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Subject: {ASSM} Susan and Amanda: Alone with Steve Part VI - Susan's Turn (M/ff cons oral anal pedo incest)
Date: Fri,  8 Dec 2000 16:10:06 -0500
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Susan & Amanda: Alone with Steve Part VI - Susan's Turn (M/ff cons oral anal
pedo incest)

USUAL DISCLAIMER TYPE THING: This is entirely a work of fiction, and anyone
who can't tell fantasy from reality and is tempted to try anything mentioned
in this story in their real life should seek immediate professional help, or
turn themselves over to the police authorities in their area.

This story is copyright 2000 Sir Swat II. It may be posted at any free story
site, or in the free sections of commercial sites, but it may not be sold or
paid for in any way.

This Susan & Amanda installment has been longer in the writing than I thought
it would be. It's turned out to be longer, more involved and (in parts)
heavier than I'd originally intended. There is, in fact, a great deal more
story and less sex than I'd thought there would be (there's still lots of
sex, don't worry!). I think it also contains my best writing to date.

The first Susan & Amanda story was posted to assm on October 21, 2000 in four
parts, entitled "Susan & Amanda's Punishment". The second was posted in one
section on November 4, 2000, entitled "Susan & Amanda: Training". They can
all be found on ASSTR ( or Deja - searching
for 'sirswatii' will bring them up easily on either forum. (If you use Deja,
remember to search the 'Complete' archives; the 'Standard' archives don't
include any of the adult groups like ASSM.) This story follows the previous
two, chronologically.

And now, without further babbling, our Feature Presentation...

The morning after Amanda's first gentle assfuck, Steve came into the room the
two girls shared at his usual time, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.
Susan was still asleep, curled up on her side of the bed, but his daughter
Amanda was awake and sat up in bed when her daddy came into the room. She
smiled and said cheerfully, "Good Morning, Daddy!"

Steve sat down beside her on the bed and said, "Good Morning, love. Did you
sleep well?" At the eight year old's nod, he continued, "Is your bottom sore
at all this morning, 'Mandy? Can I look at it?"

The girl slipped out of bed to stand next to her father and said, "I... my
bumhole's a little bit sore this morning, Daddy, but you didn't hurt me last
night, really."

"That's good, lovely girl, I didn't want to hurt you at all. Now, can you
bend over the edge of your bed for me?" She did, and Steve bent to examine
Amanda's bottom. The white cotton panties she'd wore to bed were stained with
lubricant and semen above her anus - as he'd thought, she'd continued to leak
during the night. When Steve gently slid her panties down his daughter's
narrow thighs and looked right at her anus, he saw that while her tender hole
was pinker than usual and looked very slightly puffy, the eight year old had
tightened back up overnight and had no other unusual marks or signs around
her asshole beyond a gleaming layer of excess lube that had leaked out from
inside her rectum overnight.

Steve lifted his daughter upright and kissed her cheek lovingly as he slid
her panties off and onto the floor, stroking her lovely bottom. Then he saw
that Susan was awake now as well, watching his inspection of Amanda's bottom
silently. Steve said, "Good Morning, Susan! Did you sleep well last night?"

She nodded and grinned, saying, "Yes, Uncle Steve, I did. But... did you
really put your hard penis into 'Mandy's bottom last night, gently?"

Amanda herself answered, "He did, Susan, all the way in, and it didn't really
hurt at all, 'cause Daddy was really gentle and made sure my bum was all

"Really? Uncle Steve, would you... do you want to put your penis into my
bottom, very very gently?"

Steve slid across the bed toward his niece, but didn't touch her as he said,
"Only if you want me to, Susan. I promise to be very gentle, but if you don't
want me to slide my penis into your pretty bottom I won't, ever, I promise."

"You can really put your penis into my bum so that it's not sore, Uncle
Steve?" The nine year old glanced back and forth between her uncle and cousin
as she spoke.

