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First Post.  Reviews appreciated!

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This story is fiction, and should be treated as such.   The following
story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions
of explicit sex.  If you are under 21, or this material is illegal or
against the law where you reside, do not read any further and delete this
file immediately!


The attached story may be shared with other like-minded parties and
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work.  In addition, poster/distributor must make effort to keep all
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publication offered for sale (including, but not limited to : Books,
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authors explicit permission.  I reserve sole rights to all portions of
this text.  All rights are reserved.

"JK Kelli-Snow": Copyright (C) 2001 by author.  Contact e-mail address
below for full details.

Please CC a courtesy notification to me at should you
choose to post this story or are aware of any copyright violations.

Also, please write to my wife and I with comments, suggestions,
constructive criticism, & encouragement!  This story was made for, and
shared with my wife Kelli.  Though the story is pure fantasy, you should
get a good idea of what she is like in real life!  Flamers will be
ignored and reported to their ISP as abusers.  Responses will be given to
messages that are thoughtful and/or interesting.  Please do not mail me
for re-posts unless you have a really good reason!

Finally, remember that this is fiction & for entertainment only - in real
life, please protect your loved one and yourself by practicing safe sex.

Thanks & Enjoy...

JK Demon (

Kelli and the Seven Dwarves...(?), by JK Demon (M+/F, no dwarves!)

Chapter 3

Little Kelli ran off into the woods.  Fearful that the woodsman would
change his mind and come after her.  She didn't know why her mother-in-
law wanted her brought back to the palace, but she knew that her wrath
was not something to be taken lightly.

It probably had to deal with the Queen's son.  But the kind woodsman had
felt pity for the pretty little girl, and let her go free.

She was tired and dirty now.  She had dirt and leaves in her hair, and
scrapes and scratches on her arms and legs from running through the
brush.  Her outfit didn't help much.  Her summery short dress kept
catching on branches (exposing her little panties), and her thigh-high
stockings didn't help protect her skin at all.

She was scared and hungry, unsure of where she was going.  It felt like
she had been running for hours and hours.  She was just about to collapse
when suddenly, she came upon a small clearing.

It was a sunny, quiet clearing.  With a sparking, bubbling brook running
alongside a pretty little Cottage!

It was a cute little cottage.  Like one out of a fairy tale.  With pretty
little windows, and pink trim.  There was a small garden on the side, and
all kinds of pretty flowers growing by the house.

Little Kelli was so relieved, she almost burst out in tears as she ran to
the door.  She was quite the mess, our little Kelli.  With her long blond
hair all tangled with dry leaves, and her face streaked with dry tears.
Her short dress was all disheveled and torn, showing a lot more skin than
it was originally meant to (not that her little yellow dress covered all
that much in the first place... plenty of creamy thigh showed above her
stockings, with more skin showing teasingly when the wind caught her
skirt just right).

She wasn't concerned by any of this when she tried knocking on the door.
All she cared about, was that she had found a bit of safety, in the
middle of these vast woods.

She knocked on the hard wood door.  But there was no answer.

She knocked harder this time, but again, there was only silence.

She was about to burst out in tears in helplessness.  She tried twisting
the door knob as she cried out for someone to answer the door.  But
miraculously, the door slid quietly open...  It was unlocked!!

She stepped quietly inside.  It was cool and dark in that little cottage.
Quiet, but comfortingly so.  It was a little dusty and messy, but it
looked homey, and comforting.

It was definitely, well lived-in.  With dirty laundry strewn about the
floor.  The sofa was covered with food crumbs, and some chairs were
knocked over.  There were half empty beer cans on the center table, and
the sink by the window was filled with dirty & wet dishes.

She couldn't tell what kind of people lived here.  But it seemed like
quite the busy little family!

She was exhausted after her long ordeal in the woods, and slowly made her
way up the stairs, wondering if anyone was home.  She called out quietly
in the hopes that someone would answer.  Quietly, because she was afraid
of breaking the silent peace that existed in the home.  But still, no one

Upstairs, she found a little bedroom, behind another door.  And inside,
were seven cute little beds!!  They had little wooden headboards, and
were only about 5 feet long, and three feet wide.  And they were all
lined up next to each other.

Seeing those beds, all her weariness suddenly welled up and she felt like
she would collapse.  The beds were disheveled.  But she was too exhausted
to care, and lay down on one of the small beds.

Crying softly to herself, she quickly fell asleep curled up in a little
ball.  Blissfully unaware of the occupants slowly returning home at the
end of the day.

Chapter 4

They stood around the bed, looking down at her.  It was dark with only a
small lamp lit besides her bed.  But the light was sufficient to show
Kelli sleeping on the bed of one of the occupants.

They were speechless that a stranger had appeared while they were gone,
and was now sleeping on their bed.  But she was just a little girl.  And
they wondered who she was.

She was a little dirty.  And her face was streaked with dirt.  But her
skirt had hiked up a little bit.  And they had an uninterrupted view of
her soft thighs and round bottom.  She was wearing a little white thong,
and little white stockings, and still had her shoes on.  Her dress was
ripped in several places, and they could partly see the soft curve of her
breasts, rising and falling as she slept deeply.

"Gee..." said one.  "She sure is pretty."  And he started to brush her soft
blond hair, pulling the twigs and leaves out, one by one.  This awakened
Kelli with a start!

She quickly sat up in her bed and stifled a scream.  But the figures
around her bed just stepped back away from her into the surrounding
darkness, and continued to observe her.

"Who..., who are you?" she asked softly... a little befuddled but also

One of the figures stepped forward into the light.  He was an elderly
balding man, in his 50's, with a little white hair and big round
eyeglasses.  He was only about 5'4, and wasn't very imposing looking.  He
adjusted his glasses and spoke quietly to Kelli.  "My name is Doc", he
said gently.  "And these are my housemates.  Who, my dear, are you?"

"My name is Kelli.  And I'm lost and afraid.  The Queen was looking for
me, and I ran away.  I'm sorry I broke into your home, but I didn't know
what to do...  I just happened upon your lovely cottage in the middle of
the forest, and was so relieved!  I'm lost, and alone.  And I don't have
anywhere to go..."  At this point, Kelli bowed her head and started to cry.

"Now, now my dear..." said Doc, patting her back gently.  "Have no fear.
We will be glad to put you up for the night.  And we can discuss this
situation tomorrow together.  For tomorrow is Sat-ur-day.  And there is
no work to be done that day."

"But the Queen!" hissed someone from the dark.  "Hush!" said another.
"We can deal with her...!".  There was more mumbling and grumbling, but Doc
quieted them all down.

"We, will take care of little Kelli", he said authoritatively, turning to
them with a stern look on his face.  "There will be no further
discussion".  Doc turned back to Kelli with a smile on his face, and said
"don't worry my dear.  You have nothing to be afraid about.  Let me
introduce you to the others..."

