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Subject: {ASSM} My Baby Sister and Female Cousins First Fuck Campout {anon} (incest underage) RP
Date: Fri,  8 Jun 2001 07:10:04 -0400
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"My Baby Sister & Female 
 Cousins First Fuck Campout"
    by an anonymous author

   This is a true story but the names are changed as some
members of my family might read this.I am also writting this from
a friends e-mail address so do nt think the name on this e-mail
address is the Author because he is Not.

   I call this My Baby Sister & female cousins First Fuck

   When I was 17 my baby sister was only 8 Years Old But She
had just started to devolpe nice little titties as she was only
4'11" but her titties were a size 34b and she had a completely
Hairless Little Cunt and on this day 3 of our Female cousins age 8
to and a set of twins age 9 came over to spend the night.

   Our Parents my Mother and Father and Aunt and Uncle went out
for the night and as we were all Naked anyway My Baby Sister and
Cousins asked if they coud have a slumber party and Invite some of
their friends over and I said "OK But Make sure they all know that
they have to be naked while here as it is the rule." It was a rule
my Parents had that everyone went by while at my parents house.

   Now Remember I am a Healthy 17 Year Old Male in a House with
4 Little girls all Naked and they invie 15 of their little girl
friends all ranging n age from 8 to 11 years of age.

   Well all their friends are called and my Sister comes out of
my parents bedroom with a tape and put it in the VCR and she is
Playing with her Cute Little 8 Year Old Hairless Cunt and so are
my cousins as they are watching a Sex Tape From Europe that shows
Family members Fucking and my Baby Sister says to me "I want to be
Fucked like that by My Big Brother" and as she says it she is
looking at me and m cock which is Nice and Hard by now and she
says to our cousins "Hey Gils look ay how big Danny's cock is and
how hard!"

   THen they all come over and kneel  front of me and then said
"Danny can we play with it and suck it then will you fuck us all?
and how big is your cock?" Here I am a 17 Year Old male in a House
with 4 Naked little Hairless Cunt girls and they were asking me to
fuck them only and Idoit would say NO and just as I was getting
redy to say YES YES I would the door bell rang and I went to
answer it and standing there at the door was 20 other little girls
standing there in the doorway(vestible)completely naked with their
little titties and hairless little cunts all in plain sight, So I
told them all to come in.

   They all came in the door one at a time and as they did they
all reached out and jerked on my hard cock and squeeze and jerked
on it 2 times each and I amost came right then and there till I
heard my Baby sister yell out "Hi everyone guess what My Big
Brother is going to Fuck all of our tight VIRGIN cunts tonight and
maybe make some of us Pregnant BUT I am FIRST as he is my
brother."  Then my cousins said "Then we are next as he is our
cousin and youall can take a number on who is next after that."

   Then this one little girl came up to me and said "Hi Danny
My Name is Tina your sister Mary has told me a lot about you and
how nice you are and are you really going to fuck all our little
virgin cunts Tonigh? Oh We know your sister said she had invited
15 of us but a couple of us had to bring our sisters who are all 6
years old is that OK?" and I said "Well as for the part of me
fucking all of your tight little Virgin Cunts tonight the answer
is Diffently YES YES YES I will if you all want me to."

   Then they all yelled at the same time "YES we all want you
to fuck us tonight. Also there are about 5 to 10 of us that has
had their Periods already so you can CUm inside our Little Cunts
and make us Pregnant if you want." Then the 5 little 6 year old
Girls looked at me and came up to me and said "Will you fuck our
little cunts to?"and "I said if you want me too" and they all said
 "YES we Do"

   Well one hour later I had sit up a Big Tent my Father had
for our family campouts and it would sleep all 24 of these Little
girls but I did not think they would sleep and as soon as I had it
all ready my sister came up to me and knelt in front of me and
started to suck me cock(Which is 10.5"X8.5" and I just grabed her
my the hair and shoved my cock down her thrat and fucked her mouth
and then I fucked her mouth and throat as My Sweet little 8 Year
Old Sister sucked my cock and then I shot my load in her mouth and
she swallowed every last drop of my cum.

   Then she laid down on the floor and spread her legs and I
knelt between her legs and I started to lick and finger fuck her
tight little 8 Year Old Hairless Cunt till I had 3 fingers fucking
her cunt,and as I am doing this Iook around and all the other
girls are licking and finger fucking each others little hairles

   Then Just as my Little Sister is about to cum I shove my
fourth finger into her cunt and I also bite down on her little
clitty and she cums so hard she is thrashing around and I have to
hold her tightly to keep my mouth and tongue on her cunt,and after
she calms down she looks into my eyes and says "Now Big Brother
Fuck me with your nice Big Beautiful Hard Cock and cum inside my
cunt and make your Baby SIster Pregnant give me your baby to

   Then I moved up her body kissing and licking her body the
whole way up her body till I got to her tittties and I licked all
around her nipples and then sucked on them and bite down on them
softly and she begged me to bite them harder so I did, then I
moved up and kissed her sweet lips and she reached down between
our bodies and Grabbed my big cock and rubbed it up and down her
little slit and rubbed it all over her little clitty and then she
postioned it at the opening of her little fuckhole and told me to
shove it in deep. So I shoved it in Deep and broke her hymen and
hit the bootom of her little cunt. She Said "Oh Danny it hurts and
burns BUT OH IT FEELS SO NICE to finally have your cock in my
little cunt. So Now can I be your little 8 Year Old Hairless Cunt
Sex Slave Baby SIster? and all the girls here want to be your sex
slaves too!!!"

   I was flabbergasted and said "YES little sis you can be my
sex slave and all the other girls too if they want but NONE of you
can tell anyone else about this as Some people might think it is
wrong" and with that I started to fuck in and out of my Little 8
Year Old Hairless Cunt Sex Slave Baby SIster and she was begging
me by saying "Oh YES MASTER fuck your little sex slave harder and
deeper and bite my titties and spank me PLEASE MASTER make your
little sex slave baby sister cum and PLEASE MASTER cum in my
little cunt give me your baby juice make your sex slave baby
sister Pregnant with your baby"

   I fucked my little sister deep and hard and then I turned
over on my back and made it so my sister was on top and told her
"OK Sis you can ride my cock as deep and as fast and hard as you
want" and boy she went crazy and rode up and down on my cock and
after 20 minutes she finally said "Oh I am Cumming I am
cunt shot your cum inside my tummy make your slutty little 8 Year
Old Hairless Cunt Sex Slave Baby Siter pregnant" and that was too
much for me and I came inside her little cunt.

   I also got to fuck all the other little girls that night
including the little 6 year old girls and one month later I joined
the U.S. Army and 2 1/2 months later I found out from m little
sister that her and m 3 cousins and about 8 of the other girls I
fucked that night were all Pregnant.

The End

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