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This is my first story post to ASSM.  In fact this is my first attempt at a sex
story.  If you enjoy this, I'd encourage you to send an email my way.  

Jack L Potter

Four Stories.

Bill stepped out onto the 4th floor balcony.  His robe fluttered in the wind as
he sipped on his beer.  He looked up at the stars for a moment before turning
to look back into Jessica's apartment.  She was reclining, naked, on the couch.

Bill took a minute to admire her.  Her salt-and-pepper graying hair always
caught his attention.  She had to be the oldest woman he'd ever slept with, but
he couldn't be sure.  Aside from the gray streaks in her dark hair and a few 
happy crinkles at the sides of her eyes she looked so young.  Her body, lithe 
but soft, featured very girlish curves.  Her breasts were small and didn't 
sag, her legs were shapely.  Her body just didn't match her apparent age.  Of
course, she wouldn't tell him her age.

His eyes wandered towards her torso.  Her bush was luxuriantly untrimmed.  He'd
always liked nicely shaved pussy before Cass.  Cass.  Even the way she
shortened her name was unusual.  Most Jessicas would either go by 'Jess' or
'Jesse'.  But then, Cass was not in any way common.

His cock twitched.  He began picturing her bent over.  Ass in the air, her wild
bush between her slightly spread legs.  She smiled at him, almost as if she
could hear his thoughts.  Bill smiled back, put his beer down on the balcony
rail and motioned for her to join him.  

She got up and her confident walk toward the balcony had him erect again.  Bill
marveled over how the sway of a woman's hips could charm a man's snake.  Cass
surprised him by opening the sliding door and stepping out, still naked, onto
the balcony.  She walked up to the rail and put her elbows down on it as she
looked out over the city.  

"We're only four stories up, you know."  Bill had moved around behind her.  
After an appreciative glance at her rump he pressed up against her.  Cass just 
looked back at him with a sly smile on the corner of her lips.

"It wouldn't be too hard for someone on the street to look up and see your
breasts."  As he said it he reached around and cupped them.  Her nipples were
solid little pebbles in the palms of his hands.

"Your robe is coming undone.  Someone's going to be able to see your cock, too.
That is, if you don't hide it first."  

With that she started rotating her ass.  His cock moved through her bush as 
she rubbed against him.  He took his cue.  Reaching around her hips he found 
his cock and pressed it firmly between her labia, the head sharing its heat 
with her solid clit.  They continued in this way for several more minutes, her 
wetness dripping down onto his shaft until he couldn't take it anymore.  

"I'm going to fuck you now, Cass.  I'm going to fuck you!"


"Holy shit!"

"What is it?"

"Um, nothing.  The clarity is just amazing.  I can see, uh, the man in the

"Well, you just watch your mouth, young man."

"Yeah, sorry mom."

In his second floor apartment 14 year old Bryan Phillips was trying out his new
telescope.  He and his next door neighbor 15 year old Bethany Scott had been
playing video games when his mom had surprised him with the telescope he'd
always wanted.

"Okay, I'm glad you like it."

"I do, mom, thanks a lot."

After his mother left, Bryan took his eye away from the telescope and turned to
Beth.  His jaw was slack and he had the most incredible discomfort in his
pants.  Motioning for silence he drew Beth near and whispered in her ear.

"Don't make a sound, just look at what's going on across the street.  You won't
believe it."

Beth took a look and her jaw, too, went slack.  She'd begun turning an 
interesting shade of pink, but didn't look away.  After about 10 seconds Bryan 
started to look very impatient.

"Okay, you've looked long enough!"

"No way, man!"

"Come on!  What's happening?"

"She's, like, bent over the rail..."  Bethany whispered as she turned a deeper
shade of red.

"Yeah, and?"

"Well, you know, they're... yeah."

"Yeah, what?  Beth!"

"Oh, oh my."  She turned around and gave Bryan a quizzical look.  Then just as
quickly her eye was back up to the telescope.

"What's happening?"  Bryan was getting very exasperated.  He'd jumped up to
look out the window.  He could tell something was going on, but not near as
clearly as he could with the telescope.

"She just turned around and got on her knees.  The man is still standing
there...  Oh."  Bethany was silent for a couple minutes.  She just stared into
the telescope ignoring Bryan's complaints.

"Okay," She said turning around.  "they've gone back inside."

"Are you going to tell me what happened, or what?"

