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                 ARCHIE AND THE GANG in Sex and Death: Part II
                              a mkarl extravaganza

Disclaimer: All legal ownership of the characters and their individual, or
group likeness parodied in this literary spoof is the property of Archie Comics
and/or the corporate entity which publishes Archie Comics.  This story is
intended only for the amusement of the reader and no financial or other
measurable compensation will be derived for the author from the writing or
Internet publishing of this parody.  The story contains many elements that are
not suitable for consumption by any decently moral and upstanding citizen, and
thus CAUTION is extremely advices before you read on.  No one who is legally
prohibited from viewing such material under the laws of their place of domicile
should read any further... and certainly, anyone under the age of consent is
strongly prohibited to read any further. THIS IS NOT A KID'S STORY!


Archibald "Archie" Andrews
The all-American boy next door.  Archie gets into all sorts of hi-jinx but
never actually does anything really wrong and thus he's far too boring to use
in this story.

Forsythe "Jughead" P. Jones
On the surface, he seems to be just an odd sort of boy with a few peculiar
quirks and a pertinacity to be a bit of a girl hater... if people only knew...

Veronica Lodge
The rich-bitch ice princess of Riverdale.  This girl thinks she is just
too-fucking good for anything, but she is just about right to be in this story.

Midge Klump
Poor Midge... what a cutie.  The girl has a real soft spot for the charity
cases such as her chronically challenged boyfriend Moose... you would almost
think she may have given it up if she knew the needs, but no one is going to
bother asking in this story.

Betty Cooper
The blue-eyed, blond, all-American girl next door.  What psycho-rapist worth is
salt could possibly resist the yummy delights of such a little angle?

Reggie Mantle
Every barrel has its "rotten apple," and among Archie and the gang, that foul
piece of fruit has always been Reggie Mantle.  What a perfect boy to join in on
the fun and games.

This beast may give the first impression to the casual observer of not being
much of a dog at all, but don't be fooled... end up between his legs, and you
will see just how much of an "animal" he is. and now "ARCHIE AND THE GANG in
Sex and Death..."

                                  CHAPTER FOUR

It had been nearly two weeks since Jughead Jones had gotten lucky with
rich-bitch Veronica Lodge.  Jughead had to chuckle at the term "gotten lucky."
Yeah, he had definitely gotten lucky, but as amazingly wonderful as the
experience had been for him, it definitely wasn't quite so fortunate for poor

Jughead wasn't so sure if he missed the bitch or not.  He definitely hadn't
thought going into that date out at the old Karlstrom place, that it would end
with his hands around Ronnie's throat as she gasped her last breath pretty much
the same time he pumped his most mind-blowing eruption of potent sperm right
into her raped cunt.  It had really been somewhat of a shock to the socially
maladjusted boy that the stupid cunt hadn't fallen before the magnificence of
his huge cock and become his willing fuck toy as he had raped her... sure he
maybe had gotten a little rougher with the little cunt in his seduction, than
he had originally planned too, but the whole thing was really just all so

Jughead sat alone in the booth at Pop Tate's eating his hamburger while he
tried to organize his thoughts... they had been so jumbled ever since he had
finished off Veronica Lodge and drove the little bitch's corpse off to the
trash dump to dispose of her body... initially that Friday evening, he had been
pretty shooken.  Sure when he had suddenly decided to kill her, a sudden
adrenaline rush had surged through his body... a small voice in the back of his
head had questioned whether he could get away with snuffing the reigning teen
diva of Riverdale, but he had raped the bitch easy enough... and the way she
was acting like even after fucking her so good with his huge cock, that she was
still likely going to go to the cops... well, it all had just left Jughead with
no second thoughts... at least not when he was strangling Veronica Lodge to

The second thoughts hadn't started until he drove the bitch's car off to the
Riverdale trash yard to dump the corpse.  He had opened the trunk and seen
Ronnie just laying there all naked and still leaking some of his sperm... for a
moment regret had seized him, until he had noticed that her tits and ass still
looked great... part of Jughead's original plan for Veronica was to have her
become a willing concubine to him over the long haul... seeing her fantastic
body just lying there all dead and helpless in the car quickly made Jughead
regret that he had only had the one night to fuck her...

Maybe he shouldn't have fucked her again in that pile of trash, but he did...

