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       Laura did not get home until almost nine-thirty. She had spent hours on
the floor in front of the  TV, masturbating furiously to the tapes in Lucas
Jackson's collection. Each one featured a different woman, with at least two
hours of footage showing Jackson brutally fucking and degrading them. 

    There were women of all types represented in the collection. Tammy was a
plump  buxom redhead with a pronounced Southern accent and a passion for being
fucked in the ass.  Gwendolyn was a willowy, soft-spoken  British blonde who
turned into a writhing, screaming slut when Jackson's cock was in her. Debra
was a pale-skinned,  dark-haired beauty  who described herself to the camera as
a "pain slut". And she had proved it. Jackson had handcuffed Debra's hands
tightly behind her and tortured her nipples with a pair of wicked looking
clamps before thrashing her ass red with a riding crop and  fucking her doggie
style until she begged for mercy. All of the woman were apparently married;
Jackson had taken great pains to show each of them with a wedding ring on their
finger. Each scene seemed hotter, more perverted than the last, and L:aura had
fucked herself with the giant black dildo and climaxed over and over until she
was exhausted. 

    Laura slowly undressed, glad that Trip wasn't there. she was sure he could
see the guilt written on her face. She was ashamed of herself and more than a
little frightened by her reaction to the tapes. How could anything so nasty be
so arousing? 

    Laura sighed and went into the bathroom to draw herself a hot bath. As the
water splashed into the tub, she heard the phone ring. She drew a silk robe
around her and walked back into the bedroom to answer it. 

   "Hello?" she said. 

   "You have the tape, don't you?" It was the voice of Anne Allen, Jackson's
supposed "victim." Her voice sounded strange, almost as if the woman was
talking in her sleep.  Laura was so stunned she didn't know what to say.  

    "I just got back from his apartment.," the voice went on. "I wanted to get
the tape. But his landlady said you had just left. You have it, don't you?" 

   "Mrs. Allen," Laura said. "This really isn't the time...perhaps if you'd
call my office and set up an appointment..."

    "I'm going to dismiss the charges," Anne said. "There's no point now. I
made up the rape story because my husband found us...he caught Lucas fucking me
in the church office. So I started yelling rape. I...I wanted to save my
marriage. I couldn't tell my much I liked it." 

     -~Mrs. Allen," Laura said again. "Anne. If you're going to drop the
charges, there's no need for anyone to know...I mean, I won't need to use the

    "You don't understand," Anne said, her voice sounding even more weary,
almost dead. "When he gets out, he'll call me. And I'll go." her voice broke.
"God help me, I'll go. And then he'll...he'll punish me."  . 

   "If you think he's going to harm you, I can.." 

   "Harm?" Anne's laugh was brittle, with an edge of hysteria. "I can guarantee
you, Miss Rich-bitch lawyer, that I'll love every single  thing he does to me.
Everything he makes me do. I'll hate myself for it, but I'll still come
crawling to him. You've seen. You know..." her voice broke and she began
weeping. Laura said nothing. After a moment, Anne seemed to regain a modicum of
composure. "Has he had you yet, Ms. Hayes?" she asked almost conversationally. 

   "Mrs. Allen, I don't think..." 

   "Don't worry," Anne interrupted. "He will. You've got the kind of looks he
likes. And I hear you're married. He really likes that. I'm sure I'll be seeing
you, Ms. Hayes." there was a click as Anne Allen hung up. 

    Laura stood in stunned silence for a moment. Anne Allen seemed convinced
that her client was going to perform some act of violence as punishment for
getting him locked up. But she also indicated that she would like it. What
could he do....? 

    The sound of the water overflowing in the tub startled her out of her
reverie. Laura  swore under her breath and ran to the bathroom to stop the
water. She let a little water out of the tub, then eased her naked body into
the steaming water. She looked down at her body, at her high firm breasts and
long legs. She imagined dark hands running over that pale flesh, strong black
wrists pulling her slim ankles roughly apart, pinning her hands, bending her,
molding her body, possessing her..she thought of the punishments a man could
wreak on her soft, tender flesh....

   She stood up abruptly, the water flowing off her voluptuous body. "No," she
said out loud. "No, I won't think about that again." She finished washing off
and got out of the tub. After drying herself roughly with a large fluffy towel,
she felt a little more in control. She put on her most sensible flannel robe
and went to bed. She was asleep long before her husband got home. He was too
tired to wake her up. 

   The next day, when Laura went into the office, the senior partner stopped
her in the hall. "Good work on the Jackson case," he said, patting her on the
back. "The DA called and they're dropping all charges. They turned him loose
this morning.." 

   "Th-thank you," Laura stammered.  She went back to her office and closed the
door. She wasn't sure how she felt. On the one hand, her client was clearly not
guilty of rape. On the ther hand, she couldn't shake the feeling that he was a
very dangerous man. 

    Her intercom buzzed. "Ms. Hayes," the receptionist said. "There's a Mr.;
Jackson here to see you." 

    Laura's heart leapt into her throat.  -~Tell him I'm busy. I can't see him
right now...." 

   "He says it's very important," the receptionist said. "He's in Conference
Room A. The intercom clicked off. 

