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To K.


	Linda woke up, shaking off sleep with a yawn, and stretched out the arms 
from her fit, sport-loving body. She glanced around. In spite of the dim 
light, she recognized the furniture of her beach-house bedroom. Heavy drapes 
kept out most of the sunlight, allowing her to sleep longer than usual. It 
was the weekend, and there was no need to get up at sunrise.
	Linda sighed as she let her head roll over to watch her younger sister 
Nikki sleep. Then she looked at the red display of the clock radio: 10:23 
AM. `Dammit, so late?' she complained to herself. The seventeen-year-old 
girl sighed again and sat up, driving out of her body the last of her 
sleepiness. She got to her feet and walked over to the window. Drawing the 
drapes slightly apart, she looked out and rejoiced. The sky was a cloudless 
deep blue, and a warm breeze blowing from inland stroked her smiling face. 
It was the perfect weather to enhance her golden tan. In the afternoon, it 
would be promenade time...
	Linda picked up the bikini perched on the back of a wicker chair and ambled 
into the bathroom, whistling a song Rick used to sing with his band. Rick 
Hillman, the cutest guy for the prettiest girl in San Fernando High... Linda 
smiled at her own reflection in the bathroom mirror, brushing her long blond 
hair away from her face. `Some self-glorification can't hurt,' she thought. 
But popularity was not a question of just being pretty. Self-confidence and 
the right amount of rebelliousness seemed to do the trick -- at least for 
her, it did.
	Actually, all Linda's sisters seemed to do fairly well as far as popularity 
was concerned, particularly every time the four of them were together and -- 
more importantly -- had fun together. Nikki, thirteen months her junior, was 
the sweetest of them all. Nikki was Linda's confidante and her best friend, 
the one who cheered her up when she was down, the one who listened, the one 
who covered up for her. In contrast, her sister Zo  was an outspoken, 
bullheaded, quarrelsome, tomboyish 15-year-old, who wouldn't hesitate to use 
either her hands to pull her sisters' hair during a fight, or her nails to 
protect her identical twin Jeannie from a bully. It was clear to Linda that 
the love and hate lost between the twins was due to Zoe's overprotective, 
overzealous nature towards their youngest sister. Jeannie would protest and 
drive Zo  away from her, but it didn't take long for them to kiss and make 
up. Jeannie was intelligent and resolute, yet withdrawn and thoughtful. Like 
any pair of identical twins, Zo  and Jeannie loved to play tricks on 
strangers by dressing and behaving alike. But more often than not they would 
wear different outfits and hairdos, affirming their own identity and 
character. Despite all the bickering and name-calling, Linda knew that all 
her sisters were there for each other. Linda was even proud of them, the way 
people stared at them as they walked by, arms intertwined, laughing and 
talking as loud as they could, whooping it up as sisters should.
	Dad took pride in his "little girls", too. More precisely, Dad took pride 
in their good looks. With a tipsy smile on his face and a glass of bourbon 
in his right hand, he had once said that the McDougall genes were known to 
produce the most beautiful females on the planet. His daughters were living 
proof of it. `Yeah, right,' Linda thought, but her reflection kept smiling 
	Time for a shower, Linda decided. She tossed her white T-shirt and panties 
onto the tiled floor and hopped into the bathtub. Her face welcomed the warm 
shower. Her right hand clasped the soap and worked it over her body and her 
firm athlete's breasts. Rick joked that she had the figure for model, but 
what the hell... Her parents wouldn't buy it... Yes, it was just another of her 
wild boyfriend's crazy ideas. They didn't get along those three. Come to 
that, Mom and Dad didn't get along with many people anyway. It was strange 
for someone who was such a successful manager of people and money -- Fred 
McDougall, the most talked about CEO in Silicon Valley, the man who turned 
the obscure software company called Servenet into one of the hottest stocks 
on Wall Street. From time to time Dad mentioned his fascination for the 
political arena, and the possibility of a bid for Congress. Linda argued 
against it. She said that politics is such a dirty business, with far too 
much attention from the news media. The lack of freedom would be too damned 
stifling. No, Washington DC was definitely not the place to be. Finishing 
her shower and grabbing her terry towel, she concluded, `Give me the 
California sun instead, and I'll be forever happy.'
	Linda found, as expected, that Nikki hadn't moved a muscle. She was 
sleeping away, and unaware that her big sister was up and ready to go. Linda 
stopped in front of the vanity mirror. She examined her own reflection once 
more, making sure her sporty, skin-tight white and blue bikini with red 
streamlined stripes looked perfect, enhancing her natural curves instead of 
hiding them. Teasing the guys on the beach was a turn-on Linda couldn't 
resist. Capturing the attention of eager young faces was such a thrill, an 
intoxicating drug that sent chills down her spine and produced a mellow 
warmth down there, between her legs. Linda smiled to herself, heading for 
the window. She drew the drapes aside and hollered, "Rise and shine!"
	Nikki's eyes remained shut. Her slender ribcage moved up and down with the 
regular beat of sleep despite the strong sunlight streaming into the room, 
and the stare of someone waiting impatiently for a reaction. Her sister 
Nikki was hopelessly lazy. Linda had forgotten how many times she had to 
shake her sister awake, drag her out of bed and splash her face with cold 
water to get her going. It was a daily routine Linda didn't care much for. 
Nikki promised she would change, but years had flown by and the promised 
change was still to happen.
	Linda knocked on the twins' door. Without waiting for an answer she walked 
in and repeated the same routine, letting the daylight stream in and 
announcing the beginning of a new day. Linda would go easy on Zo  and 
Jeannie as the twins weren't as lazy as Nikki. They would eventually get up 
and ready on their own, without the need for a second round of hollering and 
	Linda walked back to her room, sighing once again. Minutes elapsed before 
Zo  came into her older sisters' room, yawning and greeting Linda. Zo  
looked at her big Sis picking clothes up off the floor, like a loving 
mother, while Nikki slumbered away in bed.
	"Hi, Zo ," Linda smiled back, as she took a fleeting glance up at her 
sister for long enough to acknowledge her presence, but not enough to 
interrupt her tidying the room. "How did you sleep last night? No nightmares 
this time?"
