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NOTE: I hereby grant permission for all archiving and other uses of
this work, public or private, free or paid, in any format whether
existing now or to be invented in the future, so long as a copy of
this note and credit to "theGreatxIam" is given and no alteration is
made to the body of the work. Copyright 2001, theGreatxIam

Silver Surfer #1:
By theGreatxIam

NOTE: They used to talk about Stagedoor Johnnies, the men who hung
around theaters with flowers and candy for the showgirls. Then women
and girls got liberated and got horny, and they called the starstruck
ones groupies.

But there are some of us who call ourselves by another name. We are
drawn to a special class of classy ladies, to those mature beauties
who appreciate a man who appreciates a vintage affair. We call
ourselves the silver surfers. And this is one of our stories.

Charles B., New York

There are some very crude men in our society, men who treat what we do
as some sort of contest.

It is not. We are performing a service, if you like. I myself prefer
to think of it as an homage to greatness.

As such, one must observe the proper protocols and ensure that one is
quite prepared. Some members of our group seem to think it a sport and
try to "bag" the most prominent women -- and then boast about it. That
is despicable.

I am telling my story not to boast -- assuredly not -- but, rather, in
the hope that newer surfers or those aspiring to the clan will learn
something about proper behavior.

One should not, for example, presume to be a suitable companion for
the most beautiful women until one has served an apprenticeship, so to

I, myself, had my first experiences whilst volunteering at charity
events -- galas, silent auctions and the like. These are excellent
opportunities for those with modest upbringings to learn the ways of
polite society, so as to be better prepared for the social milieu to
which most celebrities are accustomed. I, of course, needed no such
acculturation, having been to the manner born. Still, being involved
in the charity events as a volunteer rather than merely an attendee
allowed me access to information that aided my first efforts. I was
able to learn which women regularly sought out escorts, and insinuate
myself into their good graces.

Having established myself as a suitable companion, I was able to
become more selective in the women I accompanied, while at the same
time polishing those qualities most attractive to the mature female.

It was only a small step from being a dinner partner to more physical
encounters. With some practice, I became adept at extracting myself
from any possible long-term entanglements. And with that, my training
was complete, I felt, and I was ready to move from society matrons to
mature celebrities.

Even then, I began with lesser mortals -- a local television news
personality, a stage actress of small renown. Only after I had
satisfied myself that I was truly ready did I seek out more famous

It is a fact that I came upon my crowning achievement by chance. My
point, nonetheless, is that without careful preparation I would have
been unworthy of the great honor which fate bestowed upon me.

I was walking to a quaint little bistro I patronize frequently in
upper Manhattan when I saw a woman up ahead.

She was standing outside a boite that had closed two weeks earlier
after decades of excellence. Like so many other things, it had been
abandoned by the crowd simply because it wasn't "new." So few people
can savor the ineffable allure of sustained quality.

As I came up on the woman, who was impeccably attired in a simple,
well-cut black watered-silk dress with white lace accents, it was
clear from her stance that she must have not known the establishment
was closed. She was stock still, one hand just under the brim of her
white straw hat, peering intently into the darkened window of La Dolce

I was struck by her height -- 5'10 or more in Jimmy Choo heels, I
guessed -- and by her aristocratic bearing. Even a bum staggering down
the street steered away from her; this was not a woman to bother.

No, I decided as I came up on her, this was not a woman at all. This
was a lady.

"Pardon me, ma'am," I said as she turned toward me. "Perhaps I could
be of ..." Only years of training kept my jaw from hitting the
pavement. "Ah, I could ... May I be of some assistance, Miss Loren?"

One of my basic rules: Always call an older woman "miss" if you hope
to bed her. First, it flatters her. Second, even if she is married,
you don't want to remind her of that.

You'll note how this self-training kicked in automatically even though
I certainly had never prepared for meeting Sophia Loren.

She is, of course, the most beautiful creature God ever created. We
shan't debate that. Her body was carved from ivory by an artist
greater than Michelangelo, stained a rich olive hue by the caresses of
the Italian sun. It would be trite to say she has aged like a fine
wine. Inaccurate, too. Better to say she has found a new beauty with
each season of her life. Photos from her first performances show an
earthy, peasant goddess, all dimples and fleshy appeal. In her heyday
she was a ripe temptress, every part of her body a perfect example of
sensuous form, a lush body hiding an alluring mind that could be
glimpsed in her flashing eyes.

