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                  Innocent Young Wife (m/f, i/r, n/c)
                              Black Demon

                          Standard Disclaimer!
          This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

With the growing acceptance of the internet, Suzi Taylor was but
a novice in the use of computers.  But she was quite acceptant of
this new communication and eager to keep up with the new
generation.  Having read some horror stories surrounding the use
of the internet, how young girls often got enticed into revealing
personal information to unknown perverts, Suzi vowed never to
fall into such a trap.  As she was no teenybooper, Suzi was not
worried of such a thing happening to her.

At the age of 26, married to the handsome Frank Taylor whom she
had known since high school, Suzi relished living out in the
countryside. Frank had come from a wealthy family and had
inherited the countryside home from his grandparents.  The home
had been well-maintained and upgraded once they had moved in. 
With their five-year old son in kindergarten, it was the ideal
location to raise a family.  With Frank in the family business,
the only drawback was his frequent travels out of town to promote
the company's products.

Lonely and a bit bored when her son was at school and husband
away on business, Suzi busied herself in planting orchids.  She
had entered several in the recent hybrid show a month ago and won
one of the top prizes.  Now she wanted to learn even more,
determined to do even better at the next orchid show.   Suzi
found that the internet contained so much helpful information on
the subject.

Exploring the subject of orchids, Suzi stumbled upon a site that
connected to a chatroom for those who wanted to discuss any topic
related to the planting and growing of orchids.  She found it
quite interesting to read the items posted and also very helpful.
 Still, she was reluctant to post anything to the chatroom, not
wanting to make herself public in any way.  With the site so
helpful, Suzi would check in on it whenever she was lonely and
bored, trying to pass the time away.

One day, in caring for her orchids, Suzi noticed a strange fungus
on some of the petals.  Going through the books she had on
orchids, she could not find anything similar to what was
affecting her plants. Checking the internet sites she was
familiar with, she still could not figure out the problem nor how
to cure it.  Then she thought of the chatroom, recalling how some
had inquired on various problems and the responses that came in
reply.  Getting into the chatroom, Suzi explained the problem she
was having.  Before submitting her inquiry, she decided to use
the call name of 'Suzi of the Southwest'.

Far off in another state, Jake Morton sat at his computer ogling
the hot porno shots from the paysite called 'Blacks on Blondes'.
Before shutting the computer off, he decided to check on the
various chatrooms involving plants and flowers to see if there
was anything interesting. As he had worked at a nursery for many
years, he found that his expertise came in handy, especially in
befriending an unsuspecting young woman.  Twice, in the past 18
months, he had succeeded in his quest that ended up satisfying
his lustful desires in such a manner.

After checking two sites, Jake then clicked on to the 'orchid'
chatroom to read what had been posted.  Going through the various
messages and replies, he noticed a recent inquiry by 'Suzi of the
Southwest'.  The message indicated that she had been raising
orchids for just under two years but this was the first she time
she had encountered that unusual fungus problem, seeking advice
from anyone familiar with it.  The problem that she was
explaining was familiar to Jake, one that he had encountered
several times at the nursery.

Typing his response to 'Suzi of the Southwest', Jake explained
that he was quite familiar with her problem, adding in that he
had seen it many times ever since he had started his nursery
business.  He also added his email address, advising 'Suzi' that
he'd email a write-up available as an attachment.  Hitting the
send button, Jake sat back and wondered just how old 'Suzi' was
and what she looked like, wondering if she'd make the move to
email him back.  To not give away him being black, he wanted to
make at least make his name sound white, signing his response
'Dave Hensen'.

Going to the refrigerator for a beer, Jake popped it open and
guzzled it down.  Getting a second beer, he then went back to his
computer to check the site.  There was a 'thank you' posted on
the orchid chatroom from 'Suzi of the Southwest'.  However, in
checking his email, there was no response.

Suzi had sent the 'thank you' note on the site's chatroom and had
printed up the message that had been posted by Mr. Hensen.  She
had seen his email address that he posted in the reply but she
was nervous in responding directly by email to this unknown man.
Thus, she decided to leave it at that.

The next morning, once she got her son off to school, Suzi went
out to the greenhouse where her orchids were kept.  Taking the
instructions as provided by Mr. Hensen, she prepared the solution
that she was to spray on the infected areas.  She hoped the
solution would work as the plants infected were her favorites and
the ones she had put in the recent show.

Two days later, after two treatments of the spray solution on the
orchids, Suzi went out to check on her plants.  Upon seeing her
infected plants, she smiled in total amazement.  It was obvious
that the solution had worked as there was no longer any sign of
the fungus and the orchids never looked better.  She made a
mental note to again thank Mr. Hensen for sharing his expertise
with her.

