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The Box
by Thndrshark

     We had done about everything we could think of with Jane. After
only 3 years, she had been modified and manipulated in every way
imaginable. As I admired her rigid body, listening to her subtle
whimpering beneath the inflated bladder stretching her jaws, I
couldn't help but feel sad that I wouldn't have her to torture any
longer. Three years ago, when she had written me with her interest in
becoming the ultimate bondage toy, I hadn't believed someone like her
existed. But after many months of conversation, we finally met, and I
realized that she was for real. Only 19 years old when she arrived,
she was impressive. Only 5'6", she already had massive breasts,
measuring a delightful 38D. On such a small frame, they stood out
dramatically. She was rather proud of them, wearing a tight t-shirt on
our first meeting, with hip hugger shorts and a bare stomach. I was
still certain she would back out at the last minute, but she eagerly
signed the contract giving her life to me, then drinking the potion I
had set out. Within seconds she was asleep.
     It only took a few minutes to throw her tiny form over my
shoulder and carry her down to the dungeon. Already a large house
nestled in the woods, I had built an equally large dungeon
underground. The long, stone steps were foreboding to strangers, as
were the dark walls and sounds of dripping water in the distance.
Setting Jane on the floor of the primary chamber, I undressed her,
then lifted her onto the chair. Her ass settled on two flat bars,
leaving her entire crotch accessible. Legs stretched out in a dramatic
V, parallel with the floor, while her arms strapped behind her at
wrist and elbow, then attached to an upright bar. Her head bent back,
resting in two thin half bands that held her at the base of the skull
and toward the top of her head. Thin straps extended from these, one
circling her chin with the other reaching around her forehead. Once
tightened, her head bent back sharply, forcing her to face up. When
she woke, she would be able to see herself clearly through the large
mirror suspended above her. I wanted her to see everything that was
happening to her. An added attachment connected to the lower band and
stretched over her mouth. I reached in to pull out her tongue, then
fit it between two serrated pieces, clamping them down tight, holding
her tongue out of her mouth. Two rubber wedges at the back of her
teeth held her mouth open wide. I stepped to the back of the chair and
began cranking the two dull spikes. They touched her skin on either
side of her spine, at mid-back. Though not sharp, they were
uncomfortable, and served the purpose of slowly forcing her chest out,
while stretching her body. The pain of the metal pressed hard against
her back brought her eyes open wide and a scream from her throat. I
watched out of the corner of my eye as her eyes darted about the room
in fear, trying to assess the situation. I ignored her, actually
humming as I worked, positioning the dildo penetrator beneath her
exposed anus. Greasing it, I cranked the dial until the pointed tip
began to press past her sphincter. She jumped at the sensation, which
told me she had too much slack. I stepped behind her again and gave
the spikes a few extra turns, grinding their dull points harder
against her sensitive back and creating a wail from her throat. The
result was to force her large tits out further, and to remove her
ability to move at all. I returned to the dildo, making sure it was
lined up, then flipped a switch. For a second nothing happened, then
suddenly, the dildo shoved it's 6 inch length deep into her ass. Jane
screamed out loud, tears beginning to spill down her cheeks as the
dildo extracted slowly, then plunged itself deep once more. The
sequence was random and would continue unrelented until I shut it off.
I figured a few days of anal raping by the machine would soften her
     As I returned to her face, I avoided eye contact. I could see
without looking that she was terrified. After all our conversation
about these and the coming events, I could tell she wasn't quite
prepared for the reality of the situation. With a pair of scissors, I
began to cut off her long blonde hair, letting it pool around my feet.
Soon her head was stubble. I stepped to the side and rolled over the
silver tray loaded with shaving cream and a razor, then applied the
foam to her head and proceeded to shave her. Despite the attack waged
on her ass, I could tell she was more disturbed by the shaving. She
watched as I ran the razor over her head, removing the last bits of
hair. Soon, she was completely bald. After wiping her dry, I took a
pair of latex exam gloves from the tray, pulled them on, then squeezed
a liberal amount of gel from a small tube onto my palm. Rubbing it
across both hands, I touched her head, smearing the brownish substance
across her bear head. The chemical stung as it attacked the hair
follicles, though the pain couldn't have been anything compared to the
dildo. I looked down to see it was in heavy pump mode, forcing the
dildo deep in, then extracting it quickly, only to shove it back in.
It was like a good hard fucking. She closed her eyes, squeezing tears
onto her face, as she felt her baldness become permanent.
     Shaving her eyebrows, then plucking her eyelashes was easier. I
coated two eye patches with the strong depilatory, then placed them
over her eyes, forcing them shut. I stepped around her and sat on a
stool in front of her pussy, then spread more depilatory over her
shaved crotch. I had to stop the machine for a second as I coated her
ass with the same gel. It only took a moment and soon the machine was
back in action. Pulling the gloves off and depositing them into the
trash, I took another tray and selected a thick needle. I removed the
eye patches, wiping her eyelids clean as well, then allowed her see
see the sharp device I held. Her tongue was already pulled out, but a
few turns of a small crank pulled it out even further. I again avoided
eye contact as I lifted the huge needle and without pause, shoved it
through her tongue, near the tip. A blood curdling scream rose from
her throat as blood ran down her throat from the hole. I grabbed a
fairly large ring from the tray and fit it through, clicking the
locking ends together to form a seamless shape.
     After 30 minutes, I had completed her piercings. In addition to
the front ring, I had pierced a series of holes down both sides of her
tongue, placing smaller rings there. A large nose ring now dangled
from her septum. Both nipples had a ring at the base and a rod through
the middle, while her clit sported two rings; a larger one behind her
clit, and a thick yet small ring through the middle of her clit. She
had watched the entire process, simply grunting as each needle
penetrated her flesh, moaning slightly as each ring clicked together
in permanence. I stood back, admiring her modifications. I wasn't sure
if I would like the image of the hairless creature before me. But now,
as the rings sparkled from her flesh, her face seemingly featureless
without eyebrows or hair, her body contorted by the bondage and
spikes, I smiled. I knew I was going to enjoy this immensely. I walked
behind Jane, then leaned in to her ear.
     "Welcome to the rest of your life," I whispered. I left her then,
letting the ass fucking continue as she felt the first pangs of regret
for her decision.