And there, on a New York street, in the autumn of her life, her beauty
still shone. The rounded limbs of her younger days now revealed the
muscles underneath. The exquisite architecture of her face was etched
sharply. It was as if the sculptor had continued to carve his work,
cutting down from rough outlines to the final, essential,
unimproveable creation.

Miss Loren smiled at me, a smile like an angel's. "Grazie, grazie. The
restaurant here ..." She pointed one manicured finger. "Closed?"

Yes, I told her, unfortunately so. She sighed and said it had been her
favorite, a place she could go to get away.

"And it had wonderful gnocchi," I noted.

Her whole face lit up and we were soon deep in a conversation about
minestrone and marinara. Deftly I slipped in mention of a small cafe I
had visited in Rome. It happened to be a favorite of hers. In no time
I was leading her down two blocks to an intimate little spot that, I
promised, had the best risotto in all New York.

She asked me to join her and I demurred, but I was careful not to
offer a reason, thus leaving her a polite opening to insist, which she
did: "Come, come. I like you. So many people, they just want to talk
to me about old times. Old movies. I don't want to live in the past.
That is why I go off on my own. But you, you talk of today. Join me."

Of course, I did. Our meals were every bit as good as I had promised.
The wine -- she chose one bottled by a friend of hers -- was perfectly
matched. By the time we were done, the candle on the table was casting
an ethereal glow on her face. Her eyes sparkled and her rings
glittered as she waved them about, punctuating her conversation. We
spoke of Rome and New York, of art and the theater. I laughed at her
small jokes, laughter that came more naturally than usual for I found
her genuinely witty.

We walked out of the restaurant into New York at its finest, twinkling
in the night, streets filled with excitement. I offered to get a cab;
she said her hotel was nearby, "and I love to walk in New York City."
She took me up on my offer to escort her. I crooked my arm, she
slipped hers through it and we strode off.

Her hotel was, like Sophia herself, a beautiful grande dame. What
wasn't mahogany was brass; what wasn't brass was mirrored; what wasn't
mirrored was gold leaf; what wasn't gold leaf was leather or tapestry.
The lobby was two stories tall, a full block long, and teeming with
activity. As I hoped she would, Sophia invited me to join her for
coffee and more conversation.

She had a two-room suite, filled with flowers. Room service was prompt
and efficient and unobtrusive. We sipped and discussed the latest MOMA
exhibit. She had a way of holding you with her wide eyes so you were
only peripherally aware of her sweeping gestures. It was a curious
effect. Like all Italians, she used her whole body to speak, but by
locking your focus she preserved the aura of a more reserved
gentlewoman. Poise and passion, elegance and eloquence. It was an
intoxicating combination.

But I was not so intoxicated that I forgot my training. I maintained
an attitude with just the right mix of interest but reserve, showing
that I respected her and appreciated her allure but was not just
another fawning admirer. Indeed, I carefully chose to disagree with
her opinion of the Met's last production and we had a vigorous debate
over the coloratura's timbre. She showed a zest for the argument while
retaining a sense of proportion. It was a most stimulating evening.

But the night was not yet over. Sophia excused herself and I allowed
myself to hope. Those hopes were fulfilled.

She re-entered as I was putting my coffee cup down. My hand froze in

Sophia had changed into a diaphanous black nightgown. Its billowing
translucence revealed the laciest of black bras, barely covering the
bottom half of her generous breasts. Her body curved down to ample
hips, with a wispy pair of panties concealing the bare minimum. A lace
garter belt held up sheer black nylons. Her black spike heels drew
attention to her exquisite legs, stunning for a woman in her seventh
decade of life.

Even I was stunned. I knew this had been my goal from the moment I had
recognized her. In a sense, this had been my goal from the first time
I had ever seen Sophia Loren on the big screen at the small cinema
around the corner from my family's city apartment. This was why I had
smiled my way through endless luncheons, endured those early years
when I had been forced to lower my standards as I gained experience.
This is what I had been seeking.

And yet it hardly seemed possible. Sophia Loren was not a
flesh-and-blood woman, certainly not a hot-blooded woman standing
before me in the flesh and little else. She was a screen image, a
silver ghost painting sexual allure and lust for life across strips of
celluloid. A statue brought to life, a goddess come to earth.

No, she was real.

And soon she would be mine.

"Well," Sophia purred, "do you approve?" She twirled in place, her
gown swirling into a cloud of chiffon. "Or would you like to discuss
art some more?"

My cup clattered on the saucer. I rose and went to her, but even then
I did not embrace her precipitously. I stood just two feet away,
breathing in her musky perfume, drinking in her beauty, savoring the
moment like the bouquet of a fine wine. She stood hands curled on her
hips, staring back at me with a bemused smile.

