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If you don't like sex stories, don't read it.
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don't read it.
If you don't like stories about forced sex, don't read
If you are below the arbitrary age set for your area,
don't read it.
If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this
story, don't read it.

Copyright (c) 1998 Norm DePloom.  ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for
profit without the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice
attached.  The author may be contacted at

Monica's Unwilling Adventures
Norm DePloom

I leaned against my car and watched the young girl
approach.  She was alone, walking home from school,
singing softly to her self.  I had been watching her
and her mother for several weeks, and already knew
enough about both of them to get her into the car with
me, and that's all I needed.  Such careful observation
is absolutely necessary when you're in my business.

I knew her name was Monica that she was seven years
old, and that she lived alone with her single mother.
I even knew what song she was singing to her self,
before she got close enough for me to hear it. Even
though this was the most dangerous part of my
operation I was calm and confident.  I always was,
that, combined with my boyish charm, and my careful
planning had kept me out of prison.  As Monica
approached me I started softly singing her favorite
song.  Monica stopped and looked at me. I smiled back
at her.

"Do you know that song?" she asked.

"Yes I do," I replied, "Margo...your mother told me it
was your favorite song." She looked up at me, shading
her eyes with her hand.

"Do you know my mommy?"

"Yes, she sent me to get you." Her face clouded with
suspicion, she had been given the usual 'dangerous
stranger' stuff at school.  I pulled her favorite
stuffed toy out of my car and held it out.

"Margo...ah...your mother gave me this so you would
know that she sent me."  I had just broken into their
apartment, in and out without leaving any evidence
that I had been there.  While I was in their apartment
I had taken a few minutes to lay on Monica's bed and
jerk off into a pair of her panties I found laying on
the floor.  The panties were now in my pocket, I
didn't want to leave any DNA evidence laying around
for the police.

I always wore tight bikini underwear intended to hold
my hard cock down.  I didn't want to scare off the
little girl with a bulging hardon in my pants.  Even
though I had just jerked off my cock was already hard
again.  I couldn't help thinking how good it was going
to feel slipping my hard cock into this beautiful
little girl's hairless cunt.  I walked around to the
driver's side and got into the car.  I leaned over and
held out her stuffed toy.

"Come on Monica," I said with pretended impatience,
"get in the car."  Monica hesitated for only a second
more, then got into the car and pulled the door shut.

"Fasten your seat built." I instructed holding the toy
just out of her reach.  She reached up and pulled the
shoulder strap down and I helped her fasten it.  I
handed her the stuffed elephant.

"Here's Buddy" I said.  She relaxed, every thing had
to be ok, I knew the name of her favorite toy.  I
pulled away from the curb and drove down the street.
It was my turn to relax, the greatest danger was over
and the little girl was mine to do with as I pleased.
We drove in silence for a few minutes before Monica
spoke again.

"Are you taking me to my mommy?"

"Margo asked me to take care of you for a while.
You're going to be living with me now." I spoke in a
very serious and reassuring voice.  "Your mother has
some problems she has to straighten out.  I have a
nice big house and lots of money so I told her I would
take care of you."

"What's wrong with my mommy?" Her voice was filled
with concern.

"Do you know what 'rehab' is?"

"No." She was getting very quite and concerned.

"Your mommy drinks too much, and she has to go to this
place that's going to help her stop drinking, but she
has to live there for awhile and needed to have
somebody take you until she's well again."    Tears
were starting to stream down her cheeks.

"Can I see her?"

"They won't have a visiting day until next week,
that's why you're coming home with me."  I wiped a
tear off her cheek, and thought about how nice it was
going to feel to have her young lips stretched over my
hard cock.  "It's ok honey, you and I will have fun.
I have a cook and a house keeper to help make sure you
have a good time."  She would find out soon enough
that the cook and the housekeeper were both males, and
would be helping me train her.  We rode in silence for
another minute or two.  After I had merged onto the
freeway headed out of town I spoke to Monica again.

"Say, do you know what the word 'fuck' means?"  She
gasped and covered her mouth.

"That's a bad word." She squealed.  I looked at her

"It is? How do you know that?"

"My mommy told me never to say that word."

"Did she tell you what it means?" Monica paused to
think before she answered.

"No, she just said it was bad."

"Did she say why it was bad?"


"Well, while your staying with me you'll have to
follow my rules instead of your mother's." I looked
over at her and saw a skeptical look on her face.
"Believe me your mother is not going to get mad at you
for doing what I tell you to.  She expects you to."