"Yes, love, I can do that, if you relax and trust me not to make you sore. Do
you want to try?"

Susan bit her lip for a moment, then said, "Ummm, OK Uncle Steve. You didn't
make Amanda sore, she says, and I'm a bigger girl than she is!"

Steve smiled and said, "If it makes you sore, tell me and I'll stop, I
promise. Now, let's get you arranged."

The preteen hadn't worn anything to bed the previous night, so Steve just
positioned a pillow halfway down the bed and guided Susan over it on her
stomach, so that her bottom was sticking up into the air with the pillow
under her hips. He stroked her bottom slowly, then said, "I've got to get
some stuff to make sure you aren't sore, so just wait a moment, pretty girl."

Steve gathered up the same two lubes he'd used on Amanda the previous
evening, plus a small towel, then returned to the girls' bedroom. Amanda had
sat down on her side of the bed, legs curled under her bottom, and Susan was
still in place over her pillow, peering over her shoulder as her uncle came
back into the room. Steve dumped his suppplies on the bed and sat down behind
Susan, moving her legs wide apart as he sat down between them. Stroking the
girl's thighs and buttocks with his hands, he said, "Susan love, first I'm
going to use my fingers and slowly make your pretty bottom all slippery
inside and ready for my penis, OK?"

His niece gave a small nod but didn't say anything as Steve began to slowly
rub thick lubricant cream around the outside of her anus with a fingertip,
his other hand gently rubbing the girl's virginal cunny lips to disctract
her. When Steve slipped a well-lubed fingertip just inside Ssuan's ass she
twitched but still didn't say anything, so he worked the fingertip in and out
for a minute or two before withdrawing it entirely to coat his entire finger
in a layer of the thick lube.

Returning to Susan's prepubescent anal pucker Steve squeezed a blob of lube
on top of it, then began to slowly, steadily slide his slippery finger inside
the girl, rotating the finger and backing it out a few inches sometimes but
not stopping until the entire length of his middle finger was up inside
Susan's backside, his knuckles pressed against her smooth round buttocks. The
girl wiggled slightly, so Steve said gently, "Is my finger making you sore,
lovely girl?"

Susan glanced back at him and said, "No, not sore, but I can feel it way
inside my bum! How come... it doesn't make me sore? Mommy's finger does,
usually, when she checks my bottom!"

Steve rubbed his niece's back with his free hand and said, "Well, I've put
lots of slippery stuff on my finger, and that's making your bottom slippery
inside as well."

He slowly withdrew his finger, coating it in another generous dose of thick
lubricant before sliding it back into Susan's bottom, pumping his finger in
and out of the little girl faster this time as he worked his finger deeper.
Susan was just as hot but not quite as tight as Steve's daugher had been, but
then Susan was almost a year older than Amanda and had been taking her
father's and brother's cocks up her ass for a while now. Still fucking his
finger up and down, Steve said, "Do you think you're ready for my penis now,
Susan, if I go very gently and slowly?"

She caught her breath at the movement of her uncle's finger up her bottom,
and said, "Oh, that feels all funny, your finger feels all smooth moving like
that." Susan swallowed and said, "If... if you think my bottom... is ready
for your penis, Uncle Steve..."

"You're a very brave girl, Susan, just like Amanda was last night. Just lie
still, now..." Steve popped his finger out of the preteen's ass and smeared a
coat of lube up and down his erection before wiping his hand clean and
picking up the rubber-tipped syringe filled with the lighter lube oil that
was ususally used in the girl's bottom. "This'll make you even more smooth
and slippery inside, my girl."

Steve squirted most of the lube up into Susan's bottom, smeared the rest
around his cock, then knelt close to the nine year old's bottom and aimed his
erection with one hand, resting the other hand on Susan's slender hip. Amanda
was lying on her tummy on her side of the bed, watching wide-eyed but
silently as the head of her father's cock eased her cousin's anus open, just
as it had done to her last night.

