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To my readers, a little something from my archives to tide you over until I
finish with Revenge on My Ex-Boss part 7, which should be any day now. 
Also a note for those waiting for Coerced part 11, it will be out soon too.
Approximately 2 weeks after I post the next chapter of Revenge.

   Warning, this is a quite heavy, violent, torture, ending in death.  If
you ain't got the stomach, don't read it.

   I am NOT the author, merely the reposter.


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   ************************************************************** WARNING:
This story is fiction, and should be treated as such.  The following story
is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of
explicit sex.  If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you,
DO NOT read any further.  If it is illegal in your location, DO NOT read

   I am NOT the author, merely a REPOSTER, this is a copyrighted work of
the author.  Reposting or any other use of it is strictly prohibited
without the express, written permission of the copyright holder, except
that it may be posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access,
noncommercial archive site.

WRITE THIS STORY.  The authors email address is included in the story.

   DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictitious.  Any resemblance to anyone
either alive or dead is purely coincidental. 


   bondage, rape, torture, pain, death

   By: The Dark Ranger

   Star Wars: The Interrogation Of Leia


   The following story is a fantasy based on the movie "Star Wars" and is
inspired by the sequence (only hinted at in the film) where Darth Vader
tortures Princess Leia to find out the location of the rebel base

   *** Warning!!  The Interrogation of Leia is a very strong story
involving bondage and torture.  It is purely a fantasy, and if it is not to
your tastes, please do not read or download.***

   Chapter 1 - "Where are the Rebels?"

   Princess Leia Organa lay on her cot in the cold room.  She knew what her
captors wanted, but she was determined not to tell them.  To disclose the
location of the rebel base would be enough to undermine the entire
rebellion.  She was determined to keep the secret to herself -- it didn't
matter what happened to her, she had to remain quiet.  The door opened. 
She sat up as two large armed guards stood before her.

   "Come with us, Princess," one of them said.

   There was no point in resisting, but she said, "I am a member of the
Imperial Senate.  You have no right to do this!"

   "Quiet, and come with us!" snapped her guards, and she was led out of
the cell.

   She was led through the corridors, and they went into an elevator which
brought them deep into the heart of the Death Star.  Leia had never been
this deep, she trembled inwardly, unsure of what lay ahead for her.  It was
probably not going to be pleasant, but she could endure it.  Finally, they
arrived at their destination.  The elevator door opened and they exited. 
The surroundings were dark and eerie, and they filled her with trepidation.
The whole atmosphere was clearly intended to bring about fear in a
prisoner, and it was well designed.

   Two more guards came and took her from the two that had brought her, and
they walked down the darkened corridor until they reached a room which was
at the end of a long hall.  While they were walking down the hall, Leia
could hear moans and cries.  She shuddered, but when they arrived at the
door, it opened and she was taken in.

   In the room was Darth Vader, the most feared creature in the galaxy. 
The room was brightly lit, and she saw a table, several cabinets, and hooks
from the ceiling.  She wondered if this was an imperial torture chamber,
she had heard rumors of such places, but decided to try and be defiant.

   "Lord Vader, what do you want?"

   The imposing figure of Darth Vader looked down upon her and spoke in the
deep, modulated tones which sent shivers down the spine of the entire
galaxy.  "You know what we want, Princess.  The location of the rebel

   "I know of no such thing.  Let me go immediately!"

   Vader approached her and took her chin in his large gloved hands and
said, "Oh, you will talk, Princess.  And making you talk will be one of the
most pleasant experiences I have ever had.  Now remove your clothes!"

   Leia gasped.  - "I will do no such thing!  How dare you!" cried Leia.

   "You will obey me!" snapped the Dark Lord, and the two guards grabbed
Leia by the arms.  Vader then slowly cut her long white dress off her.  He
removed her shoes, undid her hair, and finally she stood stark naked before
them.  Her body was lovely, firm breasts, smooth stomach, luscious curved
legs and hips, a gorgeous ass, and luscious feet and toes.  She felt the
cold floor on her bare feet and toes as she stood defiantly before her
tormentors.  She was humiliated, but determined to retain dignity.

   Vader approached her and said, "You will talk, Princess.  Do you wish to
talk now, or does your flesh want to feel the pain?  You will talk,
Princess, of that I assure you!"

   During this taunting, Vader was fondling her breasts, her body, her ass,
and her cunt.  Leia gasped with humiliation as his gloved hands touched her
body.  The two guards grabbed her arms and tied her from one of the hooks
from the ceiling.  She was raised so that she had to stand on her toes. 
Vader opened one of the cabinets and pulled out a whip.  It was a
cat-o'-nine-tails, which looked terrifying.  He held it in front of her

   She was terrified, but tried not to show it.  As a Princess she had
never been beaten before.  She had led a sheltered life and wasn't sure how
she would stand the pain.  But she was determined to be strong.  Then her
back exploded.  She had never felt such pain in her life.  She cried out,
but was determined not to do it again.  Again and again the whip found its
mark on her back and ass.  She gasped, but managed to stifle her screams.
The whip cracked again and again and again.  Her pain was intense.  Tears
began to form in her eyes, but she was determined not to give them the
satisfaction of seeing her cry.  Vader was a master of the psychological
side of the whipping as well as the physical side.  He would strike the
helpless naked girl, then wait, allowing her to quake in fear and listen to
the hideous breathing from his breathing device.  Then, when she would
least expected it, he would strike her again, with all of his might.  The
beating continued for what seemed like an eternity.  Just when Leia was
convinced it was over, it would begin again.  Sometimes the pain was so
great and so sudden that her cry of pain escaped her lips before she could
stifle it, but for the most part she endured the piercing agony.

   Finally, during a break, she hung from her bonds, drenched in sweat, her
back and luscious ass afire from the whipping, and she felt Vader grab her
hair and turn her face towards his.  "Well, Princess, do you have anything
to tell us?  Or do you want more?"

   Leia turned her head and looked at the Dark Lord, but said nothing. 
Hate burned in her eyes.  Vader laughed and announced that the
interrogation would continue.  This time, he picked up a cat-o'-nine-tails
which had knots in each of the cats.  It had been soaking in a vat of
vinegar for quite sometime, and each cat was imbibed with it.  He
approached the helpless girl and swung the whip.  WHAP!  It struck her back
and Leia was overwhelmed with pain.  This whip was cutting into her tender
flesh, leaving red welts where it struck.  WHAP!  WHAP!  WHAP!

