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Subject: {ASSM} Inheritance 02 {by Aphrodite} (FF rom oral)
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Copyright 2001 By Aphrodite

Reproduction of any kind not intended for personal use is strictly 
prohibited by the author.
This document contains Adult Material. 
If it is illegal where you live to view adult material, leave now!
If you find Adult material offensive, you may also leave now. 
If you have not left, then it is assumed you are either not illegal
And/or not offended. So sit back and hopefully enjoy. 

Feedback is cheerfully encouraged!

By Aphrodite


Chapter Two

Miranda and Valerie sat on the plane as it taxied into Heathrow Airport. 

Valerie Hampton was the biological daughter of Robert and Sonya 
The Hampton's were the last foster home in which Miranda had been 
placed when she was 16. It wasn't easy for any of them, with Miranda's 
past and her distrust of people it was quite an undertaking to get Miranda 
to open up to them and feel at home. It was Valerie that eventually broke 
through the walls that Miranda had built up around herself and they have 
been best friends ever since.

Neither of them had ever left the states and they were excited to be going 
on such an adventure. Miranda however, could not shake the feeling that 
there was more to this inheritance than met the eye.

Still taking in the sights as they left the plane, they had almost missed the 
gentlemen standing holding a sign that read:

Miranda Adler 

The limousine ride to the Raddison Edwardian Hotel was uneventful. 
They enjoyed the sights, the tall buildings, and old Victorian homes on 
the way. The Raddison Edwardian is a 5 star Hotel off the A4 road near 
Heathrow, very expensive and glamorous. This had to have been the 
most impressive sight either of them had seen yet on this journey. That is 
until they saw their room. Upon entering they were in a large seating area 
with 2 plush chairs and a couch. To the right was a fully functional and 
stocked kitchen and to the left the bedroom with large king sized 4 poster 
bed. Just off the bedroom was the bathroom. This was no typical 
bathroom either. Where a tub/shower should be there was what appeared 
to be a small swimming pool sized structure that easily could seat 8 or so 
people along the edges without touching. 

Valerie tipped the bellhop then closed the door behind him. The two girls 
just stood and stared at each other in disbelief for a few minutes then 
both grabbed a suitcase and headed for the bedroom. 

"Valerie, I was going to jump in the tub for a soak. It would be a shame 
to waste all that water on just myself. Why don't you join me?" Miranda 
winked at her companion, then turned and headed into the bathroom. 

Adjusting the water to just the right temperature, she started to get 
undressed. As she pulled her sweater over her head she noticed a brass 
knob on the wall. "What does this do?" She muttered to herself out loud, 
then turned the knob. Slowly the water in the tub started to bubble up and 
the more she turned the knob the faster the bubbling got. Then she 
noticed another knob and turned it as well. 
She found that depending on which way she turned it, the lights over the 
tub would dim or get brighter. She adjusted the water to a medium 
bubble and the lights to a low romantic glow then finished undressing 
and got into the tub. 

Moments later Valerie emerged, added some bubble she had found on the 
sink, and got herself undressed and into the opposite end of the tub. The 
two of them lay there moving the bubbles around with slow swishing 
hand movements, lavishing in the wonderful feeling the warm jets gave. 

Valerie smiled when she realized the feeling on her ankle and legs was 
Miranda's foot and not the jets. Miranda, although shy and meek with 
others, had never been so with Valerie. She loved Valerie with all her 
heart and the romantic atmosphere was intoxicating to her sexual senses. 

Slowly and methodically she ran her feet up and down Valerie's legs 
pausing momentarily with each up stroke just shy of Valerie's love box. 
It did not take long before Valerie's excitement took hold and she 
crossed the tub. Slightly tilting Miranda's head back and pulling her 
closer, they met in an electrifying kiss. 

Parting Miranda's lips with her tongue, they both languished in the taste 
of each other's oral juices. Continuing, she strategically placed a kiss on 
Miranda's cheek, chin, and then her neck. Miranda arched her back as 
her partner moved lower. Pausing momentarily to allow her tongue to 
lightly forage up and down between Miranda's breasts, bringing her 
nipples to a perfectly erect state, while spreading Miranda's legs with her 
hand. She loved the sounds of Miranda's moans, who, as always, was 
setting out to shatter windows. 

With the tip of her tongue she teased at Miranda's nipples, moving from 
one to the other, flicking at them repeatedly. Her hand now positioned 
between Miranda's legs, slowly messaging her love button as Miranda's 
hips began to pump in rhythm with each stroke. 

Grabbing her by the back of her head, Miranda pulled Valerie back up to 
where their lips met once again in a forceful, engulfing kiss. The soapy 
water enabled their bodies to glide easily across each other, enhancing 
the sensations they both felt.

Lifting Valerie to the edge of the tub, Miranda spread Valerie's legs and 
slowly kissed her way to Valerie's lower abdomen, making her stomach 
quiver with anticipation. Spreading her labia with her thumbs, Miranda 
eagerly lowered her face to where her lips and tongue devoured every 
inch of her partners love box. 

Valerie gasped and moaned with every stroke of Miranda's tongue; her 
tension rising, as Miranda slowly slid 2 fingers into her vagina. As 
Miranda increased pressure to her partners G-spot, Valerie let out one 
last gasp and all time stopped. She sat on the edge of the tub languishing 
in the waves of pleasure that now consumed her entire body.  

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