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                             Taking Care of Mom
                             BY: Phil Phantom

Jody knew her daughter hated working at Chester's kennels, and
wasn't very fond of him, either, but not many thirteen-year-old
girls get good work experience. The money wasn't that important.
Learning a good work ethic was important, as was getting that
all-important work experience, and helping out with the family
finances. There are worse jobs than shoveling dog shit, and
stricter bosses than Chester, though few could get away with
strapping a child with a leash the way he could. Still, it wasn't
that bad, and what doesn't kill you makes you strong. Girls do
learn best under a firm hand, and a strong man's hand does
wonders. Angie was no different, just difficult. A bit more of
the leash would do that child a bit more good.

Yes, Angie could be difficult with anyone except her mom. Her mom
was sick, admitted to being sick, but wanted no help, since the
only real help she'd get is a long stretch behind bars. Angie
didn't mind helping her mom, but she very much resented helping
strangers. Angie had no right to love her mom, not even like her,
but she did love her. Her sick mom wasn't always bad; she wasn't
always mean; she went through cycles, but would never apologize
because she was sick, and what don't kill you makes you strong,
and kids don't get to pick their parents, and be thankful you
have a roof over your head and enough to eat. Angie heard it all
a thousand times. She had a cross to bear and called it, Mom.

Jody stopped by the kennels to see how things were going. Chester
had a particularly difficult time with Angie the day before,
giving her the worst strapping so far. Her backside showed it
from the lower back to just above the knees. He had to have
pulled her panties down to make her ass as raw and red looking as
her legs, but that didn't bother Jody. The fact that Angie was
getting good discipline, had good stories to tell, and kept them
to herself, that pissed Jody off. Mom doctored the soreness, but
offered no sympathy. She didn't even want to hear what set him
off that good, probably smart mouthing. She got it good and that
would do her good.

When she delivered Angie the next day, she made it a point to
tell Chester right in front of Angie that if she gave him any
trouble whatsover, to strip her naked and make her red from her
shoulders to her knees, front and back. Jody could see that he
looked guilty and nervous for having taken her panties down. He
knew that had to be obvious and thought there might be trouble, a
warning, a threat, a typical mother's reaction, but Jody
pleasantly surprised him, very much so, though she did authorize
physical discipline in the first place. This much better offer
made him smile and that devilish smile encouraged her to add,
"...for any reason or no reason at all other than you think she
needs a good strapping on her naked body. I don't mind you taking
off all of her clothes, and I don't care where you hit her.
You're the boss. She needs a good boss."

He knew Jody wanted to make points after moving to the area with
her husband working in Saudi Arabia for the next year. She didn't
know anybody and rented from him. They hardly knew each other,
but this gal knew how to make points with a horny, old,
birddog-breeding buzzard. She was his kind of mom, but she sure
didn't look it. Chester had no idea they came young and sexy. She
was a real looker and built. Angie got her looks from her mom,
and would be built like her mom, compact and curvacous, thin and
limber. For early thirteen, Angie already had a good start on a
body with tits any sixteen-year-old would be proud to carry on
her chest and a plump and fleshy pussy any grown woman would be
proud to show off - good fucking pussy, too, slicker than snot
and snug, pussy you never had to spit in to slip in to theballs.

There was something about Jody, and they knew they were of a like
mind real quick. It wasn't just what she said, but the way she
said it. He looked over Angie's nervous and cowering form and
said, "Yeah, she could use a good buck naked lashing. A few good
ones right between her legs would get her stepping lively for a
while. I might just keep her naked and give her pussy a few
uppercuts to get her going again when she starts slowing down."

His words brought an immediate flush to Jody's face and neck as
she smiled his kind of smile and said, "My, but you are a strict
task master. A few uppercuts to a girl's pussy would certainly
get her attention. I know that would make Angie perk up. She has
a very tender and sensitive pussy between her legs, as I'm sure
you must know."

"Yes, I gave her a thorough exam, several. She has a very
well-developed clit for a girl her age."

"Very, and a good clit-hit will pop her eyes wide open. The rest
of her pussy is like the soles of her feet. Your arm will wear
out before her pussy will, but you nail that clit, she'll bite
through a brick for you. If you are serious about what you said,
I could strip her and hold her for you while you deliver enough
to get her going. However many you think is appropriate."