As weird as it was to fuck a corpse, the main thing that Jughead had realized
was that he had preferred her alive and screaming and fighting... Jughead,
hadn't realized just what a turn on it was to have the bitch fight him and for
him to win anyhow.

On the table before the boy was the daily paper... of course, the cover blurb
and front page was all dedicated to the shock the town was in on the brutal
sex-slaying of the local v.i.p. and how poor old man Lodge had been so heart
broken about the whole thing that his heart had given out.  it was too mad, as
Juggie really had nothing against the old man, but maybe it was for the best...
or maybe not... it really was all so confusing.

What wasn't nearly so confusing to the boy was his overwhelming desire to
repeat the experience and this time have a hell of a lot more fun with it.

Jughead looked across the room at where the gang was sitting.  They had all
been so bummed out since the search party had gone out and found missing
Veronica's body all naked and raped disposed of out in the trash heap...
Jughead didn't necessarily enjoy that he had made Archie and Betty so
miserable, but it just couldn't be helped.  Jughead had to accept the fact that
they would all become even more miserable with what he would do next... he
really did need to do it.

The same question that had predated the selection of Veronica Lodge, had to be
answered again... who was going to be the lucky... [no] it was going to be the
"unlucky" bitch to be Jughead's date this time?

Jughead chewed his hamburger as he continued to look around the room and
consider the candidates.  As big a cheating slut as his own mother was, she was
a possibility, but she was such a good cook, and as much as Jughead wanted to
please his cock, he also had his stomach to think about.  The new bitch in
town, Cheryl Blossom was a strikingly beautiful red head, and Jughead did want
to see if it was just as red down there, but she was sort of too new to the
scene to really have the emotional importance that seemed to be of importance
to the boy in his selective process.  It would be nice to get rid of that
pain-in-the-ass, butt ugly Ethel, but frankly she wouldn't get raped first...

Jughead really had some good plans to satisfy some desires that he had been
thinking about since the night with Veronica Lodge, and he really wanted a hot,
sexy bitch that he could rape and snuff, and really enjoy himself with...

In the end it came down to the two finalists from his original list...
All-American blond next door, Betty Cooper, and the sultry sensuous, brunette
bombshell, Midge Krump.  While, Jughead did have a hunger for some blond
poontang, final considerations for how losing Betty might effect Archie swayed
the perv's final selection over to hotbody Midge...

Jughead finished his last bites of his hamburger while looking at Midge sitting
there at the table with big, dumb boyfriend Moose... "it's time for you to
trade up bitch," the boy smiled to himself, "unfortunately, while this will be
the fuck of your life, you lucky cunt, part of the reason is it's going to be
your last, so enjoy that milkshake you're drinking cause tonight its going to
be Jughead sperm shakes sliding down your throat."

With those contrived thoughts, Jughead Jones voiced off a cheerful "see you all
later" to the gang and headed out the door... he would be seeing a lot more of
Midge Krump especially before the night was done, but first he had arrangements
to make.

                                 CHAPTER FIVE:

Midge had been a little surprised to get the phone call from Jughead.  It
wasn't that he wasn't a friend [sort of] but he was always such an odd kid.
Midge wasn't exactly one of the inner circle herself, but Archie and the gang
always seemed to be up to something, and that Reggie Mantle was always on her
ass [or in her ass, as was the occasion more times than the little slut could
remember] so one way-or the other, Midge was often involved somewhat with
Jughead... and he did seem like a nice enough kid... especially since he was
one of the very few guys in school that wasn't always hitting on Midge to fuck
around behind dumb Moose's back.

.. and maybe it wasn't even so much that Midge would have minded Jughead
hitting on her even though she definitely would have turned him down... Saying
yes to Reggie, and Chuck, and Joe, and Ken, and Barry, and even Dilton were all
one thing [or a few dozen things] but even Midge had her standards and Jughead
was just too weird... but he was an okay friend which was back to why Midge was
only a "little" surprise when Jughead had phoned her.

In a way Jughead had been pretty smart with the call.

Midge had no idea, of course, that she was being set up for a night of being
raped in such horrible manners that she wouldn't have even been able to imagine
in her worst nightmares, but as totally unsuspecting as she logically should,
have been, Jughead was very skillful in setting her up without making her the
slightest bit more suspicious.

