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Subject: {ASSM} Susan and Amanda's Punishment, Part III of IV (this part: Mm/ff NC, spanking, oral, mast; ff/ff cons, oral)
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============ Susan & Amanda's Punishment, Part III of IV (this part: Mm/ff
NC, spanking, oral, mast; ff/ff cons, oral)

USUAL DISCLAIMER TYPE THING: This is entirely a work of fiction, and anyone
who can't tell fantasy from reality and is tempted to try anything mentioned
in this story in their real life should seek immediate professional help, or
turn themselves over to the police authorities in their area.

This story is copyright 2000 Sir Swat II. It may be posted at any free story
site, or in the free sections of commercial sites, but it may not be sold or
paid for in any way.

This story was inspired by a drawing found at Dr. Schertel's spanking art
site, found at The specific work that
inspired mine can be accessed directly at The whole site
deserves checking out, escpecially the Drawings section. I may be writing
other pieces from pictures from the good doktor's site - stay tuned. I may
even write further Amanda & Susan stories. In fact, look out for further
Amanda & Susan stories...

And now, without further babbling, Part III of our Feature Presentation...

Susan had recovered enough to be observing Amanda's punishment with fear on
her tear-streaked face, and paled when her Uncle Steve nodded and turned
toward her, the narrow belt still dangling from one hand. He tossed that
aside, to her relief, when he reached down to pull her toward his crotch.
"Hey, Bill, what about you?"

Bill's cock was also rising slowly, but the man nodded toward the door than
Nel had just exited by and grinned, "No, Bill, you enjoy Susan, and put the
two of them to bed, Okay? Nel and I, well, my Nel gets hot spanking someone's
backside, so I'm taken care of, know what I mean?" His grin widened, and he
turned toward the door, cock bobbing in front of him. "Oh, and Josh - your
sister and cousin have had enough for tonight. Off with you, boy!"

Bill exited the room, Josh trailing after, and Steve sat down in front of his
niece, ignoring his daughter lying sobbing on the cushion. Susan crawled
obediently towards her uncle Steve and his half-erect cock. Steve hadn't
orgasmed three times inside an hour in quite a while, but the hot little
bodies of his daughter and niece had him going again. He was going to have to
thank Bill and Nel again for suggesting punishing and treating Amanda the
same way they treated their Susan. He could almost thank his ex-wife for
kicking him out of his house and letting Amanda go with him, forcing him to
live for a while at Bill's house.

Susan crawled up and slurped Steve's cock into her hot little mouth, lips and
tongue working to bring him up to one more orgasm. Steve stroked the girl's
head, then leaned forward and whispered in Susan's ear, "Do you ever touch
yourself, baby? Down here?" His fingers stroked her virgin pussy slit, and
the girl nodded yes, timidly. "It feels good, doesn't it?" Another timid nod,
the girl's lips sliding up  and down Steve's shaft. "Well, use one hand and
make yourself feel good while you suck on me. I want to watch you."

Steve squirted a bit of lube onto one of Susan's hands, and guided it down
toward her slit. She slowly began to rub herself while her head bobbed up and
down on her uncle's stiffening cock. Steve watched hungrily, relaxed after
the sex and spankings, and rubbed a bit of Josh's dried cum off Susan's
cheeks gently. The girl was beginning to get into sucking him and rubbing
herself, her fingertips rubbing her little prepubescent clit and sliding up
and down her puffy slit while her other hand, lips and especially tongue
brought Steve slowly and exquisitely to climax.

Despite his previous orgasms, Steve still came before his niece did, spraying
the last of his semen into the back of her mouth and ordering her to swallow
it all then lick his deflating cock clean, both of which she did. Then he
stopped the busy hand between her legs, and said, "That was very good. You
also took your punishment much better than Amanda did, so I'm going to give
you a bit of a reward."

With that, Steve lifted the girl up by her elbows until she was standing on
the chair over his lap, legs straddling his thighs and gleaming hairless
pussy right in front of his face. He put her hands on the chair back to
either side of his shoulders, then leaned forward to stroke her pussy lips
with one finger. They were perfectly smooth and white, slick and gleaming
with the lube Susan had rubbed into herself. Steve slid his hands around her
hips to cup both of her bumcheeks, feeling the heat, puffiness and small
ridges left by Nel's paddle across Susan's otherwise silky skin.

