Spanish and Latin at the high school level.  We celebrated our
fourth anniversary and my twenty-seventh birthday by going to dinner at a
nice restaurant in Provincetown.

   My name is Justine and I'm a tall, brown-eyed blonde with a strong,
athletic figure and long beautiful legs.  Jeff and I hadn't been getting
along well and we hoped a month of sun and sex would straighten things out
between us.  By the end of our first week there had been lots of sun but
very little sex.  But as we left for dinner that night I had high hopes.  I
was wearing a black silk t-shirt dress and strappy sandals with a 2" heel.
I had a nice tan so I didn't bother with stockings.  Or a bra.  Or panties.
My dress was so short that I had to be very careful when I was sitting

   We had a very nice dinner and did a lot of talking without resolving
anything.  We finished a bottle of wine with dinner, then skipped desert.
We walked down Commercial Street, window shopping, then stopped in for a
drink at a bar near the wharf.  The crowd was a mixture of tourists and
locals.  There were a number of female couples and Jeff shook his head in
disgust.  I remember thinking that he had to be the only guy in North
America that isn't turned on by the girl-on-girl scene.  I didn't find out
why until the following day.

   We ordered drinks and I was still nursing my first when Jeff ordered
another.  I recognized the symptoms.  He was determined to get drunk and
nothing I said would make a difference.  He continued to drink heavily and
before long he was totally out of it.  I paid the tab and was struggling to
get him out of there when a slender young woman with short black hair came
and helped me with him.  With her help, I got him to our car and dumped him
in the back seat.

   The woman's name was Nicole and she was a cute tomboy with big brown
eyes and smooth olive skin.  We shook hands after she introduced herself. I
told her my name and accepted her offer of a drink.  "But you have to let
me buy.  After all, if you hadn't helped me I'd still be trying to get Jeff
back to the car."

   She smiled and nodded.  "Okay, thanks." As we walked back to the bar her
hand brushed mine and then she was holding it.  I glanced at her and she
smiled and gave my hand a little squeeze.  WIth my heels I was as tall as
her so she had to be about 5' 11" to my 5' 9".  She was slender and nicely
built, wearing leather pants that fit like a second skin, a t-shirt, and a
leather vest.

   I was surprised when we bypassed the bar we'd been in and continued on
for another block, to a smaller bar where the only customers were women. 
We found a table in the back and ordered a round of drinks.  The jukebox
was playing and after our drinks arrived she asked me to dance.  I slipped
my sandals off and followed her out onto the dance floor.  We danced a few
fast numbers and I was surprised at much I was enjoying myself.  Nicole was
a good dancer and I noticed that her gaze frequently dropped to my chest.
My full, firm (35c) breasts bounced unrestrained as we danced.

   A little voice reminded me that I was heterosexual and married to boot.
I suppressed it, telling myself I was just having a little fun.  It wasn't
my fault that Jeff drank himself into a stupor.  When a slow dance came on
I started to turn away but Nicole took me into her arms and I automatically
rested my head against her shoulder.  She ran one hand up and down my back
and chuckled, "Wow, no bra, no panties.  Very daring!"

   Her hands came to rest on my butt and I blushed as she stroked me
gently. After a few moments I felt her pulling my dress up, exposing me,
moving her hands down onto my bare ass.  I lifted my head and whispered,
"Please, stop.  Don't....." My voice trailed off as her eyes met mine.

   "Do you really want me to stop?  Do you have the nerve to ask?"

   I'm normally the aggressor in all of my relationships, personal and
professional.  But, with Nicole, my normal self-confidence deserted me.  I
dropped my eyes from hers and shook my head.  I whispered, "No."

   She chuckled.  "Good answer.  Be a good girl and I won't have to take
you out and warm your butt for you.  Understand?"

   I nodded and whispered, "Yes." I put my head down on her shoulder,
blushing, as she lifted my dress again and opened fondled my bare buttocks.
I have a nice firm butt and she certainly seemed to enjoy stroking it.

   When the dance ended she took my hand and led me back to the table.  We
sat and finished our drinks and then led me out the back door and down a
flight of steps to the beach.  I slipped my sandals off and carried them in
my right hand as we walked along the beach, headed east, away from the

   After a couple of minutes she stopped and said, "Give me your dress."
When I hesitated she stepped forward and slapped me.  It wasn't a hard slap
but it stung.  I dropped my sandals and reached back to unzip my dress.  I
let it slid down from my shoulders and then I caught it and eased it off,
placing it in Nicole's outstretched hand.  There was no moon but there was
enough light from the nearby buildings to give her a good look at my body.
She smiled and nodded.  "Very nice!" She held her hand out.  "Give me your
sandals." I picked them up and handed them to her.  She draped my dress
over her left shoulder and carried my sandals in her left hand.  We resumed
our walk, holding hands.

   After a couple of minutes she asked, "How do you like being nude in
front of another woman, a virtual stranger?"

