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                           Training Vanessa
                           By: Phil Phantom

Vanessa had been raped one time in her twenty-two years, and that
one hellish experience was enough, because three rapists were
involved: two males, one female. They were only interested in
pussy, but they were very interested in that.

Her father-in-law had just done essentially the same thing.
Though Earl's forced sex was more crude and more thorough,
Vanessa wasn't sure she could call that rape number two. There
was something about Earl's forced sex that disqualified a rape
label - orgasms, for one - several mind-bending, guttural,
spine-tinglers. A rapist hates women, but Earl loves them - loves
them too much, too roughly, too completely, and to the point of
exhaustion. With a rapist, one fears the assault will never end,
but with Earl, one fears the assault might end before another
orgasm could break through.

Vanessa lay wasted, nude, and leaking from every hole in her
body. Cum even came shooting out of her nose at one point. She
lay panting with the largest cock she ever saw still lodged fully
in her ass, now limp, spent, and having taken a healthy piss deep
in her entrails. For a woman who had never experienced anal sex
or ever had an enema, this was a novel sensation. She wasn't sure
she wanted him to pull out, not yet. She knew her ass was full
and knew her sphincter could not close to contain the contents.
Vanessa feared an awful mess unless his urine were given ample
time to permeate her colon, so she remained in place, on her
knees, on the filthy floor with her head and chest on a shag
carpet that was infested with fleas.

The fleas swarmed over her body wherever her body made contact
with carpet, and they were excited and biting, but she still
wanted to stay put. She wasn't sure why she cared about making a
mess in the old shed that Ole Blue called home, but she did. Ole
Blue had it bad enough without having to live with her shit, too.
The old shed smelled bad enough without adding to the problem.
Those were two factors, but there was another that Vanessa didn't
even want to think about, for that factor revealed something sick
and perverted about her own nature. 

Vanessa never had the slightest inkling that anything sick or
twisted resided within her picture perfect persona. This new
kinky facet of her character made her feel a bit deeper and more
mysterious, putting her on a par with her mother, the deepest
most mysterious woman she ever knew with enough enigmas and kinks
to keep a psychiatrist on retainer. 

This was interesting to say the very least, and Earl had a way of
bringing this new side out in her like no man she ever knew.
Furthermore, the reward for going along was orgasms, which no one
had ever been able to give her, and the ones she gave herself
were nothing like the ones she experienced with Earl. Vanessa
simply had to explore this new facet of life regardless of the
decadence, or perhaps, because of the decadence. Vanessa had to
wonder if decadence, degeneracy, or kinky and nasty behavior was
such a terrible thing if it led to such a wonderful feeling.
Depression was never one of her mother's problems. 

The old shed was, in fact, the perfect place to do this awful
deed. If you are going to thoroughly defile, degrade, and
humiliate a woman, there was no better place than Old Blue's old
shed. Forcing the bitch to feed the fleas added a level of
decadence that brought Vanessa down to Ole Blue's level. For a
young woman who had never been lower than a young lady of
cultured breeding, farm bitch/slut/whore was something novel to
say the very least. 

Earl could have done this dirty deed on a nice big bed but
dragged her out to the shed instead - dragged her naked by the
hair with Ole Blue right there from the door of the pickup truck
on, licking at her ass and crotch, mounting her each time she
stumbled. He mounted and got in several times, and got in each
hole several times. Ole Blue was, in fact, her first anal sex,
brief experiences though they were. They were brief but thorough
and paved the way nicely for the master's cudgel.

Ole Blue had his way with her once they arrived in the shed. He
had his way with her ass while Earl fucked a mouth that had never
been fucked. Although she had put her husband's penis in her
mouth and sucked briefly on it, that was nothing like the mouth
fucking she got from Earl. Vanessa didn't think she could
overcome the gag reflex with a penis half the mass of Earl's, but
Earl proved her wrong by ignoring her gagging. Vanessa soon found
that she could take thirteen inches of cock as thick as a large
cucumber deep down her throat. She soon discovered the novel
sensation of lips pressed tightly to a man's groin with large
balls swinging and hitting her in the swollen neck. For a girl
who was never fond of giving head, getting fucked in the mouth
was a very unique sensation that even a hung hound all the way up
her ass, knot and all, could not distract her from.

After fucking her mouth, Earl fucked her pussy. Earl didn't seem
to mind the fleas that infested her crotch after Old Blue got
through with her. He went right in and fucked her pussy like a
man possessed, or a man whose balls were being eaten alive.
Fucking really pisses off fleas. They both suffered, but Ole Blue
looked relieved. His fleas seemed to prefer human flesh and
blood. Not many stayed with Ole Blue once they saw an opportunity
to hop a ride on people.

Vanessa was a people bitch of extraordinary beauty. She looked a
great deal like the young Meg Ryan. Few men could even dream of
bedding a woman of such quality, charm, and grace. Few had.
Vanessa was not a virgin on her wedding day, but that was due to
an assault by rapists at the age of seventeen. When she married
Gary at age nineteen, he was number three. Ole Blue was number
four, and Earl was number five. Vanessa simply was not the type
of woman who cheats, but was the type to drive a man of action to
action. If there was one thing Earl hated, it was a gorgeous,
sexy, desirable woman who would eat his groceries, share his
shelter, but would not put out to a man and his dog. Gary was
still aboard flight 566 bound for the Marine Corp Recruit Depot
in San Diego when Earl decided to rectify that situation.

Vanessa was afraid this might happen, but did not think it would
happen so soon, or involve the dog right away, or be done in the
shed to her virgin asshole. She knew she was as good as fucked
when she got back into Earl's pickup truck at the airport. He had
that look. She didn't think they would go straight home. Vanessa
was sure they would be pulling off on some seldom-used dirt road,
there to be dragged from the truck and raped again. She saw
several good places to rape a girl, but they passed them by to
pull onto Earl's well-traveled dirt road; whereupon, she was told
to get out of her shit - every stitch - shoes, hat, sun glasses,
wedding ring, and gold necklace with heart pendant.

Vanessa saw this rape coming from early on. The sexual tension
was high at her first meeting with Earl. The tension just kept
building over the two weeks before Gary departed. Earl couldn't
wait to be rid of Gary. Vanessa expressed her fears, but Gary
assured her that his father might lust after her and might drool
on her, but he would never rape her. Gary wanted to think that,
but Vanessa knew better. When Earl insisted on driving Gary to
the airport, Vanessa knew she was screwed.

Vanessa looked to her wedding ring and debated her course. The
ring demanded resistance of some kind - a token, an objection, a
threat, a plea. All she managed to say was couldn't this at least
wait until they turned onto their private drive. When he made
another more emphatic demand, Vanessa twisted the ring off and
dropped it into her purse. That brought on a victory smile and an
erection that needed adjusting. He adjusted himself right out of
his jeans. Vanessa knew he was hung. This time, she saw how hung
- enormous, absolutely enormous. When she reached back to undo
the clasp of her necklace, Earl stopped jacking his cock to maul
her breasts right out of her top and out of their D cups.

Vanessa resolved not to fight this rapist. Fighting was where she
went wrong the last time. After surviving that rape, she resolved
never to make that mistake again. She swore that the next man who
seemed bent on rape would get a willing partner to vent his lust
on. Earl wanted at her tits. Vanessa let him have them while
continuing to follow his orders as best she could. When a car did
head their way, he pulled her head to his dick and wanted her to
suck. She sucked while trying to work the panty hose down her

Vanessa got a very good idea of just how big he was and how much
he wanted her while sucking on the head of that cudgel, for the
head was all she could get inside her mouth. Her pussy was
impressed and sprang to life, something it never did for the
rapists and only did for Gary after lengthy foreplay. Vanessa had
a difficult pussy to get primed for sex, one that responded best
to oral attention, but her pussy needed no oral work-up. Before
she even got down to panties, Vanessa knew they were gettingwet.

This was very odd behavior for her pussy, and her pussy showed
the first signs of life as she twisted the wedding ring off,
dropping it into a purse with a finality that suggested it would
remain there for six to eight, possibly nine months, or for the
next trip to the airport when she could easily be seven, eight,
possibly nine months pregnant with another man's child. Welcome
home, Marine.

After uncovering the neatly-trimmed pussy, Earl wasted no time in
feeling it, reaching over the bare ass to delve several fingers,
then shove those slick fingers up the rear hole that Gary could
never touch and the rapists paid little attention to. Earl wanted
that hole prepared. Vanessa wanted that hole prepared. Vanessa
offered him an asshole to prepare while she sucked cock as best
she could. The more she sucked, the more fingers she knew her ass
would need. By the time the truck made the turn onto the private
drive, Vanessa had four fingers digging deep in her shit, but she
thought that would help a great deal. She continued to suck while
he dug deeper.

Vanessa was surprised to see that they had gone on to the rear of
the property, stopping between the barn and the old shed. This
made no sense. The wife was still at work and would not be home
for several more hours. They could park right out front, walk
right in the front door, and go straight to the master bed, or to
any bed, or do it on the sofa. Why hide? There was nothing out
back except the equipment barn, pigpen, chicken coop, and Ole
Blue's shed. Ole Blue was there at the driver's door, as always.

The master greeted his dog, then dragged Vanessa through the
driver's side right into that big dumb mutt. Ole Blue didn't
expect a naked bitch. Vanessa didn't expect a mutt's cold snout
in her crotch. That shocked her back to a sense of decency and
moral outrage that got her clenched legs slapped until she opened
them, revealing the freshly-shaved, slick, puffy lips. While
perched at the edge of the driver's seat, Vanessa got the oral
sex she didn't need, but those serious slaps reminded her not to
resist a determined rapist - or his dog. With all the courage she
could muster, Vanessa opened her legs to the lapping flea-bitten
mutt and saw her first fleas crawling on the delicate white flesh
of her inner thighs. That was almost enough to take her mind off
of what Ole Blue was doing with that long slab of tongue.

Vanessa never felt anything like that. Ole Blue's long, fat
tongue didn't just lick her sensitive slit and torment her
excited clit, it went inside, deep inside, way deeper than Gary's
tongue ever had. Vanessa soon found herself yawning her legs to
the excited mutt, which greatly amused the mutt's master who
seemed to be saying, "Yeah, I knew you'd fucking love it!"
Vanessa couldn't help loving it or letting that show.

Ole Blue took a greater interest in the contents of her loosened
ass and seemed to be eating shit. His tongue went deep. He dug
deep and appeared to be consuming ass contents. That was gross,
but that was Ole Blue - 100% dog. Vanessa didn't want to have any
ass contents and didn't care what the damn dog ate, so she
settled back and offered ass as best she could, hoping he would
make the final preparations for a cock that Vanessa knew would
try to go all the way up her ass. The less poop to pack the
better. Vanessa didn't care how amusing that looked to Earl.
After dropping her wedding ring the way she did, she may as well
have said, "I guess I'm your whore."  She then began acting like
one and was now acting like one for the dog, too.

