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Subject: {ASSM} My Pedophile Wife. (MF/g incest. Part one of two)
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My Pedophile Wife. (Part one of two)

Lisa vigorously rubbed her husband Pete's big cock as her mouth closed over 
the tip. She was milking him dry, having already let him cum in her mouth 
twice that night. Pete was engrossed in the movie he was watching. Lisa had 
brought home the unlabeled VCR tape and told her husband to just sit back 
and watch it and she would do all the work. Pete didn't know what was on the 
tape or how hard is cock would get watching it.

Lisa and Pete fucked often while watching porn movies, Lisa was into 
everything, so they watched gang-bang flicks, lesbian orgy's, fisting and 
peeing flicks, bukkake facial and cum-swapping movies and the like, they we 
even swingers, and often had three-somes with Lisa's best friend Anne,  but 
he had never seen anything like this. At first he was shocked, but as his 
wife so skillfully sucked on his hard cock, he found he couldn't stop 
watching, or cumming.

Lisa was 29 and had the firmest body around. She was 5'7, 125 pound, with 
nice 34B cup tits, capped with dollar sized pink nipples, her had a hard 
round ass and long, pretty pink cunt lips, framed by her blond pubic hair.  
Pete ran his finger's into her long blond hair as Lisa's mouth took his 9 
inch cock right to the base. Pete was 31, an athlete, with short brown hair. 
He and Lisa had been married for 10 years, and had a daughter Erika, who was 
now nine.

In their bedroom, on the king sized bed, Pete's eyes were glued to the 
screen. On the tape was what could only be called illegal content. The scene 
was of a young girl, maybe 14 or 15 being fucked by an older man, who was 
about Pete's age. The camera moved in close to the young girls pussy, her 
cunt was soaking wet and the big cock was hammering in and out. The girl was 
moaning and rocking her hips, enjoying the pounding her cunt was getting. 
Then a second man entered the scene and the youth opened her mouth and took 
in his big cock without question. The young girl looked up at the man, her 
brown eyes looked so sexy. Then the man pulled his cock out of her mouth and 
started cumming on her face, stream of gooey white sperm gusted all over her 
cheeks and her stretched out tongue. He blasted her several times, then 
rubbed the last of his cum off the head of his cock in her long brown hair. 
The man that was in her cunt pulled out and sent his load all over her wet, 
pink pussy. When he was finished cumming on her pussy lips, he stuffed his 
cock in her young mouth and she sucked him clean, all the while rubbing and 
finger fucking his sperm into her little cunt.

Pete came in Lisa's mouth as he watched the youth sucking cock and playing 
with the sperm that coated her vagina.
Lisa moved her mouth away from Pete's shinny cock. "Did you like that 
"Very much," Pete said still gasping.
"Good, I can't wait for you to recover so you can watch the next tape."
"You have another one?"
"Yes, it's even hotter, but I didn't want to show you it first... I wanted to 
make sure you were okay with seeing under aged girls being fucked first."
Pete nodded that he understood... he paused then said. "How under aged are the 
girls on the next tape?"
"Erika's age."
Pete gasped loudly. "Nine year olds... being fucked!"
"And sucking cock, eating cunt... all the good stuff. Are you going to be okay 
watching that?"
"Yes." He said quickly.
"Good, we'll watch that tape tomorrow night, you'll need time to recover and 
build up your balls full of sperm for me to enjoy."

The next night, Friday night Lisa and Pete went to their bedroom right after 
Erika went to bed. Pete already had an erection and Lisa kept telling him 
how wet she was. Pete never knew his wife harbored a love of child porn, he 
didn't know if she thought about their daughter Erika in a sexual way or if 
the tapes were just a dark hidden fantasy of hers. Was she interested in 
incest too?
Pete sat with his back to the headboard and Lisa lowered her dripping cunt 
down on his rock hard cock. She pressed play on the remote and the movie 

The first scene was of a little girl, maybe 10 sitting on the edge of a bed. 
She slowly took off her dress. She then showed off her flat little chest and 
tiny nipples, then she pulled down her panties to reveal her little hairless 
Lisa said, "Do you like the look of a little girls hairless cunt Pete?"
"Oh yes," He moaned and the little girl on the TV sat back on the bed and 
spread her legs wide. She then started to show off her little pink pussy to 
the camera. She pulled her small slit open and showed off her pink inner 
flesh, she was surprisingly wet inside. The camera man then started to 
finger fuck her, running first one then two fingers into her little vagina.

