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	This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so 
please don't make any money from it.  I welcome, read and respond to all 
e-mail at

	For more stories of Amy and Bethany, check out

"Someone Wicked This Way Cums"
By Shon Richards

	Bethany Taylor didn't hear the question at first.  She was 
concerned by a strange phenomenon.  Her nipples were prickling, like 
they had fallen asleep.

"Another cookie, Ms. Taylor?" 

	"Sure," Bethany responded.  She took the cookie that was offered 
and had a bite.  It was delicious.  This disappointed Bethany, because 
she always found it harder to ruin people who made good cookies.

	Across from her sat the Soares couple.  They were the owners of 
SpellWriters, the hottest dot-com company in existence.  In a time when 
dot-com companies were collapsing like a house of cards built by an 
epileptic, SpellWriters was considering buying their first plane.  
Success like that deserved to be investigated, analyzed and copied by 
real companies like Bethany's employers, Diligent Enterprises.

	The problem was, the company had a bizarre product.  They sold 
spells.  Customers sent in their requests, and the Soares e-mailed them 
a spell.  The customer had to perform the spell, and when it failed to 
work, the Soares family said that it was the fault of the caster.  To 
Diligent Enterprises' amazement, the customers accepted this.  Worse, 
they actually bought more spells!
	Bethany wasn't concerned about understanding and then imitating 
such an unusual company.  Figuring out unorthodox businesses was why 
they paid industrial agents like Bethany the big paychecks.  After this 
mission, she had her heart set on buying one of Charles Adam's 

	"Sheryl, bring us more cookies," Eric Soares demanded.  Bethany 
shivered at his voice.  There was something subharmonic about his deep 
voice that struck Bethany deep in her belly.  Of course, it might just 
be his good looks.  Not many website owners had shoulders that broad, 
or such a well-trimmed black beard.

	"And bring more lemonade," his wife, Dita, demanded.  Bethany 
tried to look Dita in the face but it was impossible.  She had the same 
dark hair as her husband but her skin was a pale white that glowed.  
Bethany's eyes kept being drawn to the woman's cleavage for there was a 
strange tattoo in the valley of Dita's breasts.  It was a red swirl 
with elements of something that glittered.  It wasn't like Bethany to 
stare at another woman's breasts, but she just couldn't help herself.

	Bethany tore her eyes away from the attractive couple and the 
strange tattoo and looked at herself in the living room mirror.  She 
was surprised by what she saw.  Oh, she looked good in her dark green 
blouse and skirt, and as always, she was pleased by how the green 
matched brought out her long blonde hair.  Bethany was just surprised 
by how strained her face looked, like she was struggling with 

	"Here are your cookies, madam," a voice said.

	Bethany turned and nearly dropped her glass.  It was Sheryl 
Hannigan!  She was the top agent of Major Electric, one of the few 
corporations as big as Diligent Enterprises.  What was she doing 
working as a maid for these small fries?

	"Thank you," Bethany said.  She tried to hide her curiosity but 
it was impossible.  Earlier, she had seen Ned Anderson from Laser 
Franchises tending the garden, and she could have sworn she saw two 
other industrial agents washing the Soares' car.  

	"Damn, the only agent of note who isn't here is that bitch, Amy 
Valentine," Bethany whispered to herself.

	"Oh, and Bethany, you can take your shirt off now," Dita 

	To Bethany's surprise, she did as she was told.


	Amy Valentine pulled up the Soares residence and stepped out of 
the car with authority.  This mission was being a major pain in the 
ass.  The Soares had a profitable dot-com business that was threatening 
Amy's employers, Paragon Industries.  They hated successful dot-coms, 
it made their senior citizen executive look bad.  Amy's mission was 
simple; she just had to destroy their company.

	Sadly, she was on a small probation ever since she ruined some 
prime real estate in Burbank.  Amy was forbidden to use anything that 
could wipe out a building, a forest or was banned by the Geneva 
Convention.  For this mission, she would have to use something that 
didn't lower property values or terrify the National Guard just to 
prove she could be subtle.  It would require more work but she 
distracted herself by thinking of the black pearl choker she wanted to 
buy with this mission's paycheck. 

