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If you don't like sex stories, don't read it.
If you don't like stories about sex with underage
children, don't read it.
If you don't like stories bout forced sex, don't read
If you are below the arbitrary age set for your area,
don't read it.
If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this
story, don't read it.

Copyright c 2001 Norm DePloom.  ALL Rights Reserved
This story may not be reproduced in any form for
profit without the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice
attached.  The author may be contacted at
All the characters and events in this story are
fictional; any resemblance to real people or events is
entirely coincidental.

The Seduction of Charlotte, my Housekeeper's Daughter
Part o2
Norm DePloom

I relaxed, enjoying the sight and feel of Charlotte
licking and kissing my hard cock, letting my
excitement build gradually until I heard Teresa coming
back into the house.  With an eye on the door, eager
to see the expression on Teresa's face, I placed a
hand on each side of Charlotte's head and began to
guide the rhythm of her mouth as it moved faster and
faster up and down my cock shaft.  Charlotte's mother
stepped into the room just in time to see her daughter
frantically rubbing her own crotch, desperately trying
to get in just one more five dollar cum before I
emptied myself into her hot sucking mouth, while I
moved her head up and down fucking her mouth on my
cock.  I was rewarded with a wonderful combination of
anger, directed at me for taking advantage of her and
her daughter, and the humiliation she felt for
allowing her daughter to be turned into my whore for
and additional $200 a week.

"Drink my cum little whore bitch." I yelled, staring
directly into Teresa's eyes and watching a tear roll
down each of her cheeks, as I held her daughter's face
impaled on my cock and filled her mouth with my cum.
Charlotte's body rocked and jerked as she brought
herself to another orgasm.

"I just earned thirty dollars."  Charlotte bragged
turning to smile at her mother with a trail of cum
still oozing from the corner of her mouth.

"No, no, no-" Charlotte's mother sobbed sinking slowly
to the floor. "-I can't let you do this.  Not to my
little Charlotte."

"Come on mom-" Charlotte said, looking at me and
rolling her eyes heavenward.  "-give me a fucking
break."  Charlotte's mother rose up from the floor
like she was being levitated and moved towards
Charlotte raising her hand to slap her daughter.

"Stop-" I yelled freezing Teresa in her tracks. "-
nobody punishes my li'l whore but me, and what-"  I
stood up and, stepping over to where Charlotte's
mother stood with her arm still raised, stared
directly into her eyes.  "-are you doing wearing
clothes in my house?"  I demanded. Charlotte's mother
visibly welted and, dropping her gaze to the floor,
slowly stripped off the T-shirt that she had been
'allowed' to wear on her trip home to retrieve her
vibrator.   I held out my hand and waited until
Charlotte's mother reluctantly gave me the sex toy
she'd been sent home for.  Turning it on full power
with a twist of the base I ran the end of it over her
nipples and watched, as they grew hard.

"Lay down on the desk-" I ordered handing her the
still humming appliance.  "-and show us how you use

"No, please, no."  Charlotte's mother begged softly.
"Don't make me do that."  Even as she begged Teresa
reluctantly laid down on the top of my desk.  Then
after spreading her legs wide worked the vibrator up
and down the wet slit between her legs.  I pulled
Charlotte over to stand in front of me and ran my
hands over her breasts, stomach and crotch.  Charlotte
leaned back rubbing her bare ass against me while we
watched her mother work the buzzing cock shaped
machine further and further into her self.

"Run your hands up and down your mother's inner
thighs."  Charlotte followed my instructions without

"Now-" I instructed a few minutes later. "-take the
vibrator from your mother and fuck her with it."
Charlotte eagerly slapped her mother's hands away from
the sex toy and, taking control of it herself, worked
it deeper and deeper into her moaning mother's wet
open cunt, while I worked my finger deeper and deeper
into her wet tight cunt.   "Look at the way her cunt
lips drag along the vibrator when you pull it out."  I
said beginning to work a second finger into Charlotte.
Both Charlotte's and her mother's breathing were
becoming more rapid as their sexual excitement built
towards another peak.  Charlotte spread her legs and
leaned in closer to her mother's open crotch giving me
a better angle to work my fingers in and out of her

"Take it out of her cunt and work it into her ass." I
ordered Charlotte.  Charlotte giggled at her mother's
gasp as she pushed her mother's legs up higher then,
placing the end of the vibrator against her mother's
tight sphincter forced it completely inside her in one
hard thrust.  It seems Charlotte has a taste for anal
rape almost as strong as mine.  "That's the way I'm
going to put my cock inside you when I'm ready,- "  I
whispered to Charlotte as we both leaned over to get a
better view of her mother's ass stretching around the
invading machine.  "-fast and hard."  Charlotte moaned
in anticipation of that time.