"OK" she said hesitatingly.

"Now, I want you to say 'fuck'."  There was a long
paused as Monica tried to figure out what she was
going to do.  "Does your mommy punish you when you
disobey her?"


"What does she do to punish you."

"She spanks me."

"Well, if you don't obey me I will punish you.  If you
don't do everything I tell you to I will spank you
harder than your mother ever did.  Do you understand?"

"Yes" Monica spoke in a very low voice.

"OK, now I want you to say 'fuck'."  I kept my voice
gentle and persuasive through this, even when I was
threatening to punish her.

"Fuck" Her voice was so low I could barely hear her.

"Say it louder." I was almost cuming in my pants.  I
always get off making cute innocent little girls say
words like 'fuck'.

"Fuck" she said it louder.



"Do you know why I want you to say this word and learn
what it means?"


"Because when we get to my house I'm going to fuck you
and I want you to know what's going to happen."  I
looked over at her and smiled my sweetest smile to
reassure her.  "Teaching you how to fuck is one of the
things Margo wanted me to do while she was in detox."

"My mommy wants me to do this?" She asked suspiciously

"Oh, I forgot to give this to you."  I pulled a peace
of paper out of my coat pocket and handed it to
Monica.  She opened it up and read it.  One of the
many skills I use to do this work is forging.  I'm not
good enough to fool an expert, but I can usually
create a note that a child will believe came from
their parent.  The note was written on a piece of
'From the Desk of Margo' stationary I found in their
apartment.  I also had a couple of old notes from
Margo to Monica that were still hanging on the
refrigerator so I could copy the handwriting and style
of Monica's mother.

Monica honey,
 I'm sorry honey but I have to go to a special
hospital to take care of my problem.  I want you to go
home with Frank, he's a good friend, and live with him
until I get back.  Be a good girl, and do what he
tells you to.  He's got a lot of fun things to show
    See you soon
    Love mommy

There was a little heart drawn under the 'Love mommy'
just like the ones I had copied.  Monica studied the
note carefully.  She was obviously suspicious, but
could find nothing obviously wrong with the note.

"Do you have any idea at all what 'fucking' is?"
Monica looked down at her lap and spoke very softly

"It's something Mommy's and Daddy's do."  She glanced
up at me and I smiled at her reassuringly.

"Yes, mommy's and daddy's fuck.  Men and women who
aren't mommy's and daddy's fuck.  Men and little girls
fuck also."  I smiled at her again.  "It feels real
good to fuck.  It feels better than any thing else."
I let her think about that for a minute.  "Do you ever
rub yourself between your legs?"

"At school they told us not to talk about those things
with strangers, or to let strangers touch us."  She
was beginning to get afraid again.

"That's good advice." I looked over at her she stared
at the note in her hands and would not look up at me.
"I'm not a stranger, I'm a friend of your mother's,
and she asked me to teach you about these things.
Now, you remember what I said about punishing you if
you disobeyed?"  She nodded her head 'yes'.

"I don't want to have to punish you, but if you don't
do what I tell you to I will have to."  I paused to
let her think about being spanked for disobeying, then
I asked her again "Do you ever rub yourself between
your legs?" She was silent for a minute.

"Mommy said it was a naughty thing and that I wasn't
supposed to do it." I detected the hoped for tinge of
guilt in what she was saying.

"But you do it any way because it feels so good don't
you?"  Monica turned red and looked away.

"Don't you?" I asked more sternly.

"Yes." She answered very softly.  I smiled at her

"I think people should do things that feel good, do I
want you to rub yourself between your legs and make
yourself feel good."  She looked at me and I smiled at
her.  My cock was throbbing and I felt like I was
going to cum in my pants at any second.

"Go ahead, I want you to do it right now." She just
sat there.  "Wouldn't you rather rub yourself and feel
good than get a spanking and feel bad?"  She pushed
her hand down between her legs, above her dress, and
began to rub herself.  She stared out the window as
she did it, refusing to look at me.

Soon her excitement began to build and she relaxed her
legs and let them spread further apart.  She quit
looking out the window, and leaned back in the seat
and closed her eyes.  As her excitement built, I
rubbed my cock through my pants.  She rubbed herself
for a few more minutes, then her body tensed and then
relaxed completely.  My legs tensed, and I dumped a
load of cum into my pants. We road in silence for five
or so minutes before I spoke again.