   Over and over again the whip struck her.  Leia writhed and squirmed in
agony, determined not to give them the pleasure of seeing her scream or cry
but was fast losing the battle.  The whip stroked began to cut open Leia's
delicate back and ass, and when the wound was opened the vinegar seeped
into her, causing the welts to burn in excruciating agony.

   WHAP!  WHAP!  The helpless girl was struck again and again and again,
each stroke sending waves of agony through her.  With a wave of Vader's
hand, the beating stopped.  Leia hung from her bonds, her back and ass
covered with welts, sweat dripping from her naked body.

   "Well, Princess, do you have anything to say to us?"

   Leia gathered up all the strength she had and spit in his face.  Vader
and the two guards laughed at her pathetic display of defiance.

   "Prepare her!" Vader commanded, and the two guards lifted her bare legs
and bound them securely to more hooks on the ceiling.  When they were
finished securing her, her legs were wide apart and her cunt was wide open.
Vader lifted the cat and began to rain mighty blows onto Leia's cunt.

   Despite her resolution to remain strong, the pain of the blows striking
her delicate organs caused her to scream in pain.  Hearing Leia's cries,
Vader stopped.  "Ah, Princess, now we're getting some reaction!  Have you
anything to tell us?"


   As soon as she had refused, Vader began to whip the girl's cunt over and
over and over again.  Leia writhed and twisted, in a desperate but futile
attempt to dodge the whip, or at the very least make it miss her cunt.  But
there was no chance, Vader's aim was sure, and Leia's cunt was aflame with
agony as he whipped away until one blow was so strong and caused her so
much agony that she passed out.

   Some smelling salts and cold water brought her around again.  "I must
say, Princess." taunted Vader, "I am rather disappointed in your ability to
withstand pain.  That you passed out under such a mild torture as this
doesn't bode well for when we begin to inflict some serious tortures on
you. So let's work up to it.  Unless, that is, you have something you'd
like to tell us."

   Sweat dripping down her face, Leia's look of contempt was her answer. 
In response, Vader brought up a large bottle with a tube at the end.  He
separated Leia's lovely ass cheeks and inserted the tube into her anus,
causing her to gasp.  With a squeeze, he filled her bowels with the
contents of the bottle.

   Almost immediately, Leia's insides felt like they were on fire, whatever
was in the liquid was burning and causing horrendous cramps.  Leia began to
twist and moan, and Vader leaned down and put his face close to Leia's
face, which was twisted in pain.  Leia didn't want to defecate there, and
she strained mightily to hold it in, but finally the burning agony and the
cramps won out and she expelled what was in her bowels.

   Almost immediately, the cramps and burning subsided, and she panted in
relief, but that relief turned to horror when she saw that Vader had
collected her shit in a bucket and was holding it near her.  Vader motioned
to a guard, who put on a pair of gloves and grabbed Leia's head and held it
firmly.  With Leia's head held tightly, Vader began to put the shit into
Leia's mouth, ordering her to eat it.

   When the first spoonful of the vile muck hit her mouth, she tried to
spit it out, but the guard covered her mouth and Vader struck her in the
throat, causing her to swallow.  Leia was forced to eat all the shit she
had deposited in the bucket.  If she spit it out, Vader scooped it back up
and put it back into her mouth.  If she tried to hold her mouth closed, her
nose was held and as soon as she opened her mouth to breathe, Vader's hand
would force the shit into her mouth.  Several times she vomited, and when
she did Vader just scooped the vomit up and forced it down the miserable
girl's throat.

   Vader was a patient feeder and finally, after several hours, Leia was
finished with her "meal." Vader looked down at Leia, who had shit covering
her face and chest.  "Have anything to tell us now, Princess?" he asked.

   Despite the horror she had just undergone, she summoned up all her
strength, and choked out an insult.  Vader laughed a bone chilling laugh,
then took up yet another bottle of liquid.  Leia trembled in horror as she
saw it.  Vader then took out a long, thin tube and, while the guards held
Leia's legs tight, slowly inserted the tube into her urethra.  He then
pumped the liquid into her bladder, pumping slowly so as to distend her
bladder, but not break it.  When he was finished, Leia's bladder was
horribly distended and the girl was suffering greatly.

   He then clamped off the tube, effectively catheterizing her, and then
ordered her to be brought to a small cage, just large enough for her to
curl up in.  Her arms were bound behind her back so that she couldn't undo
the catheter, and she was allowed to recuperate from the torture session,
but she remained in anguish from the liquid that filled her bladder.

   After what seemed like an eternity of suffering with the catheter
inserted, but which was probably only a couple of hours, the catheter was
removed, and she was allowed to relieve herself, in the presence of several
guards and Vader, an event clearly designed to humiliate her, and was
washed clean.  She was then returned to her cage and allowed to sleep.  She
curled her luscious legs up under her and pointed her lovely feet and
curled her supple toes.

   They had a bright light shining on her, and some noise in the
background, but she had survived the ordeal, so far, and now would sleep.

   Chapter 2 -- Leia Remains Defiant

   Leia was woken.  She had no concept of how long, if at all, she had been
allowed to sleep.  Despite her nudity in front of the guards, she remained
firm and tried to resist, but their strength was too great for her.  She
was dragged back into the torture chamber, where Darth Vader was already
waiting.  They took her over to the table and bound her naked body firmly
down.  Her arms were strapped securely to her sides, and her ankles firmly
bound.  Two straps held her shapely body tightly to the table.  They stood
back, admiring the Princess's lovely naked flesh.  She struggled briefly,
but the straps held her body, arms, and ankles firmly in place.

   She clenched her hands into fists, and curled and uncurled her toes. 
She resolved to endure the humiliation, and then one of the cabinets
opened, and what she saw filled her with terror.  A strange looking device
was being pulled out.  It had many arms, with very thin needles sticking
out the end of each arm, and it was being moved towards her.  She had heard
rumors of such hideous torture devices, but she didn't believe that people
were actually capable of producing a device of such monstrousness.  She
looked on with horror, as Vader walked towards her, took a needle and
approached her shoulder.  Vader felt around her shoulder, finding the
pressure point between the bones of her shoulder, and the needle was
positioned to the tender flesh.

   She squirmed trying to avoid the needle, but to no avail, she watched in
terror as the needle pierced her flesh.  She cried out and winced in pain
as it drove deeper inside of her and then she jumped as a jolt of pain shot
through her.  The needle had found the nerve.  With terror, she watched her
other shoulder be pierced the same exact way, with the same resultant pain,
as the nerve was found.  Vader then went down to her legs, her smooth
shapely legs, held firmly in place by the straps.  Her breath came in short
gasps as Vader caressed her legs, and then drove the same type of needle
into her knees.