"Now you kneel down and continue working that vibrator
in her ass and you can watch me while I stand over you
and give her another long hard fuck before I send you
guys home."  Charlotte knelt down and working the
vibrator in her mother's ass with one hand, grasped my
re-hardened cock with the other, and helped guide me
into her mother's open, dripping cunt.  "Oh yes, how I
love a vibrating pussy."  I moaned.   After guiding my
cock into her mother's pussy Charlotte used one hand
to fuck the vibrator in and out of her mother's ass
and her other hand to work her own crotch toward
another orgasm.

Charlotte was turning into quite the little orgasm
machine, she seemed to be insatiable.  I think she
came three more times before I finally dumped my final
load into her mother's hot cunt.  After my cock
stopped jerking inside Teresa I collapsed back into my
desk chair and watched Charlotte continue working the
vibrator in her mother's ass until she came one more
time, then she sat back on the floor and leaned
against my knees while we all rested from this final
orgasmic exertion.

"Go get another one of my T-shirts." I said giving
Charlotte a gentle push to get her moving.  She
climbed to her feet then, after finally turning off
the vibrator and putting it on the desk left the room
to do my bidding.

"You can put your T-shirt back on."  Teresa slowly
pushed herself up to a sitting position then, after
looking around the room in a daze, walked, on
obviously wobbly legs, over to where the T-shirt had
been left on the floor and pulled it back over her
head.  Charlotte returned with another one of my old
T-shirts and held it out to me.

"Put it on."  She looked surprised at first, then
grinned and pulled it over her head.  I got a pair of
scissors from my desk drawer and shortened the shirt
so that it just barely covered her crotch.  "Go stand
over by your mother."  I instructed her after I had
adjusted the length of the shirt.  I walked around
Charlotte and her mother running my hands possessively
over their breasts, stomachs and asses.  Both of their
pubic bushes could just be seen through the material,
and their nipples and aureoles stood out even more
obscenely than if they had been naked.

"From now on, Charlotte, you are required to cum at
least ten times every day."  I said pausing in my
circuit in front of Charlotte with my hand resting on
her left breast.

"Yes Daddy." She answered breathlessly.

"And you,-" I continued addressing her mother. "-are
to assist her in any way she requires to accomplish
this assignment."  I continued walking around them
again letting my hand move over their bodies.  "If she
wants you to lick her pussy then you will lick her
pussy.   If she wants to lick your cunt then you will
spread your legs and let her.  If she wants you to
finger fuck her then you will.  If she wants you to
tongue fuck her ass then you will do that."   I saw
first a surprised then a curious look on Charlotte's
face when I mentioned tongue fucking her ass.  I had a
good idea that Teresa's tongue would be in her
daughter's ass before the day was over.  "If she wants
to watch you fuck a man, or men, then you will do it.
The only caveat is that nothing bigger than two
fingers can be put inside either Charlotte's cunt or
her ass and that no man can fuck her in any way."  I
stopped in front of Charlotte's mother and looked her
directly in the eyes.  "You will perform any and every
sexual act that Charlotte wants, at any time she
wants.  Do you understand?"

"Yes." She replied softly dropping her gaze to the
floor.  I walked to my desk and retrieved a blank
hardbound journal then, returning to where the mother
and daughter stood waiting for me, handed it to
Charlotte.  "You will keep a diary of everything you
do to your mother or make your mother do and you will
describe in detail every orgasm you have, including
how you had it, when you had it, where you had it, and
how good it was."

"Yes Daddy." She replied again taking the book from
me.  I then counted out in cash the money that each of
them had earned that day and sent them home wearing
nothing but T-shirts.

