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Have You Ever...
by Bob

We'd just made love. We were both lying on our sides, my bottom in my
husband's lap, his arm around me, his hand cuddling my right breast. I could
feel his now soft penis against me. I had that warm, floating feeling that
comes over me after a nice orgasm. I was drifting off to sleep.

"Have you ever done it with a woman?"


"I said, have you ever done it with a woman?"



"No! Why do you ask?" I was wide awake now.

"Not even at school?"


"Not even touched? In the showers, for example?"

"No. The mistress was always present. We looked at each other, of course.
Some girls developed much earlier than others, so we were interested. But
that's all"

"What do you mean, developed earlier?"

"Well, one girl grew pubic hair first; and our breasts developed at
different times, and different amounts. Some developed large breasts, some
much smaller. And of course, in the showers these things were noticed. But
we never did anything."

"Oh." He sounded disappointed. But he didn't pursue it, and we went off to

A few days later. We had just made love again. It had been very nice. We
were laying on a bed in a very large, darkened room. All around us were
other beds with other couples on them. All of us were naked. We'd all just
been making love. Towards the bed that I and my husband were lying on, came
a tall, strong looking woman, wearing a black corset that left her breasts
bare, and her pubic hair visible.

"Would you like to do it with a woman?" she said, in a deep voice.

I woke up from my after-sex doze, and turned to my husband.

"What did you say?"

"I asked, would you like to do it with a woman?"

"No! Why do you ask?"

"Well, women know how their bodies respond. They know what women really
like. A woman must be able to give another woman much more pleasure than a
man can."

"Darling, you give me all the pleasure I could want."

"Yes, but..."

I put my arms around him and kissed him. I'd said the right thing. He
responded by cuddling me closer. I slowly drifted off to sleep again.

Each Tuesday I go around to see my friend Jill; to have tea and have a chat.
We talk about the prices in the shops, the new fashions, what was on
television last night, and the new couple at number 14.

The Tuesday after my dream, when the conversation had run out a little, I
asked her, "Jill, have you ever done it with a woman?"

Jill looked a bit shocked.

"Oh, don't worry, Jill. I'm not making a pass at you. It's just that my
husband keeps asking me if I have?"

"And have you?" asked Jill.


"Neither have I," said Jill. "But it's something men seem to be obsessed

"Well, mine certainly seems to be."

"Yes, they all seem to be worried that a woman can give another woman more
pleasure than they can."

"Yes, that's what mine said: women know their bodies better than a man ever
can. So they must know what another woman likes."

"Yes. Mine's asked the same question."

Long pause. Perhaps we were thinking the same thing. I put it into words.

"I wonder if it's true."

Another pause, while Jill looked into my eyes. I could see the gleam in
hers. "Wanna try?"

I don't think I said anything. But somehow I must have shown my interest; my
agreement even. Jill stood up, smiling.

"Come on," she said.

Jill led the way upstairs. I followed, starting to wonder what would happen,
and if I was doing the right thing. She led the way into the main bedroom.

It was a large room, with a big king-sized bed with its head against the
back wall. On my side of the bed was a chest of drawers, probably full of
Jill's husband's things. On the far side, beneath the window, was a dressing
table. To the right, facing the foot of the bed was a fitted double wardrobe
with mirrored sliding doors.

Jill turned to face me, and held out her arms. She was still smiling. I
could see she wanted this to be fun, not something serious. I went into her
arms and wrapped mine around her slim body. Our lips met, and for the first
time in my life, I kissed a woman on the lips, sensuously.

It felt really strange. And naughty -- which added to the feeling. Her lips
were full, and soft and warm. Quite different from a man's lips. Her mouth
parted a little, and I felt her tongue explore my lips. I opened my mouth
and our tongues played. Her tongue tasted sweet. I caught my breath -- her
breath -- and for a moment my head swam.

Jill's hands went to my shoulders and pushed me gently away. Still smiling,
she began to undo the buttons on her blouse. I reached behind my neck and
pulled my light sweater over my head. When I could see her again, Jill
tossed her blouse onto the low stool in front of the dressing table; I put
my sweater onto the chest of drawers.