   She grimaced and grunted as each knee was pierced.  Then Vader leaned
close to her.  She turned her face away, but he turned her face to be close
to his.  She could hear and feel his heavy breathing as he spoke.  "Now,
Princess," he began, "this is called 'The Pain Machine' and is one of the
purest torture devices in the universe.  It will stimulate the nerves and
give pure pain, intense excruciating agony, with no damage to the tissues.
You will be able to feel the pain for a long, long, time.  Before I start,
do you have anything to tell us?"

   Terrified, but determined to remain firm, Leia shook her head.

   "Then let us turn this machine on the it's lowest setting."

   He pushed a button and turned a dial.  The machine started to hum, and
Leia jerked in her bonds as the most intense pain she had ever felt roared
through her body.  A gasp of agony escaped her lips, and she strained at
the bonds holding her firm, luscious body securely to the table.  The pain
coursed through her body for what seemed like an eternity.  And then it
stopped.  Leia lay, drenched in sweat, gasping in agony.  She couldn't
believe the pain she felt.  How much longer could she possibly stand it?

   Then, though her tears, she heard Vader say, "Increase the power." She
started to gasp out "No!" but her body was wracked with the excruciating
agony of the device.  Pain consumed her, she had never felt anything like
it.  Every once in a while, the pain would stop, and just when she would
begin to think it might be over, it would begin again, only stronger.  The
torture session seemed to go on forever, she strained and cried and
screamed but to no avail, the agony just overwhelmed her.

   After what seemed like an eternity, it stopped.  She was panting in
agony, and Vader leaned over her helpless, naked body and again asked her
for the location of the rebel base.  Leia summoned up all of her courage
and strength, started right at Vader.  She knew that she was exposed,
naked, and helpless, but she could still be strong.  She shook her head
firmly.  She would not give in!

   "As you wish, Your Highness." mocked Vader, and more needles were
displayed to the terrified girl.  Leia whimpered as she saw each new needle
which would pierce her flesh.  They went into her thighs, her armpits, and
hips, and she thought, based on the agony it had caused, that they also
went into her kidneys.  Then he went to her feet.  She tried to curl her
lovely naked feet and supple toes away from the torturer, but to no avail.
Holding her lovely heel in his hand, Vader put a needle into her ankle. 
Then a device was pulled out which was clearly designed to torture her
foot. It held her foot and toes in place while a pair of needles pierced
the tender sole of her bare foot.

   Vader carefully held each of Leia's toes and inserted a tiny needle into
the pad under her toenail.  As each needle was inserted, Leia whimpered in
pain.  Just the insertion of the tiny needle into the tender pads of her
delicate toes caused agony, so she could only tremble at the thought of
what it would feel like when they started the machine.  And she didn't have
long to wait.

   The machine was going, sending waves of unutterable agony through her
body.  Now every inch of her body, from the top of her head to the very
tips of her tender, supple toes cried out in shrieking pain.  All pretense
of strength had left, Leia screamed and cried and struggled as she felt
more pain than she had ever imagined possible.  The agony went on and on
and on and on.  She thought it would never end, it was a nightmare, a
living hell.  Again, the pain would stop for a minute, Vader would stroke
the tender, soft, naked flesh of her nubile body and then she would be
screaming and begging and straining at the bonds while the pain roared
through her body.

   Finally, during one of the pauses, Vader leaned over her again.  This
time he fondled her breasts, tweaking the tender nipples and said, "Well,
Princess, will you tell us the location of the rebel base?  Or do we have
to get rough?"

   Leia didn't know how she did it, but she managed to simply look away. 
She had little strength for anything else, but somehow she had the strength
to refuse to betray her friends.

   "Very well," spoke Vader, "then we will proceed." Vader took out some
more needles.  Leia whimpered as he came towards her body.  He grabbed one
of her breasts.

   "Oh, no, no, no..." whimpered the helpless naked girl as one needle was
driven into the side of her breast and another pierced into her nipple. 
Her other breast was prepared the same way.  Then he went down and began
massaging her genitals.  "Oh, no!  Oh God, no!" begged Leia, as a needle
was driven through the inside walls of her cunt and her clitoris.  Agony
shot through her, but she was determined to resist.

   The machine was turned on, and she almost went insane with the agony. 
Sheer, excruciating pain was the only thing that she felt, nothing else
existed.  Each second seemed like an eternity.  Her luscious nubile body
strained at her bonds as the torture continued and continued and continued.
Finally, the pain overtook her and she fainted from sheer agony.  But she
still had refused to talk.

   Once again, cold water brought the Princess back around.  "Now,
Princess, for some more persuasion." Vader approached her with wires.  He
clipped them to the walls of her cunt and to her clitoris, he clipped them
to her tender nipples, and he wrapped them around each of her lovely toes
and made sure that the end rested against the tender sole of her bare,
naked foot.  Then he flipped a switch, and pain as great pr possibly even
greater than what she had just experienced tore through her body.  Vader
had added electro torture to the pain machine, so her nerves were being
stimulated from inside by the pain machine and the electricity flowed
through her tender flesh, combining to inflict a level of pain that Leia
couldn't believe possible.

   Her naked body tensed against the bonds that held her firmly as she
screamed out her agony.  Then it stopped.  Leia gasped and panted as she
heard, "How is she doing?" She turned and saw General Largo, her old enemy.
Seeing the old man leering at her naked body was extra humiliating,
especially when he stroked the naked sole of her bare foot, played with her
toes, rubbed her cunt and ass, and fondled her breasts, tweaking each
tender nipple.

   "Having a good time?" he taunted.  Leia looked away, unable to bear the
humiliation.  Tears formed in her eyes, and then the agony returned.  She
looked through her agony and saw the General smiling at her pain.  The pain
stopped and started again and again.  As the machines were started, Leia
would strain against the straps, crying and moaning and screaming in pure
agony.  Each time Leia hoped and prayed that it was over, then the General
would fondle her firm body and the pain would begin again.  The agony shot
through her, from her breasts to the very tips of her toes.  She couldn't
believe that this much pain was possible, and she screamed and screamed and

   Despite their animosity for her, Leia's tormentor's could not help but
be impressed with the girl's endurance, for as she lay on the table
thrashing and writhing in incredible pain, she only whimpered and had not
yet to started to plead for mercy.  If they could have seen Vader's face
under his mask, they would have seen that he was smiling, smiling in
anticipation of the lengths of torture that would be inflicted on poor
Leia. The General, in fact, was smiling at that very moment for the same

   The machines were turned off, and Vader approached her bound body,
holding a long, thin needle.  Leia lay bathed in sweat, and looked on in
fear.  Vader went to her firm, muscular right leg and began to rub and hold
her thigh.  Leia tried to move her leg away, but the straps held it firmly
in place.  He grabbed the flesh, and began to insert the needle into her
thigh.  Leia began to squeal in pain and terror as the long needle pierced
her flesh, and then gasped in complete agony as the needle finally struck
the bone.  Once it had hit the bone, Vader began to slowly and carefully
rock the needle back and forth so that the tip of the needle began to
scrape at the covering of the bone.  This technique, called bone scraping,
is exquisitely painful and, despite all of Leia's efforts, she began to
scream in pain.