Hey Daddy.  I just love calling you that, especially
when you have your fingers inside me (hehe).  I want
you to know that I love the way it makes me feel all
naughty and nasty inside when you do things to me, or
when we do things to my Mommy.  I can hardly wait for
you to fuck me for the first time.  As soon as we sat
down on the bus I flashed a couple of guys, I could
see them getting hard inside their pants, it made me
all wet and gave me 'nasty chills' when I did it.  I
told Mommy to flash them.  At first she tried to
pretend she didn't hear me, then she refused to do it
until I told her I'd telephone you as soon as we got
home if she didn't, so she spread her legs and let the
shirt ride up until they could see her cunt (I'll
probably use that word a lot it makes me feel
wonderfully nasty to say it and write it).  They could
see that it was still wet from being fucked.

Mommy is just like you told me.  She pretended she
didn't want to show herself to those men, but as soon
as she spread her legs I could see her nipples getting
hard under the T-shirt.  When we got off the bus we
had to walk about four blocks to where we live.  Mommy
kept trying to pull her shirt down and cover herself.
I made her stop.  In fact the last block I pulled her
shirt up so her pubs were showing and made her walk
the rest of the way like that.  Boy did her face turn
red but her nipples got real hard and she got so wet
her hair started to get matted down with it.  It made
me so horny forcing my mom to be nasty in public that
as soon as we got inside I pulled her into her bedroom
and made her lick me until I came and boy did I cum
good.  I really love making my mom do nasty things.

After I came I called and ordered a pizza.  When it
was delivered I made my mom lay down on the front room
floor naked then I answered the door wearing your T-
shirt only pulled up enough that he could see my cunt.
"Cum on in." I told him, but I don't think he got the
joke until later.  I had him carry the pizza into the
front room.  He almost dropped it when he saw mom on
the floor with her cunt hanging out.

"I'm going to pay you for the pizza." I told him
handing him the money. "Then my mom is going to suck
your cock for your tip."  Then he did drop the pizza
(hehe).  Mommy didn't know what I was planning so she
gave me a real mad look like she wanted to beat my
butt for being such a nasty little slut.

"Please, no." She begged.  "Please don't make me do
this. Please honey."   I stepped over to her and
slapped her hard across her face and told her to suck
his cock right now.  The pizza man seemed to enjoy
watching a teenage slut treat her mother like shit and
force her to be a whore.  Mommy crawled over to the
pizza man like a whipped dog and, after getting his
hard cock out of his pants, sucked it into her mouth
all the way down to the root.  I don't think he kept
himself really clean, Daddy, but what do I care?  It
wasn't going in my mouth.

I learned something really important.  First I learned
beyond all doubt that, no matter how much she begs,
cry's or pleads my Mommy really loves being forced
into being a slut.  When she crawled across the floor
her nipples were so hard I bet you could have cut
glass with them, and her cunt was so wet I could smell
it halfway across the room.  I also learned how much I
love forcing my mom to be a whore.  My nipples were
just as hard as her's were, and my cunt just as wet.

Daddy, when I scooted up close and watched that cock
pumping in and out of my mother's mouth, I wanted it
inside me so bad I almost couldn't stand it.  But no
matter how badly I wanted to be fucked I was a good
girl and just used two fingers on myself while I

The man grabbed mommy's head and started fucking her
mouth like it was her cunt. "Fuck that whore's mouth."
I yelled fucking myself with my two fingers so hard
that my wrist was starting to get sore.  I came just
as the pizza man shoved his cock all the way down her
throat and held it there while his body jerked
repeatedly shooting his stuff inside her.  She
collapsed on the floor, panting to catch her breath,
as soon as the man turned loose of her head.

"How about you honey-" The pizza man said as he
crouched down over me.  "-you want some of this?"  He
finished holding his cock with his left hand.

"You touch her and I'll kill you."  My Mommy said
getting to her feet and giving the pizza man a shove
toward the door.

"All right give me a break." The man said stuffing his
cock back inside his pants.  "Crazy bitches." He
muttered on his way out the door.

"Thanks mom." I got to my feet and hugged, our naked
bodies rubbing against each other.  Then we sat on the
floor, with me setting between her legs, and her legs
wrapped around me and ate pizza naked.  I could feel
my mommy's wet freshly fucked cunt against my skin as
we munched on our dinner.

"We need to go shopping."  I told my mother as we
finished up the pizza.  "We've got to get you some new
work clothes."

"What's wrong with the work clothes I have now?"

"Well, first off-" I said gently pinching my mom's
nipple.  "-my new 'daddy' obviously doesn't like your
clothes-" I pushed my hand between us and felt her
hot, wet, open pussy.  "-since he makes you clean his
house naked."  I know that you make her work naked to
embarrass her and so you can enjoy looking at her,
daddy, but I figured it would be a good excuse to get
her into some really slutty clothes.