	At least Amy still looked great.  Because she was after a company 
called SpellWriters, she decided to go with a Goth look.  Her long 
brown hair was pulled back in a severe ponytail a librarian would be 
proud of.  She was wearing a loose black blouse with long sleeves that 
did a great job of concealing how small her breasts were.  A black 
miniskirt and torn stockings adorned her long legs.  She was either a 
vampire hooker or chromatically challenged.

	The Soares house had an iron fence surrounding the premises.  The 
house itself was two stories of arches and ornamental gargoyles.  Tall 
trees were shedding their leaves and coating the ground in a parade of 

	It looked like a haunted house and Amy's ass instinctively 
flinched, but that's another story.

	Amy leaped over the iron fence and came face to face with the 
gardener.  She recognized him and paused.  It was Ned Anderson, Laser 
Franchises' best agent.  Amy remembered breaking his nose once in 

	"Hey Ned, no hard feelings, right?" Amy asked.  "You're here for 
the same reason I am.  Let's work together to bring these Internet 
geeks down together.

	Ned stopped raking and looked at Amy with pure hatred.  "You 
shall not harm the Master and Mistress!"  

	He swung at her with the rake and Amy ducked under the garden 
tool.  She reached for a handful of leaves and threw them up in his 
face.  As Ned brushed the cloud of dead leaves away from his face, Amy 
was punching him hard in the stomach.  When he dropped to his knees, 
she finished him off with a kick to his head.

	"Damn, he must be still upset about Belgium," Amy said.

	"We have an intruder!" Amy heard from the garage.  It was the 
Gorman sisters, a deadly duo that worked for a British company.  Why 
the fuck were they washing a car?

	As the twins ran towards her with deadly intent, Amy realized 
something was fucked up here.  For one thing, the twins rarely used the 
secret Ninja technique they were trained with since birth, but now they 
were using nothing but their devastating technique.  It was everything 
Amy could to avoid being crushed by arcing kicks and pummeling chops.

	Another odd bit was the fact that both of the twins were wearing 
dog collars with nipple chains.  Considering that both girls were 
members of radical Protestant militia, this was a new look for them.  
Amy admired their dedication to going undercover, but thought they 
should have reconsidered piercing their noses.


	Bethany sucked Dita's hard nipple between her teeth.  The blonde 
flicked her tongue over the trapped nub of flesh as Dita moaned in 
appreciation.  Bethany shifted to the side to allow Eric better access 
to her own breasts.  She shivered as the hairs of his beard tickled her 
full breasts and she groaned as his teeth relentlessly bit into her 
soft flesh.

	For one brief second, Bethany couldn't remember what she was 
doing here.  How did they start having sex?  Why were they having sex?  
She tried to remember if she had a plan prepared, or if the sex was 
some part of set up.  Her brow wrinkled as she tried to recall what 
happened but then she noticed something vastly more important.

	Dita's swirling tattoo was right by her eye, a few inches from 
Bethany's sucking mouth.  The blonde's blue eyes darted as they tried 
to follow the pattern of the swirl.  Nothing else really mattered all 
that much.

	"Hastur's balls!" Eric exclaimed.  "Her breasts are huge!  Here, 
take a handful, love."

	Bethany melted into Dita's reaching hand.  As Eric sucked one of 
her nipples, Dita manipulated her other breast with her agile fingers 
and sharp, sharp nails.  Even when Dita grazed her nail over Bethany's 
sensitive nipple, the blonde didn't cry out.  All Bethany wanted was to 

That, and to see where the swirling tattoo ended.

"She is magnificent," Dita agreed.  "Tonight I'll use her as a 
pillow; commanding her to remain still while I sleep upon her."

Eric laughed.  "Excellent idea.  And in the morning, she can wash 
the windows.  Maybe we'll forbid her the use of her hands and she'll 
have to scrub the windows solely with her tits."

Dita moaned as Bethany's mouth sucked harder on her breast.  "Oh 
darling, I love your imagination.  We must break this slut in now.  
Shall we use my tattoo or yours?"