The little dark haired girl smiled at the cameraman as he finger fucked her.
Lisa said. "Have you ever imaged fucking a little girl?"
Pete said, "Not until yesterday... seeing those 14 and 15 year olds getting 
fucked, it reminded me so much of my youth when I really got to fuck girls 
that age."
"Yes, but what about a girl that age" She pointed to the TV, "What about a 
preteen? If you had the chance would you fuck a girl that young?"
Pete paused as she watched the little girl on the screen being fucked. A man 
about his age had mounted her and was pressing his big cock into her tight 
little cunt. She seemed to be taking it without problem or pain and also 
looked to really be enjoying it.
"I hope you don't mind me saying this, but yes, I would love to do what that 
guys doing."
Lisa said, "Of course I don't mind."
"Tell me dear, what do you think about men fucking little girls?"
Lisa said, "I love it, but my fantasy isn't just about watching men fuck 
little girls, I fantasies about licking their sweet little pussies after the 
guys have cum in them."
Hearing that Pete started to grunt, his cock was still deep in Lisa's cunt 
and he started to gush, filling her hot hole with his gooey sperm.

Lisa stopped the tape.
Pete said, "Aren't we going to watch it all?"
"Yes dear, but only when your ready to cum again. I don't wanted it to go by 
to fast."
Lisa held Pete's cock in place. "Why don't you close your eyes and try to 
get hard inside me as I tell you a story."
"Now image that the little girl you seen being fucked was Erika."
Pete gasped as he heard his wife say their daughter's name.
"And image it's you dear, it's your big cock going in and out of her."
Lisa then started moving her hip up and down over Pete's cock. He was still 
erect, still hard even after cumming in her. And the wetness of her cunt and 
her words made him get even harder by the second.
"Can you see yourself fucking Erika honey? Can you see your big cock in her, 
filling her tight hairless cunt?"
Pete again started rapidly fucking his wife and she started the movie again. 
Pete again watched as the man on the screen fucked the little girl.

Pete watched as the little girl moaned and rocked her little hips. She had a 
big smile on her face between moaning. Pete said, "She looks like she's 
enjoying being fucked."
"Of course she is honey, it feels good to have sex... no mater what age you 
The man in the movie then pulled his big cock from the little girls cunt and 
moved to her face. The ten year old opened her mouth and started to suck on 
the fat cock head, seconds later he started to cum, gushing his sperm all 
over her little face.
"Ohhhhh Ohhhhhhh," Lisa moaned as she started to cum.
Pete pumped his load in her seconds later.
As Pete filled his wife's cunt with sperm she said, "Can you image yourself 
cumming on Erika's face like that?"
"Ohh, fuck if only she would let me do something like that," Pete groaned.
Lisa said, "I could talk to her..."
Pete looked at his wife, "Really! But... what would you say?"
"Just leave that to me, I'll give her one of my famous mother daughter 
talks." She paused, "Tell me Pete if she said yes, would you fuck her?"
"Yes, after seeing those little girls fucking on the video and loving it so 
much, I would have to say yes. But I have to admit I never would have 
guessed you would want me to do it."
"Well Pete what amazes me is after all this time you didn't know I loved the 
idea of being with little girls. I take a bath with Erika every night, and 
last year when I went to Thailand with Anne on that business trip... we were 
in Bangkok, but the only business we were doing was getting little girls 
into our room and fucking them."

Pete couldn't believe his ears. His wife was a pedophile... a child molester!
"What did you do with them?" Pete asked.
"Anne and I would take them into one room, we would all get undressed and 
then we would start by eating them out, young preteen pussy taste wonderful, 
then we would finger fuck them and use dildo's on their tight little cunts 
and then have them eat us to orgasm... that type of thing. Then we would trade 
and I would get the other girl to eat and Anne would lick and suck on the 
girl I had."
"How many did you molest?"
"We didn't molest them honey, we paid them to have sex with us and they 
enjoyed it too."
Pete started to fuck his wife again as she told him of the little girls she 
finger fucked and ate out, of how their tight little cunts felt when she 
filled them with three fingers, and how juicy their wet cunts tasted.
Then she said, "I've tasted Erika."
Pete grunted and sprayed Lisa's cunt with another load of cum. When he 
recovered he asked. "When did you taste Erika?"
She kissed him and said, "Many times after we have a bath together I dry her 
off and sometimes manage to slip a finger into her valley and probe her 
hole, but we can talk more about that later, you look spent. Now get some 
sleep, your need your energy for tomorrow."