   Her screams filled the room.  "AAAHHHH!!  AAAAHHH!!!  OH GOD!  OH
GOD!"cried the miserable girl, and her screams got even louder as the
torturer went to her left thigh and performed the same torture on her left
leg, but this time the needle was driven into the INSIDE of her smooth
thigh.  Leia's screams of agony were pitiful to hear.  General Largo nodded
his approval of the tortures being used on their prisoner.  Finally, the
needles were removed from her leg, but the needles from the pain machine

   Leia lay back, panting, bathed in sweat.  Leia's tears began to flow
again.  She was determined not to give in, she couldn't give in!  She must
endure it, although she didn't know how she would be able to!  As Leia's
nude body was literally quaking in terror, the General and Vader approached
her pretty face.  Vader grabbed her head and forced a rubber stopper into
her mouth, and it made it impossible for Leia to close her mouth.  Vader
held Leia's lovely head and the General showed her a dentist's drill. 
Leia's eyes, already consumed with pain, went wide with horror.

   The General chuckled, leaned forward, and began to drill one of Leia's
teeth.  Leia could not believe the pain.  She could feel the drill cutting
into her tooth and the agony that it brought her.  The General then took a
needle from the pain machine and inserted it into the nerve of the tooth
that had just been drilled.  Leia was bathed in sweat, needles inserted
into her body, the electrodes still wrapped around and clipped to her most
delicate areas.  The terror of what was going to happen was overpowering
her senses, and then she entered Hell.

   The machines were turned on.  Sheering, burning agony coursed through
her body.  She strained with all her might at the straps that held her
firmly as pitiful screams of agony escaped her mouth.  Vader, in order to
make Leia's agony more acute, would stop the machines, let her lay back and
pant for a moment, and then start up the machines again.  Leia couldn't
believe how much pain she was in, there was just pain and pain and more
pain.  She would look up at the smiling face of the General, the never
changing mask of Vader, and the pain would overwhelm her.

   She screamed and screamed and screamed in agony, the pain simply
consumed her entire body, not a single inch of her firm, lovely body wasn't
screaming in absolute agony, and sometime during the treatment she broke.
The pain had simply overwhelmed everything else in her life, she would do
anything to finally stop it, she just couldn't stand anymore.  The rebels
knew she had been captured, they'd know enough to move their base.

   She couldn't stand the pain anymore, she had to make them stop, just
tell them what they want and they'll stop hurting her, she had to tell
them, tell them and they'd stop, do anything, ANYTHING just make them stop,
oh God, please make them stop!  She began to beg for mercy.  The agony
stopped, and then her head was held and the General began the drill again.

   "NOOO!" begged the helpless naked girl, "I talk!!  I'll talk!!" but it
was to no avail, the General turned the drill on and continued on her

   Her screams filled the air and were music to the General's ears.  He
kept up the drilling, savoring the girls' agony.  She couldn't conceive of
the pain she was in, her fingers and toes curled and uncurled in unbearable
pain, she would do anything, ANYTHING, to stop the pain.  Finally, they
stopped, and Leia began to cry and whimper.  "No more, no more, please, no
more, I'll talk, I'll tell you anything, only please God no more."

   "Well, Princess," gloated the General, "where are the rebels?"

   "On Dantooine." said the Princess, all resistance gone.  "They were
there when you captured me.  They might have moved on, but that's where
they were.  Oh, please, no more, no more, please, please..."

   "Take her away!" said the General, pleased with himself.

   The girl was taken away into a cell, and given a dress and some shoes to
wear.  She collapsed to the floor, utterly exhausted.  She wondered what
was going to happen to her.  Probably some phony trial and exile or life
imprisonment.  She hoped the rebels were going to be smart enough to move
their base when they heard she had been captured.  But for now, her ordeal
was over, and she only wanted to sleep.  What the poor girl didn't realize,
of course, was that her ordeal was far from over.  The horror had only

   Chapter 3 - The Imperial Decree

   Leia was taken from the room where she had slept for the past few hours.
She walked down a long corridor, flanked by two guards and was brought to a
small, bright room.  When she entered, she saw that Vader and General Largo
were already there.  The guards bound her arms behind her back, inserted a
gag into her mouth, and held her firmly before Vader and the General. 
Fully clothed, Leia had regained some of her composure, but she still
looked on with fear at the two men who had tortured her so mercilessly.

   Coming towards her, holding a clipboard, the General spoke.  "It is too
bad you decided not to talk, Princess,"intoned the General solemnly.

   Leia's eyes went wide when she heard this, and tried to speak but the
gag muffled her attempts.

   "Because of this continued obstinance, I'm afraid we will need to
progress to more intense methods of interrogation.  Here, in front of these
witnesses, " continued the General, referring to the two guards and Vader,
"I am signing Imperial Decree Number 123-8, which authorizes the use of
physical mutilation as part of the questioning process."

   Leia's eyes went wide with terror, and her knees buckled, causing the
guards to have to hold her up.  Vader went up to her and took her from the
guards and held her in his strong gloved hands.  Whimpers of misery were
the only sounds that escaped past the gag in her mouth, and tears welled up
in her eyes as she saw Largo sign the decree that condemned her to even
more suffering.

   Leia knew that this decree not only allowed physical mutilation of the
prisoner, it also excused the interrogator, if the prisoner died as a
result of the questioning.  Leia's mind raced, she was trying to figure out
what was happening when she heard the General speak to one of the guards,
as he handed him the decree to give to the Imperial Archivist.

   "And after you've handled this, check on the reconnaissance mission I've
ordered to Dantooine.  Make sure the ship is fully armed.  Although there
is almost certainly nothing there, tell them to be prepared.  The Rebels
could be anywhere!"