That evening, after putting her son to bed, Suzi got on the
computer. Picking up the printout of the advice provided by Mr.
Hensen, she decided that the man truly knew what he was talking
about, especially since he did own a nursery himself.  Seeing the
results, she knew he was not scamming her in any manner, thus
feeling it safe to respond directly to him.  Typing in his email
address, she sent him a nice personal 'Thank You' note and
advised him of the success she had with the solution he provided.
 At the end of the email, she signed it 'Suzi from the

Jake smiled as he saw the response from 'Suzi from the Southwest'
and now he was determined to find out a bit more of this woman. 
If she turned out to be a 'dog', he would just drop it at that
point but it was the satisfaction he got from the 'hunt'.  Being
a loner, his wife dumping him for another guy twenty years ago,
he didn't make much money but neither did he spend much either. 
Thus, he took great pleasure in the 'hunt', not minding spending
some bucks to see just how much he could learn on a promising

Looking at her email address, he smiled at the clues it provided
him. Chuckling, he commented to himself 'Oh, this is going to be
fun and easy!'  Just reading the address, it was apparent that
she or her husband had signed up their alma mater as its internet
provider.  His mind was clicking on all cylinders as he thought
out his next two moves in tracking 'Suzi of the Southwest'!  But
first to send a nice response and began typing his response "Glad
to be of help!  Have scanned in a page (attachment) on the fungus
problem that you were having.  If I can be of further assistance
regarding your orchids, please don't hesitate to send me an
email.  Regards, Dave Hensen."

Once the email was sent, Jake then went to the site of the
university that had been abbreviated in the email address. 
Clicking on the alumni section, Jake sent an inquiry asking how
to go about purchasing a replacement alumni directory as his had
been destroyed in a fire.  When that inquiry was sent, Jake sat
back in his chair and smiled "Well, 'Suzi of the Southwest', 'ol
Jake is on your trail and soon I may just be on your tail!"

Two days later, in checking his email, Jake from a response from
the university advising him to send in $20 to the Alumni office
for a replacement copy of the directory.  He laughed, knowing
that they would not bother to check if he was legitimately an
alumnus or not.  He then printed out their reply and wrote out a
check, writing on the printout his address as to where the
directory should be sent.

A couple of weeks later, Jake opened the package in the mail and
smiled upon seeing the alumni directory he had ordered.  Opening
a beer, he sat down to slowly go through the directory, page by
page in his search for 'Suzi of the Southwest'.  The directory
provided the names of the alumni in alphabetical order, women's
maiden names in parenthesis followed by their marital name, then
the number of children.  Also provided were info on their
occupation, city and state of their residence, and emailaddress.

Taking a break, Jake went on the computer to check out the hot
porn sites, needing to take the edge off his lust.  As his mind
was on 'Suzi of the Southwest', he decided to send her a brief
message, in a sense telling her that he was now hot on her trail.
 He merely scanned in the recent bulletin the nursery had
received on caring for orchids, sending it as an attachment,
telling 'Suzi' in a very brief message that he wanted to share it
with her.

 That evening, after a couple hours in scanning the numerous
names in the directory, his eyes focused upon 'Suzi (Mills)
Taylor '95, husband Frank R., one son, of Phoenix, AZ.  Comparing
the email address in the book to the email he had received, it
was an identical match.  'A 1995 graduate', he thought, 'That
would make little Suzi 25 or 26 year old!' Taking a large gulp of
his beer, Jake laughed aloud "Oh, Suzi baby, 'ol Jake is getting

Getting back onto the computer, Jake pulled up the university
site, then went immediately to the alumni page.  This time he
inquired if there were any 1995 yearbooks still available for
purchase, wanting to replace the one he had lost in the recent

The next day, Jake received the reply he was waiting for.  Seeing
that there were available '95 yearbooks, he got out his checkbook
and wrote out the check for the $35 they were asking for. 
Printing up the response and writing in his return address, the
envelope was set to go.

When the package the Jake had been anxiously awaiting for
arrived, he dropped everything and ripped the box open.  Going to
the index, he looked up the name of Suzi Mills and noted the
pages she could be found on.  Seeing the graduation pictures were
in color, Jake flipped to the M's.  His mouth dropped wide open
and a shiver when through his body at the site of Ms. Suzi Mills.
 "Oh, my God!  What a fucking beautiful little angel!  So fucking
innocent and na ve looking!  Baby, when 'ol Jake gets his paws on
ya, you ain't gonna be na ve and innocent anymore!"