Angie's heart raced and her heart sank. This was her worst-case
scenario, those two teaming up. She knew this was bound to happen
once her mom found out how he was. Angie tried like hell to keep
it from her, but there was no hiding the damage done the day
before. He had been helping to keep any damage hidden, but he got
carried away, had too much fun, went overboard. Now, he didn't
have to hide anything and there were two of them to contend with.
This couldn't happen at a worse time with school now out for the
summer and her mom bored to tears. Dad would be away all summer,
nothing to fear there. They wouldn't even have school to contend
with. Summers were always the worst, but this summer had all the
makings of Hell Summer. He, of course, said, "Please do."

Jody set immediately about the business of stripping the child
and didn't even want to leave the boots on. After rending her
totally naked, she pinned both arms to the small of Angie's back
with one hand while kicking out the feet until they were a yard
apart. With the smiling old man ready with a folded leash, Jody
pushed in on the ass and said, "Tilt your pussy up so he can whip
it good. If you move, you'll only get more." She then placed her
free hand in the crotch to highlight not hide while saying, "How
is this pussy? Will you have any trouble whipping a pussy like
this, or is there a better way? I could lift one of her legs
straight up. That'll give you a good pussy to hit where it'll do
the most good. That'll hang her clit out."

He liked this gal a lot and said, "We'll do some like this and
some the other way like you mentioned, then maybe a few with her
bent over with her head clamped twixt your legs. A dozen of each
should get her going."

"Bent over front ways looking down or backward looking up between
my legs? I should warn you, I'm not wearing panties."

He smiled big and said, "In that case, backward looking up
between your sexy legs. Might as well give her something nice and
pretty to look at."

"Thank you. She'll get wet. Watching a girl get her pussy whipped
always makes me want to piss."

"Fuck! Hold what ya got, but you better move your hand."

"How about if I move it between my sexy legs and warm up the
sprinkler system?"

"Shit fuzzy, if you don't beat all. Hell yeah!"

He delivered his twelve uppercuts while the mother masturbated
for him. Angie suffered but didn't move her pussy or even flinch
right before impact. Only two hit dead center on the clit and
caused terrible pain, but the next set would likely double or
triple that number. She knew the next set would be hell. Her mom
made him a beaver he couldn't miss, so good he decided on another
dozen in that position. Angie grew numb after six direct
clit-hits. After that, it wasn't too bad, but then she had to do
the backward bend and get her head clamped between her mother's
thighs, just inches from pussy which was already leaking into a
mouth she had to hold wide open. The old man couldn't believe
this and got close for a better look. Jody pulled her lips apart
so that he could see everything. She filled Angie's mouth with
piss, then made her swallow it. That took him by complete
surprise. Ain't no momma like that.

If he felt sorry for Angie, he didn't show it on her pussy. He
didn't even bother keeping count and let Jody do some. She hit
harder and did at least a dozen on her own with all except one
being clit strikes. When they were through whipping, he fucked
her. Angie took a hard fucking with her face pulled up tight
against the pussy, having to fight to snatch breaths out of
snatch. She knew they would be bad, but they drove each other to
extremes of bad. One sadistic child molester is bad, but two is
bad squared.

Angie was in no condition to work after this hour-long ordeal.
She could barely stand, but they stood her in her boots and put
her to work, getting a big kick out of sending her into the pens
with horny male dogs she was in no shape to fend off. She ended
up getting raped in every pen she entered until she couldn't get
up. When she couldn't get up, they made her crawl to the next
rape, which was a good position to be in but rough on the knees.

Her mom ended up staying the entire day. She absolutely loved
watching Angie get fucked by the dogs. This was nothing new for
Angie. Every adult male dog in the kennel, typically thirty or
more, had her several times over and would get excited on seeing
her, but this was all new to her mom, new and exciting, another
great way to make a girl miserable. As if that weren't enough,
she wanted Angie to act sexy and horny, like a bitch in heat. If
her act wasn't good enough, she was taken out and pussy whipped,
then sent crawling back in to try again.

