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The following is a sex story with a Halloween theme. As such, it would be 
very effective if you read it alone, at night, with the wind blowing outside 
your window, and a simple candle burning beside your computer.

And naked! Just so you can get at your skin when it starts to prickle and 

(insert evil, maniacal laugh here!)



Howl at the Moon
By Desdmona
Copyright October 2001

I met Moira at an outdoor outfitter's co-op in downtown Fayetteville. I was 
there to buy a birthday present for my older brother, the real hiker in the 
family. It was my first time in the place. Moira, on the other hand, appeared 
to be a regular at the store. She had on khaki shorts, a form-hugging 
T-shirt, a down vest, and hiking boots. Her legs were so well defined, they 
would put any muscle-head at the gym to shame. She had waist-length hair that 
tapped teasingly against her ass as she browsed the cooling equipment aisle. 

She caught me staring, but instead of giving me that disgusted look women use 
when you appear too eager, she smiled. The muscles in her face were also 
honed, causing sharp angles at her cheekbones and jaw line. I don't normally 
go for the buffed-up aerobic type. Call it my male ego--I just prefer my 
women softer than I am. But something about her really turned my crank. Her 
tits struggled under her vest as she walked towards me. 

She certainly wasn't shy. "Hi, I'm Moira." She looked up at me with 
gray-green eyes and stuck her hand out for me to shake. 

At first, I stood frozen like a man facing a rottweiler. I'm not usually 
uncomfortable with women, but I'd never been approached so directly before. 
She smiled a little, and I felt my face redden. 

"I-I'm sorry," I stammered. I took her hand. "I'm Mike."

I inhaled, trying to calm my nerves, and got a deep whiff of her earthy, 
musky scent. My mouth filled with saliva and I had to swallow. My cock 
twitched in my pants. Her scent affected me even more as we got closer. It 
should be bottled as an aphrodisiac, if any perfumer could duplicate it. 

"I'm just in town to stock up on supplies before heading back up into the 
Appalachians," she offered.

I could have told her this was a virginal trip to the store for me, but I 
decided against it. "Are you doing some camping up there?" I asked instead.

"Yeah, I have a campsite set up." She licked her lips seductively and cocked 
her head sideways to look at me beneath her thick, dark lashes. "It's not far 
away. Why don't you join me for the night?" 

Now I'm an average guy. I went to college, lived in a fraternity, graduated 
with a degree in finance. I work like any Joe Schmoe to try and get to the 
top. I get my share of dates; in fact, I'm hardly ever without one. Women 
seem to dig my stability or my availability--I'm not sure which. But I'd 
never met a chick who was so brazen or nabbed my attention like this one did. 
I couldn't believe I'd heard her right.

"You and me? In the woods?"

"That's right."

"You're camping by yourself?"

"I'm a bit of a loner."

 "Just like that? Aren't you worried about inviting someone you don't know?"

"I don't have time for male-female, 'get-to-know-you' games. Besides, I have 
good instincts"

 "Why me?" I had to ask.

"I need some company, and you looked interested. So I asked." She stared 
unblinking like she was seeing down to the bone. Even though I already had 
her invitation, it still felt like she was sizing me up.

She was a strong woman, and I wanted to show her I wasn't some 
ninety-eight-pound weakling. I tried to meet her confidence toe-to-toe and 
gave her another leering look, purposefully staring at her chest. Strands of 
her long hair had fallen forward and were cascading over her nice-sized tits 
like liquid charcoal. It was the shiniest black hair I had ever seen. My 
pulsating dick pushed out any thought except getting naked, and bumping 
bellies with all that magnificent hair pouring over me. 

 "Yeah, I think I'd like to spend the night with you." I did my best to sound 
cocky. Luckily, this was Saturday and I didn't have to be at work until 
Monday. "I'm going to have to grab a few things though."

"No problem. We can meet at the BP station at the edge of town. I'll see you 
in a couple of hours." She turned to leave and then whipped back around,  "It 
can get pretty cool at night up there. Think of something to keep us warm." 
And with that she scraped her fingernails down my arm, leaving a trail of 
light scratch marks. She looked down at my erection, straining in my pants. 
She bit her lip, smiled, and turned for the door. I watched her leave. Oddly, 
she hadn't made a single purchase. I glanced down at the red streaks on my 
arm. They made me think of carnal hieroglyphics. I wanted to growl.