Eric rose and unzipped his pants.  "I think we will use mine."  
He reached for Bethany's blonde hair and pulled her away from Dita's 
chest.  For a split second, Bethany's eyes lost their dullness but her 
blue eyes quickly dimmed again.

The handsome man in front of her had the most amazing red tattoo 
on his belly button.


	Amy slammed the heads of the Gorman sisters together again.  With 
dangerous and deranged twins, you could never be too safe.  Out of 
spite, she also connected the twins' nipple chains together.  It was a 
lot like tying shoelaces together but just a lot more painful.

	Checking to see if there was any other pissed off agents, Amy 
finally continued on her mission.  At this point, the front door seemed 
out of the question.  She stepped into the backyard and was relieved to 
only a black cat.  Amy was certain she could handle a simple cat.

	The agent was about to check the lock on the backdoor when she 
noticed something flicker in the basement window.  Stepping down from 
the porch, Amy knelt by the window.  The cat behind her hissed, but Amy 
ignored it.

	"Hiss all you want," Amy laughed.  "It's better than trying to 
kick my ass."

	Amy's laughter stopped when she looked through the basement 
window.  It wasn't your typical dot-com basement.  Instead of 
computers, there were three pentagrams inscribed onto the floor.  The 
light was coming from multiple candles sitting on top of skulls.  A 
cauldron bubbled in the corner and to the far left, a table was laid 
out with various voodoo dolls.  

	"Fuck the Soares," Amy whispered.  With a controlled palm thrust, 
she cracked the glass of the window with barely a sound.  Amy created a 
hole just large enough for her to slip her hand through to the latch.  
After pulling the window open, Amy slipped feet first through the tiny 

	Inside the basement was worse.  The smell of blood was pretty 
strong and she saw a not quite decomposed skeleton chained to the wall.  
The glowing pattern on the ceiling hurt her eyes to look at it, so Amy 
didn't investigate the strange pulsing she thought she saw. 

	Amy examined the dolls on the table.  They were simple dolls but 
the human hair stapled to the heads and the scraps of underwear wrapped 
around their bodies told Amy what she needed to know.  She recognized 
the straight black hairs of the Gorman sisters and she recognized Ned's 
black silk briefs from that one time in Dallas.  

	"Some serious juju is going on here," Amy said.

	The bubbling of the cauldron caught her attention.  The entire 
pot was a shiny black color that drank the light.  The red runes 
inscribed on the sides twisted and wiggled.  Something green was 
stewing within, and green coils of mist rolled from the lip.

	"Yep, that's evil," Amy said to herself.
	The cat screeched as it jumped through the open window.  Amy 
nearly jumped out of her skin.  As Amy watched, the black cat's legs 
lengthened unnaturally.  Its hair fell off as its head enlarged.  A 
full, potent cock emerged from between its legs and sharp claws emerged 
from his hands.  Strangely, the tail remained and even lengthened to be 

	"You should not be here," the new man hissed.  "If you mess with 
the cauldron, my pets will be in trouble with the demons they made 
deals with."

	Now, Amy had seen some weird things in her career.  She had been 
licked by a mermaid, had sex while dangling from a mountain and once, 
she even gave three of her own clones a helicopter ride.  The sight of 
a cat that transforms into a man didn't even make her pause.  

	"That's odd, your cock doesn't seem to mind I'm here," Amy said.

	The cat scowled and looked down at his erect member.  "If they 
find out you are here, they might not feed me," he countered.

	Amy reached for the hem of her skirt and slowly raised it.  The 
cat's nose twitched worse than Samantha's.  The woman clenched and 
smiled when she saw the cat's nose flinch in sync.

	"What if I feed you something better?" Amy offered.

	The cat had an attack of conscious but the offer of quick 
gratification was too tempting.  He knelt before Amy's sex and wiped 
her with a long lick of his rough tongue.  Amy's knees almost buckled. 