We looked at each other. Jill in her ivory bra, me the same in my white bra.
Young, taut shoulders; flat belly. Breasts slightly bulging over the bra.

Jill kicked off her shoes, and undid the zip at the side of her skirt. I did
the same and we both stepped out of our skirts and put them on the stool and
on the chest.

We stood there, admiring each other, in our ivory and white underwear. The
next step would be...

Jill smiled again, and reached behind her to undo her bra. Mine opened at
the front. Both bras followed the rest of our clothes. Then we each quickly
slid our panties down our legs and stepped out of them.

Again we stopped and looked at each other. We were so alike. Long legs,
small high breasts with no droop, flat stomachs, both of us with light brown
hair -- Jill's slightly lighter than mine; and each with a neat triangle of
pubic hair at the junction of our thighs.

Jill held out her arms and I went into them. As we cuddled I could feel her
breasts pressing into mine -- so warm, so soft, so unlike a man's chest. I
could feel her long legs against mine, so smooth; again so unlike my husband
's hairy, muscled legs. And as my arms went around her back, it was so silky
and... and... attractive.

"Oh, you're so soft... and smooth," I said.

"And I love the feel of your breasts pressing into mine," answered Jill.

Our mouths came together in another long kiss, that ended with me sliding
around to her ear and nibbling gently at the lobe -- something I love having
done to me.

Jill let out a long moan, "Ooooh, I love that."

It seemed that a woman does know what a woman likes, even in this small way.

My hands ran down to her bottom, and I squeezed her lovely globes, while I
nuzzled her neck. Jill's head went back, giving me free access to that
delightful area under her chin and beneath her ear. My senses were already
swimming -- and from the delighted sounds Jill was making, so were her's.

After a long while Jill stood back from me and said, "Let's get on the bed."

She went to her side and I to mine, and we both lay down facing each other.
My arms went around Jill's body, bring our breasts together again -- I loved
that feeling -- and I felt Jill's leg slip between mine, and the pressure of
her thigh on my pussy.

We kissed and stroked each other for a long while, until Jill wanted more.
She gently pressed me onto my back, and started a slow journey down my body.
She stopped at my breasts, drawing each one into her mouth, sucking and
nibbling at the nipples, while my hand stroked her back. When she used her
teeth, oh so very gently, on my nipples, my body arched, my head pressed
into the pillow, and I moaned out loud. As her teeth bit into my nipples a
spark seemed to jump from them, down to my pussy. I could feel myself
getting very wet there.

Jill obviously loved playing with my breasts, and she did so for a long
time, until I thought I might come from that alone. But playing with my
breasts would not satisfy her. She went lower. She stuck her tongue into my
navel, making me giggle. I always find that ticklish, but it also makes me
think of things to come, so I like it. Jill obviously liked doing it too.

Then Jill slid her tongue down my belly and came to my pubic hair. As she
slid through it my legs automatically parted in eager anticipation. Glancing
down, I could see my hands clutching hard at my breasts; I hadn't noticed I
was doing that, but I needed to.

As I looked down along my body, Jill's hands went to my slit, and parted me
there. For the first time a woman was getting a close-up of my excited
clitoris. It stood out in its little hood, already quite wet. There was a
warm, womanly smell. When I had thought about this -- not very often, I must
admit -- I thought it would be repulsive; I was always reluctant when my
husband licked me there. But to Jill, it seemed, it was a heady perfume that
drew her towards the next step.

She put out her tongue and flicked it across my clit.

"Aaaah," I moaned; and my hips pressed up towards her.

Jill flicked her tongue across my clit again, and again, and again, and soon
she had me moaning and squirming. She took one hand away from my slit, and
slid a finger, then two, into my tunnel; very gently, so as not to hurt me
with her nails. As she slid her fingers in and out, in and out, and flicked
at my clit with her tongue, my legs opened wider and my hips thrust up
towards her face, again and again. Without thinking about it, I was
virtually humping her mouth.