Vanessa knew she'd be having sex with Ole Blue, and it wasn't
Earl that made her think that way. Earl's wife, Edna, Gary's
mother, put that bestial bug in Vanessa's ear on day one and
never let her forget what a sexy bitch she was and how horny Ole
Blue was, what a perfect match they were. Earl teased and
flirted, but Edna tormented and prodded. Edna did her best to get
Vanessa mounted and mated long before Gary had to leave. Vanessa
knew that if Earl didn't get her naked and at Ole Blue's mercy,
Edna would. Vanessa had plenty of time to think about that before
her guardian left her at the mercy of two perverts with a horny
flea-bitten mutt. Oddly, she never mentioned those concerns.

On day three, the mutt almost had sex with her standing up
face-to-face. With Edna pulling the crotch of her panties aside,
Ole Blue jabbed her in the pussy quite a few times, and he came
in and on her pussy, mostly in. After that close call, panty hose
were a must. After many such experiences, Vanessa had to wonder
what would happen if she could not wear panty hose, or panties,
or clothing. Suppose she had to get down on her all fours - then
what? Those devilishly wicked thoughts never left her mind while
a guest of Edna and Earl. Edna wouldn't let them leave. Vanessa
could not help but wonder what full and complete sex with a dog
would be like, or what life with Earl and Edna Wilson would be

She found out what sex with a dog was like with Earl. She got
fucked by a mutt, full and complete, just like a bitch. As many
times as she imagined the act, the actual act wasn't that big a
shock and was in no way revolting. Despite the fleas, she enjoyed
the hard, animalistic fucking - a rut while getting fucked in the
mouth by a cudgel. For a girl like Vanessa, this was something
new. This was nasty, very nasty, and nasty had a certain appeal.
Vanessa had never done anything nasty. The rape was nasty, but
that nasty was done to her and forced on her. That sort of
nastiness did not appeal to her in the least. Earl's brand wasn't
much different and should not have appealed to her either, but it
did. Orgasms were proof. She had several, and they were all great
when orgasms of any kind during sex were non-existent.

Vanessa found the fleas painful and irritating, but did not fight
them or struggle to avoid them. They were all in her hair,
crawling all over her face and chest and infested her crotch.
They infested Earl's crotch, too, and they bothered him, but not
enough to stop him from finally getting some pussy off his son's
gorgeous, Meg-Ryan-lookalike wife. After cumming, he even
remained to soak but constantly scratched at his balls until he'd
had enough and pulled out. 

Earl quickly left the shed to take a garden hose to his loins but
told Vanessa to remain right where she was. After the master
left, Ole Blue came over and sniffed at her soiled pussy. He
lapped at the seepage, liked the taste, then lapped at more and
went after the load that was deep inside. Vanessa felt decadent
letting him do that, but feeding the mutt fuck was better than
feeding him shit. Sure felt better. Ole Blue had a very nice
tongue. Her pussy and his tongue were a match made in Heaven.
Edna was right about that. You can't top a big dog for licking
pussy, although a well-groomed dog without fleas might top it.
Still, a flea-bitten mutt had a certain charm - decadence was the

Earl returned, now naked, dripping wet, but free of fleas. He
stood at the open door and watched with an amused, satisfied
smile, still unable to believe how easily this went down. He
expected her to be a real problem and put up a fight. In the two
weeks prior, she gave every indication that she would be
difficult. Right up to the time when she had to decide whether to
get back in the truck, Earl wasn't sure she would. She could have
easily boarded a plane of her own. He was pleasantly surprised
that she did get in, though Edna predicted she would, and also
predicted she would be no problem except when it came to pleasing
the dog.

Edna was right, righter than rain, but even Edna didn't foresee
this going this well. Mating Vanessa to Ole Blue was part of
their plan, but neither thought they could pull that off until
they had days, possibly weeks to condition Vanessa. Earl went
ahead and went for it because Vanessa had been so easy. He
thought, why not try. He was glad he did, because Vanessa took to
being a bitch with little difficulty. She was a good bitch after
a few leg slaps. She was also an obedient bitch. The fleas had to
bother her, but that didn't show. That was good, because with Ole
Blue, fleas were part of the package. There was just no getting
around that, but Earl wasn't sure he'd want it any other way. The
fleas added something, made it better, at least for viewing. This
was a sight that was difficult to beat. He wished Edna could see
what he was seeing.

Earl watched Vanessa feed pussy to his mutt for several minutes,
then told her to get up and step outside. She got to her feet and
followed. He took a hose to her and washed most of the fleas off.
Only the ones in her long hair remained. They would be a problem,
but they'd be Vanessa's problem. They weren't likely to go
anywhere, and the bitch wasn't about to get a flea dip or flea
collar. What was good for Ole Blue was good for his bitch, and
she had best accept the fact that she was Ole Blue's bitch.

After the hosing, Earl took her by the elbow and marched her into
the house. He tossed her a towel and told her to fix him
something to eat. She went about doing that while he took a seat
at the kitchen table to watch. Even sopping wet, she was a vision
- Meg Ryan sopping wet with no clothes on. In Enterprise Alabama,
that was a vision that would stop a tractor pull. Gary done good,
and he'd soon be a United States Marine, just like his daddy.
He'd be a pissed Marine if he knew what his wife was.

Earl could not figure Vanessa. He never would have guessed he
could get away with doing what he did to her. Edna thought they
could, but Edna thought all women were whores and bitches deep
down. Earl marveled at the fact that with Vanessa, bitch wasn't
as deep as they thought. Scratch the surface, there was a bitch,
and lord, what a bitch. Ole Blue was one lucky mutt - fucked Meg
Ryan in the ass, he did. As much as Earl and Edna dreamed of
finding Ole Blue a human mate, they never dreamed they would find
one as fine as Vanessa, but one look at her and they knew -
Vanessa had to be the bitch. Edna didn't know Meg Ryan from
Nutmeg, but somehow, some way, Gary's wife had to be Ole Blue's

Earl still could not believe they had pulled it off. Though he
saw it with his own eyes, he could not believe his eyes. Edna was
in for a treat. She had always been more confident, and was into
that doggie business more than he was, but he knew she would shit
when she saw for herself. 

In their fantasies, they imagined binding her for Ole Blue,
forcing her to have sex with him until she made the adjustment.
They were willing to hold her captive for as long as necessary.
They were willing to bind her and beat her if necessary. Their
biggest fear being that she might leave before they could get
control. When she got back in the truck, Earl figured they were
home free, but he was quite surprised that she did get back in
the truck. She had to know they were planning something sinister
that involved the dog. Edna practically told her. Edna treated
Vanessa like a bitch days before she became one. Earl thought for
sure Edna was blowing it by tipping their hand so soon. Then
again, Edna thought he was blowing it by hounding Vanessa for
pussy the way he did. Earl was pathetic, Edna was outrageous,
both figured the other blew it, but Vanessa got back in the truck

While making Earl a sandwich, Vanessa thought about that, too.
Why did she get back in the truck. She knew what that would lead
to. Edna did tell her - told her exactly - painted vivid mental
pictures - even tried to make it happen before Gary left. vvv
fully expected to end up a captive, possibly in chains for the
duration, which she and Gary assumed would be six to eight
months. Vanessa knew that getting into Earl's truck was as good
as getting pregnant with his child, yet she got in and sat her
fertile pussy down. This seemed utter madness when she wasn't
even ready to bear her own husband a child. Vanessa didn't want
to even think about starting a family, yet here she was starting
one with her horny, well-hung father-in-law. With that thought, a
large glob of his semen oozed from her gaping pussy and went
slithering down her creamy leg. She let it slide knowing full
well that Earl was watching with amused interest.

A thrill coursed through her as Vanessa recalled that she never
once asked Earl not to discharge in her pussy or put a condom on.
One would at least expect a wife to plead or beg, spare her
fertile womb. Instead, at the moment of discharge, she leaned
into his thrusts, receiving his seminal offering as though with a
pussy that was hungry for it, accepting his discharge without a
care in the world, such a wicked thing for a wife to do within
one hour of her husband's departure. Vanessa loved the feeling,
loved feeling a huge cock going off in her pussy, and loved
feeling his cum oozing down her leg. She stood so as to offer him
a better view, one that included the shaved lips of her pussy -
fucked cunt lips that oozed his semen. She didn't have to see his
smile to know he had one. He had to love that sight.

Vanessa delivered his sandwich along with a tall glass of iced
tea. As she approached, he stared at her slimy pussy lips,
watching them saw against each other. The cum drool was now at
her left ankle and another started down her right inner thigh.
She came close to set the items down, coming to stand within easy
reach between his parted legs, inviting his touch, but he didn't
touch. He just stared. After making the delivery, she stood there
and drooled for him like a penitent bitch before her master,
awaiting further orders or a sign of dismissal.

Earl liked that attitude though he didn't understand it. She had
the proper attitude and had it without having to undergo harsh
discipline and bondage. She behaved as they hoped she might under
a best-case scenario after months of conditioning. They weren't
sure you could turn a woman like Vanessa into a sex slave and a
bitch, but they were willing to give it their best shot, that
good old college try, though neither went to college or had any
practical experience in bondage and discipline conditioning. They
read books and watched videos, but it was all theory and no
practical knowledge.

They knew that just about any male dog would attempt to mate with
any human female, or her leg, but the trick was to find a willing
human female who would willingly mate with just about any dog, or
a dog. They owned a good one, a horny one, a well-hung one, but
fleas were the main problem. Southern Alabama was ate-up with
fleas. Nothing stopped the fleas, and finding a slut that would
do it with a flea-infested mutt proved impossible. They got a few
to accept the challenge for a tidy sum but all balked after
petting Ole Blue, pulling back a hand that crawled with the
little critters.

Edna, as much as she wanted to see that perverted act wouldn't
dream of doing it herself, fleas or no fleas. Edna was no bitch,
but she sure wanted to see one. Nothing excited her more than the
idea of watching a human female get it on with a mutt. She wanted
to see it all, vaginal, anal, but especially oral. A woman
sucking off a mutt, that would be the ultimate, even on video,
but to date, they had no luck finding one that featured sucking.
No one would do that for any kind of money, then Vanessa arrives
and an obsession began. Edna just had to see that gorgeous Yankee
doll do it all and could hardly wait for Gary to leave. In fact,
she didn't. 

She almost got her way by forcing the issue. Not a day went by
that Vanessa didn't have ample cause to take her hubby by the
hand and say, "Get me away from this loony bin, NOW!" Vanessa
never did, which gave Edna all the encouragement to keep on
trying. The woman was obsessed with the idea. Vanessa caught on
quickly, but the idea of going along caught on slowly. Vanessa
never was sure she could, but thrilling her mother-in-law that
much by doing something as simple as allowing an indecent act to
occur did gradually become a goal. The fleas remained a
deterrent, but after two weeks of dealing with the critters,
fleas were simply a nuisance like gnats and chiggers.