	Zo  shook her head. After a long pause she asked the obvious, "Is Nikki 
still sleeping?"
	"Yeah, as usual."
	"Why don't we do something about it?" Zo  suggested, flipping her long 
straight blond hair over her shoulders.
	"Like what?" asked Linda, looking at her sister and holding up a sweater, 
Nikki's, that she was about to fold and put away in the wardrobe.
	"Tickle her to death," Zo  grinned.
	"Yes," said Jeannie, joining her sisters. "Let's do it."
	Linda laughed, amused by the twins' mischief and enthusiasm -- no wonder 
they sailed through the tryouts for the S.F. High cheerleader squad. Zo  and 
Jeannie, Mom's and Dad's favorites, scored straight A's as easily as they 
mastered straddle jumps. There were plenty of reasons to envy them, Linda 
realized. Plenty of reasons...
	"OK," Linda finally agreed, "I'll count to three, and three of us will jump 
on Nikki."
	"Yes," Zo  and Jeannie exclaimed, their clear blue eyes shining with 
anticipation. That too made Linda laugh again.
	"One... two... three..." and the three girls dived onto Nikki's bed, 
tickling their sister to death as promised, showing no mercy. Nikki tried to 
wriggle free. She screamed and kicked, but she didn't stand a chance. Her 
sisters made sure she paid dearly for her laziness. This was a punishment, a 
lesson to be learned.
	"Time to wake up," Linda giggled, pinning Nikki's arms down, preventing her 
escaping from the twins. Zo  and Jeannie went on tickling her squirming 
body, torturing her with their fingers, while Nikki pleaded with them to 
stop. Nikki made another attempt to kick them away, shouting and screaming, 
but the unrelenting twins kept a good grip on her. When the tickling stopped 
and she pushed them off her, Nikki laughed as hard as her sisters.
	Linda got to her feet, smiling and pulling her hair away from her face. She 
stared at Nikki, noticing how flushed her sister's face was, and that her 
pajama top had become unbuttoned in the struggle, revealing her firm, 
beautiful, medium-sized breasts. Nikki's nipples were erect as though she 
had gotten off on what just happened. Linda felt a certain, undefined 
tension building up between her legs. The whole thing had been exciting, 
sexy even. Her breasts touched Nikki's during the fight to keep her sister 
down. Was that why Nikki's nipples looked so hard?
	"From now on that's what you're going to get if you don't wake up on time," 
said Jeannie, smiling and showing her perfect teeth.
	"Yeah," Zo  agreed. "You can count on that. Right, Linda?"
	Linda woke up from her daydreaming and stammered in agreement. She urged 
them to get ready. It was almost 11 AM. It was a shame to remain indoors 
with such perfect weather outside. After breakfast, they strolled down to 
the promenade, looking for the right spot on the beach to settle down and 
enjoy the sea, the blue sky and the guys...
	Wearing their 150-dollar shades, the happy, loud foursome wanted to look 
"cool" and distant. Adrenaline raced through their young bodies when they 
realized that guys and girls alike would look at them with awe, lust or 
envy. Walking down the promenade was an obvious game of watching and being 
	The guys would sidle up to them and mouth the usual pick-up lines. Linda 
and Nikki would laugh and ignore them. Zo  usually answered in kind, knowing 
that their older sisters were just a few feet away if things went too far. 
When they were together, it seemed to Zo  that everything was possible, and 
allowed. No jealous boyfriends around, no Mom or Dad to deflate their high 
	After walking for a quarter of an hour Linda suggested a spot next to the 
volleyball net. Before they set foot on the beach, a male voice called out, 
"Hi, girls!"
	"Hi!" Linda replied, turning toward the deep, manly voice.
	It was Mr. Cool, an attractive, roguish kind of a guy, who covered his long 
light brown hair with a red bandanna. He had piercing blue eyes and was 
built like a bodybuilder. He craved attention and worked hard on his 
three-point plan for success: Number 1 -- to get spotted by a Hollywood 
talent hunter; Number 2 -- to become the next Sylvester Stallone; and Number 
3 -- to have the world, and the girls, at his feet. Beside him stood Max and 
Pete. They were less conspicuous than Mr. Cool but equally attractive. Max 
and Pete worked for Mr. Cool's surfing school. They were known for their 
prowess with the surfboard and with their female pupils -- whatever that 
meant. Nikki and Zo  met Mr. Cool's gang at the surfing school a couple of 
years ago. The girls wanted to learn something new, something exciting... and 
those guys seemed to be the right instructors -- cute, self-assured and fun 
to be with.
	Linda and Nikki caught Mr. Cool's and Max's sexual vibes, in spite of the 
obvious age difference. Mr. Cool and Max were grown men in their late 
twenties. Both of them knew they could end up in jail if they went too far 
with those tempting teenage girls. Still, that didn't stop the guys' trying. 
Linda had to push Mr. Cool away more than once. It just didn't feel right, 
somehow... Linda was afraid for her sisters. She didn't want them to get hurt. 
And she didn't want them to do something stupid with these guys if they had 
too much to drink and were having a good time. She was their Big Sis. She 
felt responsible for her younger sisters... She just couldn't help it.
	After the usual small talk for openers, Mr. Cool suggested a volleyball 
	"What about the school?" asked Linda. "Don't you have classes to teach? The 
girls must be desperate by now."
	Mr. Cool laughed. He was used to Linda's banter. Linda McDougall was a 
knockout of a girl, with brains. She defied his stereotypical view of 
longhaired, leggy blondes. Linda had personality. She was a girl who knew 
what she wanted and who knew how to get it. She said she didn't want to be a 
model or an actress. Instead her goals were to graduate and go to college, 
maybe to become a physician. Linda was a girl of strong convictions... He 
liked that girl... and more than a lot. As far as he was concerned, Rick, or 
whatever her boyfriend's name was, was definitely a lucky bastard!