Angie learned to do it right. They weren't rapes after noon. The
oddest thing was, after she began acting like a bitch in heat,
she actually began to feel like one, and that felt great, honest
to goodness pleasure, no act, though they were sure she was
acting and took great joy in thinking she had to act like she
loved something they were sure she detested and found disgusting,
sucking on their dicks especially, and that was the best part.
She got to where she loved sucking on their dicks and loved their
cum which she had to eat even out of her own pussy, which they
made her do by pulling herself into a tight ball. She got to
where she could lick her own asshole, and that felt good. Eating
her own pussy felt best and they absolutly loved watching her do
that after a dog got through fucking it, even while a dog fucked

Angie couldn't believe it, but she actually looked forward to
going to work the next day. She couldn't belive she still felt
horny hours later. She didn't look forward to the physical abuse,
but wondered if that might change if she changed her attitude
about that the way she had with the dogs. When she thought about
offering up her pussy to the lashes, she did turn herself on.
Whether that would hold true under a real lashing remained to be
seen, but if it

Angie thought about the other thing she detested. Eating her
mother and drinking her piss. If attitude could change her
feeling about that, there wasn't anything else that really
bothered her. Getting fucked by Chester never did bother her, not
even in the ass. She acted like it did, but he wasn't the first
in either hole. Those holes liked dicks, always had, and his
seven skinny inches was perfect. Compared to the things her
mother fucked her with, hard flesh was a joy. He also fucked hard
which made it even better. He fucked like Mom, the way Angie was
used to getting fucked, the way dogs fuck a girl. There were no
complaints, there. He was a good fucker as were most of his
friends and customers. The trick was never to let it show, same
with her mom if she could learn to like pussy and piss.

Angie concentrated mostly on pussy and piss. She was pretty sure
the whipping could become enjoyable. She had already had
experiences when it had and she wanted more and harder. In fact,
that happened several times that day. An attitude adjustment
would probably work wonders and not take long. If she could get
good at that, she could thrill them by not having to be held.
Presenting her pussy to the lash would be a super turn on. They
were both big fans of whipping the pussy, the only good place to
whip a girl. Girls hate that, especially on the clit. They think.
Angie smiled.

Angie had been in her bed since arriving home. Her mom left her
alone to recover. She did some nursing, then left her to heal on
her own, checking in from time to time. She was not like she was
at the kennels, more her usual self, though still pissed at Angie
for not telling her what a good molesting she had been getting
all along. Angie felt badly about that because the molesting was
more than her mother ever dreamed - whore to a sadistic,
child-molesting, redneck kennel operator - dreams don't get that
good, and Angie tried to hide it - unforgiveable.

Her mom got to vent much of that anger, but still held residual
resentment. She could be a good mother, even loving and
affectionate, especially after delivering an unjust punishment or
doing something sexual, using Angie to get off. She did that a
lot, too. When she wasn't bad, she was pretty good but never
apologized for being bad. She was sick and that was just Angie's
tough luck. Life is no bed of roses. You play the cards you're
dealt. I'm the only mother you've got. What doesn't kill you
makes you strong.

She was right, too. It does make you strong. Angie knew she could
take punishment that no ten girls could share among themselves
without collectively crying. That was another thing that her mom
and Chester had in common. You don't cry, beg, plead, scream, and
you never ever ask for anything to stop. You just take whatever
you get and be thankful when it does stop. You never do anything
to spoil an abuser's pleasure. You look for opportunites to
please them. You never seek mercy. You don't want mercy. Expect
no mercy and you'll get no mercy.

In that regard, Angie was a perfect victim, more perfect because
she would never tell no matter what you did. She learned to
expect no mercy and show that she expected none. Her mom was so
right. She was her own worst enemy by being so perfect, but that
was just the way she was. She didn't think she could ever be that
way for anyone except her mom, but her mom now had a very dear
friend who also needed help. Angie gradually came to see Chester
the same way she saw her mom and wanted to help them both. For
reasons she couldn't explain, she wanted to make it better for
them, and she knew what they loved most - good misery and stoic

Angie thought about pussy and piss, trying to think pleasantly
about it. Her mom wasn't dirty or smelly and the piss never made
her sick. Pussy was pretty neat, come to think of it. She sure
liked her own. She thought, "Lesbians like pussy, umm, yummy
pussy, juicy pussy, slippery snatch, creamy cunt, mommy pussy,
the best pussy, ummm delicious, and nice warm piss straight from
the pussy, suck on that pissing pussy, drink it right down. Yeah,
that's how she likes it. Suck it all out, drink it all down, then
wipe with my tongue, the perfect human toilet. No wonder she
loves pissing in me. Who wouldn't. Why sit on a cold toilet when
you have a nice warm daughter who never makes a fuss about it and
wipes real good without being told. I'm thirsty. I want more
mommy piss."

