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************************* Read Me First *****************************
My erotic fiction stories are for adults only.  If you are not at least twenty 
one years old, please do not read this story. It contains explicit sex and is 
not to be read if you are underage or live where it is illegal to do so.  The 
characters and places in my stories are completely fictional and any 
resemblance to anyone or anything real is completely accidental and 
coincidental. Re-post of this story is only permitted if the posting site is 
free and non-commercial.
Mrs. James Wentworth Preston  (a Pen Name)  Copyright 2001
************************ Thank You **********************************

Mrs James Wentworth Preston  -  Chapter 63  -  Emily Tries Bi

********************Story Prolog********************
I'm Justine and these are my stories.  They're about the sexy escapades 
of my friends and family.  I write what I've experienced or what I've 
been told by others.  Some of the stuff they tell is pretty weird, but 
they say it's all true!

I live in small-town USA, with my husband James, my nineteen year old 
Son, Junior, and my eighteen year old Daughter, Maryann.  This chapter 
is about the Friday that Junior and I took Maryann to spend the weekend 
with Emily in her dorm at the University.  Emily is Junior's lover.  Liz 
is her girlfriend in the dorm.  Patty and Bob are married and teach at 
the University.  They are also Junior's Aunt and Uncle.  Julie is the 
temporary summer secretary of the Chemistry Department and Dr. Barry 
Collins is the Dean.

This story begins in Emily's dorm room.  At 1 o'clock we meet at the 
faculty club for lunch.  After lunch Emily takes the girls joy riding in 
her new car while I see the chemistry building with Patty and Junior.

I hope you'll enjoy the story.  Previous chapters can be found in the 
archives at ASSTR.  Do a SUBJECT LINE SEARCH in the ASSM section and 
search on MRS JWP.  If you have any difficulty, send me a note and I'll 
forward to you some step by step instructions that Junior wrote.  All 
those options and stuff in ASSTR are confusing, but Junior's 
instructions are easy to follow!
************Thanks for reading my stories************
************Mrs. James Wentworth Preston************

Mrs. James Wentworth Preston

Chapter 63

Emily Tries Bi

Junior had driven his Mother and Sister to campus late Friday morning where 
they'd met Emily waiting for them outside her dorm.  He'd unloaded Maryann's 
bags, pulled the luggage cart up to Emily's room, unloaded, and said his good 
byes to the three women.  He kissed Emily, returned the cart, and walked over 
to the Chemistry building.  He wondered how his Mom's planned seduction of 
Emily was going, realizing that she had only an hour and a half.  'Well,' he 
thought, 'if anyone can do it in an hour and a half, it'll be Mom and Sis!'

In her dorm room Emily stood nervously, wondering what they were going to do 
next.  Just as Emily was about to suggest that they go for a walk around 
campus, Junior's Mom spoke.

"Strip girls," Justine said calmly.

"Huh?" Emily croaked as Maryann turned from the wall posters she was looking 
at and smiled, reaching behind her to tug down her jumper's back zipper.

Justine smiled and repeated, "Strip!  James wants me to take a few snapshots 
of you two, for comparison purposes." Justine waved her new Polaroid camera, 
purchased for just this purpose.  "Remember James?  My Husband?  The guy you 
fucked this morning while you watched my Son fuck my ass?  Remember him?"

Maryann pulled her dress over her head and shook out her long blond hair.  
"It's okay!  Daddy's cool.  He won't show them around!  Come on Emily, don't 
you trust Mom and I?  Your new Sister?  And Daddy?"

Emily muttered, "Okay," and started unbuttoning her blouse.

"You slow poke!" Justine said as she set down the instant camera and got up to 
help Emily strip.  Maryann joined her, as was the plan, and the two Preston 
women got Emily out of her blouse and skirt quickly.

"Okay, that's good for now," Justine said when both girls were down to bra and 
panties.  "Come stand side-by-side here in front of this window," Justine said 
as she pulled down the shade.  "This will make a good back drop.  Okay girls, 
stand still.  Kick off those shoes.  Yes, much better.  Now look sexy for the 
camera, for my James.  Shoulders up, chests out, bellies in!  Yes, just like 
that!"  Poof!  Whir! The flash went off and the picture ejected itself from 
the automatic camera.  Justine set it on the dresser to develop.  "All right, 
stand back-to-back now.  Closer!  Touch your backs!  Yes, now turn your heads 
and give me a cute sexy smile.  Suck your belly in Maryann!  Okay, that's 
good."  Poof!  Whir!  Another picture.  "Okay, one more.  Turn your backs to 
me, bend over.  Spread your feet a little, hold hands, and look back over your 
opposite shoulders.  Yes!  Come on Emily, smile.  Remember his hot, fat cock 
deep in you as I came like a whore all over Junior's cock up my ass!  Yes!  
Good!"  Poof!  Whir!  Another sexy shot.  "All right, one more.  Turn to the 
front.  Put your feet together and lace your hands together behind your neck.  
Yes, just like that.  Smile sexy-like.  Good.  Now, raise up on your toes.  
Okay, hold that!"  Poof!  Whir!  "All right, relax.  

Maryann turned and looked Emily up and down.  Even in her plain white cotton 
bra and panties, she looked very sexy.  Feeling her warm back against her own 
made Maryann get wet between her legs.  She was eagerly waiting to feel a lot 
more of Emily against her bare skin!

Emily saw Maryann checking her out and was beginning to think she was being 
seduced.  Justine had gotten her naked in bed just yesterday afternoon under 
casual girl-talk pretenses, then made her cum almost instantly with a hot kiss 
and gentle fingers on her nipples and clit.  Emily suddenly realized she was 
getting excited.  She was getting wet thinking about girl/girl sex!  Emily, 
not one to be reticent once she'd made up her mind, turned boldly to Maryann 
and looked her up and down too.

"That's a sexy bra and pants!" Emily cooed sexily.  "Do you always wear such 
sexy clothes?"

"No," Maryann grinned, "I usually don't wear any!  I wore these for you!"

"For me?" Emily asked, genuinely surprised.  "Why?" she asked, looking at 
Maryann, then at her smiling Mother, and then back at Junior's Sister.  "What 
do you mean?"

"I mean that I put them on," Maryann cooed as she moved close to Emily so that 
their bra covered boobs touched, "so you could take them off!"

Maryann put her hands on Emily's upper arms, feeling their softness and 
warmth.  She slowly caressed them, up and down.  Maryann's nipples, all ready 
hard, sparked as she pulled Emily more tightly to her, mashing their breasts 
together.  Maryann then kissed Emily again, hot and deep as she'd done outside 
when they met.  Maryann's tongue danced across Emily's lips, feeling, touching 
until Emily's lips opened and Maryann's tongue shot into Emily's mouth, 
teasing and loving the taste of her Brother's lover's mouth and tongue.  The 
two girls shifted, slipping their bodies a bit so their big breasts weren't 
directly opposed, keeping them apart.  Their heads tilted so their mouths 
could get closer, their tongues deeper into each other's mouths.

Justine watched happily and stripped herself.  Emily missed seeing her sexy 
underwear; it was soon off and tossed over her dress on the back of her chair.  
Justine eyed the two teenagers making out, focusing particularly on Emily's 
fine ass under her tight white panties.  Justine moved close behind Emily and 
pressed her naked body against Emily's back, wrapping her arms around them 
both.  Justine leaned back a little and scraped her hard nipples back and 
forth across Emily's back, making her nips feel sparks of sexy fire!

Emily was lost in Maryann's kiss.  Kissing a girl was *way* different than 
kissing her lover, this girl's Brother!  Junior was firm, hard, and manly!  
Maryann's tongue flit like a butterfly, barely touching, yet causing far more 
excitement!  Maryann's tongue in her mouth was a fantastic experience.  A 
boy's tongue, Junior's!, had teased, rubbed, and sought out every nook and 
cranny in her mouth.  Maryann's tongue caressed her outer cums, between her 
lips and teeth.  So gently, so softly that it nearly drove Emily mad with 
lust!  When Maryann's tongue moved inside her teeth, touching and feeling each 
inch of gum and every tooth, Emily began to melt.

Maryann's hands weren't idle.  She stroked Emily's back, sides, arms, and then 
her hair.  Emily heard a moan of pleasure and was shocked to realize that it 
was her!  Maryann's legs too moved, no slithered!, about hers.  One foot had 
teased up her calf and behind her knee, then the other foot did the same to 
Emily's other leg.  Suddenly Maryann's hands dropped to her butt and pulled 
her crotch down and hard onto her thigh, which had somehow gotten between 
Emily's legs.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Emily moaned around Maryann's tongue as sex sparks fired up from 
her pussy mashed by Maryann's churning thigh.  On automatic now, Emily ground 
her clit on her firm thigh muscles, surrendering herself to her feelings, and 
began to cum.  Then she felt Justine at her back!

'Oh Goddess Above!' Emily thought as she felt her lover's Mother's firm 
nipples scrape back and forth across her back.  It seemed as if every nerve in 
her body jumped as a huge orgasm washed through her.

"Uhhh!  Uhhh!  Uhhh!" Emily whimpered into Maryann's mouth as the waves of her 
cums raced though her.

Maryann first felt Emily's lips go soft, then become fiery hot!  Likewise 
Emily's mouth and tongue.  Maryann realized, just like her Father had, that 
when Emily cums, she cums all over!

Justine felt Emily shiver through her cums and held her tight to Maryann, lest 
she fall to the floor between them.  Justine took the opportunity to unhook 
Emily's bra and pull the shoulder straps down her arms.  Unable to contain her 
desires any longer, Justine kissed her way down Emily's spine to her glorious 
ass!  At the top of Emily's panties, Justine cupped her ass cheeks through her 
panties, nearly swooning from the silky feel and the overwhelming scent of 
teenage pussy juice and cum.  Justine lovingly kissed each globe of Emily's 
ass through the thin white cotton, then grabbed the panty waist and jerked 
them down to her feet, displaying her ass in all it's glory.

Justine couldn't believe that this girl's bottom, her soft, blemish free ass, 
was only inches from her face.  All the times she'd seen Emily nude at Bob and 
Patty's, swimming, walking, kissing on Junior, she'd watched and lusted for 
this opportunity, this chance to love her ass.  Another strong waft of Emily's 
pheromones overcame all resistance, all discipline.  Justine too surrendered 
to her needs and buried her face between Emily's hot ass cheeks, gently spread 
apart by her own manicured fingers.

Maryann knew that her Mom was going for Emily's ass and it was time for part 
two of their plan.  Justine had freed Emily's bra as planned before she'd 
dropped to her knees, so it was her turn to focus her attention to Emily's 
tits.  Maryann let go of Emily's head, broke the duel of their tongues, pulled 
away a little, and slid her new lover's bra down her arms and off, tossing it 
onto the floor.

"God!  Your boobs are beautiful," Maryann gushed to Emily as she cupped the 
firm, round orbs of joy.  "Soft and warm, yet firm and sexy.  Yes!  Very sexy.  
And these nipples!" she added as her fingers danced over Emily's aureole, "So 
nice!  So lovable!  So hard and hot!  Mmmmmmm!  So beautiful and sexy," she 
said as she kissed Emily hotly again.  "I've just got to kiss them!"

Maryann kissed and licked her way down from Emily's mouth, across her cheek, 
down her neck, and over to her large breasts.  Maryann didn't tease.  She went 
straight to the stiff nipple, causing Emily to cry out her pleasure, as Junior 
had taught her.

"Yes!  Yes, yes, yes!  Suck my tits!" Emily begged.  "OH GOD!"  Emily yelled 
as Justine's tongue licked around her ass hole.  Junior had done the same 
thing to her but this was totally different.  Justine's tongue, just like her 
Daughter's, whom she'd taught, was not firm, strong, and hard.  It was soft 
and barely touched her.  Like Maryann's, it was as if a butterfly had landed 
and danced about on her hot flesh.  Maryann switched to suck Emily's other 
nipple as Justine made her tongue tip firm to push around the anal muscles.

Emily felt a big orgasm building in her loins.  Maryann's hot lips and tongue 
on her nipples was so sweet, so loving!  Emily had never felt anything so 
nice, so exquisite, so wonderfully delicious.  Her cunt was bubbling over with 
girl juice and Emily could feel it beginning to run down her inner thighs.  
'Goddess Above!' Emily thought, 'No one's even touching my pussy!  Yet!'

That was Emily's last rational thought as Justine's nasty tongue shot through 
her anal muscles into the depths of her butt.  Emily's orgasm exploded!

"Huuuuh!  Huuuh!  Ahhhhhhhiiiiiiieeeeeeekkkkkk!" Emily shouted, screaming her 

Not that Maryann or Justine needed to be told.  Emily's body and boobs shook 
as if she was possessed and Maryann had a hard time keeping her mouth on her 
nipple.  She smartly used her teeth to hold the erect little nubbin, letting 
Emily jerk around and pull her own nipple to increase her pleasure.  Justine 
knew too as Emily's ass convulsed around her oral lance, the anal muscles 
pulsing with each passing wave of Emily's monster cum.  When Emily's battle 
with the 'little death' slowed, Justine wagged her tongue around inside 
Emily's ass, shooting her again into a big orgasm.

The two Preston women kept this up until Emily could take no more, sagging, 
limp into Maryann's arms.  Justine stood too, helping hold up Emily, gently 
kissing her back, shoulders, and neck, getting a heady whiff of her hair oil.  
Maryann was doing the same in front, amazed at the bright red flush over 
Emily's neck and chest.

"I bet you wouldn't have believed you could cum like that without playing with 
your hot pussy, could you?" Justine cooed into Emily's ear when she'd stopped 

"God!  No, never!" Emily gasped.  "That was fantastic!"

"Just wait until I get my tongue around your clit and Mom does your ass 
again," Maryann whispered into her other ear.  "You thought Junior could make 
you cum?  We'll blast you into a new universe!"

"Mmmmm!" Emily moaned as she thought about that idea.  "God!  You two!"

"I brought you a present," Justine told Emily.  "You've got your arms around 
her.  Don't you think it's time to unwrap it?"

Maryann stepped away from Emily, put her hands behind her head and stood on 
her toes, eyes downward.

"See!  She's very well trained.  I'm going to leave her as your sex toy for 
the next 48 hours.  She'll do anything you want.  Just call her 'Present'.  Go 
ahead, address her!"

Emily was confused, "What do you mean?"

Justine understood that Emily needed a demonstration, "Down Present!"

Maryann immediately dropped to her knees, forehead on the floor, hands clasped 
behind her back

"See.  That's the down position," Justine explained.  "Lift you face Present 
and offer your tongue!"

Maryann raised her head, opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue out flat as 
far out as she could get it.

Justine moved close to Maryann, turned to face Emily, spread her legs and 
backed her crotch onto Maryann's mouth.  "Lick Present.  Pleasure me!"