"Please meet my housemates.  Again, I'm Doc, this is Sleazy, say hello to
Nasty, Pervert, Master,  Nutso, and Susan."  One by one, the others
stepped forward into the light.

"What funny names...", Kelli said musingly as she looked up at the others.
Except for Susan, they were all men in their twenties, and were all very
handsome in their own ways.  ("In fact, I was expecting seven dwarves,
but these are just plain young men!" she thought to herself.)

"But why are you all named that?  Some of those names don't seem very
proper at all...?"

"I'll explain later on", said Doc.  "For now, let's go downstairs and
have some food and drink.  Then we can have a little party and relax!".
Kelli smiled at the suggestion, and took Doc's hand as he led them all

Chapter 5

Where they clean the house, wash up, sing happy songs, and have dinner...

Chapter 6

They sat around in front of the warm fireplace, which provided plenty of
cozy flickering light in the small cottage.  The house was now clean, and
the remaining food all put away.  They were all rested and full, feeling
snug and comfortable as they sat in the living room.

Kelli sat on the sofa facing the fireplace, between Nasty & Pervert.  She
had her back to Nasty, with her head resting comfortably on his shoulder,
and her legs across Pervert's lap.  Nasty had his arm casually around
Kelli's shoulder, and Pervert was resting his arms on Kelli's legs.  The
other's were sitting about the room, on chairs or on the floor, drinking
their beers, joking and laughing.

Kelli drank from her beer again, feeling warm and fuzzy, and said "So
tell me, Doc.  Tell me about your funny names!  What do they mean?" And
she smiled curiously while waiting for his response.

"Well Kelli" said Doc, as he cleared his throat.  "Our names were given
to us by our friends here, after we left the great Cities to the West
behind.  We felt that it was time to give up our old lives, and to give
up our old names.  Now, with our new names, we can live our lives as new,
free men.  Happy and content in our old age..."  Doc whispered these last
words almost dreamily.  But was interrupted by a loud cough, and chuckle
from Sleazy sitting on the floor.  Doc shot him a dark look and Sleazy
covered his big smirk with his hands.

"But what do they mean?" asked cute little Kelli as she tried to sit up
straighter.  (Tried, because she was squeezed a little tightly between
Nasty and Pervert, and she noticed neither moved away from her to give
her more room.  In fact, they snuggled in a little closer, and kept their
hands and arms, right where they were, without seeming to notice her
little predicament).

"I mean, some of those names don't seem to make much sense, as real
names, and some just seem mean.  Like poor Nutso."  She said this last
sentence quietly, under her breath.

Nutso didn't seem to notice as he spilled beer on his shirt.  He seemed
nice enough.  Small framed and skinny, with wavy blond hair.  He had a
very clean cut face, but had a tendency to giggle and roll his eyes
wildly.  He seemed to enjoy the beer on his shirt, and poured a little
more over himself, muttering "peanuts, and pecans... peanuts and pecans" as
he chuckled again.

"Well" said Doc.  "I don't really think I have to explain any further."

"But what about the others?" said Kelli as she looked around the room.

Nasty grinned slyly down at her as he draped his arm around her.  He was
handsome, with a narrow face and dark hair.  He seemed to have a
perpetual smile (albeit a sly smile) on him all the time!  His dark shirt
looked good on him.  It was soft, smooth and tight on his body.  But his
look was very predatory as he grinned at a private thought.

Pervert looked back at her looking almost like a little owl.  He had
short cropped hair and tiny round glasses on his face.  He had a roundish
face and looked almost bookwormish.  He was cleanly dressed though.  With
his shirt buttoned up to his neck.

Sleazy was still stifling his chuckles, and had had his hands over his
mouth as he sat at the foot of the sofa.  He had short spiky hair and was
wearing a denim vest and jeans and had to move to avoid Doc's kick.

Susan seemed nice enough.  Although Kelli was surprised at the one young
lady living with all these men.  She seemed very friendly and
understanding.  She was pretty in her own way.  With curly long brown
hair, pouty full lips, and a very sexy raspy voice.  There seemed to be
continual friendly tension between Susan and the rest of the gang.  With
lots of teasing and joking, but it seemed Susan always held the upper
hand, and that the men were, more often than not, yielded to her quiet

The last member of the household sat quietly in the dark corner, a little
away from everyone.  It was hard to make him out, there in the dark.  For
he had very dark skin.  Very tanned but smooth.  His face was sharp, and
exquisitely beautiful.  Framed by his black hair.  He sat quietly, never
saying a word.  Delicately sipping from his teacup.

As she looked at each one of them, she wondered again at these strange
house-mates.  Alone in the woods.  Living together in relative harmony.
She started, as Sleazy came up to her and offered her a mug.  She hadn't
realized that he had left the room shortly.

"What is it?" she asked as she took the mug from him.  "Oh, it's just a
delicacy of our Elven friends living in the forest.  It's an after dinner
drink to sip on as I continue talking" said Doc.  "It's like fruit

Kelli sipped delicately from the big mug.  It was sweet and fruity, and
had a strange aftertaste, much like alcohol.  But it seemed light enough.
And went down smoothly.  "Elves?  There are elves in these woods?"

"Suure..." said Sleazy.  "They're the cutest little chicks... but they don't
put out (much like Susan!!)" (at which, he had to duck when Susan
laughingly threw her mug at him).  " I think some of them may stop by
later on to say hi!".

Kelli was wondering about this remark, when Doc started to talk again.
He was saying something about all of them being the members of the same
Fraternity and being outcasts (or something or other) from society.
Something about having to leave and start their lives anew.  But Kelli
was having a hard time concentrating on his words.

She was feeling very warm, and quite tingly.  And her perception seemed
to sharpen as if she noticed for the first time where she was.  Nasty's
arm was very hard and very masculine around her shoulder.  And she could
smell his clean sweat, and his "maleness".  She noticed for the first
time that Pervert was gently rubbing the soft skin of her legs, and that
her skin was absolutely hot where his hand touched her skin.

She saw the way Pervert was watching her, and realized with a start that
everyone had stopped and was looking at her as Doc continued to talk.  It
made her feel strange as she realized she was one of the only females in
the room.  But Susan seemed to be part of the family, although she too
looked at Kelli with the same look on her face as the others.
Inexplicably, Kelli felt nervous with anxious anticipation and lowered
her eyes from their smiles.

She snapped her attention back to Doc as he cleared his throat politely.
"Anyway, as I was saying... we named each other.  Nutso, was named Nutso
for obvious reasons.  He's one heck of a weird guy.  He'll just try (and
do), anything."  He looked briefly at him, watching him sticking peanuts
up his nose, and shook his head slowly.