Pete could hardly sleep that night as he kept imaging seeing his ten year 
old daughter nude, on his bed, ready to be fucked for the first time, Lisa 
urging him on.
He knew he could do it, he knew he wanted to, he didn't care if it was 
incest. What amazed him was how eager Lisa was, and how much she wanted this 
to happen. Was she a really a pedophile? Was the story about Thailand true 
or just made up to get him off?

The next morning Pete woke to hear voices coming from the bathroom. Pete got 
up and walked over to the door and listened. The door was partly open and he 
could see Lisa and Erika in the bath together. Erika was laying back in her 
mother's arms, her head resting between her mother's tits. Erika had the 
same blond hair that her mother had and it looked very sexy fanned out 
across Lisa's big tits. Lisa was gently soaping up Erika's flat chest, 
washing over the tiny bumps that would one day blossom into big suckable 
Pete listened to the conversation.

"You know honey your getting to be a big girl now so it's time we talked 
about sex. Do you remember what mommy has told you so far?"
"Yes mommy," Erika said. "Stuff about boy's having a penis and girls a 
vagina and what it's for."
"That's right honey, but now that your older you should know that the penis 
goes inside the vagina and when that happens it's called fucking."
"Mom!" Erika said alarmed, "That's a swear word."
"Yes honey sometimes it is, but not when I'm talking to you about it. See 
the penis is like my finger." Lisa held up her middle finger, then lowered 
it down between Erika's legs. Pete could see his daughter's hairless cunt, a 
little fleshy triangle between her legs that his wife was now spreading with 
her hand.
"And the penis goes up inside you like this."
"And that's...." Erika paused.
"You can say the word honey."
"Yes, honey, but it's more then that."

Pete gasped as he watched his wife slowly beginning to finger fuck their 
daughter. Her hand covered her groin so he couldn't see what was happening, 
but he knew Lisa's middle finger was entering her cunt.
"That feeling good mommy."
"Yes I know it does honey, but a penis feels even better. I love the feel of 
your daddy's penis in me, he fucks me every night. I remember the first time 
for me, it was magic."
Erika turned her head and looked at her mother. "When did you first start 
fucking mommy?"
"When I was eight."
"Eight! But mommy I'm ten! Why haven't I started fucking yet?"
"Well honey, I didn't think you were ready, or interested."
"But I am mommy."
"I don't think you are honey."
"Why not mommy?"
"Because you have to really want to be fucked, and sex is more then fucking, 
you have to lick the penis and have your pussy licked, things like that."
"I can do that mommy... do you do all that, do you lick a penis?"
"I sure do honey, licking and sucking on your daddy's cock is the best, 
especially when he cums in my mouth."

Erika looked at her mother funny. She didn't understand all this.
"See honey, I can tell by the way your looking at me your not ready."
"But I want to be ready mommy. If you were ready at eight, then I have to be 
ready now, I'm ten!"
Lisa smiled, "Okay, we will see if your daddy thinks your old enough, but if 
you say no to anything then your obviously to young for fucking. Also this 
is a secret, you can't tell anyone about this, family fucking is never 
talked about outside our bedroom, understand?"
"Yes mommy."

Pete ran back to the bedroom and jumped into bed, pulling the covers over 
him and his raging cock.
Lisa entered the room with little Erika behind her a few minutes later, they 
were both rapped in towels, their hair still damp.
"Honey, Erika thinks she old enough to start fucking, what do you think?"
Then Lisa pulled the towel off her little girl and she stood there in front 
of her father completely nude. Her tiny body looked so sweet. Pete's cock 
swelled twice its size.
"Come closer honey," Pete said.
Erika jumped onto the bed and hugged her dad.
"Want to fuck me daddy?"
"Yes honey I do."
Lisa said, "Come here honey and let me get you ready."
Lisa took her towel off and laid on the bed with her little girl. "First 
honey, you have to get your cunt nice and wet."
"My cunt mommy?"
"Yes honey, your vagina is also called a cunt or a pussy. But I like the 
word cunt, so in our bed you will say that word. Now open your legs so I can 
lick you."