Then the man pulled the girl toward his face slowly, and planted a gentle,
open-mouthed kiss right over her little clit, poking out from her pussy lips
and aroused by the girl's stroking. Susan moaned quietly and shivered as her
uncle's tongue slid the length of her bare slit, the returned to the top and
began to slip inside her, caressing her little clitoris, then puckering his
lips to briefly suck the small knob into his mouth. Susan was shivering with
the sensations, and began to moan and cry quietly as her uncle continued his
work, until finally he thrust his tongue between her hairless pussy lips as
far as it would go, and the girl shuddered and tensed, pushing her crotch
against Steve's lips as hard as she could. He pulled his mouth away,
savouring his first taste of little-girl pussy, and squeezed one sore
bumcheek to get the girl's attention. Her eyes opened and her face, still
tear-streaked, split in a smile as she looked down at her uncle. "Oh Uncle
Steve, that felt sooo good" He gave her pussy one last finger-stroke and
lifted her down to the ground as she continued, "Daddy and Josh just use my
bum and mouth, and nothing I do ever felt as good as what you just did! Thank

He gave the girl a small smile, then looked stern. "You are, however, still
going to get a final before-bed punishment. Go fetch me my belt, Susan." Her
eyes went wide again and the orgasmic expression melted off her face, but she
obediently got to her feet and crossed the room to fetch the narrow leather
belt. Steve noticed that his daughter had gotten to her knees on the cushion
she'd been sprawled on, and realized she'd been staring avidly at his eating
out of her cousin. Her voice subdued and slightly hoarse with bawling, Amanda
said, "Daddy, will you please do that to me? I know I was a bad girl, but

Steve shook his head no and said, "Maybe tomorrow, if you're good, and if
your pussy isn't sore from your punishment." He looked his daughter over. He
couldn't see most of her bum from his angle, but what he could see was even
darker red that Susan's more paddle-harded posterior, and he could see the
belt's narrow red stripes looping out of her inner thighs, and escpecially
that final belt mark, coming up her pussy lips from behind and ending in a
larger red mark just below her prepubescent clitoris.

Susan came back with the belt, handed it to her uncle, then stood nervously
in front of him, eyes down and hands clasped in front of her. He motioned
Amanda off her cushion and steered Susan toward it, then said, "Now Susan,
you're going to lie down on your back on the cushion, spread your legs as
wide as they'll go, then bring them back toward your head and hold your
ankles tight in your hands."

The girl slowly sat then lay down, wincing as her paddled bottom touched the
thick cushion, then spread her legs out as ordered. Steve sat down below the
girl, close to her bottom, and after a minute he had Susan arranged
satisfactorily. The girl's legs and arms stuck out far to the sides and into
the air, making a sort of diamond shape, her torso was curled upward, and the
whole posture spread her out for all to see, red bottom sticking nearly
straight up into the air. Steve appreciated the sight for a moment, then said
to the girl, "You're going to get extra punishment to finish you off, just
like Amanda got, only not as many strokes, BUT you have to keep yourself in
position! If you let go of either ankle, you're going to get extra strokes
after, straight across your well-paddled bum! Now, get ready, naughty girl!"

Steve had been rolling the belt onto one hand as he spoke, and brought it
down on Susan's left thigh just after he finished speaking. The belt left
it's red stripe across the back and inside of her thigh about one third of
the way between her pussy and knees, higher up than Amanda's first, and the
next strike landed exactly at the same level on Susan's right thigh. The nine
year old yelped and started to sob, limbs twitching and her eyes screwed
tight shut.

Her uncle stopped with the belt in midair, and barked sternly "Susan! Open
your eyes! Naughty girls get to watch their punishments!" Her eyes slowly
opened, glazed with tears, and Steve brought the belt down on her left thigh
again, another two belt-widths closer to her pussy. Susan yelped again, her
voice catching as the belt landed on her right thigh. Her legs moved
frantically up and down, but she didn't slacken her white-knuckled grip on
her ankles.

Two more swings of the belt gave Susan another matched pair of red puffy
stripes on her thighs, and brought Steve to the last stoke he was going to
give the girl. He paused as the girl bawled; examining her puckered anus, he
saw that it was still slightly opened from her father's use, but more closed
than Amanda's virgin asshole had been when she got the belt. Her hairless
pussy was slightly opened and puffy from his tongue-job, and both anus and
vagina shone with lube and sweat.

The belt landed right on Susan's asshole and curled forwards towards her
pussy slit, ending it's stripe with a pop a fraction of an inch below her
clit. The girl howled and thrashed, letting her ankles go as she rolled onto
her side and pulled her legs toward her chest, curling into a loose ball and

Steve let his niece bawl for a moment, then shook her hip and snapped,
"Susan! I told you to keep in position. You're going to get one last smack,
this one on your bottom!"

He rolled the sobbing girl onto her knees and tugged her bottom up into the
air slightly, then swung the belt with his other hand. This swing painted a
welted line diagonally across both buttcheeks, starting low on one side of
Susan's paddled bottom and ending with a pop high on the other cheek. Susan
howled again and slumped flat onto the cushion, burying her face in her arms
and sobbing hard. The belt-line across her bottom was even darker red than
her paddled parts.