Justine held Emily's hands and they kissed as Maryann's talented tongue probed 
her vagina and lashed out at her clit!  Emily watched as Maryann quickly got 
her Mom off, Justine's eyes fogging over as she came.

"STOP!  Stop Present.  Quit licking and sucking!" Justine gasped and let Emily 
help her up from atop Maryann's tongue.  Justine breathed deeply for a few 
minutes and then suggested, "Why don't you unwrap your present?"

"Stand Present!" Emily experimented.  Maryann stood immediately, eyes 

"Look how nicely your Present is wrapped," Justine told Emily.  "Feel this 
fine lace," Justine's hand caressed and felt Maryann's right breast through 
her sexy bra.  Emily did the same with the left boob.  "Notice how the nipple 
comes erect, easily detectable though the thin fabric.  Maryann sells this 
lingerie and I'm sure she'd be happy to fit you and provide you with a dozen 
bra and panty sets in various colors.  Naturally at no cost to you.  She's 
very anxious to please.  Aren't you Present?"

"Yes Mistress!" Maryann replied, eyes still downcast.

"Turn around Present!" Justine directed.  "Look!  No hooks.  Velcro between 
the cups in front instead of hooks in the back.  Nice, huh?  Easy on and off.  
This isn't a support bra, this is a sexy piece of fine lingerie, imported from 
France.  The best there is!  Notice there's no metal anywhere; even the straps 
are personally made to fit.  No ugly hooks or adjustment slides to poke your 
skin or dimple your fine blouses."  Justine dropped to her knees and Emily 
followed.  "Isn't this the sexiest thong?  Of course you can get it in any 
style of panty you want, but this would show your fine ass nicely, don't you 
think?"  Emily nodded, beginning to get turned on, looking at Maryann's butt 
from three inches away.  "Turn around Present!" Justine ordered and Maryann 
turned to show her crotch to her Mom and Brother's lover.  "See, the same fine 
lace.  It's see-through, just like the bra.  Only lusty, beautiful women could 
wear something like this.  See how puffy her pussy lips are?  Glistening too, 
from her sex juices.  See how wet she is?  There's her clit, sticking out a 
little.  I bet you could make her cum with just a little touch!  Want to try 
it?  No?  I suppose you're right.  Say, while we're down here, why don't you 
pull them down?  Isn't about time you started wrapping your present?"

Emily grinned and grabbed the waist strap of the wispy garment.  Slowly she 
pulled the lace thong down, past her crotch and to Maryann's feet.

"Step out of your panties Present," Justine ordered, "and spread your legs 

Maryann complied and arched her crotch forward, her pussy lips opening to 
display her hot inner wetness.

"See!" Justine told Emily, "She's showing you how hot she is.  Look at that 
bright red vulva and inner lips.  And her clit!  It's pulsing with lust!  
She's wet too.  Very wet.  Look there's a drop going to run down.  Lick it 
Emily, lick it before it gets away!"

Emily's senses were overwhelmed by the sight of Maryann's pussy and the smell 
of her juices.  Without a second thought Emily licked up the golden, creamy 
drop of Maryann's girl juice.  Expecting the taste to be like man cum, Emily's 
taste buds reeled with the delicious flavor of Maryann's strawberry douche.

"Tastes good, huh?" Justine mused.  "She fucked Junior before we came over and 
I made her douche with a herbal, strawberry flavor.  Nice,  isn't it?  Do you 
douche?  No?  I figured not.  You've got to start.  Get Maryann to help you 
buy a good kit, one with enema too.  You'll need that for anal sex.  Oh yes, 
you'll be ass fucking soon.  I can tell you'll love it.  Don't be afraid!  My 
son is very good, very gentle.  Work together and you'll cum like never 
before!  Okay, that's for later.  Now, lets go check out her tits!"

They stood and eyed Maryann's lace bra encased boobs.  As Justine had earlier 
said, the bra provided no support, only a sexy covering.

"Look pretty good, don't they?" Justine suggested.  "Large, full, sexy 
breasts.  I guarantee you that she's very sensitive.  Her tits are very hot!  
Go ahead, feel your present.  Yes, just like that.  Palm them and tweak the 
nipples.  Oh look!  They're rising!  To your finger tips!  Aren't nipples the 
sexiest?  Much more fun than a clit.  Oh yes!  Do them both!  Can you see that 
her nipples are conical, just like her boobs?  No?  Well, the bra does get in 
the way."

"Take your bra off, Present!" Emily ordered.

Maryann pulled apart the front Velcro piece, stripped off her brassiere, and 
tossed it aside, resuming her position with her hands behind her head.

"Now look!  See what I mean about the conical breast and nipples?  They're 
great.  She just loves to have them sucked.  Don't they look delicious?  Let's 
have her lay down and we can suck her nipples together!"

"Lay down, Present!" Emily said, getting into his lesbian action.

"Good!" Justine exclaimed, "Look how her tits stand up so nicely.  She does a 
lot of exercises to keep them that way.  You should get her to show you how 
she does it.  You need to keep your girlish figure too!"

Emily only half heard Justine's suggestion, she was focused on Maryann's tits.  
'They're beautiful!' Emily thought as she bent over and sucked one of the 
nipples into her mouth, laving the aureole gently, softly; trying to feel the 
little bumps with the tip of her tongue.

"Ohhhhhhh!  Yeeeeeessssssssss!" Maryann sighed, enjoying the dual assault on 
her breasts.

Her Mother knew what she loved; a hard sucking mouth and a tongue that slapped 
her stiff nipple about like a miniature toy soldier standing at attention, 
making sex sparks shoot from her breasts to her pussy.  But it was Emily's 
inexperienced loving that thrilled Maryann.  Like a new puppy dog, Emily 
lapped at her boob; an unsure tongue exploring her nipple with loving wonder.  
While one tongue shot bolts of sex energy to her core, the other was softly 
teasing her to a huge explosion.

Maryann suddenly grabbed both women's heads tight to her tits and gasped, 
"Hard!  Suck my boobs hard!  Bite my nipples!  Bite them hard!  I think I'm 
gonna cum!  Yes!  Yes!  I'M CUMMING!  I'M CUMMING!"

Maryann jerked several times and then her body got rigid, arching up off the 
carpet; her hips fucking up lewdly at an imaginary cock as she climaxed.  Her 
hands grabbed fistfuls of carpet as she shuddered through waves of her cum.

Justine bumped Emily's head with her own and directed, "Come on!  Let's taste 
her.  We don't want all that cum to be wasted!"

Some primal need made Emily move fast, turning and crawling down between 
Maryann's legs, helping her Mother spread them wide and push her knees up.  
They looked into Maryann's pussy, the outer labia swollen and splayed apart 
with lust, glistening droplets of girl juice sparkling.

"There!" Justine showed Emily, "That's her cum!" Justine pushed Emily's head 
forward, "Taste it!  Lick it up!"  Emily did as she was told.  Again she was 
amazed at the flavor of the sweet girl nectar.  Hot too!  Very hot!  Emily's 
tongue lapped it up frantically, not being able to get enough!  After a minute 
or so, Justine pulled Emily back by her hair, "Hey!  Save some for me!"  
Justine replaced Emily, now seriously eating out her Daughter.

"I'm Cumming AGAIN!" Maryann cried, her legs snapping down around her Mother's 
head as she humped up to her tongue.

Emily gawked in wonder at the expression of bliss on Maryann's face, the power 
of her orgasm contorting her face with ecstasy.  Maryann's eyes blinked open, 
saw Emily's cum smeared face looking at her intently, and grabbed her head 
with both hands to pull their lips together for a lusty kiss.

If Junior's kisses made Emily melt, his Sister's girl loving kisses set fire 
to her soul!  Emily would later point to this moment as when she lost control.  
Emily's sex fires raged into an overpowering, all consuming lust!  Emily 
kissed and kissed, her body writhing a top of Maryann's, her hands mauling 
Maryann's unbelievably sexy breasts.  Down below, in Maryann's crotch, her 
Mother was driving her Daughter toward one of her biggest orgasms lately.  One 
finger twirling inside her ass, two others massaging her G-spot, and her nasty 
tongue slapping the clit around between hard sucks, shattered any 
consciousness Maryann had left as she blasted into a monster cum!

"Uhhhhuuuuggggg!  Uhhhhhuuuuuuggggg!   Aaaiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!" Maryann 
screamed as she rocketed to the stars, her body arched and quivering.  

Emily held on tight to Maryann, truly understanding what was happening to her 
new friend.  Their bodies, covered with a sheen of perspiration, slipped and 
slid deliciously together, breasts and nipples caressing together as Maryann 
came and came, again and again, jerking about like a high-speed roller coaster 
as her cums washed over and through her.  Maryann's Mom finally got tired, or 
got compassion, and stopped her fingering and nasty tongue to simply lap up 
all Maryann's cum.  Emily kept kissing on her, her eyes, ears, lips, cheeks, 
and neck, tasting her salty sweat.  When her breathing calmed, Maryann opened 
her eyes and Emily saw a strange sparkle there.

"Your turn!" Maryann croaked and pushed Emily off of her and onto her back, 
quickly following with her body, hands, and lips which seemed to light fires 
in places on her body that Emily didn't know were sensual.  When Emily felt 
Justine's smooth face push between her thighs, she was fascinated by the fact 
that she had no beard, as she felt when Junior moved his face between her 
legs.  The sudden thought that Justine's smooth face cheeks meant her lips and 
tongue were getting nearer and nearer to her core, her womanhood, didn't 
register fully until Justine's tongue lapped up her labia to her clit, just 
like a puppy dog.  'So soft!' Emily thought.  'So gentle!  So unlike Junior!'  
Just as suddenly Emily exploded into orgasm when Justine sucked her clit hard 
and whipped her tongue back and forth across her sex button!

"Oh My God!" Emily gasped, then yelled "OHMYGOD!  OHMYGOD!" as Justine's 
fingers joined the sexual assault on Emily's crotch!  One finger was up her 
butt and another was poking her G-spot!  Maryann was doing her part, rubbing 
her nipples against Emily's as she kissed and licked Emily's face, ears, neck, 
and lips.  As suddenly as Justine had begun, she stopped and sat back.

"Jesus!  Emily, you're full of man cum!  And it isn't Junior's!  Maryann, get 
down here and check this slut out!"

Maryann giggled and slid her soaked body down Emily's to kneel between her 
legs, taking her Mom's place eating her pussy.  Justine moved up and hugged 
Emily, kissing her sweetly.

"Come on you bitch!  Who've you been fucking?"  Emily, still racing with her 
cums, couldn't speak.  Justine got a nipple between each of her thumbs and 
forefingers and pinched, hard!  "Tell me you slut!  Who did you fuck!"

"Ooooowwwwwcccccchhhhhhh!  Oh!  Oh!  OH GOD!!  I'M CUMMING!" Emily cried out 
again, her body arching to Maryann's tongue and teasing fingers.  Justine knew 
that Emily was incapable of speaking, but kept up her hot kissing and nipple 

"Okay slut, if you can't talk now, you'll just have to lick!" Justine cooed 
into Emily's ear.  She got to her knees, straddled Emily's face, looking down 
at her Daughter sucking her pussy, and gently lowered her crotch until she 
felt Emily's panting breath against her swollen labia.  "Eat me Emily!  Eat 
me!  Make Momma feel good too!"

Justine waited, knowing that this was a watershed moment for Emily.  'Would 
she do it?  Would she lick her lover's Mother's hot, wet cunt?' 

"Oh YES!" Justine cried out as Emily's soft tongue began to explore her 
dripping pussy.  The first touches were tentative, shyly made.  Justine moved 
back and felt Emily's tongue hold steady to begin to lap next to her swollen 
clit.  When Emily's tongue finally caressed Justine's clitoris, Justine 
exploded into a big orgasm, drenching Emily with her juices.  Justine's body 
shook with the force of her cum, her legs squeezing tightly around Emily's 
head.  Junior's Mom nearly swooned from the pleasure of it all; feeling Emily 
eating her first woman.  Justine sagged to one side and then lay on her side, 
turning Emily's head with her legs.  Emily's body followed and Maryann 
adjusted, moving to extend her body to the side to let her Mother pleasure 
her.  With a little slipping and sliding, they were soon locked in a tight 
three girl daisy chain, licking and sucking to make each other cum and cum.

Had Junior been there, he might have noticed that it took his Mom only 39 
minutes to get Emily fully seduced into lesbian sex, along with Sis's help.  
After twenty minutes of girl/girl loving, during which they'd turned around 
once to return the sexual favors to the woman who'd been pleasuring them, the 
three still lay joined crotch to face, but in a much less fervent fashion 
simply casually licking and sucking, mostly to taste the girl juices that 
flowed copiously from the pussy in front of them.

*Knock* *Knock* sounded on Emily's door.  "Emily?  Are you in there?"

The three lovers sat up on the carpet immediately.

"Is that your friend Liz?  The bi-girl?" Justine whispered.

"Yes!" Emily whispered.

"Come on Maryann, let's get behind the door.  Let her in Emily!"

Justine and Maryann stood naked behind the door and Emily opened it the with a 
big grin, knowing instinctively that Justine had a sexy plan for her friend.

"Hi Liz.  Come on in!"

Liz walked in and stopped, seeing Emily nude and looking as if she'd been 
fucked royally.  The room reeked of girl sex juices and cum.

"Emily!  What's going on!" Liz asked, dressed in a white blouse and skirt, 
ready to go to the faculty club for lunch.  "You should open a window.  Your 
room smells like sex!  What have you been doing?"

"I've just been getting to know Junior's Mom and Sister!" Emily said and 
gestured behind Liz.

Liz spun around and saw the two naked women, faces and pussies smeared with 
cum and love juices.  Justine pushed the door shut with her foot and moved 
close to Liz, as Maryann locked the door.  Emily joined her, as did Maryann, 
forming a ring of highly aroused nude women around Liz.

Liz looked the two Preston women up and down and turned to check Emily out 
too.  Suddenly she realized what was going on.

"Oh my God!  You three have been. . . . !"

"Yes we have!" Emily cooed as she stroked Liz's hair.  "And now we three are 

"But. . . but. . . . "

"But someone has way too many clothes on!" Justine cooed as she began to 
unbutton Liz's blouse.

"But we have to go to lunch and there isn't much time for. . . . "

"Yes, so we better hurry!" Maryann added as she unhooked and unzipped Liz's 
skirt, letting it fall to the floor.  Emily pulled off Liz's blouse and 
unhooked her bra.  Maryann pulled it off of her as Justine dropped to her 
knees and jerked down her Liz's panties.

"You've got a lot of catching up to do Liz," Justine told her.  "Emily says 
you've been trying to get into her pants for weeks.  Here's your chance."

Emily lay back on the carpet and spread her legs, pulling up her knees.

"Come on Liz, eat me!" Emily ordered.  "Get your hot mouth on my pussy and 
make me cum!"