Susan gasped out loud as Steve's cockhead lodged in her asshole, then gasped
again when Steve swung his body over hers, hands up near her slender
shoulders, and began to ease his cock farther into her prepubescent rectum.
Steve said, "It's going to be fine, Susan, just be brave and lie still,
lovely girl."

Steve bottomed his cock out very gently, deep inside Susan's hot asshole, and
paused there for a moment, lowering himself to his elbows to kiss the back of
Susan's neck and whisper, "I'm all the way inside your lovely bottom, pretty
girl. Are you sore?"

"Ohhh no not sore, Uncle Steve, but it feels so big, filling my bum up! Are
you going to move your hard penis in and out now, Uncle Steve?"

"Yes, love, I am, but only very slowly and gently." He kisses his niece's
neck again and begins to slide his cock out of her hot ass until just the
head of it keeps her opened up, then reenters Susan just a bit faster than
the first time, making the girl gasp a bit as he bottoms out slowly, just a
bit of his weight pressing down on her round bottom.

Susan groans a bit, softly, but before she says anything Steve is starting
his return stroke, sliding his cock up again until just the head spreads the
nine year old's anus open. Holding himself there, Steve says, "You're taking
my penis very well, lovely girl. Is it making you sore at all?"

She peers over her shoulder at her uncle and says, "It's not sore like when
Dad's punishing me with his hard penis, Uncle Steve. It's moving inside me
slowly, not fast like Dad and Josh use my bum."

Steve leans down and kisses her ear several times, then says, "I'm glad it's
not hurting, lovely girl, I'm going to keep going now..."

With that, he fucks his cock deep into Susan's hot ass, then starts using
short thrusts inside the girl instead of the long, ass-opening strokes he
started with. Steve moves two or three inches in and out of his niece's
bottom, breathing hard as his balls bounce against her virgin pussy and his
cock bobs up and down deep in Susan's rectum, moving faster now but still not
fast enough to hurt the girl.

Susan begins to gasp in time to her uncle's screwing, holding a fold of
blanket in both hands and gasping softly, "Ohhh...Ohhh...Ohhh! Ohhh..." as
Steve feels his orgasm mount. His cock twitches several times, spraying hot
semen deep inside Susan's preteen ass as he pushes his hips down against her
round buttocks, gasping himself with orgasm.

As Steve feels his erection soften inside Susan's butt, he decides not to
pull out, instead sliding a hand under his niece's hips, holding her bottom
against his crotch as he rolls on to his side, softening penis still halfway
up Susan's ass. He cuddles her slender body against his chest and kisses the
side of her face several times. Susan is still breathing hard but seems calm
enough as Steve says, "That was very good, Susan, you were very brave and
your bottom is lovely."

She said, "Oh, I'm a bit sore, it's so big inside me, but not sore like when
Daddy punishes my poor hole. You... your penis is still inside me, Uncle
Steve! Are you going to take it out?"

He grinned and said, "In a minute, I think. Just lie still, love."

Then Steve looked over his shoulder at Amanda, who had been watching her
cousin and daddy the whole time, wide-eyed but silent. "Amanda honey, would
you like to come around this side and make Susan feel really good, while she
makes you feet good?"

When Amanda nodded and came around the bed to Susan's side, Steve shoved the
pillow Susan had been lying on to the floor, then lifted his niece's upper
leg into the air, carefully keeping his soft penis inside her ass as he
brought her ankle toward her thigh, opening her legs wide. "Now 'Mandy, lie
down beside Susan here, with your head near her pretty pussy and your pussy
near her mouth. Remember when you and I used our mouths on each other at the
same time, a couple of days ago?"

Amanda nodded and said, "You said that's called 'sixty-nine', and explained
why it was called that, right Daddy?"

"That's exactly right, smart girl. Well, girls can do sixty-nine to each
other as well, with their mouths on each other's pretty cunnies at the same

Amanda lay down as she said, "Cool, you want Susan and me to do that now?"
Her father nodded, then Amanda continued, "Daddy! You still have your penis
in Susan's bum, I can see it right next to her cunny!"