Likewise, letting her father-in-law fuck her would not be the end
of the world, and she knew of no other man that needed a piece of
young ass as badly as Earl did. In a way, he was kinda cute, and
being hung like a pony didn't hurt his cause. Vanessa always
wondered if size might make a difference, though both rapists
were pretty big, and they both hurt too much. Then again, she was
a virgin. She now had a wife's pussy. It was worth a try, and she
doubted she would ever find a man that big in white. After one
week with her sex-driven in-laws, Vanessa knew she could not stay
even one month and watch them suffer while fighting them off. Her
decision to get back in the truck was as much a decision to try
and satisfy them as it was a decision to stay. 

Earl and Edna did condition her quite effectively without
realizing it. She stood before Earl just like a sex slave and
there was no denying that she was a bitch. He was sure she would
never deny that, not after the way she behaved with Ole Blue, and
she behaved that way while seated in the truck. She stumbled more
than she had to and eventually remained down, happily crawling
along with a clutching dog humping her ass, lodged deep in her
ass, fucking her ass. That was a sight for sore eyes. Too bad
Edna missed that.

Earl took a bite of sandwich while looking over their new sex
slave. Before swallowing, with a partially chewed mouthful, he
said, "Show me yer pussy."

Vanessa calmly said, "Show it how?"

He swallowed and said, "Like a whore, that's how. That's what you
are, aren't you - a whore?"

Those words spoken a day earlier would have brought an angry red
blush and great indignation, but spoken now, they brought on a
flush of excitement and brought her shiny clit up. Vanessa
Greenbaum, a whore! Nothing could have been further from the
truth the day before or closer to the way she felt when he said
those words. Whore was exactly what she was, not just a whore but
a married whore, a cheater, an adulterer, a slut. Strangely,
Vanessa did not feel like hiding from the label. She wanted to
wear the label as a tattoo, at least the T-shirt. She said, "Yes,
I can't deny that, not now, but how would you like me to show you
my pussy? I'll show it to you any way you like."

"Then lie on your back on the floor like a whore and make me a
good beaver like the one you made for Ole Blue in the truck. Open
that cunt up and show it off like a whore would. A whore is proud
of her cunt. Let me see how proud you are of your cunt. Pretend
I'm a horny mutt with a hard cock. See if you can interest me in
fucking your cunt for you."

The vaginally shy beauty slowly sank on legs of rubber, laid
back, and fanned her legs, yawning her thighs while reaching in
with both hands to splay the swollen and messy lips, doing
something she had never even done for her husband after three
years of marriage. She looked into this flea-bitten maw, which
featured a gaping hole, then looked to the staring eyes of Earl
to say, "Like this?"

He smiled and said, "Yeah, like that. Yeah, that is a whore's
cunt, all right. Edna said you had a whore's cunt between your
sexy legs and said so after the first time she met you. Does that
surprise you?"

This couldn't be true since Vanessa never gave anyone that
impression, but she said, "No, that doesn't surprise me. Edna can
see right through me."

"She sure can. She knew right away that you wanted to fuck Ole
Blue, didn't she?"

This was also a crock. Vanessa didn't want near that dog, ever,
and had to be physically forced near and held, but she said,
"Yes. Somehow, she sensed it."

Earl smiled big on hearing this open admission, an open admission
he never thought she would admit to. He then reached down and
tugged on her clit, saying, "Did you ever fuck a dog before?"

"No, never." This was a lie, but the lie was an automatic
response to a question like that, and she immediately wished she
didn't lie, but it was too late. She resolved to stop and think
before responding, and resolved to never lie again. 

Still toying with her clit, he said, "You sure took to the bone
like you have. You wouldn't lie to me, would you?"

"No. I'll tell you anything you want to know and show you
anything you want to see. I won't keep any secrets from you or

Earl released her clit and sat back, thinking, then said, "Why?"

"I don't know why. I just don't want any secrets. I just want to
be myself, whatever that is."

"Well, you'll get what you want. I'll tell you something else
you're gonna get. You're gonna get pregnant. You ain't on the
pill, are you?"

"No. I'm fertile and unprotected. Getting me pregnant should be
no problem. Everything should work just fine. All I need is sperm
- human sperm."

"Then why ain't you pregnant already? You been married for three
years. Ain't that boy been fucking you?"

"Yes, with a condom on, mostly because I don't care for the

"Well, you ain't getting no rubber fucking here, and I ain't the
only one gonna be fucking you. I'll make all the mess I want to
make. A whore what eats my groceries, fucks who and when I tell
her to fuck. You got that?"

Vanessa didn't count on this and had to give that some thought,
but after a moment of thought and another look into her splayed
cunt, her soiled whore's cunt, she said, "Yes. A whore should
have no say in the matter. I will spread my legs for any man, let
any man fuck me, and let any man cum in my pussy. I will not
pretend to be anything other than a whore who is proud of her
pussy and loves to fuck if that pleases you and Edna."

Surprised and excited by that answer when he fully expected a
ration of shit from her, possibly a firm screw-you, at least some
whining, he said, "That pleases us, but suppose we have a few
friends over, say ten or twenty and they want to watch you fuck
Ole Blue. Will you strip naked and fuck the dog for us - fuck him
and suck him - and act like a bitch in heat while you do it?"

Vanessa gulped, thought hard about that, then said, "If you want
me to I will."

Earl found this difficult to believe, but she seemed serious and
resolved to doing whatever was required of her. At least, she
wanted to think she could, and she was into this sex slave thing.
The idea turned her on and got her rubbing her clit the more she
thought about it and realized that he wasn't just posing what-if
questions but had this in mind all along. The more real this
possibility became, the more her rubbing became an act of
masturbation that gradually involved both hands, her pussy hole,
and her clit like a female with no qualms about engaging in that
act, when in fact, few females are as inhibited with regards to

Gary hadn't even seen her do that and didn't know she did. She
swore she never did and he believed her. He didn't think Meg Ryan
masturbated either. At least, he couldn't imagine Meg Ryan
playing with her pussy, and could imagine Vanessa even less. Meg
might, but Vanessa - never - too vulgar - too dirty - too messy.
Actually, he could imagine Meg doing it with rubber gloves on and
only rubbing the clit. That, or she had a maid that did it for
her, or some tall, Swedish, blonde guy named Lars. 

Earl settled back to watch a very turned-on beauty do something
that no human being had ever witnessed. Shy and reserved at
first, she soon became comfortable doing that most personal of
acts with someone watching. Playing with a well-fucked and turned
on pussy was a very messy business, but the mess didn't seem to
bother her. The cum got all over both hands, and she smeared the
product of their recent fuck all over her crotch and inner thighs
like flea-bite balm. She was playing in fuck and thoroughly
enjoying herself. The orgasm came with little effort. She came
hard and the climax was better than any she ever gave herself
with no one watching. 

After the orgasm, she continued stroking herself and
deep-fingering her fuck hole while wearing a blissful smile, now
totally at ease with having someone watch, thoroughly enjoying
the intimate exposure, pleased that he still enjoyed looking at
her cunt, very pleased that he now did so with a full erection
that he pumped as proudly and as casually as she played with her
fucked whore's cunt.

He displayed a gorgeous cock while staring at a cunt she was now
very proud to show. She wanted to say something to make him want
to fuck her and deposit more semen. Vanessa thought hard about
the perfect thing to say, then said, "Gary will be very
disappointed when I go to meet him at the airport with a great
big belly, but I did warn him not to leave me alone with you. He
scoffed at my concerns, but he won't scoff off a pregnant wife.
I'll place his hand on my bare belly and say I told you so. When
we ride home, I hope you drive with one hand between my legs like
you own this pussy, because I plan to act like you do, and not
just on the ride home. While I am eating your groceries, nothing
changes. Gary will just have to accept the fact that while we are
here, I am your whore and Edna's bitch."

Earl smilingly got to his knees and fucked the bitch, came in the
bitch, and made her smile that dreamy-eyed smile again. A man
like Earl can't take a tease like that. He put the head in, but
she did the rest. Vanessa never enjoyed a fucking more, and she
clearly asked for this one - practically begged. After getting
what she wanted, she looked pleased and grateful. 

Vanessa languished under Earl with his spent cock still deep in
her pussy. He slowly pushed to get up on stiff arms to look into
her face to say, "Ain't no doubt about you, Vanessa, you are a
fucking whore." This brought on a smile, which made Earl smile
and say, "Me calling you a whore doesn't bother you one bit, does

"Fucking whore, and no, it doesn't. Like I said, it is the truth.
I won't deny it. I think I just proved it. I got you to fuck me
and cum in my pussy again. Does it bother you that your son took
a whore for a wife?"

"Not one bit, but while you're here, you ain't Gary's wife,
you're Ole Blue's bitch. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No. Edna made that quite clear to me long before Gary left. I
never contradicted her."

"No, she said you took it pretty good and seemed eager for Gary
to leave so you could start being a good wife to Ole Blue."

This made Vanessa wonder what Edna had been telling Earl. She
could not have given Edna that impression, just the opposite, but
Earl was clearly under the impression that she had a thing for
the dog from day one. He liked thinking that, so she said, "I was
eager to see Gary off, but I never told her that. Like I say, she
sees through me. I was a good bitch, wasn't I?"

"I thought so, but you never sucked his cock."

"I would have."

"Would you, now. We'd like to see that, and not just a little
sucking but an all-the-way sucking off and swallowing."

"A blow job - a real blow job?"

"Better. Would you let Ole Blue fuck you in the mouth like I


"With a bunch of folks watching and taking pictures?"

Vanessa had to think about that but eventually said, "I suppose.
Are you serious about that? Do you know people who want to watch
something like that?"

"Only half the county. Why, are you bashful?"

"I was - very. You are helping me get over that. I can't
guarantee the shyness won't return, but I can't see resisting you
or Edna. Just make me do whatever you want me to do. Don't
concern yourself with how I feel about it. Just give the order.
As far as I am concerned, as long as I am a guest in your home,
you own me just like you own Ole Blue, and I don't expect to be
treated any better than you treat Ole Blue."

He beamed a big smile while getting off of her, then took his
seat saying, "We have no intention of treating you any better
than Ole Blue, but we might let you sleep indoors. Don't let that
go to your head. You are still a bitch and don't you ever forget
that. If you do, you can bet your sweet and sexy bitch ass that
Edna will remind you, and you better believe you'll be a pussy
licking bitch. Did you ever lick a pussy?"

Vanessa sat up and hugged her legs while saying, "No, never, but
I think every girl has thought about it."

"What do you think about it?"

"Well, lesbians like doing it. I know it won't kill you."