"We'll do nice things to you while you do her; make you have a nice rosy glow 
like us!" Maryann added, pushing Liz to her knees between Emily's legs.  "You 
eat her and I'll eat you!"

"Yes, that's it!" Justine cooed.  "Eat Emily and make her cum.  She tastes 
delicious!  While my Daughter sucks your hot cunt I'll do nice things to your 
cute little butt!"

Liz paused, on her hands and knees between Emily's wide spread thighs, and 
looked searchingly into Emily's eyes, trying to make sure this was okay with 
her.  All she saw was lust and joy.  Emily grinned and reached her hands out 
to hold her by the hair, pulling Liz slowly to her splayed open pussy.

"Come on Liz!" Emily demanded.  "This isn't the time to be shy!  Eat me!  
You've teased me for weeks and now is the time!  Do it!  Eat me!  Suck my hot 
cunt! Eat me Liz!"

Liz smiled happily, winked at Emily, and replied, "Okay you bitch!  Get ready 
to cum!"

Liz's lowered her face into Emily's crotch tongue first and started licking.  
It had been nearly six months since she'd been with another woman, but once 
learned, pussy eating skills are never forgotten.  Liz's libido took over and 
she mentally fell headlong into her old lesbian slut persona.  When she felt a 
smooth, beardless girl-face slip between her spread thighs, Liz automatically 
lowered her crotch onto the waiting mouth, lips, and tongue.  The soft lingual 
caresses on her labia matched her own on Emily's pussy.  All thoughts and 
concerns about sitting by *The* Doctor Robert Wentworth at the luncheon at the 
faculty club vaporized in an instant.  Eating pussy while her own was being 
eaten was a favorite letch of Liz and as her sexuality flamed into a roaring 
inferno, she soared toward her first orgasm.  Then hot kisses began on her 
sensitive ass and, when they drifted down her ass crack and centered on her 
asshole, Liz exploded into the first of many orgasms.

Liz had been seduced into girl/girl sex by a school gym teacher when she was 
only twelve.  She already knew about masturbation; one of her cousins had 
shown her how and helped her get her first cums during the previous summer.  
They'd made out and touched each other's developing breasts and pussies a 
little, but nothing like the expert loving she'd enjoyed in the arms of her 
dance and gymnastics instructor.  Liz's Mom saw the signs of her Daughter's 
sexual awakening, figured out that her new-found love of diet, exercise, and 
extended workouts was focused around her woman Phys-Ed teacher, and needed a 
Mother's intervention.  Unbeknown to Liz at the time, her Mom confronted Mrs. 
Bridgesmith.  The parent-teacher meeting got hot when Liz's Mom showed the 
teacher what a highly experienced tongue could do between her legs.  They 
became regular sex partners that expanded to include their Husbands; all four 
were bisexual.  Liz's Mom's fears that Liz would reject men was eased when a 
plan was developed and played out to have Liz's virginity taken by her own 
choice by Mr. Bridgesmith.

The Bridgesmiths had left on schedule for a three year Peace Corps stint in 
South America after the school year.  Liz was, naturally, devastated.  Her 
Mom, understanding completely, kept secret her knowledge of Liz's sex life and 
aided Liz in transition to be with kids her own age.  Liz had recovered well 
to fuck and suck her way through school to graduation, when the unfortunate 
death of her Mother caused her Father to confess their earlier intervention in 
her young sex life.  Liz was shocked to her core, but her Dad's grieving 
merged with hers and they cried their way through the next few months to 
emerge healthier and closer than ever before.  Liz had dressed her Dad for his 
first 'Date' and helped him plot the seduction of a lucky woman.  He too had 
helped Liz rejoin the dating game and they shared all their fears and 
frustrations concerning the opposite sex.  Three years later they were still 
close and could discuss their many sexual adventures with each other.

Explaining what was happening now to her Father was far from Liz's mind.  Only 
the cunt in her face, the mouth on her own pussy, and the tongue up her ass 
mattered as Liz blasted into another monster orgasm.

Emily too was enjoying Liz's ministrations on her pussy.  Though not as 
wickedly nasty as Justine's and Maryann's loving, Liz's gentle, persistent 
tongue was pure pleasure.  When Liz gently nibbled on her clitoris, Emily 
gasped briefly before she too rocketed into another big cum.

Maryann loved sucking cunt and Liz's gushing pussy was very hot, very sexy.  
Liz just kept cumming and cumming, her juices flowing onto Maryann's tongue 
and face.  Maryann too had a number of cums, mostly from her Mom's pussy 
grinding on hers as they lay belly-to-belly, nipples rubbing deliciously 

Justine just loved Liz's ass.  It was small and tight, the butt cheeks solid 
muscle, like a dancer's and gymnast's should be.  Liz was very sexy and came 
easy and often.  When she began to quiver into another orgasm, Justine forced 
her tongue into and through her clenched ass hole, then tongue-fucked her fast 
and hard.  No one had ever done that to Liz before and she'd whimper and shake 
as her cums became huge orgasms.  Maryann knew what her Mother was doing to 
Liz and joined in to bite down on Liz's clit at the same time.  Liz didn't 
have a chance to shout out her joy as a monster wave of cum washed through her 
and tossed her libido about from one cum wave after another.  Liz shook as if 
possessed and lay her cum smeared face on Emily's thigh as the white hot 
pleasure raced though her again and again.

*Buzz*  *Buzz*  *Buzz* sounded Emily's personal wireless telephone on her 

Justine knelt up and looked around the room for the little phone.

"On the desk!" Emily croaked, still quivering from her last cum.  Justine 
grabbed the small device and handed it to Emily.

"Hello?" Emily's answered in a shaky voice.  "Oh hi!  Yes!  Oh, that late all 
ready?  Yes, we've been busy!  No, we've been fucking!  Yes!  Yes!  It's 
GREAT!  Oh?  All right!  Okay, we'll hurry.  Call Patty?  Oh, okay.  I'll tell 
her!  Yes, but we need showers.  No, don't come up.  Wait downstairs.  Yes, 
outside.  Okay darling.  See you soon!  Bye.  Love you too!"

Emily powered her phone off and told the others, "That was Junior.  We're due 
at lunch in ten minutes.  We're going to be late.  Justine, you need to call 
Patty and tell her.  Come on, lets go get washed up.  Let me up Liz.  I'll get 
some towels and we'll just have to hurry!  Here Maryann, Liz.  Two towels, 
washcloths, and a bar of soap.  Take her down to the showers Liz.  Now!  
Justine call Patty on IC #5 and tell her we'll be a few minutes late.  We'll 
be with you two in the shower in a minute."

"Hello Patty?  This is Justine.  Oh, fine, fine.  We'll be a few minutes late.  
Maryann and I, and Emily and her friend Liz.  Sorry, we just lost track of 
time.  Well, I must admit that she tastes delicious!  Oh?  Oh really?  Well, 
fuck you too Mrs. Doctor Wentworth!  Oh?  He, he!  Okay, I'll tell her.  No, 
I'm not her fucking pimp or madam, you'll just have to proposition her 
yourself!  See you soon!  Bye!"

Emily handed Justine a towel and washcloth and led her down the hall to the 
shower room.  The hung up their towels and joined Maryann and Liz.  They were 
the only ones there.

"God!  I bet you guys see a lot of fine pussy in here!" Justine teased as she 
watched Liz soap Maryann's tits with her washcloth.

They'd pointed two shower heads together to form a big area of spray.  Emily 
ducked into it, got wet everywhere except her hair, and slipped out to soap up 
her washcloth.  Justine got the idea and did the same.

Liz giggled and replied, "Sometimes you can see a little action too!"

"Liz!" Emily gasped at her friend's lewdness.  "That's not correct.  The girls 
are really discreet.

"Except for us when we shave each other!" Liz laughed, still high from her 
sexual pleasure.

Emily blushed and then got really red-faced when Maryann grabbed her crotch 
and said, "I noticed a little stubble earlier.  Maybe you could use a little 
shave now!"

Emily danced away from her lover's Sister's hand and Justine ordered, "Okay, 
okay!  Cool it!  Right now we've got people waiting for us so save it for 
later!  Quit fucking around or someone's going to get a swat!"  Justine waved 
her hand menacingly!

"Promise?" Liz giggled.

Justine moved quicker than Liz expected, *SLAP*.

"Ow!  That hurt!"

"Yeah!  And when I strap on a ten inch cock and fuck your ass with it you're 
going to 'Ow!' a lot more before you cum like the slut you are!  Now get!  
You're clean enough!  Go dry off, get back and dress!  Oh, I vote for no 
underwear!" Justine held her hand up.  "Anyone agree?  I'd like to make Bob 
and Patty sweat a little!"

Maryann's hand shot up and Emily's followed.

"Won't we get in trouble?" Liz questioned.

"Fuck no!" Justine laughed.  "What can they do?  Expel me?"

"Not you, but they could me!" Liz suggested.

"Don't be a poop!" Emily said.  "Just don't act like a whore and all the old 
men will get a cheap thrill!"

"Okay," Liz said as her hand went up too.

"All right.  Let's go!" Justine ordered and the girls turned off the showers, 
dried off, returned to the room, and dressed.  It was fast and easy when they 
didn't have to put on bras or pants.  They touched up their lipstick and 
brushed their hair.  Soon, laughing and giggling, the went downstairs and out.

"Come on Liz, Maryann," Emily said.  "I'll drive you over in my new car!"

"Yes!" Maryann clapped and bounced like a high school cheerleader she recently 
had been.  "Shotgun!" she yelled as she ran to the yellow VW bug.

Emily gave Junior a hot kiss and chased after her friends.  Justine took 
Junior's arm and whispered to him as the walked calmly to the gold Mercedes, 
"She's wonderful.  Your Emily.  Her cum tastes fantastic!  And cum she did!  
Again and again and again.  She eats pussy like a dream!  Son, like your 
Father said, you are one lucky guy!"

They followed Emily's car over to the faculty club.  On Friday afternoon, it 
was nearly deserted.  Junior walked in with his Sister on one arm and his 
Mother on the other.  Maryann led Liz in front of them.  They were only ten 
minutes late.  Bob and Patty were waiting by a big round table overlooking the 
Orion River.

Justine and Maryann got big hugs and kisses from Bob and Patty.  Patty 
introduced Liz to Bob and she got a tight hug from him.  Emily and Junior 
stood just inside the door, kissing deeply.  Emily was rubbing her bra-less 
tits on his chest as he squeezed her panty-less ass through her skirt.

"Uhhhhhhhmmmmmmm!" Junior moaned into her ear when they broke their kiss.  
"You forgot your underwear!"

"We were in a hurry!" Emily giggled and then asked in a whisper, "When do I 
get fucked!  Pussy is nice, but cock is better!"

"You'll have to share!  Maryann will want some and so will Mom!  Liz too.  Can 
you handle that?"

"Yes, as long as I'm first!" Emily cooed!

"Okay, I'll try and make a plan."

"Hey you two!" Bob laughed.  "Get over here!  We haven't got all day to sit 
around and watch you two make out!"

They broke up their hugging and came around to get hugs and kisses from Bob 
and Patty.

"Emily!  You sit next to Maryann.  Junior you sit next to her, with Patty on 
your left."

Bob had Maryann on his left and Liz on his right.  Next to Liz sat Justine and 
Patty next to her.  Then Junior, Emily, Maryann, then back to Bob.

Junior jerked a little when he felt Patty's hand cross his leg and grab his 
cock through his pants.  He didn't know what Emily would do if she discovered 
Patty's hand on her lover's cock; he'd just have to wait and see.

A foxy waitress came in and handed around menus.  Liz wanted a coke and Bob 
ordered coffee.  Everyone else just wanted water.  The waitress, Ann, left to 
get the drinks.  The menu ranged from burgers to steaks, with some vegetarian 
entrees too.   Most of the women ordered soup and salad.  Liz wanted a 
hamburger and fries.  Bob ordered grilled tuna steak and hot vegetables.  
Junior and Emily ordered together to share a shrimp cocktail, a plate of 
sauteed mushrooms, and an big bowl of southwestern rice and beans.

Bob led the table chatter by asking Liz about her school work, "Liz.  I 
haven't seen you around the Chemistry building.  What's your major?"

Liz gasped a little and then muttered, "Performing Arts and Physical 
Education.  A double major.  I'm into Dance and Gymnastics!" Liz was have 
trouble focusing because Justine's fingers were dancing up and down her inner 
thighs, bumping her clit from time to time.

As Bob told Liz about his Doctoral thesis concerning the early Chemist's ideas 
of 'The Music of the Spheres' and 'The Dance of Electrons' about the atoms of 
the elements and the 'Gymnast's Twirling' of the nuclei, Junior watched around 
the table at the women.  All except Liz had at least on hand under the table, 
several had both out of view.  Patty obviously had one hand on Junior's cock 
and the other up Justine's skirt.  Justine in turn was teasing Liz.  Bob was 
feeling Maryann's hand on his hard-on and Maryann's other hand was under 
Emily's skirt.  Emily was clearly playing with Maryann's pussy with one hand 
while she drank water and held Junior's hand with the other.  Junior only 
hoped that all this under-the-table playing wouldn't lead to trouble.

Emily took another sip of water and dropped her hand under the table to cross 
over Junior's thigh to find Patty's hand jerking her man's cock.  Junior held 
his breath, waiting for the explosion of possessiveness.  

"Patty!  It seems as though we have a mutual interest!" Emily said as she 
covered Patty's hand atop Junior's cock through his pants under the table.  
"Perhaps you and I could get together and get something straight between us!"

"Oooh!  That sounds like fun!" Maryann said next to Emily.  "I can loan you a 
fine double-dildo that is very accommodating!  Hmmmmm!  It's really nice!"

"Maryann!" Justine gasped with shock.  "You promised me the first Big DD fuck 
with Emily!"

"Oh!  I forgot!" Maryann muttered.  "But hey!  I got lots and lots of neat 
toys!  Patty!  You can try something else!  I've got this neat new G-spot 
massager and clit teaser called 'Whirling Dervishes' that will drive any girl 
to blissful ecstasy," Maryann giggled, "and one called 'Anal Fulfillment' that 
is just unbelievable!"

"Liz.  Our normal table conversation is not usually about sex toys!" Bob 
explained to her.

"Yeah," Patty agreed, "But it is always about sex!"

Everyone laughed and started telling stories about sex toys to each other.  It 
was interrupted by the waitress carrying in a big tray of salads and 
appetizers.  She served them properly and told Bob, Junior, and Liz that she'd 
bring out their entrees in a minute or so.  Liz wanted another coke and Bob 
needed some more coffee.  Ann left and Patty said grace.  Ann returned quickly 
with a pitcher of coke, a carafe of coffee, and two pitchers of ice water.  
Again she left and returned with Bob's fish, Junior's rice and beans, and 
Liz's hamburger.