     For the years she served me as a slave, I rarely ever again got
the impression that she hated her life. I think she learned that she
was forever modified now, and would never return to normal existence.
Despite my observation, I continued on with the plan we had made
before she arrived. She had asked for some very specific punishments,
and I happily complied. Now, she stood before me as she had so often,
and I couldn't help but wonder if she regretted her decision. Even if
she had been given the opportunity to be released, she wouldn't be
able to live a normal life. From that first day she arrived until this
very morning, I had injected growth hormones into her breasts. Her
formerly 38D breasts were now an amazing 44HH. They were perfectly
shaped, for breasts, firm and perky, but just amazingly huge. To
compliment this, she now wore a permanent, spring steel corset. A
surgeon had removed her two lower ribs to enable her current size. I
stepped up to her and placed my hands around her waist. My fingers not
only touched but overlapped slightly. For over a year now her breath
had been forced into a shallow pant, her lungs unable to fill
completely. Her mouth was gagged with an inflatable bladder, bulging
her cheeks out dramatically. The look seemed to go with her inflated
lips. A series of collagen injections had created the look of a sex
doll. My guests had enjoyed the bizarre image of a woman at parties,
her face painted and a gaudy wig over her bald head. I looked up to
her, catching her eyes for the first time in months.
     "You know what day this is?" She shook her head slightly, fear
filling her eyes. "Well, this is the day you get boxed." I watched as
she began to cry, knowing exactly what I meant. "Remember, you asked
for this and, as you can tell by the time you've spent with me, I've
done everything you asked for, haven't I?" She gave a slight nod, her
eyes dipping in resignation. She knew that I was not going to waver
from her own plan, regardless of how she felt about it now. "I can
tell by your response that you've changed your mind?" She lifted her
eyes again, a look of pleading. "Perhaps I shouldn't do this?" Again,
a nod, as emphatic as possible with the posture collar on her neck.
     "Well, I'm sorry to say, but you chose your own fate," I smiled
at her face as she realized her fate was sealed.