   I thought about it for a moment.  "It's strange and a little
embarrassing." I paused for a moment.  "It's also exciting."

   She grinned.  "Are you wet?"

   I hesitated, then nodded.  "Yes."

   She stopped walking.  "Show me."

   I glanced out at the light at the end of the seawall as I slipped my
hand down between my legs and inserted my middle finger into my vagina.  I
held it up so she could see the result - my finger was wet, soaked with my
juices.  She leaned and touched the tip of her tongue against my finger. 
"Umm.  You taste good.  Lick it clean."

   I stared right into her eyes as I licked my finger clean.  "How do you
like the taste of your own cunt?"

   I dropped my eyes, blushing, and whispered, "I like it.  I like it a

   She dropped my sandals and stepped close, cupping my tits, teasing my
nipples with her thumbs.  I closed my eyes and moaned as they sprang erect,
hard little points that sent shivers of delight through me as she tweaked
them.  After a moment she pinched them gently, then a little harder,
pulling away and down while I moaned with pleasure.  Pain mixed with
pleasure as she pinched a little harder.  I whimpered and whispered,
"Please ....."

   She kissed me, forcing her tongue deep into my mouth for a moment. 
"Please what?"

   I took a deep, shuddering breath.  "Please hurt me.  Please.  Hurt me.
Hurt me."

   She obliged, pinching my nipples as hard as she could while twisting
them.  I cried in pain but I didn't try to get away.  She released my
nipples and I sank to my knees, resting my head against her right thigh. 
She ruffled my hair.  "Would you like me to whip you?"

   I turned my face up and whispered, "No, I wouldn't like it but do want
to be whipped."

   She nodded.  "Let's go." She turned and walked away, angling across the
beach toward the back of a small apartment building.  The apartment she'd
rented for the week was on the lower level with a door that opened onto the
beach.  She took me inside and whipped me with a leather strap while I hung
by my wrists from a hook set in a heavy beam, my wrists secured with
leather cuffs.  She turned her stereo on to muffle my cries.  There were at
least two other stereos blaring from upstairs so nobody heard me scream.

   She whipped my back, buttocks and thighs.  Then she moved around in
front of me and whipped my thighs.  I screamed and begged for mercy when
she brought the strap down across my belly.  She ignored me.  I hated the
pain but a part of me enjoyed knowing that I was helpless.  She gave me
three across my belly and finished up with another three across my tits.  I
hung there sobbing, while she removed her clothes.

   When she let me down the cuffs remained and she fastened them behind my
back.  Then she made me get down on my knees and told me to go down on her.
When I refused she forced two fingers into my mouth and asked me if I
wanted to take a punishment dildo in my ass.  I shook my head frantically.
"No?  Good.  Then beg me to let you eat pussy."

   She took her fingers out of my mouth.  I bent and kissed her knees. 
"Please, Nicole, let me eat you.  Please!"

   She spread her beautiful legs and nodded.  I moved closer and bent to
lick and kiss her inner thighs.  She had no pubic hair at all and her vulva
was enticingly visible.  I inhaled the strong, musky scent of an aroused
woman for the first time and it excited me.  I ran the tip of my tongue
along her furrow and enjoyed the moan of pleasure that resulted.  I tried
again.  She put her hands on either side of my head and pulled my mouth
against her wet, eager cunt.  "Eat me, bitch or I'll take the skin off your
bottom with a bull whip."

   Her taste was different from my own.  More tangy, slightly salty, but
every enjoyable.  I applied myself to my task, concentrating because I had
no idea what would please her.  I had little experience.  I hadn't
experienced cunnilingus more than five or six times in my life.  Jeff hated
doing it.  He loved putting his cock in my mouth but he didn't want to
reciprocate.  Despite my lack of experience I was able to bring her to
orgasm before my tongue go too tired.

   After she came I rested my head on her thigh and waited for her
breathing to return to normal.  When it did, I looked up at her and said,
"I should be getting back to Jeff.  If he wakes up it will be hard to
explain my absence."

   She cupped my chin and smiled.  "Fuck Jeff.  You're mine now. 
Understand?  We'll write a note for him and put it under the windshield

   I stared at her in silence, terror mixing with excitement.  After a
moment I nodded and said, "Yes.  I understand."

   She slapped me, a hard backhand that split my lip.  "You need to learn
some manners.  You will address me as Nicole or Mistress.  Never Nicki. 
Understand slave?"

   I licked my lip, tasting my blood.  "Yes, mistress.  I understand."

   She leaned and kissed me, tasting my blood.  "That's better.  You're
such a pretty slut.  I'm going to enjoy breaking you to slavery.  Now let's
write that note." She removed the cuffs and I wrote Jeff a short note.  I
told him I was through with him, tired of his crap, turned off by his
piggish manner.  I told him to contact a lawyer and I'd do the same.  I
said I'd contact him by the end of August.