"Do you know what that place between your legs is
called?" She looked over at me and I gave her my most
innocent smile.

"Mommy calls it my 'woo-woo'."  She replied with
obvious embarrassment.

"Well, from now on I want you to call it your 'cunt'.
Say it for me."

"Cunt" She showed no hesitation this time.

"Have you heard that word before?"

"I heard one of mommy's boyfriends call her that one
time when they were having a fight."  Yea, I bet you
did, I thought.

"Sometimes a man will call a woman a cunt, but really
a cunt is that place between your legs."

"Cunt" she said again without being prompted.

"Show me how you rub yourself when you're alone in
your bed at night."  Monica looked at me for a minute,
then shrugged and undid her seat belt so she could lay
down on the car seat with her head against the
passenger door.  She bent her legs up and her dress
slid down her thighs.  She spread her knees apart
revealing her hairless cunt covered with a thin strip
of cotton panty.  She reached down and started rubbing
herself through her cotton panties.  I glanced down
every few seconds to see what she was doing while I
also watched traffic and drove the car.

Monica's breathing increased and her hips started to
rock in time with her hand rubbing her cunt.  I
reached over and began to caress the inside of her
thighs while she moved her hand in little circles over
her cunt and clit.  AS she approached another orgasm I
pushed her hand away and began to rub her cunt myself.

Monica put one hand under each of her knees and held
her legs up and apart while I slipped my hand under
the crotch of her panties and began to rub her
hairless slit.  When she was on the brink of her
orgasm I stopped rubbing her hairless virgin cunt long
enough to pull her panties off.  I pulled a tube of
lubricant from my coat pocket and squeezed a pile of
it onto her cunt.  I used my thumb to rub the
lubricant over her pussy and clit, then while
massaging her clit with my finger I started pushing
the tip of my thumb into her hot little hairless slit.

Monica's hips began to spasm with another orgasm, and
my thumb slipped all the way into her young virgin
cunt.  As her hip thrusts calmed down I let my thumb
remain in her cunt while the rest of my right hand
rested gently over her clit and lower part of her
stomach.  Her breathing calmed down and she released
her legs letting her feet fall onto the car seat.  She
did not try to close her knees.

"This-" I said wiggling my thumb, "-is your cunt, and
this," I began to gently move my thumb in and out of
her cunt, "is called finger fucking."  She laid on the
car seat not responding for a few minutes, then her
breathing began to quicken and her hips started making
little fucking motions.  "It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes...Yes..." I continued to fuck my thumb in and out
of her tight virgin cunt, rubbing across her clit with
each in and out fucking motion.

"Say 'fuck my cunt with your thumb'."  I told her.
She did not respond so I stopped the fucking motions
of my thumb.  When the fucking motions stopped she
whimpered and rocked her hips trying to fuck herself
on my hand.  "Say it, or I'll stop.  Say 'fuck my cunt
with your thumb'."

"Fu...fuck cunt with your thumb."  I started
to fuck my thumb in and out of her cunt again.

"Say 'fuck me with your thumb'."

"Fuck me with your thumb."

"Say 'fuck my tight little cunt'."

"Fuck my tight little cunt."

"Say 'fuck me, fuck me fuck me'."  I jammed my thumb
further into her cunt each time I said 'fuck me'.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." She got the idea and
began to chant 'fuck me' over and over again while I
fucked my thumb in and out of her hot hairless virgin
pussy.  Her body spasmed and her hips jerked as she
came again, then she relaxed and her legs came back
down to rest on the car seat again.  I left my thumb
in her cunt but stopped fucking it in and out.  Her
breathing slowly returned to normal.  Monica fell
asleep with my thumb in her cunt.  I let her sleep for
twenty to thirty minutes while I drove the car with
one hand, then I began to gently fuck her with my
thumb again.  I fucked her with my thumb for another
ten minutes before she woke up.

I pulled my thumb out of her tight virgin pussy, I
took her by the hand and pulled her up into a sitting
position beside me.  I reached around her and pulled
her leg up onto the seat opening up her cunt for more
of my attention.  I slipped my finger into her
hairless cunt.

"Do you know what a man has down here instead of a
cunt?" I asked.  She leaned her head against me and
spread her legs further apart.

"A wienie?" she asked.  As I worked my finger in and
out of her still virgin pussy.

"I want you to call it a 'cock'."

"Cock." She said without being told a second time.