As though hearing those thoughts, her mom entered the room, naked
drinking a beer. She had that look on her face, too. She came up
to the bed and said, "Show me your pussy."

Angie drew the bedding away and spread her legs wide, gripping
her inner thighs to show her pussy well. This was an invitation
for abuse in her mother's current frame of mind. Jody studied
that tender, raw, swollen, abused pussy then said, "Still hurt?"


"Looks it. You'll get more of the same tomorrow. My advice to you
is toughen up because things aren't going to get any easier. If
anything, you'll get more whipping. He doesn't know how to whip a
cunt, but he'll get better, and his aim will improve with
practice. Open the lips and let me see that clit...biggest clit
you've ever had...tender, isn't it?"

"Yes, very. It's still throbbing."

"Before this week is up, you'll wish you didn't have a clit."

"I already do."

"Tough. You're stuck with it. On most girls, that's a pleasure
button. On you, that's a pain button, and a big one. You were
born with the wrong kind of clit to the wrong kind of mom. That's
the breaks. When we think you need pain, we know what button to
push, which part to hit. You know, too, don't you?"

"Yes, my clit."

"If you know that, why do you make it so diffuclt to hit?"

"I don't. I hold still."

"Not perfectly still, and you don't open the lips. You could make
a good target of your clit, but you don't. Are you afraid your
fingers are going to get hit?"


"Then you shouldn't mind opening your cunt up for us and fully
exposing your pain button. With a target like that, we could hit
it every time and not fuck up your pussy so much. We don't want
to hit fleshy pussy. We want to hit tender clit. When we go to
inflict pain, we want to see real pain. Are you trying to spoil
our fun?"

"No. If you want me to fully expose the clit, I will."

Jody didn't expect this response. She said, "Really...and hold
perfectly you're doing now?"


"Talk is cheap. What makes you think you could, or do it twice?"

"I do whatever I have to do. Don't I always?"

"Well, I'd like to see you do that from now on...without being
told. When you get your pussy whipped, offer up the clit, fully
exposed...and keep it fully exposed until we think you've had
enough or we want you in another position. When you get in a new
position, you get that clit fully exposed, I mean stretch those
cunt lips and put it right out there. Is that understood?"

"Yes, I understand. I won't wait to be told, I'll just do it, and
hold it, and stay perfectly still."

"If you do, I'll be very impressed. That doesn't mean I'll go
easier on you. I'll just be impressed. I have to piss."

Angie let her legs down and scrambled to the edge of the bed
where pussy waited to be relieved. This time, she wanted to
relieve it, and taste the pussy, but not let it show. By all
outward appearances, the act looked the same, but Jody felt a
distinct difference and remarked after the lengthy wipe, "I think
you're turning queer, that or you are developing a fondness for
piss,...or - you are trying to get on my good side. Yes, I'll bet
that's it. Clit whippings don't appeal to you, do they?"

"No, but I won't try to avoid them."

"You can't, so don't even think about avoiding them. You should
want on my good side. Keep trying. In fact, try harder. If you
make me cum, I might cut you a little slack. In fact, do that
some more. If you can learn to fuck mutts like a bitch, you can
learn to suck cunt like a lesbian. Now suck, bitch! Make me cum,
or so help me, you're little cunt's gonna pay."

Now Angie could suck cunt with all the passion she wanted to
show, and just as with fucking the mutts, her mom was convinced
her performance was all an act. Making her mom cum under those
circumstances was easy. In fact, Angie made her cum twice and
still kept up a lesbian act which was no act. Angie couldn't
believe she once hated doing this, and drinking the piss was even

Angie made a discovery that would make her Hell Summer a summer
to remember, not in nightmares but sexual daydreams. The best
part was, she could give her mom and Chester the best summer they
ever had, too. They would never in their wildest dreams suspect
she were anything but miserable all summer long, living a
nightmare that never ends. The bonus, and a big bonus it was,
pleasure for herself, exquisite pleasure, orgasms, many orgasms,
and they couldn't tell because they look so much like agony with
humiliation and degradation mixed in.