Table chatter became random, but still mostly about sex.  Justine and Patty, 
who'd removed her hand from Junior's crotch, talked about the night before and 
the dinner sex party turned orgy by the pool.  Liz was telling Bob of all the 
different contortions she used while fucking.  Junior and Emily laughed and 
fed each other shrimp, mushrooms, and rice with beans.  Emily suddenly 
stiffened, her eyes lost focus and she slumped onto Maryann's shoulder.

"Okay you bitch," Emily told Maryann, "you made me cum.  Now stop it!  Eat 
your lunch, Present!  Play with Bob and get Liz involved.  She'd just love to 
play with his cock, only she doesn't know what's going on under the table.  
Tell her!  Help her!  Bob won't complain!  Understand Present?"

"Yes Mistress!" Maryann replied, eyes downcast.

Emily turned back to Junior, smiled and asked for a shrimp.

Junior carefully fed her one with lots of sauce the way she liked it, making 
sure to miss a little on her chin so he could lick and kiss it clean.

"So Mom made Sis a Present for you," Junior told his girl.  "Be careful of 
your commands.  Sis can be devilishly wicked if you give her a wide open 
instruction.  She loves doing that.  Once Mom told her to make her cum all 
night.  Sis tied her hands and legs to the bed and fucked with strap-ons and 
toys literally *all* night; until the sun came up.  Once you give her an order 
with a time limit, you can't undo it until time expires.  Mom couldn't tell 
her to stop until it was no longer night.  See what I mean?"

Junior kissed away the drip of shrimp sauce on Emily's chin.

"Yes, I see what you mean.  I also see that you're deliberately dripping on 
me, you sexy guy!  I can feel your cock pulse with lust.  I'm hotter than a 
bunny rabbit.  If I don't get fucked, and soon, I'm going to go to the pit in 
the student center and find the biggest cock I can!  You catch my drift Mr. 

"Right!" Junior replied.  "I've got a plan.  Could I have another mushroom?"

Emily fed him with her fork and muttered "It better be good Mister!"

Junior chewed carefully, stalling, and finally swallowed, watched intently by 
Emily.  She had seen Junior's visionary idea's happen and work.  She knew he'd 
come up with an excellent plan.  She was just trying to out think him.  'Ditch 
them all, go somewhere and fuck?  Maybe now!  In a bathroom at the faculty 
club?  No, too risky.  Up to Bob's and Patty's?  No, they'd probably need a 
key.  What can we do?'

"Okay, here's the plan!" Junior whispered to Emily as she pretended to lick 
some mushroom sauce from his face.  "You insist on taking Maryann and Liz on a 
joy ride in your car right after Lunch.  I'll take Mom and Patty with me to 
the chemistry building to show them around.  I'll leave them there and meet 
you in your room in exactly one hour.  If Liz and Maryann are there, they can 
play together and watch.  Or you could let Maryann drive your car; she's a 
good driver.  Have Liz show her where the shops are around campus and town.  
Maryann loves to shop; for anything.  Remember, one hour after we leave this 
place.  If I'm not there, call me on IC #1.  I may need an excuse to get away!  

Emily smiled and replied, "Kewl.  Good plan!"

Junior and Emily resumed eating their lunch, spooning rice and beans into each 
other's mouth with laughter and sweet love talk.  Most had finished eating 
when Ann returned to clear the dishes and ask if anyone wanted dessert.

Emily snickered and asked if they had any Chocolate Mousse.  They all broke 
out laughing except for Maryann and Liz, who hadn't been at Bob and Patty's to 
witness the dessert dish orgy.  Emily ordered hot apple pie a la mode and 
others got what they wanted.  Emily fed Junior the apple pie "To keep up your 
strength!" and ate some herself.

Just before they finished Junior suggested, "Get the girls to all go to the 
bathroom.  I'll be able to talk to Bob and get his cooperation with 'The 

"Okay," Emily replied.  "Girls, it's time to freshen up." Emily slid her chair 
back and stood.  Junior and Bob stood too.  Emily moved to Bob and kissed him, 
thanking him for a wonderful lunch.  Maryann followed and did the same.  Patty 
giggled and followed Emily's example, as did Justine, though her kiss was a 
little longer than just a thank you.  She was sexed up too and wanted cock!

"Liz!  What are you waiting for?  Grab your purse, kiss Bob, and come on!" 
Justine ordered.  As they walked down the empty hall to the lady's room, 
Justine stopped and asked her, "Did you get a good feel of Bob's cock?"

"What?  I ah. . . . how did you know?" Liz gasped.

"Look, none of us are stupid.  We were all playing with each other under the 
table.  We all saw your eyes get wide when you felt his cock.  All I'm asking 
is, did you get a good feel?"

Liz blushed and replied, "Yes!  A very good feel.  Maryann had unzipped him 
and he was hard, huge, and very hot!"

"Good!  Bob does have a nice cock.  Listen carefully.  You've got to go see 
this doctor and get a STD check-up." Justine handed her a slip of paper with 
Doctor Charlie's name and telephone number.  "He helps with a anti-STD group 
here called 'Sweetpea'.  If you're going to be fucking around with my 
Daughter, Son, and his lover, my adopted Daughter Emily, as well as with Bob 
and Patty, you've got to ensure you're clean and stay that way.  We have a 
group like it at home.  Whenever I find someone I want to fuck and suck with, 
I check them out first by calling and asking.  They're medical professionals 
and they care about the spread of disease.  There's a lot of it around and you 
don't want a  case of herpes or the clap or, God forbid, AIDS.  I'm not saying 
don't fuck around; I'm saying that you need to take some simple precautions.  
Tell that boyfriend of yours that he has to get checked up too.  If you can't 
afford it, tell Dr. Charlie that Doctor Steve's group will pay.  Use my name, 
Justine.  Do it right away.  Tomorrow if you can.  I'll be on vacation next 
week and if I get back and find out you've not done it, I'll come back here 
and be really nasty to you!  Understand?"

Liz's eyes were wide and she said, "Yes.  I understand."

"And if you infect one of my kids or Bob and Patty, I'll make you wish you 
were never born!  If I have to, I'll fuck President James and every member of 
the Board of Trustees until you get dismissed from this University and sent 
home in disgrace as a disease carrying sexual predator.  You infect Emily and 
her guardians will get you put in jail for a long, long time.  Don't mess 
around with this; STD's are a serious problem.  I just love to fuck and suck 
and I think you do too.  All I ask, all anyone asks, is that you take some 
simple precautions.  You seem like a good kid.  Your cum is delicious, though 
you could improve your diet, but I really enjoyed making love with you.  So 
mark my words; do like we ask and we'll have a lot of fun together.  Blow it 
off and you'll have to find a street whore to suck you and a diseased bum to 
fuck you.  Happy days in the dorm and expensive lunches at the faculty club 
will be over.  Do what you need to do, what you must do, and you'll not be 
wanting for a cock or pussy.  This is friendly Motherly advice.  Heed it.  
Okay?  Do we have an understanding?"

"Yes Justine.  Will do!"

"Good!  I like you Liz.  I know that Patty wants you and Bob probably does 
too.  Next week, get Emily to take you up to their house.  Let Bob fuck your 
pussy, ass, and mouth.  You'll love it!  He wants Emily bad and she's going to 
try and fuck his brains out.  Have fun, but keep it safe.  If your boyfriend 
doesn't want to cooperate, tell him to fuck off.  You could become Patty's and 
Bob's play thing.  They're both excellent lovers and you could share their big 
bed on a regular basis.  Besides, Patty will feed you good food.  You're a 
woman now and it's time to quit eating kiddie crap like burgers and cokes.  
Clean up your body by improving your diet.  Your skin will clear up and your 
sex life will improve.  Your cums will get better and longer, as well as taste 
better too!"

Justine led Liz to the restroom door and heard the other three women laughing 
and giggling.

"Not a word of this will I repeat," Justine assured Liz.  "It's between you 
and me and God.  If you want to blab, go ahead.  As far as I'm concerned, this 
conversation never took place.  I know you'll do the right thing.  Thanks for 

The went into the bathroom and joined the others, washing their pussies of 
their sex juices.

In the absence of the women, Junior explained to Bob that he had plans to be 
alone with Emily for a while and enlisted his help to keep his Mom and Patty 
occupied elsewhere.  Bob laughed and agreed to do whatever was needed.  Junior 
thanked Bob for the fine lunch and for his help getting laid.

"And if Emily's willing to spread her legs for you while I'm gone," Junior 
continued, "you have my unqualified good wishes for some excellent loving.  I 
know she's hot and will be cock-hungry while I'm on holiday.  Now that she's 
been introduced to girl/girl sex, which must be obvious to you too, I suspect 
she'll find lots of opportunities for satisfying her libido.  But I don't hold 
it against her to try and satisfy her need for a stiff prick.  In fact, I hope 
she'll not fall into a lesbian anti-men lifestyle.  That's where my good 
Uncle's sexy cock can help, it you know what I mean?"

"Sure Junior.  I'll be glad to help any way I can," Bob agreed.  "In fact, if 
she comes lusting after me it'll please me to no end!  My lust for her must be 
obvious to even her innocent sexual awareness.  It would be a distinct 
pleasure to help her with her little problem, if she initiates it.  And she 
won't find an unwilling partner!  Patty knows and understands; she's been 
weaving nasty bed-time stories into our love-making about me fucking Emily 
that get me really hot.  If fact, if I don't get into Emily's pants soon, I'll 
probably make Patty dye her hair black, stop wearing make-up, and wear simple 
co-ed skirts and blouses, like Emily, around the house so I can live out my 

"Good!" Junior laughed, "I knew I could count on you."

"Yeah, a man's got to do what a man's got to do!  And it's the least I can do 
for my favorite Nephew!"

"Also Uncle Bob, I'll be getting with Billy Joe tonight and hopefully finalize 
our plans to come to campus tomorrow to double date with Emily and Maryann.  
If we can get away early, I'm hoping to pick the girls up and bring them to 
your house to swim and enjoy the sun."

"And enjoy a little sex too, I imagine," Bob chuckled.  "No problem.  Just 
give us a call ahead of time so we can be sure to be there to welcome you.  

"No problem.  That's why Dad got us the wireless telephones!" Junior replied.

The women returned and Bob and Junior stood to greet them.  They paid little 
attention to the two men; they were laughing and giggling about something that 
had happened in the restroom  Junior caught Emily's eye and winked, nodding 
his head.

Emily grabbed Liz and Maryann's hands and said, "Come on!  Let's go for a 
ride!"  She pulled them to the door, all saying her good byes to Bob, Junior, 
Patty, and Justine.  Their laughter and giggles trailed behind them as they 
pranced down the hall to the front exit to the parking lot.

"Patty!" Junior asked.  "Why don't you join me in showing Mom around the Chem 
Building.  Uncle Bob told me he has to finish an important letter and you need 
a ride.  Come on!  Let's go show Mom our office and labs!  That's what you 
want to see, don't you Mom?"

"Yes!  I want to see where my Son, and you two, spend all your time," Justine 
agreed.  "The Holy Chemistry Building where my beloved Son spends all his time 
away from me!"

Bob caught on quickly and played into Junior's plan, "Yes, good idea.  You all 
go ahead; I'll settle up here before I go to the library."

Bob kissed his wife good bye and Junior led the two women off, one beautiful 
gal on each arm, to the front door and out to the gold Mercedes.

Emily's new yellow VW Beetle was no where in sight.


The bug's windows were down, the top open, and radio up full volume as the 
three women zoomed around campus, Liz and Emily pointing out to Maryann the 
sights, as well as all the hunky guys and some cute gals too!

"Where's a good music store where we can get some CD's?" Emily asked over the 
loud radio music.

"Just up ahead!  Just off campus on the right.  Merry Music!  There!  See the 

"Yeah!" Emily replied and she signaled and turned into the parking lot.  She 
found a place to park, they got out, locked up the car, and went in.

"Here's the plan," Emily told the two girls.  "Each of you pick out one CD.  
The best one you know!  Party music for my car.  I'll get one too.  I'll buy 
them for my new car's CD player.  It holds three!  So pick out your best 
choice.  Even if you've got it in your own collection!  I'm just starting 
mine.  I don't care what it cost.  Go!  You've got five minutes to find your 
best choice and I'll buy it!"

It didn't take the women more than three minutes to meet back at the cash 
register.  Maryann had selected 'Californication' by Red Hot Chili Peppers, 
Liz choose 'Kid A' by Radiohead, and Emily had 'Music' by Madonna.  Emily 
bought them with her charge card and the three foxy ladies dashed back out to 
the Yellow bug laughing and giggling.  They piled back into the car, this time 
with Liz in the front passenger seat.  Emily pulled out the CD cartridge while 
Liz ripped off the protective cellophane from the new CDs.

"God did you see that cute guy at the checkout?" Maryann gushed.  "He looked 

"He's an asshole!" Liz replied.  "Did you see him stare at your boobs?  That's 
all he does.  One of the girls on the floor went out with him last month and 
he really treated her badly.  Played with her tits, tried to stick his cock in 
her and spurted all over her belly!  Couldn't even get it in before he came!  
And she wanted to fuck!  Like a stupid fifteen year old kid, he zipped up and 
brought her back to the dorm!  Hell!  I had to lend her my good dildo just so 
she could get off, she was so frustrated.  And pissed off!  No, that idiot is 
definitely bad news!"

Suddenly the full volume of Madonna blasted through the little car.

"Yes!" Emily shouted.  "We've got tunes!"

Emily started up the little yellow car and pulled out into the street, not 
knowing where to go.  Liz yelled out to take the next left.  They'd drive by 
"A park where the 'Frat Guys' hang out and play frisbee, baseball, and 
football."  Sure enough a bunch of guys were playing football.  Also a bunch 
of co-eds were hanging out watching them, Sorority types, Maryann figured.  
Emily drove slowly and away from the game.  They saw two cute guys trying to 
teach a dog to catch a frisbee.  Only he wouldn't bring it back and they spent 
most of their time chasing the dog, trying to get it back!  There were a lot 
of couples walking holding hands or sitting and talking.  Several were 
seriously making out in the grass under the big shade trees.

Emily stopped at the stop sign and turned right, along the end of the park.  
One guy was had strung a hammock and was in it making out with a big busty 
blonde.  Another guy had his head in a girl's lap as she read to him from a 
thin book, probably poetry.  A bottle of wine sat open next to them.  On the 
far side Emily turned again, driving slowly as the girls watched for cute 
guys.  Two guys came roller-blading past them on the sidewalk wearing only 
tight bicycle shorts, prominent bulges in the front and tight asses in the 
back.  Maryann hooted at them but they didn't stop until they got to a bench 
far ahead of them.  When they got near the bench, they saw them kissing.

"Shit!" Liz exclaimed, "gay guys!"

"Hey!  Maybe they swing both ways?" Maryann suggested hopefully.