"Cocks are really amazing.  Most of the time their
small and soft, but when a man gets around a sexy
little girl like you his cock gets real big and hard."
She looked up at me with her big innocent eyes as I
finger fucked her and told her about hard cocks.

"The man's cock gets hard so he can push it into the
little girls cunt, just like my finger is in your cunt
right now.  When a man pushes his big hard cock into
the little girl's cunt that's called 'fucking'.  Do
you understand?"  I asked her with gentleness as it
fucked my finger deeper and deeper into her young
tight pussy.

"Yes, I think so."  She said, her breathing beginning
to speed up.

"I've made you feel good three times, now it's your
turn to make me feel good.  I want you to unbuckle my
belt, and unzip my pants.  I want you to see my cock
so you will know what I am talking about."  Monica
twisted her upper body around and began to work on my
belt buckle as I continued to fuck her cunt with my
finger.  She got my belt undone, unsnapped my pants
then began to work on my zipper.  It was a bit
difficult getting the zipper down past the bulge being
caused by my hard cock.  Finally she got the zipper

"Now pull the fly of my shorts apart so my cock can
stick up through it."  She did as I asked and my large
hard cock sprang out of my pants and almost hit her in
the face.  She jumped back in surprise, then giggled
and inspected my cock with interest.

"Go ahead and touch it."  She reached out and
tentatively touched the tip of my cockhead with her
index finger.

"Grab it with both hands about half way down the shaft
and then move your hands up and down like this." I
turned loose of the steering wheel for a second to
demonstrate a couple of times then grabbed the
steering wheel again.  She grabbed my cock wit both
her hands and began to move them up and down like I
had told her.

"Oh god, that feels so good.  You are one sexy little
girl.  This is the best anyone has ever done it."  I
kept up a constant stream of compliments letting her
know how good she was doing as I continued to finger
fuck her tight pussy.

"Keep it up baby, you're going to make me cum.  I'm
going to shoot white sticky stuff out of the end.
Don't be afraid, its really good stuff.  Most little
girls like to eat it.  If you rub it on your chest it
will make your breasts grow faster."  She leaned over
and watched as the cum suddenly jumped out of my cock
slit and the first gob landed squarely on her nose and
ran down onto her lips.  She giggled, then licked her
lips, getting her first taste of man cum.  The next
gob arched over and landed on her hair.  The last shot
hit her right on the end of her nose then dribbled
back down onto my cock.

"Lean over and lick it off my cock."  She was still
holding my cock with both of her hands, she hesitated,
then leaned over and gently licked the top of my cock
head.  When her tongue touched the slit, my cock
jerked and shot another small gob of come right into
her mouth.  During all of this I continued to fuck my
finger in and out of her hot little fuck hole.  She
relaxed back into the crock of my arm, one hand still
holding my softening cock, the other resting on the
wrist of the hand that was fingering her cunt.

"I've got to go potty." She said with simple
innocence.  That's one of the things I really like
about fucking little girls they can beg you to fuck
their asses, swallow loads of cum, and still be
innocent and charming.  I had turned off the main
highway and was driving down a back road, about two
miles from my country house.

"We're almost home, and I'll let you go potty before
we start fucking."  She lay back against me, and I
continued to finger her hot little box until I turned
into my driveway.  I had to pull my fingers out of her
to push the button on the remote to open the large
iron gate blocking our progress toward the house.  I
parked the car in front of the house, then reached
over and pulled Monica's dress over her head and
tossed it into the back seat.

"Girls aren't allowed to wear cloths in this house.
You have to be naked all the time."  I opened the door
and got out of the car, then reached back and offered
her my hand.  She was stunned by my actions and
huddled down in the seat trying to hide her self.

"Come on, don't be such a little baby.  Give me your
hand."  My voice and demeanor had changed to stern and
demanding.  Monica lifted her head and looked at me

"Don't make me, please."

"Come on, right now, or I will pull you out of the car
and spank your bare bottom right here in the
driveway."  She reached up and took my hand and I
pulled her out of the car and led her toward the front
door.  She tried to cover her crotch with her other

"Don't cover yourself, put your hand behind your
back."  She put her other hand behind her back.  She
looked so cute walking up the walk with her naked
little slit showing, my cock was hard again.  My
German shepherd ran across the yard and stopped right
in front of Monica. She tried to hide behind me.

"Stand still, he won't hurt you."  The dog, 'Ralph'
stopped right in front of her then stuck his cold wet
nose on her naked slit and began to sniff. Monica
shrieked, then giggled.