     The box was only 4 feet long, 3 feet tall and 3 feet across, made
of 1/2 inch riveted steel . As I led Jane to it, her eyes grew wide in
panic. The thought of the box and the reality was almost too much for
he to handle. She began to struggle, trying to pull away despite the
chain that I held, connect to her nose ring. My newest slave Monica, a
young brunette, helped hold her as I pushed her to her knees. As was
customary, Jane was naked except for her corset, the ballet shoes she
had learned to walk in, and the bondage that held her arms in place.
She hadn't had use of her hands for nearly 2 years now. I had wrapped
them up in tiny rubber balls, and then trained her arms to fold into a
reverse prayer, until they were strapped behind her in permanent
     We finally got her to the ground and I spread her legs, removing
the inflatable dildos in her pussy and ass. Attaching a rubber strap
to the front of her corset, I let it rest on the floor as Monica
handed me the first dildo. The steel shapes were hollow in the middle,
with stiff tubes and wires extending out of them. Greasing the tip, I
slipped the steel phallus up Jane's stretched ass until the retaining
ring wedged into place. The second, larger dildo fit into her pussy
nicely. I made sure the dildos were positioned well, then slipped a
thin metal probe into her urethra. In order, I pulled the strap up
between her legs, fitting a tube through the designated hole, then
moved to the next, until I stretched the thick rubber up to meet the
back of the corset. We rolled her onto her back and I grasped her
face. The breathing tubes pressed into each nostril until I was
certain they were seated in her lungs. With a combination of wax and
glue, I filled the gaps around the tubes in her nostrils so she could
only breath through the tubes. Attaching a bulb to her gag, I deflated
and removed it. Almost immediately, Jane tried to speak. The rings
through her tongue had made it difficult for her to talk since her
first day, an activity I discouraged anyway. But now, her fate on the
line, she began to panic.
     "Masssa! Peese! Ah don wanna ga an u box! Peese, na, peese! Ah
beg ya. Peese!!" Her pleading continued in her bizarre broken English,
the metal from her rings clicking off her teeth. I looked down at her
and smiled.
     "Of course you're going in the box, Jane," I said sweetly. "Do
you remember when you made me promise that no matter what you said, I
would go through with the plan? Well, I'm not going to break my
promise." My words brought a stream of new tears, a morbid wail from
her throat and a new round of thrashing. But her restricted body was
no match for my slave and I. Monica simply sat on her tiny waist as I
took her head again and began to push a much larger tube down her
throat. Her eyes, large with terror, watched me as the tube hit the
back of her throat.
     "Now be a good girl and swallow, Jane," I said. Reflexively she
did, and the tube slid into her stomach. Once I was sure it rested in
the proper position, I took the rubber bladder Monica held, slipping
the rigid middle over the tube, then pressed the rest of the bladder
into her mouth. The middle section held the feeding tube firm,
pressing against the top of her throat. Monica offered the injection
gun, which I fit on the inflation nipple. Slowly, I squeezed the epoxy
into the bladder. I had to reload the gun a second time, but after a
short time, I couldn't fit anymore into the rubber. Jane's cheeks
bulged from the pressure of the liquid filled pouch in her mouth.
     "That's epoxy filling your mouth now, Jane," I said. "It'll dry
in a few minutes into a solid mass." The feeding tube still stuck out
from the middle of her cartoon lips. I capped it off and moved to
Jane's ears. Small speakers fit deep into them. Tilting her to the
side, I filled up the rest of her ear canal with wax, blocking off all
sound. Once her other ear was done as well, Jane could no longer hear
at all. I stepped over to a control station and flipped on the
microphone so she could hear us.
     We flipped her onto her chest, then I attached a chain to her
right ankle. Stretching it up with all my strength, I attached the
other end to a ring on the band just above her left elbow. Her ballet
shoe nearly touched her elbows now. After attaching her left leg in
the same manner, I admired how her body was bent backward into a
severe arch. Pulling her legs so severely up her back not only created
a painful U shape with her body, but also forced her shoulders back
even further, creating a constant ache that added to the dull pain she
already felt from her arm bondage. A spreader bar was placed between
her knees, holding her legs apart.
     We lifted her rigidly bound body into the box. With the harsh
bend her body was held in, she fit nearly perfectly, her forehead just
touching the front of the box with her knees an inch or two from the
end. Though I couldn't hear her, I could tell that Jane was terror
stricken, both from the intensity of the hogtie as well as the coming
event that she both had begged for, and now dreaded. I grabbed the
heavy hood from the table and laid down low, so Jane could see me.
     "Well, this is it, Jane," I said. "Once I put this hood on you,
you'll be able to see yourself from that camera above." I motioned to
a camera above the room. "I hope you enjoy your ultimate fantasy. I've
had a lot of fun torturing and playing with you, but I guess it's time
to finish your request." I stretched the hood over her face, covering
the torrent of tears pouring down her cheeks, and the sobs that could
just be heard through the rock solid gag.
     With the hood stretched over her hairless scalp. I made sure all
the tubes escaped cleanly, then ensured the goggles built in were
positioned over her eyes. Tiny lcd monitors would now be showing a
bird's eye view of the room to Jane, so she could watch the final
preparations. Once the hood was laced and strapped into a skin tight
fit, I placed a heavy leather head harness over it, pulling it
painfully tight. Another length of chain attached to a ring at the top
of her head, and I pulled it hard, forcing her head back dramatically,
until the chain reached the band holding her elbows together. Now,
Jane fit in the box perfectly, a good 2 inch gap at both ends, with
plenty of room on the sides and top. As Monica fed the rigid tubes out
a hole on the end, I considered Jane's bondage. For any other slave,
this would be incredibly severe. For Jane, I'm sure it was as well.
But considering her fate, it seemed the right thing to lock her in
some painful position. Monica nodded to me. Jane was ready.
     I extended the angled trough over Jane, then threw the lever. The
thick substance flowed out and over Jane, slowly filling the box
around her. I could see her trying to move, perhaps to escape, as the
cement began to fill the box. I looked up to the camera and smiled.
     "Isn't it great to be able to see your own encasement? I bet you
can feel the cement surrounding you, pressing against you." I looked
back to the box and adjusted the flow of the feeder to make sure it
was even. Within in seconds, the box was filled, the last evident of
Jane soon covered in a smooth layer of liquid cement. I stepped to the
box, reaching my arm into the cement to grab hold of one of Jane's
nipple rings. I twisted it merciliously, knowing that she was
screaming in pain, but no evidence of her reaction could be seen.
     "That's the last time you will ever be touched by anyone, ever,"
I said to the camera. "Once the cement sets, it will lock you in that
rigid position for eternity, Jane."
      Monica had hooked Jane's breathing, feeding and crotch tubes up
to the control machine, along with the accompanying wires. Jane was
breathing heavily, or more so than usual, as she felt the weight
around and upon her. I taped the keyboard and the machine activated an
enema. Quickly, Jane's ass was filled with a huge dose of ice-cold
water. I figured the added pressure on the inside would only add to
the feeling of pressure on the outside. I turned again and waved at
the camera, knowing that Jane's panic and agony would only be
increased by my casual attitude.