I was soon completely out of control, just savouring the extreme and unusual
sensation of being eaten by my friend, and letting out loud cries while I
gripped my breasts hard, squeezed my eyes closed, and my head and shoulders
rocked from side to side on the bed.

Jill put her lips around my clit, and sucked gently, while she thrust her
fingers in and out of my tunnel more vigorously. I couldn't stand that for
long. My movements became more uncontrolled, until at last my whole body
arched up towards her face, hips highest, and with a long, loud wail, I

It felt wonderful.

Jill continued to lick gently at my clit for a while, while I came down from
my high. I loved being brought down gently like that. As my body subsided
onto the bed once again, Jill crawled up the bed. I looked at her. Her face
was damp with with sweat and my secretions, and her hair was all awry. I
smiled weakly at her, and she smiled back at me, before I kissed her full on
the mouth. I had tasted myself, very slightly, on my husbands lips when he
had eaten me; but now, for the first time I tasted myself on another woman.
And she, and I, tasted lovely.

For that moment I felt I really loved her.

We lay there for some time, cuddling and kissing quietly in that warmth that
follows really good sex. Then, eventually, I sat up, looked at Jill and

"What would you like me to do for you?"

At first, Jill didn't know what to say. Then she smiled at me and said,
"Annie, love, you can do anything you like to me. I'm your's."

I smiled at her, mischief in my eyes.

"I think we should use that lovely mirrored wardrobe door," I said.

Jill looked at me, puzzled.

"Turn around," I told her. "Lie on your back with your head over the end of
the bed. Then you'll be able to see what I'm doing to you. And you'll also
be able to see your face -- that is, if you can keep your eyes open."

Jill turned towards the foot of the bed and lay down as I had told her, her
head over the end of the bed so she was looking into the mirror.

I crawled along her body and started kissing and licking her exposed neck.
Almost immediately her eyes started to close. I slapped the side of her

"Keep your eyes open, Jill. I want you to see."

I could see in the mirror that Jill smiled, and opened her eyes. I continued
to kiss her lovely neck.

My hands went to Jill's breasts. I cupped them from their sides, holding
them up towards me, and began to stroke her nipples with my thumbs. Jill's
mouth opened and she began to breath quickly. After a while I dipped my
mouth to her nipples and licked them. They were hard little nubs in my
mouth. I took one between my teeth and nibbled on it, still licking the tip
with my tongue.

"Aaaah," moaned Jill.

I alternated between her breasts. Sucking them into my mouth, licking them,
biting gently on her nipples. Jill's hands, which had been by her sides,
went to her head and her eyes began to close again. I slapped her rump and
her eyes snapped open.

"Keep looking, Jill," I warned.

I was loving her breasts. So soft, so smooth, so sensuous. But I was getting
warm inside; I wanted more.

I slid down to her tummy, and stuck my tongue into her navel, just as she
had done to me. Jill moaned again. Gradually I traced my tongue down the
lower part of her belly, leaving a trail of wet, down to her pubic hair. I
slid down, down, until I reached the lips of her pussy. Gently, I used my
fingers to spread them apart. I could see her little clitoris poking up from
inside its hood. I blew gently on it. Jill moaned some more.

I looked up, along her body, between her breasts, to her face upside down in
the mirror.

I smiled mischievously at her. "What would you like me to do to you now,
Jill," I asked her.

"Oh... please," murmered Jill.

"Would you like me to lick you there, Jill," I asked.

"Oh... please," said Jill again.

"Then ask me nicely, Jill," I told her; and blew gently on her clit again.

"Oh, please, please, Annie. Lick me there," she moaned.

"Where, Jill," I asked, as I continued blowing on her clit.

"On my clit, Anne," she said in a louder voice. "Please lick my clit,

"Well, since you ask so nicely, Jill."