   Laura swore softly. The receptionist, a fiftyish heavyset woman with
glasses, was fond of pushing the younger lawyers around. This was another one
of her power plays. 

   Lucas Jackson was standing by the window in the  conference room as Laura
entered. She closed the door behind her. "Lock it," he said. 

   "I don't think so," she said. She tried to sound confident, but her voice
shook a little as she said it. "How can I help you today, Mr. Jackson?" she
said as she sat down and took out her pen and pad. 

   He turned away from the window. "I just wanted to thank you for the way you
handled my case," he said. The words were polite, but his voice had the same
insolent, almost mocking tone he had used with her earlier. 

    "You're quite welcome," she said, wishing he would sit down. Jackson walked
over to where she was sitting. He stood very close, towering over her. His
crotch was at the level of her face. She kept her eyes on the pad, refusing to
look at him. 

   "I wanted to take the time to thank you personally. I think that kind of
hard work deserves a reward, don't you?" 

     She didn't answer. She heard a sound and looked over involuntarily. She

    Jackson had unzipped his jeans and taken out his enormous Black cock. He
held it in one hand, dangling it inches from her face. She was appalled at the
size of it, but she couldn't  take her eyes off of it. Even only half hard as
it was, it was the biggest thing Laura had ever seen. 

   "Mr . Jackson," she said. Her mouth was so dry that her voice came out as a
strangled croak. "I'm going to have to ask you to ..." Her words trailed off as
he gave his prick one long lazy stroke with his hand. It throbbed slightly and
swelled with growing hardness. She heard a deep  moan and realized that it had
come from her own throat. 

   "Come here, Mrs. Hayes," he whispered. "Come get your reward." She could
feel the heat from his body, could smell the funkiness of his cock. She closed
her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to regain her composure.  He slapped
her cheek lightly with it, once, twice, and she lost all control. She slid out
of the chair, falling to her knees before him with a groan.  She opened her
mouth and plunged it over the head of his enormous black cock.. The salty taste
overwhelmed her, filled her senses. She whimpered and tried to stuff even more
of it into her mouth, wanting to feel all of him down her throat. Her
inexperienced throat reached its limits quickly and she  gagged slightly on his
hardness. The sensation brought her slightly back to her senses and she pulled
his penis out of her mouth. 

   "Please," she begged, looking up at him.  "Not here. I'll do anything.
Anything you want. I want it, you know I do, but please, not here." 

   He looked down at her, unsmiling, as if considering her proposal. Then he
stepped back and stuffed his rampant cock back into his tight jeans. She
whimpered again as she saw the cock that she wanted so badly  being taken away.
 "My apartment. 6:00 PM," he said. Then he smiled condescendingly. " -~Sides, I
wouldn't want you to lose that fat paycheck, seein' as how you're goin' to be
bringin' it to me  -~fore long." Then he left. 

    Laura went through the rest of the day in a haze. She couldn't go to him,
couldn't betray her husband in such a pre-planned fashion. But then her
imagination would take over and she would drift into fantasies of being
dominated by him, of being taken and used like a slut for his pleasure. She
thought at one point she might have to change her panties, she was so soaked
between her legs. 

   Finally, the day ended. She called and left a message on her answering
machine saying that she had to work late. On the drive to Jackson's apartment,
she realized she was actually trembling--in fear or desire, she couldn't tell. 

    She knocked on the front door, trying to keep her knees from knocking.
After a few moments, he opened it. He stood blocking the doorway, not letting 
her enter, and looked at her up and down, as if deciding on a piece of
merchandise. He was stripped to the waist, and Laura's eyes lingered on his
muscular form. Before she could say anything, he reached out, grabbed her by
the shoulder, and pulled her inside. She gave a yelp of pain as he slammed her
against the wall of the entranceway, kicking the front door shut as he did so.
He kissed her, hard. There was no romance in the kiss;  it was a taking of
possession. She moaned as his rough tongue invaded her mouth. His big hands
roamed over her body for a moment before roughly shoving her suit skirt over
her hips. There was a sudden yank and a tearing sound as he ripped her
expensive silk panties off, leaving her bare from the waist down. She felt
something burning pass between her legs. She reached down and sobbed with
desire as her tiny hand closed around his thick black  cock, now fully erect
and rubbing against her engorged pussy lips. She raised one leg and wrapped it
over his lower back, granting him even better access. He reached down and
cupped her tight buttocks in his hands, then lifted her bodily into the air.
Her hands locked across his back and her other leg wrapped over his buttocks.

    "aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAH!' she screamed as he entered her. His cock seemed like a
tree-trunk, spreading and splitting her tender cunt lips before sliding into
her and into her and into her. She was so tight around him, she could feel the
veins on his prick pulsing, feel every throb of his heartbeat deep in her
belly, deep in the places where her husband could never reach. He began fucking
her brutally against the wall, wrenching scream after scream of joy from her
throat. "YES!" she shouted with each thrust of his dick.  "YES! YES! DO IT TO
ME! HARDER! HARDER WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK!" She had been aroused for so long
thinking about him that her first orgasm was almost immediate. Her body shook 
and spasmed and her screams turned into convulsive animalistic  grunts as the
most intense climax of her life consumed her whole being. "HUNNH! HUNNH!
HUNNH!" she cried out. She tightened her legs around his waist, pulling him
deeper into her. She thought of all the words she had heard the other women use
on the tapes she had viewed. She knew she was one of them now, no longer the
rich-bitch lawyer than Anne Allen had described. No longer a proper wife or
dutiful daughter. She was what she wanted to be, a virile man's sex-slave.  
"FUCK ME!" she begged. "FUCK YOUR WHITE SLUT!" 