     After 12 hours, the cement was fairly solid, with Jane embedded
     "Well, Jane, the cement is pretty much solid now," I said to the
camera again, as I pressed against the solid mass in the box. "You're
probably feeling the weight of all the stuff on you, and maybe even
panicking a bit because you find yourself absolutely immobile. Well
guess what? That's how you'll be forever now." The concept excited me,
and though I could easily remind myself that a live girl was locked
inside, the fun for me was largely over. With Monica's help, we lifted
the steel top onto the box, and I riveted into place. With a large
winch, we lifted the box to the pit I had dug in the room, slowly
lowering the concrete and steel box into the bottom. The hole was
nearly 10 feet deep, already lined with concrete itself. The box
looked small at the bottom. We fit the tubing and wires into a PVC
sleeve, and I began to fill the hole with more cement.

     It took a week for the cement to dry over the box, but I had
already covered it with dirt, then fit the flooring back over the
hole. For most of my guests and many of my slaves, they would never
know the difference. Monica enjoyed keeping track of the machine.
Though I had trouble imagining Jane as a real person any longer, she
seemed to love tormenting Jane's unseen and forever entombed body.
Considering Jane's condition, I put no limits on her punishment. I'd
often come into the room days after Monica had been allowed to play,
and found the controls set in some extreme level of torment. With the
combination of enema torture and the ability to deliver electrical
shocks to pussy, ass and urethra, Monica had found some inventive ways
to punish Jane. Often, she would forget to feed her for days, and I
felt like I was scolding a child about their pet.
     The truth of the matter was one day we would all tire of her. The
time would come when, as she had requested long ago, her pussy, ass,
urethra, and stomach would be filled with cement as well, sealing her
completely in her tiny coffin, beneath the ton of concrete that now
rested above her.

As I watched Monica giggle at a new found combination at the maching,
I began to wonder who might be next.

The End

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