I took a deep breath.

"Sophia," I whispered. I could say no more.

We moved together. Her body melted into mine. Our lips crushed, big,
aching, open-mouthed kisses that stirred the soul. My right arm
encircled her narrow waist, drawing her tighter to me. My left hand
entwined in her thick, wavy hair. Her left leg wrapped around me, and
her hands roamed my back. We broke our kiss only to nuzzle each
other's necks, then joined our mouths again. Our tongues touched, a
momentary flicker, and then reached out hungrily. Our hands clutched,
clawed, tugged at each other. Sophia's gown slipped off her shoulder
and I kissed my way down to it.

She sighed in my ear. "Yes, yes, cara mia, my sweet one, yes."

I continued my kisses down to the tops of her breasts and the deep, 
delicious valley in between. With her silken leg running up and down
my side, my staff grew stiff. Her hands peeled off my suit jacket
while I kissed my way back up to Sophia's face.

Our lips locked again as she tugged my shirt out and ran her hands up
my back. Our lower bodies writhed against each other.

Sophia was everything I could have imagined, a woman of raw sexuality,
capable of stirring me deeply. When she broke our kiss and led me by
the tie to the bedroom, I could only pray I would be worthy.

I unbuttoned as I walked, discarding my shirt, tie and undershirt when
Sophia released me in the other room. She surprised me by insisting on
taking off my pants herself, sinking to her knees on the plush carpet.
With long, nimble fingers she unbuckled and unzipped and pulled my
pants off. Then she untied my wingtips and slid off my shoes and
socks. Only my dark blue silk boxers stood between me and complete
nudity. Sophia got up and led me to the canopied bed. I sat on the
edge and she tugged off my boxers.

My penis bobbed upward, engorged with blood. Looking down, I saw a
vision that will stay with me forever. Sophia Loren, still in her
seductive lingerie, knelt at my feet. My erect member was just an inch
or two from her dark red lips. She was looking up at me with eyes wide
open. As I watched, she gently took hold of my shaft with both hands.
She lowered her eyes and gazed upon my manhood. I felt it grow
slightly thicker under her ministration. Her touch was soft but sure,
as one would hold a priceless jeweled egg, and she brushed up and down
its length. And then, and then, mirabile dictu -- wonderful, truly
wonderful to relate -- I felt the caress of her breath on my organ. I
saw her bend forward, pursing her full lips. I felt the subtle
pressure as she softly kissed the tip. And then Sophia Loren bent her
head down, letting my hard penis spread her lips apart and enter her

 She held the bulbous head inside her as she bathed it with her
tongue. It was the sight of Sophia's carmine lips wrapped around my
rigid member, as much as the physical sensation, that had me reeling.

And then she began to slide me in. Slowly, slowly, bit by bit, my
shaft disappeared from view. My hands beat on the mattress, my fingers
clawed at the bedspread. Sophia's cheeks hollowed as she sucked me in.
Her lips were a velvet vise. My breath came in labored gasps. I raised
my face, staring blindly into space. When I looked back down, it was
to see my penis fully inserted in her mouth, my curly pubic hair
brushing her cheeks. O bliss!

Sophia's eyelids fluttered gracefully as she fellated me, sliding my
member in and out while she gripped the shaft, occasionally taking it
all the way in. My toes curled and dug into the carpet's pile as I
luxuriated in her awesome sexual prowess. Just as I would think I
could take no more, she would slip off my shaft completely, only to
plant butterfly kisses along its rigid length and lick it like an ice
cream cone -- even extending her tongue to catch a drop of my fluid at
the very tip.

And then she would take me back into her mouth again, maintaining
perfect pressure at its puckered opening, letting it slide slowly

"Oh, god. Oh, ggggoddd!" The cries were wrenched from me. My jaw
locked open. My hands went of their own impulse to entwine in Sophia's
luxuriant dark waves, pulling her face onto me.

Until, at last, I felt the feeling come upon me like a tidal wave. I
started screaming to my god and to the goddess kneeling before me. She
went down all the way as a hot jet of semen rushed out of me, and she
swallowed it all.

When she pulled her mouth off of my organ, smiling, a glistening
strand of semen stretched out. She put a manicured finger on the end
attached to my penis and pulled it toward her, gathering a small
globule on her fingertip. She slipped the finger into her mouth and
then pulled it out through pursed lips. I watched it all and then fell
back onto the bed, eyes closed, savoring the moment.