   Nicole let me put my dress on but she slit it up to the waist on both
sides and down to the waist in front.  The dress was ruined for normal use
but the result was very sexy and entirely suitable for a slave.  We walked
down to the wharf and found that Jeff was just beginning to strip.  We put
the note under the windshield wiper on the driver's side.  I unlocked the
car, threw my keys on the mat, and closed the door.  We walked away and I
didn't look back.  My old life was over.

   We spent the next day, Saturday, out at the nude beach near Race Point.
Nicole keep me well-oiled with SPF 30 suntan oil.  That night we went out
for a drink.  I was wearing a pair of her jogging shorts and a sports bra.
As we passed an apartment occupied by a couple of gay leathermen I heard a
familiar voice.  We crept up to a window and looked in.  Jeff was there,
naked, getting fucked in the ass by one guy while another used his mouth. I
was stunned.  Nicole pulled me away and said, "Well, now you know.  You've
both found a new life."

   We had a drink and made plans.  We'd be leaving for Boston on the first
ferry on Sunday morning.  I told her I'd have to resign from my job and
look for one in Boston.  She shook her head.  "No need for you to work.  My
father has more money than God and as long as I stay away from California
he gives me an obscenely large allowance.  You'll be a kept woman."

   She made some phone calls.  One was to a beauty salon to make an
appointment for me to have my hair cut and styled and have a full bikini
wax.  "Later, you can have laser treatments to remove it permanently.  Like
I did."

   The next morning we took the first ferry to Boston.  I was wearing one
of her t-shirts and a pair of her jogging shorts.  Both were a little big
for me but they fit well enough.  I was barefoot because her shoes were too
large for me.  As we waited to board she gave me a last chance to change my
mind.  I might have if I hadn't seen Jeff taking cock in his ass and mouth.
Finally, I shook my head and said, "No, mistress, I'm not going to change
my mind." So, at the age of 27, I became the sexual slave of a 23 year old
grad student.

   We sat and talked until the ferry reached Boston.  Nicole didn't act
overly possessive but when a guy tried hitting on me she put her hand on my
thigh and gave him a look that sent him on his way, muttering about fuckin'
lesbos.  Nicole shook her head and smiled.  "Can't blame him.  You are a
pretty slut."

   I leaned against her, my head on her shoulder.  "I'm *your* slut." She
chuckled and squeezed my thigh gently.  She hadn't lied about her father.
She was driving a new Lexus SUV and living in a nice house in Cambridge,
both provided by her father.  As we pulled into the garage she glanced at
me and said, "First rule - no clothes when your in the house.  Unless
you've been told to dress." I was pulling the t-shirt off before she
finished speaking.

   There were other rules.  I had to run with her every morning, a
five-mile circuit that took us across the river and back.  I had to work
out with her at least three times a week.  At home, when she entered a room
I had to drop to my knees and wait for permission to rise.  If I entered a
room she was in the same rule applied.  Didn't matter who was present.  At
home rules were stricter than out-in-public rules.  I was responsible for
all of the cooking, cleaning and shopping.  I took care of the bills and
the errands.  In return I got room and board and liberal amounts of pain
and mind-blowing sex.  She paid for medical insurance and contributed to an
IRA - $2,000 a month.  Legally, I was her housekeeper and was paid a
generous salary and banked every cent.

   I was allowed to keep a short robe in the closet by the front door in
case somebody came by while Nicole was out.  It was terrycloth in winter,
silk the rest of the year.  Within a few weeks I was used to being nude and
hated to get dressed to run errands.  I began the laser treatments that
gradually removed all of my pubic hair.  Permanently.  In mid September she
took me back to Provincetown and had me pierced - nipples, navel, labia,
clit hood and clit.  My nipples and navel received delicate gold rings.  My
labia received stainless steel rings, two on each side.  The ring though my
clit hood was also stainless steel but slightly smaller.  And my clit
received a stainless steel stud through the base.  It keeps me sexually
aroused most of the time.  It can be maddening if Nicole's busy and doesn't
have time to fuck me.

   I still crave cock occasionally, a craving that Nicole can't wholly
satisfy with a dildo.  One day, when I was whining about my need for cock,
she took me down to a bar frequented by leathermen.  The owner is a tall,
handsome African-American named Paul.  His nickname is Big Daddy because he
has a huge cock.  The first time I saw it I was so scared I wet myself.  I
was on my knees, naked, when he eased it out of his pants and I lost
control of my bladder.  Paul and Nicole have been friends for years.  He
agreed to use me as a favor to her.  His cock is a good 13" long and as
thick as my wrist.  It barely fit in my mouth and it hurt the first time he
fucked me.  I started to cry when Nicole said, "Fuck her in the ass, Paul."

   I dropped to my knees and begged her not to make me take it in my ass.
"No, mistress.  Please!  He'll split me wide open!  Please, no!"

   She smiled and said, "Get up on the table and grease yourself with that
Vaseline.  Or would you rather take it dry?"