"No, it won't kill you, but it might drown you."

Her face showed bewilderment as she said, "What do you mean?"

"We saw a video once where these lesbian chicks were drinking
each other's piss right from each other's pussies. That wound
Edna up tighter than I ever saw her. Don't be too surprised if
the old gal springs a leak."

The expression on Vanessa's face told how she felt about that as
she said, "You're not serious. She'd never do that - would she?"

"I wouldn't put it past her. I swear, the older she gets, the
nastier she gets. I'm nasty, always have been, but Edna now puts
me to shame. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but Gary fucked
her while he was here, fucked her a bunch of times."

Vanessa placed her stiff arms behind her, leaned back and offered
Earl a look at her cunt in a cum puddle that kept getting bigger.
She said, "That explains it then. He didn't fuck me a bunch of
times. I can't say I blame him, though. She's a very sexy woman
for her age. I can imagine he has wanted to do that since
puberty. I'll bet she was a real looker back then."

"Actually, she's better now. She has been fifty pounds over
weight most of his life. She slimmed down about five years ago
and kept the weight off. She started feeling and acting sexy when
she started looking sexy. If she spotted the whore in you, it's
because it takes one to know one."

She drew both legs in to offer a better view while saying, "Do I
detect a note of bitterness there?"

"I suppose, though I don't blame her too much. She's sewing her
oats while she's still got oats to sew. Fucking her own son like
she done, well that just ain't right. Even whores won't do that.
Would you let your son fuck you?"

"Hard to say. I don't have one. Would you fuck your daughter?"

"I did, both of 'em. Knocked one up and got caught doin' it. In a
way, fucking Gary the whole time he was here was pay back. I
couldn't say much and she didn't hide much."

"Payback's a mother."

"Yeah, well the last laugh will be on Gary, because I'm passing
you around like a two-bit whore, knocking your sexy ass up, and
breeding you like a bitch."

"I stand corrected. Payback is a daddy."

"He'll think so. By the way, Ole Blue is his dog."

"Ouch. That has to hurt."

"Yeah, but I bet his dick gets hard."

"Gary or Ole Blue?"


"Great! I do love dicks when they get hard."

He laughed and then said, "You're something else, do you know

"I do now. My parents would sure think so. I wasn't raised that
way. If they could have witnessed what you saw a while ago...I
shudder to think."

"I could send them pictures, maybe a video or two."

This was made as a statement that came across as a question, like
"Do you want me to?" Vanessa thought about that, went back on her
elbows and thought. She stroked a finger through her slimy slit
and thought, then said, "You do with me as you please. If it
would amuse you to shock my parents that way, I'll give you their
address and pose for the pictures, but if it is shock value you
are after, more than a dog, put me with a large black man and
video me having unprotected sex with him."

"So, you wanna fuck a nigger, do you?"

"Well, a whore would, wouldn't she?"

"One that would fuck a dog, yes. You like big dicks, don't you?"

"What's not to like. In dicks, bigger is better and black is

"And if you are going to give your hubby a little bastard to
raise, why not make it a black bastard?"

"I wasn't thinking about that."

"Think about it. I told you, there won't be no rubber fuckin'. If
you fuck any niggers, you'll be fuckin' 'em for keeps."

Vanessa slipped two middle fingers deep in her pussy while
saying, "Well, a bastard is a bastard."

"Yes, but if that little bastard has a dark tan and kinky hair,
everyone will know you fucked a nigger."

"Gary wouldn't like that, would he?"

"Ain't no white man I know would like that or stay with a bitch
whore that did him that way. Then again, that boy of mine is
awful damn hung-up on your sexy ass. No telling what he'll do."

"I guess we'll find out, won't we?"

"I guess we will, because I'm sure nuff gonna breed you to a
bunch of big-dicked niggers."

"Daddy won't like that."

"Maybe not, but I'll bet he watches, and I'll bet his dick gets

"Actually, he probably will like that. His dick gets hard
watching me cross the room. Watching his little princess give
fertile pussy to a virile black man should make him cum in his
pants. Get good close-ups of my shaved-bald pussy sucking on
those big, black cocks."

"You want it bald, do you?"

"Edna does and threatened to do it. I shaved the lips just this
morning. Now, I wish I had done it right. No hair will be better.
I want him to see my bald, naked pussy sucking on a cumming black
cock - sucking and swallowing gobs of black cum. He'll see my
pussy lick its lips."

Earl smiled as he watched her stroke those lips. He said, "That
is one cum-thirsty cunt you got there."

While staring at her leaky hole, Vanessa said, "It sure is. My
thirsty pussy sure does like drinking cum right from your big
cock. I think I'm going to make a pest of myself."

"You go right ahead, but Edna will see that your thirsty pussy
gets plenty to drink."

"I know. She really has a thing for bestiality. How did she get
that way?"

"Been that way all her life, but the dumb bitch won't be a bitch.
All she wants to do is watch someone else be a bitch, a
dog-sucking bitch, and you especially. One look at your pretty
face, those big blue eyes, and those luscious lips of yours,
that's all she talks about, seeing you suck off that damn mutt,
drinking from the dick - hungry for it - nuts about the stuff -
and not ashamed or bashful, neither - get down in a crowd and
suck that mutt while you play with your cunt - no pride; no
shame; a mutt slut."

Vanessa smiled sexily, cute and coy as she said, "Is that what
you saw, a shameless mutt slut with no pride?"

"I did after I got your hind legs apart."

She laughed, sat up, got up, then kissed him before taking a seat
across the corner from him. Earl didn't like her presuming she
could join him that way but didn't want to make an issue when she
seemed so willing to be any way he wanted her to be when he
wanted her to be that way. From her demeanor, Earl could see that
playing sex slave all the time would get old for her, and, after
thinking it over, might get old for them, too. 

She looked to him wearing a warm smile, reached to take one of
his hands in both of hers, and said, "Don't worry, Earl, I'm not
letting this go to my head. I'm still a bitch with no pride. I'm
still a whore. I'm still here. As long as I am here, that is what
I will be. I'll make this good for you, but I also want to make
this good for Edna. Being good for you will be easy - easy and
enjoyable. I know what you want. You want a good whore. I'll be
the best - always ready, willing, able, and eager. Edna will pose
a challenge, but I want to make this good for her, too. What is
it she wants exactly?"

"In a nutshell, she wants to watch a pretty, sexy doll like you
sink to the lowest depths a girl can sink to, then wallow there.
She don't want to see no trailer trash slut do a mutt; she wants
to see a lady, and the younger the better. If you ask me, that is
what the mutt thing is all about. Ain't nothing lower unless we
get you in the hog waller to waller with a hog."

"Yuck. She won't force that on me...will she?"

"I won't put nothin' past her. I got hogs that'll fuck you, too,
and friends that'll piss on you while you're getting' hog-fucked
while hog-tied."

"Damn. Tougher than I thought."

"Yeah, and she'll want your folks to know what she's doin' to you
after she has you under control, and they can't do a damn thing
about it because she has you hooked solid."

This news piqued her interest, which was reflected in arched
brows over wide eyes as she said, "Hooked, huh?"

"She thinks a girl can get hooked on that shit, at least hooked
on being a bitch to a mutt like Ole Blue. From what I saw, she's
right, at least about you."

Vanessa smiled and said, "There's nothing to it after you lose
your pride, but tell me more about her plans regarding my
parents. Does she plan to call them, write them, what?"

"She won't call or write, but she'd love to send them pictures
and videos on a regular basis once she has you good and hooked,
shameless and performing in a crowd."

"That is diabolical and dastardly...but very doable. I'm already
hooked on Ole Blue. I'll pose for any pictures and videos she
wants. I'll even mail them. To tell you the truth, I rather like
the idea. I think my parents will get off on them. I know my
father will if just to see me naked and get a good look at my
pussy. He has seen my tits but not my pussy. I have always been
very shy about my pussy, but not at all shy about showing my

"You got great tits, but the pussy is better."

"I agree. I know he'd love to see me naked with a shaved-bald
pussy the way I showed it to you - wide open - like a whore would
- and proud. I am proud of my pussy - my cunt. I am now. I love
having you look right at my open cunt, seeing everything,
watching me play with it and finger it."

"Then scoot around where I can see that sexy twat."

She smiled and moved her chair, then made him a seated beaver,
smilingly saying, "Like this?"

"Yeah. Pretend I have a video camera trained on you and we're
making a video to send to yer daddy. What would you tell him?"

She smiled a naughty-girl smile, thought, then said, "Look at my
cunt, Daddy. Doesn't my cunt look sexy? Wouldn't you love to fuck
it and cum in it. I wish you would. I have wanted you to fuck me
since my first pubic hair came in, and I know you wanted to even
before that. Now you can, and you can cum inside my pussy.
Anybody can. Even dogs can. Dogs do. A dog did. I'm a bitch,
Daddy, a bitch slut."

Earl excitedly said, "Damn, girl, I gotta get the camera and get
this shit on tape. This is too good to waste. If you are serious
about doing this, hold that pose."

"I'm serious. I'll hold the pose and think of more good dialogue.
He'll fly down and fuck me after he gets this tape. I had best
come up with something for Mom, or she'll fly down and drag me

He was off at a trot and returned with a camera perched on his
shoulder. He took his seat before Vanessa and zoomed in on her
beaver while she pulled herself wide open. She again began her
dialogue with her unseen daddy, saying, "Do you remember all the
lame excuses you used to get a good long look and feel of my
growing tits. I sure do. What do you think of them, now? Not bad,
huh? I'd like to nurse you on one and Mom on the other. Actually,
I'd like to nurse on Mom - nurse on her sexy pussy. Yes, I'd love
a taste of her sexy pussy. She'd probably let me suck on her cunt
if she knew I was an animal's mate, and I am. I suck Ole Blue and
fuck him, and do it in a crowd. I'm quite an amusement,
especially when I use my sexy, white, Yankee pussy to suck the
cum out of large black balls while I suck the canine cum from a
dog's big cock...ummm, yummy dog cum. I love the stuff, and
people love to watch me dine on dog while I masturbate for them
like this."

He stopped taping to say, "This is great, Vanessa. More! Give me

When he resumed taping, she said, "Yes, watch me play with my
horny cunt...ummm, good. I love masturbating in front of
an audience, and these people love watching a sexy Yankee girl
play with her pussy and fuck herself like a shameless slut. I
wish you were both here so you could see, feel, smell, and taste
this pussy. I wish you were here to show me off."

Stopping the tape to cut the sound, he said, "Yes, invite them."

Now rolling again, she said, "I'm sure the Wilson's would love to
have you as house guests, but you could not interfere with their
plans for me. They own me, and you must accept that. I sure do. I
am Earl Wilson's whore and Edna Wilson's bitch. They keep me very
busy, and they are making me very popular, especially with the
blacks. Earl is breeding me to the blacks. Isn't that exciting? I
sure think so. This pussy of mine goes absolutely bonkers over
dark meat. You must see that. I embarrass myself when I get a big
hunk of black cock up my cunt. You simply must see that, Mother.
You'd be proud."

