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Subject: {ASSM} The Teacher (Part one) - A Lesbian scat story, including mother/daughter 
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"The Teacher"
A story containing lesbian scat and Mother/daughter Scat.
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The Teacher (Part one) - A Lesbian scat story, including mother/daughter 

   By DurtyLady

Her name was Diane Shannon and she was truly beautiful. The mirror before 
her testified to her beauty and seemed to glow in the radiance of her body. 
Her soft brown hair hung limply just above her jutting breasts which were 
heaving up and down. She stood and watched her nipples grow with her rising 

Cupping her breasts, she looked down at the shadow of her cunt showing 
through her thin white panties. A wet spot was beginning to show as the warm 
juice of her cunt seeped into the thin material. Hurriedly she pulled the 
panties from her body, and turning her back to the mirror, she looked over 
her shoulder so she could watch as her hands gripped and separated the soft 
cheeks of her ass.

A shiver ran through her as the tight, puckered brown asshole was exposed to 
her view. Wetting her finger in her mouth, she touched it to her shit hole, 
watching as she slowly pushed it deep into her rectum. It was a wonderful 
feeling, the feeling of having to shit. She had loved it ever since the day 
as a little girl that her mother, Jean, had taught her all about the ways to 
enjoy her body.

Pulling her finger from her asshole, she lifted it to her face and sniffed; 
she loved the smell of shit, it was such a turn on, there was only one thing 
better, and that was the taste of shit. She opened her mouth and slid the 
brown-stained digit over her tongue, savouring the bitter-sweet taste of her 
own shit.

Diane grabbed a chair and throwing a leg over each arm, stared at her own 
spread cunt presented to her in the mirror. Rubbing her wet slit, her mind 
went back to the time when her sexual awakening began. She closed her eyes 
and remembered....

It began in the month of September, twelve years earlier. She had just 
turned fifteen and it was the fifth day after the opening of school. At the 
time she was already quite well developed and, like her mother, was very 
She had just arrived home from school and as she walked into the house, she 
heard Jean calling her from the bedroom. The first thing she noticed was the 
strange tone to Her mother's voice, and walking toward the bedroom, sensed 
that something was very different today.

Entering the room, Diane saw that the shades were drawn, and looking toward 
the bed she could see Jean lying there, naked. Her eyes widened in surprise 
as she looked at Her mother's naked body:  the large, soft tits spreading 
over her mother's chest, and the dark, hairy mound of her mother's cunt 
nestled between her soft white thighs.

"Diane, my love, don't be afraid," she said, patting the bed. "Come, sit 
beside me."

With shaking knees, Diane walked to the bed and sat down beside her mother's 
naked body. Without another word, her mom pulled her down next to her and 
covered Diane's mouth with her own in a long lingering kiss. She felt her 
mother's tongue, warm and wet with saliva, sliding between her lips and into 
her mouth.

Shock waves raced through her body as Diane felt her mother's hands fumbling 
to remove her own clothing and suddenly she, too, was naked. She twisted 
with pleasure as she felt her flesh touching the warm flesh of Jean. Their 
hot kiss continued, their tongues now meeting in wild abandon, as Diane felt 
her mother's hand cupping her soft, young breast. Her nipples hardened at 
the touch, and she could feel an intense burning, deep between her legs.

At last, Jean broke the kiss and held Diane back, looking at her young body.
"Darling," she said, her voice husky with longing, "you're a beautiful girl, 
and its time that you learned the pleasures of sex."

Diane sighed with pleasure as Jean caressed every part of her young body. 
She groaned with pleasure as Jean sucked the hard nipples of her young 
boobs, while at the same time her hands gently stroked Diane's cunt and ass, 
her fingers probing softly into both of her virgin holes.

Diane returned every one of her mother's embraces as she thrust her tongue 
deep into Jean's mouth, squeezed her large, soft tits, and gently stroked 
the dripping wet cunt between her legs.