   I hopped up on the table and crouched there, sobbing, while I greased my
anus.  Then I leaned over the table and stared straight into Nicole's eyes
while Paul sodomized me.  He took it slow, easing his cock into my ass
gently until his balls bounced against my ass.  It felt like I was being
split in half by a big, soft wedge.  He began to ream my asshole with long,
smooth strokes.  After a while my tears stopped and my whimpers of pain
turned to moans of pleasure.  I turned and looked back over my shoulder.  I
caught his eye and said, "Fuck me hard.  Rape my asshole." He obliged.  I
reached back between my legs and played with my clit while he reamed me.  I
timed it just right, reaching orgasm a moment after he shot his load deep
in my rectum.

   When he was done he left us alone in the back room.  Nicole slapped me
and told me I was a dirty little cock-loving whore.  She told me she was
going to sell me to Paul for a dollar.  "Then you can have all the cock you
want you dirty little slut!"

   I got down on my belly and licked her feet with I begged her to forgive
me.  She took me home and supervised while I took a long hot shower.  She
made me scrub with a laundry brush and brown soap.  It had nothing to do
with Paul's ancestry.  It was all about taking cock.  She washed out my
mouth with brown soap and gave me an enema.  Repeated both twice.  I felt
like a little girl being punished for using foul language.  When she was
satisfied that I'd washed away all traces of cock contamination she
suspended me by my ankles and shoved a large vibrator into my ass.  Then
she whipped me until I was hoarse from screaming.  Too hoarse to beg for

   I spent that night on my knees in the cellar, tied securely to a metal
pole.  I was tied so tight about all I could do was blink and cry.  I had a
big dildo in my cunt, another in my ass, and a third in my mouth.  It was
the worst night of my entire life!  That was the last time I ever asked for
cock.  Nicole takes me to Paul once or twice a year for a dose of cock. 
The aftermath is never pleasant but it's never been as bad as that first

   We've settled into a routine.  Nicole goes to school and I stay home and
take care of her.  I enjoy pampering her, seeing the her every need.  As
long as she fucks me regularly and gives me the pain and humiliation I
crave I'll be content.  She's in her second year of a three year program so
things won't change much in the near term.

   Over the Christmas break we flew down to the islands and spent two weeks
in the sun.  I spent virtually the entire time nude, covered with SPF 40
suntan oil.  A european school girl, a cute redhead with a cute little
tits, was fascinated with me.  She was on vacation with her mother but mom
was more interested in shopping than she was in spending time on the beach.
Nicole was amused and readily agreed to let the little bitch "borrow" me.
Nicole came along to make sure she didn't hurt me.  I mean she did hurt me
with a paddle but Nicole made sure she didn't get too enthusiastic.

   The redhead, whose name was Ariel, used a leather-covered paddle on me,
turning my ass red without leaving welts.  She paddled me until I was
sobbing then she put me down on my back and straddled me in the classic
sixty-nine.  The little bitch was a virtuoso with her tongue and soon had
me begging her to let me come.  When she pushed her tight little cunt
against my mouth I didn't hesitate.  She tasted nice and I enjoyed eating
her.  I even spread her tight little buttocks and licked her anus.  It was
a tight little rosebud and Ariel squealed with pleasure as I licked it,
something I had refused to do for Nicole in the recent past.  She let me
get away with not doing her but she didn't let me get away with doing Ariel
in front of her.

   The paddling I got from Ariel was nothing compared to what I got from
Nicole when we got back to our bungalow.  She was in a towering rage by the
time she locked the door behind us.  I ran and hid in the bathroom.  She
came in and dragged me out into the bedroom and tied me to the bed. 
Spreadeagled on my back with two pillows under my butt.  Then she shoved a
big dildo into my mouth to muffle my screams.  She used a narrow strap to
whip me on my tits, on my belly, and between my legs.  At one point she
stopped and took the dildo out of my mouth.  "What do you want Justine?"

   Sobbing, I blubbered, "I want to lick your asshole, mistress.  Please1"

   She pushed the dildo back into my mouth.  "Later, cunt.  Much later."
The whipping continued until her arm was tired.  Then it resumed.  When she
finally stopped I'd learned my lesson.  When I asked permission to get a
glass of water she hissed, "Go drink out of the toilet like the dirty
little animal you are." I lapped water out of the toilet and then got my
mouth washed out with soap.  Then I licked her asshole while she sighed and
moaned in pleasure.

   It's January now.  Yesterday she took me out to western Massachusetts
and made me run nude in the freezing cold, wearing nothing but socks and
Reboks.  I ran for a mile on a country road while she followed in the

   She's been talking about breath control.

   The end .....  this was found on a floppy disk laying near a dumpster in
a rest area on the Mass Pike.