Pulling my hand away from her wet cunt (I swear she
looked disappointed!) I stood up and, taking my
mother's hand, pulled her to her feet then into her
bedroom where I looked through her closet for
something 'appropriate' for her to wear.  Way back in
the back of he closet I found some outfits that I
think you'd approve of.  Real slut clothes that she
acted embarrassed about when I pulled them out.  I
handed her a matching bright red spandex blouse and
skirt set that looked more like large rubber bands
than like clothes.

"Please, no-" She begged looking flustered and turning
red with embarrassment.  "-I've never worn these in
public."  I just stood there, holding the slut clothes
out for her to take, with a stern look on my face.

"If you don't wear them in public,-"  I asked after
she gave in an took them from me.  "-where do you wear
them?"  I could tell by the way she acted that she was
dreading having to tell me.  "Well?"  I said trying to
sound just like she does when I'm trying to not tell
her something.

"Sometimes-" I couldn't believe how embarrassed she
was acting.  I mean, after all, I'd helped you fuck
her more than once already, I'd forced her to suck the
pizza man's cock, what could possibly embarrass her
more than that?  "-sometimes I dress up...sometimes I
wear these when I...when I..."

"When you fuck yourself with your vibrator?"  I
finished for her.  She nodded her head looking down at
the floor.  "I bet you pretend you're a drunken whore
in a bar and your customer makes you do all kinds of
nasty things.  Right?"

"Yes."  I could barely hear her answer but, even while
she starred at the floor with the whole top half of
her naked body turning red with shame, her nipples
were as hard as ever and her cunt was practically
drooling juice down her thighs.

"Get dressed."  I ordered her then, after starting to
leave the room to find something for me to wear, I had
a sudden thought.

"Have you ever been a whore?"  I asked my mother,
stepping back into her room.

"Oh my god-" I said out loud, I could tell by the look
on her face even before she answered what the truth
was. "-men paid you to fuck them."  I answered my own
question.  Then I started getting angry and, stepping
across the room, slapped her hard.

"How dare you act so pure.  You're still just a whore,
a whore who's willing to sell her own daughter to a
man so he can fuck her."   I started to leave the room
again, then turned back to her again.  "Put on your
whore clothes and we'll go to the mall and see if we
can't find some men to fuck you."  With that I left
the room and walked next door to my room to find
something for me to wear. I decided on a nice, modest
dress that allowed me to be naked underneath and still
look like a 'good' girl.  I figured that would make my
mom look even more like the whore I'd just discovered
her to be.  After putting on the dress I went back
into the whore's room.  I'd been thinking of her as
'the whore' instead of 'mom' ever since I found out
the truth about her.  She was standing where I'd left
her looking just like the whore she is wearing her
spandex whore clothes.  I walked over and put one foot
up on her bed then lifted the front of my dress up to
my waist.

"Get on your knees and kiss my cunt whore."  I
ordered.  It was really a kick, she actually had tears
running down her cheeks as she got down on her knees
and nestled her face between my thighs to plant a kiss
right on my hot wet cunt.  When her lips touched me I
grabbed her head with both hands and rubbed my pussy
all over her face.  When I released her head she fell
backward and landed on her butt.

"Come on mamma whore-" I said while I laughed at the
sight of her sprawled on the floor, her legs spread
and her wet cunt peaking out at me from under her
spandex whore-skirt.  "-let's go find some horny
teenage boys to fuck you."

We ran into some luck and met up with a couple of guys
I knew from school almost as soon as we walked in the
mall door.  It almost made me laugh to see their eyes
practically pop out of their heads, and their cocks
practically pop out of their jeans, when I introduced
them to my whore-mother.  I also noticed that in
contrast to her blushing, trying to cover herself and
acting like she was being totally humiliated, the
whore's nipples grew harder and practically begged to
be pinched through the spandex that accentuated them.

"Would you like to fuck my mother?"  I wasted no time
whispering the question to the boy I knew the best.
After giving me a shocked look he nodded his head with

"If you find ten boys willing to pay five dollars each
to fuck her I'll let you fuck her for free."  He again
nodded enthusiastic assent to my proposal.  "Meet us
at the restrooms down at the end of the mall."  I
whispered my final instructions to the boy then
started my whore-mom walking down the mall towards the
indicated bathrooms.