After a while, Diane found herself lying on the bed with Jean on top of her. 
She could see her mother's head lying between her legs. The wet hole between 
them was burning with excitement. Suddenly she gasped with pleasure, as she 
felt something wet and hard, yet soft at the same time, flicking between the 
lips of her swollen vagina.

Her clitoris hardened with lust as Jean licked at the sweet, juicy flesh 
with her tongue. Diane was going out of her mind as Jean continued to stroke 
her with the point of her tongue. She arched her back with passion, pushing 
her ass off the bed and tried to bury her mother's face deeper into her 
soaking wet cunt.
This was totally new to her, and it was tearing her mind from her body.

"Oh, Mummy, Mummy," she cried out, "please, do something, do something, 
please, I cant stand it any more!"

Her mother's eyes were alive with lust as she reversed her position on 
Diane's young body. Turning around into the sixty-nine position, she buried 
Diane's face under her cunt and ass. The smell of her mother's asshole right 
above her nose inflamed her passion even more. Opening her mouth, Diane 
sucked Her mother's cunt into it, all the while breathing deeply of Jean's 
shit hole.

As she mouthed Jean, the older woman was busy eating the flesh of her 
daughter's cunt, sucking all of the fresh, sweet young juices, exciting 
Diane to madness.
Suddenly Jean raised her head from Diane's vagina, "I'm cumming!" she 
Diane didn't fully understand what was happening but her own lust was 
maddening. Opening her mouth wide, she sucked all of her mother's swollen, 
red cunt flesh into her warm wet mouth. Jean sighed in ecstasy as felt the 
warmth of Diane's mouth envelop her. "Oh", she sighed, "just a little more, 
just a little more."
Diane's tongue scraped against the hard point of her mother's clitoris.

Suddenly, she brought her teeth down on the aroused bud of flesh. Jean 
screamed in painful ecstasy and suddenly, Diane's mouth was full of the 
sweet taste of her mother's come as she shuddered on top of her.

As Jean recovered, she started once more paying attention to her daughter's 
virgin cunt and ass, licking gently along the folds of her pussy while 
slowly pushing her finger past the tight sphincter which led to Diane's 
Diane grunted as she felt the finger invade her. This was something else 
new, and she liked the feeling. The pleasure in her cunt was wonderful, and 
the feeling of the finger pushing into her ass was making it even better.

"Oh Mummy, what are you doing?" she whispered as she pushed down on the 
invading finger.  She felt so full; she hadn't been to the bathroom yet and 
felt she was about to burst. Jean groaned as she felt her finger encounter 
the soft mass of her daughter's unborn shit.

Slowly, Jean withdrew the shit-coated finger, she wanted her daughter to 
watch what she was about to do, so she shifted her position. Diane looked up 
to see Jean sniffing at the dirty finger, it had a thick coating of her 
shit, and she was amazed to see Jean wrap her lips around it and suck it 

Speechless, she could only watch, and see the pleasure on her mum's face. 
Once again Jean buried her face in her daughter's crotch, only this time, 
she pushed her tongue into Diane's ass, tasting her shit directly.

Suddenly, without warning, Diane let out a long silent fart; in her passion 
she didn't notice, but Jean did, and savoured it with delight. With her 
mum's fingers playing in her cunt, and her tongue in her ass, Diane began to 
lose control, and the mass of shit inside her began to move towards the 
opening to her ass. Jean felt it move against her tongue and began to suck 
at her daughter's ass, her tongue was pushed out, and she felt her 
daughter's turd pass between her lips. She was in absolute heaven as the 
mass of shit filled her mouth, almost choking her. At last her mouth was so 
full, she couldn't take any more, and let the rest fall out onto the bed.

Sitting up, she looked at Diane and still stroking her cunt, she let her 
daughter see her mouth full of shit. Diane went crazy, bucking on Jean's 
fingers, and seeing her mum eating her shit, her first ever orgasm hit her, 
making her scream with pleasure! Then, without thinking, she pulled Jean's 
mouth down on to her's, covering her mother's shit-filled mouth with her 
own, tasting her shit as she came, and loving it!