I grabbed a book for my brother about twenty hiking spots to take your kids 
in the New River Gorge and hurried home. 

I couldn't believe I'd agreed to go camping. My family would think I was 
joking. I was probably the only home grown boy in the state of West Virginia 
that wasn't the camping type.  It wasn't like I hadn't camped at all. I'd 
been a Boy Scout, and I had hiked a couple of times with my brother before he 
got married and started having babies. But that had been ten years ago. 

I was ready in thirty minutes and began pacing the floor in anticipation. I 
wasn't this excited as a kid on Christmas morning. My erection had settled, 
but I was wired. I didn't question what I was doing. All I could think about 
was Moira's muscled thighs clenched around my hips as we rode a hard fuck. 

I glanced at my watch. Minutes had slugged by. I hung around for an hour, and 
then decided to go and wait it out at the gas station.

Moira was already there, standing by a ten-year-old Land Cruiser with muddy 
tires. Her hair glistened like mirrored sequins in the late afternoon sun. 
She saw me in my Honda Civic and waved. I pulled in beside her and hopped out 
of my car.

"Do you want to drive?" I asked.

"It might be better if you have your own car, just in case things don't work 
out." She said bluntly. 

I nodded. "Uh, there's something you should know before we go." I thought it 
was only fair to be upfront with her about my camping skills. "I'm not much 
of a camper."

She smiled. "I know."

"You do?"

"You're wearing loafers." 

She spun on the heels of her boots and headed to her car, calling over her 
shoulder for me to follow. The seesaw sway of her hips hypnotized me. I stood 
glued to the spot, She climbed into her truck, and I watched the muscles in 
her calves bunch. Her door closed, breaking the spell, and I hustled to my 

The drive up the gorge was a familiar one, but it never ceased to amaze me, 
especially in the fall. The leaves were bright orange mixed with yellow and 
blood red. Since joining the corporate world, this was one of the things I 
missed--I didn't get to ride up the gorge as often as I liked anymore.

The drive was beautiful, but I still had a few niggling doubts. Could this be 
some kind of con game? What if we got all the way out here and she didn't 
want to fuck? I supposed I could back out any time, turn around and drive 
home and forget I'd ever met her. Or I could ride it out, and have a 
fantastic experience to remember for a lifetime. She drove with her window 
down and the wind blew her hair back like silky fingers motioning me to 

I decided to ride it out. After all, I had instincts too. Granted they may 
have been clouded with lust, but an inner voice nudged me to give it a 

We pulled into a general parking area and began to unload. I had my old 
backpack with a change of clothes, my hiking boots, and some beer. Moira had 
a couple bags of groceries. I hadn't even thought about food. Like I said, I 
wasn't much of an outdoorsman. She smiled when she saw me changing into my 

"I guess you're not a complete idiot," she said.

"Would you have still wanted me to come if I was?" 

She laughed out loud. She had a deep husky laugh, the kind of laugh that 
promised sex. Damn! This chick was a firebrand. If this turned out to be 
strictly a 'camping' trip, I didn't know how I was going to keep from jumping 
her bones 

Moira packed her groceries into her over-sized backpack. "Everything else is 
already up at my campsite." She looked at me from head to toe and said, "It 
looks like you're in pretty decent shape. It should only take us an hour to 
get there."

I tried to keep from groaning. A trek uphill didn't thrill me, but an hour 
delay was unbearable. But once we got going, something changed. I began to 
enjoy it. Yeah, it had a lot to do with Moira leading and having her ass as 
my focal point as we climbed, but it was more than that. It was exhilarating 
to feel the cool breeze blowing against my face and hear it rustle through 
the trees around us. The higher we climbed, the harder I breathed, and the 
warmer I became. But even that felt good. I had this weird cathartic notion 
that life was pumping through me, and I was connecting with nature. 

I felt so euphoric that I didn't notice when we entered a clearing until 
Moira spoke.

"You can lean your backpack against one of those trees."

A small two-man tent was pitched about ten feet away from a fire pit. The pit 
had logs, ready to be burned, criss-crossed over it. There was a beat-up 
lounge chair with a sleeping bag laid over it sitting close to the fire pit. 
A clothesline dangled between two trees with a white T-shirt and three pairs 
of panties hanging on it. The panties were also white and cotton. Practical.