Steve said, "That's right, I'd like to leave my penis inside Susan's lovely
bottom while you two make each other feel good. Is it sore, Susan?"

The girl wiggled against his chest a bit and said, "Um no Uncle Steve, it's
all softer now, it just feels funny. It doesn't make me sore, having it in my
bum right now..."

He kissed her gently and said, "Thank you, Susan, I like how my penis feels
inside your bottom."

Amanda had moved her face close to her cousin's crotch, and now reached in
with one small hand. Steve felt a light fingertip run along his cock until it
entered Susan's anus, then very softly stroke around the girl's opened
asshole, right around his cock were it opened the girl up. Steve felt his
cock move from his daughter's touch, even though he'd had an orgasm just
minutes earlier. She said, "Oh, it looks funny, Dad, your penis in Susan's

Susan also felt her cousin's touch, and her uncle's penis moving inside her,
and she stiffened a bit against Steve's chest. He said, "Amanda, you can keep
touching like that, if you like, but use your mouth on your cousin, too,
while she makes you feel good as well."

He reached out and cupped Amanda's bottom with one hand, gently sliding her
toward Susan's face. Both girls bent their heads toward the other's hairless
cunny and began to kiss and lick, although Amanda did run a fingertip or two
around her cousin's penetrated anus as she used her mouth on Susan's pussy.
Both girls started getting into making each other feel good, working lips,
tongues and fingertips up and down each other's hairless slits and starting
to make the small pre-orgasmic noises that Steve loved so much.

Susan's small movements as Amanda licked her pussy, and Amanda's occasional
exploration of her cousin's cock-stuffed anus gradually brought Steve's cock
more and more erect inside Susan's bottom. Amanda orgasmed first, pushing her
cunny against her cousin's mouth as she came and using her own mouth faster
on Susan's privates as she flushed and moaned with orgasm.

When Susan came a few minutes later, Steve felt her anal passage flex and
squeeze around his cock as she quivered with her orgasm, eyes screwed shut
and skin flushing pink all over her slender, lovely body. The amazing
cock-massage provided by the nine year old's anus completed the job of
bringing Steve nearly fully erect again. He began to very slowly push his
cock back inside his niece as she came down from her orgasm and Amanda said,
"Daddy! Your penis is hard again, are you putting it into Susan's bum more?
It's moving!"

Steve stopped his slow thrust and said, "Susan's bottom feels so good around
my penis that it's gotten hard again. Amanda, remember that small mirror we
used to look at your privates several days ago? Could you go get it from the

The eight year old nodded, said, "Yes Daddy, I know where that is!" and
dashed from the room as Susan shifted against her uncle's chest, getting used
to the newly-erect cock once again opening up her bottom.

"Uncle Steve, your penis feels so big in my bum!"

Steve kissed the top of Susan's head gently, stroking her body as he said,
"It's OK, love, you'll get used to it again, just like last time. And this
time, you'll get to see what my penis in your lovely bottom looks like.
That's why I sent Amanda for the mirror. If you bend like this..."

He held the girl's slender hips as she bent at the waist, curling up a bit as
she lay on the bed to try and peer at her own bottom. Amanda returned with
the mirror a moment later, and Steve gets her to lie down near his and
Susan's legs, carefully holding the mirror so that he and Susan can both see
his erection where it entered Susan's preteen asshole. Still holding the nine
year old by the hips and watching himself in the mirror, Steve slid his cock
slowly out of Susan's bottom until just the very tip of his cock nuzzled the
girl's anus open, then said, "Susan, the jar of the nice thick lube cream is
right here. I want you to get a blob of the cream on your fingers, and rub it
onto my penis. That'll make it all slippery inside your beautiful bottom
again, so you won't get sore."