"Nasty..." (who was brushing Kelli's hair away from her ears, making her
shiver slightly at his touch) "is one nasty fuck."  (Kelli jumped
slightly at hearing such word coming out of Doc's mouth, but was
distracted again as she felt Nasty's warm breath on her little neck).
"He likes to fuck hard, and likes to totally use up cute little girls
like you."  Kelli looked up, a little unsure if she heard what she
thought she heard, but was distracted by Sleazy scooting closer to the
sofa and resting his head on her thigh.  Pervert was still touching her
legs, and was softly massaging her feet and calves.

Kelli realized that Sleazy's face was darn close to the bottom of her
torn, short dress.  With her legs up on Pervert's lap, she realized that
a lot of thigh was showing, but before she could do anything, she was
distracted by Doc speaking again.

"Pervert seems like a nice quiet guy, but he's got one evil mind.  He
likes to do the most perverted things he can think of.  He's got all
kinds of sex toys, and loves to use bananas and cucumbers on young women
like yourself.  And that's not the least of it!  Whatever your
imagination can think of, Pervert here, can pervert it sexually."

"Sleazy is just plain sleazy too (see how our names fit, my dear?).  He
likes it dirty and sticky.  He'll cum all over a little girl and rub it
all over her face and skin as he fucks her some more."  Sleazy grinned at
the thought as he slowly smelled the bare skin of Kelli's thigh.  He was
slowly moving closer and closer up her leg, brushing aside her dress with
his nose.

Kelli, awkwardly tried to adjust her dress and pulled down on it, but
moaned quietly as Pervert massaged the tension out of her stiff calves
and Nasty's lips brushed across her right ear.

"Master, stays to himself.  But we call him that, because he only likes
it, when he's got a helpless, feminine plaything he can dominate and
fuck."  (Kelli had to force herself to close her mouth.  She had suddenly
realized that she was nibbling on one of her fingers, with her mouth wide

"And such a delicious little plaything we have with us tonight" whispered
Master almost purringly.  (His voice was enough to make Kelli shiver, as
she pulled down her dress again).

"And Susan?" asked Kelli.  "Why does she have a regular name?"

"Oh, Susan would kick our asses if we tried to call her anything else"
said Doc.  "She joined us a while back, and enjoys living with us.  But
she does make our lives a little...well, frustrating."  With that, Doc
glanced over his glasses, sideways at Susan.  And quickly looked back
when he saw her smirking grin as she drank from a new mug.

"But, but, why are you named Doc?"  managed Kelli, despite all her
distractions.  (She could slowly, feel herself getting warmer and warmer
and was embarrassed to feel herself slowly getting wet from the close
proximity of the three men touching her skin.  She squealed quietly in
embarrassment as she realized that Sleazy had closed his eyes and was
breathing deeply with his head so close to her lap.  The thought that
Sleazy might be able to smell her wetness made her feel even more
excited, and she had to fight to maintain her train of thought.

"Are you a real doctor?" she asked.

"Well, I used to be" said Doc.  But I had to leave after I got in trouble
for, well... examining all those young beautiful ladies who were having
their check-ups.  I especially liked it when they had to be put under
with gas for some reason.  Then I could lick them, and kiss them, and
slide my thermometer into them, and..."  Doc seemed to drift off in his
thoughts as he slowly licked his lips.

But quickly came back to his senses as he looked down at his new
"patient" before him.

He had a new glimmer in his eyes.  And they sparkled brightly behind his
eyeglasses as he rubbed his hands together.  "Are we feeling all right,
my dear...?"

"Well, well, I'm a little... hot.  And flustered.  And..." she closed her
eyes briefly as she realized that all the men had stepped in closer.  She
opened them as she realized that Nasty and Pervert had gotten off the
sofa, and left her all alone on the sofa.  Little Kelli felt strange and
a little light-headed.  She barely heard Doc's answer.  "Well, what
you're feeling is that drink's effects.  It makes you more sensitive, and
less inhibited.  And it has many nice side effects, including keeping
your sweet young pussy, wet and slippery for hours and hours of use.  For
I think you'll need it tonight!" he said chuckling.

"It's a special Elvin drink.  Made by the faeries.  It makes you more
relaxed.  A lot of your free-will is washed away, which will make you all
the more responsive to all our needs.  I hope you don't mind, my dear.
You have to understand that it's been a long time since we've had a
willing woman here.  Elvin women really do not like sex with human males.
But we hope you will enjoy it as much as we will tonight..."


Kelli barely realized that she was being carried over to the center
table.  She didn't know who it was, except that they had very strong
arms.  Someone cleared all the beer cans off the table with a sweep of
their arm, and Kelli was laid in the center of it on her back with the
men standing around her.

She felt countless hands touching her, and caressing her.  She felt their
breaths on her skin as they all knealt around her talking and muttering
at the yummy little girl in front of them.

"Such a pretty face..."
"...soft succulent breasts..."
"... pouty mouth."
"...smell of her pussy..."
"...what an ass!  So round and firm! "
"Bring me the butter and the oils..."

She felt hands caressing her face. Gentle hands brushing away the hair
from her face.  And a mouth coming down on her mouth.   Lips crushing
hers, and a hot delicious tongue sliding gently in for her to suck

She felt hands all over her body, slowly removing her dress and
undergarments.  She vaguely heard someone (possibly Pervert) stopping the
others from removing her white thigh-high stockings and shoes.

She soon lay naked except for her stockings and shoes, in the middle of
these men.  The unknown person's mouth and tongue had left hers and she
lay quietly, anxious and awaiting the fate of her hosts.
She couldn't help but to shiver as she ran her hands down her naked body,
over her nipples and down her sides.  She quietly moaned and closed her
eyes at the realization that there were seven pairs of eyes looking down
at her prone body.  She was slippery and wet.  And knew that they all
knew it.

They were looking at her in rapt attention, watching her small hands as
they roamed over her soft skin, some with sly smiles on their faces,
others with hungry desire.  Kelli let out a small gasp as her finger slid
accidentally over her clit.  She knew how wet she was, but couldn't
believe how sensitive it felt.

She kept moaning and cooing, not wanting to touch herself in front of all
these men, but anxious to be touched.

"Well, well..." said Doc, almost pantingly as he stood by her feet.  "It's
time to check our little patient."  He had pulled out a big thermometer
with a bulbous round head.  It was bigger than any thermometer that Kelli
had seen before!  It was about 10 inches long, but thicker than a regular
pen-sized thermometer.  But the most striking thing about it was the
bulbous head, which was about the size of a big grape!

Doc must have seen the puzzled look on her face and said, "Oh, no my
dear...  It's not a thermometer for your mouth!  It's a rectal thermometer.
So we'll have to turn you over on your pretty belly, and we'll have to
have a look at your pretty little bottom."