   <2nd attachment end>

   <3rd attachment, "katesbitch.txt" begin>

   Kate's Bitch by Laura Lynn Davis F/F Bnd A work of fiction copyright

   I was twenty-three when I married Kevin.  He was twenty-eight and
already a successful businessman with three franchise outlets of his own. I
was working as a paralegal while I tried to decide if I wanted to go to law
school.  I worked in an office shared by three lawyers who were partners
but contributed equally to pay expenses.  Two of them were men in their
late thirties or early forties and they were losers.  The third, a woman,
was in her late twenties and very bright.  Her name was Kate and she was a
slender blonde, a tomboy, but cute.  Behind her back the other's referred
to her as "that dyke bitch".

   Our honeymoon was fantastic!  We went to Jamaica for two weeks and
stayed at a quiet resort near Runaway Bay, on the north coast.  We went to
bed right after checking in and didn't get out again for two days.  It was
wonderful!  After that we spent most of our time on the beach.  We did go
and climb the falls and a couple of other things but mostly it was beach or
bed.  The sex was fantastic!  Kevin had a big cock and he knew just what to
do with it.

   One thing he liked surprised me, mostly because I'd have never thought
I'd like it.  He had me lay on the edge of the bed, on my side, and he'd
stand by the bed and fuck me in the mouth, holding my head up with both
hands.  All I had to do was lay there with my lips tight around his cock.
I've always enjoyed oral sex but this was something else and I loved it!  I
even came to like having him come in my mouth.  It was even better when
he'd have me lay on my stomach and he'd hold my head up and do it that way.
Luckily, I have strong neck muscles.

   One day, our fourth or fifth day there, we were on the beach sunbathing
when he said, "Let's take a walk down to the far end of the beach." The
beach was a good one-half mile long and the far end was the "clothing
optional" area.  The nude beach.  I was wearing a tiny thong that made me
feel very sexy.  I'm fairly attractive but I'm no beauty.  I do have a nice
figure and very nice legs and the thong looked nice on me.

   When we got to the line marking the beginning of the nude beach we
stopped for a moment.  Kevin shed his suit and glanced at me.  "Take it
off, Linda." I hesitated for a moment and then took it off.  We walked to
the end of the beach and back and it was exciting to be nude in public.  We
didn't stay long because I hadn't brought the suntan lotion.  We put our
suits back on and walked back to where we'd left our towels.  Ten minutes
later we were back on the nude beach, well covered with suntan lotion.

   On our honeymoon, Kevin fucked me every day, twice a day.  When we got
home he gradually tapered off to once a day, every day.  Then he began
skipping a day now and then.  After three months we were down to 3-4 times
a week and it was frustrating.  I wanted it every day.

   One afternoon, when the losers were in court, Kate come out and perched
on the edge of my desk.  "Okay, Linda, what's wrong?  You've been moping
around the office for a week now.  Want to talk?"

   After some initial hesitation I told her the whole story.  She laughed
and said, "That's it?  Your upset because your husband only does you three
or four times a week?"

   I frowned, hurt that she'd laughed.  "It's not funny!"

   She nodded.  "I know and I apologize for laughing.  Look, I'm no expert
on me but I can tell you this - three or four times a week is damn good. 
Kevin must be an iron man.  Count your blessings!" I believed her but that
didn't help much.  I was still frustrated.

   A week passed and then Kate called me into her office and asked me to
stay late to help her organize her files.  Her files were perfect as far a
I knew but I nodded and said, "Sure.  Kevin's out of town for a couple of
days so it's good timing."

   The losers were gone by 5:30 and Kate called me into her office.  As I
entered she took a huge dildo out of her desk and set it down.  It was a
good 13" long and very thick.  It was mounted on a square base and I
realized that the base held a motor.  It was a big vibrator.  I stopped in
my tracks and stared at it.  "Do you want to try it?"

   I shook my head and whispered, "No." But I was lying and we both knew

   Kate moved it to the exact center of her desk.  "Lock the door, Linda."
I turned and locked the door.  "Good.  Now come over here and try this."

   I walked slowly over to her desk and stood there, staring at the huge
phallus.  I shivered, wondering what it would be like to ride it, to feel
it throbbing deep inside my cunt.  Kate plugged it in and said, "Come on,
Linda.  You know you want to give it a try."

   I slipped my shoes off and then pulled my skirt up while I removed my
pantyhose and panties.  Then, I got up onto her desk and pulled my skirt up
around my waist.  I eased myself down onto the phallus, conscious every
moment that Linda was watching.  I took my time and it was a full minute
before it was fully in me.  Kate smiled.  "Turn it on when you're ready."

   I nodded, but I didn't' turn it on right away.  I moved up and down on
it, slowly at first, and then a little faster as I became aroused.  It
filled me and it felt good.  Really good.  Then I glanced at Kate and
whispered, "Turn it on for me, please."

   She reached and flipped the switch and it began to vibrate.  An
off-center rod inside the phallus began to turn and I threw my head back
and moaned with pleasure as jolts of pure pleasure shot through my body. 
Kate stepped close and ran her hands up my thighs.  Then she unbuttoned my
blouse and eased it off.  My bra followed a moment later.  Then she
unbuttoned my skirt and pulled it up over my head.  She stepped back and
took a long look at my naked body.  "Very nice!"