Her mom eventually pushed her head out and collapsed on the bed
beside Angie, lying crosways, head to toe. Angie's bare butt was
right beside her head. Jody didn't pay much attention to that
cute butt until she caught her breath and got her wits. She then
noticed, rolled to her side, got on one elbow and pulled a cheek
aside to look at the asshole and pussy. Angie had started to roll
over but froze while her mother studied the area.

Jody didn't say anything for a full minute, then said, "These are
whore holes, now. Chester told me he was making more money off
these holes than you cost in wages, quite a bit more, probably
more than he was willing to share. I don't suppose you know how
much he charges the men."

"No, but I think he charges the same for either hole. It's like
they get their pick and most go back and forth. I think he
charges them to cum in me, and it's not just those holes. They
can cum in my mouth, too."

"Of course. On you, the mouth is just another cunt. Even the dogs
know that. Tell me something, Angie. How does that make you feel
when a mutt is fucking you in the mouth like your mouth were a
bitch cunt."

"I feel worthless, like garbage, like a bitch built backwards
with the cunt under the nose."

"Yes, I can imagine. Do you ever wish you could just die and be
shoveled out with the dog shit to rot in the sun so the maggots
could eat you?"

"Yes, all the time. Would you like to watch the maggots eat me?"

"Yes, I would, if they could eat you alive, but I don't want you
dead. I don't want you to die, not before me. I don't know what
I'd do without you, probably end up in prison. You wouldn't want
that, would you?"


"Promise me you'll stop thinking about dying. That's just another
from of running away. You swore you never would. Do you still
mean that? You won't ever leave me?"

"I won't ever. I still mean it."

"Are you sure, Angie. Things are going to get worse. We talked
about that. More and more guys want to see Chester breed his
human bitch, and they are willing to pay good money. He is
willing to share some of that money. You'll get more of what you
hate the most. You do hate that the most, don't you?"

"Yes, especially getting it in the mouth."

"That's what they love the most and will pay the most to see.
Chester said no one has ever seen that. Today was the first time
that ever happened. He thinks they can all be trained to do it
that way if you cooperate and make a bitch pussy of your mouth.
You did it once; you can do it again and again. I know you can or
we can make you, but I worry about you killing yourself."

"I won't do that. I promise."

"Will you cooperate. Will you let those dogs fuck you in the
mouth and help train them?"

"Yes. I'll do whatever I have to do."

"While you make a target of your clit?"


"Well, then I'll stop worring about you. I hate acting like a
mommy. There's no fun in that, and I am having fun, more fun than
I have ever had in my life. I feel so alive, so free, so
carefree. I just want to make Chester happy. I'd love to divorce
your father and marry Chester. I know he's twice my age and
nothing much to look at, but we have so much in common. He'd like
that very much. That would have to be your worst nightmare, but
guess what...your worst nightmare will likely come true sooner
than you think. You may as well start calling him, Daddy, and
begin thinking of yourself as just another one of his bitches.
What do you think of those apples?"7

Angie rolled slowly to her back, then got up on her elbows with
her legs apart. She and her mom looked into the spread as Angie
said, "It's like you say, Mom. What doesn't kill you makes you
strong. If you think you'll be happy as Chester's wife, I'll call
him daddy and try to be a good bitch for my daddy. If my best
isn't good enough, I know I can show him my clit and he can make
me be good enough. I could give my clit to him as a wedding
present. If he had that, he'd have the perfect daughter. He would
with me, anyway."

"Honey, that is the best present you could ever give a daddy like
Chester, but you make that a wedding present to both of us.
That's too much power to place in one set of hands. He wants a
bitch, but I want a lesbian."

As she said that, Jody rolled to her back - not too big a hint.
Angie looked to the beaver she made, then rolled into it,
delivering soft kisses and gentle licks the way a lesbian lover
might. Jody got up on her elbows to watch this demonstration of
vaginal affection, awed by how well her daughter could make love
to a cunt with soft kisses, light licks, gentle sucking, and nice
easy French kisses to the hole. After watching for several
minutes, Jody remarked, "You catch on quickly and mask your
revulsion very well. Yes, I think you'll make an excellent
lesbian, now come up and let me see you kiss like a lesbian.
Convince me that you love, in-love with me. I am a
goddess and you adore me."

Jody could not tell the difference, and falling in-love with
Angie did straighten Jody out, but not before most of the summer
passed. After that, they had memories with a love that never

Didn't think this story would have a happy ending, did you?

                             The End

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