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War Secret


So there we were, on the school bus. We kept looking at one another,
and blushing, not finding any words to say. I was still a bit
uncomfortable sitting down.

"Bloody bitch," I said, looking away from her. She squeezed my hand,
and then let it go. I turned and looked at her. She was so soft. Under
her clothes, she was so soft. I wanted to touch her all over. I wanted
my hands to tell her what I felt. But I couldn't take her to our
house. Not after yesterday. I looked away again.

"Don't," she said.

"Don't what?" I was crying, anyway.

"Don't, Liz," she whispered. "Don't, Lizzie."

I always look a bloody sight when I cry. My mouth goes all horrible.
"The fucking bitch," was all I could say.

She squeezed my hand till it hurt.

And then it was our stop. We got off. Just us. The bus roared away.
And then she took my hand.

"Don't." I tried to shake her off. But she insisted. She dragged me
along. "Where we going?"

We were going into someone's front garden. There was a load of
builder's stuff, and a "Conversions" sign out the front.

"There's no one here," she said, "they finish early. C'mon." And then
she was pushing me up against the side wall, pressing me against it.
It was cold and hard. But she was just flowing into me, and she was so
soft, so warm. "Don't worry, Lizzie. She can't stop us, you know
that." And then she kissed me.

Funny. We'd done a lot of touching in our after-school sessions, but
we'd never kissed before. She was so gentle.

"Christ," she said. She was looking at me. "Your eyes. Your eyes are
so beautiful." I was about to cry again. But then she kissed - we
kissed - really kissed. I started pushing myself against her. I
couldn't help it. And then she started squeezing my bum.

"Ow! Don't!" I said, pulling back. "It still hurts."

"You what?" She pulled back, stiff all of a sudden. She knew Mum had
had a go at me, but I hadn't told her the full gory details. "I know
she was pretty wild, but... She didn't!"

"It was pathetic," I said, nodding. "With a bloody shoe."

Her brow furrowed. "You mean she...?"

"Yeah." I could see how angry she was, and it stopped me crying. Her
eyes were just blazing. "Fucking stupid, isn't it? I don't know why I
let her. She just laid into me. She was bloody crazy. She was in a
total frenzy."

Her mouth was just a tiny, wrinkled O. Her brows were terrible. She
clutched at my shoulder so hard that I wanted to say "Ow!"

"That's abuse, that is," she said. "You ought to report her. She must
have bruised you. How dare she?"

"She wanted me to tell her your name, and of course I wouldn't. No
point in getting us both into trouble."

"Who the hell does she think she is?" Her eyes were on fire. I didn't
know what to say. I just looked at her. And then, all of a sudden, her
face went all soft again. So did all of her. And we kissed and kissed,
and I went crazy, and put my hands inside her coat, and then inside
her blouse, and I felt her, and she was so warm, and smooth, and
strong, and...

And then I felt her hand up under my skirt.

"No," I said. "Not again. They will know if you do."

She was touching me through my panties. "How could they possibly

"You know what this does to me," I protested, even as I spread my legs
and let her slip inside me.

"My God, you're wet," she said.

"It just winds me up, when you do this to me. I can't stop frigging,
afterwards. I just can't help it."

She gave one of her lecherous chuckles. "I like winding you up,

"But that's what made her suspect. She'd noticed that I'd been
frigging half the night on weekdays, and catching up on my sleep at
weekends. She guessed that I must be seeing someone."

"You mean she'd been spying on you? That's gross."

"It doesn't stop there. She came home at lunchtime one day, and
changed the bed. Then she went in while I was doing my homework
downstairs, and found stuff on the sheets. That's why she came home
early. She knew she'd catch us."


"Oh, God." Her fingers were doing lovely things to me. I just put my
arms round her neck and clung to her, and let it happen. She couldn't
stop kissing me.

"Your eyes are lovely just after you've come," she said. "Even more

"But now they'll know."

"I like to think of you frigging half the night. Because that's what I
do too. Thinking of you, Lizzie."