He had been acting a little weird as far as Midge had observed since the awful
thing had happened to Veronica Lodge to begin with, so when he had called and
told her that he had been investigating the crime, it had seemed to make sense
to the girl... you never knew how someone might react to such a horrific
situation... in a way, Midge thought it was cute that the boy actually thought
he could be involved in anything so big and important... [as much as Midge
liked Jughead on one level, for any girl as popular and hot as she was, deep
down, she thought that all guys like Jughead really were losers.]

Midge Krump had tried to be polite and humor Jughead a little as he had began
his spiel [which of course, unknowingly to her, was set up to make sure she
would be his total victim.]  Poor Midge, had thought she was the one being
condensing [even though it was in a nice way,] when in reality she was just
being so skillfully taken in.

Jughead had told her he had found evidence out at the old Karlstrom place that
seemed to indicate Archie Andrews as the sex-killer... Jughead said he didn't
want to believe it and couldn't go to the authorities if he was wrong... he
really needed someone to take a look at the evidence with him to help him make
up his mind.  He didn't trust Reggie, and thought Betty wouldn't be impartial
enough... it was all kind of plausible to Midge, even if she was immediately
skeptical that Archie would have anything to do with killing Ronnie... course
Archie was about the only boy in school besides Jughead who hadn't tried to get
into her panties behind Moose's back, so who really knew?

Midge had protested for a moment that this was too big for the two of them when
she had finally weakened her disbelief enough to consider the possibilities...
Jughead had laid the trump card than asking her to bring out Moose with her,
but not to tell anyone else what was going on just in case he was wrong to
suspect Archie.

And so it was, that just half-an-hour after talking to Jughead on the phone,
the unsuspecting, sexy victem-number-two-to-be, was on her way out to her
would-be sex-killer.  If the wrong girl had any concerns about the situation
she was getting into, her belief was that big Moose would be her safety line...
of course, she was a wrong girl.

                                  CHAPTER SIX:

"Just what is this evidence that you've found Jughead?"

Midge Krump wasn't so sure if she hoped that Jughead Jones actually had found
some sort of evidence up at the old Karlstrom place to incriminate Archie
Andrews in the sex-killing of Veronica Lodge or not.  On the one hand, it was
almost beyond her belief that the all-American boy next door, Archie would do
anything so monstrous, but on the other hand, if it wasn't him, then Midge
would still be in a situation where she had no clue as to who had raped and
murdered poor Veronica.  Midge had been living scared now for almost two weeks,
and she didn't want to be scared anymore.

"Come over this way," Jughead beckoned the beautiful, too-trustingly foolish,
curvaceous brunette, and her pathetically stupid, brutish olf of a boyfriend.
"I found her panties over hear.

Both Midge and Moose followed Jughead over to look under some bush near the old
abandoned farm house, and sure enough, laying there on the ground was a pair of
very expensive looking torn panties.  They looked very soiled as if whoever had
ripped them off of the girl who had worn them may have later cum into them or

"Oh-my god, ewww... gross."  Midge's heart was beating faster.  She had seen
Veronica in the girl's locker room many times after cheer leading practice of
course, and while it was possible that the panties weren't hers, not to many
other girls in town were vain enough to drop that much money on designer

"It looks like Archie probably used the panties as a gag in Veronica's mouth
when he was raping her from the looks of them," Jughead offered.

"Duh-maybe they are all dirty like that cause he might have pissed on her face
when she had them in her mouth," Moose spoke.

At her boyfriend's comments, Midge almost felt herself get ill to her stomach.
Her own idea that the perverted bastard had jerked his scummy load of depraved
semen into poor Veronica's panties had been obscene enough, but to even imagine
that Ronnie had been subjugated to the lunatic standing above her and pissing
onto her face... Midge couldn't even imagine the humiliation without feeling a
tear of rage well up in her eye.

"No, I don't think the panties are dirty like that because Archie pissed in
them... although, in a way, maybe it would have been better if he had cause
then they could test the DNA and be more sure it was him."  Jughead was
enjoying this little game of cat-and-mouse [or was that cat and Moose?]
Actually, Jughead really kind of liked the idea that Moose had unwittingly
given him about pissing on the cunt's face... it was too late to do that to
Veronica [of course] but Midge would soon be learning the subtle intricacies of
being a human toilet.  Jughead had to control himself not to smile.