   And at that time, tears welled up in Leia's eyes when she realized what
was happening.  Largo and Vader were pretending she didn't tell them the
rebel's base was on Dantooine.  They were going to continue to torture her
for their pleasure, and they have arranged for an Imperial warship to
"happen" upon the rebel base.  Her tears flowed only faster when, after the
guards left.  Darth Vader ripped her clothes off, until she once again
stood stark naked before her tormentors.

   They took her gag off and she spoke.  "You bastards," she muttered. 
"You stinking bastards!"

   Vader and the General laughed.  "Ah, Princess," laughed the General,
"you are always so entertaining."

   He approached her, and smiled into her face, the pretty face which tried
to hide the terror it felt.  Largo stepped forward and stepped on Leia's
bare foot with his boot, pressing hard into her toes.  He saw pain register
in her eyes, but she only let out a slight whimper.  A wicked smile filled
the General's face as he spoke to Darth Vader, while still enjoying the
misery of the helpless Princess Leia.

   "Well, Lord Vader, we've got the decree in hand, let's begin!"

   "As you wish, General," bowed Vader and he approached Leia.

   Leia was bound naked to the table again, but this time, they took care
to bind her ankles far apart, exposing her cunt to the evil duo.  Vader
approached her with a round stick..  He came close and held it near her
face and rubbed it gently against her cheek.  She could feel that it was
covered with sandpaper.  He rubbed it softly over her entire body, causing
her to shake uncontrollably in terror, wondering where he was going to
strike.  Every once in a while, he'd grab some of her flesh and give a
quick rub, causing her to cry out in pain.  He finally approached her
genitals, and Leia began to quiver.

   She wouldn't beg for mercy again, no she refused to do that, but she
turned her head away as she felt the rough rod rubbing around her pubic
hair.  Then she felt the rod at the edge of her cunt, and she began to pant
and gasp in horror.  Tears escaped her eyes as she prepared herself for the
hideous pain, but even she could not have been prepared for the pain she
felt when Vader rammed the sandpaper covered rod deep into her cunt.

   With one mighty thrust in and out, he ripped raw screams of agony from
Leia's throat and sent waves of burning agony though her genitals.  Almost
before she could recover from this first assault, she felt his gloved hands
grabbing her thighs and spreading her buttocks.  This time, Vader rammed
the rod deep into her anus.  Her ass was still quite sore from the enema
torture they had used on her earlier, so the addition of the scraping
sandpaper only added to her already considerable suffering.

   The General and Vader stood back and then enjoyed the spectacle of the
naked Princess twisting and crying out in intense pain.  Once she had
calmed down a little, the top of the table was raised so that she was
almost in a sitting position.  Vader then picked up a piece of thread, with
a thin hook at each end.  Going to one of her breasts, he slid the hook
through one of her nipples.  Leia's face twisted in pain.  Vader then
pushed her head forward, and wrapped the string around her neck.  Then,
with the General holding her pretty head forward, he slid the remaining
hook through her other nipple.  Once both hooks were in place, the General
then grabbed Leia by the hair and pulled her head back.  The result of this
was, of course, to have the hooks in her nipples pull her breasts up and
cause her intense pain.

   It was successful, as Leia's cries were a testament to.  It was an
especially enjoyable experience for General Largo, for he was able to look
straight into the Princess's face and smile at her, while she was in
intense agony.  Then, while the General held her head back, pulling at her
breast, Vader took up a whip and whipped her stomach, her thighs, the soles
of her feet, her ravaged cunt, and the bottom of her breasts.

   At some point during the beating, Leia passed out.  Since this was
relatively early in the what they had planned for her, they decided that
this was a good time to end this first session.  They removed the hooks,
unstrapped her, and put her back in her cage.  Sometime later, Leia awoke
in her cage.  She was, of course, sore all over from the torture sessions.
Now that she knew what Vader and Largo had in store for her, she realized
she may have only one chance to escape the fate.  They had made a point of
faking her recalcitrance before the guards, when the guards came tomorrow
for her, she'd tell them.  They'd believe her.  In fact, she may even get
the rebels a whole new set of converts!

   With that faint glimmer of hope still glowing, she curled herself up,
trying to ignore the pain that consumed her, and slept.

   Chapter 4 - "General Enjoyment"

   Leia awoke with a start as the guards burst into her room.  She was
ready for them, though.  As they opened her cage, she threw herself at
their feet.  "Listen to me," said the Princess."Darth Vader and General
Largo are evil men who are going to ruin you!  They are violating every
known law of the Galaxy!  I had already talked!  Their decree was a lit!!
You can be heroes by just helping me..."

   "Hello, Princess." The deep voice was unmistakable, and Leia's heart
sank when she heard it.  Looking up, she saw the imposing figure of Darth
Vader in the room.  The two guards grabbed her and held her before Vader.
Her grabbed her chin in his hand.  "Very clever, Princess, but to no avail.
Did you think you could convince these guards to abandon the Emperor?  Did
you think that I would assign any guard who was not blindly and fiercely
loyal?  Foolish girl, resign yourself to your fate!"

   He waved his hand and the guards, with Leia in tow, walked down the
hallways and deposited the naked girl at the torture chamber.  Once inside
the chamber, she was secured to the table.  Vader picked up a hot iron and
approached Leia's naked body.  She drew in a breath and held it as she saw
him approach her flesh with the iron.  Slowly he approached her body and
pressed the iron into her side.  She shrieked in pain and strained against
the bonds.  Vader slowly and carefully used the iron and much of her nubile
young body.  Despite her struggles, Vader calmly burned her armpits, her
thighs, her arms.  She screamed and twisted, desperately trying to avoid
the pain giving iron, but to no avail.  He burned her breasts, and then
used the iron on her already raw cunt.

   Leia thrashed her head from side to side, her hair flying about, sweat
and tears flying off her face, screaming in unimaginable pain as her
delicate organs were burned by the iron.  The General approached Leia.  She
lay on the table, moaning in agony, and whimpered as the old man
approached. Darth Vader was busying himself with several new implements of
torture to use on the miserable girl, and the General beckoned him over.

   "I want to enjoy her now, Lord Vader, I don't think I can restrain
myself anymore."

   "As you wish, General," replied Vader.  "I'm all prepared."

   "Good," replied the General, and Vader held Leia firmly while the
General unstrapped her from the table.  She was pulled over to another
table, and her hands were securely fastened to the table at each wrist. 
Once Leia was secure, the General quickly removed his pants, revealing a
cock which was in remarkably good shape, in sharp contract to the rest of
the General's old body.  In any other circumstance, Leia would have found
it amusing and unleashed a torrent of abuse at him.  But the sight of his
stiff cock in the torture chamber filled her with horror and she gasped.