"Okay, um, well..."

"They were fucking doggy-style, yeah, I saw that part.  Then what happened!"
Beth turned red all over again at his exclamation.  "Don't be so shy, Beth, 
just tell me what happened.  It's okay."

"Alright, they stopped and she turned around and got on her knees.  Then," She
started to gain confidence as she talked.  "she was saying stuff to him.  He
had his dick in his hand and, I think, he was masturbating, right?  Well, she
opened her mouth and then sperm started to come out.  It went all over her
mouth and face."

"Oh my god."

They both sat there silently.  Mouths open.  Just thinking.  For a long time.

"Well, uh, want to play video games?"

"Sure, which one?"

"I don't care you pick."


"Yeah, okay.  You can go first."


Bethany started to play and Bryan pulled the blanket off his bed.  He pulled it
over his lap and thought a bit more about what they'd seen.  His dick was still
hard and uncomfortable in his pants and he felt like he needed to release some
pressure.  He'd first masturbated about a year ago, and he really wanted to
now.  He'd just have to settle for discretely unbuttoning his pants and trying
to get a bit more comfortable under the blanket.

"Why don't you share that blanket, you jerk."  Bethany said with a smile.

"Hey, it's a little chilly in here.  Would you like to share this blanket with
me?"  Bryan replied with a smile of his own.

"Why, thank you dear sir!"  She put the controller down and grabbed half the
blanket.  She didn't immediately pick the controller back up.  She was losing
badly and didn't really feel very motivated to turn it around.

"That was something, huh?"

"Yeah, you were really getting your ass kicked."

"No, I mean earlier."  Beth's voice dropped as she spoke.

"Oh, yeah, earlier."

"It must feel good, you know.  Don't you think?"




"Have you ever... you know?"

"You know, what?"

"Um, nevermind."

"No, what?"

"Well, have you ever... masturbated?"

"Huh?  No, I mean yeah.  I mean, I thought you were going to ask if I ever had

"I know you never had sex." 

"Oh, yeah?  And how do you know?  Maybe I had sex lots of times."

"Yeah, right!  I've known you my entire life and you've never even had a

"Well, yeah.  Uh, that doesn't mean anything."

"Oh?  Okay, have you ever had sex."

"No, you know that."  They both started laughing then.  As their laughter
started to subside, Bryan looked at Bethany.  He felt something he hadn't
before.  Oh, his dick was still uncomfortable--he'd have to excuse himself soon
if this conversation continued.  But there was something different there, too.
He was thinking less and less about the woman on the balcony.

"So, uh, have you?"

"Well, uh, yeah.  A couple times.  Yeah...  Have you?"

"Um, well.  Maybe."

Bryan smiled at her and beneath the blanket he put his hand on her thigh.  He
wasn't sure what he was doing.  He blushed fervently, but she didn't seem to
notice.  She was too concentrated looking down at the blanket.  After a couple
seconds Bryan got nervous and took his hand away.  Finally, Bethany looked up
at him.

"No.  Bryan, you can put your hand there..."  With that Bethany put her hand
beneath the blanket and reached over to put her hand on his thigh.  

Bryan put his hand her thigh again.  They looked at each other.  Both a deep
shade of scarlet.  Neither felt chilly any longer but the blanket remained and
their sweaty hands stayed glued to each other's thighs.

"How do you do it?"  Bethany said as she reached over and clumsily unbuttoned
Bryan's pants.

"Well, uh, you just kind of hold it...  And, uh--ooooh--move, move up and
down."  She had found his hard-on and began tentatively pulling on it.

"How--how do you do it, Beth?"  Bryan squeaked out as he reached for her pant's

"Well, I, uh... put a finger sort of between--uuuh--a little to the right.  Oh,
yeah.  Yeah, that's what I do."  Bryan had unwittingly found, snuggled between
her little labia, Bethany's clit.


"Cass, I really regret that I have to leave."

"No problem, Stud Boy, I already got what you came for."

"Ha Ha."  Bill smiled and closed the door.  Cass, still naked, reached for the
ceiling, back arching, as she stretched with cat-like exuberance.  A smile on 
her face (and a little something else) she turned towards bed.

Bill took the elevator down to the first floor and got off.  As he walked out
into the lobby and a couple broke from an intimate kiss to get on the elevator
he'd just left.

"Jesus, get a room."  Bill muttered.