Earl set the camera on the table while wearing a huge grin. He
then knelt to give Vanessa a big kiss in the cunt, which she
thoroughly enjoyed while saying, "I take it I did good."

He came up for air to say, "You did great, and you have a thing
for the niggers, don't you?"

"Blacks, and I think I do. I never thought I did, but the idea of
one of them getting me pregnant sure makes my pussy wet. I know
one thing for sure. That will get my mom down here in a hurry."

While getting back in his seat, he said, "Hates them, does she?"

"Hardly. She cheats. I caught her in the act seven times with
eight different black men over the years. There were many more
that I never witnessed. Seven was the tip of the iceberg."

"What does your old man think of her hobby?"

"I don't know, but he must know, and he is still married to her.
I'm sure he caught her more than I did. She tried like hell not
to get caught by me, but she wasn't careful around Daddy. She
tried to get caught by him. That was how I always caught her. She
was expecting him and I showed up instead. I'll tell you
something else. A black man won't stop fucking a white woman just
because her daughter walks in. If anything, he'll make sure she
gets a good view. I got to see some great fucking up close. I
wasn't shy about looking at a scene like that, and I was six when
I first saw it. I came right up and stared."

"How old were you the last time you saw it?"

"Seventeen. She had two in the room with her. I got too close.
One grabbed me and raped me right beside her. That was rape and
got ugly. Fortunately, he was the smallest black I ever saw. I
didn't enjoy it - not because he was small. He wasn't, but I

"Did your mom enjoy watching?"

"She stripped me for them and helped subdue me, but when I
fought, she tried to stop them. They both raped me and hurt me,
so I doubt she enjoyed watching that. To add insult to injury,
after he pulled out, they shoved her face in it and made her eat
it. I was horrified but I just laid there in tears with my legs
wide and watched my mother eat my fucked pussy - my sore,
ex-virgin pussy I might add."

"Was she any good?"

"She got into it after a while, and she tried to make me have an
orgasm. There was no way, not after what they put me through, but
I did enjoy watching her do that, especially after I could tell
she liked doing it and she was trying to turn them on. She really
got into it, and I do believe that was her first taste of pussy.
They had us for over an hour after raping me for an hour. She ate
my pussy for most of that hour, ate it while they fucked her. I
didn't mind that at all. They reversed her over me and fucked her
right over my face. That was messy, but god, what a view."

"Did she ever eat you again after that?"

"No, she was too embarrassed. That rape was her fault, and she
suffered great guilt for eventually joining in. They fucked my
pussy; she fucked my face. She never mentioned that incident...or
reported it. That never happened, but I never forgot. When she
sees that tape, she'll know I never forgot, and she'll know I
want to return the favor. She'll be here with or without Daddy,
but he'll be here with bells on, and you can rest assured that
they won't interfere. I think they'll be thrilled by all of this,
but by breeding me to blacks most of all."

"We won't disappoint them then. Now, lets add some doggie footage
and see how they like that."

"Lead the way, Master."

"I like the sound of that."

"You know, so do I."

                             * * *

Edna came home from work just as they were wrapping up the doggie
scenes. She came out the back door and saw Ole Blue getting his
nut in Vanessa's pussy while she lay on her back and fucked back
like a missionary's wife. Edna squealed as she ran and dove to
her knees at Vanessa's hip to see up-close and personal the
dramatic cum scene, awed at the way Vanessa's now shaved-bald
pussy seemed to be sucking on that fat mutt dong. Earl gave
Vanessa a complete shave, but that was Vanessa's idea. They taped
that scene as well. 

Earl had filled a full hour of tape when Edna arrived, then taped
another with Edna directing. She got her pussy in on the action,
and Vanessa got her first taste of pussy. Pussy was better than
she thought, even though the pussy did piss. Eating a pissing
pussy wasn't as disgusting as she thought it would be. She even
swallowed some on purpose.

Edna was a trip, like a naughty girl most of the time. When she
learned that the tape was for Vanessa's parents, she got nasty
and wet. She ended up naked and flea-infested. Ole Blue had
himself two naked bitches on the ground and wasn't picky. Edna
got mounted and penetrated a few times, but made Earl stop him
each time.

After filling the tape with decadence, Earl hosed the bitches off
and they all went in the house. Edna toweled Vanessa; Vanessa
toweled Edna; Earl sat and watched wearing an amused grin,
stroking a tired erection. At one point, Edna looked over and
said, "I knew you'd get carried away, you horny old buzzard.
You're just lucky she's an animal lover."

He said, "You are. I'm lucky she's a whore."

"EARL! Don't call her that!"

"Why not. She is a whore. Ask her."

Edna looked to Vanessa while drying her hair. Vanessa shrugged
and said, "I must be. I'm still here, aren't I?"

"I figured you would be, but do you honestly see yourself as a
whore just because that horny old goat forced himself on you?"

"I wasn't at first, but I seduced him the second time."

"How, by turning your back on him."

"No. [Eyeing the cock] Would you like me to show you?"

Earl said, "Yeah, let her show you."

Edna said, "You've had enough. [looking to Vanessa] So have you.
If your parents were here, they'd spank you."

"If my parents were here, Mom would be on that cock and Dad would
be fucking me."

"Really! Are they swingers?"

"I don't think so, not in the classic sense, but my Mom swings
and my dad pushes the swing."

"So, are we actually going to send them that tape?"

"You package it. I'll address it and put the postage on it."

"And you honestly think they'll like what they see? I find that
difficult to believe."

"To be honest, I'm not sure, but I suspect they will love what
they see unless bestiality turns them off. I don't think it does.
My mother has sampled a few dogs in her day."

This piqued Edna's interest. She said, "Oh really, and what makes
you think so?"

"I have seen her emerge from her bedroom with too many male
neighborhood dogs to think she was just in there petting them.
They had wet groins and she looked like a freshly-fucked bitch.
She always looked guilty as hell."

"I thought she was high society, a classy lady."

"She is, but my mother is also a whore, Edna. I have known that
for many years."

Earl offered, "Her momma has a thing for the niggers and likes
getting caught by the old man. Vanessa caught her in the act
seven times with eight different niggers - or was it eight times
with seven different niggers."

Vanessa said, "Seven with eight. I think she'd fuck anything, but
I have only caught her with black men. I'm very familiar with her
guilty look. She fucks dogs, but dogs won't arrange to get caught
in the act. I have never seen her coupled with a dog, but I have
seen her walk them right past me and into the bedroom.
Neighborhood dogs used to scratch at our back door. There were
times she couldn't refuse them. She'd swallow her pride, let the
horny mutt in, lead him off, fuck his hind legs off the ground,
then lead him out while giving me her guilty look, but guilty
looks were only in the early days. I haven't seen a guilty look
since growing my first pubic hair."

Amused, Edna said, "Well, no wonder you took to the bone so
readily. Bitch is in your blood. I can't wait to meet the momma

Earl said, "Whore is in her blood, too. I can't wait to meet the
momma whore."

Vanessa stood in the open, completely nude with her arms out,
saying, "I am a bitch whore. I won't fight it any longer. Do with
me as you see fit. I want to serve both of you in any way that
amuses you. If my parents were here, they would encourage you,
help you, even join you and probably thank you for doing
something they could never do. My dad tried for many years, and
my mom arranged to get me raped. I wish they had tried harder.
Then again, if they had, I probably would not have married Gary
or be here right now."

Edna said, "Well, I'm glad they didn't try hard enough. We'll
show them how it's done. Earl, let's get that tape in the mail,
and let's invite a few folks over to meet the new Vanessa."

"Fine by me, but I think she'll get stage fright if we put her on
stage this soon."

Edna looked to Vanessa for her thoughts. Vanessa said, "I might.
The idea does scare the hell out of me, but do what you want to
do. I'll get stage fright no matter when you do it, so I see no
point in putting it off. I'll do whatever I'm told to do - I
think - I hope. There's one way to find out."

Edna said, "Well, I can't wait, so we'll find out sooner than
later. Earl, you call Lester and get his brood over here around
eight. I'll call a few of my friends and family. We'll have us a
little floor show out in the barn, so move the tractor and make a
space with some hay bales set around it in a circle, enough to
seat fourteen maybe eighteen."

Earl said, "Ole Blue is petered out. We should do this tomorrow

"I'll see that we have fresh mutts, enough for a good floor

"I'll invite Toby Smith. I gotta see this bitch fuck a nigger."

"Stop calling her names, Earl."

Vanessa said, "The names he calls me makes my pussy wet - see."

Enda dipped her head to look at the wetness Vanessa showed in a
standing beaver with knees bowed out and the lips pulled open.
She smiled and said, "We do want a wet pussy. [slipping a finger
in] My, but you are a horny little bitch, aren't you?"

"Yes, and I'll be very wet if you breed me to a large black man
tonight. Make that the warmup act and you'll have a great bitch
to amuse your friends with."

"Relatives mostly. Lester is my nephew, Gary's cousin. He has a
brood, four boys and three girls."

"Kids! You're bringing kids over here!"

"They see plenty of fucking. Lester offers beer and pussy to
every dick that stops by. He'll make his wife strip down and fuck
right on the living room floor. The only thing he can't get her
to do is fuck a mutt, but she'd sure like to see it done. Who

Clearly shocked, Vanessa said with narrowed, questioning eyes,
"Does she want her children to see that too?"

"Why not. They see everything else. Why, does that bother you?"

"Well, yes. I assumed there would only be adults."

"You assumed wrong, and their kids won't be the only younguns
there. We may need seating for two dozen with more than half
being kids. [looking to Earl] We should invite Bill and his
bunch. They'd get a big kick out of this, and Sally don't care
what they see."

Vvv cried, "Edna, no, not kids!"

"Don't worry. The kids'll love it - all of it - the nastier, the
better. I might just get naked for them and feed you some pussy -
maybe give you a drink."

"Now, I'm getting stage freight and cold feet."

Edna insinuated a finger into Vanessa's pussy again while saying,
"Your pussy is still wet."

"My pussy will soon go the way of my feet."

Edna drew the slimy finger out of Vanessa's pussy and stuck it in
vvv's mouth while saying, "At eight sharp, your feet are going to
the barn if we have to drag you feet first."

Earl said, "Edna, you're pushing too hard. Let her ease into this
shit. What's your hurry?"

"She said it herself. Waiting won't help, and I have big plans
that have waited too long as it is. I have me a show bitch and a
cunt sucker. It's show time, Earl."

Earl looked to the nervous Vanessa and shrugged, saying, "Once
Edna gets her mind set on something, it sets like concrete on a
hot dry day. Don't fight her, Vanessa. She can get ugly."