I ditched the backpack. Moira stowed the food in nylon bags and hung them 
from a tree branch.

"Can I help?" I asked.

"I'm done." She said as she unzipped her vest. "Pretty warm for this time of 
year, huh?" 

She took off her vest and laid it across her backpack. She wore a white 
T-shirt underneath, which was damp and wrinkled from her sweat. She peeled 
the shirt off over her head, and she was bare from the waist up. I got a 
solid look at two orange-sized knockers tipped with dark, puffy areola. She 
walked over to the clothesline, her tits bobbing like buoys, and plucked the 
clean shirt off the line. So Moira was the braless type. I tried not to stand 
with my jaw dropped open.

She pulled the shirt down over her breasts, the points of her nipples beading 
up against the cotton. Perspiration dripped down my back. "Yeah, it's pretty 

"Do you need a rest after the hike up or are you hungry or something?" Moira 
acted as if flashing me had been a natural thing to do, but unabashed titty 
shows weren't common for me.

"No, I feel great. Is there anything I can do to help?" I asked. "Get a fire 
going or something?"

"Got a match?" she smirked.

"Uh, no. Does this mean I'm going to have to rub two sticks together?"

"You're in luck. I have matches." She dug around into her pocket and threw a 
box of matches my way. A pile of kindling was already near the pit, and I was 
able to start a fire easily.

"How long have you been camping here?" I asked, admiring my handiwork. I 
found a stick and poked at the growing flames.

"Just a week. I'll be moving upward after you leave."

"Where do you live when you're not camping?"

"Oh here and there. Mostly I like to stay outdoors. It suits me better."

"By yourself? How do you survive?"

"I get by." She paused and fiddled with the sleeping bag. "Occasionally, I 
get lonely."

"Like now?"

"Yeah, like now."

The wind shifted and Moira's scent wafted over to me. It was her same 
intoxicating smell, only a little stronger and mixed with sweat and smoke. My 
mouth watered. I hoped Moira was as willing to fuck as I was. There were a 
few minutes of silence as we both stared into the fire. I watched as the 
flames flicked at the larger logs. I saw a curious image in my mind, where I 
was in the fire and the flames were licking me. I felt perspiration on my 
forehead. And incredible heat in my gut.

When I turned to look at Moira again, she was spread out nude on the open 
sleeping bag. She stared at me, her fingers playing absently with her dark, 
pubic hair. How could I have not seen or heard her undress? Had I dozed off? 
But I didn't care enough to wonder long. Moira was nude. She was gorgeous. 
And she was waiting. 

With the sun setting behind her and the fire burning in front of her, she was 
cast in an orangish glow. She stretched like a feline and her muscles rippled 
in a wave. I'd admired her tits earlier, but still enjoyed a lingering look. 
I let my eyes trail down to the vee of her legs. Her bush was the same coal 
color as her hair and just as shiny. 

She opened her legs as I approached. Her mound was completely covered in 
thick hair, but as she lifted her legs up and out, I saw through to her inner 
cunt. It was the deepest crimson I had ever seen, and the smell--damn! I felt 
dizzy with it. With every breath, I inhaled more of her aroma. I jerked my 
clothes off and dropped to my knees between her widened legs. Moira closed 
her eyes as she scraped her fingernails over her body. She scratched hard, 
leaving long, welted marks on her skin. She scratched down over her stomach 
and up the insides of her thighs. They looked like arrows, all pointing the 
way towards her pussy.

My throat was tight and my mouth watered. I was dying to get a taste of her 
snatch. And she held herself open. Small opalescent beads of moisture dotted 
her inner lips in a connect-the-dots line that led to her inner core. I bent 
closer. She radiated heat like a loaf of bread fresh-from-the-oven, and I got 
my first taste. 

It was hot and heady. I pressed my face up into her soft flesh and lapped her 
up. I was wild for it. I licked along her cunny lips like a starved man. 
Usually, I do a soft little A-B-C number on a woman's pussy, to tease her. 
But I was too greedy. Her hole puddled with juice, and I wormed my tongue in. 
I couldn't get enough.

Moira closed her legs tightly on my head and trapped me. I grabbed her hips 
and shoved my tongue in deeper, madly trying to get at her insides. I no 
longer cared if I was pleasing her, although with her hips raising and her 
thighs squeezing, I supposed I was. I had a bigger need--I was ravenous for 
the last taste of her.