For the next hour, Jake scanned the pages that contained Ms. Suzi
Mills, wanting to learn all he could of the little beauty.  He
noted the clubs she belonged to, the sorority she was in, along
with her major.  Then he sat and worked out his next step in
befriending this unsuspecting young beauty.  From this point on,
he knew it take a lot of finesse to get 'Suzi of the Southwest'
to let down her guard, knowing she was very cautious after not
responding initially following their meeting on the chatroom. 
Now that he had seen the pictures of his little beauty, Jake was
determined to make her a conquest of his.

In the evening, on the internet, Jake went to 'people search' and
typed in Frank Taylor of Phoenix, AZ.  Four Frank Taylor of
Phoenix showed up but of the four, there was only one Frank R.
Taylor.  Now Jake had little Suzi home address and phone number.
It was just playing it cool and letting sweet Suzi to let her
guard down at this point.

Opening the alumni directory, he picked out the name of a 1989
female graduate, knowing that Ms. Suzi Taylor would not know this
person.  Then to email his beautiful little prey, Jake wrote
"Just noticed that your email address is through the same
university that my wife graduated from!  My wife, the former Lori
Hastings, attended the university from 1985 and graduated in June
of '89.  Did you attend the U. then? Would you happen to know my
wife?  She was in the Beta Gamma sorority!"  He had listed the
same sorority that Suzi Taylor had been listed in, knowing that
would certainly piece of information would break the ice and get
her to let her guard down.

An hour later, checking his email, Jake saw a reply.  Opening up
the email, he chuckled in seeing her reply, advising that she had
been in the very same sorority but of course the year she had
graduated.  Ms. Suzi Taylor also provided her full name to give
to his 'non-existent' wife.  Jake opened the yearbook album of
the color photo, then laughed "Sexy Suzi of the Southwest -
you're all mine now!  Bet ya ain't never had any black cock
before!  Well, good 'ol Jake's gonna be happy to introduce ya to
joys of sucking a fucking a big black cock!  Oh, baby, I'd sure
like to puff up that little white belly of yours!"

Purposely waiting for two days, Jake then got online, sending his
prey what would appear to be an innocent email.  Though he
already knew her phone number and address, he needed her to
provide it to him so he could move on with plan.  His message
read "Dear Suzi of the Southwest:  My wife just received a
shipment of a new hybrid orchid at the nursery today.  She was so
excited to learn that you were in the same sorority with her and
said she wanted to ship one of the new arrivals out to you.  I
advised my wife that I didn't have your address and most people
are hesitant to reveal their address over the internet.  Anyway,
will leave it up to you.  Regards, Dave Hensen."

Hours later, Jake checked back and saw an email waiting for him.
He smiled in seeing it was from sweet little Suzi and opened up
the email. The message did contain her address and now he knew it
was just a matter of time from this point.  Opening up the
yearbook to the bookmarked page, he looked at the picture of the
beautiful Suzi Mills Taylor and rubbed his bulging crotch. 
Taking a deep breath, he muttered loudly "Suzi Mills Taylor,
you're mine now!"

At the nursery the next day, while assisting his employers with
packing and shipping, he slipped in the extra package with the
nursery's logo on it.  In a few days, Mrs. Suzi Taylor would be
getting the hybrid orchid delivered to her door.  Jake knew that
when she saw the nursery's logo and return address, she'd believe
everything he had sent in his emails.

Two days later, Jake opened up an email from Suzi, thanking him
for the beautiful orchid he had sent to her.  In response, he
sent a simple reply to tell her that both he and his wife were
happy to send it and if she needed further help with her orchids
to simply email them.  Sitting back, Jake smiled as his plan was
unfolding perfectly.  With the large batch of orchids arriving at
the nursery, his employers would never miss the one plant he had
sent to Suzi and he even got them to pay for the shipping to

At work the next day, Jake looked at the bulletin board with all
the upcoming events on flower showers in the region.  His
employers encouraged all their customers to go to nearby events
and had created a bulletin board where they could read up
upcoming shows in the nearby area.  For Jake, this was really the
first time he even bothered reading anything on it, normally he
merely posted flyers on it.   His prior conquests were quite
simple and not nearly as intricate as the plot he was contriving
for this exquisite conquest.

Purposely waiting a few days, Jake then emailed Suzi, saying he
and his wife were wondering if she would be attending the orchid
show in the southern part of Arizona in the upcoming week.  He
added that they were planning to enter a few orchids in the show
but it was really an excuse for his wife to visit Arizona again.
As it was quite a distance from Phoenix, Jake suspected that Suzi
would not be attending, especially since she had only started
with orchids two years ago.

 The next day, Jake read the expected response that Suzi would
not be able to attend a show that was out of town, explaining
that she had a young son and that she picked him up from
after-school care in the late afternoon each day.  Now his plan
was finalized and he'd set the hook in a few days.  Then, it
would be just a matter of time before he reeled in his prized
catch.  It had been a rather intricate plan but every step of the
way had worked out perfectly thus far.