	In spite of Linda's teasing, the girls picked up on Mr. Cool's idea, and in 
a few moments the teams were chosen: Mr. Cool, Max, Linda and Nikki against 
Pete, Zo  and Jeannie. The "younger" team had the best players. The twins 
were known for their well-timed block, and Pete for his powerful smash. On 
the other side of the net, Mr. Cool would outperform himself, making 
impressive dives onto the sand, which were more for show than to prevent 
Pete scoring again. Everyone could see that. The guys and girls laughed and 
giggled at his sand-covered face and his mock look of powerlessness.
	Linda scored a few points and, to her embarrassment, Nikki congratulated 
her by hugging her. But why did she feel so embarrassed? Nikki was a warm, 
kind person, and physical contact between them was normal enough...
	During the match Linda avoided dwelling on that scary, confusing subject. 
She worked at concentrating on the game. However, it was becoming 
increasingly difficult to disregard a strange moist warmth welling up 
between her legs. `What the hell is happening to me?' she scolded herself. 
The answer soon became clear. At the beginning of the second set Nikki 
struck her first successful smash. Happy as could be, she came over and 
wrapped her arms around Linda's neck. That fleeting, sudden full-body 
contact stirred Linda up, making her flush awfully. Nikki's breasts touched 
hers again, setting off in her body the strangest reaction. Her nipples 
immediately became erect, and the moisture "down there" increased to 
frightening proportions.
	Linda's attempts to get her concentration back failed miserably. She 
watched Nikki out of the corner of her eye. She thought it would give her a 
moment of respite if she looked at the cause of her sudden nervousness. She 
couldn't believe she was actually... what?... becoming aroused by her sister's 
body? She shook her head. It wasn't like that. It was more the physical 
contact, and not so much how good Nikki's body looked. They had the same 
build -- long slender legs, a willowy waist, a dainty tush and a firm bosom. 
Her sister Nikki was pretty -- everyone knew that --  and Linda was proud of 
her. She was proud she could say that Nikki was her sister. On top of that, 
Nikki was kindness personified. That's why they had grown closer and become 
best friends over the past three years. In their early teens they were 
typical sibling rivals, competing for the best dress, for the juiciest 
steak, for the cutest guy... They eventually grew out of it because Nikki's 
kindness was straightforward and disarming. When she started thinking of 
that again, tears almost welled up in Linda's eyes.
	"Sorry, guys," said Linda finally, as she left the volleyball field, "I'm 
gonna take a dive. It's too damned hot up here."
	She hoped they would continue the match and leave her alone. But Mr. Cool 
quit too, and followed her. To Linda's chagrin, everyone joined her in the 
sea, splashing in the water and making too much noise. She just wanted peace 
and quiet, and to cool off.
	Linda swam away from that bunch of noisy men and teenage girls. She wanted 
to get all that stuff about Nikki out of her mind. A chill raced down her 
spine. That would be... incest. The very thought of it made her cringe.
	Fear made her swim out to sea -- a great and worrisome fear that was inside 
her head. Linda stopped swimming. She was tired, her heart was pounding, and 
her breathing heavier than usual. She felt suddenly cold, too cold to remain 
in the water. With uneasy strokes she began to swim back to the beach. Mr. 
Cool swam with his strong crawl toward her though, preventing her getting 
back to the beach. He wanted to play, diving into the water and surfacing a 
couple of feet away from her. Linda was exhausted. She wanted him -- all of 
them -- to leave her alone. Was that too much to ask?
					* * *
	Nikki laughed as Pete helped her to escape from a strong wave and to get 
out of the sea. Pete laughed too, faking a sigh of relief. After all, they 
had just dodged a wave that could have crashed on them pretty hard.
	Pete's smile promptly faded as Nikki let go of his hand. She squeezed the 
water off her long hair, and gave him her wide smile. Then they looked back, 
alerted by the twins' giggling. Mr. Cool and Max were telling stories. They 
were joking about the surfing ineptitude of beginners as they fought with 
the waves and the soft sand at the waveline. On the way back to where they 
left their towels stretched out on the sand, Nikki noticed Big Sis. Linda 
was alone, and seemingly lost in thought. Her lissome legs were drawn up. 
She was holding her chin in her right hand, with her arm propped up on her 
knee. She was staring out to sea. That struck Nikki as strange, utterly 
strange and out of place. Big Sis was obviously worried. But why? Rick? 
Another guy? Mr. Cool?... Nah, that couldn't be it. Linda told her she would 
never sleep with a guy like Mr. Cool. What then? School? Grades? That didn't 
fit either. Linda's grades were far above average...
	Nikki sat down next to Linda. She wanted to ask Big Sis if she was all 
right. But her courage somehow fell short. She sensed that Linda wanted to 
be left alone. The guys and the twins didn't seem to get it. They kept 
calling her name constantly. Linda smiled at their clowning. Nikki could 
see, however, that Big Sis wasn't her usual happy self.
	Later on Linda got up and said, "I'm sorry, guys... I've got a headache. I'm 
going home."
	"Going home?" said Mr. Cool, jumping to his feet and going over to her. 
"You not coming with us? Sweeney's time tonight... I talked to your sisters. 
They're all coming... Don't be a spoiler!"
	"No, I'm sorry... I've got a headache. I'd be lousy company."
	"In that case, we can join you at your place... You wouldn't be alone... Your 
folks are away, right?"
	"Yes, they are, but-"
	"No," Nikki broke in, getting up and going over to Linda and Mr. Cool. "I 
want to go to Sweeney's. I know Linda... When she has a headache, she really 
needs to be left alone."
	Linda smiled at her sister with gratitude. She picked up her jute bag, took 
her clothes out, and slipped on her yellow blouse and black shorts. Before 
she left, Nikki pulled Linda aside and whispered, "Are you all right?"
	"Yes," answered Linda, tossing her head to sweep her hair away from her 
face. "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Just enjoy Sweeney's without me."
	"We'll see about that. Anyway we still have to go home and change. I'll 
check on you when we get home."
	"Yes, Mommy."
	Nikki chuckled, pushing her sister away. "Just go home, OK? And see you 
	"Right," said Linda. Looking around to the others, she yelled, "Bye, guys!"
	"Bye!" the others answered in unison. Then Linda smiled and left.