"Five dollars a fuck-" I said quietly to the whore as
we walked through the mall.  "-I bet that's a new high
for you."  I must admit that I was practically
dripping with excitement thinking about watching my
whore-mother getting the shit fucked out of her on a
public restroom floor.  We walked by an electronics
store with a display of digital cameras on the way to
the bathrooms and I veered into it reaching for my
money and the money I had taken from the whore's
purse.  Mom stood beside me with her arms folded over
her breasts, shaking her head and saying 'No you can't
do this' softly over and over while I spent
practically all of our money on one of the cameras
that was on sale.

"If I'd cum a couple of more times before you got back
this afternoon I'd have been able to buy a better
camera."  I said to the whore when we left the store
and continued our trip to the out-of-the-way restrooms
where she was going to fuck for my fun and profit.

"Unfold your arms."  I told her, slapping at her hands
as we walked, and don't keep pulling at your skirt,
let it ride up so people can see your whore cunt.
Needless to say she turned bright red when people who
had over heard me turned and looked at her.  I just
smiled and shrugged at them as we walked by.

We waited by the restrooms for the guys to show up and
she looked exactly like what she was, a whore waiting
for her customers to show up.  When they finally
arrived it looked like they'd brought the entire
defensive and offensive lines of the football team
with them.  I was ecstatic and the whore looked

"Let's do it in the men's room."  I suggested.  We
were swept into the room by a wave of horny teenage
boys.  By the time we were inside the door booth her
spandex top and her spandex skirt were bunched around
her neck leaving her essentially naked.

"Hold it." I yelled.  "Nobody fucks the whore until
they pay me the five dollars."  The boy who was first
in line handed me a five-dollar bill then, after
pushing my mamma-whore to the dirty floor crouched
over her on his hands and knees.

"Come on-" Somebody called from further back by the
door. "-fuck the bitch so we can have our turns."  I
leaned over and watched the first boy's cock as he
pushed it into her. I don't think I'll ever get tired
of watching a big hard cock slipping into a hot wet
cunt.  I took the first picture, then got out my note
pad and after writing the date at the top of the first
page I wrote-

1 - mouth - pizza tip

-on the first line of the first page and-

2 - cunt - $5.00

-on the second line.

"Hey everybody-" I spoke to the room full of eager
boys.  "-remember you can fuck any hole you want to
for your five bucks."  My announcement was met by a
chorus of "all right" and "way to go".

"First dibbs on her ass."  The next boy in line said
handing me his money as the first boy held himself
buried in the whores cunt while his butt cheeks
twitched obviously pumping her full of his virile
young sperm.  As soon as the first one climbed off the
second guy turned her over onto her hands and knees
and we all got to watch as he shoved his hard young
cock into her tight ass hole.  I got a really good
picture of his cock going into her, then I made
another entry in my note pad.

3 - ass - $5.00

Hey, Daddy, could you help me set up a web site with
pictures of my whore-mom getting gang fucked by all
these boys?

At first I thought we were busted when a mall security
guard came into the restroom to find out what was
happening but after a free blowjob from the whore and
the promise of as many more as he wanted during the
evening he helped me keep the horny young studs under
control.  Between first-times and those who paid for
seconds, and even thirds in a few cases, they kept the
whore on her back, or on her hands and knees on that
dirty floor for almost two hours of non-stop fucking.
She got fucked a total of sixty-five times.  Here is a
breakdown of her fucking for the night-

In the whore's cunt-   40 times
In the whore's mouth-15 times
In the whore's ass-     10 times

Of that total count the security guard got a total of
three free fucks and the boy who rounded up all the
paying customers for me got one free fuck (he also
paid for a second time so he could fuck her up the
ass). So that's a total of $305.00 the whore made for
me on that stinky bathroom floor.  Oh, daddy, I almost
forgot to tell you, I fingered myself and came four
times while watching all these guys fuck my mom.

Cum was still drooling down her legs from her cunt and
ass, and bruises were beginning to show up on her
breasts and butt cheeks when I finally let the whore
pull her spandex into place and we walked home.   The
whore (god how I love calling her that, and she
deserves it too I mean how dare she get all over me
just because I let you touch me when she used to fuck
men and suck their cocks for money, jeez) anyway, the
whore wanted to take a shower when we got home.