Jake got ready to make the long journey to Arizona but he had no
intention of ever making it to the orchid show.  His destination
was Phoenix, to the home of pretty Mrs. Suzi Taylor.  Getting his
best clothing out of the closet, Jake packed it up to make
himself presentable when he paid a visit to the unsuspecting
young beauty.

Now Jake put the final touch of his elaborate set-up, emailing
his unsuspecting prey three days before the start of the orchid
show.  In his email, he advised the unsuspecting beauty that as
they were driving back through Phoenix, his wife suggested they
drop off one of their 'show' orchids at her place.  Also, Jake
advised that he'd be happy to check out all her plants and
provide possible tips.  He added that they'd be passing through
just before noon and would drop the plant off at her home, also
adding that if she wasn't available that they'd leave it at her

Sure enough, Jake got the response he had been hoping for.  Mrs.
Suzi Taylor responded and expressed her appreciation.  Also, her
reply insisted that they allow time for a lunch at her place,
saying it was the least she could do in appreciation of their
generosity.  To this, Jake sent a brief reply saying he and his
'wife' were looking forward to meeting her and would schedule
time in for their luncheon, adding that they'd try to arrive at
about 11:30 a.m.

Suzi was quite excited to meet her new found friends that were
experts on orchids.  She told her husband of the luncheon, hoping
that he could join them for lunch, but knew he would be too busy
on a workday to take any time out for a lunch at home.  Frank
then gave a quick kiss and was out the door, telling her to have
a nice luncheon.  Then Suzi had to get son dressed and ready
before the school bus arrived.

As it was a nice cool day with the sun out, Suzi thought it would
be a perfect day to have the luncheon outside on the patio. That
way she could put a few orchids out as decorations and she could
later take them for a tour of her small greenhouse.  She decided
on preparing a platter of fresh vegetables, followed by
sandwiches for the lunch.

At precisely 11:30 a.m., Suzi heard a car pull up in front of the
driveway.  As it was a bit cool and the luncheon being on her
patio, she had decided to wear a knitted yellow pullover sweater
with a pair of white slacks, wanting to put her new friends at
ease.  Going out to the front door, she observed a white van
parked with the back door opened up with someone leaning over
into the van.  Then she saw an orchid plant, with beautiful
flowers, coming out of the van.

Going down the steps to greet her guests as the back of the van
was being closed, Suzi then froze in her tracks.  Holding the
flowers was a large muscular black man, younger than she had
anticipated.  She had never given it any thought but foolishly
had just assumed it was a white couple that she had been
corresponding with, especially since they owned a nursery.  A
'couple' was what she had been expecting, causing Suzi to
nervously look about in search of this man's spouse.

 Seeing the young beauty's obvious nervousness in seeing him,
Jake smiled and walked up to her, hand extended to the beautiful
blonde. "Hi, you must be 'Suzi of the Southwest'!  I'm Dave
Henson!" Jake lied. Knowing that the young beauty had been
expecting to see his wife with him, Jake quickly added "I'm sorry
but Lori's mother got admitted to a hospital and Lori flew out
last night to care for her.  I'll be taking the van back home and
take care of the nursery business!"

Trying to get over her shock, Suzi felt flush and quite nervous
in being along with this muscular black man at her home.  She had
initially intended on welcoming the couple into her home before
having lunch out on the patio.  Being alone, Suzi did not dare
invite this stranger into her home and was thankful she had
planned the luncheon outdoors. Stammering out her greetings,
shivering at the touch of this man as she extended her in
courtesy.  "Since it's such a beautiful day, I ........I planned
our luncheon on the back patio!" she advised, leading the way
around the house rather then through it.

She listened as Mr. Henson explained the background of the erotic
orchid that his wife had selected for her.  Suzi felt so nervous
and scared, swallowing to keep her composure as she had an uneasy
feeling being alone with stranger.  Although she had a sweater
on, she felt as if his leering eyes were stripping her naked. 
Telling her guest to rest up on the patio, she advised that she
would get the food.  She refused the offer of help from her
guest, not wanting to be alone with him in her home, feeling much
safer just having him out on the patio.

Bringing out a tray with glasses and a pitcher of lemonade, she
set it down on the patio table, then went back inside for the
vegetables and sandwiches.  In her kitchen, she prayed that it
would be a quick lunch and then this man would be on his way. 
Then she remembered the messages sent by email, that she was to
show him her orchids so he could give her pointers.  'Well, at
least its outside in the greenhouse!' she thought to herself.