	Linda walked back to the beach house, this time without wearing her 
sunglasses. She wanted to feel the sunshine on her closed eyelids, to feel 
that warmth all over her body, and forget the reason why she had made up a 
headache. It was an excuse like any other to get her freedom back, to have 
some room to think... No one understood that except for Nikki. Nikki, her 
sister, her best friend... Linda's breathing became heavier again... She had to 
forget "it". But the more she tried, the more that scary idea invaded her 
mind. She needed to cool off again. She would take a shower and wash away 
those crazy ideas about Nikki.

                                * * *

	"Linda, where are you?" shouted Nikki from the bottom of the stairs.
	Nikki had just returned from the beach, and her face was warm from the 
sunshine and the never-ending laughter with the guys and the twins.
	"Up here," she heard Linda shout from their bedroom. Nikki hurried upstairs 
and in no time she was in the bedroom. Linda was sitting on the edge of her 
bed, one leg lying on the covers and the other down on the floor. With her 
knees bent to balance herself in that position, Linda was leafing through an 
old photo album, the one where their early childhood pictures were kept.
	"What are you doing?" asked Nikki, sitting on the floor next to her Big 
Sis. Linda kept staring at the old photos that Nikki knew well.
	Linda just shrugged. Nikki couldn't see Linda's face. It was hidden by the 
long tresses of golden curls that framed it. Nikki looked at her own hair, 
so straight and weak compared with Linda's. Zo  and Jeannie also had 
straight hair, even straighter than her own, Nikki realized. She said she 
would soon get a perm (to keep up with Big Sis) but Mom wouldn't allow it. 
Mom said she was too young, and a perm would ruin her hair.
	Nikki eyed her sister, still unable to see Linda's face. Nikki brushed her 
sister's hair away from her face. To her astonishment, she saw that Linda's 
cheeks were damp from CRYING!
	"Linda, what happened?" she asked, quivering for a second. "Why are you 
	Linda shrugged again, still looking at the pictures Dad took when they were 
younger. Some of them showed Linda and herself playing in the back yard of 
the house where they lived before.
	"Linda, talk to me... Please..." Nikki tried to wipe away the tears from her 
sister's face but Linda flinched, avoiding the contact. "Linda, why are you 
in this mood? If you don't tell me, I can't help you."
	"So, don't," Linda growled, standing up, stomping into their private 
bathroom and banging the door shut.
	Nikki remained where she was, her blue-gray eyes wider than normal, staring 
at the doorway through which Linda had disappeared from view. Linda ending 
the conversation like that was nothing new to Nikki. Her older sister had a 
rather short fuse. That much she knew. But what threw Nikki into total 
confusion was Linda's strange mood. She had never seen her so distant and 
sad. Her Big Sis was always the center of attention. Her captivating smile, 
her looks, and her uninhibited wisecracking were three traits that assured 
her sister the limelight. Linda was actually the most gorgeous girl she had 
ever seen. When she was younger she bitterly envied her sister's stunning 
	And now? Did she envy her still? No, she didn't think so. They had become 
friends, buddies... Linda was the most dependable person she knew, much more 
than their own parents. Linda was there for them. The same couldn't be said 
about Mom and Dad... Nikki shut her eyes for a moment and tried to get that 
thought out of her mind. She didn't want to think. She just wanted to get 
changed. She wanted to go to Sweeney's and dance the night away, and forget... 
About everything.


	Linda closed her eyes, pulling her hair back once more, getting annoyed 
with her constant struggle for keeping her tresses away from her eyes and 
mouth. She had already thought about cutting them shorter, shoulder-length. 
But Mom and her sisters -- especially Nikki -- insisted she shouldn't. They 
all said she had such beautiful hair, long, shiny, full of golden curls, the 
envy of her female classmates, and one reason why she was so damned popular 
with the guys... But at that moment Linda's hair was just a nuisance to her. 
The weather outside was too hot, and so was the temperature inside. Sweat 
trickled down her forehead and the rest of her body. Linda brought her hand 
to the nape of her neck, feeling the dampness. She lifted her hair and then 
let it fall, heaving a deep sigh.
	She sprang out of bed, heading for the small wooden balcony leading off 
from her room, the room she and her sister Nikki shared. A mild breeze met 
her face when she slid the door open. She breathed in deeply, as if to mask 
another sigh. She looked down, watching the passersby on the street below 
and the people strolling in the small park opposite. It was dark -- about 
10:30, Linda guessed. Although the park and the street had their fair share 
of lamps, the light was not enough for her to recognize faces. She could 
hear them laugh, though. They were having fun... and that made her sad.
	Linda was alone in the opulent, oversized, white-washed beach house, 
feeling her loneliness acutely. Her sisters had gone with Mr. Cool's gang to 
Sweeney's, the groovy dance club bursting with rhythm, and pretty faces and 
scantily-clad luscious bodies. She loved to dance, to feel the beat filling 
her senses, her muscles, her brain, with energy. She loved the way the guys 
looked at her on the dance floor, pointing at her, probably making non-p.c. 
remarks such as "what a nice piece of ass" she was...
	Guys were predictable, Linda thought, too damned predictable... Well, most of 
them. Girls, on the other hand, were able to surprise her sometimes. They 
could be as sweet and gentle as her sisters Nikki and Jeannie, saying how 
great she looked, or bitches straight from hell, threatening her that one 
day they would get her and cut her "shitty" face up. They said she acted as 
if she owned S.F. High...
	Linda looked up to the sky, sadness flooding her heart. `Why are people so 
mean?' she cried out to herself. She tried not to cry but soon tears ran 
down her cheeks. She sniffled, wiping her face dry with her fingers and the 
back of her hand. If Mom saw her do that, she would surely get a chew-out. A 
proper lady should always use a handkerchief, Mom would gripe. Mom and Dad 
weren't home, though. They were on a cruise on the yacht belonging to 
Jonathan and Molly Bell, their closest friends. Mom and Dad spent more time 
with the Bells than with their own daughters, or so it seemed to Linda. 
Linda swallowed, feeling a lump in her throat. She sniffled again.
	Linda thought about calling Rick and having him come over. Rick would be 
the perfect distraction to drive away those sick thoughts about Nikki. 
