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Subject: {ASSM} Sean and Mike, Ch. 1 (MM/F, bond, spank, semi-cons)
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G'day people! Before i give u the story, i should introduce me first. (I
know you're probably going to skip right over this, but i'll put it here
anyway.) I've been lurking on these groups for the past while now, and i've
decided it's time i actually contributed something to them. At the same time
i'm getting to do something with my little writing interest...  but enough
rambling, it's story time! Any comments or criticisms can go to

Krypik Kruiser

The Sean and Mike Saga
Chapter One - Chris and the Rec Room
Part One of Three
By Kryptik Kruiser


I know we all hate these things, but I should put it in anyway.
This is a work of fiction, no part of this story is meant to represent any
real person, alive, dead, or otherwise, or to relate to any real event. This
story deals with adult subjects and contains adult content, and is not
intended for persons under the age of 18 years. If you are under the age of
18, or are offended by this type of material, please stop reading now. This
original work is owned by me, but may be republished or reposted in whole,
not part, by anyone who wishes to do so provided I am listed as the author.
Oh and this is my first real story of this nature to please bear with me
Now that that's all over and done with, let's get to the good part.

Wow, another party, another fun time. And yet another bit of experience
shared between Mike and I. But before I get into all that, I suppose I
should tell you who we are.

First, I'll introduce myself. My name is Sean; I'm 18 years old, just
graduated from high school last year. I like to go out and party, have a few
drinks, your typical teenager. Well, maybe not quite typical, but you'll
learn that. Mike is one of my best friends. He's 18, turning 19 in a month
and a bit. Me and him share a lot in common, our love of parties and the
almighty beer. and a bit more. You see, Mike and I are really into the whole
BDSM scene. Not with each other mind you, we're both totally straight guys.
We're both the dominant type, and have done it with a few girls, some our
age, some a bit younger or older. We have yet to both work on one girl at
once, but we each know almost everything the other has done. We're always
sitting down over a couple of brewskis sharing tales of our experiences. But
lately, life has just seemed to be working very well for us.  However, I can
't tell the whole story in the introduction, can I?

I'll start with this story, because it really was the point at which our
BDSM lifestyles really took off.  It involves a girl we both know, Chris,
and a certain party at her house. This story is a good one to us because
Chris was that first girl we'd got a chance to play with together. She's one
of those girls with pretty well-to-do parents, nice sized house full of
useful goodies. We're pretty creative at times, so a house full of useful
goodies is always a plus. Chris just turned 18 years old, pretty good
looking; Decent body, medium length blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty fucking
beautiful too. We'd never figured her to be the type who would be into our
kinda stuff, but hey, life is full of surprises. Enough background, I'll
start from the beginning.

Chris' parents were gone for the better portion of the week, so of course
there had to be a couple of good parties. We'd already had one, and it was
pretty good if you ask me. We'd all had an awesome time. The usual couples
making out here and there, Mike and I had both ended up with a good blowjob
before the night was out. Nothing else though. Hell, neither of us even
remembers who we were with that night. And I thought that was a great time?
Hell, were we in for something different. The weekend rolled around, and you
guessed it, party at Chris' again. This one wasn't as big. still had the
usual face-suckers and beer chuggers, and a couple chicks who somehow lost
some clothes. But that party wound down around 1am, pretty early for us, but
oh well. Eventually everyone had left except me and Mike, who both didn't
really have anywhere better to be. So there were me, him, and Chris sitting
around her living room. We'd sobered up pretty well; we weren't hammed any
more, just buzzing enough to be a bit uninhibited. I don't exactly know how
we did it, but the topic ended up on sex. always a fun topic when it's 2
guys and 1 girl in the room. Well, Mike and I only divulged the regular
stuff, nothing special, didn't want to scare the poor girl off or something.
However, she obviously wasn't thinking the same thing, as we learned that
there was a bit of a kinky side to our Chris. We weren't sure how kinky
really, but we would find out eventually.