Midge was clearly getting a little agitated.

"It's over here unfortunately," Jughead nodded his head to the next clump of
bush, "I just wanted to confirm that these were probably Veronica's panties
here, and they are right?"

"YES, DAMN, whoever did this to her, we have to get them and MAKE THEM PAY!"

It was very difficult for Jughead to stifle the giggle at all the double uses
Midge's angry, frustrated words were spinning into his head.  He may not have
been the smartest guy around, but as a pervert of the first order, Juggie did
know how to "dirty-up" words and phrases.  "yeah," he thought to himself, "you
are definitely going to get the bastard who did this to Veronica, you little
cunt.  You are going to get him good and proper.  You are going to get me in
that sexy, tight little ass of yours.  You are going to get me deep, between
those athletic legs of yours while I pump that slutty cunt of yours.  First
though, I think you are going to have to get me in that yapping, bitch mouth so
I can shut you the fuck up.  No, you definitely aren't going to make me pay at
all, but you will make me cum in each and every hole you have, and then you
will be a good little girl and die for me just like VeroniSlut did."

Jughead was getting more evil by the moment.

As he quickly rambled the perverse thoughts through his head, Jughead led Midge
and her idiot boyfriend over to the next bush where he had dropped the letter
that he had originally written to Veronica to lure the slut out to her fateful
doom.  Jughead had a huge erection and was glad he had worn the tight cup to
keep it from being too obvious to Midge and Moose.  While, he was going to
easily take care of the dumb brute, it still needed to be done from a position
of trust, because the big idiot was so strong that Jughead wouldn't stand a
chance against him if he got warned ahead of time.

Jughead reached down where he had previously put the paper, to pick it up.

"Duh-don't do that, it could have fingerprints and evi-evidense on it."

It was an amazingly astute observation from big Moose, Jughead had to admit
but, of course, he already had his fingerprints and evi-evidense all over the
paper from when he had originally written it himself.

"I've already picked it up once before I knew what it was," Jughead started to
explain.  "I couldn't believe it either cause the handwriting seems to be
Archie's, or at least a good forgery, and it talks about how he must have made
the decision to pick Veronica over Betty and asked to meet out here to prove
his love."

"You should just leave it there Jughead," Midge said.  "I don't want to see it
anyhow, since you already know what it says.  You are his best friend though,
if anyone knows his handwriting it has to be yours, so does it look like maybe
someone else faked it."

Jughead almost wanted to tell the truth, but he needed his prey unsuspecting
and having the blame on good ol' Archie was the best way.  "No, I really think
this look like him, and there is more evidence too."

Just to make this all good, Jughead had stolen Archie's dress watch to leave at
the scene of the crime.  Obviously, such evidence would crumble under the
scrutiny of professional investigators, but Midge Krump and big Moose were not
trained detectives, or even mini Scooby Doo mystery wagon kids, to the shocked
brunette beauty, and her muscle bound beefy boyfriend, seeing Archie's good
dress watch laying next to Veronica's torn top over near the steps to the old
house was the final straw.

"Oh my god, Archie did it.  He killed Veronica."

"Duh-I can't believe it."

"It might still not be true," Jughead felt it appropriate to stick up for his
best friend despite his delight that the doomed couple had fallen
hook-line-and-sinker for the frame job.

"It has to be him, with that note, and his watch... Oh my god, we have to go
tell the police at once,"  Midge was very wide eyed and her breath was funny...
it was probably a mixture of shock, and fear, and anger.  What the girl needed
was something to calm her down, and Jughead had just the answer... [at least to
his own dreams.]

"You guys are really flustered, I think you need a drink before we go back to

"W-what?"  Midge was more than a little surprised that Jughead had the bottle
with him cause she had never know him to drink.

"Duh-I don't know, we shouldn't drink and drive." Moose uttered.

FUCK, it would be so much easier if the big, dumb idiot took the drink of the
drugged bottle.

"It's okay, Moose, I can get you back to where you'll be going, if you wanted a
drink to calm your nerves.  I already had mine over an hour ago when I first
got out here and called you guys so I'm already ready to go again."