The car CD player, set on random selection, clicked on 'Californication' by 
the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the two gay guys looked up and smiled.  Maryann 
was getting hornier and hornier, all this talk of guys and sex.  She looked at 
her watch and saw that only thirty minutes had passed.  'Damn!' she thought.  
'Thirty more minutes!'

They cruised by the football game again and stopped to watch from the car as 
they listened to the music.  A pass was thrown to their side of the field and 
a cute tall skinny guy caught it.  Just as he turned to run he was hit by a 
big burley fellow who knocked him on his ass.  His teammates cheered his 
defensive prowess until the skinny guy on the ground didn't get up.  Both 
teams gathered around and finally they carried him off to the other side of 
the field to one of the Frat houses.  The game was over and the Sorority girls 
went with them.

Emily turned the volume down and said, "Stupid Jocks!  Always hurting each 
other.  How dumb!"

"Well, sometimes that's the only thing they know," Maryann said.  She then 
told Liz and Emily about how Junior had protected her from the big full back 
on her high school team.  He'd grabbed her right in front of her locker before 
morning homeroom.  Junior had decked him, put him in the hospital, and out for 
the season.  The next morning, as he walked with Maryann to school, he'd taken 
on half the football team just off school grounds.  Again Junior was 
victorious and most of the jocks had to be hospitalized or get medical 

"God!" Liz said.  "He seems like such a gentle guy!"

"Oh, he is!" Maryann agreed.  "And he's also very strong, very quick, very 
smart, and very skilled in martial arts.  No body ever fucked around with me 
again.  Junior became the hero of the school.  A straight 'A' student and 
champion of the weak and the downtrodden.  He put five of the worst bullies in 
the school into the hospital.  Everyone, especially the nerds and geeks, 
worshipped him.  Just like me!  God!  He's fantastic!"

"Hmmm!  You can say that again!" Emily said and regretted it immediately.

Liz turned to Emily and asked, "He's that strong and still a good lover?"

When Emily didn't respond immediately, Maryann automatically said, "The best!"

Liz whipped her head around, "You fucked him?  Your Brother?" she gasped.

Maryann didn't miss a beat, "You bet!  Every chance I get!  He's the best fuck 
I've ever had!"

Emily's pussy quivered and she felt herself getting wet.  She checked her 
watch and decided it was time to go back.  Time to go get fucked!

Emily pulled away from the curb and told the girls, "I'm going to meet Junior 
in my room and fuck his brains out.  You two can watch or not.  If you want, 
Maryann, I'll let you drive my car.  Get Liz to show you where the kewl shops 
are so you and I can go shopping later.  Okay?  Whichever you want to do.  
You've got five minutes to decide!"


Junior and Patty were showing his Mother around the Chemistry building.  They 
first stopped off in their office, showing Justine the small room they shared.

"Is this where you showed Emily her first cock?" Justine asked her Son.

"Yes, in exchange for a peek at her fine boobs," Junior replied.

Patty laughed, "And he's fucked her here at least once, just the other day!"

"Hey, Hey!" Junior admonished his Aunt, "No talking out of school here, or 
I'll tell a few tales myself!"

Patty swallowed hard and understood, "Hey!  Let's go see where Junior first 
met Emily in Lab #6.  It's just down the hall!"

Over in Lab #6, Junior told his Mom again how Emily had broken a beaker and 
splashed herself.  When she took her required 'shower', she accidentally 
drenched herself, making her blouse, bra, shorts, and panties see-through.  
Junior had helped her over her embarrassment and they became friends.

"Oh, I need to call the Honor's College Media Center and see if my order is 
ready.  I'll run back to the office and call.  I've got the number there.  
Patty; entertain Mom with stories of how lab assistants get 'dumped' on.  I'll 
be right back," Junior said as he dashed to their office.  He would call the 
HC Media center, but that was a ruse.  He really wanted to call Dean Collins.

"Good morning Dean.  Junior Preston here.  No, no Sir.  No trouble.  Just an 
opportunity.  For you.  Yes, for you.  Let me explain.  My Mom is here with me 
in the Chem. building.  Patty Wentworth too.  We're showing her around.  I 
want to dump them and go meet Emily for some loving in her dorm room.  In 
about fifteen minutes we'll go up to have Mom meet Julie.  I know that my Mom 
is hot.  She needs a cock.  If you were to show up about that time, I wonder 
what might happen between you two?  I know Patty is interested in Julie.  
Perhaps Julie and Patty could amuse themselves for you while you enjoy my 
Mom's charms.  You did say that you fancied her, didn't you?  Okay, I knew I 
could count on you.  Okay, fifteen minutes.  Yes.  If I'm not there, you can 
start without me, all right?  Good.  Thanks Dean!  I appreciate it!"

Junior also called the HC Media Center and found that his prints would be 
ready in about an hour.  He said he'd be there and hung up.  He went to join 
his Mom and Aunt Patty in Lab #6.  He found the two women laughing and 
giggling over Patty's stories of her life as a lab assistant in graduate 
school.  Junior joined in and told a few stories himself.  When the stories 
wound down Patty took them to Lab #9 where she'd set up a few experiments for 
her studies.  Patty explained what she was trying to do and explained her work 
to Justine and Junior in the simplest terms she could.  Next they went to 
Bob's office, but he wasn't there.  Patty had a key and they looked in at the 
typical professorial office mess; books and papers piled high and scattered 
everywhere!  Patty told a couple of tales about fucking Bob on his desk and 
also bent over the pile of book at the window, looking out at the students 
walking between classes.

"It was really wonderful.  Bob kept slamming me through cum after cum as I 
watched out the window across the greens!  It was beautiful.  I was so happy 
that I never wanted him to stop!"

"It seems like you guys are about as sexed up as us at home!" Justine 

"Fucking and sucking!  That's what life is all about!" Patty agreed.

Junior checked his watch and saw that it had been fifteen minutes.  He 
suggested that they go see Dean Collin's office and meet Julie, who he'd 
suggested might be a good Executive Director of the Business Council that Bob 
had asked his Father, James, to head.  Junior mentioned how hot Julie had 
looked that morning and Patty told Justine how she'd found her playing with 
herself several times in her office.  Junior remarked that he thought that 
Dean Collins and Julie had some sort of arrangement for mutual sexual 
pleasure, but that the Dean wouldn't have sex with an employee in his 
Department or College.  He left it to his Mom to figure out that she wasn't in 
the Department or College; she was fair game for the lusty Dean.

Junior walked them up the stairs to the Deans office and found Julie sitting 
behind her desk, working at her computer terminal.

"Hi Julie!" Patty said as she moved quickly to Julie's side, wanting to see 
what she was doing on the computer.  Sure enough, Julie was reading some of 
the nasty Victorian sex manuscripts on the U. Cal-Berkley site that Patty had 
given her the access code for entry and her personal password.

"Ooooooh!  You're reading about Sweet Melissa and her Seven Loves!  Isn't that 
a great story?" Patty gushed.  "I think it's neat the way she seduces the men 
so she can get in their women's pants.  Did you get to the one where she fucks 
the Mother and the three Daughters too?  Oh, you're there now!  After this 
Melissa gets the hots for young virgin girls.  She'll fuck the Father, then 
seduce the Mother!  Then she shows the Daughters what sex is all about.  It's 
a great story!  It goes on and on and on!  The writer is very good, very 
descriptive.  You must have all ready read the description of the Mother's 
pussy and then compares it to the Daughter's.  That's one of the most erotic 
things I've ever read!"

*Buzz*  *Buzz*  Junior's personal telephone buzzed an incoming InterCom call.

"Yes?  Junior here.  Oh, hi Emily!  Yes, were still in the Chem. building.  
What?  Okay, right away!  No, it's no problem.  Patty's here too.  She'll be 
with Mom.  Right!  I'll be right there.  Three minutes, okay?  Yes!  Love you 
too.  Bye."

"I gotta go.  Emily needs me.  Something about her computer acting weird.  
I'll be back as soon as I can.  Call me if there's any problem.  Okay?  Got to 
run now!"

Junior kissed his Mom and dashed out of the office.  They could hear his 
footsteps disappear down the hall.

"Oh, I didn't introduce you two," Patty said.  "Julie, this is Justine, 
Junior's Mother.  Justine, this is Julie.  She's the temporary summer 
department secretary."

Julie stood and took Justine's hand.  They both checked each other out, eyeing 
their bra-less swollen nipples.  Justine was impressed too with Julie's short 
skirt and long, trim legs.

"My Husband was very impressed by your resume and other documents you enclosed 
in your application packet for the Executive Director's position of the 
Business Council," Justine said as she still held Julie's hand.  "He asked me 
to meet you and find out a little more about you."

"I see," Julie replied, turning on her million-watt smile.  "I hope you like 
what you see!"

"Yes!  Yes, you look like you would dress-up nicely.  My understanding is that 
the Dean lets you wear skimpy clothing because the temperature's so high here.  
Is that true?  Do you find it sometimes very hot?"

Julie smiled coyly, "Yes.  It does get very hot here from time to time."

Patty cracked, "Especially when she's reading sexy Victorian stories on-line!"

Julie blushed and Justine commented, "Nothing like a little sex to make the 
day go quicker.  Does your Husband share your enthusiasm for sex?"

"Yes, but he's very busy working on his thesis and we don't seem to have much 
time for our own pleasure," Julie said hurriedly, then immediately wondered 
why she was telling this woman about her personal sex life.

"I know what you mean.  We lusty women often have to reach out to explore 
other opportunities for release, for satisfaction, when our men are engrossed 
in their male conquests," Justine said as she lifted her hand to stroke 
Julie's silky blonde hair.  "I've found that many women have encountered this 
problem and discovered that the solution is usually quite near at hand, 
wouldn't you agree Patty?"

Patty, standing behind Julie, grinned from ear to ear, amazed at Justine's 
skillful seduction of the young secretary, and replied, "Yes.  I've found that 
by opening my mind and casting aside out-dated stereotypes, guiltless pleasure 
is readily available with many willing partners."  Patty gently took hold of 
Julie's hips and held her steady as she pushed her crotch up against Julie's 
butt and scraped her bra-less equally swollen nipples across Julie's nearly 
bare back.  'God!' Patty thought, 'I want this woman!'

"Well!  Good afternoon ladies!" boomed Dean Collins' deep voice as he entered 
the office.  "Julie.  Dr. Wentworth.  And Mrs. Preston!  How nice to see you 
again so soon!"

Justine turned from Julie to greet Doctor Barry Collins, the Dean of Chemistry 
and the VP for the College of Natural Sciences.  Justine gave him a warm hug 
and a quick kiss, then broke away, but not before she felt his hand, hidden 
from the others, cup her breast and tweak her nipple, causing a spark of lust 
to shoot to her now very wet pussy.

Dean Collins was neither blind or stupid and knew he'd just barely gotten 
there in time to prevent Julie from being seduced by Justine and Patty.  It 
pleased him that Justine was indeed very hot and horny, just as he'd been 
told.  Now all he had to do was to get her alone in his office.

"Julie!  Is there anything new?" he asked his secretary.

Julie, a little bewildered, realizing that she almost became a sex partner of 
Justine's, turned back to her desk, wondering what to say to her employer.  
The first thing she saw was the proposal that Junior had left for the Dean 
that morning.

"Here sir," Julie said, handing him Junior's parking study proposal, "Junior 
left this for you."

"Ah!  Good, good!  Justine, that Son of yours is quite remarkable.  Ask him to 
do something and, by God, he actually does it!"

"Yes Doctor Collins, that's the way I taught him!" Justine boasted.

"Please Justine, may I call you Justine?  Good.  Please call me Barry.  After 
all you're not a coworker or a student.  We're just two people that have the 
same admiration for Junior.  Now, come into my office and let's look at what 
he's done," Barry put his hand in the middle of Justine's back, steering her 
toward his office.  "It's nice and cool in here," he said as he opened the 
door and led Justine in.  The Dean's hand slid down her back and lightly over 
the swell of her ass, detecting no panty line!  He closed the door and 
escorted Justine to a chair right next to his behind his big desk, "Sit here 
and we'll read his proposal together."

"Proposal for a Comprehensive Study of Parking on Campus and Potential 
Solutions to the Competition for the Scarce Vacancies Near Desirable Campus 
Destinations," Barry read slowly, distracted by Justine's bare legs extending 
beautifully out from her jumper's too short skirt.  Barry continued to read 
the proposal aloud with half his brain while the other half wondered who was 
seducing whom?

Justine, pretending she was extremely interested, scooted her chair right next 
to the Dean's and in doing so caused her skirt to slid up even further.  When 
the Dean commented on Junior's excellent use of a particular phrase, Justine 
giggled and clasped her hands together across her bosom, sliding a little bit 
more to almost show Barry her naked pussy.

"Oh, isn't he just the smartest!" she gushed.  "I just love it when he writes 
sweet nothings to me!  Clever words always make me tingle!  Don't you agree 

The Dean smiled and looked at Justine over his glasses, "Yes, I find it to be 
very stimulating!"

"Oh, I see," Justine cooed as she lay her hand on his now hard cock, stiff 
inside his pants.  "Look how hard your cock is!  My, such a formidable one 

"Uhhhmmmm! But that's mostly from seeing your beautiful legs!" he replied.

"My, my!  You like girls legs?  How about pussies?  Do you like pussies too? 
Justine asked as she pulled up her skirt another two inches to bare her bald 
cunt for him.  "Hmmmm!  I like cocks," Justine said as she began to jack his 
cock through his pants, "and you like pussies!" she added as she took his hand 
and pushed it between her legs.  Justine gasped a bit as he slowly caressed 
her labia and began to pinch them lightly as they swelled with lust.  Justine 
loosened his pants and unzipped his fly, pulling his cock out.  "Do you like 
to fuck too?" she asked as her fingers danced up and down his cock.

It was the Dean's turn to gasp in pleasure, "Yes!"

"Good.  I love to fuck.  But first, call Julie in to check the air 
conditioning.  Tell her it's getting hot in here.  Better hurry before Patty 
strips her in the outer office!  I want to fuck while watching Julie cum on 
Patty's tongue!"

"Dean Collins grinned and agreed, "Yes!  An excellent idea Justine!"

In the outer office, Patty was very near doing exactly what Justine had 
suspected.  She'd pushed up Julie's brief crop top and was sucking her boobs 
while her hand danced across her now very wet panties under the short skirt.

*Beep*  "Julie?  Would you come in and check the A/C?  It seems to be quite 
warm in here.  Bring Patty too.  She can help!"

"Yes Doctor Collins!" Julie gasped, not pleased about this interruption of her 
first girl/girl sex.

Julie pulled away from Patty's mouth and hands, pulled her top down over her 
swollen nipples, and walked on unsteady legs to the door to the Dean's office.  
Patty followed and they went in.  Julie stopped immediately when she saw that 
the Dean was kissing Justine hotly, his hand massaging her breasts through the 
top of her jumper.