Inviting Rick, though, conflicted with Mom's Rule Number One -- no boyfriends 
allowed in the beach house. Unwittingly that strict rule had strengthened 
the bond Linda had with her sisters. The four of them were stuck with each 
other and having fun together had come naturally. There would be ups and 
downs among them but the bottom line was definitely positive.
	What Linda loved most about Nikki was that she could discuss EVERYTHING 
with her sister. There were no secrets between them. All fears, anxieties, 
loves, guys, sex, were discussed without holding back. She trusted Nikki 
with her life. She loved to talk to her. She loved the way her sister 
listened, with her attentive blue-gray eyes wide open as if Nikki breathed 
in every word she said. In addition, Nikki was a warm person, never shying 
away from physical contact. Hugging and kissing and cuddling up together had 
become so natural between Linda and Nikki that none of them thought twice 
about it. This closeness contrasted markedly with the way Linda related to 
most if not all her female friends. Come to think of it, they rarely touched 
each other and if they did it felt so fake and "forced". There was always 
this fear hanging in the air of someone calling them "lesbians". `Damn it!' 
Linda cursed mentally. It just wasn't fair.
	Linda looked out once again at the skyline and the lights of a beach resort 
full of rich people and rich kids with too much money. She wondered if Nikki 
and the twins were enjoying themselves at Sweeney's. She was almost tempted 
to join them, but the prospect of facing the bouncers alone didn't appeal to 
her. `Too late now, Linda,' she rebuked herself, regretting now her decision 
to stay at home.
	Running away from the source of her inner turmoil wasn't helping much. She 
thought constantly about Nikki, and the more she did so, the guiltier she 
felt. She had urges to cry, her chest drawing in air unevenly. She exhaled, 
sighing, and returned to her room. She opened a book, tried to read but 
couldn't even finish the first page. She was restless and afraid... Afraid of 
what? Of Nikki? Her sweet sister Nikki? Nikki wouldn't hurt her... Then what? 
Her feelings for Nikki? Was she falling in love with Nikki? Or was it just 
sex? Linda shook her head, turning off the bedside lamp, leaving her room 
submerged in almost complete darkness.
	Linda lay on her bed almost in a trance, hearing distant noises and voices 
outside. She shut her eyes, feeling her heart hammering inside her chest, 
her body covered with sweat. Suddenly she sat up on the bed. She heard a 
creaking sound coming from downstairs. Burglars? It was too early for her 
sisters to be back from Sweeney's. They wouldn't go to the trouble of 
getting past the bouncers with their fake IDs just for a couple of hours of 
	Linda wavered between going downstairs or calling the cops. Before she 
could make up her mind, hurried steps echoed in the hall, the door swung 
open and Nikki walked into the room.
	Linda's heart still thumped. She wanted to complain about her sister 
scaring her, not yelling to say she was home, and then just charging into 
the room unannounced. But her anxiety was deeper than the fear of a burglar. 
Her double anxiety left her silent, unable to speak.
	"Hi!" she heard Nikki say. It was a curt greeting but Linda didn't find it 
surprising. Their last interaction had been far from being friendly.
	Summoning up all her strength, Linda whispered, "You're early." Her voice 
sounded hoarse and tentative. She cleared her throat.
	"Is that a complaint?"
	"No, you just scared me... I didn't expect you so early."
	"I was worried about you. I tried to "blend in" at Sweeney's but I knew you 
were not OK. I just couldn't stay there and enjoy myself... Mr. Cool got 
pissed off when I left, but I don't care."
	Nikki closed in, turning on the bedside lamp and sitting on the edge of the 
bed. She looked at Linda, noticing that her sister's green eyes still looked 
dejected. "Are you feeling better now?"
	Linda shrugged, looking away.
	"Is there something on your mind?" Nikki pressed on.
	Linda shook her head, still looking down at the covers of her bed.
	"Why don't you talk to me, Linda? Why are in such a mood? I don't recognize 
you any more. I haven't seen you this sad in ages... You're always so cheerful 
and happy and... alive. But now it seems something is troubling you and you 
don't tell me. I find you crying. When I want to discuss it, you just bang 
the door in my face."
	"I'm sorry, Nikki. It's just-" Linda's eyes met Nikki's for a short moment 
but Linda couldn't stand her sister's probing look any longer. She averted 
her gaze once more. "It's just- It's so hard..."
	"What? What's hard?"
	Linda let herself stretch out on the bed, covering her face with her hands. 
She sighed again and looked at her sister's worried, pretty face. Nikki 
looked so beautiful with makeup on, and the pair of earrings she had 
"borrowed" from Mom. She wore a long black close-fitting dress, also Mom's. 
Eventually Linda's eyes fell on Nikki's cleavage, tracing the contours of 
her sister's breasts and guessing where the nipples pressed against her bra. 
An immediate response ripped through Linda's lower belly and her own 
nipples, leaving her utterly confused and ashamed. She felt the burning in 
her cheeks, glad that she, after all, wore her hair long, the perfect 
curtain to fend off prying eyes.
	"What's hard, Linda?" Nikki insisted, lying down beside her sister.
	Linda's mouth opened and shut without a sound. Linda stared at the ceiling, 
or a point in space beyond it, her mind miles away. Nikki kept watching Big 
Sis, her elbow propping up her upper body. Over time that position became 
uncomfortable, forcing Nikki to rest her head on Linda's bed, releasing her 
sore elbow from the weight of her body. Neither of them spoke, their 
breathing the only sound in the room. Suddenly, Linda's green eyes left the 
ceiling and faced her younger sister. Linda made an attempt to smile but the 
muscles of her face rebelled. Then, out of the blue, she said, "You're so 
	Nikki shook for a moment, taking in the intensity of Linda's stare. It felt 
odd and it was frightening... but at the same time fascinating. There was this 
strange glitter to Linda's eyes that made Nikki shudder. She felt Linda's 
fingers touching her cheeks while brushing her hair away from her face. 
Because the contact tickled, Nikki pulled away, giggling.
	"No, I'm not... You're the pretty one."
	"No, just look at yourself and see how gorgeous you are. You can get any 
guy you want."
	Nikki looked at her sister, wondering what was behind all this sucking-up. 