Her thighs clenched tightly over my ears, but I could still hear her howl as 
her climax approached. Her cunt tightened on my tongue and nearly jerked it 
out of my mouth. I'd never heard of a woman with such strong vaginal muscles! 
When she started to spasm, there was a gush of liquid. I swallowed and gulped 
and felt all her sweet juice blaze a path down the back of my throat.

Her legs relaxed their grip on my head, but I kept licking. With each 
swallow, I could feel my cock getting tighter and tighter, as if her juice 
was filling it up. I was so stiff it was uncomfortable, like a balloon about 
to pop. But I still licked until I'd gotten every drop. Only then did I move 
to fuck her.

She was tight. I pushed hard to get my cock up inside her. When I did, Moira 
went nuts. She wrapped her legs around my hips and began pounding her feet 
against my ass. She pulled me close and raked her nails down my back. Her 
howling was ear piercing. Her head thrashed from side to side. I tried to 
move, but she was the one doing the fucking. Her hips slammed up into me over 
and over. 

She was clamped around my cock like a vise or a cock ring. I was ready to 
come but couldn't because she was so tight. She pulled me closer; digging her 
nails deeper into my back, and then began biting my chest. The first couple 
of bites were tiny, and instead of hurting, they invigorated me. I pummeled 
into her. A couple of strokes later, her teeth clamped down below my left 
nipple and punctured my skin. 

And then I exploded. Hot spurts of jism cannoned out of me. I nearly 
collapsed on top of her when the waves died down, but some how I managed to 
fall to the side.

"Damn, woman! You're an animal," I puffed out, trying to catch my breath.

"I've been told that before," she whispered.

"Must be all this outdoor living." 

I looked over at Moira; she wasn't winded in the least. There was no sheen of 
sweat covering her. The scratch marks she'd left on herself were all gone. If 
I hadn't been a party to the fuck, by the looks of her, I could have believed 
it never happened. 

She hopped up and walked over to a bucket sitting by a tree. The light of day 
was nearly gone, but I had enough firelight to see the glistening between her 
thighs as she bent over. She showed no sign of modesty as she rinsed herself 
off. I sat motionless watching the erotic show of her hand, cupping water and 
patting it against her hairy crotch. When she finished, she walked back to me 
and stood towering above me.

"Are you hungry now?" she asked.

How could she think of food at a time like this? I tried to look up at her, 
but I couldn't take my eyes off of her freshly cleansed pussy. I hadn't 
noticed how hairy she was. Her bush extended up nearly to her navel, and 
instead of kinky, tight-curled pubes, the hair was longer and sleeker. I 
guess outdoor life doesn't lend itself to shaving and grooming pubic hair.  
"Hungry? Why do you ask?"

"I'm famished. I could eat just about anything right now." She glanced down 
at my limp dick and grinned. "Well, almost anything."

"Hey, give me a second of recovery." Even as I was talking my dick perked up. 
Moira gave a throaty laugh and walked away.

"I'll be back in a few minutes." I blinked rapidly, and she disappeared, as 
if the darkness swallowed up her naked form. I shivered.

The bites on my chest began to sting. There were teeth impressions in several 
places that had barely broken the skin, but the bite below my left nipple was 
bleeding. I went to the bucket and dabbed a little water on it. It wasn't all 
that bad, and I honestly felt a little pride about the bites. I had been so 
good that I had driven this sexy woman to biting!

Moira was gone for a long time. With the sun down and away from the fire, I 
got chilly. I slipped back into my jeans and tossed on a sweatshirt. I popped 
open a beer, sat down in the lounge chair, and waited.

I must have dozed off because I awoke in a panic. My skin felt on fire. In my 
haze I assumed the campfire was out of control and I was literally engulfed 
in flames. Except it was dark, and when my eyes adjusted, I could see the 
fire dwindling down in front of me. 

But my body was burning up. It felt like thousands of tiny missiles, tipped 
in fire, were hurling through my skin. My heart galloped, causing blood to 
roar through my veins. I tried to catch my breath. My clothes constricted my 
pores and I ripped them off. They were wringing wet.