   The General came up behind her and twisted her face around and looked
straight into Leia's frightened face.  The look of lust and sadistic glee
that she saw in the monster's face was unlike anything she could have ever
imagined.  Somehow Vader, with his face at least hidden behind the mask,
was less terrifying.  Then he roughly pushed her, and she felt his cock at
her ass.

   "Oh, no, no, please no!" whimpered Leia, but to no avail.

   The General grabbed her around her breasts and pushed with all his
might. Leia's eyes bugged open as she felt his cock enter her, and then let
out a cry of pain and shame as he gave one strong lunge and was inside her.

   "You may proceed," panted the General, his cock firmly wedged into
Leia's ass.

   Turning her head forward, Leia saw Vader standing across the table.  In
one of his gloved hands was a hammer, and in the other was a long, thin
nail.  Vader approached her right hand, which was unscathed but was being
held flat on the table by the straps.  With two strikes, he drove the
slender nail through the tip of Leia's middle finger, driving it right
through the fingernail.

   "AAAIIIIHHH!" Leia screamed in agony as the steel tore through the flesh
and bone of her finger.

   The General was panting and moaning, and with one of his hands, he
reached around her naked body and began fondling her breast, while with the
other he turned her face around so that he could lick her tears and enjoy
her suffering as he fucked her ass.

   "More, Vader, more!" cried the General, and Vader responded by taking
another nail and driving it through the tip of her ring finger.

   Leia let out a scream of agony, but the General turned her head and
covered her mouth with his, drinking in the suffering girl's voluptuous
agony.  Vader drove a third nail, this time through the fingernail of
Leia's index finger, and the General plunged his cock even deeper into her
ass, and she went stiff and fainted from the pain.

   "What's this?  Wake up, you little bitch!  WAKE UP!" the General grabbed
Leia by the hair and shook her head until the unhappy girl regained
consciousness.  "We'll have none of that, my dear," taunted the General
into Leia's tear stained face.  "Lord Vader!  Continue!"

   The General continued to fondle Leia and fuck her with great vigor as
Vader drove two more nails into her fingers, one into her forefinger and
the other into her ring finger.  Leia wailed in agony as her fingers were
being nailed, and the General fucked her and fucked her until, while the
last nail was being drive into her, he came deep inside of her ass.  The
General removed himself from Leia's shapely ass and waved to Vader.

   At the signal, Vader leaned down to Leia secured fingers and, taking a
pair of clippers, snipped her forefinger off at the base of the finger. 
Leia screamed in agony, and Vader cauterized the exposed wound.  Next, he
went to her ring finger.  Carefully cutting, he cut through the skin at the
base of the finger and peeled it off.  Leia's screams of agony were almost
unbearable to listen to, but they were music to the ears of both Vader and
the General.  Once the skin had been removed, Vader took the clippers and
snipped the digit off, first at the last joint, so that the tip of the
finger remained attached by the nail, then at the second joint, so that the
two removed parts of her finger remained nailed to the table.

   Leia's wails of agony tore from her throat, she couldn't believe how
much pain she was in.  Then, Vader went behind her and, grabbing her right
hand, pulled with all his might.  Her hand tore free, with the nail, which
was still driven through her middle finger, tearing through the tip of her
finger.  Leia shrieked in pain and horror as Vader held her mutilated hand
before her face, and then quickly snipped the mangled tip of her finger off
with the clippers, and then cauterized it with fire.  He then released her
other hand from the table.  Consumed by agony, Leia fell to the floor and
began to whimper and shake.

   The General leaned down and grabbed Leia by the hair and brought her
face to face with him.  "Thank you, Princess,"gloated the old man, "you've
given me a great deal of pleasure.  But the entertainment has quite a long
way to go!" And with that, he left the room, and Leia was taken away to her
cage to recover.

   Chapter 5 - How Much More Can She Take?

   Once more, Leia was rudely woken up and dragged into the torture
chamber. Once there, she once again lay bound and naked on the table. 
Vader moved a table full of horrendous looking devices near her bare feet.
Vader began to stroke her feet, while Leia whimpered and tried to move
them, but her ankles are firmly secured with straps.  Vader approaches her
with a syringe which is filled with a liquid.

   "Do you know what this is, Princess?" he intones.

   She looks on in fear, but is unable to speak.

   "It is acid, Princess.  Behold."

   And with that, he dripped a single drop onto a small piece of wood which
was next to her.  Upon touching the wood, the liquid began to sizzle and
steam.  Leia watched it with increasing terror.

   "Imagine, Princess, just imagine," taunted the Dark Lord, "what this
will do to your lovely body.  Imagine the agony as it burns your flesh,
eating away at your tender nerves..."

   As he delivered his speech, Leia writhed in her bonds, tears began to
flow from her eyes, as terror consumed her very being.

   "No, please no, no, no..." whimpered the terrified girl.

   "Let's see how it feels, shall we?" and Vader went to her smooth, firm
stomach, slid the needle into the flesh of her stomach and inserted a
single drop of the acid.

   He was horribly clever, since he had bypassed the epidermal coating and
deposited the acid directly on the nerve endings under her skin.

   "AAAAHHIIIIIEEEE!!!  NOOOOO!!!  AAAAHHHH!!" Leia exploded in agony as
the acid ate away directly at the nerve endings.  The horrible pain lasted
for a while, and Leia's screams were pitiful to behold.  He then went to
her bare feet.  Grabbing her right foot, he slid the needle under the
toenail of her fourth toe, the one next to the little toe.  The pain Leia
felt when the needle slid under the delicate toenail was increased a
thousand-fold when he injected a drop of the acid under the toenail.  The
toe began to bubble and sizzle, blood and pus poured from under the nail as
Leia screamed and screamed and screamed.

   The General and Vader looked on with satisfaction, but the General noted
that Vader had missed her little toe.  So Vader then slid the needle under
her little toe and shot it with acid.  Leia's screams of agony were almost
unbearable to hear.  Her little toenail was almost black with the fluids
that were oozing from it, and after a little while it actually fell out. 
To prevent too much blood loss, Vader then used a hot iron to burn the
exposed flesh that once held her toenail, and with that piece of pain the
miserable girl fainted.

   Leia was revived.  Once she was awake and ready to feel more pain, Vader
took up a small, thin piece of metal.  It was pointed, and shaped like the
end of a nail file.  It was burning hot as well.  Grabbing Leia's foot, he
took firm hold of her third toe and slowly inserted the burning metal under
the toenail.  Leia absolutely wailed in agony as the metal found its way
under her nail, and then Vader first let her appreciate the burning agony
and then twisted the metal until her toenail popped out of its socket.