Kelli moaned slightly at the thought.  She knew that she was naked, but
she had had her legs crossed the whole time (which inadvertently made her
feel her slipperiness more).  But the thought of arching her back, and
exposing her bottom to this man (to probe!) was almost too much.  She was
afraid of him getting so close to her bottom.  She was afraid he would
see how wet her pussy was!

Hands gently took her, and rolled her over onto her belly.

The cool air felt good on the skin of her hot back, and she rested her
head sideways on the table with her eyes closed.  She felt a gentle kiss
on her cheek, and felt someone take her hands and place them on the
cheeks of her bottom.

"Well, well... what have we here.." she heard Doc say, as he kneeled
behind her.  "Now, be a good little girl, and hold your cheeks apart so
we can have a look."

Kelli did as she was told, and felt herself quivering in anticipation.
She wasn't sure what was going on, but the thought of this strange doctor
inserting the large rectal thermometer in her ass, (in front of
everyone!) made her shiver with fear and embarrassment.

"Hold it, Doc!" she heard.  "I've got some nice lubrication for ya!"  It
was Sleazy's voice.

Kelli almost jumped when she felt something cold land right between her
ass cheeks!  She instinctively let go of herself and clenched her cheeks
together.  She tried to pick herself up, but Nasty rested his hand on her
upper back and gently pushed her back down.  He then took her hands and
rested them on the table next to her.

"Don't worry, my dear..." he said softly,  "It's only butter".  He gently
used his hands to spread her tensed bottom apart.  And Sleazy applied
more butter to her bottom.

The blob of butter was cold and gooey, but it felt nice and nasty on her
puckered asshole.  It was slowly melting and dripping down her already
wet pussy.  Kelli longed to touch herself, and feel the butter/pussy
juice mixture.  She wanted to rub it all around and see how slippery it

She felt the butter dripping down and coating her pussy.  It just oozed
downward and started dripping onto the table between her legs.

Kelli sighed as she felt a finger slowly massaging the melting butter on
and around her asshole.  It was a dreamy, surreal feeling.  Having her
very sensitive asshole deliciously massaged by a finger while other hands
stroked her arms, and even her face.  She knew they were all watching.
And it frustrated her and excited her at the same time.  She was also a
little disturbed at the interested glow on Susan's face.  It bothered her
a little, to have a woman sitting in the audience, watching what was
going on, in addition to all those men!  Susan was quietly sipping her
tea, but was slightly leaning forward, in rapt attention with a small
smile on her face!

Kelli sighed again as she felt Nasty's breath on her face, and closed her
eyes again.  She wasn't sure what was going on anymore.  It was so
surreal.  But she just surrendered herself to her situation.

She gasped loudly as she felt the rectal thermometer at the entrance of
her puckered hole.  The smooth glass head was cool and pushed gently
against her.  Kelli clenched her bottom, but relaxed immediately when
hands massaged her muscles and she felt Nasty's sweet tongue in her mouth

She sucked on his tongue and moaned.  She clenched her eyes tightly shut
as the thermometer pushed it's big head past the outer ring of her ass.

She heard Doc let out a deep breath as he started to slide it deeper in
her ass.  Kelli felt the thermometer stuffing her bottom.  It felt as if
she had to goto the bathroom, but she couldn't force it out.  In fact, it
kept sliding in deeper into her ass, and she had to gasp and take a deep
breath.  She gripped the end of the table tightly and rested her head on
the table as she tensed her body.

It was so nasty!  She wanted to reach down and touch herself.  She wanted
to roll over on her back, with the thermometer sticking out of her
asshole and finger herself until she came.  She didn't care about all the
people watching!  She was hot and horny.  And very very frustrated.  The
thermometer felt so good!  It rubbed the inside of her ass as it slid all
the way in.  She held her breath, scared at how deep it was going.  It
felt like it was all the way up in her belly now!  And she gritted her
teeth and moaned again with pleasure when Doc moved the thermometer
slightly, and she felt the thin glass slide gently back and forth in
between her clenched asshole.

Kelli was delirious and needed relief.  She looked down at herself and
gasped as she saw most of the thermometer was inside her.  Only a couple
of inches were sticking out of her asshole!  Doc was looking down at her
beaming with sweaty pleasure.  He was rubbing his hands together and
mumbling with a dreamy look on his face.  Kelli also saw that Susan was
no longer drinking from her mug, and was looking at her intently with the
smirk still on her face.  She saw Kelli looking at her, and she slowly
licked her full lips with her wet pink tongue.

Kelli turned her head lightly shivering and turned to see that Pervert
was now sitting back on one of the sofas, with his zipper undone, and his
penis out!  He was watching her intently through his round eyeglasses,
slowly masturbating as he watched her. Pervert was slowly using his hand,
stroking himself up and down.  Kelli was shocked for a moment, but
shivered again as she realized her mouth was watering at the thought of
that penis.  Pervert wasn't that big, but he was smooth and hard.  Kelli
longed to feel it in her pussy, fucking her from behind, or even in her
mouth.  She wanted to suck on that cock.  Mouth the smooth head, and
gently suck on it like a baby.

"Hi, little Kelli" whispered Pervert as he continued to stroke himself.
"You sure look yummy laying there...  I hope you're hungry.  Cause I'll be
feeding you tonight.  I haven't cum in weeks and weeks... and as your body
is made slippery with all that butter, your insides will be slippery with
all the cum you will eat tonight..."

Kelli was shocked at this words, but looked back behind her when she felt
movement there.  Sleazy had pushed the now sweaty Doc out of the way, and
was kneeling behind her spread legs.  He had gripped the thermometer and
started to twist it inside her ass.  Kelli moaned at the sensation and
felt herself drip more.

"Here ya go, Nutso", said Sleazy as he stepped out of the way.  Nutso
stepped forward with a ear of cooked corn in his hand.  Kelli strained
her neck trying to see what he was going to do with it, but Nasty was
still there in front of her, and took her face for another tasty kiss.

"Can't let all this butter goto waste, you know..." said Nutso.  He knelt
down behind Kelli and rubbed the corn on the melted butter/pussy mixture
that had dripped on the table.  He then put the corn right on her pussy!
He slid it lengthwise right up between her legs, and scooped up her
wetness.  Kelli gasped and struggled as she felt the nubbed corn slide
pleasurably against her pussy.

"Yeah, perfect!" said Nutso.  And Kelli looked back this time to see him
take a big bite out of the corn, wet and dripping with butter and pussy
juice.   Nutso suddenly eyed Kelli's pussy once again.  "Maybe I should
stuff her pussy with this corn..." he said with a gleam in his eye...

Kelli started to draw up her legs.  That big ear of corn stuffed in her
pussy?  And a thermometer still deep in her ass? (she moaned for a
moment, but cleared her thoughts).  "Hey!" said Kelli.  But Nasty turned
her on her side and drew her legs up to her chest.  His strong arms held
Kelli's legs so she was in a fetal position with her ass and pussy
exposed between her legs.  Kelli groaned at the sensation of the
thermometer still rubbing deep inside of her ass.