"No way-" I told her giving her a shove toward her
bedroom.  "-you're a whore and you're going to go to
bed smelling like a whore."   Then I ran into her
bedroom, stripping off my dress on the way and jumped
on her bed. "But not before you lick my pussy and make
me cum."  I finished spreading my legs and moving my
ass in the most obscene manner I could imagine.  I
made her make me cum twice before I let her go to
sleep, and even then I nestled in her arms and sucked
on one of her nipples while I fell asleep.   I'm not a
little baby, but sucking on her nipple relaxed me, l
felt all warm and snugly inside with her arms around
me.  She cooed and called me her 'sweet little baby
girl' while she petted my hair and ran her hands over
my back and shoulders.

"You smell like a whore-" I yelled at her when I woke
up giving her a real hard shove with my foot.  "-go
take a shower."  She crawled out of bed all blurry
eyed and stumbled off to the bathroom.  As soon as I
heard the shower running I ran into the bathroom and
jumped into the shower with her.  She acted all
embarrassed when I grabbed the bar of soap and started
scrubbing between her legs.

"Did you get enough cum last night?"  I asked
concentrating on her clitoris.  She actually blushed
and tried to push my hand away from her crotch but, as
usual, her hardening nipples gave her away and pretty
soon she was holding onto my shoulders with both
hands, her head thrown back, moaning loudly as the hot
water streamed over her naked body.

"Did you get enough cock in your greedy cunt?"

"Yes-" She hissed, starting to rock her hips thrusting
her cunt against my hand.  "-it was wonderful." She
finished in a dreamy voice as her body started to jerk
with her first cum of the day.  I sucked on her
nipples and let her ride my hand until her orgasm ran
down and She started acting all embarrassed again.

"Now me-" I demanded, leaning against the wall and
putting one foot up on the bathtub rim.  "-make me cum
like you came last night while you were being gang-
banged at five dollars a fuck."  Mom leaned over and
started sucking on my right nipple while she reached
between my legs to rub my clitoris with her thumb and
work to fingers into my eager hot cunt.  I cooed and
petted her hair.

"Make your little baby girl cum."  I moaned into her
ear.  Momma whore took her time, sucking on my nipples
as she worked first one then two fingers in and out of
me and rubbed my clitoris with her thumb.

"Did you ever get paid to fuck another women while men
watched you?" I panted as my excitement grew.

"Yes my sweet little girl-" Momma-whore answered
pulling her mouth off of my left nipple. "-and your
real daddy used to make me fuck other women so he
could watch also."  Picturing my naked whore mother
fucking with another woman surrounded by horny men all
playing with their huge hard cocks, I put my hand
behind her neck.

"Kiss me."  I demanded pulling her face toward mine.
"Kiss me like you were a man getting ready to fuck
me."  As our mouths met our lips parted and her tongue
moved with a sensuous snake like quality as she
explored the inside of my mouth.  I humped my hips,
fucking myself on her fingers until I came sucking on
her tongue like it was your cock daddy.

After making her dry me off I told her to put the
spandex whore clothes back on.  She begged me to let
her wear her regular work clothes, I swear to god I
thought she was going to get down on her knees, but I
told her to wear the spandex whore clothes anyway.

"If you get fired-" I told her giving her a shove
toward the door. "-we can just make up the money at
the mall this evening."  I grabbed my new camera and
followed her.

"You think Daddy would like it if we shaved your
cunt?"  I asked momma-whore, talking just loud enough
to attract the attention of the men around us, as we
sat down on the bus.  I noticed that a young man, only
a couple of years older than me, in the seat in front
of us had turned to look.

"What do you think?"  I asked him as I pulled the
front of momma-whore's skirt up to give him a better
view of her bush.  "Do you think my daddy would like
it if my momma-whore's pussy was shaved?"   I never
new my momma-whore could turn such a bright shade of
red, her face almost glowed, I probably could have
used it for a night light if it had been dark.  The
boy's face turned almost as read as hers.  I was
wearing a modest white cotton dress, one that looked
like it could be worn for a girls first communion.  I
looked so young and wholesome setting next to momma-
whore in her whore clothes.  I bet it really turned on
all those men to have an innocent looking girl
exposing her momma-whore's cunt and discussing weather
it should be shaved or not.