   Again, words cannot describe the agony Leia felt, nor can they describe
the strength and volume of her screams.  But her ordeal was far from over.
Vader used the same piece of hot metal to burn and remove the next toenail,
and then inserted the needle and acid deep under her big toenail.  Then, as
she screamed in agony and her big toenail oozed blood and pus, he injected
acid into each of her delicate toes.  Then he and the General stood back
and watched as Leia's foot swelled and twisted as the acid did its work.

   Leia's other foot was the next target for the monsters.  Each toe was
the target of their abuse, with the hot iron being used to burn and wrench
away the delicate toenail or acid inserted under the toenail.  Either way,
it caused unspeakable agony for Leia, and she fainted several times during
the ordeal, only to be brought back to consciousness to face more pain.  In
the end, she was thrashing and screaming, her bare foot filled with acid
just under the skin onto the nerve endings, and she was praying for death
as an escape from the pain she was in.  Once Leia had stopped thrashing
about, to her, it seemed like an eternity, Vader approached her again,
ready to continue the torture.

   He took up a pair of pliers, and approached her swollen feet.  He
grabbed her little toe, and with a mighty twist of the pliers, broke her
toe.  Pain shot through Leia's entire body, and she went rigid with agony.
Then she could feel the cold steel grab her fourth toe.


   The miserable girl wailed in anguish as Vader broke each one of her
toes. Leia had not thought that she could ever feel any more pain than she
had been experiencing, and yet they were inflicting more and more and more
and more.  As Vader broke the next toe, she knew she just couldn't stand
any more pain, she would surely die if he tortured her any more, but then
he'd mutilate yet another of her delicate toes and the pain would increase
and she would feel certain that now she was there, now she was at the limit
where there was no more pain possible, this was it, she couldn't possibly
feel any more pain, no greater pain was possible but then Vader would grab
yet another tender toe and with another wrench of his wrist she would
experience a new, greater level of pain.

   Finally, Vader had broken all ten of her toes.  Next, he took a burning
iron and cauterized each of her toes, since they were all dripping blood.
Since he had the iron and was burning her feet, he decided that the tender
soles of her feet should be burned as well, so the iron was brought to play
and he slowly, carefully, charred the tender soft soles of her feet.  While
he was burning her feet and toes, Vader would also take the time to
occasionally tweak her mangled toes, sending waves of agony though her
entire body.

   Leia passed out several times, but was quickly revived each time and had
ample opportunity to savor her pain.  Leia lay firmly strapped to the table
as the torture session appeared to have wound down.  The table near her
head was wet with her tears, sweat, and drool.  She looked on in horror as
Vader approached her, holding the dreaded syringe in his hand.

   "And now, your Highness," taunted the monster, "a little more

   He then grabbed her right breast and squeezed.  Her nipple popped firmly
out, and Vader injected a drop of acid into the very tip of her lovely
brown nipple.

   "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  AAAAIIIHHHHH!!!" Leia wailed and struggled as fire
leaped into her nipple.

   Then he grabbed her other breast and injected acid into the tip of her
other nipple.  Leia threw her head back and continued to scream.  She was
pounding her head against the table, trying to knock herself unconscious,
but to no avail.  Her horror increased even more then she felt Vader's
gloved hands fiddling around her crotch.  He then took the syringe, and
inserted the needle into her clitoris.  The pain of the needle entering her
most delicate organ was intense, but was made even greater when he injected
the clitoris with the acid.  When the pain hit Leia, her mouth went wide
open.  Her pain had passed the point where she could even scream about it
anymore, so her pretty face was twisted almost beyond recognition and her
mouth was wide open in a soundless shriek of pure agony.  It took about a
half and hour for the acid to destroy the nerve endings and thus, to allow
Leia's agony to abate slightly.

   Vader called to a pair of guards and she was dragged away to her cage to
rest and to prepare for further ordeals.

   Chapter 6 - The End of a Princess

   Leia was in pretty bad shape when she was woken up and dragged to the
torture chamber yet again.  She couldn't give any resistance to the two
guards who dragged her along the hallway, since her mutilated feet still
screamed in agony, so she let them drag her along.  When she saw that she
was brought to the torture chamber again, she began to shake.  This meant
that her sole remaining prayer, that they would kill her and release her
from the constant torment, would go unanswered.

   Inside the torture chamber, Leia was bound face down on the torture
table.  Vader walked towards her with a hypodermic needle.

   "Kill me!" pleaded the miserable girl, terrified that the syringe
contained more of the acid that had caused her so much suffering."Just kill
me, that's all I ask of you, please, just kill me..."

   "Kill you?" asked Largo, taunting her, "I don't think so.  In fact, Lord
Vader is just now injecting you with a powerful stimulant to make sure you
fully appreciate what we have in store for you today!"

   Leia moaned in anguish as Vader injected her with the stimulant.  He
then went and took a, iron rod and put it into a brazier of red hot coals.
A combination of terror and the stimulant made her heart pound in her
chest, as she watched the rod heat up.  Once the rod was glowing red hot,
Vader picked it up and held it before Leia's terrified eyes.

   "Oh, God, no more no moreno mo...  AAAAAIIIHHHH!"

   Vader had taken the rod and, withall his might, swung it and struck
Leia's shapely ass with it.  It cut and burned her, and embedded itself in
her lovely flesh.  Vader let it sit for a second to allow it to cool
slightly, then he pulled it free, ripping and tearing her ass even more. 
Vader then put the iron back into the brazier to let it reheat.

   Leia's screams of pain were more intense than ever, and only increased
as Vader repeated the beating, burning, and tearing of Leia's ass.  Only
the stimulant kept Leia conscious, whileVader continued to beat her.  He
only stopped when Leia's beautiful ass had been turned into a charred,
bloody, mangled lump of flesh.  Leia was removed from the table.  She had
felt like she had become part of the table, and for a brief second she felt
strange without the straps holding her securely in place.

   Two guards quickly bound her arms tightly behind her, as Vader and the
General looked on with satisfaction.  They brought her to the center ofthe
room, where the one of the guards held her.  Of course, after the torture
that her feet and toes had undergone, just standing was agony in itself,
and she whimpered in misery as the guard held her up.  Meanwhile,
DarthVader had pushed a button and two ropes descended from the
ceiling.Once they were at the level of Leia's chest, Vader released the
button and the ropes stopped.  From a vat of alcohol, where they had been
kept sterile, he removed two very sharp, large hooks.  As Leia watched on
in unimaginable terror, he secured them to the end of the ropes.