A few years ago compliments coming from Linda were always a prelude to 
trouble. Kind words often laid the groundwork for wheedling favors, such as 
covering up for Big Sis every time she wanted to sneak out of the house at 
night and meet a guy. They fought and accused each other of being selfish 
and irresponsible. But in the end Big Sis always won and got her way. Linda 
knew how to handle her younger sister and, in particular, her younger 
sister's guilt. Over the years Linda had grown wiser and less enthusiastic 
about her night-time escapades. She was older and so allowed to stay out 
till later. The thrill of the forbidden fruit fizzled out, and so had 
Linda's willingness to risk grounding for something she now wrote off as 
immature behavior. Linda's early recklessness had given way to 
responsibility and poise. Instead of losing her popularity, the guys swarmed 
around her like flies flying around a honey pot. They had finally found 
someone they could depend on, and even be friends with.
	"You taught me that, Lin," Nikki said, breaking the silence and getting 
closer to Linda. "You showed me how."
	"No, I didn't."
	"Yes, you did. I saw how you handled the guys and how popular you were... and 
are. I wanted the same, you know, so I tried to copy you... Remember when you 
used to call me "copycat"? I hated you for it but you were right... I was a 
	"No, you weren't. I-"
	"Yes, I was. I'd always look at you and pay attention to everything you 
said and did." Nikki paused for a moment, swallowing. "You'd shout at me, 
saying that I should stop following you and get a life. Don't you remember 
	"Yes, but-" Linda cut herself off, seeing the hidden pain behind the 
blue-gray of her sister's eyes. "Oh Nikki, I am sorry. I really am. I didn't 
mean to shout at you. I was young and didn't know better... although I still 
think you should get a life."
	Nikki looked closely at her sister and soon saw a shadow of a smile on 
Linda's mouth. Nikki gave a chuckle, aware that her sister's jab was a joke, 
Linda's way of saving them both from any further aggravation caused by past 
	For a long moment they stared at each other, Nikki shuddering again by the 
intense, almost mysterious pull of Linda's eyes. Linda's hands kept stroking 
her hair, uncovering her face and her right ear. Linda didn't tickle her any 
more. Nikki's face had grown used to Linda's touch, becoming warmer and less 
tense. All of a sudden Nikki felt Linda's arms sliding around her waist, 
pulling her closer until their bodies touched. Before long Big Sis began to 
kiss her cheek. Nikki trembled and her face burned as if on fire. She had 
been kissed before by Big Sis but these kisses felt different, very, very 
different... She couldn't understand why her heart beat so fast, why her 
breathing sounded so uneven...
	Nikki opened her mouth, breathing in more deeply, feeling the corner of 
Linda's lips against hers. Without quite understanding the meaning of it 
all, Nikki was kissed by Linda, lips on lips, each tongue exploring the 
other. She let Linda kiss her, too overwhelmed to refuse, too confused to 
respond. As unexpectedly as it all started, Linda broke their kiss, turning 
her back on Nikki and sitting up on the edge of her bed, shaking.
	"I'm sorry, Nikki... I don't know what's gotten into me."
	Nikki sat up as well. She liked Linda's kiss, the overwhelming intensity of 
it. Linda had never been this tender to her. They'd never been this close. 
She enjoyed that closeness. Whenever she was with Linda, she felt safe, 
loved, taken care of. Confused ideas rushed through Nikki's mind, not 
knowing what to do next. Little by little, it became clear that she wanted 
Linda to kiss her again, to feel Linda's mouth and hands "killing" her with 
soft caresses. But Linda seemed so upset about their kiss.
	She reached for Linda and hugged her, feeling the softness of her sister's 
tummy and waist. She felt her nipples grow stiff against Linda's back. She 
was getting excited. It felt wonderful to be able to touch and smell Linda's 
hair -- silkiness mixed with a sweet fragrance, so typical of Linda.
	"I want you to go on."
	Linda turned to face her, ending the embrace. "What do you mean?"
	"About kissing me. I liked it."
	"I thought you hated it. I thought you hated me..."
	Nikki shook her head. Taking the initiative, she threw her arms around 
Linda's neck and kissed her hard, with passion, pulling her sister down with 
her. They kissed so that tongues searched for each other. Nikki loved it. 
She'd never been kissed like that before -- so passionately, so desperately. 
She couldn't understand why Linda had started it, but that didn't matter any 
more. Linda held her tight, so tight she was afraid she was going to 
suffocate. And it made her happy, so damned happy. Her beautiful big sis, 
the object of lust of so many, was kissing her, making love to her as if 
tomorrow was the end of the world.
	Linda slid down and kissed her neck, moving back to her ear, nibbling at 
it, sending shudders of pleasure up her spine. Then her sister's mouth went 
for the cleavage of her dress. Her back arched up, trying to increase the 
contact between Linda's mouth and her breasts. Her legs pressed together 
against Linda's thigh. Only then Nikki realized how wet she had become, her 
sex pulsating, her womb becoming alive.
	Suddenly Linda stopped.
	"Why did you stop?" Nikki asked, afraid that her sister was having second 
	"I thought you didn't want it any more."
	"NO! Please, DON'T stop." To prove her point, she passionately kissed 
Linda's lips, so tasty, so delicious. They were soft, so wonderfully soft, 
with none of a guy's roughness. "Please, go on. Please."
	Linda was astounded by Nikki's pleading, still battling with her 
conscience. She was older than her sister, and it was up to her whether to 
stop what she had started. Linda looked at her sister's eyes, so eager, 
twinkling with desire and lust for her. It felt unreal, almost like a dream...
	"Please, Linda... PLEASE... Please, don't stop."
	Linda shook, Nikki's pleading engraving itself in her mind, like a hot iron 
leaving its mark on naked skin. Linda returned to Nikki's embrace and they 
kissed once more. Linda's hands found their way to the zipper of Nikki's 
dress. Desire was taking over.
	"May I?" she asked, still wavering between zipping open Nikki's dress or 
stopping everything right there.
	"Don't ask me anything. Just do what you want... If you wanna fuck me, just 
FUCK me."