My mind was in a flurry. Images darted through my head, trying to keep pace 
with my rapid heartbeat. I was inundated with pictures of blood and gore. I 
saw torn flesh, and bare bone, and hair. And hundreds of eyes, all filled 
with fear. My cock was absurdly huge, jutting out like a weapon, as I 
scrambled around the clearing. I had to get away from the fire and the 
burning and the images. I ran to the bucket and poured the water over my 
head. Steam rose from my naked body as the cool water mixed with my hot skin. 
I touched my penis, but the heat from it burned my hand. I screamed, but the 
burning continued.

My head was pounding. I tried to slow my thinking. Was I dying? I thought I 
screamed again, but all I could hear was Moira's howl as she climaxed. But it 
came from me, didn't it? I was confused and sweating and breathing so hard I 
was panting.

"Wake up!"

I was awake, wasn't I?


I could hear Moira's voice. She had yelled. My heart started to slow. The 
fire inside of me died out. The pictures faded. My breathing began to return 
to normal. I opened my eyes again. Moira stood over me.

"I think you had a nightmare." Her gray-green eyes looked at me with concern. 
"Are you OK?"

"I don't know." I answered honestly.

"What happened?"

"I was sitting by the fire, waiting for you to come back, and I must have 
fallen asleep." I sat up and realized I was nude. "How did I get naked?"

"You were naked when I left to get us something to eat."

"Yeah, but I got dressed." I was really confused. "I remember getting 
dressed." I added weakly.

"All I know is when I got back, you were sacked out on the lounge chair. I 
ate and tried to wake you, but you were out. So I went to bed." She nodded 
toward the tent.

I looked around, the sky was lighting up. The nearly full moon was visible 
but translucent. In another half hour, the sun would be completely up. Had I 
really slept all night? I must have, there could be no other explanation. I 
shook my head to clear the cobwebs of confusion.

"I'm really sorry, Moira. I've never slept like that before. I've never had a 
nightmare like that either."

"Don't worry about it," she said, shrugging her shoulders.

She straightened her body and arched in a long stretch. I hadn't noticed 
Moira was naked too. Her heavy tits lifted up, and I saw the white, half-moon 
spots under each one--a place where the sun couldn't shine. Her armpits were 
unshaven, covered in the same sleek hair that donned her pussy. Instead of 
being repulsed, I found it wildly enticing. And it showed.

Moira stared at my swelling cock and wiggled her eyebrows. It was all the 
encouragement I needed.

"C'mere," I snarled. 

I leaned back in the lounge chair, and my dick bobbed straight up. Moira 
moved to straddle me, using the chair arms for support. She teased the head 
of my cock with her spread pussy, allowing just the glans to enter, and then 
she let go of the chair, causing her bodyweight to drop down, impaling 
herself on my cock. It was a snug fit, like forcing an arm through a tight 
sleeve. She was wet. She was taut. She was hot. I could have come right then, 
but somehow, held off.

She used her powerful legs to rise up, and then let her body slam back down. 
Three times she rose and dropped, and then she humped me in earnest. She 
swung her head and her hair whipped against my skin like a cat-o'-nine tails. 
Her nails clawed into my belly. I couldn't contain my orgasm any longer. As 
my semen burst from me, Moira reached down and grabbed my dick and rested it 
against the outside of her cunt. My dick spit cum in wave after wave against 
her clitoris. She threw her head back and wailed. I watched in amazement as 
her whole body shuddered. Through it all she maintained her position, propped 
up on her muscular legs.

Seconds passed. She let go of my cock and relaxed down on my lap, letting her 
sopping pussy nestle against my shriveling cock.

"You're amazing!" I couldn't keep the star-struck quality out of my voice.

"You're pretty good, yourself," she said as she snuggled against my chest. 

I expected to feel the sting of her bite wounds or where she'd dug her nails 
into me, but I didn't feel a thing. 

"Careful, you might start that bite mark on my chest to bleeding again."

"What bite mark?"

Moira rose to look at my chest. I looked down to point out the mark, only 
there wasn't one. My chest was unblemished. No little tiny nips, no teeth 
impressions of any sort, and no spots where her fingernails had dug in my 

"I could've sworn I had a pretty deep bite under my left nipple." I fingered 
my chest like I was digging in sand to uncover a treasure.

"I don't see a thing," Moira said.

"Me neither. I can't believe I dreamed that too. Man! This outdoor mountain 
air is playing tricks on my mind." It was the only feasible explanation I 
could come up with, but it sounded lame even to my ears.