"Hey, did you hear that guy?"

"What guy, sugar?"

"The guy who just got off the elevator as we got on."

"What's it matter?  Soon enough we'll get off, too."

"Hey, you're some broad, you know.  Don't try to distract me.  That baboon
said, 'Get a room.'  What the fuck is that all about.  I got half a mind to go
back down there and teach him a lesson."

"Oh, come on.  We're almost to my apartment and then you can teach me a lesson 
instead!"  Paula said.  "I know just the thing, you'll love it." 

"I don't know.  The guy was a real baboon, you know!"

"Just get in here!"  They'd arrived at her 3rd floor apartment and she pulled
in her catch by the collar.

"Alright.  Alright."  Frank didn't sound terribly pacified, but needless to say
he followed Paula into her apartment.

"You wait out here.  Have a seat on the sofa or something.  I'll be back in a

Frank took her advice and sat down with a grumble.  She doesn't have to put on
anything special, he thought.  I'd fuck her the way she was.  She's got a nice
ass, that one.  And she sure could use some deep dicking.  And I sure could
give it to her.

As his thoughts continued, Frank's frown unconsciously turned into a smile.  
The baboon from the elevator forgotten, visions of a beautiful piece of ass 
were bouncing around his mind.

"Hi!  Are you my tutor?"  

Paula was dressed in a schoolgirl uniform.  Her hair was up in pig tails and
she voraciously chewed a gob of gum.  Clutched to her chest were several old

"Why would you wanna dress like that?"  Frank said, well, frankly.

"Aren't you my anatomy tutor?"  Paula said innocently as she put her books down
on an end table.  The top of her schoolgirl uniform was far too tight for her.
The buttons seemed ready to pop as her breasts pressed tightly against the
fabric.  She wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples poked out against her shirt.
In fact, the brown of her areoles was clearly visible through the white uniform

"Anatomy, huh?  Yeah, sure I am."

"Good!  Then you could tell me what these are for?"  Paula said as she pinched
her nipples.  "Sometimes they get so sensitive, and I just don't know what to
do with them."

"Come here, I'll show you what I do with them."

"Oh, thank you so much!"

Paula walked over to him with feigned shyness.  Once she was in reach, Frank
impatiently grabbed her by the waste and pulled her to him.  

"Do you mind if I take care of this?"  He said, trying to pinch the fabric of
her shirt.

"Why, I don't know?  What would my daddy say?"

"He'd say you're a fucking slut!"

"Oh!  Oh, my.  You know, I think he'd prolly be right..."  

"That's it."  With that Frank pulled her shirt open.  Some of the buttons came
undone, but most of them popped right off the shirt and bounced around the wood
floor.  Frank put his mouth to one of Paula's nipples and with his hand twisted

the other.  

"Mmmm...  I don't think I ever liked anatomy so well before..."

Frank pulled her skirt up and roughly began applying pressure to her panty
covered pussy.  Her panties were wet and the smell of sex was in the air.
Frank snorted it up as he continued suckling his faux schoolgirl's breasts.

"Oh, finger my sweet schoolgirl pussy you big bad tutor you!"


"Got a little mess here."

Bryan finally broke the long silence with those words.  They'd both gotten 
off--quietly, under the blanket--quite a while ago.  Since then they'd both 
been sitting there, letting their breathing slow.  Letting their faces unflush.
Letting their sweat dry.  Letting their minds race.

The door to the bedroom was still open, and Bryan was beginning to worry about
the possibility that his mother could pop in.  While his blanket seemed like
enough concealment earlier, he was starting to feel very self conscience.  

"Could you look out for my mom while I clean off this blanket?"


"Hey, you like that Mrs. Phillips?  Huh, you like how I fill you?"

"Yes, God, yes!  I'm your dirty slut, Jimmy.  Fuck me.  Fuck me.  Fuck me!"

"Oh, no, I think you're too fucking hot, Mrs. Phillips.  I better slow down or
I'm going to fill you up with hot cum.  There's still so much more I want to do
with you, you dirty slut."  With that Jimmy's strokes became slower, more

"No, don't tease me, Jimmy.  I need your hot spunk.  Give it to me.  Please
Jimmy.  Please."

"No--I don't think so."  

Jimmy pulled out of Mrs. Phillips and looked down at her face.  She looked very
cranky.  He chuckled.  