Jughead's words sounded stupid back even to himself, but it really would be
better if he could get the big goof drugged.

"Duh-"  It was clear that the big guy wanted a drink.  Midge didn't need to be
asked twice.  One reason that the little town-bicycle had been ridden by nearly
every jockey in town was that she liked the sauce a lot... and if she ever
needed a drink, it was now.

Jughead's lips curled into a slight smile as he watched Midge be the good
little victim and take the drug filled liquor down her throat and into her
belly in several long gulps.  The greedy wench's fate was sealed and it pleased
Jughead greatly but still he wanted Moose to do this the easy way.

"Hold up there Midge, leave some for Moose," Jughead spoke.

"Duh-no, Jughead, that's okay.  I'd better not."

What a time for Moose to be thinking smart.  Oh well, Jughead had a second plan
for such a turn of events.

"I guess you might as well finish the bottle than Midge, if Moose doesn't want

Midge lifted the bottle back to her lips and slugged down a couple more gulps.
It would be more than enough to knock the girl flat on her ass soon, but in a
way, it really didn't matter cause Jughead was going to have to resort to the
messy way of disposing with Moose anyhow, so all the subtleness of the drugged
alcohol was really inconsequential at this point.

"Duh-come-on Midge, lets go back to town now."  Moose reached out with a
comforting hand around his shaken girlfriend's shoulder.

"Just a second, Moose, there was one other thing I needed to show you guys
that's really important."  Jughead's own heart rate was speeding up and his
palms were suddenly very sweaty as he stepped towards the far side of the house
where he had left his insurance policy.  It was weird, how some self doubt and
guilt suddenly threatened to well within the boy, but he really had no choice
but to go through with the deed, even if the prospects of getting to sex
torture cute little Midge Krump wasn't bonus enough.

His hand was shaking just a little as he reached down for the handle of the
gun. but Jughead sucked back a deep breath and than he came up, spinning
around.  The looks on Moose's and Midge's face as Juggie pulled the trigger
were priceless.

Moose made the weirdest sound too when the bullet tore through his heart.
Midge's scream was more to Jughead's liking as she watched with horror as big
Moose fell for the final time.

Jughead turned and pointed the gun at the instantly hysterical ill-fated,
brunette beauty.  "I guess you need a new boyfriend now, huh slut?"


When Midge woke up, the first thing she realized was that she was in some small
space thing, and she couldn't move.  The next thing she realized is that the
small space thing seemed to be the trunk of a car that was moving, and the
reason she couldn't move was she seemed to be bound and gagged.  It was a
nightmare, but the problem was that it hadn't ended when she had opened her
eyes.  Moose really was dead, and she had been grabbed up by Jughead who had
chased her down when she tried to run, screaming at her that she was going to
be raped.  When he had tackled her, she remembered him hitting her again and
again in the face while tearing off her top and bra. When he had smacked the
gun down onto her, it was all she could remember, but now it seemed as if he
had finished the process of stripping her naked and had tied her up and loaded
her into the trunk of this car to be driven off someplace and then to be raped
and probably murdered.  Midge wanted to cry and scream, but the drugs in her
body were too much, and as the car continued to drive along, Midge Krump passed
back into unconsciousness.


"Good, your awake again.  You know I fucked Veronica's corpse when I was
dumping her in the trash.  It was okay, but I really preferred when she was
awake and could scream as I raped her.  You were a pretty good fuck too
unconscious, but now that you are awake, I am sure you are going to be way

Midge was still very groggy.  She seemed to remember having briefly become
partially conscious a couple times over the past few hours and having Jughead
on top of her with his... thing inside of her.  Certainly, Midge was no puritan
virgin, but there was a big difference between saying yes, and being so
violated.  Midge wanted to die... no, she wanted to kill.  It was just such a

"Oh my, Midge... if looks could kill, huh?  But they can't... at least not like
that bullet I put into big, stupid Moose... do you remember that. Moose is
dead, and it's all your fault cunt.  I killed him just so I could have your
slutty pussy."

Jughead was really enjoying being evil.