"Maybe you just need a good meal. Feel like eating?"

I almost gave a flippant remark, but I wasn't quite ready for another round 
of sex. "Yeah, what's for breakfast?" I asked.

"I'll fry some eggs if you'll go get some fresh water."

"Sure, uh, where do I get it?"

"There's a spring about thirty yards down that way." 

Moira pointed to a well-marked path that led away from the campsite. I 
slipped into my jeans and boots. I grabbed the bucket. It was empty. In my 
nightmare, I had emptied the bucket over my head, but that was just a dream, 
wasn't it? Moira must have emptied it for some reason.

The spring was right where Moira had said it would be. The early morning sun 
peeked through some overhead trees and shone down against the rocks that 
surrounded it. Another postcard perfect scene. I decided to wash up while I 
was there. After the hike up here, and a couple rounds of rowdy sex, I was 
sure I was starting to reek.

I slipped back out of my pants and began rinsing off, cupping water like I 
had watched Moira do last night. The memory caused a stirring in my cock. I 
splattered water under my arms, down my chest, and then cupped my balls and 
cock to clean around them. I thought about masturbating. The desire to rub my 
stiffening dick was incredible. But I figured I should save it for later, 
with Moira.  I still whacked off a couple firm strokes, just for shits and 
giggles. My fingers got tangled in my pubic hair. 

I looked down and couldn't believe what I saw. My pubic hair had grown to 
double the length that it had been! The short, kinky curls had lengthened to 
strands. Just like Moira's.

I really looked at my body. I never had much chest hair, still didn't, but 
there was a bushy path of hair that led from my navel to my dick. My underarm 
hair was thicker. I rubbed my face. Instead of morning stubble, I nearly had 
a full-grown beard. What the hell was going on? I jerked my pants back up and 
ran back to the camp. I wanted some answers from Moira.

She was gone.

I searched the entire clearing, but there was no sign of her. I decided to 
wait for her at the campsite. There on the lounge chair, was my backpack with 
a note attached to it. It read:


                       I'm sorry to have to leave this way, but in two days, 
                  when the moon is full, you'll understand. 


What the hell did it mean? When the moon is full? And then it dawned on me 
what it might mean. But I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't believe it. 
There had to be another explanation for everything. 

"MOIRA!" I yelled, but her name only echoed back at me.

I ran down the path that Moira had led us up the day before, half expecting 
my car to be gone. I was fast coming to the conclusion I'd been conned.

My car was still where I had left it, but Moira's Land Cruiser was gone.

By the time I got home, I'd wracked my brain for reasons for everything that 
had happened. So I'd grown a little more hair. I figured the altitude could 
account for that. And the bite marks were probably part of the dream I had. 

There was no need to explain Moira. She was an outdoor type. Of course she 
would be strong, and I'd heard lots of stories from buddies about wild women. 
I just hadn't met one before.

I tried to go through the day in my usual Sunday routine, but I couldn't sit 
still for even a quarter of a football game. I paced the rooms, looking for 
things to occupy my mind. I tried reading, but ended up throwing the book 
across the room. I started a crossword puzzle, but shredded the paper when I 
couldn't think of an answer. I rummaged through my CD's and finally threw 
them against the wall when the one I wanted was missing. 

Every time I was still, visions of Moira would crop into my head, and I'd get 
hard as a rock. Moira, changing into a T-shirt. Moira, laying spread eagle on 
a sleeping bag. Moira, underneath me. Moira, with her thick, black hair 
whipping my skin. Moira, biting me. Moira, riding me in a great fuck. Moira, 
howling in climax.

I jerked off my pants and grabbed my cock in a full fist. I stroked as hard 
and fast as I could while I thought of Moira. I stroked until I blew my wad 
all over my hand. But it did very little to release me from the grip Moira 
had on me.

I stormed through the apartment like a rabid dog. My muscles tensed and veins 
popped up on my skin like a relief map. What was wrong with me? I was afraid 
to go outside. I couldn't call anyone. How could I explain what was going on? 
I grabbed Moira's note and read it again and again. The words "full moon" 
jumped off the page and squeezed around my brain like a leather belt, 
reminding me the moon would be full in one more night. I couldn't stand it 
any longer.

I sat down at my computer, logged on, pulled up a search engine, and typed in 
the word:



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