"Turn around...Spread your legs...bend over..." With
each command I pushed her body in the direction I
wanted it to move.  She ended up bent over with her
cunt presented for Ralph's inspection.  Ralph stuck
his nose right up to her hairless slit, then started
licking her cunt.  Monica jumped, then giggled, then
looked back over her shoulder as the licking
stimulated her erotic feelings.

"OK Ralph, that's enough." I pulled Ralph back by his
collar and let Monica stand up.  "Come on, you have to
go to the bathroom, and I want to give you you're
first fucking."

I took her hand and walked into the house.  Once
inside the house I watched Monica as she looked around
the room.  Everywhere she looked she saw life-sized
sculptures of men fucking little girls.  The walls
were covered with framed color close ups of large hard
cocks thrusting into hairless young cunts.  Her jaw
hung open as she looked around.  She temporarily
forgot about having to go 'potty' as we walked slowly
around the room so she could study each picture and
sculpture.  We worked our way around the room, then
through the door into the bathroom.

"OK, go to the bathroom."  She climbed onto the toilet
and looked expectantly at me.  "I'm not leaving,
you're just going to have to get used to doing these
things with people around."  While I waited for her to
finish her 'business' I undressed.  She stared in
wide-eyed amazement as my hard cock stood out from my
bushy pubic patch and bounced up and down as I walked
around the bathroom.

"Are you done?  Do you have to go 'poop'?"  She shook
her head no, and slipped off the toilet seat.  I
handed her a wash rag.

"Here, wash you cunt."  She washed herself, then I
took her hand and led her back out into the 'gallery'.
I let her to a pile of large pillows in the middle of
the room.  I sat on the pillows and picked up a tube
of lubricant from the table beside me.  I had her
stand in front of me with her legs spread.

"You are about to get your first fucking."   I
announced as I started working the slimy gel into her
tight pussy.  I took my time fucking my lubricated
fingers in and out of her hot little box while I
rubbed my thumb over her slippery clit.  Her breathing
was beginning to speed up and become a bit ragged so I
stopped fingering her and handed her the tube of
lubricant.  I leaned back on the pillows my hard cock
sticking straight up into the air.

"Now you apply that lubricant to my cock so we can
fuck."  She squirted some lubricant onto her small
hand, then began to rub it over my large cock.  "Put
some more on, we want it to slip inside you nice and
easy."  When I was satisfied with the amount of
lubricant on my massive cock I gave her a towel to
clean her hands with.

"Now, stand with one leg on each side of me.  That's
good, now squat down,"
I directed my cock head toward the slippery opening of
her hairless twat, "squat lower, good, lean forward
and rest your hands on my chest, that's good."  My
cockhead was just barely touching her naked slit.  I
rubbed my cock back and forth across her wet opening a
few times.

"Now lower yourself some more."  I took hold of her
hips with both hands and began to pull her down onto
my cock.  She gasped as the first couple of inches
disappeared inside her cunt. The first four inches of
my cock slipped easily into her young virgin pussy.  I
watched as her cunt lips stretched almost to the point
of ripping to accommodate a cock that even some grown
women had trouble with.  As the fifth inch began to
sink into her Monica started to complain.

"It hurts, please stop. OOOOuuuuhhhh."  I continued to
pull her small body down onto my cock, ignoring her
cries of discomfort.  I paused with about five inches
of cock in her tender young box and let her rest.  She
was crouched down over my cock her head hanging down,
leaning on my chest and panting.  "Please stop, I
can't take it any more, it hurts."  Tears streamed
down her checks and fell onto my chest hair.

"Fucking always hurts the first few times, you have to
get your cunt stretched out.  The only way to do that
is to let it hurt and fuck anyway." Besides, I wasn't
the one in pain so what the fuck did I care?  "Come
on, you have more than half of it inside you, be a big
girl and take it all."  With that I pulled down on her
hips and forced another inch of cock into her abused
young pussy.

"OOOOUUUUHHHGGGG it hurts!" She started sobbing.  I
pulled her down hard and thrust up to meet her and
crammed the rest of my cock into her.  She screamed
and collapsed on my chest sobbing almost hysterically.
I let her lay on top of me with my hard cock crammed
up to the hilt in her tight abused cunt.