They lay in each other's arms for a while, gazing into one another's eyes. 
Jean opened her mouth, showing Diane the shit that still filled it, and 
pushed her tongue out to her daughter, who leaned forward and drew it into 
her own mouth, once more filling her mouth with the taste of her own shit.

"Did you enjoy that darling?" Jean asked her.

"Oh Mum, it was wonderful, magic, out of this world!"

Her mother smiled, and licked the last remaining smears of shit from around 
her lips.  Diane sat up and made to get out of bed.

"Where are you going darling?" Jean asked.

"I won't be a moment, Mummy; I have to run to the bathroom!"

"No you don't, sweetie," Jean replied with a glint in her eyes.

"But, Mummy, I desperately need to pee and I still want to poo!"

"Darling, I loved what we did earlier, I have been wanting to do that with 
you for ages."

"You mean, when I pooped in your mouth? You want me to do it again?"

"Oh yes, now and whenever you want, I loved it, so did you, I think."

Diane thought for a moment, "You're so right, I loved it, Mummy."

With that she knelt over the prostrate body of her mother; Jean lay there 
with her mouth open in anticipation of what she was about to receive. Diane 
strained, her bladder was so full, she couldn't hold it any longer and let 
fly. The golden stream of piss shot out of her cunt and hit the back of her 
mother's mouth. Jean gurgled as her mouth filled with the hot piss of her 
daughter, and as she closed her mouth to swallow, the stream splashed all 
over her face, running down her neck and into her hair. Opening her mouth 
again, she refilled with the wonderful nectar, not believing what was 
happening. Her dreams coming true as she drank down her daughter's wonderful 
sweet piss. Finally the stream dried up, and Jean could hear Diane grunting 
and straining. A fart escaped from her daughter's ass, which caused them 
both to giggle. Watching the brown hole, Jean gasped as it began to open, 
revealing the end of another of her daughter's turds. She stretched out her 
tongue to catch it, but Diane had her hand in the way. She wanted to catch 
it in her hand.

Her mother watched, fascinated as the turd slid into Diane's palm, lying 
there like a shiny brown egg. It felt red hot, sitting there in Diane's 
hand, and she brought it up to her face as if to inspect it. She sniffed at 
it, savouring the heady odour; she extended her tongue and tentatively 
licked at it. The shit was hot to her touch, and the taste was so intense, 
it filled her nostrils and mouth. Holding her mother's gaze with hers, she 
opened her mouth and popped the turd in, rolling it around with her tongue. 
She couldn't believe how turned on she was, this was the most wonderful 
feeling. Jean was in heaven watching her daughter as she chewed and mashed 
her own shit.

Leaning over her mother, Diane opened her mouth and let the brown mush 
dribble from her mouth into her mother's, all the time bringing her mouth 
closer to her mother's, until they met in a dirty, mushy kiss. They ground 
their mouths together, pushing the shit back and forth into each other's 
mouth, clawing at each other's cunt as they did so, until at last they both 
climaxed in a nerve-shattering orgasm, and fell back onto the now soiled 
bed, exhausted....

Diane came out of her reverie, smiling as she remembered all the days and 
nights that followed. The shit play that they had indulged in together, it 
was probably the best time of her life, she thought.

In the mirror she could see herself sitting on the chair, her fingers inside 
both her holes. With fascination, she watched as she worked her fingers 
until she finally collapsed in a twisting, writhing orgasm.

As she sat in the chair, her orgasm fading, she was thinking about the 
coming evening. She had a tutoring assignment, the parents of a 15-year-old 
girl were paying her heavily for private lessons for their daughter, Trisha, 
and Diane couldn't wait to meet her.

End of Part One.

As always, this story remains the copyright of DurtyLady, and any feedback 
would be welcome, especially from other women.


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