Going back outside with the food, Suzi saw that Mr. Henson had
assisted in pouring out two glasses of the lemonade.  Then to
start up a conversation, Suzi asked about his wife's mother and
her hospitalization.  The conversation soon drifted to that of
orchids, being a common ground that the both shared.  It turned
out to be warmer outside than Suzi had anticipated, especially
having worn a sweater, thus causing her to quickly consume her
glass of lemonade.  She wished she could now change to something
lighter but instead cooled herself with the lemonade.

Jake chatted about the orchids she had set out for the day,
telling her how he looked forward to seeing the rest.  Watching
her consume her glass of lemonade, he licked his lips in
anticipation of his conquest. With the lovely young wife
consuming her drink already, he smiled in knowing that his
conquest would be that much faster.  Unknowing to the young
beauty, Jake had slipped that tasteless powdered drug into her
glass before pouring out the lemonade.  Now it was just a matter
of time.

Ten minutes later, Suzi felt flush, blinking her eyes repeatedly
to get them focused.  It seemed that everything was spinning
about her and thought it must be her wearing the sweater along
with the sun's heat. Another gulp and she finished her glass of
lemonade.  From what seemed far away, she heard a voice calling
to her "Are you okay, Mrs. Taylor? Can you answer me, Mrs.
Taylor?"  Panting to catch her breath, Suzi could only squint her
eyes, trying desperately to regain her focus.

Jake smiled widely, knowing the drug was definitely working,
reaching out to clasp a soft manicured hand between his.  He
enjoyed touching and caressing the beauty's soft hand, wondering
if her trim white fingers could encircle the monster throbbing
beneath his pants.  He chuckled to himself "Well, sweetie, we'll
soon find out, won't we!"

Lightheaded and unable to focus her eyes, Suzi felt the
comforting hands now assisting her up from her chair.  Thankful
for the help, she heard her guest tell her "You need to get out
of the sun, Mrs. Taylor!  Let me help you inside!"  A helping
hand was now at her waist in its assistance to help her stand. 
But her befuddled mind did not realize that hand was slipping up
under her sweater, making its way up to her bare flesh.

Jake smiled as his hand slipped up under the knitted yellow
sweater, allowing him now to caress her soft white flesh.  His
cock twitched in anticipation, knowing it was just a matter of
minutes before he peeled that sweater off of the lovely beauty. 
'God, I can't wait to peel her clothing off!  Oh, baby, 'ole
Jake's gonna split ya wide open!  Bet ya ain't never had a cock a
long and as thick as 'ole Jake's!  Gonna knock ya up and give
your boy a little playmate!' his mind raced.

Opening the patio door, Jake then got behind the blonde beauty
with both hands now at her waist, under her sweater.  At this
point, young Suzi Taylor was delirious, feeling the full effects
of the powerful drug that had been slipped into her drink.  Most
of all she was feeling the terrible itching heat within her body,
especially between her legs, causing her to squeeze her thighs

"Let me help you to your bedroom, Mrs. Taylor!" Suzi heard that
distant voice tell her as she was being led down the long
hallway.  Entering her bedroom, she heard the distant voice tell
her "You're burning up, Mrs. Taylor!  You need to take your
sweater off!"  She then felt hands lifting her sweater up,
pulling her arms out of the sweater, then the garment was pulled
over her head.

Next, Suzi was looking up at her bedroom ceiling, blinking her
eyes to keep everything from spinning about.  She felt hands
removing her white heels, then hands were at her waist, undoing
the clasp and zipper to her white slacks. She felt the cool air
on her thighs as her slacks were being pulled off her legs.

Jake smiled as he viewed the lovely young wife upon the very bed
that she shared with her loving husband.  "You dumb little bitch!
 Fell right into my trap!  Wish your hubby was here to see his
beautiful wife get 'ruined'!  Well, I brought my little digital
camera with me so maybe he'll get to see a snapshot or two!" he
said loudly, knowing the young wife was to far gone to make a
fuss.  Then he took a picture of the drugged beauty in her
matching yellow bra and panties as she lay upon her bed.

In her befuddled state of mind, Suzi shook her head in an attempt
to clear the cobwebs.  She thought she was dreaming as she
blinked her eyes and saw what appeared to be a muscular black man
stripping off all of his clothing before her, bending over to get
out of his clothing.  She swallowed, telling herself that it was
all a weird dream but the glistening ebony body in her dream
captivated her attention.