Patty snickered and pushed the door closed, locking it.  Patty took the 
gawking Julie by the hand and led her to the couch across from the big desk, 
pulling Julie onto her lap.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with the air conditioning.  It's just 
that the people are too hot!  Just like you and me!" Patty cooed as she kissed 
Julie lovingly, her tongue shooting into the young secretary's mouth as her 
hand slid up her smooth thighs to cup her wet cunt through her panties.

Justine heard Patty and broke the kiss to look.  "Oh my!  I just love live sex 
shows, don't you Barry?"  Justine stood, spread her legs and straddled the 
Dean's lap, held his erection up where she wanted it, and slowly sank down on 
it.  "Hmmmmm!  Nice cock!  All hot and hard, just like I love them.  You just 
relax and watch the show while I let my happy cunt do nice things to your fat 

Justine wiggled her hips and squeezed her PC muscles, letting Barry know that 
he was in the pussy of a talented woman.  She slowly began to lift and fall, 
rolling and rocking her hips, thrilling the Dean.  The watched as Patty pushed 
up Julie's crop top and played with her tits while they kissed.  When Julie 
broke the kiss to gasp her pleasure, Patty took a nipple in her mouth to make 
Julie cry out her pleasure.

"Yes!  Oh YES!  Suck my tits!  Oh GOD!  That's so-o-o good!  Uhhmmmm!  Oh GOD!  
My pussy!  Finger me!  YES!   YES!  OH MY GOD!  I'M CUMMING!  I'M CUMMING!  

Julie shook through her first orgasm, face clenched in pure pleasure.  To 
Berry, it was one of the most erotic things he'd seen in a long while.  
Justine too enjoyed it; so much so that she had her first cum.

"Oh Barry honey!  You make me cum so nicely!  Yes!  Hmmmm!  So sweet!" Justine 
cooed into his ear as she lay back against him.  Barry had a breast in each 
hand, teasing them through her thin Jumper top.  "Unzip me honey.  Let me get 
my boobs out so you can really play with them!"

Justine leaned forward and the Dean pulled down the back zipper.  Justine 
peeled down the shoulder straps and the bodice to her waist as she continued 
to ride his cock.  Barry now grabbed a naked breast in each hand and continued 
his massage of her mounds of joy as they watched.

Patty had Julie's top off now and pulled her panties off too.  Julie's skirt 
was around her waist and they could see Patty finger-fucking Julie as she 
switched back and forth sucking on her fine tits.  Patty decided she had too 
many clothes on and pushed Julie off her lap and onto the couch, her head on 
the arm.  Patty stood, whipped her sun dress up and over her head, then 
skinned down her own panties.  Patty didn't loose a second to lay down on top 
of Julie to kiss, their tits and pussies meeting hotly.

Justine had another cum as she moved up and down, around and around on Barry's 
cock, rocking when his cock head was at her G-spot.  Justine knew that Julie's 
blonde-bush covered cunt was Patty's objective and wanted see that.  When 
Patty slid down Julie's body to suck and lick her boobs and nipples, Justine 
reluctantly pulled off of Barry's cock.

"You've got a great cock Dean!" Justine giggled as she pushed her jumper down 
over her hips to fall to the floor, "Now it's time to see if you can fuck as 
good as you kiss," Justine added as she bent over his big desk.  "Come on Mr. 
VP!  Fuck my hot pussy!"

Dean Collins stripped off his shirt, popping a few buttons that flew across 
his desk.  He pushed down his pants and under-shorts, kicking them off with 
his shoes.  There was a sheen of sweat among the white hair on his chest but 
that didn't slow him down as he fit his cock back into Justine's warm love 
tunnel from behind her excellent ass.

"Oh God!" Barry moaned as his cock slid home in Junior's Mom's cunt.  He 
wanted to go slow, but his libido wanted fast!  Fast and hard!

"Oooofffff!" Justine gasped as he fucked her deep and quick, a little *slap* 
every time his belly met her butt.  Another cum raced through Justine and she 
closed her eyes tight to enjoy the sparkling stars of her orgasm.  When she 
recovered her senses and her eyes refocused, Patty was licking on Julie's 
belly and navel, getting closer to her hot twat.

Patty teased Julie until she cried out, "EAT ME!  Damnit!  Eat my HOT CUNT!"  
Julie spread her legs as wide as she could, pulled up her knees until she was 
lewdly open, and tried to push Patty's face into her pussy.

Patty resisted being pushed and looked up at Julie with a big grin.  When 
Julie finally looked down to see why Patty wasn't licking her, Patty said, 
"What was that you said?"

Julie gasped in frustration, "I said EAT ME, YOU BITCH!  EAT ME!!"

"Sure, sweet tits!  I just wanted to be sure you were ready.  Ready to CUM!"

Patty spread Julie's labia and shoved her tongue as far into Julie's vagina as 
she could reach.  She poked at Julie's G-spot several time and when Julie 
cried out in pleasure, Patty tongue-fucked her as fast and as hard as she 

"MOTHER OF GOD!" Julie yelled as she zoomed into a huge orgasm.  Julie's legs 
snapped down as she arched up to Patty's fucking, sucking mouth.  Julie's 
heels slid up over Patty's back and locked behind her head, but not before 
Patty had replaced her tongue with two pumping fingers and moved her mouth to 
suck in Julie's clit.

"OH GOD!  OH GOD!  I'M CUMMING!  I'M CUMMING!" Julie shouted now, humping 
wildly as Patty's talented tongue danced around Julie's swollen clit.

Justine shivered through another big cum watching Julie orgasm on her first 
female tongue.  Barry loved to make his lovers cum and really thrilled to feel 
Justine's pussy squeeze and spasm around his plunging cock.  He looked down 
and saw Justine's sexy anus wink with each passing wave of her climax.  His 
fingers teased down her ass crack and caressed the tight anal muscles, then 
pushed in when Justine shook through another monster wave of her cum.

"Yes!" groaned Justine, feeling his fingers penetrate her butt.  "MY ASS!  
FUCK MY ASS!" Justine begged.

Barry loved ass-fucking, but rarely had the opportunity.  Mostly men had felt 
his hard cock up their butt.  He'd *never* had a woman beg him to ass fuck and 
he wasted no time in obliging Justine's request.  The Dean pulled out, fisted 
his cock, lined it up, and slowly pushed in, not wanting to hurt this 
wonderful woman.  Justine was more than ready, she'd lubricated her butt in 
the restroom after lunch, hoping for a good ass fucking.  She relaxed her anal 
muscles and shoved back forcefully.

"My God!" Barry moaned as Justine's butt slapped back against him, taking his 
cock all the way in one smooth stroke.

"Let me do this!" Justine gasped back at him over her shoulder.  "Let me pull 
all the hot cum out of your balls."

Barry was still gentleman enough during the heat of sex to let the lady have 
her way.  And he was quickly pleased as Justine's ass moved sweetly back and 
forth over his swollen cock, rolling about and rocking deliciously when his 
cock was fully in and when only his cock head was just inside her anal 
sphincter.  In all his years of butt fucking he'd never been treated to such 
ass fucking skill.  His wonder turned to pure lust when he began to feel her 
rectal muscles clamp down on him, rippling and squeezing, trying to pull out 
his man juice.  Suddenly he felt his balls rumble with the beginnings of his 

"Justine!  Oh God!  Justine!  You're making me cum!  I'm going to cum!" Barry 

"Good!" Justine replied as she stopped moving.  "Now fuck my ass!  Fuck your 
cum into my ass!  DO IT!  FUCK AND CUM!  FUCK AND CUM!"

Barry's hips snapped his cock deep into Justine again and again.  On the fifth 
deep, hard fuck, he spurted his first jet of cum!

"Hmmmm!  That's IT!  CUM BABY!  CUM IN MY ASS!" Justine cried, rolling and 
rocking her hips again as she felt the hot splashes of jism in her ass.  Her 
own orgasm began and the grabbing and squeezing of her butt muscles were 
uncontrollable, giving Barry's cock unbelievable thrills.

Barry shuddered through his sixth and last spurt of his cum and lay his sweat 
covered body on Justine's back, overcome with the pleasure of the best ass 
fuck of his life.

After a minute or so, when Justine had recovered from her cums, she looked 
back over her shoulder at the Dear, "Barry honey!  That was great!  Now get 
off of me so I can eat some pussy!"

Startled, Barry could only gasp "Okay," as he pulled out of Justine's butt and 
sat back again in his chair, totally fucked out.  Justine turned, kissed him 
softly, and then went around the desk to kneel on the carpet next to the couch 
next to Julie's head.

"Hmmmm!  You look so sexy when you cum!" Justine cooed as she kissed Julie.  
Julie was sort of lost somewhere between the land of lust and the land of the 
big 'O'.  She wasn't so lost that she didn't kiss Justine back.  Soon they 
were having a duel of their tongues as Justine's fingers teased her still 
swollen nipple.

"Don't you just love Patty's wicked tongue!"  Julie could only nod her head 
'yes' in reply.  "She'll make you cum and cum and cum!  She can do this to you 
for hours and hours.  I bet your Husband would just love to fuck Patty tight 
cunt while she eats you.  All the guys love to see women pleasuring each 
other."  Julie held that thought about her Husband as her body quivered and 
arched again up to Patty's mouth, another big cum racing through her.

"I'm going to taste you now," Justine cooed in Julie's ear.  "Get ready to cum 
some more!"

Julie groaned in appreciative pleasure, wondering when this would stop, 
wondering if she wanted it to ever stop.  Barry, watching carefully as he 
played with his limp cock, was enjoying the lusty girl/girl/girl coupling.

Justine moved down Julie's body until she bumped heads with Patty, still 
licking and sucking on Julie's gushing pussy.  Patty kissed Justine hotly, 
sharing Julie's essence with her tongue.

"My turn!" Justine instructed.  "I want to taste this slut's cum.  Go give her 
a taste of you!"

Patty snickered and gave way to Justine as she pushed Patty out from between 
Julie's legs.  Patty stood, turned and winked at the Dean, then moved up to 
Julie's head.  Patty held onto the back of the couch as she straddled Julie's 
head with her knees and slowly lowered her wet, needy pussy onto Julie's face.  
Like Emily several hours before, this was a watershed moment for Julie.  Would 
she lick or not?  Would she return the intimate lingual caresses that Patty 
had done to her?  Patty lowered her crotch slowly, letting Julie decide.

Julie had her eyes closed, racing through another cum; this one caused by 
Justine's tongue and lips.  Justine knew that Julie was hot and wet, needing 
no teasing to get sexed up.  Justine used her tongue as a spoon, scooping out 
the delicious girl juices from Julie's flooded vagina.  Justine made sure to 
poke at her G-spot each time she went deep, making Julie gasp her pleasure.

Julie knew that something was going on above her head, but as she raced on the 
tops of her cum waves, she didn't really care.  When Patty's wet cunt was only 
inches from her mouth and nose, Julie smelled her.  Her first wet pussy.  The 
pheromones washed over her senses and she swooned a little, blinking her eyes 
open to see what was going on.  Startled to find a hot, wet cunt only inches 
from her eyes, nose, and mouth, she saw a little drop of girl juice form and 
drip onto her upper lip.  Julie's tongue licked the sweet woman nectar and was 
happily pleased that it wasn't tart like man cum.  In fact, it was delicious!  
When Patty lowered her pussy another inch, Julie lifted her head a bit and 
licked the swollen labia and got another taste directly from the source.

Patty felt Julie's tongue and happily came!  Julie got a nice gush of Patty's 
cum and pussy juice, which she lapped up greedily.  After that, Julie ate 
Patty eagerly.  She'd had no experience, but her enthusiasm made up for it.  
Down in Julie's crotch, Justine's tongue followed the trail of leaking girl 
juice down over her perineum and to Julie's tight asshole.  Julie didn't stand 
much of a chance as Justine's experienced tongue teased her anus and poked 
into her butt, making Julie explode into a huge orgasm.  Her cries of joy were 
muffled by Patty's pussy which she'd settled over Julie's face.

Patty's orgasms became huge too as her sexed up body found release.  Patty 
found her strength failing her and she slipped of Julie's face to lay on the 
floor.  She pulled Julie, and Justine who followed, onto the floor.  After a 
minute to sort things out, the three women got locked into a three woman daisy 
chain, licking and sucking one another through many cums.

Dean Collins stroked his stiffening prick and tried to remember all the 
details of this wild girl/girl sex scene so he could tell his wife, daughter, 
and son-in-law when they all got together on Saturday afternoon for their 
weekly sex party.  Barry thought briefly about Junior and what he might think 
of his Mom and Aunt seducing his secretary in from of him, but gave it no more 
thought when he remembered that Junior's plan was to fuck that beautiful lover 
of his, Emily.


When Junior walked into Emily's dorm the duty receptionist was heating some 
food in the office microwave and didn't see or hear him.  Junior slipped by 
unnoticed and quietly went up the stairs to Emily's room.  He knocked softly 
and opened the door.  All the lights were off.  Only three candles lit the 
room.  In the middle of the floor, several blankets were spread out with a 
sheet covering them.  All the pillows in the room were piled at one end and 
Emily lay back against them, naked except for a man's white shirt, fully 
unbuttoned but draped carefully to hide the tips of her breasts and the slit 
of her pussy.

"Hi lover!  I'm sorry, but I couldn't wait and started with out you," Emily 
confessed, waving her wet glistening fingers at Junior.  "Lock the door and 
strip!  Show me your hard cock and I'll cum again!"

Junior smiled and did exactly what she asked.  Emily put one hand back under 
the shirt tails onto her pussy and the other under the upper part onto her 
breast to tweak her nipple.

"I've been laying here thinking of your hard cock, getting hotter and hornier 
by the minute.  Hurry darling!  Come fuck me!  I can't wait any longer!  Oh 
yes!  There it is!  The object of my desire!  Quick come here and fuck me!  Oh 
yes!  Don't waste any time!  Just stick it in and let me feel your stiff 

Emily sat up, shrugged out of the shirt, scooted down a little, lay back 
again, spread her legs, raised her knees, and reached out with both arms in 
the sexiest welcome a man could ever receive!

Emily smiled lewdly and cooed, "Come here lover and fuck my brains out!  I 
need your cock so-o-o bad!"

Junior, nude now, dropped to his knees between Emily's splayed legs.  He 
lowered his groin and Emily lifted hers up.  Hard cock met wet cunt and, with 
a little experienced wiggle of Emily's hips, prick and pussy merged until his 
balls slapped her anus.

"Hmmmmmmm!" Emily gasped as Junior wrapped her in his arms and whispered in 
her ear, "I love you!  I love you!  I love you!"

Emily's legs slithered around Junior's and her hands held tight to his strong 
back muscles as their hips moved together, rocking and rolling while they 
slowly fucked.  Suddenly Emily's fingernails dug into Junior's back and her 
hips jerked about wildly as she moaned, "Oh FUUCCCKKK!  I'm CUMMING!"