	Linda was shocked, not so much by the use of the four-letter word -- 
something absolutely forbidden at home -- as by her sister's willingness and 
	Nikki's shapely legs kept brushing on Linda's thigh. On an irresistible 
impulse, her hand landed between Nikki's legs. Nikki moaned into Linda's 
mouth, producing the most erotic shudder in Linda's body. The shudder 
converged on her sex, Linda becoming deeply aware of her arousal, the slow 
buildup of her love secretions. Linda wondered how could this be. They had 
known each other all their lives. Why now? Why this?
	Linda's hands slowly but steadily relieved Nikki's body of the "stolen" 
dress. Nikki's inviting, round full breasts, caught her eyes -- those globes 
of female flesh, the cause of her downfall. It was the contact of her own 
breasts with Nikki's that had triggered this mad, crazy desire... Unable to 
hold back, her hands touched her sister's breasts, feeling their inebriating 
softness through the lacy fabric of Nikki's bra.
	Nikki moaned softly, her eyes closed, feeling Linda's mouth on her breasts, 
kissing them, Big Sis's hands reaching to open her bra. They used the same 
brand so opening it was no problem.
	"Hurry," Nikki complained. "Kiss them, lick them... Please..."
	Linda looked down at Nikki, her tongue feeling how dry her lips were. She 
did as she was told, returning to the roundness and softness of Nikki's 
breasts, kissing them, licking them, playing with them. Linda couldn't get 
enough of it. It was paradise.
	"Nice... That's feels nice, Lin. Go on, please. Kiss me hard, kiss me 
tender. Just drive me crazy, CRAZY."
	Linda smiled a little, going for Nikki's trim tummy, kissing her navel.
	"Lin..." Nikki whimpered, wriggling her torso. "Don't tease me. Let's get 
	Linda stared at Nikki, finding it hard to believe what her sister was 
saying. It was as casual as though they'd been lovers for years. Nikki's 
boldness and matter-of-fact tone of voice didn't betray the unusualness of 
their lovemaking. Nikki's blue-gray eyes still twinkled, displaying their 
lust, Nikki's desire for her.
	Linda closed her eyes, her qualms surfacing again. Nikki took the lead 
though, not giving her time to think. Nikki made her roll over. Sitting up 
on the bed, she pulled Linda's T-shirt up, and tried to remove her sister's 
	"Help me out, Lin," she protested, giggling and falling on top of Linda. 
Nikki kissed her, her mouth hungry for those pouting, sensual lips. Linda, 
so beautiful, and was hers. HERS. This thought excited her, for her 
beautiful big sis wanted her, yearned for her, as if she was a guy... No, not 
a guy... `I'm definitely a girl,' Nikki thought, `and that's the confusing 
part.' Not wanting to dwell on it any longer, Nikki peeled off her dress 
and, without losing a second, returned to Linda, embracing her, kissing her 
lips, and pressing her sex against her sister's through the fabric of their 
panties. Nikki could feel the warmth and the dampness down there, sensing 
Linda's undeniable excitement, so similar to her own.
	Fascinated by Linda's breasts, she started teasing them, playing with them, 
her eyes observing her sister's nipples growing stiff against her bra. Big 
Sis's boobs were slightly bigger than hers, Nikki realized, another reason 
why she used to envy her so much. But now, those mounds of soft, sensual 
flesh were hers to enjoy, to feel, caress, kiss, suck... She swallowed, 
opening her legs and straddling Linda's thigh, enjoying the pressure on her 
vagina. She began to kiss Linda's breasts, licking the white lace of her 
bra, getting high on Sis's fragrance and softness. She went for the 
cleavage, trying to nuzzle her bra down. Linda wasn't patient, though. Her 
sister snapped it open and hurled it to the floor. They laughed as Linda's 
bra landed where Nikki's lay.
	"Even our own bras are so hot they want to have sex with each other," Nikki 
	"Yes," Linda whispered with a troubled, husky voice. "Come, come to me. 
Don't make me wait."
	 Nikki moved in closer, kissing her sister, sucking her saliva, kneading 
those full breasts of hers. She scrambled toward those waiting pink nipples, 
and she licked and sucked them, like a baby, like a lover, until Linda 
moaned. Nikki kept moving Linda's breasts up and down, enthralled by their 
softness. Linda's hands touched her hair, tenderly, while she rubbed herself 
on her sister's thigh. `This is getting too much,' Nikki thought. `This 
can't be real.'
	Big Sis moaned again, convincing her of this reality.
	They kissed some more. `I'm falling in love with her,' Nikki thought. Maybe 
she had been in love with Linda all her life and hadn't realized it. That 
feeling of belonging made her bite Linda's lips. Linda was taken by surprise 
but Nikki knew she liked it. She moved her hand down Linda's slender body 
and touched her between her legs, feeling how moist her sister was. She 
pushed Linda's shorts further down and slipped her hand under her panties. 
Linda heaved a deep sigh, trying to press her thighs together, which was 
prevented by Nikki's leg in between.
	Linda searched Nikki's beautiful eyes through her sister's disheveled hair 
and made Nikki kiss her once more. They kissed while her sister's hands 
frolicked inside her sex.
	"Ooohhh... that's nice, Nikki."
	"I know," she said, smiling. "I know, Sis. And let's get rid of your 
shorts. And our panties too."
	Nikki pulled her up until they got to their feet. They looked at one 
another's flushed faces for a moment. Then they laughed and hugged each 
	"Come on, Sis. Help me out with these tight shorts of yours."
	"Sure, ma'am."
	When Linda's shorts fell to the floor, they kissed again, Nikki's hands 
working on her sister's bottom, pulling her closer. Linda's tongue found its 
way to Nikki's neck and up to her sister's ear, making her tremble and go 
	"Sisss," Nikki hissed, "you drive me crazy. No guy's managed to do that, 
ever." Her hands were busy slipping under Linda's panties. Her fingers 
touched her sister's mound, feeling their way, penetrating Linda's sex. 
"You're wet, Sis," Nikki whispered, unable to contain her exhilaration. 
"You're wet for me."
	That's all Linda could say.