Josh was standing in the living room's doorway, having escaped Steve's notice
while Susan's punishment was going on. The teen's cock was rampant again, and
he had obviously seen most or all of his sister's punishment. His voice was
impressed when he said "Wow, Uncle Steve, that's a really wicked punishment.
I've never seen Mom or Dad use it! Really got Susan's attention, didn't it?"

Steve nodded, saying "Well, I thought of the position myself, and Susan did
look pretty good in it, didn't she? Say, did you want to do something about
that boner?" The teen didn't really have to answer; he just started to come
into the room as Steve continued, "Amanda, go use your mouth on your cousin's
cock. Remember to use your tongue, girl."

The child shuffled forward, attention split between one cousin's approaching
erection and the other cousin's impressivly punished bottom. Josh slid his
cock between Amanda's lips and got her attention that way, putting his hands
on her head to guide the girl's lips up and down his erection.

Steve watched his daughter give her second-ever blowjob impassively - his
three orgasms had finished him off in a satisfactory manner, and he was
content to sit on the floor and watch Susan blubber and his Amanda suck Josh.
The teen came quickly, spurting into Amanda's mouth and getting her to
swallow his semen. Steve then told Josh to leave, and lifted Susan back onto
her feet. Leading both girls up the stairs to the bathroom, he told them that
they were going to get cleaned up and sent straight to bed.

In the bathroom, he made Amanda stand on tiptoes and bend over the counter
next to the sink, legs open. Then he turned to Susan, saying "You're going to
clean your cousin's fucked bumhole, Susan, and you're going to use your

Susan stammered and sobbed, "Her... her bum? But it's her poop and

Steve glared. "Your mommy flushed you both out before we started, so there's
nothing but cum and lube in there, and you've eaten both. Now, get cleaning,
or I'll use the belt again!" Steve had brought the belt upstairs with him,
and Susan sobbed again and crouched down behind her cousin. Her first lick at
Amanda's still-opened anus was slow and hesitant, but Steve's light push on
the back of her head made her begin to flinchingly lick the outside of her
cousin's asshole, wiping up the lube and cum that had flowed out, and she
slid her tongue right inside Amanda's anus when her uncle told her to,
keeping up the licking and sucking until her uncle Steve told her that was
clean enough. She gagged a bit when he ordered her to swallow but managed to
swallow the mouthful of thick lube and cum she'd licked off Amanda's bum,
despite the nasty taste.

Then Susan was bent over the countertop, legs spread, and Amanda was being
pushed toward her ass by her father's hands. Amanda licked as slowly as Susan
had, but when she was done she swallowed the thick mouthful without being
asked by her daddy. Susan found the sensation of a tongue lapping at her
asshole interesting and slightly ticklish; she wished her bum wasn't so sore,
so she could enjoy Amanda's tongue down there.

After both girls had licked each other out, Steve bent them both over the
counter side by side, and draped cool, wet cloths over their punished
buttocks. The girls gasped with relief at the cooling sensation on their
burning bums, and Steve left the cloths on for several minutes, then stood
the girls up and wiped their faces clean with cool water.

Then, tired himself, he lead the two girls into their shared room. They lay
down slowly on their fronts, side by side in Susan's big bed. Steve looked at
the four paddled, well punished buttocks on the bed, their dark red paddled
colour framed nicely by Susan's white sheets. Then he covered the girls with
their sheets and blankets, turned out the light and ordered them to go right
to sleep quietly.

After Steve left, closing the door behind him, Susan whispered very quietly
to Amanda, "Mandy? You awake?"

Getting a muffled, sniffled noise in reply, Susan continued, "Has your Daddy
ever done that stuff to you, 'Mandy? Used your bumhole, and the belt, and use
your mouth and stuff?"

Amanda's voice was thick from sobbing, but she whispered, ",
Daddy's spanked me really hard with his hand on my bare bum...but never put
anything in me, or used the belt, or done things in my mouth..."

She was sobbing for real now, and Susan slid over on the bed to cuddle her
younger cousin, putting an arm around her shaking shoulders. "Shhh... we've
got to whisper, or we'll get more punishment. You mean you've never had a
proper punishment before tonight? Oh, you're lucky. My mommy's spanked me for
my whole life, and my first paddling was when I was five, with a littler
paddle than now, but oh I remember my poor bummie burning!"

Amanda quietened down slightly in her cousin's embrace, then said, "Daddy's
spanked me a lot, my whole life I guess, but never a paddle or that belt... I
thought daddy spanked hard enough with just his hand!"