"Ah, ah, ah," Sophia called to me. "I think we are not finished. Don't
you want to watch? I am not, how you say it, so hard to look at, am

I opened my eyes and quickly sat up. Sophia was standing a few feet
from the bed. As I watched, she swirled her arms around, turning her
nightgown again into a mist. This time, she slipped out of it as it
billowed, and it drifted to the floor slowly.

She stood before me dressed only in bra, panties and stockings.
Keeping her eyes focused on mine, she extended one long, slim leg and
placed her foot on the bed between my legs. She unsnapped the top of
the stocking and leaned slightly toward me. I rolled the stocking off,
caressing the soft skin of her leg. We did the same with her other

Sophia stepped toward me. In an elegant striptease, she shimmied
before me as she undid her bra. She let the straps fall from her
shoulders but crossed her arms over the cups, holding them in place.
Slowly she let her brassiere slip off, but kept herself covered with
her arms. Then she began to pull her arms apart until her hands were
cupped over her breasts, barely concealing her most notable
attributes. She rubbed them, pushed them together, and, finally, with
a pinch of each nipple, revealed her magnificent breasts. I breathed
in deeply.

Even as I was enjoying my first view, in the flesh, of Sophia's famous
chest, her hands traced her curves down to her hips. She slid her
fingers underneath the sides of her wispy black panties and slipped
them down, letting them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them.
Sophia Loren stood before me, utterly naked.

True, her large breasts sagged. A little. But there was no denying the
striking loveliness of her classic figure. I bent forward and paid
homage to her breasts, stroking them, cupping them, kissing them,
suckling them. To have Sophia's nipples in your mouth, to suck at the
great Earth mother's breast: perfection. I rubbed my cheeks against
them, traced their contours with my fingers.

I could smell her arousal, and she pushed me flat on the mattress and
crawled over me, a knee on either side of my body. At my waist she
stopped, my penis -- growing erect again -- rubbing gently against her
vaginal opening. My erection stiffened. She smiled as she stroked
herself across my organ. "You are reviving?" I was indeed. "Ah. You
are. But I think it is not yet time. Perhaps you can think of
something else?" She lifted herself over my penis and crawled forward
on her knees until I could feel the heat of her sex on my face.

If there is a skill most crucial to pleasing the older celebrity woman
in bed, it is the art of cunnilingus. I will not claim to be an
expert. I will only say that no one has ever complained.

As Sophia lowered herself onto me, my tongue met her. For several
minutes I only licked at her genitals, gentle brushes meant to prepare
the way. Her purring said I was on the right track. Then I allowed my
hands to drift onto her outer thighs, barely grazing the flesh. I knew
it was perfect when I raised goosepimples.

Applying slightly more pressure, I stroked in sweeping circles to her
hips, to her stomach, at last down to her curling bush. As my fingers
began to brush down into her crotch, I pushed my tongue into her bit
by bit, sliding between her labia. As I did so, I swept upward and
sought out her clitoris. She shivered delicately when the tip of my
tongue made tentative contact with her rubbery little button. Soon she
was moaning as I poked and nipped at it, while my fingers slid along
her slit, spreading her lubricating fluids as they did.

The older woman should not be rushed. I continued to play with her
clitoris for another few minutes before I turned my attention back to
her slit. In broad sweeps up and down I pressed my tongue deeper and
deeper. My sweeps grew shorter as I pressed further in until I was
using my tongue to penetrate her like a penis. "Bene, bene!" Sophia
sighed. Then she squealed as I lashed my tongue from side to side and
began to stimulate her clit again, this time with a finger.

My mouth was wide open and pressed onto her, my tongue driving into
her. To vary her sensations, from time to time I would slip out of her
and attend to her clitoris. When I sensed her nearing the edge, I
moved back into her, whipping my tongue in and out while my finger
played manic attendance on her clit. At last, with choked moans, her
moment came. A long, shuddering series of attacks wracked her body.
Her thighs closed around me and she fell back onto her arms, calling
out my name.

Her orgasm ebbed slowly and she rolled off of me, murmuring and
cooing. We worked our way around on the soft bed so that our heads
were on the downy pillows, our naked bodies stretched out side by side
on the white satin sheets.

We cuddled and kissed in a hazy afterglow. In time our kisses became
more urgent. My shaft had become fully erect and was resting on
Sophia's thigh. She stroked it languidly with one hand. Her legs
parted; my hand sought out her slit. We pleasured each other a minute
or two. Then I rolled into position over her, the bulbous head of my
penis at the entrance to her hot, wet opening.