	After shedding the rest of their clothes, they returned to the bed, Nikki 
still calling all the shots. Linda preferred it that way, for Nikki was 
younger and thus the most vulnerable to... what?... abuse? Linda shook her head, 
driving away that depressing, scary reasoning. She directed her thoughts to 
her sister and how good Nikki made her feel. Nikki's naked young body 
against hers was such an incredibly erotic experience. `The forbidden 
fruit,' she thought. `It must be.'
	Nikki kept kissing Linda, slowly. Her sister's lips didn't seem to tire of 
hers. They went on kissing for an eternity, enjoying the contact, mouth 
against mouth, tongues playing inside, smothering their soft moaning.
	Nikki's eagerness for kisses was unlike anything Linda had ever experienced 
before. Her dates kissed her all right. But the guys soon got so worked up 
that their willingness to go slow and wait for the right signs evaporated, 
and that ruined everything. Nikki, however, took her time, her svelte thigh 
brushing against Linda's sex, Nikki's hand playing with Linda's engorged 
breasts, her mouth exploring Linda's nipples, sucking them, leaving a trace 
of saliva behind and returning to her mouth again. From time to time, 
Nikki's hand slid down to Linda's vulva, her slim fingers going slightly in 
and out, making sure she wouldn't hurt her, unlike some of Linda's 
boyfriends, who tried to finger-fuck her without caring if she was ready or 
not for full penetration. She was ready now.
	"Sis, fuck me," Linda whispered, driving her sister close. "Please."
	Nikki's answer was a full-blown kiss on her half-open mouth. Nikki smiled 
for a second but soon enough she got back her earnest look. Linda loved her 
sister's intentness. Apparently Nikki took her pleasure very seriously, 
Linda thought. And while kissing her, Nikki's fingers prowled over her body 
and stopped at her breasts, pressing them together, making her moan with 
pleasure. Instinctively, Linda opened her legs for Nikki. Her sister's 
fingers touched her small patch of blond pubic hair and went for the wet 
folds below.
	"Do it! Don't tease me!"
	Nikki licked her own lips, smiling at her sister once again, watching her 
close her eyes. Nikki's fingers explored Linda's vulva, feeling the waves of 
pleasure they were creating in that beautiful young girl's body. The 
realization that she was making love with her own sister excited her. 
Aroused by this stimulus, she was accelerating her attentions toward Linda's 
sex, soaking her fingers with Linda's secretions, and joyfully filling her 
nostrils with the musky scent of female desire. Her fingers began to 
penetrate Linda, harder and ever harder.
	"Yes, Nikki... That's it... Go on... Ooohhh... Uuuhhhhmmmm..."
	Nikki silenced her, putting her breast in front of Linda's mouth. She 
correctly guessed at her sister's desires. Nikki knew Linda well when Big 
Sis wanted something. When Linda started to suck her nipple, a jolt of 
pleasure shot through her, making her masturbate against Linda's hip bone.
	"Yes, Nikki, go on," Linda begged. "DON'T stop." Her fingers moved closer 
to Linda's clitoris, rubbing against it. "Oohh," her sister sighed, "it's so 
GOOD, so damned fucking good. Say you're fucking me."
	"I'm fucking you," Nikki answered, without relenting on her action, her 
hand completely drenched by her sister's secretions.
	"Yes, you fucking me... and fucking me good... fucking my brains out."
	If Nikki wasn't so horny herself she would have found it hilarious. She was 
almost coming: Big Sis's moans, her mouth on her nipples were wonderful. 
Linda's lower belly started to buck like a wild animal, urging Nikki's 
fingers further in. Linda started to come, the walls of her vagina pulsating 
around Nikki's wet fingers. She kept titillating Linda's clitoris to prolong 
her sister's pleasure until Linda collapsed, exhausted.
	After a few minutes, Linda was anxious to reciprocate the satisfaction. 
Nikki did as she was told, opening her legs and brushing her sex on Linda's 
	"Go on!" said Linda, putting her hands on Nikki's bottom to increase the 
grinding against her own slippery thigh. Nikki's secretions were all over 
her, and that excited her beyond words. While Nikki slid back and forth, her 
breasts swayed and brushed against Linda's globes of flesh, hard nipples 
against hard nipples, soft skin against soft skin.
	Nikki convulsed with her orgasm, closing her eyelids and exhaling deeply. A 
few seconds later, Linda had her second.
	They lay there, holding each other close, Nikki kissing Linda tenderly. 
Linda kept her eyes shut, shuddering from time to time, enjoying the 
intensity of it, all the pleasure Nikki had given her. She was speechless, 
amazed by her own excitement and response to Nikki's sensuality.
	"Am I dreaming, Nikki?" she asked, opening her eyes.
	"Nope," Nikki answered, shaking her head, a smile appearing on her flushed 
	"It feels like it." Then Linda screamed, "Ouch! That hurt!"
	Nikki's smile widened into a full-fledged grin. "Yes, it hurt, Sis... but now 
you know you ain't dreaming... Right?"
	Linda laughed, wrapping her sister's waist in her arms, kissing her, 
feeling Nikki's long hair on her face, her heart beating faster, her sense 
of smell and touch sharpened by the scent of sex in the air, and the warm, 
soft feel of Nikki's naked body against hers.
	"I love you."
	"I love you," Nikki replied.
	"Don't say that, because I may believe you."
	"You should... because it is the truth."
	Linda smiled and kissed Nikki once again, still feeling Nikki's warmth. The 
juices of pleasure ran between their legs. Their bodies shivered from time 
to time. Neither of them wanted that moment to end. But it would end, sooner 
or later, Linda thought. Sisters being lovers?... That was unheard-of.
	Linda's sadness crept back, her exhilaration again slowly overcome by 
guilt. She swallowed, her arms pressing her sister closer, fighting that 
growing fear of losing Nikki. Her sister said she loved her. Just words... 
that meant nothing... or did they?
	Linda looked at her sister and smiled. Nikki had fallen asleep, in her 
arms. After all, Nikki's sluggish nature was a blessing. After all, she 
loved her sister for it, because Nikki's sloth had been the immediate cause 
for their lovemaking. Linda shut her eyes, trying to sleep as well, vowing 
she would no longer tease her sister for her laziness... No, not ever...

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