One look at the stern set of Edna's features proved Earl's words.
When Edna extracted the finger, Vanessa took a seat and laid her
head in her hands with elbows resting on her knees. Edna came
over, patted her back, and said, "Remember, you are a bitch
whore. Your momma is a bitch whore. Make her proud."

Vanessa looked up with worry lines etching her pretty face. This
time, those words did not make her pussy wet, and she wondered if
her mother would be proud. Not likely unless there were a slower
buildup and no minors involved. The tape suddenly seemed like a
terrible idea, a dumb idea, too shocking to be a turn-on, but
that tape would be going out as surely as her feet would walk to
the barn, cold or not. The pussy would follow, ready or not. A
black man would fuck it, like it or not. A very pissed-off Marine
seemed very likely, but how does a girl back out of something
like this?

Vanessa saw no easy way. She knew she brought this whole thing on
by being so willing and eager to please her in-laws. She never
dreamed they would be this difficult to please. This was heavy
skit, kinky shit, life altering shit that could and would likely
produce a life that their marriage didn't need at this point - or
any point if the bastard came out black. Her parents might not
even take her in after the Marine dumped her cheating, whore,
nigger-loving ass. What then?

Edna obviously didn't care. Earl cared, but he cared more about
his dick and getting payback. Vanessa saw no help, no mercy, and
no easy way out of a mess her pussy got her into. Her pussy had
always been so good about keeping her out of messes. Now, her
pussy was the driving force on the road to ruin. It still was.
Her pussy wanted to do a floor show and was still wet and hot
long after her feet went cold and dry.

Vanessa suddenly realized that Edna had her pussy poised in her
face, rudely poised close, expecting oral attention. Vanessa
looked up to a face grinning down. That face wore an expression
that clearly said, "Eat my cunt, bitch!"

Vanessa swallowed hard and lowered her eyes to the thrusting
crotch, now inches from her nose. With a sigh of surrender,
Vanessa went in and began lapping like the bitch she felt like
and got her head patted. Her own pussy liked that bitch pat and
the "good bitch" that followed. Vanessa saw no reason why she
shouldn't play with her own excited pussy and did so. She would
soon be doing far worse and doing it in front of children. It
didn't take long before Vanessa went to her knees, clutched ass,
and gave Edna a good cunt sucking, and it didn't take Edna long
to piss. This time, Vanessa drank every drop and nursed hungrily
on a pissing cunt, which thrilled the cunt's owner. 

Smiling Edna looked to her awed husband as she pissed into a
sucking mouth, saying, "I'm filling this fucking bitch with piss,
Earl. Look at her drinking from my cunt. Didn't I tell you she
would? Do I know women or what?"

Earl just watched while shaking his head in disbelief. This was
how Edna wanted it done. Vanessa did it right, then sucked an
orgasm out of the excited woman, then ate that rich spend from
the hole as Edna cocked one leg and offered the slobbery hole
while taunting, "That's it! Eat that cunt slop like a good bitch.
Get it all, every slimy drop. Do this good and you might get

Earl got on his knees to watch Vanessa orally attack his wife's
fuck hole as though trying for seconds. Earl never saw Edna act
that way or show her fuck hole to anyone. Even after turning
whore, she never acted like one, not that he ever saw. He saw a
side of Edna he never saw before, the underside, an interesting
view of Edna. Vanessa certainly seemed to enjoy what she was
doing, or she made it look that way. She had Edna convinced, and
Edna never had a female lick her pussy. He was pretty sure about
that. She'd brag about it if she had. Any female who might be
inclined knew that. Edna liked talking about sex and she would
name names. Sooner or later, every guy she fucked got back to

Earl knew she'd use this floor show to show off. She'd show off
her sexy show bitch, but she also had a sexy cunt sucker to show
off and a sexy cunt that went with it. Edna was as proud of her
cunt as Vanessa was of her more youthful one. Edna's cunt was a
beauty and shaved bald, a bit on the large side but full and
fleshy, very attractive. Her cunt never looked better than with
Vanessa's pretty pink tongue in it or those luscious lips pursed
around Edna's fleshy clit. Edna loved showing her cunt this way,
that was obvious as hell.

Earl could not help but admire his wife this way. She was like a
sex goddess, and Vanessa treated her like one. Vanessa did all
she could to get Edna to cum again, eager for more nectar of
goddess. Earl looked up and caught Edna's smiling eyes as she
said, "I'm showing my cunt like this tonight. I'm going to show
it like this every chance I get. You better get used to the idea.
I'm not hiding anything on this body, but especially not the best
part, the part I fuck with. It pays to advertise, Earl, and I'm
advertising. This little slut will help me advertise. She sure
makes it look good, doesn't she?"

"She does, no argument there, but can you live like Gloria?"

"Sure. The question is, can you live like Lester?"

Good question. He was sure to find out. Edna set her cocked leg
down and pushed Vanessa's head out of her crotch. She took
Vanessa by the wet jaws and lifted her face to say, "Don't
disappoint me tonight or I'll take a strap to your sexy ass. My
guess is you've never even been spanked. Am I right?"

Vanessa gulped and said, "You're right."

Edna smiled and said, "You won't like it."

"I believe you."

"Will you be good tonight? I'm taping this for Mommy and Daddy.
They'll be getting two tapes, and I want the second to be better
than the first. The first will be hard to top."

"Not if you breed me to a black man and get good close-ups of the
cum shot."

"You'll get your nigger, you little whore. We'll see that you get
all the niggers you want and all the nigger cum you want, but you
better be good with the mutts and be extra good to my pussy. You
make my pussy look good, and see that those younguns get a good
look at it. They're all dying to see what I have between my legs,
and I'm dying to show them. See they get a good long look. Don't
bury your face in it like you do. Lick and do some sucking, but
see that they get a good look. Open it up with your fingers and
spend time on my asshole while you hold it open. I want them to
memorize it, all of it - got that?"

Vanessa got that and could relate to a woman who was proud of her
pussy, but not for kids. That made no sense, but Vanessa knew
what she had to do and nodded her understanding, which brought a
smile from her difficult master, the one that would take a strap
to her sexy ass. Edna released her and walked off and out of
sight. Vanessa got to her feet with Earl's help, then stood there
as he whispered, "She done gone off the deep end, but you done
good, kiddo."

"Why does she want to show her pussy to kids?"

"Beats me, except they do talk and she's into advertising. Don't
sweat those kids. They're a nasty bunch, the lot of them, and the
girls are as bad as the boys - sluts, the lot of them - fucking
brothers, cousins, fathers. Bill and Lester don't give a shit
what they fuck or what fucks them. If Gloria ain't around, Lester
will have his eight-year-old strip down and give out pussy. He
has three that'll fuck at the drop of a hat or one that looks
ready to drop. The thirteen-year-old ain't half bad, either."

"Are we in the Ozarks?"

"Shit no. Ain't no hills around here. Why do you ask a silly
question like that?"

"Nothing...just something I read. They have close families too."

"We ain't like that, but Edna wants to change that. She likes the
way Bill and Lester raise younguns - course, they both married
sluts. She likes that and was hoping Gary would. Something tells
me he didn't."

Vanessa took a seat and Earl did likewise. She said, "He didn't
marry one, but he has one now. He can thank his mother."

"He might."

"I doubt that. If Gary had wanted a slut, he would not have been
interested in me. I was anything but. We didn't even have sex on
our honeymoon, and not until months after the honeymoon, and I
don't think he liked it when he finally got it. I know I didn't.
It showed, too."

"Something changed you."

"Yes, and I'm still trying to figure that out. I'm not sure what
I am, but I do know this - my damn pussy has been awakened and it
wants to get out and play."

"Yeah, with a bunch of niggers."

"Blacks, and that makes no sense whatsoever since I have spent my
life trying to avoid them...except when they are fucking my
mother. I can't resist watching that."

"How come it's so hard for you to understand younguns wanting to
see fucking?"

Vanessa had to think about that, then smiled and said, "Good
point. I enjoyed it most when I was six."

"There you go. These younguns do love to watch fuckin' and they
never saw nothin' as pretty as you taking a dick in a pussy as
fine as you got."

She smiled warmly, took his hands in hers, and said, "You say the
sweetest things."

"It's the gospel truth. Ain't nobody around here seen anything as
pretty as you getting down and dirty like trailer trash. Most
would kill to get a look at your bare fanny in poor light."

She blushed, playfully smacked his arm, and said, "Earl, stop it.
You make me blush."

He smiled and pinched her cheek, saying, "Looks pretty on you,
but not as pretty as these lips on Edna's clit. Damn, that was a

"You did seem enthralled. Haven't you seen that pussy enough, or
was it seeing a woman suck on it?"

"Both. You may not believe this, but Edna never has let me look
inside her cunt lips."

Astonished, Vanessa said, "Never!"

"Nope, not till just a while ago, and a few times while we was
shooting out back. I'm telling you, she has flipped over a new
leaf because of you - a whole bushel full."

"Well, she is flipping my leaves by the bushel. I can only
imagine what I'll be like three, six, maybe nine months from

"You'll be three, six, or nine months pregnant with a nigger
bastard in your belly."

"Black bastard."

"Suit yourself, but around here, they'll call your baby a nigger
bastard even if it's a girl."

"Then we won't be living around here. Why am I saying
Gary would keep me."

"He'll keep you. If he don't, we'll keep you."

"On a leash."

"Not always."

"As good as that sounds, I prefer my freedom in a cooler climate
without fleas," she said while scratching. Earl just smiled. 

Edna came back still nude. She had been on the phone and said,
"Okay, I spoke with Lester and Bill. They're both coming with all
their younguns and the sluts. Ginger and Fran will be here and
they'll bring two mutts each. Fred and Barbara can't make it
tonight, but they'll be here tomorrow. Barbara suggested I call

"Angie Wilkerson?"

"Do you know any other?"

"Why would Barbara suggest you call Angie?"

"She wouldn't say, but she insisted I make her the same
invitation and lay it all out for her. I called Angie, made the
invitation, and laid it all out for her. She said Fred's out of
town but she'd like to come. I told her she had to bring the

Earl said, "She don't want to see this that bad, does she?"

"She's coming, and she's bringing them, and I made her swear not
to say shit about anything they do or gets done to them, so this
is your chance to nail sweet Rebecca."


"Keep her all night if you want. Angie swore on the Holy Bible,
and she knows damn well that Rebecca's pussy is her ticket to see
a sex show."

"Fuck! You gotta be shittin' me. Is Angie into mutts that much?"

"No, she's into watching Vanessa eat my pussy the way I described
it done. She wants a good look at my pussy, and Vanessa's pussy,
and any other pussy that wants out, including Rebecca's. She's
into pussy, Earl, but she's too chicken to get her tongue in one
that might blab. I'll bet you any amount of money she's had her
tongue in Rebecca's more times than she can count. I'd bet a

Vanessa said, "How old is this Rebecca?"