      Incredibly, he began pounding her  even harder, even though she hadn't
thought that possible. 
 She felt the hand cupping her asscheeks, moving roughly over her tender flesh.
Then she felt the exploring finger parting her cheeks, searching for the tight
rosebud of her asshole. No, she thought, not there, but she knew there would be
no use in begging him not to do it. She was his now, all of her, and if he
wanted to fuck her there, he that moment, his exploring middle
finger found its target and thrust deeply into her back passage, and she
climaxed again. This climax was even more overwhelming  than the first,
intensified by the pain of his anal entry. Laura saw stars shooting before her
eyes as she came and came and came some more. Time seemed to lose all meaning
as she writhed and sobbed and spasmed on his deeply plunging cock. Finally, her
blissful convulsions subsided, leaving her panting and weak, .hanging limply in
his grasp. She felt herself losing her grip across his shoulders and her
leg-grip around his waist, then felt him slowly pull out of her well-fucked
cunt. She slid to the floor at his feet, gasping for breath. She looked up at
him an saw that his cock was still fully erect and throbbing. 

      "Did you..? " she asked. Her voice was hoarse from screaming. 
       "Not yet," he said. "But I will. Believe that."  He reached down and
grabbed a handful of her thick dark hair. She screamed in pain as he used her
hair as a handle to drag her up to her knees. Her face was level with his cock.
"Suck my dick, slut," he ordered. She gave a deep groan of pure submission and
took him into her mouth, working her lips down his blood-gorged pole. She
tasted her own cum juices on his cock, and the sharp taste sent more billows of
heat through her loins. As she sucked eagerly, her hands were busy stripping
off her suit jacket and blouse, which were soaked with sweat. Her bra was next,
joining the other clothes pooled on the floor. She grasped his cock in one hand
and pulled her head back, running her tongue around and around the thick head
like she had seen the women do in the videos. His deep groan sent a jolt of
pure satisfaction through her and she felt herself have an orgasm, a tiny one,
deep in her belly. She ran her tongue down the length of him, then slowly back
up, before taking him back into her mouth. 

    "You like that big black dick, don't you, MRS. Hayes?" he taunted her by
emphasizing her married title. 

      "MMM-hmmm," she moaned around his mouth-filling hardness. She pulled away
for a moment. "I love it," she gasped. "I love it in  my mouth. Oh, GOD,  its
so big and hard. I can feel it about to come in my hot wet mouth..." She took
him back in her mouth, going even deeper this time.    He still had his hand
tangled in her hair. He  began shoving his cock brutally in and out of her
mouth, fucking her eager lips with complete abandon. She could feel him growing
even larger, swelling with his impending climax. She relaxed her throat,
letting him use her like a fuck-toy. He grunted and his cock began pulsating
against her tongue. She tasted it, his hot, sticky come, shooting into the
depths of her hotly sucking mouth. The feeling sent an uncontrollable  surge of
lust through her. She plunged her own hand between her legs and began stroking
her clit, which was again engorged with lust. At the first touch of her finger
on her clit, she began cumming with him. She squirmed her hips against her
stroking finger, groaning with climax as his cock pulsed and spurted in her
mouth. She sucked greedily, wanting to get every drop, but the huge load was
just too much for her and some ran down her chin. He pulled out and pumped the
last few drops of cum onto her panting face,. She ran her tongue across her
lips, trying to scoop up the last few drops. Then she looked up at him and gave
him the wide smile of a submissive slut. There were still drops of cum on her
cheeks and chin. She moved as if to wipe her face. 

     "No," he said. "Leave it there." she just moaned in response.   "That was
so good," she whispered. She planted a kiss on his cock, which was still
half-hard. "Will you fuck me again? Please? Will you make your  white slut come
again with this big black cock? " 

     "Don't you need to get back to your rich lawyer husband?" he laughed. 

      "No," she whispered, shaking her head.  "No. I don't ever want him again.
Just you. Just let me be yours. Please. I'll do anything." 

    "You got a lot to learn about bein' my slut," he said. "I decide when you
come over and how long you stay. And when it's over, you go home to your hubby.
You got that?" 

     "Yes,"she nodded, desperate  to please him. "Yes. Please. But can I stay?
I need it. Oh, god I've been needing it so bad.."   

    He thought about that for a few moments. She watched, aching with renewed
need. Part of her  hated herself for needing it so bad, hated herself for
begging. But all of that was lost in her need to submit. 

    Finally, he seemed to make up his mind.  "Get in the bedroom, slut," he
ordered. "Your education just beginning." 	

To Be Continued...


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