Junior held still for a minute while Emily's spasms of orgasm raced through 
her and her well trained PC muscles squeezed and gripped delightfully on his 
cock.  When Emily kissed Junior with her hot, wet lips and tongue, he began to 
move in and out slowly again.

"Oh that's good!  Good, good, good!  Hmmmmm!  What a wonderful lover!  Your 
Sister is right.  You're the best!" Emily kissed him hotly again.  "I thought 
that Liz was going to wet her pants when Maryann told her that!"  Emily 
giggled and then gasped as she wiggled her cervix around the cock head 
pressing deep inside her.  "Oh baby, baby, baby!  Girl fucking is fun, but you 
*are* the best!"

Junior slid his hands down to Emily's ass cheeks and raised her up as he began 
to move a little faster, figuring that Emily deserved a good fucking for her 
praise of his skills.  Emily did want it that way and she raised her feet from 
between his legs to over his ass, opening herself completely to her lover.

"Yes!  Yes!  Yes!" Emily urged Junior.  "Fuck my brains out!  Make me see the 
stars again!"

Junior complied and began to slap-fuck her, pulling out completely and ramming 
back in.  Emily did her nasty hip rocking when his cock head met her cervix 
and she soared into another big cum as the tip of his cock poked into her 

Emily held on for dear life as she stiffened and shivered through another huge 
orgasm, her body flushed, nipples sparking, and legs and arms clamped around 
her lover as he fucked into her uterus.

Junior held himself deep inside her, enjoying her pussy muscles rippling with 
her pleasure as she peaked and slowly regained her senses.  He lowered her ass 
to the sex bed and moved his hands up so he could stroke her beautiful hair 
and face, supported on his elbows.

"So you liked eating pussy?" he cooed into his lovers ear.

"Oh yes!  It's fantastic!  So different, so delicious.  Maryann looks so 
angelic when she cums!  And your Mom!  She's unbelievable!  God!  No wonder 
you know how to eat pussy so well.  You were trained by experts!  Those two 
made me cum and cum and cum!  It was heaven!"

"And Liz?"

"Oh God!  Liz!  I thought she was going to poop her pants when she saw us all 
naked, cum smeared on our faces!" Emily giggled again.  "We didn't give her a 
chance to run away.  We stripped her and fucked her.  She ate me while your 
Mom did her ass and Maryann sucked her.  I got to eat her too!  And your Mom 
is right about diet.  Liz doesn't taste nearly as well as your Sister and 

"Wait until you taste Louise!" Junior added.  "And Heather!"

"Yes!  Heather.  Hmmmmm!  But nothing is as good as this!" Emily rolled her 
hips and wiggled, slipping her cervix around Junior's cock head.  "Now fuck me 
some more!  I just love fucking!"

"Yes ma'am!" Junior agreed and began long, slow strokes into Emily's hot twat.  
Emily's legs were again around Junior's legs and he gradually increased speed 
as she responded, fucking back up to him.  It took a little longer for Emily 
to cum this time, but it was a big one that left her gasping and panting for 
her breath.  Junior paused in his fucking, laying atop her perspiring body, 
keeping his weight off of her with his elbows and knees as she regained her 
normal breathing.

"Uuuhhhhhhmmmmmmm!" Emily moaned when she recovered, "That was really nice!  
Mr. James Wentworth Preston Junior, I love you!  I love you so much that I'll 
do anything for you.  I even want you to take my ass!  Yes!  That's right!  I 
want you to fuck my ass!"

"Okay honey, but not today," Junior replied as he began his long, slow strokes 
again.  "There's not enough time.  I don't know how long we've got now.  My 
Mom might call anytime.  Oh!  What happened with Liz and my Sister?"

"Hmmmm!  Yes!  Just keep fucking me!  Oh, yeah.  Them.  Like you suggested, I 
sent them to check out the shops around town.  If I don't find something for 
us to do, we'll spend all our time with our faces in each other's pussies!"

Junior laughed, "Bunch of horny sluts!  All of you!  Cunt sucking sluts!"

Before Emily could reply, Junior reached back and pulled Emily's knees up to 
her chest, put her legs over his shoulders, slid her down off the pillows so 
she lay with her head flat on the sheet, and rocked her ass up to stuff a 
pillow under her butt.

This was new to Emily and she momentarily wondered what was going to happen.  
When Junior grabbed a tit in each hand, pulled completely out of her pussy, 
then slammed back in and into her cervix while pinching her nipples, Emily 
immediately understood and rocketed into a massive climax.

"GODDESS ABOVE!" Emily yelled as she zoomed atop an enormous wave of cum!

Junior didn't stop jerking out and slamming back in until Emily was nearly 
unconscious, delirious with euphoria.  He saw the deep red blush spread over 
Emily's neck and chest, knowing he'd given her the best he had, except for his 
cum.  He reached under her butt and removed the pillow, then lowered one of 
her legs to lay limply beside his, the other he held up as he lay sideways, 
turning on his still imbedded cock so that he lay below her, entering from 
behind.  He lay waiting, pulsing his cock to feel when she was able to 

After a few minutes, Junior felt Emily squeeze back when he flexed his cock 
inside her.

"How you doing?" he asked softly.

"Hmmmmm.  Nice!" she replied dreamily.  "But you didn't cum!"

"Not yet!"

"Uhmm.  Good!  I want to feel that!  That always makes me cum the best!"

Emily lay on her back, limp, on the now rumpled, stained sheet; hair askew and 
a fine sheen of perspiration covering her body.  Her red-flushed chest still 
heaved a bit.  She was still catching her breath, but it made her breasts 
jiggle and wiggle sexily.

Junior looked at his lover's excellent body.  From her wonderful hair, 
beautiful make-up free face with cute dimples on her rosy cheeks, down across 
her large upright breasts, flat stomach and trim waist, nicely wide hips, and 
shaved pubic mound where he gently moved his cock in and out, down her shapely 
legs to her delicate feet, Junior's lust flamed again into a desire for his 

"How about a sexy tittie fuck?" Junior suggested.  "This time with you sitting 

"Oh, that sounds different.  Will I be able to lick and suck you?  Drink all 
your hot cum too?"

"Yes!  And a little PM also!" Junior added with a grin.

Emily brightened, "Okay!  You'll show me the spot?  Your PS?  Your prostrate 

"Yes!  Where's the lubricant?" Junior asked.

"The desk.  Bottom right drawer.  In a box under some papers in the back."

Junior pulled out of Emily and opened the drawer.  He didn't have to get up; 
the room was so small.  He found the small cardboard box and pulled it out, 
setting it next to him on the sex bed she'd made in the middle of her dorm 
room floor.  Inside the box he found a tube of lubricating jelly, a small six 
inch plain white vibrator, and a realistic looking and feeling nine inch 

"Hey!  You got some neat toys!" Junior commented.  "Where'd you get this?" he 
asked, holding up the large dildo.

"Liz.  She gave it to me for the weekend you were 'having out-of-town guests'.  
Remember?  You didn't tell me it was an sex orgy with relatives and friends!"

"No, you were pretty innocent then.  I didn't want to scare you off."

"Goddess above!  I was innocent, wasn't I!" Emily agreed as Junior adjusted 
her pillows so she could lean back on them, almost in a sitting-up position.  
"It's hard to believe that I've gone from virgin to bi-slut in only three 
days!  72 hours of debauchery!" she giggled as Junior put two folded over 
pillows down, one next to each of her hips to support his knees and lower 

Emily watched as her lover squeezed out a large glob of lube jelly onto his 

"Here!  Let me do that!" Emily insisted as she grabbed his cock, jerking it 
lustfully to smear the jelly all over it.

When she'd gotten his cock ready, Junior held the fake cock up to her, "Do 
this too!" and squeezed some jelly on to the dildo.  Emily worked her slick 
hand up and down the lifelike phony phallus, a sparkle now in her eyes from 
handling the two cocks, one real and one fake.  She was really getting turned 
on by all this sexy preparation.

"Am I going to poke your prostrate with this?"

"No, I'm going to pleasure you with it.  Hold out your left forefinger," 
Junior directed and put the tube of jelly in her right hand.  "Put some lube 
on it and work it around and into my ass," he instructed as he turned and 
knelt, presenting his butt to her.

"Shouldn't I use my right hand?" she asked as she squeezed a glob onto her   
long left finger.

"No.  This way leaves your trained right hand and fingers to do other things."

"Like what?"

"Oh, you know, play with my balls?  Tweak your nipples?  Tease your clit?  
Wipe the cum from your eyes if I spurt when you're not paying attention?"

Emily giggled, "Don't worry about that!  I'll pay close attention, you can be 
sure of that!"

"I don't know anything for sure, especially when I plan to fuck your hot cunt 
with this pussy-pleaser," Junior waved the dildo at his lover.  "If you cum 
hard, I just may cum too!  You know, a sympathetic reaction caused by a mutual 
catalyst.  Hmmmm!  That's the spot!" Junior moaned as Emily worked her slick 
finger into his ass, finding his prostrate.  "Remember, gentle does it!  
Vigorous massage too early will cause a major disruption of our plans!"

"Yeah," Emily giggled again, "a major disruption-eruption!"

"Okay!  Enough!" Junior pulled his butt away from Emily's probing finger and 
turned around to kneel on the doubled-over pillows, laying his cock in her 
cleavage.  He took the tube of lubricating jelly back and put a blob on his 
forefinger.  Junior wiped a little on each of Emily's nipples and massaged 
them with his thumbs and foregingers.

"Oh!  That feels good!" Emily gasped as her nipples stiffened into firm 
buttons of pleasure.

Junior wiped his fingers on the insides of her two boobs and leaned down to 
kiss his lover.  He put one of his forefingers in his mouth and the other by 

"Suck honey.  This is sterile stuff and won't hurt you.  Get used to the taste 
so it won't surprise you."  Emily did and made a face.  "Yes, not very tasty 
is it?  But it's not nasty either.  We need to get some flavored stuff.  Okay!  
We're ready.  Now push your boobs together and let me move a little.  Yes!  
Just like that!  Oh, that feels good!"

Junior moved slowly at first, slipping his cock gently up and down through 
Emily's cleavage, her big breasts wrapped around his cock.  On the fifth 
stroke, his cock head appeared near Emily's mouth and she gasped at how red 
and swollen it had become.  "God!  Just look at it!  So hot and sexy!  Let me 
know when you want me to do my PM thing!"

"Yeah!" gasped Junior, feeling the thrills of a nasty tittie fuck.  They both 
knew that this was for him; women don't get any pleasure from it other than 
seeing how enjoyable it is for their man, their lover.  And Junior was Emily's 
lover, no doubt about that!  She was nearly as hot as he was; wanting him to 
cum!  Cum in *her* mouth!  Junior didn't like  the angle of his cock and asked 
Emily, "Sit up honey and let me adjust your pillows!"

Emily sat up and Junior removed one pillow and fluffed out the others.  He 
touched her lightly and she lay back again, more reclined than before.

"Good!  That's better!" Junior gasped.  "God!  Feels so good!" he said, 
knowing that Emily needed to know his pleasure, needing the encouragement.  He 
slid his cock up and down between her tits, his hips doing all the work, much 
easier now at the lower angle.

Junior reached behind him and felt her pussy.  Wet and hot!  He picked up the 
dildo with his other hand and used his fingers to spread her labia apart, 
opening her up for the fake cock.  Working carefully, as he kept slipping and 
sliding his cock, he lined up the dildo and pushed it home inside her hot 

"Ohhhhhhh Oooooopppphhhhhh!" Emily gasped, exhaling big.

"Hurt?" Junior asked, concerned.

"No.  Surprised!" Emily cooed.  "Nice!  Big and Fat!  Like you!"

Junior worked the dildo in and out and kept slipping and sliding his cock up 
and down through Emily's breasts.  He pushed his cock up and through, the head 
dark red with lust now.

He held it there and asked, "Lick it!  Get it wet with your spit!"

Emily lashed out with her tongue, her saliva wetting the glistening cock head.

Junior pulled back and then pushed back up several times, the spit making the 
tit-tunnel a happy, easier slide.  His cock head was purple with lust now, 
amazing Emily.

"God!  It looks like it's going to explode!" she commented to Junior hotly, 
the dildo making her libido excited too.

"Yes!  Time for your prostrate massage!

Emily reached around with both hands as Junior's replaced hers to push her 
boobs tight around his cock, his thumbs and forefingers pinching her nipples 
delightfully.  Her right hand spread his butt cheeks a little and the left 
forefinger found his anus and wiggled in through into his ass.

"Hmmmmm!" Junior moaned feeling Emily's finger.  "That's good.  Around to the 
front.  Yes!  There!  Feel it?  Feel the prostrate?  No!  Don't push!  Not 
yet!  Too soon!  Oh God!  Wiggle from side to side.  Yes!  Yes!  Oh lover!  
That's great.  Just give me another minute.  Get ready.  You're gonna make me 
cum.  Oh yes!"

Emily's right hand left his ass to grab the end of the fake cock and began to 
fuck herself with it!  Her other finger kept wiggling gently, thrilling 
Junior's ass.

"Oh honey!  I'm getting close," Junior gasped as his tittie fucking became 
faster, more lusty.  His cock was swollen to bursting, his balls beginning to 
feel his cum.  Emily's evil finger was so gently teasing his inner ass that 
his cum was boiling to get out.  He gripped her tits tighter and gasped again, 
"Oh darling.  Get ready!  Your tits are making me cum!"

Emily jammed the dildo into her pussy hard and raced into a big cum.  Her 
finger went to Junior's prostrate and massaged it.

Junior cried, "I'M CUMMING!  I'M CUMMING!

Emily lowered her head and covered his cock head with her hot lips and sexy 
mouth, sucking lustfully as her finger poked at his prostrate.  She felt his 
ass tighten around her finger, then felt his cock pulse through her boobs, 
then a giant spurt of cum blasted into her mouth over her laving tongue.

Junior rocked back and forth, jetting his cum as Emily hummed her pleasure.

"Hmmmmm!" she moaned with each spurt of cum into her sucking mouth.  "Hmmmm!"  
"Hmmmmm!"  "Hmmmmm"  "Hmmmmm!"  "Hmmmmm!"

Emily drank and swallowed, again and again.  Her right hand left the dildo and 
grabbed his cock, now free from her boobs.  She sucked down on it deeply and 
then smeared the last drops around her outer lips as she jacked his final 
pulses of cum out, a few remaining drips onto her tongue tip and lips.

Junior had let go of her breasts to hold himself up, letting her wicked tongue 
and lips finish him off.  The pleasure was more than he could handle and his 
knees slid out from underneath him, he lay his body on her reclined form, his 
head between her breasts.