"Don't worry, Kelli" said Nasty.  "I won't let them put that corn in your
pussy.  But I think we've had enough games now.  We let Doc and Nutso
have their little fun.  I think it's time for some serious fucking!"  He
said these last words close to her ear, almost as a threat.  And Kelli
closed her eyes and shivered as she felt his hot breath on her ear.

"I want her when you are all done" said Master in a commanding voice.
Then he stood, and left the room without pause.

There was a moment of silence, as everyone thought of all the delicious
ways they could molest little Kelli.  And Kelli too, thought these
thoughts in her mind and shivered knowing that she would just lay there,
and let them all do whatever they wished to her.

She gasped again as she felt someone stroking the thermometer in and out
of her ass.  She looked back, and was surprised to see Susan holding the
thermometer with that familiar grin.  "How are you feeling, Kelli?" she
asked in that raspy voice of hers.  "Does that big round head feel good
sliding in and out of your ass?  You sure are nice and wet!"  And with
that, Susan touched Kelli's wet pussy with one finger (making her jump a
little), and brought it up to her mouth for a taste.  She chuckled as she
sucked on her finger.  "Mmmmm... yum!" she said smiling.

Kelli was delirious.  She felt Nasty's strong arms holding her, she saw
Pervert still stroking his penis while watching her.  Nutso was sopping
up the last of the butter/pussy mixture on the table with his corn and
eating it with relish.  Sleazy was resting his head on the table right by
her bottom, and was looking right at her pussy and penetrated ass,
licking his lips.  Susan was slowly stroking the curve of Kelli's ass
with her long fingernailed soft hands and looking up at her.  She felt so
exposed!  It was a completely strange situation, and it made her feel
even weirder to be so exposed to another woman, who sat right by her
dripping pussy, exposed between her legs.

She moaned again, just wanting to be touched, wanting to be fucked, and
wanting to cum.

She felt someone grip the thermometer and slowly pull it out of her ass.
As the head approached her opening, it resisted slightly.  Too big to
easily slide out of her tight asshole.  But with more insistent pulling,
it slid smoothly out as Kelli gritted her teeth and sighed.  She suddenly
felt so empty without it!  She tensed her ass, and was saddened to feel
that it was empty.

"Good, good..." said Doc as he looked at the readings on the thermometer.
"Very healthy!  But you look a little hot my dear.  All sweaty!  But
looks like Sleazy is taking care of that!"  And indeed he was!  For Kelli
suddenly felt his lithe tongue on the back of her thigh.  Slowly licking
the sweat off her leg and smiling slyly as he looked at her.  It tickled
tremendously, she felt so sensitive!  And she saw that Nutso had taken
the thermometer from Doc, and was now smelling it and licking the butter
off of it chuckling evilly.  He licked the length of the entire
thermometer, and said "deeelicious!  What tasty buttered buns! Hahaha!"

Kelli didn't know how to feel about that!  But her thoughts were
interrupted by a soft wet mouth on her ass!  She gasped and tensed as she
saw Susan between her ass-cheeks and felt her tongue slowly running up
and down on her puckered hole.  And then Sleazy joined her!  Licking her
exposed pussy between her closed legs and wandering up to french kiss

They shared their kiss for a moment, entwining their tongues.  They too
shared the butter/pussy mixture and then they returned to their tasks at
hand.  With Susan holding Kelli's ass-cheeks apart with her hand and
licking her anal passageway, Sleazy started running his tongue up and
down between Kelli's pussy lips.

Kelli moaned hard at the feel of the two tongues roaming up and down
between her legs.  Sleazy was slow and meticulous.  Licking up her
wetness and dwelving deep with his tongue.  Susan would dart her tongue
into Kelli's asshole, pretending it was a little cock to fuck her ass

Kelli was still sideways in a fetal position, helpless to move since
Nasty was still holding her in his arms.  One arm behind her bent knees,
and the other under her neck, supporting her head.  She moaned and tensed
as the two tasting her switched positions and continued to work their
mouths on her.  She wanted to stretch out, but Nasty was too strong.  She
could only lay there helplessly, as Nutso sat down at the foot of the
table and started sniffing her feet.  He took off one of her shoes, and
tentatively stuck out his tongue to touched the sole of her foot.  Then
he stuck his tongue between her stockinged toes, and started sucking her
toes with relish!

Kelli would have normally been too ticklish to accept this behavior, but
the wet mouths lapping eagerly at her pussy distracted her from the
ticklish sensations at her feet.

Kelli felt Nasty let her go, and saw him kneel in front of her.  However,
she remained in the same position as  her mind churned with the pleasure
se was feeling.  Doc too, was now kneeling in front of Kelli, with white
gloves on.  And was peering intently at her soft breasts.  "Now, for a
breast examination" he said.  He forehead was covered with sweat and he
peered intently through his glasses at her chest as he raised one hand to
wipe his brow.  He leaned forward and took her breasts in his hand, as if
to weigh them.  And he gripped her nipple and squeezed them sending
another ripple of pleasure through Kelli.

Nasty had now exposed himself.  His cock was dark and strong looking with
a large bulbous purple head.  He was kneeling in front of Kelli's pretty
little face and she stuck out her tongue wanting to catch the pre-cum
that was dripping out of his cock-head.

"Not yet, sweetie" said Nasty darkly.  And he took his cock in his hand,
and rubbed the sticky head over her face.  Over her nose, and cheek and
over her forehead.  He swiped the pre-cum on her pretty neck and rubbed
his cock between her chin and chest.

"No, no... in my mouth.  In my mouth..." gasped Kelli.  But Nasty was quickly
joined by Pervert, who had now come to the head of the table, and was
rubbing his sticky cock over the other side of her face

Kelli now had two mouths working on her pussy and ass, a mouth sucking on
her toes, two cocks rubbing all over her face, and sweaty Doc now groping
both breasts eagerly.

Kelli continued to stick out her tongue, hoping to catch one of the meaty
cocks in her mouth.  She moaned in frustration as they slid past her
lips, but moaned with pleasure at the taste of pre-cum that had smeared
on her chin.

Her body was tense and frustrated from the continued administrations of
Susan and Sleazy.  She was ready to cum.  Her body was crying out for an
orgasm.  But they stopped and rolled her over onto her back.

"Let's bang her" said Nasty.  "Move it Sleazy... I get first crack at her
sweet pussy.  Before all you guys fuck her and stretch her out.  I wanna
feel her before you all fill her full of cum.  And Nutso!!  Get the hell
away from there.  You'll get your chance later."