   It was a little embarrassing to be naked and impaled on a vibrator while
my boss watched but I was too aroused to care.  I blushed when she cupped
my tits and ran her thumbs over my rock-hard nipples.  She tweaked them and
I whimpered with pleasure.  It was late September but the office was warm
and I began to sweat.  I had my first orgasm within minutes.  Others
followed rapidly while I whimpered and moaned and then, finally, I threw my
head back and screamed with pleasure.  Kate chuckled and squeezed my tits
gently.  I caught her eye and whispered, "Please, turn it off, I can't take
any more right now."

   She turned it off and I eased myself off it and sank to my knees.  She
stroked my thighs and whispered, "Feel better now?"

   I nodded.  "Yes.  Oh, God, yes!" I stared down at the top of the desk
while she fondled me.

   After a couple of minutes she patted me on the back and said, "Go and
take a shower." I eased myself off her desk and went into her private
bathroom.  I took a long, hot shower and then took my time drying off.  I
dried my hair and then took a deep breath before opening the door.  Kate
was gone.  My clothes were on her desk, folded neatly.  A note on top
instructed me make sure I put the overtime down on my time card and then
lock up when I left.

   The next day Kate acted as if nothing had happened and it was a big
relief.  It was business as usual.  After lunch, she stopped to pick up her
messages.  She smiled at me and said, "Well, you seem like you're in a
better mood today."

   I nodded.  "Yes, I am.  Thanks."

   The losers were in court all afternoon and Kate was busy interviewing a
witness in an accident case.  About 4:30, after the witness left, she
called me into her office.  She was standing at the window, looking out.  I
walked over and stood next to her.  She glanced at me and smiled.  "Is
everything all right?"

   I nodded.  "Yes, thanks.  Everything is fine."

   She turned to face me and asked me what I thought of the witnesses. 
Were they telling the truth?  As we chatted she toyed with one of my
buttons.  After a moment I realized that she was unbuttoning my blouse.  We
continued to talk as if nothing was going on.  My bra hooked in front and
she opened it with a twist of her fingers.  She pushed it aside, baring my
small, firm breasts.  My nipples hardened when the cool air washed over
them.  Kate tweaked them and I groaned.  She smiled.  "Do you want me to

   I shook my head after a moment's hesitation.  "No, I don't."

   She cupped my tits and fondled them gently.  The discussion was over.  A
few minutes later I was leaning on her desk, nude, moaning with pleasure
while she fucked me doggy-style with a strap-on dildo.  When she undressed
I was surprised to see that her tits were slightly bigger than mine.  She
was clean-shaven and her vulva was shockingly visible.  She brought me to
orgasm twice and when she eased the dildo out of my pussy it glistened with
my juices.  She smiled and said, "Clean it.  With your mouth.  On your

   I shook my head.  "No, please....." But I was already sinking to my
knees.  I took it in my mouth and tasted myself for the first time.  I
liked it.  Kate chuckled as I licked it clean, savoring the taste.  This
time we showered together.  I played with her tits and found it very
enjoyable.  She laughed when I murmured, "Now I know why most men are tit

   She fucked me almost every day and except for the fact that she was an
attractive woman it was just like getting fucked by a guy.  Well, there was
one other difference.  She was tireless and once she fucked me steadily for
thirty minutes.  I had orgasm after orgasm and only asked her to stop when
I started feeling sore.

   But, other than that, it was like being fucked by Kevin.  She never
asked me to go down on her or anything like that.  Not then.  She brought
me along slowly, spending six weeks getting me used to having her fuck me.
Getting me to depend on her.  Turning me into her fuck slut.

   Her practice was growing and one afternoon she told me she was moving
into an office of her own.  She asked me to come with her, with a 50%
raise. I would have gone without the raise.  When we moved things continued
as before except that we had more freedom to fool around.  She began to
exert more control, starting with the way I dressed.  She wanted me in
short skirts, legs bare, no bra, no panties, and a blouse that buttoned in
front.  She liked having me walk around barefoot, with my blouse unbuttoned
to just below my tits.  The clients seemed to enjoy it too, as did I.  I
was, as Kate mentioned, a pretty slut.  At the same time, Kevin was busy
opening his fourth franchise operation and he had less time to spend with
me.  Kate was satisfying my sexual needs so it wasn't a problem.

   One Friday, in late October, Kate came in and asked if I had any plans
for lunch.  I shook my head and she smiled.  "Good.  I've made an
appointment for you at the salon across the street.  They're going to give
you a complete bikini wax.  Your appointment is at 11:30." I kept the
appointment.  It was painful but when it was over my vulva was completely
bare.  It made me feel like a girl again and it was very sexy to see myself
like that.