I love the feel of a young virgin cunt being stretched
for the first time over my huge hard cock.  I took
deep breaths and consciously relaxed myself so I would
not cum too quickly and spoil the moment for myself.
It was hard to keep from shooting my load into her
abused pussy.  The tightness was stimulating, and her
sobbing was rocking her cunt back and fourth on my
cock just enough to keep me on the edge.   I stroked
her hair and back and soothed her.

"It's all inside you now, you've taken it all just
like a big girl."  Her crying began to subside, as she
lay impaled on my large hard cock.  I continued to
stroke her hair, her back and her slender young ass
cheeks until the crying stopped completely.  Then I
began to gently move my cock, fucking just a half-inch
into and out of her abused pussy.

She laid her head on my chest as I grabbed her ass
with both hands and slowly started to build my
fucking, lengthening the stokes and putting more force
into them.  I squeezed and massaged her ass and thighs
as I fucked more of my cock in and out of her tight
cunt.  My hard cock massaged her sensitive young clit
with each stroke, and soon her cries of pain were
being replaced with the moans of a newfound pleasure.

As I continued to fuck her pussy, I lubricated one of
my fingers and began to gently probe her tiny puckered
asshole.  I fucked my the first two joints of my
finger in and out of her asshole in time to my cock's
thrusts in and out of her still tight cunt.  My orgasm
was close.  I didn't really care weather Monica came
or not, so I wrapped my free arm around her waist and
pushed her all the way down on my cock while I pushed
my finger completely into her rear hole.  I held her
in an iron grip while my cock jerked and spasmed,
drenching her cunt walls with their first taste of
male cum.

After my orgasm I kept my cock and finger buried
inside her holes until my own breathing calmed down,
then I pulled my finger out of her asshole, and lifted
her off my cock.  I sat her down beside me.

"Go get a warm washcloth from the bathroom and wash my
cock for me."  She had a dazed look about her and
obviously did not really understand what she was
hearing.  I slapped her across the face, not real
hard, just enough to get her attention.

"I said 'Go get a warm washcloth from the bathroom and
wash my cock for me'."  She stood up and walked on
wobbly legs into the bathroom.  I could hear the water
running, then she walked back into the room carrying a
washcloth.  When she got over to where I was still
reclining on the pillows, I grabbed each of her arms
and pulled her down onto her knees between my legs.

"Now wash my cock."  I watched her as she began to
wash my half-hard cock.  It was hard to believe that
it had just been inside such a petite little girl.  It
started growing again as she washed it.  He eyes
widened as she watched and felt it grow in her hands.

"Now wash your cunt."  She took the washcloth and
gently washed herself between her legs.  "Don't worry
about the blood on the washcloth," to told her,
"that's normal for a girl getting fucked for the first
time.  You may bleed a little each time you are fucked
for the first five or six times."  She knelt between
my legs looking up at me with solemn eyes as I talked
to her.

"After that your cunt will be stretched out and you
won't bleed any more.  Also it will start feeling
better after that."  She swallowed, then nodded her
head.  "Take the washcloth back into the bathroom then
come back to me."

When she came back into the room I pulled her down
onto my lap and put my arms around her.  Her naked
little bottom felt good against my hardening cock.  I
stroked her hair and back, then her legs and then her
chest and stomach.  I leaned over and licked and
sucked on her nipples until each one stood out from
her flat chest.  I kissed her neck and then kissed her
on the mouth pushing my tongue between her lips and
letting roam around her tongue and teeth.  Then while
I continued to stroke her here and there all over her
body, I began to speak to her in a low soothing voice.

"Monica, you're not going to go back to live with your
mother again."  Monica stared at me with stunned eyes.
"You are going to stay with me for a year of so while
we train you to be a sex slave, then I am going to
sell you to someone who wants a little girl to fuck."
Monica looked at me with uncomprehending eyes.  "Do
you know what I mean by 'sex slave'?" I asked her.

"No."  Tears were streaming down her face, she may not
have understood 'sex slave' but she did understand
that she was not going to see her mommy again.

"Why can't I see my mommy?"

"Because your mine now.  You have to do what I tell
you to do."  I slipped my hand between her legs and
began to gently run the tip of my finger up and down
her moist just fucked slit.

"I want to go home to my M-O-M-M-Y!"  She was almost
wailing by the time she was finished with the word
'mommy'.  I had to nip this rebellion in the bud.  I
continued to finger her tender young slit with my left
hand, with my right hand I grabbed a hand full of her
hair and pulled her head back then spoke to her
sharply with my face only inches from hers.

