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Subject: {ASSM} **New Spoonbender Story - Out of this world 4 (Ponygirls)
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Bree's drag strip race (ponygirls) - Sequel to Out of this world 1, 2
& 3

This short story is not for minors or anyone else that doesn't like to
read about young ladies being used as mere chattels whilst not having
their intelligence being regarded or their personalities being allowed
to develop. It is not PC. This is copyright (c) 2001, by Spoonbender.
It can be distributed freely as long as no charge is made for it and
it isn't changed in any way. If it is archived it is on the basis that
I have unrestricted access to the archive. 

This is all pure fiction, the figment of a peculiar mind (You don't
honestly believe its real do you?) So no characters in it are based on
people, or organizations, either living or dead. Don't flame me if you
don't like my style, I'm still learning the craft. Email me if you
have constructive criticism, or if you like it and want more. (Gee) My
email address is :

It is suggested that you read Out of this world 1,2 and 3 to get a
feel for the story. I'm sure someone will repost them for you or I
will send them if I'm asked nicely <grin>.

Please look at my story survey at


The flags fluttered gaily and there was a muted buzz hanging over the
crowd as they awaited the runners for the Golden Shield. The most
prestigious race in the racing calendar was about to begin.

A wide set of doors swung open and the crowd roared and sprang to its
feet as the rigs were led out into the sunlight.

They were magnificent, gleaming black with the only splash of colour
coming from the Jockey's silk shirt and peaked cap. The engines,
upright as was the fashion, were covered from head to toe in thin
black rubber which moulded to their bodies like each had a second
skin. The stable lads were obviously a conscientious bunch because
each one gleamed in the glare of yellow sun. There wasn't a smudge or
blemish on them.

They were driven over to the rails then the wheels were locked as
attendants connected each engine to the rail that stretched out in
front of them. Two engines per rig, standing in front of the chariot
on which the jockey sat, feet up with his whip clenched tightly in his
hand. Each of the engine's hands chained to a shaft which stretched
out in front of them.

The attendants noticed that some of the engines were leaking copious
amounts of sperm as they inserted the hard rubber dildos. Some jockeys
and trainers swore that the engines worked harder and pulled faster if
they'd been serviced just prior to the race. Usually quite a few
times. Others preferred the night before whilst still others, like
Hvriv the abstemious preferred no sex at all for at least a week. If
at all.

One thing was for certain they were superbly trained and
extraordinarily fit. Not an ounce of bodyfat existed anywhere on their
svelte bodies. These were the cream, absolute perfection.

The dildos were connected to short rods which in turn had bearings on
the end. These bearings slotted into grooves set in the steel rails
that led around the track. The bearings allowed the dildo to follow
the direction and height of the rails, thereby providing both steering
and sensation. Most jockeys didn't bother to grease the bearings so
they ground harshly thereby vibrating the dildo inside her.

End plates were screwed into place and she was locked to the rails.
The only way she was going to get the dildo out of her was by running
the mile long  course and driving it off the other end.

Finally all were ready and the attendants left the field to a round of
applause, as the tension in the crowd soared.

Bree was on number three rig. She had been training for this moment
for weeks now. Although she didn't know it. Engine replicants weren't
given many facts about anything.

Certainly not about what her fate was to be.

She was chosen at creation time as being a flawless model that would
take to the rubber suit well. Her vagina, in particular, was deemed to
be sensitive enough to put her into the thoroughbred class. Having
been designated a thoroughbred she was offered to various trainers
finally being taken by Sanyt, an enthusiastic amateur. 

Being designated a thoroughbred doesn't automatically maker her one of
course. And so she was taken through an austere and physically
punishing training schedule. Sanyt a shrewd judge of fleshstock
started to express a certain amount of excitement as he saw her being
put through her paces. He especially liked the bunch and pull of her
leg muscles as she pumped the bicycle pedals, dildo powering in and
out of her, with a lusty overseer behind her lambasting her bottom
with a paddle. She took to the dildo well, it created just the right
amount of sensation in her to be useful. Too much and she wouldn't
make it half way round the course, too little and the judges would
disqualify her.

She was the most promising young filly he'd had in a long time.

But even he didn't expect her to be competing in the Golden Shield.
She was part of a two engine combination, the other engine being Stena
who was owned by another trainer, and they had taken the season by
storm as they came from nowhere to storm up the league table. Winning
race after race. An unbroken record. 

So far. 

But this was the tough one. Here they were up against some of the
finest engine/jockey combinations on the planet. Their jockey was a
wizened little man but one with a calculating eye when it came to
controlling engines. He'd been brought out of retirement to jockey
these two, once their potential had been noticed. It was a calculated
risk because he'd had a series of terrible seasons after which he took
to the grainalc in rather a bad way. Before his run of bad luck he had
been superb so the two trainers, hardly rich men this being just their
hobby, had decided to gamble and so far the gamble seemed to have paid

Now they overlooked the ground from the owner's grandstand, clutching
their betting slips in their hands as they watched their engines being
locked on. 

"Come on Bree," muttered Sanyt under his breath. "Pump up and down a
little. Get used to it, like I told you." It was as if an invisible
thread linked them together because just as he uttered the words she
bent her knees a little hunching up and down on the unyielding pole
while her trainer beamed.

Whether it was uncomfortable inside her nobody could work out, except
by watching the body language. Each engine's full frontal view was
projected on to giant screens that surrounded the course. The crowd
were studying their reactions with a great deal of interest before
rushing off to place their bets.