Nasty took this moment to slowly slide his cock over Kelli's open lips.
Kelli moaned and licked at it and tried to take it in her mouth.  Nasty
let her mouth catch it, then pushed it in deep.  But after one slow deep
thrust, he pulled out with a pop.  "No, more..." cried Kelli, but Nasty
stood up, and walked away from her with his hard dark cock jutting
straight out dripping with her wet saliva.

Kelli moaned in frustration at losing that cock.  It had been so hot and
hard.  His cock-head was so sweet, dripping with pre-cum.  She licked her
lips thinking of that round hard head between her lips, but was suddenly
presented with another cock.

"Suck on this Kelli" said Pervert, as he stuck his penis in her mouth.
He was kneeling on one side of Kelli's head, and took her head in his
hands as he fucked her mouth.  Kelli moaned and sucked eagerly at it.
She made a little "o" with her mouth, and sucked it like candy.  She
worked her little tongue over his salty cock-head and licked at the pre-
cum while moaning with pleasure.  She made it nice and wet with her
mouth, and closed her eyes as she rested her head sideways and let him
fuck her pretty little face.

Pervert moaned, and Kelli made her lips tighter, as he continued to
thrust in and out between her lips.

Kelli felt someone move her legs apart, and felt Nasty move between her
legs.  He slid the head of his cock up and down between her wet slippery
pussy and Kelli gasped at the sensation.  He was so hot and hard!  Nasty
then put is cock right at the entrance of her pussy, and slowly pushed
in.  Kelli almost choked for a moment as she struggled to compose
herself.  Nasty slowly wedged the head into her pussy, and she could feel
her pussy lips stretching to wrap around his hardness.  Then he slowly
plunged deeper into her and she gave a muffled moan around Pervert's
meaty cock in her mouth.  He continued to slide in deeper filling her
full of cock.  It felt like he would slide in forever, but suddenly, she
felt his groin come to rest against her wet pussy.

"Ohhhh...." She said as Pervert continued to fuck her mouth.  She couldn't
talk.  Nor could she make any sounds except muffled moans.  Her mouth was
wet and full of saliva, and she could feel Pervert thrusting and
thrusting into her wet mouth as saliva leaked down the side of her face.

Nasty then began to fuck her.  Taking long hard strokes, thrusting deep
into her pussy.  He held her legs up with his arms, and looked down at
her pussy as he slid in and out.  She was so tight!  He would plunge in
to the hilt, and then see her pussy lips pull at his cock as he slowly
pulled out.  She was very wet and juicy.  And the walls of her pussy were
like a soft satin glove, tightly grasping and milking his hard cock.

Unfortunately, he felt like he would cum almost immediately, so he slowed
down, and fucked her in strong hard strokes bouncing Kelli's little body
up and down on the table.

Sleazy took this time to straddle Kelli's bare chest.  He too was exposed
now.  And his cock was standing tall at attention, slick and covered with
butter.  As Pervert and Nasty continued to fuck Kelli in her mouth and
pussy, Sleazy pressed his slippery cock between her breasts and squashed
them together with his hands.  As the sides of her breasts sandwiched his
cock between their softness, he started to rock his hips back and forth,
fucking the soft valley of her tits.

Nutso knelt on the other side of Kelli from Pervert, and took her hand.
He wrapped her pretty little hand around his penis, also buttered.  He
held her hand tight around his cock, and started to fuck it, thrusting
deeply into her hand.  He was giggling and muttering something about
"corn and beer bottles".

Doc was left out, but he too now had his pants down around his ankles,
and was masturbating wildly looking down at the lewd scene before him.
Little Kelli was moaning and being used by four men, thrusting at her
body with their hard penises.  Susan was now kneeling by Nasty, and was
fingering Kelli's pussy and trying to reach down with her tongue to lick

Kelli was delirious and unaware of the specifics of what was going on
around her (and to her!).  She felt a penis in her pussy, was sucking on
one in her mouth, someone was fucking her greasy hand, and another was
holding her breasts together and fucking them.  She felt someone
masturbating her, and as the pressure grew, it grew harder and harder for
her to breathe.  She snorted through her nose as Pervert continued to
thrust deep into her mouth and throat.  And she gave a muffled scream
that was interrupted by another deep thrust as her body shook and
trembled and started to orgasm.  She came very hard.  Her body strained
and contorted uncontrollably, but everyone held their positions and
continued to ram into her and use her body for their own pleasures.

Her body continued to throb and pulsate as her orgasm continued, but
Pervert suddenly moaned, and his cock exploded in her mouth... hot salty
cum splashing onto her wet tongue.  The thick cum mixed with her saliva
and Kelli was rocked by the simultaneous explosions.  She was still
coping with her body shaking in orgasm while having to swallow the thick
spurts as quickly as possible.

Pervert's cock continued to throb and spurt hot cum in her mouth.  He
finally slowed down, and one more weak dribble of cum leaked into her
mouth.  She sucked on him hard one last time as he slowly pulled out of
her wet sticky mouth.  She had caught most of it, but a saliva/sperm
mixture was leaking down one side of her face.  She gasped for air as her
body floated gently down from her strong orgasm, but Nasty continued to
pound her pussy hard.  Suddenly, he grunted and started spurting inside
of her.  Nasty pulled barely out of her pussy, and shot several
additional sticky strands of cum right onto the opening of her used
pussy,.  Kelli gasped as she felt his hotness hit her now empty pussy,
but had her mouth was stuffed immediately as Doc now started to cum hard
in her mouth.  Doc's sperm was a little more watery and salty, but Kelli
was a good girl, and swallowed all of his offerings too.

"My turn" said Sleazy as Doc stepped back and fell hard onto the sofa
gasping for air.  Sleazy climbed off of Kelli's slick tits, and made his
way down to Kelli's pussy.  Susan was slowly twirling her tongue around
and in between Kelli's pussy, licking at the strands of cum that hung
there.  Sleazy moved into position and wasted no time.  He slid his
buttered cock into Kelli's open pussy and started pumping away.  Kelli
turned to look down at him, but was shocked by a splash of cum hitting
her on the side of her face.  Kelli gasped and closed her eyes as cum
landed on her face, covering her nose and eye.  Cum continued to spurt
onto her, sliding down her cheek and into her blonde hair.

Nutso laughed and slid out of her wet, butter covered hand.  He got up,
and rubbed his now softening penis over her face and wiped the last of
the cum dripping out of the head of his penis onto her hair.  Kelli
reached up and wiped a little of the sticky sperm off her face, but
brought her fingers in her mouth so she could taste it.

She couldn't believe how hot she was.  She still wanted more and more.
Her mouth was all sticky with the loads of cum she swallowed.  There was
a sticky layer all over her tongue and the back of her throat.  She
licked off some droplets of cum from between her teeth and sucked it down

And she was surprised when she started to cum once again.  She groaned
loudly this time, and squeezed her legs tightly around Sleazy as he
continued to pound her pussy.  Susan was still masturbating Kelli with
her long slender fingers.  Rubbing her pussy juices mixed with sperm over
her sensitive clit.