Earl said, "Sweet sixteen and never been fucked, the cutest thing
in these parts till you showed up. Rebecca won the Miss Boll
Weevil beauty contest, the first ever sixteen-year-old. She's the
current Miss Boll Weevil, and she'll likely be Miss Boll Weevil
for years unless you run against her. Even then, it'd be a close

Edna said, "That fucking kid is gorgeous, vvv, flat fuckin'
gorgeous. They dropped the running age two years just so she
could enter the contest."

Earl said, "If Angie is into pussy, she's damn sure eating that

Edna took Vanessa by the jaw and said, "You're eating that one.
Somehow, someway, you get that girl to spread her legs for you.
Get her all lathered up, get her naked, and pull her on top of
you. When you have her good, I'll get a mutt mounted on her. You
see she holds for it. Hold her tight and shut her up with

"No, please no. I can't."

"You better or I'll strap you out there."

"Please, don't make me do that."

"You're doing it and that's final - doing it or suffering the
consequences. [looking to Earl] You get hold of Toby and tell him
to bring a few of his nigger buddies. I can tell she needs a good

Earl said, "Edna, you're fuckin' up. Can't you see that?"

Edna reached between Vanessa's legs, inserted two middle fingers
deep into a soupy twat, then drew them out and said, "Stick a
finger up this slut and tell me I'm fuckin up. Do it. She wants
you to. Look how she's sitting, legs wide, begging a finger. She
wants you to feel how wet she is. She wants you to see what a
lying slut she is - do anything for big fat nigger dick. Feel,
Earl. Make her happy, then get her some niggers."

Earl stared at the inviting crotch Vanessa displayed. Her legs
were wide but yawned while Edna spoke. Earl reached and entered.
That was one soupy twat on one excited young woman who appeared
eager to prove what a lying slut she was. His fingers melted her
bringing a smile to Edna who said to the squirming slut, "Will
you get me that girl, now?"

Vanessa gave a dreamy-eyed smile and said, "Yes. I'll get her for
you, and hold her for you. Just keep her mother occupied while I
get her little girl ready to serve as a dog's bitch."

"Leave Angie to me. Just see that Rebecca holds for it, and if
Earl wants to knock off a piece, hold her for that, too."

Earl said to Edna, "If you can keep Angie out of this, I'll knock
off a piece, a good piece, right in front of her
Sunday-school-teachin' ass."

"She expects you to. She'll be disappointed if you don't, or if
she don't get to see it. Don't worry about that. In fact, maybe
you should go first. Rebecca might be virgin, Earl. Shame to
waste virgin pussy on a mutt."

"If I know Fred, she ain't no virgin."

"Well, I know Fred and she might as well be. There's pussy in
that girl that ain't never been fucked."

"I'll sure nuff fuck it for her."

"Then go first. Fuck the fight out of her. Do it right, and she
won't need holding."

Vanessa said, "Do it right, Earl. Go easy."

"I know how to fuck a virgin, Vanessa. I ain't no dumbass

"Dumbass black."

Edna said, "Toby will be bringing dumbass niggers. That's all he
knows, but they are black."

Vanessa smiled and said, "As long as they're black, I have no

She did have it bad for the niggers.

                                * * *

By eight in the evening, the barn area was full of excited people
and most were kids, fourteen in all and twelve adults. Toby
brought along three friends. Vanessa watched her audience from
the kitchen window. They waited outside the wide-open doors where
the air was cooler. Most of the kids appeared to be in their
teens, though early teens. 

Rebecca was easy to spot - long dark hair, a teen model's body,
gorgeous and could hold her own in any contest of beauty except a
wet T-shit contest. She wore a sexy dress to watch a sex show
with two younger brothers and a mother who looked just as pretty
though a bit on the heavy side. Angie was not unattractively
heavy, just meaty. Her frame went well with her large tits.
Rebecca did not get her mother's tits. All she got was the face.

Most striking on Rebecca was a gorgeous set of legs that looked
bare, hinting at a gorgeous pussy below a wisp of a waist. Her
brothers were brats, and they eventually revealed a secret.
Rebecca wore no panties to this show, and that didn't look like
it was her idea. The audience loved what they saw. That drove the
boys on. The mother did nothing about that, but did smack Rebecca
on the arm when Rebecca defended herself too hard. It wasn't a
mean or hard slap, but the slap did demonstrate whose side she
favored, which tipped the balance of power in favor of thebrats.

That took most of the fight out of the girl as it gave brats
courage. They were determined to keep her dress up, front and
back. Rebecca only offered token resistance, not enough to do any
good or draw parental disapproval. The girl had a lovely ass -
tight and cotton-tailed. Vanessa didn't see the pussy until
Rebecca turned away from the crowd to hide it or show her ass for
a change. Facing about didn't hide it. Facing about just showed
Vanessa the cutest little muff barely hiding a puffy littleslit.

This was the warm-up act that also served to warm-up Rebecca and
her mother. That mother was very proud of her sexy daughter. Vvv
got the impression that Rebecca wasn't all that shy about showing
ass and pussy, but was very tit-shy. She defended those and drew
parental disapproval each time she did. The daughter eventually
did nothing effective to hide her delights and soon had her dress
pushed up into her arm pits, showing tits and all. When that
happened and Rebecca had no more secrets to defend, she stopped
all defensive actions and simply stood there. She didn't look
proud or ashamed, just resigned and powerless. 

She had her mother to thank for her predicament. The mother
looked pleased and proud once Rebecca showed signs of
resignation, standing tall and straight, letting all the people
gawk at her intimate charms, not even shying away from those that
dipped heads to look between her legs from front and rear. They
all did that, but the kids were the worst. Earl was right. The
girls were as bad as the boys and just as interested in Rebecca's
pussy. The tits and ass were flawless, but the pussy had to be
flawless perfection the way they carried on. 

Vanessa was eager to see that pussy, and eager to lick it. The
boys already were and seemed to be daring each other, going at it
from the rear. Her pussy showed best from the rear. Even with her
legs together, they had a full slit to lick. Rebecca tried to
stop that, but her mother would have none of that and delivered a
sharp smack to white ass cheeks. She went a step further by using
her strong leg to move one of Rebecca's thin ones out about
thirty inches. That gave the boys a good pussy to lick. 

Rebecca stood there and took a licking while her mom divested her
of the dress, then went to her knees to free Rebecca of shoes,
leaving her daughter completely naked and at the mercy of
merciless boys for the amusement of adults and giggling girls.
The adults strongly approved and praised the mother. If Rebecca
had any doubts as to why she was there, they quickly vanished.

Vanessa saw six dogs in the mix. The dogs were being held back
until Angie stripped Rebecca naked. After the mother did that to
the girl, one by one, the dogs were turned loose. They were all
interested in Rebecca and allowed in to sniff and lick until dogs
replaced all boys. The dogs went at her from every quarter, but
Rebecca held steady and took the six-pronged assault. Angie
didn't count on this but wasn't about to be a party pooper with
mutts being so popular, and mutts on a helpless beauty being a
big hit with the hostess who stood with a firm arm around the
mother to see that she kept to her promise and didn't interfere
with anything being done to her kids - ANYTHING.

Vanessa couldn't see Rebecca's face, but the crowd loved it. They
were soon urging Rebecca to get on her hands and knees. Edna
whispered something to the mother, then began urging her to act
on what was whispered. Angie didn't want to. She protested and
resisted, but the crowd began urging. She resisted that, too, but
was weakening. 

Rebecca could see her mom was under pressure and weakening. She
seemed to be begging with her eyes, trying to give her strength.
Rebecca did not want to go down. She knew what that meant.
Everyone did, but the mother eventually came over and took
Rebecca by the scruff of the neck and applied pressure while
saying something, probably, "I'm sorry, Rebecca." Or "I must," or
"You must," or "Please forgive Mommy, but get down on your knees
and let these animals fuck you."

She said something that made Rebecca bend her knees and sink,
then go forward onto stiff arms to await the inevitable. One got
mounted right away, but couldn't seem to find the mark right
away. When he did, Rebecca's head shot up. That had to be a good

Vanessa wanted to be there. This was supposed to be her show, but
they were starting without her. On one level, she was grateful
for more time to gather courage, on another, she was ready, very
ready. All she could do was watch and wait to be called - and
finger her pussy.

Earl watched Rebecca take three dogs, then left the crowd to
return to the house. He wasn't to fetch the star bitch, Edna was,
but Vanessa was eager to talk to him, so she opened the door for
him, saying, "What's going on? This wasn't in the script!"

He entered wearing a smile, saying, "Are you jealous?"

"Well, sorta."

"Look, you'll still go on stage, but we have all waited a long
time to see Rebecca get down and dirty. Angie is in a rare mood,
hornier than a three-peckered billy goat and looking to party
with Fred out of town. She's going for it and Edna wants to
strike while the iron is hot. I don't know what her mother told
her, but she wasn't forced down. She went down. She's being a
good bitch, now. She guided the third one in. She's into it, now.
So is her mom. Angie wants her to stay there and fuck 'em all."

"We need more dogs, then. Damnit, I want some too. I am so
fucking horny."

Earl felt and said, "You sure are. Those niggers are all fired
up. They're all yours. Don't you want 'em?"

"Hell yes, I want them, all four. Let me at them."

"I'd love to, but this is Edna's show. You'll have to wait, and I
think you'll wait until Rebecca finishes all the dogs."

"Fuck!" Vanessa moved to the window and said, "She's still
fucking number three. She's dragging this out."

Earl came to look over her shoulder and said, "She's in no
position to drag anything out. He's just slow."

"She could help things along if she tried."

"Looks to me like she is trying. She's leaning into it."

"Yeah, but she's not wiggling, just leaning. She's dragging this
out, the slut."

Earl laughed and said, "I wish you could see yourself. There's no
doubt what you are."

"I'm horny, Earl, just plain horny. This is killing me. Fuck me,

"Sorry, I'm saving this load for Rebecca."


"Easy, girl."

"NO! If you guys wanted her so much, why did you go after me and
get me all worked up."

"We want you both."

"Well, I don't want to share this with anyone. I will not be part
of a harem."

"Vanessa, calm down."

"Fuck you, and fuck Edna, and fuck her damn strap. I'm getting
dressed and I'll be leaving in the morning. I want the tape."


Facing him with a stern set, Vanessa demanded, "Earl, give me
that damn tape!"

"Vanessa, I dropped it off at the post office when I went looking
for Toby. You said mail it. I mailed it."

"EARL! No!"

"I'm sorry."

Vanessa began pacing, saying, "Oh fuck! I can't believe this
shit. I am so screwed."

"You didn't think so when we made the tape."