"Listen you little bitch, you are mine now, you will
remain mine until I sell you to someone else, and I
will fuck you several times a day until your training
is complete."  Monica began crying with great body
shaking sobs.

"I want to go home.  Please let me go home. I don't
want to do this."  Her words came in between the sobs.
She started struggling trying to get out of my grip.
The ensuing wrestling match hardened my cock to a full
erection.  I pulled my finger out of her cunt and
slammed her down on the pillows on her back.  I held
her down with one hand in the middle of her chest
while she attempted to hit me and wiggle away.  I
smeared lubricant on my raging hard cock and
positioned myself between her flailing legs.

I always liked fucking little girls who were trying to
get away, their wiggling bodies massaged my hard cock
in ways that just could not be duplicated.  That's why
I never tried to break their spirit too fast, I did
not want to miss the feel of these marvelous rapes.  I
shifted my hand from her chest to her neck, giving me
better control over her.  I began to push my large
hard cock into her tiny abused cunt, stretching her
hole for the second time.

Monica cried and beat on my arms and chest with her
little fists.  She wiggled her butt trying to scoot
herself away from my attacking cock.  I pushed harder
slipping inch after inch of my cock into her.  As my
lubricated cock slipped into her young pussy she cried
for her mother.  She begged me to stop.  She told me
she wanted to go home.  But best of all she kept
wiggling her skinny little ass massaging my cock with
her tight cunt.  I pushed hard and the rest of my cock
pierced her young body bringing another cry of pain.
I held my cock buried completely inside her stretched
little cunt and enjoyed the motions of her small body
as she struggled to get out from under me.

"That's it little bitch-" I panted, "-fight me.  Try
to get away.  God this feels good."  I squeezed her
neck and cut off her air.  This caused her to panic
and redouble her efforts to fight me off and escape.
Every time she flailed her legs trying to push me off,
her tight little cunt would grab my cock and milk it.
Even though I had just cum minutes before, the cock
messaging I was getting from the hot tight young pussy
underneath me was driving me to another orgasm.

My eyes rolled up in my head, my legs tensed, my
buttocks jerked several times as my cock thrust itself
even deeper into her cunt and sprayed her insides with
another load of cum.  I released her neck and she
gasped for air.  I lay on top of her enjoying the feel
of my cock getting soft inside her tight cunt.  When
my cock slipped out, I rolled off her and lay on the
pillows luxuriating in the feeling of two terrific
fucks in a row.  Monica turned her back to me and
curled up into the fetal position.

I was in no hurry to do anything, I wanted to enjoy
the moment.  The first day or two with a new slave
were always the best.  Later she would be an expert
cocksucker.  She would be able to fuck in any
position, and use her cunt muscles to massage a cock
to orgasm without moving, but the first few fucks were
always some how really special.  I pulled her over to
me and wiped the tears from her face.

"Don't cry, your going to have a great life, being
fucked several times a day by all kinds of different
men."  I gently stroked her hair and held her in my

"Trust me, after you've been fucked a few times and
your cunt gets stretched out some you will love it."
I looked down at her. "But we can't have this
disobedience.  I'm going to have to take you to the
'Punishment Room' and show you what happens to a sex
slave that does not behave properly."  I stood up and
pulled her to her feet.

"It's time for you to find out I'm serious about your
behavior."  I took her hand and started walking her
towards a door at the far end of the room.  "You must
learn your place as a sex slave," I spoke to her with
great sincerity,

"I must have absolute obedience from my slaves, and
now you must be punished for your little tantrum."  I
did not tell her that her 'little tantrum' had
resulted in my best fuck in a couple of years.  I
opened the door and pulled her into the dark room.
Even after I threw the switch the room was dim.  It
was designed to have a 'dungeon' feel.

As Monica's eyes adjusted to the low light she began
to make out strange wooden tables and benches around
the room.  The walls were covered with chains and
leather straps.  She pulled back towards the closing
door, but I had a good grip on her wrist and would not
let her go.

"Don't try to run away, you will just add to your
punishment."  I warned her.  I took her around the
room and 'introduced' her to each peace of equipment.

"This is a 'horse'," I said as I pointed to the
nearest object, "Your ankles will be tied to these
legs," I reached down and tapped the wooden legs, "and
you will bend over this padded bar.  Then your wrists
will be pulled tight and tied to these other two
legs."  I indicated the wooden legs on the other side
of the bar.