Chris seemed to have decided that it was a good idea to accuse both Mike and
I of being as she said "Man-Sluts" because of our blowjob fun at the last
party, and of a few other incidents that aren't really worth mentioning. All
that got from me was a sarcastic "Careful, keep talking to me like that and
I'll just have to put you right over my knee." Well I'll be damned if I didn
't see a bit of a wink as she said "Bring it on, I don't think you really
have the guts." What's that you say? A challenge? Well, too late to back
down now! Before Chris knew it I had wrestled her out of her chair and right
over my lap, and she could do nothing but squirm as I held her down and
delivered at least 14 decently hard swats over her tight jeans. She has a
decent sized ass, well proportioned rather than just big, and perfect for a
good spanking. Pretty sensitive too judging by the yelps I got toward the
last few smacks. I half expected her to get up and slap me after that, but
she just laid there over my lap, and soon turned her head toward me with a
bit of a smirk on her face, and a sly "Is that the best you can do?" came
out of her lips. I looked over at Mike, and he just nodded. Another
challenge? Time to raise the stakes.

I just looked at her with that devious look in my eyes, getting an equally
curious look back. I slowly slid my hands up her sides, and before she could
react, grabbed her nipples and pinched them. hard. She yelped, and tried to
move, but by that time Mike had already moved around and placed a
restraining hand on her back. I could see a couple tears start to form in
her eyes, so I let go and brought my arms around her back to hold her down
over my lap. By this time I had made enough distraction that she didn't
notice Mike remove his belt, nor me take the handy handcuffs from my
backpack (what can I say, those things are handy, never know when you might
need them.) Mike quickly lashed down right across her sexy ass with his
belt, getting a scream out of her and causing her hands to fly to her
backside, at which point I simply handcuffed her.  Before she knew it I had
her around the waist, and Mike took her legs, and we bent her far over the
arm of her couch. I held her tight there, leaned down, and whispered "You
still think we don't have the guts?" I was quite intrigued when she
whispered a slightly sobbed "Prove it" right back to me. I turned to Mike
and simply nodded.

Mike's belt lashed across the middle of her jean clad ass, getting a quickly
stifled yelp out of her pretty lips.


Mike went for the middle of her thighs this time, causing her to kick her
legs slightly, and she once again stifled a yelp.


Mike hit right in the middle between her ass and thighs, forcing a short
scream out of her lips and making her try to double over even more, except
there was a couch arm in her way.


Just above the middle of her ass. I could see her eyes getting slightly


Just below the middle of her ass. I could see a couple tears start to form,
and a good yelp came out. She was having trouble holding it back now.


Tops of her thighs. Another good yelp, and her eyes were getting rather
watery now.


Bottoms of her thighs, just above the backs of her knees. This one got a
good scream, and the tears weren't getting held back anymore. Mike wound up
and got ready for a power hit. This one was going to be good.


Oh yeah, that was a good one. one of his hardest, right in the fleshiest
parts of her ass. She screamed pretty loud that time, and just kept right on
sobbing. The tears were flowing good now, and had she not been cuffed and
held down she'd be rubbing her ass very well. I leaned over her, whispering
in her ear in my powerful voice "So, are you sorry now for trying to call us
gutless man-sluts." Well that stubborn girl gives me a totally defiant look
and says to me between sobs "It's going to take way more than that to get an
apology out of me, man-slut." Me and Mike looked at each other and shook our
heads. This one was gonna be great. Before she knew it I had grabbed her by
her cuffed wrists and was dragging her down the hall to the spare bedroom.
Mike took off his bandanna and used it to blindfold her, and grabbed a few
pieces of rope out of my backpack. We took her into the room, lied her face
down on the bed, uncuffed her, and tied her arms and legs to the sturdy
posts, leaving the still fully clothed girl spread eagle face down on the
bed, blindfolded. We left the room, each delivering a good swat to her
already sore ass, and locked the door behind us. We then went searching
through the house to develop a master plan for poor Chris.

This has been a work of fiction by the Krypik Kruiser. Any question or
comments can be posted to the group or emailed to

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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