	"Oh shit," Amy moaned.  It was enough to make her want to study 


	Bethany was struggling to keep up with the demands they made of 
her, but her success was never in question.  She was lying back on the 
couch, her legs entwined with Dita's.  Their sexes were sharing a 
double-ended dildo but Bethany was doing all the work.  Bethany's hips 
were undulating and writhing as she fucked both of their pussies 
together.  Dita merely sucked on Bethany's toes.  

Meanwhile, her mouth engulfed Eric's cock while her hands fondled 
his balls.  Eric was contenting himself with Bethany's nipples.  He was 
pinching them in a most distracting manner, but for some reason, 
Bethany never lost her rhythm.  She had no choice.  They had commanded 
her and no matter how hard it was to fuck Dita and suck Eric while 
being groped in return, Bethany's body was able to perform.

As for Bethany's pleasure, she was in pure bliss.  With Eric's 
cock in her mouth, she had an excellent view of his swirling tattoo.  
It was on his belly button and the colors were fascinating.  She barely 
felt the dildo that was sunk so deeply inside her sex.  Bethany could 
hardly feel the rough pinching her breasts were enduring.  Not even 
Eric's cock pushing against the sides of her cheeks could tear her eyes 
away from the tattoo.

"Cthulhu's cocks!" Dita cried out.  Bethany's thighs were 
clenching around Dita's as the dildo melted inside them.  "I can't wait 
to make her doll!  Her thighs are a little chubby, but her motions!"

Eric groaned.  He simply nodded.  Bethany's lips were too tight 
around his cock to really think clearly.  The blonde's mouth was like a 
seal around his shaft, enchanting his cock closer and closer to 

"Thank God for Black Magic Sex!" Eric cried out.


	"Thank Buddha for cats' tongues!" Amy cried out.  

	The cat was licking her sensitive delta with its rough agile 
tongue and Amy loved every second of it.  The abrasive tongue was 
surprisingly gentle and the way his tongue curled backwards was making 
Amy shake.  Her fingers scratched a spot behind his ears and his 
amazing tongue performed even better!

	"I really hate dogs right now," Amy moaned.  

	The cat-man's tongue flicked deeper in her.  Amy's hips danced on 
the kneeling man's mouth as she tried to grind her sex into him.  The 
hair on the back of her neck rose as she discharged an electric orgasm 
on his wide tongue.

	"Now!" the man growled as he pushed her away.  His lips were 
glistening but his eyes were blazing with need.  One look at his face 
flushed with desire was all the convincing Amy needed.

	Besides, she always had a soft heart for cats.

	The man pulled Amy's hands till she knelt down on the floor of 
the basement.  He flipped her over to her stomach and Amy squealed at 
his impatience.  Without ceremony, he flipped her skirt over her waist 
and bore down on top of her.  A single thrust was all he needed to 
impale her sex and mount her.

	"Oh whoa!" Amy cried out.  Her sex went from horny and needy to 
horny and filled in an instant.  His weight pressed down on her, 
crushing her to the floor as his pelvis slammed into her tight ass. 

	"Good kitty!" Amy moaned.  

	The cat brushed her long brown hair away from her neck and the 
agent shuddered as his teeth clamped down on the back of her neck.  Her 
fingers clawed the floor as his mouth pinned her neck with a sensual 
bite.  Amy was trapped and loving every single thrust and bite.

	"Make me bark!" Amy cried out, not even closely coherent.  

	The cat understood her.  His cock slid and rammed her sex with 
the speed of an animal.  It was a solid, harsh, primal fucking.  The 
air was cut by his tail swishing through the air as his body pounded 

	"Oh!" Amy cried out as her orgasm swept her.  

	As for the cat, he merely screeched as his cum was poured into 
the brunette's ready sex.


	"Did you hear something?" Dita asked.

	"Hush!" Eric snapped.  "Here I cum!"

	Bethany swallowed him easily, almost casually.  As the dark man 
clutched her breasts and his cock erupted a thick stream down her 
throat, Bethany's eyes and mind was elsewhere.  For her, the thick 
salty taste in her mouth could never compare to the red, entrancing, 
swirling, fascinating-

	"What the fuck?" Bethany said after spitting Eric's cock out.  
After swallowing what she had, she glared at Dita between her legs.