"You want to lick my cunt mommy?"
"Yes honey, I can make it wetter that way, it needs to be wet so daddy's 
cock will fit, your cunt is tighter then mine. Here honey, put your fingers 
in me and see."
Erika slowly moved her fingers between her mother's legs and probed her 
outer lips. Her little fingers skirting her entrance, then Lisa grabbed her 
daughter's wrist and pushed her fingers into her hole.
"Oh mommy your very wet inside there."
"I know honey, and that's why I can take your daddy's cock so easily, Pete 
honey, show Erika your cock so she can see it's size."
Pete pulled the covers back and showed off this manhood.
Erika's eyes widened.

"Oh mommy it's big."
"You can touch it honey," Pete said.
Erika placed her little fingers around the shaft of Pete's cock. He almost 
jumped at her touch, his twitching cock in her hand and she giggled.
"Does that tickle daddy?"
"No honey, it feels good."
Lisa also took hold of Pete's cock. "Here honey, put it in your mouth like 
this." Then Lisa demonstrated, sucking on the head of Pete's big cock.
Lisa then moved away and let Erika have a try. She didn't waste anytime and 
took the head of her daddy's cock in her mouth.
"Watch your teeth sweetheart, be careful. Lick it with your tongue." Lisa 
couched. "How's she doing Pete?"
"Hear that honey, daddy says your doing a wonderful job."

Erika lifted her head from her daddy's cock. "Are you going to cum in my 
mouth daddy?"
"Do you want daddy to cum in your mouth?"
Lisa jumped in, "Not so fast you too. Erika do you want your daddy to fuck 
"Yes mommy!"
"Then lay down on your back and spread your legs and I'll get you ready, 
your daddy can cum in your mouth after."
"Okay mommy."
Erika spread her little legs and her mother quickly moved between them. Lisa 
traced a line down her daughter's' slit, slowly spreading her soft white 
pussy lips. She then lightly pulled her folds back opening up her hole.
Pete watched as Lisa started to finger fuck her. Lisa pushed her finger deep 
then stopped.
"I'm touching her hymen Pete."
"What's a hymen mommy?"
"It's a barrier of skin that daddy has to press his penis through in order 
for you to become a big girl like mommy. Do you want daddy to make you a 
woman, or do you want to stay a little girl?"
"I want to be a woman mommy!"

"Good, then let me get your cunt ready for daddy's cock."
Lisa then started to lick up and down the center of Erika's young, hairless 
pussy. Licking into her folds and her little hole. Pete watched, his cock 
even harder now.
Pete said, "Do you like the feel of mommy's tongue on your cunt honey?"
"Yes daddy it feels so good."
Lisa spread her ten year olds cunt lips wide and then spit into her hole. 
She then worked the spit into her, finger fucking her lightly. She added a 
second finger, spreading her lips even more and working her inner walls. 
Erika started to moan and rock her hips.
Lisa said, "I think she's ready dear. Now honey you just stay like that, and 
daddy will fuck you."

Pete now moved between his little girls legs, his big cock brushing her 
outer lips.
Lisa started to caress her daughter's flat chest, "Now honey this might hurt 
a little bit, it did for me the first times too, but soon it will feel 
wonderful." Lisa then began whispering in her daughter's ear. Pete could 
just make out her saying, "Tell your daddy this..."
There was a short pause, then Erika said, "I'm ready daddy... fuck me daddy, 
fuck my tight hot cunt."
Pete pressed the head of his cock into his daughter's tender pussy lips. 
Slowly her lips parted, giving way to the head of his big cock.
"Fuck me daddy and cum in me... I want to feel your cum filling my tight 
Lisa smiled up at Pete as he worked his cock into her preteen pussy. Then 
she started to kiss their daughter.
"Do you like kissing me honey?" Lisa asked.
"Yes mommy, it's nice. Kiss me again."
"Okay honey, but this time put your tongue in my mouth, like I was doing to 