"Well, I exaggerated. I assumed. I don't know. I do know this.
That tape will change everything between me and my parents. I
don't know what they want. I got mixed signals from both of them
all my life. They raised me to be the perfect lady and tried to
fuck me or get me fucked at the same time. Mom did get me fucked.
I'm pretty sure about that, and I think she did that just to have
an excuse to eat my pussy or fuck right over my face. She also
tried like hell to get me interested in the dogs. I didn't tell
you this, but she always came out naked and leaking cum down both
legs. She never let me see her fuck them, but she made sure I
knew. Believe me, I knew, and I was interested, veryinterested."

"Then what's the problem?"

"I don't know, but I can't pretend to be a lady anymore, can I?"

"You're not one, so why pretend you are. Your mother doesn't
pretend to be a lady, does she?"

"Yes, very much so...well, most of the time. I don't know. She
does and doesn't; is and isn't. I'm so confused."

Edna stuck her head in the door and said, "Earl, you're up. Angie
wants to see you fuck Rebecca, and she wants you to cum in her
pussy. How 'bout them apples?"

"Edna, Vanessa wants out. She won't be part of a harem."

"Fine, let her go. I've got my show bitch. She's perfect, Earl,
perfect, and Angie is eating this shit up and so is Rebecca. She
wants your big cock, so get a move on."

With that, she left with Earl right behind her, leaving Vanessa
to sit and ponder her future."

                               * * *

Vanessa arrived home ahead of the tape and tried to intercept it,
but so was her mother. Both grabbed it, which only made her
mother all the more curious, determined to see it, and see it
with Vanessa. She made Vanessa take a seat on the sofa while she
unwrapped the tape and put it in the VCR. She then took a seat
beside Vanessa and sat like a lady.

Vanessa wanted to die when that first scene opened with her
beaver and her showing it like a whore, talking to her unseen
daddy. The mother sat mesmerized, not even blinking, mouth open,
hands folded over her lap, staring, just staring.

They sat through the whole two hours that way, neither saying a
word as the most decadent filth they ever saw played out before
their eyes. Vanessa had no idea the tape was that bad, or good
depending on perspective. She found it difficult to tell what her
mother's perspective was. She did sit through the whole thing,
but didn't masturbate through it. She wasn't perfectly still, but
didn't try to rub off on the cushion either. Her face, as usual,
masked whatever passion she might be feeling. Only when being
fucked by a black could she not mask her passion. 

That was what made watching so much fun, watching her
dispassionate mother totally lose it and fuck like a whore who
didn't care that her daughter was watching. After getting caught
in the act, she simply didn't care and soon seemed as pleased
with the bizarre situation as her black lover was with a young
girl looking on with great interest. Vanessa never felt like she
wasn't welcome. She felt quite welcome. Her mother never went out
of her way to get caught except once, and that was a doozie. Her
mom came and got her, led her to the bedroom, and introduced her
to two naked black men who wanted her stripped naked for the

Vanessa thought about that day while watching the final scenes of
the tape, fully prepared to throw that awful day in her face if
her mother gave her a ration of shit about the tape. She had it
coming, too. Her mother stripped her naked for them much as Angie
did to her daughter. Vanessa took that in much the same way
Rebecca did. The result was the same. She got fucked. She got
raped, and then they played with her for an hour and her mother
was as much a part of that play scene as the men were.

Vanessa recalled how much her mother enjoyed eating pussy -
eating it and showing it off to turn the guys on. She knew how to
showoff a sexy young girl's pussy, and you would think there were
no shy and frightened daughter attached to it. Her mom didn't
care what Vanessa thought. She only thought of the men, getting
them hard, getting them to fuck, and right over Vanessa's face.
Vanessa got drenched in fuck, but that was pretty neat. The
neatest part was when her mom smothered her in fucked cunt and
wiped her face with a fucked cunt. That was a trip, and her mom
loved doing that, did that often, to excess, and in a number of
positions. She may have been encouraged by a daughter who didn't
resist that one bit, but still, after doing something like that,
she would have some nerve getting upset by a nasty movie.

Then there were the dogs her mother tried to interest her in.
That was some perverted shit, too. Mothers don't do shit like
that, but her mother did, and tried often over many years. She
was a bitch and never tried to hide that fact except to hide the
actual copulation. She let the dogs lick her pussy, before and
after going into the bedroom. Vanessa saw a lot of that, often
right in front of her - intentionally right in front of her -
good beavers and a thorough licking of a good beaver. Her mom
wanted Vanessa to watch, so Vanessa watched.

Vanessa also saw lots of cock fondling and jacking. Her mom liked
showing Vanessa the erect cocks of her canine lovers. She licked
their cocks and sucked on their cocks. She sucked some off and
swallowed their loads while making yummy sounds. She loved dog
cum and tried to get Vanessa to try some. She tried to get
Vanessa to lick some off her legs, offering the part of leg right
up near the pussy, a blatant attempt to get Vanessa to lick her
fucked pussy. Vanessa was sorely tempted, too, for that was the
only dog cum that looked appetizing, the stuff still inside the
slit. That did look good, but Vanessa always declined theoffers.

Now, Vanessa watched her mom watching her suck off a mutt and
swallow the load. No reaction, then the tape ran out. Her mom got
up and stopped the tape. She slowly turned to face Vanessa, then
moved up close. They stared off. Vanessa folded her arms. Her
mother finally broke the silence by saying, "Well, this is a
surprise. So, why are you here?"

"I couldn't go through with it. I never put on any shows or did
any blacks. I would have had I stayed."

"I see."

Her mom took a seat beside Vanessa and sat close this time, their
thighs touching. Both wore skirts, so bare flesh touched bare
flesh, and that contact was intentional. Vanessa didn't shy away
from it, so she got a hand on her leg, a stroking hand that
stroked skirt up to beyond mid thigh. Vanessa relaxed her folded
arms and let one fall to her mother's lap, right next to the
pussy. Her mom looked to that hand, then took more liberties with
Vanessa's leg while saying, "You know, we would have accepted
that invitation, and we would have recognized their rights to do
with you as they pleased."

Her mother's hand massaged inner thigh almost to the crotch of
panties, advancing skirt material as it did. Vanessa said while
watching, "I thought you might."

"Why would you think we might?"

This was a loaded question. While pondering her answer, Vanessa
thought it was time to get some leg action of her own going, so
she slid her hand to the bare leg and went up the leg on the
inside, matching what her mom was doing on her leg. They were
each one inch shy of pussy and holding as Vanessa said, "I have
often thought that you wanted to breed me to your black lovers. I
figured Daddy was all for that."

That brought a stroke to the crotch. Vanessa returned it but got
her fingers wet. Her mother had no panties on. That wasn't all
that unusual, but Vanessa expected panties not a gooey-wet naked
pussy. Hers was gooey-wet too, but under satin. Her mother kept
stroking hers, so Vanessa kept on stroking in the slit as her mom
said, "Interesting that you picked up on that."

Her mom rubbed her clit, so Vanessa toyed with her mother's clit
while saying, "So, are you saying I was right?"

"We often discussed doing just that, but mostly as a fantasy. The
idea of doing that to you turned us both on."

"Doing what exactly? Getting me pregnant?"

"Yes, by letting my black lovers fuck you without protection,
fuck you and cum inside your fertile and unprotected pussy."

Her mom went under the panties and sought the hole, so Vanessa
stuck her finger in the hole, saying, "You did that once."

"Yes, I did do that once."

Vanessa was surprised to hear her admit that. She thought, then
said, "So, was it all you thought it would be?"

"I wish you had been more cooperative, but it turned out great.
It turned out great for me. Couldn't you tell?"

They were now both into two-finger fucking. Vanessa said, "Yes, I
could tell, but why did you stop at once? I would not have been
difficult a second time."

"I always wondered. Would you have been easy?"

"I think so."

"How easy?"

"I thought often about how easy, mostly while masturbating. For
one, I would have taken off my own clothes and done it slow and
sexy, a tease, especially when I got down to panties. I would
tease them with my pussy."

"How? Describe that tease."

"Well, first, I would show them the front view, then turn away to
show my ass while bent way over. Then I would ever so slowly
reveal my pussy by lowering the panties, pausing to part the lips
with fingers, showing my tight hole, showing how wet and
receptive my hole is."

"That's a good tease and a great way to excite any man, but
blacks especially. They love a white bitch that shows her hole."

"I gathered that from the way you kept showing mine."

"I did, didn't I. Nothing excites them quite like a white mother
who shows her daughter's hole."

"I'll say."

"So, you get naked, then what?"

"I get on the bed, on my back, spread my legs wide, open the lips
to show everything, only this time, I beg for cock."

"Excellent. They love begging, but what about the cum. Last time,
you begged him not to cum inside your pussy."

"This time, I beg him to cum inside my pussy because I know how
much that turned you on when he ignored me and creamed my cunt
for me."

"Was it that obvious?"

"Yes. You held his balls. When he came, you cried, 'Yes! Yes! Cum
in her pussy. Fill her with cum, Reggie!'"

"I guess I was obvious. I didn't realize. So, knowing how much I
wanted you to offer my lovers a fertile pussy to fuck and cum in,
you were willing to offer."

"Whenever I masturbated I was. As much as I fantasized being that
cooperative, I'm sure I would have. I was fully prepared to be a
whore for you, even a pregnant whore. I resolved never to whine
about it or pressure you for an abortion, just let you decide."

"I could kick myself, now."

"There were times I wanted to kick you. There were times I wanted
to get pregnant in the worst way. I even dropped hints when I was

"They went right over my head, then."

"No shit."

"Tell me. Were you ever resolved to be a bitch?"

"YES! God yes! Why wouldn't you let me watch you fuck them?"

"I thought about it enough, but that was a bit too difficult for

"Sucking them off wasn't?"

"Not to me. That was something I did to them. Fucking was
something they did to me. That was much more demeaning and

"Well, that would have done the trick."

"Hindsight is twenty-twenty. You could have asked."

"How? I couldn't ask you that anymore than I could ask to let me
watch you fuck your lovers. I had to stumble on it - except

"Okay, I had hang-ups and was guilt-ridden, but I'm over that. My
question is, are you going to be a good daughter, or will you run
from us too?"

"You'll have to chase me off with a stick."

"Then welcome home, now get between my legs and do what you
should have done at the age of twelve."

Vanessa smiled and got on her knees before a yawning beaver, then
stared before saying, "But Mommy, there's no doggie cum."

Mommy laughed, grabbed her head, pulled her face in tight, and
said, "You little bitch. Damnit, I knew you wanted to eat it."

Vanessa was taught not to talk with her mouth full, so she
didn't. Life only got better after that. Communication was the
key. When Gary arrived on the scene, Vanessa handed him his son,
Eugene. That was not a happy Marine. They stopped communicating
and the marriage ended in divorce. You gotta communicate. 

                             The End

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