If she looked stiff and awkward, or worse trying to rise up on her
toes, then her odds were lengthened. If she volunteered to ride up and
down on the pole then they shortened, which meant that if she won the
trainer might get to win the trainers prize. Which was a magnificent
dream for a hobbyist like Sanyt.

And so her odds shortened, only to shorten even further when her
companion twisted backwards and forwards a little, before sinking down
onto the dildo that pierced her.

Their odds crept closer to the favourites, number 5, the winners of
the previous two Golden Shields. They too were accustoming themselves
to the intruders. They were both dipping up and down on their jockey's
command, getting themselves wet so the friction wasn't unbearable. He
worked them carefully, he didn't want them to become horny.

Just wet.

The judges came out onto the field to check the dildos. It was a
strict rule that each engine should have exactly the same amount
inside her. So the rods were lengthened and shortened accordingly
until at last the judges were satisfied.

All was ready and the crowd went quiet.

The light went amber for a second and the jockeys gripped their whips.
Then green.

They were off.

Bree's jockey got her off to a good start. It was quite an art getting
both engines to start together as the only contact he was allowed was
through his whip. If both engines don't start together vital seconds
could be lost whilst they tried to get into sync. Fortunately he'd
been practicing for hours and had perfected a technique whereby he'd
swing and crack the whip in such as fashion that he could connect with
both of their bottoms with a single flick of his wrists.

The engines leapt forward as the thin leather left a painful stripe
across their bottoms. 

They hesitated slightly as they felt the drag of the dildos which
tilted forward as the friction pulled on the bearings. The jockey's
whip connected with the top of their thighs and their hips jerked
forward, which in turn pulled the bearings forward thus breaking the

It was neatly done and the crowd roared its approval as they watched
the close up action on the screens, with the image taken from the
cameras that hung on the ends of the long shafts they were chained to.

They accelerated up the straight smoothly with the jockey hardly
having to use his whip except to crack it over their heads. They
slowed momentarily as they entered the curve which started to tilt the
dildos over.

Backwards and forwards his arm went as he beat them each in turn.
Forehand, backhand, forehand....

Until they finally got the message and their pace increased.

Now the rail left the protection of the stands and so it was exposed
to the elements, thus it was rusty. This increased the vibration of
the dildos and so the jockey had to keep up his wild arm movements.

He glanced across and saw that number 5 was in the lead, the long
leggy strides of his engines perfectly in step. It was an awesome
piece of training. But he wasn't going to get downhearted. His engines
were a little more ragged in their deportment but he knew they made up
for it in raw stamina.

His whip cracked a little harder.

Both engines were puffing frantically by now with little moans coming
from them as the dildos buzzed. They were getting hot but it wasn't
serious yet.

Another curve another hesitation. Quickly dealt with by stiff
applications of the whip.

The pace was heating up now. There were only 3 rigs left in the race
and number 5 was still in the lead when they hit the chicane.

The smooth level rails suddenly started to rise up and down thereby
forcing the dildos in and out of the pussies. Each track was different
and the Golden Shield track was considered to be the most formidable
of all as the rise and fall accounted for a full eight inches at it

The third rig suddenly seemed to lose momentum as the engines started
to overheat when the dildos started to pump in and out.

Bree and her companion took the pumping extremely well, barely pausing
in their stride as the slick dildos slid smoothly in and out of them,
between their pistoning legs.

The two remaining rigs were neck and neck as they entered the final

The engines leaned over with the camber and the crowd got glimpses of
the dildos as they disappeared in and out of them.

The rack straight hit them straight after the curve.

It was the feature that made the course interesting. Here not only did
the rails go up and down, each hill and valley deeper and closer
together than the last, they tilted from side to side, thus the engine
found the dildos waving around in their pussies like dough mixers.
While they pounded mercilessly.

The two jockeys were flailing their whips furiously as they entered
the final straight.

The engines were running as fast as they could and the dildos glinted
in the sun as they pumped in and out. 

Suddenly number 5's starboard engine started to overheat and she
started to lose the rhythm. Number 3 started to edge out in front
while number 5's jockey curled his whip around to crack across the
hapless engine's nipples to try and bring her back under control.

It partially succeeded for a short time but the feelings were seeming
to overwhelm her despite the pain from her breasts. 

Bree was starting to heat up badly as they powered towards the
finishing line. Her pussy was like a piece of raw wet meat and she
sweated furiously under the hot rubber. The combination of heat and
sensation started to build in her. She was operating on automatic as
her legs continued straining while the whip raised little ridges on
her silky skin.

The sensations were beginning to overwhelm her.

Number 5 meanwhile had lost control as his engine finally overheated
and came on the pumping dildo.

The crowd hissed and tore up their betting cards in disgust as number
3, with Bree barely holding on shot off the end of the track.

They left the rails just as Bree was starting to cum. The dildos
dropped free as the bearings came out of the grooves, leaving the
girls empty and aching as their momentum carried them forward. Their
lust unfulfilled.

They were slowly brought under control and trotted into the winner's
enclosure. Bree was so overcome by lust she was trying to rub the tops
of  her thighs together as they were presented with the Golden Shield.

Sanyt beamed in happiness as he helped to hold up the shield to the
roaring crowd.

He looked in affection as Bree tried to relieve herself.

Tonight she was going to have a celebratory gang bang like she
wouldn't believe.

Meanwhile she'd have to wait.


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