The cool slipperyness of the lube cream, the feel of Susan's hands carefully
rubbing a layer around his whole organ, and the slight pinching of his
cockhead by the girl's anus make Steve's cock harden the rest of the way back
to a full erection. When Susan had carefully coated her uncle's penis with a
new layer of lube, he said, "That was very well done, lovely girl. Now, just
take a new blob and put it around the tip of my penis, right around your
pretty little hole, OK?"

Susan didn't say anything, just smeared a generous amount of the thick lube
around her anal pucker, then her uncle handed her the towel to get the excess
lube off her hands and said, "Just lie still and watch the mirror, love, I'm
going to slide my penis back into your lovely bottom."

Holding Susan's narrow hips in his hands, Steve began to slowly re-enter his
niece's asshole while the two girls watch closely. Steve watched the mirror
nearly as closely - it's not often you get to watch yourself bury your own
erection in your nine year old niece's lovely ass. He slid his cock up into
Susan until her warm bottom pressed against his hips, then began to slide out
of the girl until only the head of his cock is lodged inside her smooth, hot

He fucked Susan's ass in this slow, measured way for over five minutes, lying
on the bed with warm morning sunlight splashed across the room, fucking away
in silence broken only by occasional gasps or moans for Susan or himself and
some quiet gasps of wonder from Amanda, who has moved her face as close as
possible to Susan's penetrated anus without blocking the mirror that let
Susan & Steve watch the show, too.

Finally, the sensations overwhelm his control and Steve pulls Susan's body
hard against his, settling his spasming cock deep in the nine year old's
wonderful ass and pumping a load of semen into the girl. She gave a little
moan as her uncle's erection spasmed and wilted slowly inside her, then as he
pulled out of her bottom and let go of her hips, Susan flopped over onto her
back and said, "I've never.... never had a penis inside me for so long, Uncle
Steve, you were really going slow!"

He wiped his slimed cock clean, smiling at the girl as he said, "You were
wonderful, Susan, I liked using your pretty bottom so slowly. Let me see your
bottom, lovely girl."

With that, Steve lifted the girl's legs by her ankles, bending her at the
waist to observe the preteen's well-used anus. The girl's back entrance is
gaping wide and lube-smeared from her uncle's extended use, but only slightly
pinker than usual, with no puffiness visible. Steve let the girl's legs go,
then lifted her to her feet; she has to grab her uncle's hand for a moment
for support, then the girl drops her hands down to her bottom, probing very
slowly as she said, "Oh, it feels all funny in my bottom, Uncle Steve, I'm
all opened up!"

"Are you sore down there, lovely girl?"

"Mmmm, a bit, but it just feels funny, mostly! It doesn't really hurt..."

"Come on, let's get you two cleaned up and dressed." Steve hugged Susan
against his chest and kissed her again as he continued, "That was wonderful,
both of you. Susan, you took my penis amazingly. You both have such lovely

Steve held Susan against him, and reached out to Amanada with his other hand.
She hopped off the bed and cuddled up against her daddy's side, smiling up at
him as he cuddled them both closely before leading the way to the bathroom.
There, he gets both girls to bend over the counter while he gently wipes both
lovely assholes clean and pats them dry, then he sends the girls off to get
dressed while he takes a very quick shower, washing the last traces of lube
and semen from his cock and aching balls, marvelling at the wonderful sexy
little girls he's got.

After towelling himself dry, Steve gets dressed - business clothes, for the
first time in two weeks - and goes downstairs to join Susan & Amanda at
breakfast. He notices that both butt-fucked little girls are sitting somewhat
uncomfortably, especially Susan, but neither of them complain, talking
instead about the most amazingly ordinary things, considering they've just
had an early-morning orgy. The latest Disney movie will hold the attention of
most preteen girls, Steve thought with amusement, even ones who've just
experienced or watched a long session of anal sex! ======= Even more to come
- is anyone actually reading this? Does anyone have comments?

Sir Swat II

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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