"Oh darling, your cum is the best!" Emily groaned, stroking Junior's hair and 
shoulders.  She leaned down to kiss the top of his head, wrapped her legs 
around him, and lay back to finish licking his cum off her lips.  A satisfied 


Patty and Justine lay panting on the carpet of the Dean's office, Julie 
seemingly unconscious between them, all fucked out from their three-way sex 
union.  In fact, both Justine and Patty felt satisfied.  New sexual conquests 
always left Patty a little pleased with herself.  Justine, having been well 
fucked before hand by the Dean, now felt complete too.  Sighing happily, the 
two women rested, though not as deeply as Julie.

Julie, during rare moments of coherent thought as she was eating and being 
eaten, had been amazed at herself.  She'd never had sex with a girl or even 
thought seriously about it.  The nastiness of it all overwhelmed her between 
monster cums on a woman's tongue as she lapped at another woman's hot cunt, 
licking up her cum.  Now, laying nearly comatose between her two new lady 
lovers, her most rational thought was 'Why didn't I try this before?'

"You girls can sure suck up a storm!" the deep voice of Doctor Bob Wentworth 
boomed from behind the Dean's desk.

Patty immediately snapped awake and sat up, "Honey, what are you doing here?  
Where's Barry?"

"Oh, he had to go.  He called me and asked me to sit in for him; to watch over 
'the three sluts trying to suck each other to death' on his office rug."

Justine propped herself up on her elbows, "Hi sweetie!  Did you get turned on?  
If you got a hard on, bring it over here and I'll take care of it!" she 

"No, not right now.  Say, don't you have a Son somewhere around here?"

"Oh, him!  He's probably fucking that horny girl of his!  Oh my, look at the 

Bob stood and moved to the door, "Don't worry.  I'll give him a call and tell 
him you're all right.  I'll be in my office if you need me.  I'll lock the 
doors behind me.  See you all later!" Bob left and the distinct *click* of the 
door locked behind him.

"Julie was sitting up now, covering her breasts and pussy with her hands.  She 
gasped to Patty, "Oh God!  Your Husband!"

Patty laughed, "Not to worry!  Bob won't tell.  He's very cool."

"I better call Junior," Justine said as she crawled over to her purse where 
she tossed it.  She pulled out her personal telephone and dialed IC #1.

"Hi Son!  You with Emily?  Oh, Good.  You satisfy her?  Good, good.  Look, 
we're almost through here and I'll be over in about 15 minutes, okay?  Yes, 
good!  See you soon.  I love you!  Yes!  Thanks honey!  Remember, 15 minutes.  
Yes, see you then.  Good bye!"  Justine powered off her mini-phone.

Julie was trying to put on her panties, tears stinging her eyes as she cried 
silently.  Patty motioned to Justine and they moved quickly to group hug her.

"It's okay darling," Justine cooed into Julie's ear as she hugged her.  "You 
were really wonderful!  Don't worry, we won't tell anybody that you had girl 
sex.  Really.  We don't blab!"

"Don't worry!  It's our secret.  My Husband won't tell; neither will Barry.  
It's just between us.  You're not a lesbian.  You're just a wonderful, sexy 
woman that tried something new.  Tell your Husband or not.  It's up to you.  
We won't tell," Patty reassured her.  "And you were good!  Very good!  I thank 
you for many wonderful cums.  I hope you had several good ones too!"

"This won't hurt your chances of getting the Executive Director's job," 
Justine explained.  "If anything, it helps that you at least understand about 
women loving.  After all, I'm a director too!"

Julie began to sob openly, "Oh God!  It *was* wonderful!  I never came so 
much!  Ever!  Oh God!  What am I going to tell Winfred?  I've never cheated on 
him before?"

"Confess all honey," Justine recommended.  "Tell him you were horny for him 
and a student's Mother seduced you.  Aren't you still hot for cock?  I am!  So 
is Patty, I'm sure.  Tell him you want him more than ever!  Rape him.  Strip 
him and fuck the shit out of him!  Tell him how nasty you were, eating pussy.  
Licking girl cum!  Tell him how much you wanted him there to fuck you as you 
sucked a cunt.  Believe me, a man can't resist that!  Just wrap your legs 
around him, Winfred, and fuck him until his eyes roll back with joy!  Later, 
you can talk it out.  Make a deal that you won't ever do it again without his 
permission.  Tell him you'll call first, right in the middle of a seduction 
and get his okay.  If he's any kind of man, he'll agree.  Tell him how much 
you love him and want him.  Give him a good blow job and let him know that 
he's your first choice, always!  Tell him that you'll set up a situation where 
he can watch, or where he can join in!  Maybe he's got an eye for some woman 

"Yes, that's the idea!" Patty agreed.  "Be sure he knows that he's first!  Now 
and always.  Fuck his brains out and beg him to understand your sexual needs.  
Men now-days aren't the assholes that they used to be.  This is the twenty 
first century and he's got to be with the times.  Tell him about the Sweetpea 
group that fights STDs and that you want to join, to make sure your sex 
partners are clean and healthy.  Get him to join too.  There are a lot of 
willing partners here, within the University community.  I bet that your 
Winfred has seen several women he'd like to fuck too.  Maybe a couple of guys 
also!  No, don't be surprised.  Think openly, broadly.  Don't close doors  
that haven't even opened yet!"

"Okay!  I'm okay now.  I guess that this is all so new to me!" Julie 

"Good!  Now before we dress, we ought to wash off the sex smell, all the girl 
juice and cum.  Does the Dean have a washroom here?"

"Yes, over there in the corner.  Pull on that funny ring thing there," Julie 

The three women washed up and laughed about the Dean and Bob watching them.  
Julie got in a good humor and kissed both Justine and Patty good bye.  Patty 
went down to her Husband's office and Justine walked over to Emily's dorm.  
She kept seeing cute guys and girls eyeing her in her underwear-less jumper as 
she strolled across campus.  Finally she admitted she was lost and sat down on 
a bench in a circle around a statue of a guy with a shield and a spear.  She 
pulled out her little phone and punched up IC #2.

"Hello?  Emily?  Hi!  This is Justine!  I'm fucking lost!  I can't find your 
dorm.  I don't even know it's fucking name!  Oh, I'm sitting on a bench 
looking at a stupid statue of some guy with a shield and spear.  Oh!  Orion?  
The Hunter?  Okay, what do I do now?  All right.  I'll wait here.  But hurry 
up!  A lot of cute guys and gals are checking me out and I'm still ready to 
fuck!  Yes!  Still!  Oh My God!  Here comes another hunk!  Shit!  Hurry!  
Okay!  See you soon!"  Justine powered down her mini-phone and sat smiling as 
a gorgeous guy walked by on his way to the gym to meet his lover.  He was gay, 
but Justine didn't know that.  Three cute girls came by, one with big tits 
eyed her.  Justine spread her legs for her and she just giggled and looked 
away.  Justine sighed, remembering how stupid she was when she was nineteen.

"Hi Mom!  Get any action?" Maryann laughed as she and Liz, hand in hand, 
trotted over to her.

"No, damnit!  All this cock and pussy, so little time!"

Liz and Maryann laughed and sat down with her.  Maryann explained their 
presence, "Emily called me and we came to rescue you.  We were closer than she 
was.  Her dorm is the other way."

"Way over there," Liz giggled and pointed across campus.  "You must have taken 
a wrong turn somewhere."

"God!  How in the fuck do you get any study done with all these hunky guys and 
sexy sluts wandering around?  I mean, who's got time for books?"

"It's hard!" Liz agreed, "but if you ration your time, there's plenty of 
opportunity to get around to both.  The secret is to not get lost in one or 
the other.

"Look!  Here comes a cute guy with two girls.  I'll take the guy and you two 
can have the girls," Justine suggested.

"Shit no!  I want the guy too!" Maryann giggled.

"Okay, I'll enjoy the girls.  I remember one from a class I had," Liz added.

"Hey!" Liz called as the three students walked past, gym bags in hand.  "You 
guys want to play around?"  Liz, embolden by the presence of Maryann and her 
Mother, propositioned them publicly, something she'd never done before.

They stopped, the guy looking at the two girls, who giggled together.  "No, I 
guess not," the guys said.  "We've already got a workout planned at the gym.  
Maybe later?" he suggested.  They continued their walk to the gym.

"Shit!" Justine said.  "He must be a faggot!"

Liz and Maryann broke out in giggles.

"Maybe he like his odds better at two to one instead of five to one?" Maryann 

"And pass up this?" Justine said, jerking her short skirt up to her waist, 
showing her hairless pussy.

"MOTH-THER!" Maryann cried.  "Don't be disgusting!"

Liz giggled, "Don't sweat it Mrs. P.!  I won't pass up your pussy.  Not in a 
New York minute!"

"Well, come on!" Justine said, standing up.  "There must be some bushes around 
here!  I'm wet and hot.  Come suck me you teeny-bopper slut!  I need a cum!"

"MOTH-THER!" Maryann complained again.

"Hi guys!" Junior said, Emily beside him smiling as they walked hand in hand, 
"looks like we got here just in time!"

"Good Son.  I need a fuck!  Where can we go?  I'm so hot I'd fuck a squirrel!"

"Mom!  Calm down," Junior told his Mother.  "You've had five hours of almost 
continuos sex!  Chill out!"

"Shit!" Justine muttered, knowing she was defeated, both her Daughter and Son 
against her.

"Em, go get your car.  Liz, show her where it is," Junior took charge.  "Sis, 
give her the keys.  I'll walk my Mom and Sister back to the dorm.  See you 
there soon.  Bye!"

With Maryann on one arm and Justine on the other, Junior led them back across 
campus to Emily's dorm.  Several times they stopped to watch a particular guy 
or girl that attracted either his Mom or Sister.  It was mid afternoon and the 
campus was nearly deserted.  They were close to Emily's dorm and could see her 
yellow VW beetle parked in the dorm parking lot when four drunk jock types 
confronted them.

"Hey man.  What's you doing with two fine women!" one asshole said.

"Yeah!  More pussy than you can handle!" another said.

"Why don't you blow while we satisfy your sluts!" a third said.

"This is my Mother and Sister, assholes, and I don't think they like your 
attitude!" Junior replied, pushing his Mom and Sister behind him.

"Okay mother-fucker, this is one ass kicking I'm going to enjoy!" one drunk 
said as he swung at Junior.

Junior danced away from the swing and kicked him in the face, then chopped the 
back of his neck with the heel of his hand.  He dropped like a bag of 
potatoes, not moving, face down on the sidewalk.

The second guy danced boxer-like, swinging at him but was too intoxicated to 
be effective.  Junior took notice of that and decked him with a quick jab to 
his jaw, dropping him too to the sidewalk.

The third guy was martial arts trained, but not to Junior's level.  He punched 
into the air, missing Junior by ten inches and took a kick in the ribs before 
his alcohol-swamped brain could respond.  Then another kick in the belly, then 
another on the side of the head to put him down.

The fourth guy ran away across the green before Junior could catch up to him.  
Junior, not even breathing heavy, turned to his women, "Don't worry girls, 
just a couple of idiots.  Come on, I'm sure Emily's wondering where we are."

He took their arms and led them to Emily's dorm room.

They met Emily and Liz in Emily's dorm room and the four women laughed and 
giggled over their sexual activities.  Junior sat quietly, watching the girls.

"Hey!  The hero's being ignored!" Liz exclaimed,  pointing at Junior.

Emily immediately went to him and, knowing that he'd be driving his Mother 
back home soon, slid into his lap, laced her arms around his neck and snuggled 
into his shoulder.

Justine was giving Maryann some last minute instructions, "If I get any 
complaints from Emily about your behavior, you can forget about Hawaii!  Hear 
me good girl.  I'll take your ass to your Aunt Louise's house and you can 
stare at trees for a week.  Understand?"

"Yes, Mom!"

"Don't go whoring around either!  You get wild and fuck some hunky guy and 
I'll boot your diseased butt into the street!  You won't taste my pussy or 
your Dad's or Brother's cock again!  Call the Sweetpea group or go up and see 
your Uncle Bob if you have to have a cock.  Okay?  I know that the purpose of 
your visit here has changed, but you can still show Emily all your clothes and 
sex toys.  Take her shopping and have fun.  Check out the guys and gals, but 
don't touch!  Be smart, be safe.  Come Monday we'll be in first class winging 
our way to paradise.  Don't fuck up and I'll do wonderful things to your ass 
while your Dad and Brother fuck your mouth and pussy!  Okay?  We'll take care 
of you good and proper, right out in our lanai, surrounded by beautiful 
flowers.  Now walk me out to my car.  You come too Liz.  Let Emily say good 
bye to Junior alone."

Justine moved to Emily on Junior's lap and hugged her, kissing her sweetly.

"Honey, you call me any time you want.  I'm number seven.  Just push IC and #7 
if you want to talk about anything.  Anything at all!  I'm your Mother now 
too, so don't be a stranger.  Okay?"

"Yes," Emily replied.  "Thanks.  I'll call you."

"Good!" Justine said and left the room with Liz and Maryann.

Junior kissed Emily hotly, rubbing her fine ass through her skirt.  A big tear 
slowly ran down her cheek from each eye and Junior kissed them away.

"I'll be back tomorrow!" Junior said, "As early as I can get here, with or 
without Billy Joe."

"I know," Emily said into Junior's neck where it met his broad shoulder.  "I'm 
just worried about sleeping without you tonight!  These last two nights have 
been like heaven!"

"Maryann will keep you busy.  She's very inventive, very imaginative.  Just 
don't give your 'Present' any time limit orders.  Be sure to use 'Until I say 
stop or snap my fingers twice' or something like that.  Give yourself an out 
or she'll fuck you until you pass out.  Do you want to walk me out or should 
we say good bye here?"

"I'll walk you out.  I don't want Maryann to get lost somewhere with Liz!"

They locked Emily's room and went down the stairs holding hands.  Outside, 
Emily hugged Justine again and told her she'd call.  Junior got a big kiss and 
a hug from Maryann and a hot embrace and kiss good bye from Emily.  Junior 
opened the door for his Mother and then went around and got in behind the 
wheel of the big gold Mercedes.  He started the car, backed it out of the 
parking space, and tooted the horn as he drove out of the parking lot and into 
the main street to drive over to the Honor's College Media Center to pick up 
the copies of the photographs of the reception.  Emily, Maryann, and Liz waved 
until they were out of sight.

"Well, what shall we do now?" Emily asked.

"Come on!" Maryann giggled, "let's go look at all the neat stuff I brought!"

Laughing and holding hands, the three women ran back into the dorm and up to 
Emily's room to open Maryann's suitcases full of sexy clothes and toys.

End Chapter 63

********************** My Dear Readers ***************************** 
Please remember that stories are just stories and *not* reality.  Do  
not engage in unprotected sex or the ugly reality of life in the 21st 
century will rot your mind, rape your soul, and kill your body.
************** Thank You For Reading My Story **********************

Mrs. James Wentworth Preston 
Copyright 2001 

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