Approaching the drugged beauty, Jake could see her unbelieving
blue eyes starring at his muscular body, in particular the waving
hardon between his legs.  Stepping up to the bed, just inches
from the beauty's face, Jake stroked his cock before her
unbelieving eyes.  "Ya gonna get a sample of 'ole Jake's cock
soon, sweetie!  Here, have a taste of Jake's salty dog!" he
laughed, bending forward to push his oozing cockhead up against
her pink lips.  He laughed in seeing the sexy body shudder in
revulsion as he reached over to keep her head from moving away. 
He pumped at his cock, wanting to give the beauty a good taste of
his 'ole salty dog.

In the recesses of her mind, Suzi Taylor had always harbored the
wicked fantasy of putting her mouth on a man's cock, in
particular a big black cock.  Though she fantasized of doing such
a thing, even refusing her husband, afraid that he would think of
her as a slut.  Now her dream seemed so realistic as she closed
her eyes and darted her tongue out to flick at the slimy tube of
flesh.  Opening her mouth wide, Suzi engulfed the bulb-like
cockhead, sucking it and teasing the slit with her flicking

Jake was beside himself as he felt the avid tongue nearly driving
him over edge.  Grabbing his camera, he had to get a shot of this
on film. Then, grasping firmly onto the long silky blonde hair,
he pulled her head back and eased his throbbing cock out of her
succulent mouth.  His body shuddered as he kept himself
absolutely still, trying desperately to prevent a premature

Whimpering as her juicy lollipop was taken from her sucking lips,
Suzi smacked and licked at the slick salty coating on her lips. 
Then she felt a blunt fleshy instrument slapping her hard across
the face, once then again, causing her to blink her eyes and some
sense of reality to return.  'Oh, God .............oh, God can't be happening ....................its all a
dream!' she told herself.  Starring at the longest penis
imaginable, a black one at that, Suzi licked her creamy lips and
shuddered in revulsion as she realized just what she had done.

Stunned by the slaps upon her face, Suzi's body quivered as her
stomach churned at the filthy slime she had been licking at.  She
realized now that this was no dream, that this evil man was
intent upon doing her harm.  "Please ............please, Mr.
Henson ..............please ........please don't rape me!" Suzi
sobbed and pleaded.

Then she was being turned, hands fumbling behind her back in its
attempt to unhook her bra.  On her back again, her bra unhooked,
she looked up pleadingly to the man who was now drawing the
straps of her bra down her arms, baring her breasts.  Then she
felt the hands move to her hips, stripping her panties down her
long trim legs and off her feet. Now totally naked, Suzi pleaded
"Please ...........please .............please don't do this to
me!  Please ...........please don't rape me!"

"Oh, please ................please mustn't .............oh,
please .......!"  Suzi sobbed.   She groaned in shame and
revulsion as her assailant began to thumb a sensitive nipple,
bending his head to begin feasting and sucking upon her other
nipple.  Suzi could only sob in shame, her head shaking in
disbelief, whipping her long blonde hair about.  "Oh, please
...............please, I beg you .................please
........nooooooo ..........ohhhhhhhh!" she pleaded and cried as
sharp teeth bit into a sensitive nipple.

"Oh you sweet little bitch! I'm going to enjoy 'ruining' you,
sweetie! Gonna stretch ya out real good, gonna let ya feel a
'real' man today!" Jake taunted, rubbing his thick slick cockhead
against her tight dry slit.  He loved the way she tried to
struggle, but her drugged body could not prevent his probing
cockhead from entering her tight slit.  In position, Jake pushed
ahead, wanting the struggling beauty to feel what a 'real' man
felt like.

Suzi shuddered in horror upon feeling the fleshy probing at the
entrance to her womanhood.  "Oh .........please
................pleaseeeeeeee!  Please don't rape me
way too biggggg!  You'll tear me ..............with
your thing!" she sobbed, feeling the thick cockhead forcing
itself into her tight slit.  "Ohhhhhh .........ahhhhhhh!" she
groaned as it pushed to part her now slick entrance.

She could do nothing to escape from under her attacker, knowing
from the feel of the size of his probing manhood that she would
surely be torn apart.  The pain of the invading shaft was so
great that Suzi forced herself to spread her legs even wider in
order to ease the excruciating pain.    "Oh, God .........noooooo
..............ohhhhhh ...................ohhh, please
.......stopppp ............please ...........don't rape me
..............ohhhhh, argghhhhhhhhhhhh!" she  screamed as she was
brutally slammed into her, the length of the thick raping cock
plunging deep into her.

Wanting to penetrate this innocent little bitch as deeply as
possible, Jake placed his arms under her limp knees to lift her
legs as he stabbed deeply into the sobbing young wife.  Stab
after stab, deeper and deeper, Jake fucked into the anguished
beauty.  Finally, his cock had plunged as deeply as possible he
could go, striking the bottom depth of her fertile womb,
obviously causing the young wife great pain.