Erika did as her mother asked, wanting to prove she was indeed old enough to 
be fucking. Plus she wanted to do everything that was asked of her, just 
like her mother said.
Pete slowly pushed forward, spreading Erika's fuck lips wider, the head of 
his cock firmly resting in her pink folds. He watched as Lisa and Erika 
kissed, she was trying to take her mind off the pressure Pete was putting on 
her preteen vagina.
Then the head of his cock disappeared inside her little frame. She moaned, 
but didn't cry out, Pete pushed deeper, he felt some resistance, the head of 
his cock resting against her hymen. Then with one trust he was through and 
moving to her cervix.

Lisa kept kissing her as Pete slowly started to move his cock back and forth 
in her. He felt his cock hit bottom and her little ass pressed into the bed 
from the force. Pete pulled back then pressed forward, plunging deep again. 
He moaned loudly, he was fucking his little girl, he was fucking his 
Lisa stopped kissing her and looked down to see Pete's big cock deep inside 
little Erika.
"Look honey, daddy's fucking you."
Erika smiled at her daddy. "Ohh daddy, fucking feels so good."
"That right honey, tell daddy how good it feels."
Lisa started to whisper into Erika's ear again.
Erika began repeating what her mother was saying. "Daddy I love you fucking 
me it feels so good."
Pete groined, his big cock felt so good in her tight little cunt. And the 
pressure of her stretched walls gripping his shaft was better then he could 
ever imagine. No wander the men in the video's love what they were doing so 
much, and seeing how much his little girl loved it, it was easy to see why 
these little girls loved to be fucked.

Erika said, "Are you going to cum in me daddy? Are you going to fill my cunt 
with your cum? Mommy wants you to flood my cunt with your cock juice... fuck 
me daddy, fuck me and cum in me."
Pete cried out now, his cock started to twitch and he felt his shaft swell 
even more. He yelled out, "I'm going to cum in you sweet heart, daddy's 
going to fill your cunt with his cum!"
"Yes, yes, fill her cunt hole Pete," Lisa said loudly, "Fill your daughter 
with your sperm."
Erika started yelling too, an orgasm had gripped her preteen cunt.
Pete moaned and so did Erika as they both started to cum. Erika's little 
cunt walls tightened around her father's big shaft, and Pete felt his hot, 
gooey sperm gush out to fill her fuck hole.

Lisa rubbed Erika's clit as Pete emptied his cock inside his little girl. 
Stream after stream of cum gushed into her, a dozen jets and still he was 
cumming, and so was Erika. Lisa came too, just from watching. Then slowly 
Pete pulled his cock back and out. The shaft was coated in his cum and 
Erika's cunt juices.
Lisa said, "Erika, it's time for you to clean up, your daddy's cock has to 
be licked clean."
"Okay mommy."
Then Lisa smiled, "And mommy will clean you up okay?"
"Okay mommy."
Lisa moved between Erika's legs and Pete moved up to his daughter's mouth. 
He brushed his sperm stained cock around her mouth and she opened it and 
licked the tip. Pete moaned again as Erika licked her daddy's cock head 

Lisa opened her daughter's little cunt lips and smiled at seeing her hole 
swimming with sperm. She had eaten many creamy pies, but this was going to 
be the best. She lowered her face to her daughter's cunt and dripped her 
tongue into the gooey mess. She then started to suck up the cum from her 
hole, drinking it down, then sucking up some more.
Erika licked her daddy's cock clean and Pete asked, "Does daddy's cock taste 
"Yes daddy it does. I like the taste of cum."
Lisa looked up at her daughter, both their faces smeared with sperm. And 
said, "Daddy has lots of sperm to share with us honey."
"Good," Erika said.
Lisa smiled at Erika. "Would you like to eat your daddy's cum out of my cunt 
"Yes mommy."
"Hear that Pete... Your daughter wants to eat my sperm filled cunt, think your 
ready to fill me up?"
Pete grabbed the shaft of his cock, "More then ready."
"Good, lets get started."

(The end... for now.)
Comments are always welcome and appreciated.. Jack.

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