"Shhh, quiet down 'Manda, we'll get punished again. Daddy always says most
little girls get properly punished, I know my friend Chrissy does, she had
her daddy's cock in her ass when she was younger than I was the first time,
and her daddy smacks her bum with his big belt, and she's showed me the
punishment marks after. I show her my punished bum, too."

Amanda whispered, "Ohhh, my bum hurts, 'specially my hole. Your brother's
mean, he put his cock in me too hard, and daddy's belt makes it even more
sore. Does your bum hurt too, Susan?"

"Yea, but my daddy and brother have been using my bumhole since I was eight
and a half, and I'm almost ten, so daddy and Josh fit, plus daddy's gentler
than Josh when he's using my hole. He's a lot bigger than Josh, though. His
cock really opens my asshole up."

"My daddy's bigger than Josh, too, but Josh pokes his in harder and faster."
The younger girl spread her legs slighly, overlapping Susan's in an attempt
to relieve her burning bum.

"'Mandy, I'll kiss it better..." With that whisper, Susan slid down under the
covers toward Amanda's buttocks, planting a kiss on each paddled bumcheek as
she slid her tongue down toward her cousin's anus. Remembering how
interesting Amanda's tongue on her hole had felt, Susan had decided to
experiment a bit. Amanda jerked a bit when Susan's tongue slid across her
bottom, then spread her legs farther and pushed her bum up at Susan's face
just a bit.

Susan began to kiss and sometimes lick her cousin's hot, tender ass all over,
sliding one hand up Amanda's thigh toward the girl's cunny, remembering how
good Uncle Steve's mouth had felt there. Amanda had her legs opened wide
under the covers, and Susan pressed her face down into Amanda's thighs to
kiss the girl's pussy lips while her fingers very gently rubbed Amanda's baby

Suddenly Amanda whimpered and twitched, and Susan stopped her explorations
suddenly, whispering, "What is it, 'Mandy?"

"Oh, stop Susan, it felt good but daddy's belt made my cunny sore too, and
your fingers are hurting me..."

Susan stopped and slid back up alongside her cousin, the whispered, "Ok, but
will you kiss me better a bit?"

Amanda's answer was to slide down under the sheets and begin slowly kissing
Susan's hot bottom. Susan spread her legs wide and lifted her bum up, and
Amanda actually kissed Susan's bumhole before moving on to the older girl's
pussy, avoiding the slight belt-mark she could feel as she kissed along
Susan's slit.

Susan felt the same exciting sensation as when her Uncle Steve's lips had
touched her down there, enhanced because her bottom was burning slightly less
now than before. She gasped into her pillow as Amanda's tongue began to probe
- the girl had obviously been watching at least part of her father's eating
out of Susan's pussy. Susan gasped, "Oh Amanda, keep going..." and reached
down to stroke her cousin's head.

Amanda kept going, but stopped fearfully when both girls heard footsteps in
the corridor outside Susan's room. Amanda scooted up to the pillow and put
her head down next to Susan's just before the door opened and Susan's father
stepped into the room. "Hey, you know the rules, Susan, straight to sleep
after a punishment!"

The mans stopped next to the bed and turned on the light, then flipped the
covers off both girls. He bent to examine their bottoms, running a hand down
the belt marks on Susan's thighs then squeezing his daughter's bottom with
his hand. "Steve really did find something different to do to you two. I like
that narrow belt of his." Then his voice sharpened. "Girls, you're first
going to move to opposite sids of the bed. No cuddling! Then you're going to
stick your bottoms up into the air for a quick spanking before going to sleep
with no more noise!"

The two girls slid apart to opposite sides of Susan's big bed and Susan slid
her knees up to thrust her still-red bum into the air, Amanda copying her a
moment later. Two hard smacks landed on each of Susan's buttocks a moment
later, the girl muffling her renewed sobbing and yelps with her pillow. Then
Bill began to walk around the end of the bed to give Amanda her spankings. To
Amanda, he seemed to take forever to get to her, as the cool air of the room
swirled around her paddled bottom and thighs. The tension and the cool air
made Amanda shiver, and she was starting to shake when the first of Uncle
Bill's smacks landed on her right buttock. She yelped and sobbed into her
pillow, which grew wet from new tears as the other three spanks landed on her
paddled buttocks. Uncle Bill's hand felt as big and hard as Auntie Nel's
paddle had to Amanda's tender bum, and she kept sobbing into her damp pillow
after he pulled the covers back over her punished ass and she slid flat on
the bed.

On his way out of the room he gave Susan two more spanks 'because she should
know better' then left the two girls to sob themselves to sleep.

Part IV to follow immediately - Sir Swat

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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