I kissed her. We kissed for a long time, until she started clawing my
bum again, and I squirmed away.

"Oh, God, I'm sorry," she said. "I just can't help it. And she did
that to you because you protected me! I'm so sorry." She looked at her
watch. "Look. We've still got thirty-five minutes. Let's try to get
in. I bet we can. Then I'll make it up to you."

I was a bit doubtful. But she'd made me come and I needed to come some
more, especially after all that kissing. I was aching for her fingers
again. So I followed her on round the back.

It was easy. The back door was just nailed shut. She soon levered it
open. We went upstairs. There was no furniture anywhere, but there was
a dust sheet down in one of the rooms. She made me lie down.

"Get your panties off."

I was working them down when she started undoing my shoes. "What are
you doing?" I asked. She was looking at me all funny. Her eyes were
big and dark all of a sudden.

"You know you've got beautiful legs, Liz. I dream about them. I just
want to touch them for a moment."

I suppose my legs are OK. But she'd never said anything like that to
me before. Nor had she looked at me in quite that way. Nor had she
ever touched me in quite that way before, either. Her hands were
amazing. And I began to realize something. This wasn't just a bit of
fun we were having. This girl was in love with me. She started kissing
her way up and up, and she was moaning now, and her hair was tickling
me and I was loving every moment of it. But my cunt was screaming for

"Oh God, I can't bear this," I moaned. "Please touch me! I can't wait
any longer!"

But she didn't, not at once. She looked up at me again, and she said -
well, she panted, actually, she was completely out of breath and her
voice was all husky - "I'm going to do it properly this time, Lizzie.
You'll never forget this time."

And then she started kissing up and up, and I began crying out her
name, and then her mouth was on my cunt, it was the first time ever,
and it was indescribable, and I started coming at once, and she just
wouldn't stop, not for a moment, not even when I tried to pull her
away, she just kept pushing me and licking me and making me come over
and over and over. Eventually I was so exhausted that I started

"Shit! Look at the time!" was all she said. "Come on, get up! You
mustn't be late back."

"I can't even stand," I moaned. But she pulled me up, and got me
dressed, and brushed me down, and tidied me up a bit. I was still
dizzy; but I knew one thing. I knew now that I couldn't face not
seeing her again. It wasn't just that I knew I'd never forget such
amazing, protracted, blinding pleasure. It wasn't just that now I'd
tasted it, now I knew what it was, I'd want it again and again for the
rest of my life. It was this, really: that when you realize that
someone loves you that much, you just cannot walk away from it. If you
can turn down a gift like that, you might as well be dead.

"What about you?" I said to her. "I haven't done anything for you."

"There simply isn't time. We've got to get going, Liz."

"I don't give a fuck about being late. I don't give a flying fuck
about them. They think they can stop us. They've stopped my pocket
money. They're welcome. They think they've gated me. Permanently. They
even think they can force me into some supervised activity after


"They think they can keep us apart. Well, they're welcome to try."

There was fear in her eyes, then. "But they couldn't do that!"

"Not to me they couldn't," I said, gathering my resolve. "Not to us.
Come on, let me do you. I don't care if I'm late. What I care about is

"Not now!" She looked at her watch again. "We must go! I've got you
into quite enough trouble as it is. If you hurry you'll just make it."
She started pulling me towards the stairs. "You can do me tomorrow.
I'll manage till then."

Tomorrow. Suddenly I couldn't bear the prospect of there not being a
tomorrow. "You be careful," I told her as we got back on to the
street. "Look both ways before you cross the road. Because if anything
happened to you..." Then I started crying again.

"Stop it, Lizzie," she said. And then, right there in the street, she
kissed me.

I was so shocked that I did stop crying. I became fierce again. I
wouldn't let her go. I pulled her to me. "If they ever try to keep us
apart, they'll find they've got war on their hands."

She just smiled and said, "I love you, Lizzie."

I said that I loved her too. And then I said her name.

But I'm not telling it to you.

(note the change in email address: oosh <at> gmx <dot> net)

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