"Then your ass will be available for us to 'spank'
with one of these leather straps."  I pulled a whip
from the wall and let Monica look at it.  Panic was
building in her eyes, all this talk of being tied to
legs and 'spanked' was upsetting her.

"It will also hold you in just the right position for
a little fucking after were done 'spanking' you."  I
could see the fear building as I took Monica around
the room and described to her what each peace of
equipment was used for.  Finally we were back beside
the 'horse', I sat down and pulled Monica over to me
and had her stand between my legs.  I took black nylon
straps like those on a backpack and fitted them to her
neck, wrists and ankles.

"Some people use leather for the collars and cuffs," I
explained to Monica as I crimped grommets in place to
secure them on her, "but I prefer nylon. With nylon I
don't have to worry about them getting wet if I have
to hose you down after a day of fucking."

Monica had enough, started trying to hit me with her
fists and pull away.  I grabbed her arms and turned
her around so she was facing away from me.  I grabbed
a swivel hook and attached her wrist cuffs to each
other behind her back.  Then I let her go.  She ran
for the door and banged into it.  She tried to turn
the knob with her chin and yelled for help.  I watched
with interest until she wore herself out and collapsed
to the floor beside the door.  I stood up and walked
over to her.  She cowered on the floor trying to get
away from me.

"LEAVE ME ALONE." She yelled at me.  "I want to go
home," she whined, "I don't want to do this."  I
leaned over and grabbed her by the hair.  She kicked
at me as I pulled her to her feet and drug her over to
the 'horse'.

She struggled in vain as I pushed her against the
padded crossbar and leaned against her to hold her in
place as I bent over and used a swivel hook to attach
her left ankle cuff to the left leg of the 'horse'.
Then I stretched her right leg out as far as it would
go and attached her right ankle cuff to the right leg.
I pushed her over the bar and bent over her, holding
her in place despite her struggles while I used a
nylon cord to pull first her left, then her right
wrist tight.  After she was secured to the 'horse' I
stood behind her and ran my hands over her bare back,
ass, legs and crotch.

"It's time for you to lean how to behave like a proper
slave."  I inserted one finger into her cunt while I
caressed her hips and legs with the other hand.

"I'm really tempted to fuck you again before your
punishment, but I really need rest."  I finger fucked
her a few more strokes.

"So what I will do is whip you, then leave to here
blindfolded so a couple of other men can fuck you
while I eat my dinner."  Monica's body was shaking
with her sobs.

"Please don't hurt me mister.  I'll behave.  I'll do
whatever you want me to." She whined in between sobs.
I took a leather strap from the wall.  The one I
selected was much lighter then the one she had seen
earlier.  I did not want to do any real damage to her.
The one I picked was just heavy enough to sting and
leave her bottom bright red for awhile.  Monica
struggled against her straps,

"Please...I don't want to be hurt.  I won't try to get
away again."  The strap had a wooden handle with a
leather wrist loop.  I placed the loop over my wrist,
and gripped the wooden handle.  I stood to one side of
Monica's exposed rear end and lashed the strap through
the air to get distance correct.  I lashed down again,
this time hitting Monica square on her ass.

"AGGGHHH....NOOOOO" Monica screamed.  The first stroke
left a bright red line across her butt cheeks.  I
lashed again lower down leaving a matching bright red
stripe across her right over her puckered little
asshole.  She screamed again, just a scream this time,
no words.  I carefully placed a total of ten lashes on
her butt and upper thighs leaving them hot and

I put the strap back on the hook on the wall and ran
my hand over her abused ass.  The skin was hot to the
touch.  My cock was hard again, I considered fucking
her asshole but decided against it.  I wanted to save
her first ass fucking for the studio.  I could film
that and make a few bucks selling copies to my
friends.  I walked around to the other side, and
pulled an office chair over to her head.  I sat down
and adjusted the height of the chair so my cock would
be available for her mouth.  I took a damp cloth and
wiped the tears and snot from her face.  I grabbed a
handful of hair on each side of her head.

"Open your mouth." I ordered.  She tried to look up at
me, but could see no higher than the huge hard cock
waiting for her throat.  I twisted her hair on each
side and repeated the command.

"Open your mouth."  She opened her mouth and I pulled
it down over my hard cock.  While she clumsily worked
her mouth and tongue over my cockhead I reached down
and began to squeeze and pinch her nipples, thinking
how much fun it was going to be to pierce them and put
nipple rings on her.

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