   When I returned to the office Kate called me into her office.  "We have
nothing on the calendar for this afternoon.  Go and lock the front door and
then take your clothes off.  I want you to work nude for the rest of the
day.  Put your clothes in my closet.  If anyone comes you can run in here
and I'll answer the door while you get dressed."

   Working naked was exciting.  At five-thirty Kate called me into her
office.  She was leaning against her desk, nude, her legs spread.  I walked
over and she fondled my tits.  "Have you ever gone down on another woman?"

   I shook my head.  "No." My voice quavered.  I was scared but also very

   She smiled.  "It's time you learned.  Get down on your knees." I sank to
my knees and rested my forehead against her thigh.  She ruffled my hair and
after a moment I pressed my lips aginst her thigh.  She spread her legs a
little wider and I began kissing her inner thighs, where her skin was
softest.  After a few moments she eased herself onto the desk and I
continued licking and kissing her inner thighs, working my way upward.  As
she became aroused I smelled the musky aroma of woman in heat.  It was a
new and exciting scent.  I pressed my mouth against her vulva and inhaled
the aroma.  After a moment I pulled back a little and licked her.  Her
taste was different than mine, tangier, not as salty, but just as

   Even though Kevin didn't care for it too much he was skilled at eating
pussy and I tried the things I liked on Kate and apparently, despite my
lack of experience, she enjoyed them too.  I brought her to orgasm twice
before she pushed my head away.  "No more!  God, you're good with your
tongue!  Are you sure this is your first time eating cunt?"

   I rocked back on my heels and licked my lips.  "Yes.  But I paid
attention when guys were going down on me."

   That night, Kevin was surprised and pleased when he saw my bare vulva
and assumed I'd done it for him.  More time passed.  Christmas came and
went, then New Years.  Kevin and I stayed home on New Year's Eve and
celebrated quietly.  I knew something was bothering him and I was afraid
he'd found out about Kate and me.  But that wasn't it.  A few days later he
came home and said, "Linda, I've met someone else.  I want a divorce."

   I think he was surprised and a little shocked when I just nodded and
said, "Okay, if you're sure that's what you want." Our marriage had lasted
just a few days over nine months.  When I told Kate she said she was sorry.
I shrugged, "No reason for you to be sorry.  He doesn't know about us.  He
met someone else.  Someone less demanding from what he said."

   Later, in the afternoon, I went into Kate's office and said, "We need to
talk.  Since Kevin and I are splitting I'm thinking that now might be a
good time for a change of scenery.  I'm thinking of going west, to Colorado
or Oregon."

   Kate got up and came around her desk.  She grabbed my chin with her left
hand and forced her thumb into my mouth, pressing down on my tongue until I
whimpered in pain.  "Listen to me, slut.  You're not going anywhere. 
You're mine and you'll do as you're told.  Do you understand me?"

   She released me long enough for me to nod and whispered, "Yes, Kate."

   Then her thumb was back in my mouth and I was helpless.  She hissed,
"Get naked, bitch.  You need a taste of the strap to remind you who's in
charge here." She pressed hard on my tongue, holding me helpless, while I
removed my blouse and skirt.  Then she walked me around her desk and I had
to crouch with her while she got a leather strap out of her bottom drawer.
She continued to hold me like that while she spanked me with the strap.  It
hurt like hell and I was crying like a baby when she finally stopped.

   Finally, she tossed the strap on her desk and released me.  "Get your
clothes on and get back to work, bitch."

   I dressed quickly and scampered back to my desk.  She came out a few
minute later and said, "I have an errand to run.  I'll be gone for about
thirty minutes."

   She was gone less than thirty minutes.  When she returned she tossed a
plain brown bag onto my desk.  "I brought you a present.  Put it on and the
come in.  We have things to discuss."

   She disappeared into her office and I opened the bag.  Inside was a
plain leather dog collar.  It was about 1" wide and had a brass plate
affixed to it.  The plate was engraved: 'Kate's Bitch'.  I put in down on
my desk and stared at it for a long time.  Then I got up and walked to the
door, intending to leave for good.  I stopped glanced back at my desk,
thinking about how good it felt when Kate fucked me.  I walked back, picked
up the collar, and fastened it around my neck.  When I walked into her
office she smiled and said, "Bitches don't wear clothes.  Ever."

   She hired someone to replace me at the office and I moved into her
house. I'm her pet, her bitch, her fuck slut.  I take care of the house and
all of her personal needs.  Her house is located on a cul-de-sac and her
property is surrounded on three sides by a state forest.  The nearest
neighbor is more than 1/2 mile away.  I work naked in the yard during the
warmer months.  In the winter I'm allowed to wears sweats, gloves, a coat,
and boots when I'm out shoveling.  Her definition of winter is strictly by
the calendar.  I've worked nude in the yard in early December, running into
the garage every few minutes to warm up.