Never in her life had Suzi felt anything so thick, so lengthy,
and so deep between her thighs.  It was a feeling that Suzi had
never before experienced, the hot itch between her legs caused
her to squeeze her cunt muscles around the thick pleasure giving
shaft.  The only concern in her mind was to scratch that burning
itch between her legs.

"Oh, God .............oh ..........oh .........oh
..................oh, nooooooo .....................oh,
Godddddddddddd ............nooooooooo!" Suzi shrieked as her body
betrayed her will.  Against her will, she did all she could with
her drugged body to arch up to the raping cock, her body
shuddering uncontrollably in a mind shattering orgasm of a
magnitude never felt before experienced.

Enjoying the feel of the sexy young wife under him as she shook
in a wild orgasm, Jake lunged forward again, skewering the beauty
on his lengthy shaft.  He then began to hump up and down into the
young beauty, determined on giving her the fuck of her lifetime.
He felt the young innocent beauty again arch up to him, clasping
more of his thick shaft into her slick cunt.

Again feeling the convulsing beauty reach another orgasm, Jake
then slammed his muscular body into the groaning young wife, his
cock in to the hilt.  Tonguing her ear, Jake groaned "Oh, sweetie
.................oh, baby ...................ah, yeah!  
Ohhhhhhhhh ...................gonna cum
it cumssssss!  Ohhhh, yeahhhhhhh ..................gotta cum
............gonna cum ........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
His pulsing cockhead expanded, then exploded deep into the
convulsing young beauty.

Jake beamed with pride as he pulled his still lengthy cock out of
the drugged young wife and looked at the beauty who had passed
out from her mind-shattering orgasms.  He was overjoyed at having
accomplished his intricate conquest of his innocent young wife. 
He had succeeded in raping this na ve beauty and more importantly
might just have succeeded in 'knocking' her up with his baby.

Reviving from that enjoyable fuck, Jake looked over at the passed
out beauty.  He smiled as he tapped her face with his hand to
awaken her. He laughed as he observed the young wife awaken, body
still limp from the effects of the potent drug, but the fear in
her eyes told him that her mind registered the reality of what
was taking place.  Grabbing her hips, Jake pulled her over onto
her stomach.  Then he lifted her hips up so that she was on all
fours, her soft white ass now at his disposal. Shuffling up, Jake
put an arm around her waist as he fitted himself into position. 
Then with all of his weight behind him, he gave a brutal lunge
forward, skewering the tight virgin ass.

"Owwwwwwwwwww ..................ahhhh ..........ahhhhhh
.............ohhhhhhh ................ohhhhh ..........stop
...........stoppppp're hurting meee!  It hurtssssssss
.......................ohhhh, God
hurtssssssssss!" Suzi screamed.  Wanting to crawl away from the
raping cock, Suzi had no control of her limbs.  She could only
sob an plead with her rapist but got no mercy as he thrust into
her again and again.  Suzi sobbed in pain and humiliation,
pleading "It hurtssssss hurtsssss so badddd
..................oh, God ................stoppppp!".

Jake laughed with delight as he listened to the cries and pleas
of the sodomized young wife.  He was now deep in her tight little
ass, so tight that he knew he had just taken her cherry ass,
especially in the manner she wailed and cried as he fucked into
her.  Her cries and pleas were music to his ears as he heard her
sob "Oh, God, nooooo .......please ..........stopppp
  ..........stop're tearing me!  It's too big
.......its too biggggggg!  Please ............please ...........
I've never, stop!"   Jake answered her pleas by
rearing back, then brutally slammed himself forward again.  But
this time the young wife was fortunate to black out from the
excruciating pain, just as her rapist flushed her ass out with
his hot cum.

Throughout the afternoon, Jake watched for the beauty's eyes to
flutter, signaling that she was again awake.  It made his day
when the young wife realized her predicament and began sobbing in
shame of her defilement. He would again take her in yet another
position, fucking her hard, enjoying the loud sobs from the
agonized beauty.  Jake had enjoyed bending her in two with her
ankles on his shoulders, finding that he managed to fuck even
deeper into her in this manner.

Standing beside the bed, Jake advised the raped beauty "Time for
me to make the long drive back, Mrs. Taylor!  How about a goodbye
kiss, sweetie?"  The horrified look on the young wife's face made
it obvious that she knew just what kind of kiss he was asking
for, especially with the throbbing black cock waving just inches
before her pink lips.

Pulling out of the driveway, having sated his lust, Jake
congratulated himself for the well planned success.  He could
still picture Mrs. Suzi Taylor as he had left her, sobbing and
coughing, trying to spit up all the cum he had squirted down her
throat.  Driving along, he thought to himself 'Well, Mrs. Suzi
Taylor, you might now think I'm out of your life forever!  But
wait till you get a copy of the digital photo in your next email!
 Your ass is mine forever!'