	"You assholes fucked with my mind, didn't you?  Don't lie to me!  
I work for a corporation; I know when my mind gets fucked with!"

	Before they could answer, Bethany was already in action.  The 
foot Dita was sucking on was pulled from her lips and then swung back 
into her face heel-first.  Dita slumped off the couch, knocked 
completely out.

	Eric got desperate and tried snapping his fingers around his 
belly.  He was hoping Bethany would look at his stomach and maybe fall 
back under the spell of the tattoo.  Instead, Bethany punched him twice 
there as she rose from the couch.  The dildo was still buried deep 
inside her, but Bethany didn't let a detail like that stop her.  An 
asshole like this guy deserved only the best Diligent Enterprises had 
to offer.

	"Don't," Bethany said as she smashed his head against the wall.

	"Ever," she added as his head bounced again.

	"Ever," she repeated as she bounced his head off the table.

	"Mind-control," she said as she lifted her knee in his crotch.

	"Me," she said as she added a punch to his face.

	"Again!" she said as she dropped his unconscious head.

	Bethany realized she was a bit tense.  As she took a step, she 
was reminded of the double-ended dildo emerging from between her legs.  
The blonde gripped the dildo intending to pull it out but she hesitated 
when she felt a jolt of pleasure sweep through her.

	"I think I deserve it," Bethany said to no one in particular.  
She gave the dildo one good shove inside her and cried out as her 
magically denied orgasm was finally released.

	"Wow, I did deserve it!" Bethany said as she sat down hard on the 
floor.  She saw Dita trying to rise from the ground.  Bethany crawled 
over to the stunned witch and grabbed her by her ponytail.

	"You, explain," Bethany demanded.

	"I can't!" Dita moaned.  "We thought the cauldron was perfect!  
We found it at junkyard, just screaming with mana.  We cleaned it, 
sacrificed to it, and before we knew it, any spell we cast was a 
thousand times more powerful!"

	Bethany snickered.  Witches were only as strong as their toys.  
That's why Bethany preferred to masturbate with her fingers.  She'll be 
damned if she very became dependent on fickle objects.  

	Dita cried out as Bethany twisted her ponytail tighter in her 

	"Where is the cauldron?" Bethany demanded.

	"In the basement!" Dita answered.

	Bethany dropped Dita.  She wondered what the bonus would be for 
bringing back such a powerful magical artifact.  Perhaps she could buy 
two of Adam's originals!  


	"Hey? Can you give me a hand with this?" Amy asked the man.  She 
had dumped the contents of the cauldron into the washer machine, but 
the iron cauldron was still as heavy as a bitch.   

	The man stopped licking himself just long enough to shake his 
head no.

	Amy shrugged.  At least the cat/man wasn't trying to stop her.  
After fucking her, the cat seemed bored and hungry.  If it weren't for 
the black tail between its legs, she would have thought he was a normal 

	"Fuck it," Amy said practically.  She pulled out her gun, and 
emptied a few rounds into the cauldron.  The ancient vessel of untold 
power cracked, then boiled and finally melted into a pile of black 

	"Freeze!" Amy heard from the stairs.  The brunette turned around 
and saw a butt-naked Bethany holding a gun on her.

	"You look like some sort of vampire slut," Bethany said as she 
descended the stairs, her gun still pointed at Amy.

	"That's funny, you look just like a normal slut," Amy snapped 
back.  "If you don't mind, I was just leaving."

	Bethany considered her choices.  She didn't know why the odd guy 
with the black tail was licking his hand, but she was also feeling a 
little light-headed from the tattoo.  Maybe it would be better to let 
Amy go and search for the cauldron.

	"Fine, go," Bethany said.  "You didn't happen to see a big kettle 
down here, did you?"

	Amy gave her best innocence look.  "Actually, the guy said he 
would tell me if I gave him a blowjob, but I didn't see the point.  Who 
needs a kettle?"

	Bethany smiled as Amy left.

	Amy smiled as she put in her advance order on the black choker 
from her cellphone.  The next time she saw Bethany, she would be could 
call her a pussy-licker and mean it.

	As for the cat, life was good.  

The end.







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