"What do you want to do?  Please do it to me Jimmy.  Anything!"

"Roll over...  Good.  Lie flat and spread your legs a bit."

Jimmy started fingering her from behind.  Mrs. Phillips immediately responded
with a moan.  Before she could really get going though Jimmy stopped and
withdrew his fingers.  Mrs. Phillips, expecting his dick was surprised when
Jimmy pulled her ass cheeks apart and placed his slicked fingers on her

"What are you doing?"  There was a degree of anxiety in her voice, but there
was also quite a lot of desire.  

"You know what I'm doing, don't you.  You know.  All dirty sluts know, and
you're my dirty slut."

"I know."

"What's that?  What'd you say, dirty slut?"

"I know!  Fuck my ass, Jimmy!  I'm you're dirty slut.  Fuck my ass!"


"Hey, Bryan, I don't think your mom is even here."


Bryan took a look around the apartment.  Sure enough she wasn't there.  

"She must have, uh, stepped out or something.  I'm almost done here.  Looks
like we're in the clear."  Bryan knew his mother was probably downstairs
visiting the neighbor.  He really couldn't understand why.  Jimmy's just a jerk
from the community college, he thought.  What would mom see in him?  It's an


"Oh, my!  Is that a penis?  I've never seen one before.  It's so big, and it
looks angry.  Are you mad at me?  Maybe if I'm friendly and I pet it--maybe
then it will like me?  What do you think, Franky--my big strong tutor--does it 
like me?"


"Squeeze my cock, you dirty slut."

Jimmy had pushed his way into Mrs. Phillips anus an inch at a time.  Seven
pushes later his balls were resting against her puffy cunt lips.  Her sphincter
formed a powerful cock ring, pulsing around the base of his dick.  He arched
his back and thrust his pelvis forward.  Even though he knew he couldn't get
any deeper the feel of grinding against her bountiful ass cheeks was
incredible.  He'd enjoy this so much.  He pulled out slowly until the head of 
his cock caught the rim of her ass.  

"Are you ready?  Think you can take it?"

"Y-yes.  Yes!"

With that Jimmy slammed all the way home.  Mrs. Phillips cried out, but before
she could catch her breath Jimmy had reloaded and slammed into her again.  She
saw spots before her eyes.  She pulled back her lips in a ferocious grimace as
Jimmy slammed into her again and again.  Through the violent thrusting she
worked her fingers down into her bush.  With one finger on either side of her
clit, she began to feel a tingling throughout her body.  It wasn't long before
an orgasm ripped through her like Jimmy's big cock ripped through her bowels.
As she arrived she bucked her ass up against Jimmy.  The feel of her rosebud
closing up on his cock was too much for him.  His heat finally poured loose
from his deeply rooted member.


"Oh, fuck my schoolgirl pussy!"

Frank had had enough games.  All he wanted was to fuck this broad's pussy.  As
she rode him he alternated between roughly handling her tits and roughly
handling her ass.  At the moment he had one hand on each ass cheek, pulling
them apart as he pulled her down on his cock.  She was rolling forward on her
hips, grinding her clit on his pelvis.  He readjusted his grip on her butt and
one of his fingers found her ass hole.  He was getting close as she frantically
impaled herself on him.  She was verbalizing her impending orgasm with a series
of groans.  As she came he thrust up into her one last time.  She could feel 
his cock jerking inside her, and he could feel the walls of her pussy 
contracting around him.

"Happy anniversary, hon."  Paula said.  With hands on either side of his head,
she kissed him passionately on the lips.  His countenance seemed to change and
he returned her kiss with a profound thank you.


"I should get back upstairs to my apartment."  Mrs. Phillips said as she
stepped out of the shower.  "Bryan and Bethany are getting so much older, I
don't know if I should leave them alone together for so long."

"Your paranoid, who cares?"


"Fine.  Come back down later, after he's asleep."

"Oh, Jimmy, I really shouldn't."


"Well, I should get home."

"Yeah.  Hey, there's just one thing--"


"After everything that happened tonight we never even kissed."

"Well, what about tomorrow?  Don't you want something to look forward to?"
Bethany said with a coy smile as she stepped out of the apartment.

The End.


Okay, if you enjoyed this story, don't forget to send me an email at
<>.  As the author, I'm very interested to know which, if
any, of these characters you'd like to see in future stories.  Let me know!


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