I looked directly into her wide-open eyes as I entered her smoothly.
She was so well-lubricated by then that I slid in all the way in one
fluid movement. "Molto bene," Sophia hissed.

And then it was as it ever is. We started out slowly, long strokes in
and out, with occasional slight twists to increase the sensations.
Sophia's vagina was not as tight as a virgin's, but she made up for it
with experience. Her vaginal muscles were well developed; that and
some subtle but significant motions of her lower body greatly enhanced
our love-making.

In and out, we were in perfect synchrony, keeping our pace slow even
as our hearts beat faster. "Sophia, Sophia," I cried over and over. We
kissed deeply, longingly, tongues intertwined and writhing in time
with our hips.

Our pace increased. Sophia spread her legs wider, wider, then brought
them together again as her heels rested on my buttocks, digging in,
urging me on. Faster and faster we went, sliding around and getting
tangled in the slippery sheets. She grabbed over her head for the
rails of the headboard, holding on as we went on.

My erection hardened and relaxed, hardened and relaxed, but after
Sophia's oral ministrations I knew I would be good for half an hour or
more. Sweat was rolling off us by now, soaking the sheets. We slowed,
speeded up, never losing our stride. To tease her I would withdraw
almost completely, only the very tip still snuggled in her. Sophia
would hump up at me, growling as she tried to push onto me. At last I
would give in, exulting in the feeling as the head of my penis parted
her lips and they closed behind it, hugging my shaft as it moved in
slowly, oh, so slowly.

Then again we would pick up speed, bedsprings creaking beneath us, me
sliding away and crawling back on my knees, toes trying to dig for
purchase. The sheets pulled loose and bunched up around us. Sophia had
a second orgasm, if anything apparently more intense than the first,
her back arching, hips thrusting, thighs clutching my waist.

My arms were weakening and I lowered myself to my elbows, chest
pressing on her ample breasts. I ran my hands up and down her
sweat-slick torso as I balanced first on one elbow, then the other.
And through it all my penis drove in and out of her.

She began to direct me, setting the pace, encouraging a little twist
of my hips, deep thrusts that buried me in her to the root and held
there, flurries of short, rapid plunges. Yet a third orgasm came upon
her as she shouted in ecstasy. That one seemed to last forever, a
waterfall of shudders and shivers that left her gasping for air.

I had been close several times but could not reach climax. As her
convulsions slowed I could not hold myself up anymore. I rolled off
her, exhausted, arms flopping to the mattress, eyes closed, breath
coming in long swallows.

But my penis was still erect, still ready for action. When Sophia had
recovered she told me she would take care of me. She climbed on top,
facing me, letting her breasts hang down to my face. I licked at the
salty flesh as she took my shaft in her hand and placed it at her slit

She sat back and let it slide into her. Completely in control now, she
began slowly but quickly built up to a frantic pace. My hands beat on
the bed as she administered a delicious torture, a soul-stirring
agony, riding my penis faster and faster, bucking up and down,
plunging with wild abandon. Our secretions gushed out and coated my
crotch, dripping down between my legs. Groans exploded from me as
Sophia pounded away without respite, up and down, up and down. Her
bouncing breasts hypnotized me; I lost track of time. I didn't even
have the strength left to lift my hips to meet her downward thrusts,
but it didn't matter. She had me at her mercy and wouldn't quit. I
begged her to slow down, tears rolling down my cheeks as my head
thrashed	from side to side. To no avail; she actually increased her

And then, and then, the urge built in my groin as it had before but
this time it would not go away. "Oh, god," I bellowed, as Sophia
chattered encouragement. I felt my penis thicken within her walls. She
nearly lifted off me and then came down all the way, again, again. The
surge overpowered me. An unstoppable blast of semen shot into Sophia's
eager vagina. And again. And again.

It took a minute or two before my erection eased, and even then it did
not go away entirely. I was utterly spent, though, wrung out like a
dishrag. My entire body was awash in endorphins.

Sophia and I kissed tenderly, cradling each other's faces in our
hands. I traced her body one last time, memorizing her curves.

I didn't want to ever leave that bed. I wanted to go to sleep with
Sophia Loren in my arms, to awaken with her beautiful face next to
mine, to make love to her in the soft light of dawn.

But that was not my role. Never could be. I rolled off the bed and
went into the bathroom. By the time I emerged, Sophia was asleep. I
got dressed and left.

I never saw her again. There have been others, but there will never be
one like her. There is only one Sophia Loren.

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