I dipped towards her clit and sucked it into my mouth, flicking my tongue
over the tip of it. Her whole pussy was very wet and soon my lips and cheeks
were soaked with her juices. Jill had pulled her knees up and and placed her
feet as far apart as they would go. She was completely open to me. She
looked so lewd and... and exciting. I glanced up along her body into the
mirror: her eyes were closed again, her mouth open, and a delighted look on
her face.

"Keep looking, Jill," I told her, slapping her rump again.

Her eyes snapped open and she could see me crouching over her.

"Would you like my fingers in you, Jill?" I asked.

"Oh, yes please," she said.

"How many, Jill?"

"Two... three... as many as you can," she stuttered.

"Then ask me nicely, Jill."

Jill hesitated, then entered into the game: "Oh... Annie... oh... please
fuck me with your fingers. And... and please keep licking my clit... I love
you doing that!"

"And I love doing it," I told her, as I slipped one, then two, and then
three fingers into her tunnel, sliding them in and out, in and out, in and
out, while I hungrily sucked on her clit and flicked my tongue repeatedly
over its tip.

Jill's legs went even wider apart and her hands clutched on her breasts. She
moaned loudly and called my name, "Oh, Annie, Annie, Annie, that's lovely,
lovely, ooohhhh."

Her hips were now up off of the bed, thrusting towards my mouth, and she was
so open and wet that I could pull my fingers almost out and then push them
deeply into her, over and over again. For the first time I felt that feeling
of power that a man must feel when he brings a lovely woman to total
abandonment through her intense feelings

Jill was completely out of control. Her body arched up to my mouth, her legs
as wide apart as they would go, her hand squeezing her breasts hard, her
head down over the side of the bed, her mouth open and her eyes watching
what I was doing to her, as she moaned and groaned louder and louder, until
there was one long sound, almost a scream, as she came, and came and came.

I stopped fucking her with my fingers, but kept my mouth on her. For a while
she remained arched up towards me; then she gradually subsided back onto the
bed, exhausted. I licked gently along the length of her slit, bringing her
down slowly.

Eventually, she lifted her head and looked at me along her body, between her
breasts, and smiled, a little abashed.

I crawled up towards her face, looked into her eyes a moment, and then
kissed her very deeply and long. When I withdrew, Jill wriggled a bit
further onto the bed, so her head was on the mattress and looked up at me.

"You're cruel," she said, "making me ask for it."

I smiled down at her. "But you did ask for it, didn't you?" I asked.

"Because... because I was desperate."

"Desperate for what?" I asked, still playing the game.

Her arms went around me. She knew what I was doing. "Desperate for your
fingers inside me," she said. "Desperate for you tongue on my clit.
Desperate for you to make me come;" and she kissed me again, very deeply and

We lay there a long time, cuddling, stroking each other's bodies and
kissing. She licked her secretions off of my face and I licked mine off of
her's. We may have dozed off a little.

Then Jill suggested that we go into the shower and clean ourselves up. We
went to the bathroom, and stood under the warm spray. We washed each other
very clean, with much soaping of each others' breasts and between our legs,
and with a lot of cuddling and kissing.

Eventually it was time to dry off, dress and leave.

At the door I asked Jill, "Next Tuesday?"

Jill looked each way along the road, then pressed her lips to mine in a long
kiss. She drew back and said, "I can't wait."

My husband and I had just made love again. We were laying cuddled together.
I broke the warm silence.

"You know you kept asking if I'd done it with a woman?"


"You wouldn't be jealous if I had, would you?"

"Jealous? No, of course not."

"Well, I tried it."

"Wha'..." His turn to be surprised.

"I tried it with a friend of mine."


"I can't tell you that."

"Oh." Long pause. "What was it like?"


"Was it better than with me?"

"It was different."

"What do you mean, `different'?"

"Well, it was nice; but nothing to fill me up."

I guess I'd said the right thing. He thought about it for a while.

"Will you be doing it again?"

"No love. You satisfy me."

I'd said the right thing again. He squeezed me tight and kissed me.

"Well," I thought, "at least not before next Tuesday."

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