Kelli opened her mouth and breathed deeply as she felt the remaining cum
cool on her face, while her second orgasm subsided.  It was so sticky,
and she stuck out her tongue to try to get some of it.  But before she
could fully recuperate from her second orgasm, something warm and soft
came down to rest on her mouth.  It was someone's sweaty balls, soaked in
her own pussy juice and sperm.  Nasty had straddled her face from above,
and was pressing his balls down onto her open mouth.  She licked at them
and sucked at the soft skin.  She enjoyed the taste of her own pussy, and
it excited her to know she was licking it off of a strangers cock, after
he had fucked her.

She felt Sleazy stiffen between her legs, and felt him press deep into
her pussy as he shot and shot and shot deep inside her.

Susan had now moved up by Nasty again, and was mouthing his jutting penis
as Kelli continued to lick his balls.  Nasty moved back over Kelli's head
until she could only see his cock sticking straight up in front of her
face.  Susan followed and grinned at Kelli's face before she took him
deep in her mouth again.  Kelli stuck out her tongue, wanting to taste
him too.  But he was barely out of reach as Susan suddenly pushed her
face into his lap and deep throated him.  Kelli looked up at Susan's
slender neck and could see the vague bulge of the head of his cock
sliding deep into her.  He was slowly fucking her throat, the head moving
back and forth in her slender neck.

Nasty pulled completely out of her mouth.  And he was as straight and
hard as if he had never came.  He was still purple and looked ready to
cum, and he was dripping wet with Susan's saliva.

Susan looked down at Kelli again, and said, "my, don't you look yummy!"
She knelt down next to her, and gave her a wet kiss on her lips.  Susan
pressed her head next to Kelli and licked at a strand of drying cum.  She
scooped it up with her tongue, and brought it down to Kelli's open mouth.
Kelli shivered at the thought of kissing another woman, but she moaned as
their tongues darted into each other's mouths.  And their tongues joined
to lick at the sticky salty cum they shared.

Susan giggled again in her raspy voice and moved away.  Then Kelli yelped
with surprise as someone pulled her up higher on the table until her head
was off the side.  Nasty took her head and let it drop against the table
so she was viewing everything upside down.  Then, as someone pushed her
legs apart and started fucking her again, Nasty stuck his cock in her
open mouth and pushed.  He slowly slid deep into her mouth until his
cock-head met resistance at the opening of her throat.  He continued to
push gently and it too yielded to his purple head.  Kelli gasped and
fought not to choke as his cock slowly disappeared down her little
throat, until finally, his testicles were resting squarely on her nose!
Kelli closed her eyes and tried not to panic as she struggled to hold her
breath.  She was unable to breathe, nor was she able to smell anything.
Her entire passageway was blocked by the meaty cock in her throat.  For a
surreal moment, she lay there.  With a penis pulsing deep in her throat,
and Nasty's soft balls pressing against her face.

Nasty pulled out, and Kelli was able to gasp for breath before he grabbed
both her breasts, and slid back down her throat.  Nasty then started to
fuck her mouth earnestly.  Holding her breasts for leverage, he rocked
her body back and forth on the table as he slid in and out of her tight

Kelli had to keep in control and time it right so she could catch a
breath of air whenever he pulled out.  So she kept her eyes closed and
concentrated as his balls bounced back and forth against her face.  The
other person between her legs continued to fuck her too.  So she gripped
the sides of the table with what little strength she had remaining.
Tensed, and weak from all the fucking she received.

Her jaw was starting to ache a little from all the mouth-fucking she
received that night.  And her pussy was sore too (in addition to her
whole entire body being tired from being used and abused, and from
cumming several times!).  But Nasty kept at it.  He would slide in and
out of her throat and she would feel the knob of the head of his penis
slide back and forth.  It felt like a big piece of food lodged in her
throat, but she calmed herself and let him continue to fuck her, happy to
hear him grunting in pleasure.

She felt a mouth on her breast, licking and sucking her nipple, and she
felt another person move between her legs and penetrate her after the
other person came inside her sloppy pussy.

"No, I'm so tired" thought Kelli as the throat-fucking continued.  But
the person between her legs started fucking away earnestly at her.  He
wasn't too thick, but was long and he kept poking her deep.

Nasty and the other man started taking turns thrusting in and out of
Kelli.  Nasty would slide his cock-head into her throat as the other man
withdrew.  And Nasty would pull out as the other man slid all the way in.

Once, they both rammed their cocks deep into her, and Kelli almost
screamed with the intensity.  She felt like the two penises would bump
each other inside her belly they were in so deep!

But Nasty soon pulled out, his penis dripping with saliva.  Kelli was
only half-conscious.  She was so tired, she could just lay there as
Pervert (she now saw) continued to ram into her pussy.

"Let's have a slut sandwich" said Nasty.  Pervert, not having yet cum
this second time, pulled out of Kelli, his cock all covered with pussy
juice and cum.  Kelli gasped for breath as Nasty picked up her limp form
easily, and lay back down on the ground.  He turned her around so she was
facing him, and opened her legs so she straddled his hips.  Kelli felt
his hardness underneath her, and felt a little anxiousness.  Weren't they
done yet?  She was so tired... she loved it but wasn't sure if she had even
one ounce of energy left in her body.  Nasty lifted Kelli's hips, and
said "stick it in your pussy, Kelli".  Kelli couldn't even think, and she
just did as she was told.  She took his rock-hard meat in her hand and
pointed it up before she lowered her hips, sliding the cock in between
her pussy lips.  She gasped again, as pumped his hips, sliding deep
inside her.  His thickness was spearing her, thrusting up into her belly.
She held her breath and slid all the way down, until her hips were
resting on his.  She was full of cock, and couldn't breathe well,
couldn't think.  And she was so tired!  She just leaned forward and
rested her pretty blonde head on his shoulder.

Nasty grabbed her hair, and raised her head for a kiss.  "Such a sweet
little mouth" he said.  "So nice and fuckable...  maybe after I fuck your
pussy some more, I'll just cum deep in your throat this time."

He let go of her hair, and she fell back down on his shoulder, but gasped
in surprise as he thrusted up into her sore pussy!  He started to
slamming her, pounding her pussy, and Kelli could only scream in
exhaustion as he kept thrusting his meat up into her.

Then he stopped a moment, and let her try to catch her breath.  At that
moment, she felt something prodding her buttered asshole.  She tried to
look back, but Nasty grabbed her around the neck, and held her down for a
another hard kiss.  She struggled a moment, terrified at the thought that
of what these two cocks were going to do to her.  But Susan knelt next to
her and stroked her bare back.  She bent under Kelli and started to lick
at her dangling breasts.