   "Bring herover here," he said, and Leia's eyes went wide with horror as
she realized what was in store for her.

   She struggled to escape, but every time she tried to press down on her
mutilated feet and toes, waves of agony shot through her.  "NO!  NO!  NO!"
pleaded the helpless girl as she was dragged to the hooks.  "No more! 
Please no more!  Oh God...please just kill me, just AAAAAIIIHHH!!" Leia's
screams were wrenched from her throat as Vader slowly slid a hook through
her left breast.  "OH GOD OH GOD NO NO NO AAAAHHH!" The second hook was
slowly pushed through Leia'sright breast.  Once the hooks were firmly
imbedded in the breasts of the screaming girl, Vader pressed another
button, and the ropes began to rise to the ceiling.  Of course, Leia was
raised as well, and hung by the hooks through her breasts.

   Wails of anguish came from her throat.Then Vader pressed yet another
button, and the ropes released and Leia came crashing down, but stopped
abruptly with her mutilated toes six inches from the floor.  The hooks in
her breasts stopped her descent, her breasts began to tear and the blood,
which had been coming from her pierced breasts, began to flow even faster.
Leia's screams increased with the increase in her pain, she couldn't
believe that she was actually feeling more agony, and she twisted in her
bonds, but every twist caused her breasts to tear even more, causing even
more agony.

   Once more she was raised and came crashing down.  Her breasts were
masses of fire, unbelievable agony as the hook tore at them even more.  Yet
once again, she was raised to the ceiling, and came crashing down, but this
time, the hook tore through her right breast and it hung, split almost in
two, from her chest.  Vader and the General laughed merrily at her, since
she was hanging by a hook in her left breast, in an awkward, and to them,
at least, humorous position.  Her screams were no longer recognizable as
human, as Vader came to her with the red hot poker and seared her torn
breast, cauterizing the wound.  Only due to the stimulant they had given
her kept her awake and conscious.

   Leia kept screaming as she was raised again to the ceiling.  When she
came crashing down, the hook,as you might expect, tore through her left
breast.  Leia lay screaming and thrashing on the floor, and Vader went to
cauterize her left breast when the General waved him off.

   "Couldn't you do something that will hurt her a little more?" queried
the General.

   "As you wish,General," intoned the Dark Lord, and he walked over to the
writhing girl, turned her on her back, grabbed half of her left breast, and
with one mighty pull, tore it from Leia's chest.  Leia threw her head back
and wailed in pure agony as her breast tore free.  Vader held the breast in
his hand and waved it before her face.  The sight of a part of her breast
in Vader's gloved hand sent additional waves of shock through her already
ravaged frame.

   "Does that meet with your approval, General?  asked the Dark Lord.

   "Yes, indeed.  Thank you!" said the General, who was still savoring
every moment of Leia's agony.

   Continuing on, Vader then cauterized the fragments of her left breast
that remained attached to her body.  Despite the stimulant that flowed
through her bloodstream, Leia passed out.  Leia awoke with a start.  A
fresh injection of the stimulant had brought her back to the living Hell
she was in.  She was strapped to the table again, and Vader approached her
left hand.  Slowly, he began to work around her wrist, slowly and carefully
removing little pieces of flesh and, as the blood began to flow,
cauterizing the exposed wound with the hot iron.

   Leia wailed in agony as her flesh was removed and even louder when the
sensitive nerves were burned.  Once Vader had removed enough of her flesh
to expose the bones underneath, he broughtout a small saw and slowly sawed
through the bones of her wrist.  Leia's face was a mask of pure pain, her
throat was raw from screaming and yet she continued to scream and scream
and scream.  Once Leia's hand had been removed, a blowtorch was used to
cauterize the exposed end of the limb.  He then went to her other wrist and
duplicated the same horrendous procedure.

   Once he was finished with her hands, Leia's feet were the next targets
of the monster.  Going to one of Leia's shapely ankles, Vader slowly
removed the flesh around the ankle, taking care to scrape the Achilles'
tendon to increase Leia's agony before severing the tendon.  It took longer
to saw through the bone of the ankle, but soon Vader held Leia's mangled
foot in his hand.  Leia continued to scream, but her screams were
decreasing in intensity as her vocal cords were strained beyond use.  She
thrashed and twisted and writhed, her sanity long gone, now reduced to an
almost mindless, instinctive struggle to escape the agony.  But there was
no escape for the once proud Princess, and her other foot was soon removed.

   As Leia was sinking fast, and Vader and General Largo were determined to
make sure that she suffered even more than she already had, so Vader took
the scalpel and made a shallow slice down the front of her body.  Using a
pair of pliers, he grabbed a flap of skin and, using jerking motions,
removed the skin from Leia's torso, leaving it hanging from the sides of
her body.

   Leia's eyes were open, drool dripped from her mouth, and she pounded her
head against the table as the agony from her skinning consumed her, adding
to the other torments that had been inflicted on her body.  Moving quickly,
Vader moved to Leia's mouth.  He took a small hammer and smashed all of
Leia's teeth one by one.  Pain had completely consumed Leia, she no longer
existed except for pain.

   Next were Leia's eyes.  Sliding a small rod under her eyelids, he slowly
gouged her eyes out of their sockets, taking great care not to damage the
optic nerve.  As a result, her eyes hung out of their sockets onto her
cheeks.  The reason for this was to allow the eyes to continue sending
messages to Leia's brain, although all sense had, of course, left her
already, but she would be able to "see", as Vader sliced off her nose and
cut out her tongue.  She would also "see" as her stomach was sliced open,
exposing her internal organs.

   Finally, the General and Darth Vader stood over her.  As the General
smiled wickedly, he poured the remainder of the acid slowly into her
exposed body.  The acid began to consume her internal organs, and Leia gave
out one last wail of pure agony, a cry that could no longer be identified
as human, and then fell back onto the table and was still.  The silence in
the room seemed strange, since for so long it had resonated with the
pitiful screams of Princess Leia.  The only sound was Vader's heavy

   "Well," said the General finally, "a fine job.  Yet another traitor to
the Empire is dead.  This is a glorious day for the Empire!  I must report
this to the Emperor personally and, Lord Vader, your fine work here will
not go unrewarded!"

   "Thank you, General." replied the Dark Lord, bowing deeply.

   And they went off, leaving the mutilated body of Princess Leia in pieces
on the table.  A"reconnaissance" mission, which was fully armed, was
nearing Dantooine, and would shortly "stumble" upon the Rebel's base.  One
of the spiritual leaders of the rebellion was dead, and soon the entire
rebellion would follow.  Truly, it was a fine day for the Empire.

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