"You ever seen a shaved pussy?"   I asked the boy in
front of us.  He shook his head 'no' without speaking.
"Well you take the same bus tomorrow, and you'll get a
chance to see one."  I smiled at him sweetly still
holding momma-whore's skirt up exposing her crotch.
"Of course you'll have to pay me a dollar to see it
after I shave it."  I informed him.

"She acts like she's embarrassed."  I said to the men
around us.  "But look at how hard her nipples are."
Momma-whore's mouth was trembling like she might start
crying as all the men turned there attention to her
hard nipples poking out under the tightly stretched

"If you give me a dollar right now."  I said to the
boy in front of us as I turned loose of momma-whore's
skirt and hooked my finger under the top edge of her
spandex tank top.  "I'll pull this down and give you a
quick look at her tits."  The boy dug around in his
trouser pocket so long I wasn't sure if he was looking
for a dollar or just playing with his hard cock, but
he finally produced a waded up dollar bill so I pulled
the top of mamma-whore's spandex blouse down exposing
her breasts each of which was topped by a large
crinkled erect nipple that just begged to be sucked.
After giving him and all the other men a twenty-second
peak at momma-whore's breasts I pulled her top back

"Like I told you-" I explained to the men around me.
"-she acts embarrassed, but this really turns her on."
I turned to the man setting across the isle from me.
"I bet she's so wet you could put your whole hand up
there with no problem.  In fact-" I leaned toward the
man like I was speaking to him alone.  "-if you  give
me five dollars I'll trade places with you and you can
finger her until we get to our bus stop."  He looked
from me to my momma-whore trying to decide if this was
really happening.  "That would give you about ten
blocks to finger her wet cunt all you wanted to."  He
dug out a five-dollar bill and grinned like a kid
who'd just got a new toy as we traded places.

As momma-whore spread her legs, and her latest
customer slipped a couple of fingers inside her I put
the six dollars in my purse then, after retrieving my
little spiral bound note book wrote the days date at
the top of the first unused page then under that

1 - Look at breasts - $1.00
2 - Finger cunt - $5.00

We were off to a good start for the day.  Then I
slipped my hand under my own skirt and started
fingering myself.  During the rest of the trip
everyone around me was so busy watching my momma-whore
getting finger fucked that, and this really surprised
me, nobody noticed me finger fucking myself.  I had a
nice gentle cum, just as satisfying in it own way as
the earth movers I usually have, and finished just in
time to announce that we were at our bus-stop and,
pulling the man's fingers out of my momma-whore's
cunt, led her off the buss.

Our destination was only three houses away from the
bus stop.  The owners weren't home, which is normal, I
don't think I've ever met them.  We let ourselves in
using the keypad beside the kitchen door.  I
immediately went to the refrigerator to see if they'd
left anything good in there.  Momma-whore started
cleaning the kitchen while I, after grabbing a couple
of cold chicken thighs, wondered around the house
snooping in cupboards and drawers.  I quickly
discovered the Franklin's son who was home from
college on vacation.  I stumbled on him still in bed,
he had been laying on his back with his hand bouncing
rapidly up and down under the cover over the area of
his crotch.

"Wha..." He stuttered sitting up and pulling the bed
sheets up around his chest.    "..what are you doing

"House cleaner's daughter."  I answered walking
further into his room.  "Before you finish what you're
doing you should go see how my mom's dressed."  I
don't know what he was majoring in, but he has blank
stares down pat.  I left his room and wondered across
the hall to what must have been his parent's bedroom
and, after spending a few minutes rummaging around in
their drawers found something that really had me
stymied for a few minutes.

"What-" I kept asking myself. "-would a married couple
use a strap on rubber dick for?"  Then it hit me like
the old 'ton of bricks' and I jumped up from the bed
where I'd been sitting and, turning around, stared at
the bed trying to imagine Mr. Franklin (even though I
had no idea what he looked like) bent over the bed
with his ass up in the air while his wife fucked his
rear end and told him what a nasty little bitch he
was.  Standing in front of a full-length mirror I
pulled my skirt up and, holding the rubber cock in
place, adjusted the straps to hold it on my hips.
When I was done I dropped my skirt and laughed at the
site of a huge cock sticking out from under the bottom
of my dress.

Leaving my new dick in place, peaking out from under
my skirt, I wandered around the rest of the house
wondering what it would feel like if I had a real hard
on I could force into my whore-mom's cunt.  Does a
man's hard cock ache to fuck as much as my still
virgin cunt sometimes aches to be fucked?

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