As Kelli relaxed for a second, the second cock-head pushed against her
bottom until the head popped past her anal ring.  Kelli grunted at the
pressure, but Nasty moved his hips so that he slid mostly out of her
(surprisingly) wet pussy.  The anal intruder paused a moment, and Kelli's
asshole clenched tightly around the cock-head trying to stop it from
going any further.  But it was too late.  His mushroomed head was already
past her anal muscles, and he started to slowly slide deep into her ass.

Kelli moaned and screamed as her body shook.  She was so tense!  The cock
seemed enormous as it split her asshole apart.  She felt as if she had to
goto the bathroom, as if she were constipated.  But she couldn't push it
out.  She squeezed her ass, but only managed to elicit a groan (from
Pervert, she now realized) as he continued to sink into her ass.

He was finally all the way in.  his balls resting against her wet pussy.
It felt like his cock was touching her belly, it was in so deep.  But she
was so tense, she couldn't do anything, not even move or speak.  All that
meat was splitting her in two, filling up her bowels.  The cock-head was
wedged deep in her ass, the friction rubbing the head as he
experimentally slid back and forth.

Kelli's body shook from being so tense.  Pervert pulled almost all the
way out (she felt so empty!), but the cock-head resisted at her opening.
She felt her asshole being stretched, and being pulled out to follow the
cock-head.  But then Pervert slid all the way back in with a moan.
Easier this time.  Her ass all greased with butter.

As Pervert pulled out again, Nasty thrust back into her pussy.  "Ahhh!"
cried Kelli.  It was such a contrast!  The tenseness of her ass being
filled, compared to the sensations of her pussy being fucked.  She
couldn't think straight at all.  She couldn't remember a time when she
wasn't being fucked, or someone was cumming in her or on her.  Her pussy
was stretched around Nasty's fat cock while her asshole was stretched
around Pervert.  She could feel them rubbing against each other.  Only
the thin skin between her pussy and ass separating them.

But they started thrusting into her.  Keeping their timing straight.
They must have done this before she vaguely thought.  Nasty would thrust
up into her pussy when Pervert pulled out, and Pervert would ram her
asshole when Nasty pulled out.  On, and on, and on, and on....

They kept fucking her.  Kelli was vaguely aware of Susan continually
sucking on her breasts.  And she vaguely remembered someone cupping her
head, and inserting their cock in her mouth as they shot their load onto
her tongue.  She automatically swallowed as her head was lowered back
down to rest on Nasty's shoulder.

She couldn't even moan or scream anymore, she was so tired.  Her body was
just a sex doll.  Just being fucked by these men.  She was out of breath
and felt herself getting light headed from holding herself so tense.
They kept fucking her, while Nasty held her tight.  Her pussy was so
sore!  And her asshole!  It was so stretched, it was so tense.  They kept
fucking her asshole!  Her mouth was all sticky with cum.  She was
thirsty.  But another hand lifted her face, cradling her with their hands
as they too, slid into her wet mouth, and spurted more cum down her well
lubricated throat.

Her hands lay limply at her sides.  Her head resting on Nasty's shoulder
when it wasn't being fed cum.  Her pussy and asshole were practically

She felt Pervert groan and tense up as he thrust deep into Kelli's ass.
He shot his load deep in her bowels but she didn't move at all.  Pervert
pulled out as Nasty continued to fuck her, and she felt someone else
slide their short thick penis in her ass.

"Now, we'll take your temperature again with a different tool!" said a
very sweaty and excited Doc.  He stuffed his cock into Kelli's ass, and
fucked her eagerly, if without rhythm.  "Such a sweet ass, such a sweet
ass..." he murmered as he held her breasts and fucked her.

She just lay there, in a daze.  And let them use her body.  She didn't
even remember everything anymore.  She didn't remember Nasty cumming
inside her and moving away, but now, there was Sleazy underneath her.  He
was holding up her face so he could watch her dazed face, with cum
dripping down her chin as he thrust up into her pussy.  She must have
passed out briefly several times.  But they continued to fuck her.
Taking turns cumming in her mouth, or cumming in her pussy, or cumming
deep inside her ass.

She couldn't believe how many times they came.  She was full of sperm,
and felt it oozing out of her asshole and pussy, dripping down her
thighs. But she realized that they were resting and taking breaks while
they awaited their turns with her.  Kelli, being the sole recipient of
their fuckings, could take no such break.  She continued to have her
little body rocked back and forth as they fucked her wet sloppy holes.

Doc whimpered in delight as he came in her asshole, and he fell down over
her small back, kissing and nibbling at her soft skin.    Her legs were
so tired, they had fallen asleep, and Kelli too finally passed out
between the two men.  Her last thoughts being that of the situation
around her.  Feeling them continuing to fuck her, even as she passed out.
Knowing that they would continue to fuck her for as long as they had

Kelli awoke briefly several times in the night.  She had vague
recollections of some other positions they had put her in.  Flipping her
to lay back on one of the men with her ass still impaled on his cock, she
felt other men move between her legs to fuck her exposed pussy while she
slept. She woke to find them fucking her ass and cumming over her face
and body.

She remembered Nutso having had his wish, she remembered an ear of corn
sliding in and out of her well used pussy.  The sensation of the nubbed
corn rubbing against the walls of her cum drenched pussy was enough to
wake her briefly.

She remembered kneeling down on the ground with no one underneath her.
Her head resting on the ground, and Susan, kneeling behind her.  Eating
the cum dripping out of her open asshole and pussy.

She vaguely remembered lying on her back.  Looking up at Susan as she
straddled her face and rubbed her wet pussy against Kelli's mouth.  She
remembered having to stick her tongue out, and remembered the smell of
her hot wet pussy against her face.  Her face was drenched after that
too.  With the juices of another woman's pussy.

She remembered awaking in another room, with Master above her.  She was
too tired to struggle, but she was tied over a bench anyway.  Master too,
fucked her ass several time, spanking her and grabbing her breasts.

She remembered being tied down, straddling a saddle-type device.  It had
a leather wrapped dildo on it, and she was forced to sit down on it so
that it filled her slippery pussy.  Her legs were tied to it so she
couldn't stand, and the men came around taking turns, filling her mouth
full of cum, not letting her swallow until they had all taken their
turns...  The multiple loads of sperm mixed in her mouth, pooling over her
tongue and coating her teeth.  The thick salty cum in her mouth spilled
out of her mouth and down her chin, but she swallowed it all down in
multiple gulps with her eyes closed.

And that's all she remembered for that night.  The party must have lasted
hours and hours and hours...

And finally, she was allowed to sleep in a soft warm bed.  With Susan
holding her from behind cupping her breasts.....



"JK Kelli-Snow" Copyright 2001
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