With her ordeal finally over and her rapist departed, Suzi was so
glad that her husband was to entertain client that evening and
wouldn't be home till midnight or later.  Finally managing to
move her limbs again, she managed to stumble out of her bed and
into the shower.  Turning on a hot shower, she collapsed against
the tiled stall as the water began to cleanse her cum stained

For a week, Suzi refused to touch the computer, much less think
of getting on the internet.  She had not reported the vicious
rape even though she knew that the police could trace her rapist
down by the email address and also she had the address of the
florist from where the flowers had been sent.  The shameful
stigma of being raped would be labeled upon her and she just
could not tell her loving husband that she had been raped and

Feeling so ashamed and humiliated from the rape, Suzi decided
that she needed to get through it somehow.  She decided that the
internet could provide her some help through the rape crisis
sites designed for such a situation.  But logging onto the
internet with her password, the sound of the bell and the all
familiar 'You've got mail!' sent a shiver throughout her body.

Biting down on her bottom lip, she hesitantly moved the mouse to
click on the button to get her email.  She shuddered in seeing
the familiar address, that of the man who had viciously raped her
on her marital bed.  She was about to delete the message without
opening it but recalled the photos taken and realized that this
evil man might be blackmailing her with a demand for money.  She
prayed that if that was the case that she would be able to buy
back the horrid pictures taken.

Nervously, Suzi clicked to open the message and read "Hi,
sweetie!  I've never had such a delicious lunch like the one you
served!  Such tasty 'white' meat!'  Tears welled in her eyes and
she sobbed at the horrid memories of the rape.  Reading the next
paragraph, Suzi realized that he was intending to indeed
blackmail her as it read "If you don't want me to send the
pictures below to the address on the business card below, follow
my instructions below the picture!"

Scrolling down, Suzi gasped as she saw what had been scanned into
the computer.  It was her husband's business card, one obviously
taken by the evil man before he had departed from her home. 
Shuddering in fears, she scrolled down further and sobbed in
shame.  The first photo was a close up of her face but what was
between her lips made it so horrifying.  The next photo showed
her lying on her bed, legs widespread with cum oozing out ofher.

Wondering how much money this evil man was demanding from her,
she quickly went to the bottom of the page.  Reading it once,
then again, she shuddered and clutched her stomach.  Rushing to
the bathroom, she leaned over sink and heaved, spewing her
breakfast at what was being demanded upon her.  If it was money
being demanded, it was something she could handle but the demand
was outrageous.  Wiping her face with a cold towel, she wondered
if she could meet such a demand.  But what was her alternative if
she didn't, knowing she just could not let her husband nor anyone
else view those horrid photos.  She saw that her blackmailer had
given her three weeks to comply with his demands.

Two weeks went by as Suzi sat nervously in her bedroom, peering
out of the window.  Looking down at the video camera in her
hands, she went to the window and hesitantly point aimed to focus
the zoom lens.  She didn't know if she could do it, but realized
she had no other choice. Seeing the old green pickup pulling into
her driveway, she held the camera up and started the play button.
 Zooming in further, she focused in on the man getting out of the
driver's door.  The subject in the video was Mr. Irving Grimes,
the 65 year old black handyman whom she had called to repair her
bathroom sink.

As Mr. Grimes approached the front door, Suzi then set the still
playing recorder down on her dresser, now focused in at the bed
she shared with her husband.  She shivered, knowing what she
would was so wrong but she had to go through with it.  She had to
comply with the demands of her blackmailer or the horrid pictures
would be sent to Frank's office. Looking in the mirror, adjusting
her rather revealing dress, she then proceeded to greet her
guest.  She rationalized that she wouldn't be harming the old
handyman but merely giving him some pleasure.

The next day, putting the videotape in a padded envelope, Suzi
mailed it out to her blackmailer.  She had complied with his
demands and just prayed that he would be satisfied.  But she knew
the evil man would not be satisfied and wondered just what else
would be demanded of her. After all, she had complied fully,
having seduced the old handyman in her bedroom and it was all
captured on tape.

One thing that Suzi had not counted on at all, with the seduction
of Mr. Grimes in her bedroom, was the multiple orgasms that the
elderly man had taken her to.  'God, I'd never have believed what
a fantastic lover that old man could be without experiencing it
myself!  What staying power!  I must have cummed three times on
his big black cock before he exploded in me!  I'm so glad that
Frank agreed that we could use a handyman around for the house
and yard!  I can't wait till Mr. Grimes comes back on Tuesday!'
she thought.

End of Story.

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