   I'm treated like a pet, a well-loved, pampered pet and I'm content. 
Once in a while Kate lets me dress up and takes me out to dinner or a
movie. But I'm never allowed to forget that I'm owned.  I eat and drink out
of dog bowls.  I'm allowed to use my hands only to hold the bowls in place
and I'm not allowed to prepare my own food.  Except for the work I do
around the house I'm expected to act like a dog, like the bitch I am.  At
night, when Kate's reading or watching television I'm either on my knees
beside her chair or curled up on the floor in front of her.  She likes to
warm her feet on my belly.  Once in a while she slip me a doggy treat.  I
eat dog food laced with vitamins.  I'm not allowed to talk unless in
response to a direct question.

   A month ago she called the house and I heard her tell me to pick up the
phone, something I'm not allowed to do normally.  She told me that she was
going out of town on business and wouldn't be home that night.  "It's
totally unexpected.  Bobbi will come over and feed you."

   I sighed.  "Are you fucking her?"

   "That's none of your business but the answer is no, not yet.  When I get
back remind me to whip you for being nosy.  She knows about you and she's
fascinated.  You'll act just like she's me.  Do you understand?"

   "Yes, Kate.  I understand."

   "She'll be there at 5:30.  I've given her a key.  She'll feed you and
service you and if you want she'll take you for a walk.  Be a good little
bitch." She hung up before I had a chance to answer.

   I was on my knees, facing the door, at 5:25.  Bobbi arrived about ten
minutes later.  When I heard the key in the lock I braced myself.  I knew
she was a redhead and moderately attractive (according to Kate) and
competed in Triathlons.  She came through the door in a gust of cold air
that turned my nipples into hard little points.  She was taller than I
expected, about 5' 8", but otherwise she was pretty much as Kate had
described her.  Her skin was very pale and she had few freckles.  Her hair
was dark red and hung to her shoulders in a wild tangle of curls.  Her eyes
were green, as pale as a tropical ocean.  She locked the door and turned to
me with a smile, holding her hand out.  "You must be Kate's bitch.  She's
right, you are a pretty slut."

   I touched my nose to the back of her hand for a moment and then licked
it several times.  She giggled, delighted, and I found myself liking her in
spite of my resentment about the amount of time Kate spent with her each
day.  She walked through the house, exploring, and I followed on my hands
and knees.  When we got to the kitchen she noticed that my water bowl was
empty.  "Are you thirsty?"

   I nodded.

   "What do you drink from when it hasn't been filled?  Show me."

   I glanced at the lavatory and sighed.  She followed me as crossed the
kitchen and nudged the door open with my shoulder.  I looked back at her
and when she ignored my pleading look I sighed and turned to the toilet.  I
lapped water out of the toilet, totally humiliated.

   She washed my bowls and filled them.  Then she sat down on the floor and
petted me while I ate.  She stroked my back, buttocks, and thighs and then
slipped her left hand under me to fondle my tits and rub my belly.

   When I done eating she snapped a leash onto my collar and walked me
around the back yard for ten minutes.  When we went back inside she came
into the bathroom and watched me pee.  Using a toilet was one of the few
human things I was allowed.  But privacy wasn't.  She crouched in front of
me and pushed my knees apart so she could watch.  I closed my eyes and
blushed as I peed.  She told me I had pretty knees.

   She put me on my knees in front of the sofa and fucked me with a
strap-on while I rested my upper body on the soft leather cushion.  After
my orgasm I turned and licked the dildo clean.  She ran her fingers through
my hair and asked, "Does Kate ever fuck you in the ass?  Speak."

   I shook my head and answered, "No, ma'am." The fear was apparent in my

   She smiled.  "I will, but not tonight." Then she whipped my ass with a
leather strap and left me curled up in a corner, sobbing.

   When Kate returned the next day she saw the welts on my ass.  "Were you
a bad girl?  Speak."

   "No, ma'am.  I was good.  She just whipped me because she could."

   Kate got Bobbi on the phone.  "Get your ass over here.  Now!"

   When Bobbi arrived she was paler than usual and I realized that she was
terrified.  Kate lit into her as soon as the door was closed and locked. 
She backhanded Bobbi across the face and hissed, "I told you to feed her
and fuck her, I didn't tell you to whip her.  Nobody disciplines her but
me. Is that clear." She punctuated her question with another slap.

   Bobbi whispered, "Yes, ma'am.  It's very clear.  I'm sorry."

   Kate smiled.  "You'll be sorrier in a few minutes.  Get your fuckin'
clothes off, bitch."

   Bobbi stripped in record time.  Kate marched her into the living room
made her kneel by the sofa while she went to get a paddle.  I watched,
smiling, while Kate paddled her ass until it was as red as a tomato.  By
then Bobbi was sobbing brokenly and begging for mercy.  Kate pushed her off
on the floor and tossed the paddle toward me.  "My arm's tired.  You paddle
her for a while."

   I got up and sat down on the sofa.  Bobbi crept across my lap, still
sobbing, and I paddled her for another five or six minutes.  The next day
Kate began interviewing for a new paralegal.  Bobbi became second bitch in
a two-bitch household.

   The End.

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