"It's true... it's true.  I want you to think about it Midge... you cunts are
all the same.  You never stop to realize the truth, but it's time that a guy
like me made you admit it.  Fuck, it is so obvious.  Why else would we have
cocks, and you have those little, fuckable pussies and assholes? Obviously, you
like to be such a cockteaser, but you need to learn to be more of a
cockpleaser, although with you, from what all the guys say in the locker room,
cockpleasing is going to be something you are already familiar with, huh?  It
will be interesting if you are a better fuck than Veronica was, cause I really
think she was a virgin... guess in a way it was lucky that I did rape her cause
it would suck to die never having been fucked... not that it would be a concern
for you, but don't worry cause I will give you the same considerations now that
you are awake and can better enjoy my thirteen inches."

Jughead was naked as he spoke to the beautiful brunette, securely tied down to
the headboard and baseboard of the bed.  To her own shame, she was looking at
how freakishly out of place, that big thirteen inch cock looked, standing erect
from between Jughead's otherwise small and puny body.  So intent was she in
considering the unbelievable freakshow of Jughead and his huge erection, plus
coming back to a rationalized acceptance of her fate, that Midge hadn't yet
even realized where she was until Jughead continued.

"Oh and if you are worried about being embarrassed if mommy or daddy might
happen to walk in to see all the sick, depraved carnal acts you are about to
have done to you, don't sweat it... Daddy is already in the deep freezer and
mommy got the cord of the vacuum cleaner around that slender neck of hers...
after we had a real good fuck by the way."

At Jughead's words, Midge suddenly did realize she was in her own bedroom, and
the way the animal spoke, she knew with a certainty that Jughead had made her
into an orphan.  Midge screamed in horror even as the panty gag stuffed and
secured into her mouth with duct tape rendered her soulful scream of anguish
totally impotent.  No one outside the house would be able to hear her, and no
one would save her.

"Poor, Midgie... don't be so sad... you won't be missing mommsie or daddsie, or
Moosy for long... we are just going to have some fun fucking for a few hours
and than you can be a good little girl and go see them all up in heaven.  Oh,
but we are going to fuck so good first.  You know, when I was waiting for you
to wake up, I went and helped myself to a few burgers and some soda from your
kitchen.  Raping your cunt mother was pretty hungering work... You know, as
sick as it was I almost considered making a daddyburger... hmm, I wonder if A
Midge burger might be taste when I'm done with you."

Jughead really didn't have any intentions of going cannibal but the teasing
imagery was humongously powerful to the boy.  Still, he really wasn't planning
on going Cannibal, or was he?

"Anyhow, remember when Moose suggested that Veronica took a piss onto that
stuck-up rich-bitch face of hers, well... the truth is, that I never did that
to the cunt, but when Moose suggested it, I had to admit that the image was
kind of good... I mean seeing a filthy, cockteasing cunt like you get all your
makeup all smeared and streaked away from a good old fashioned piss onto the
face.  In a way, it will be a good way for me to tell you exactly what I think
of you, and on the other hand it will be nice footage for the video we are

Midge hadn't notcied that Jughead had taken the opportunity to set up the
family video-camera on the tripod.  It seemed to be aimed right now at Midge as
she lay naked on her own bed.  As humiliating as it would be to be raped and
snuffed by this sick, twisted bastard, knowing that he would have a video which
he would watch again and again to get his jollies long after she was planted in
the ground was just horrific to the poor girl.

"Okay now, I would say to open wide and smile for the camera, but chances are
you would be such a difficult little cunt and fight me like Veronica did, so
guess I will just straddle you and take my piss now, huh?"

As Jughead Jones started climbing up onto Midge, she frantically started to
buck.  With her legs tied down and her hands secured, her efforts were totally
futile in preventing Jughead from mounting her.  The boy seemed in no obvious
hurry to piss on the bitch though as he just took his big cock and started
rubbing it on Midge's face.

"You really are so pretty.  You are way more pretty than Veronica, did you know
that?  I bet you are a real good fuck too.  In fact as big a slut as you are, I
bet you would love this big cock.  Did you know I used to sit in that tree
outside your window and watch you with your big dildo?  I know you like it big,
but I am the biggest prick in all of Riverdale high.  You never knew that did
you?  I wonder if you are such a slut, that maybe I wouldn't even need to kill
you.  If you were a real good fuck-slave for me, than I could maybe let you
live... would you like that?"

Midge wasn't sure she was hearing Jughead correctly, but than her entire world
had become a waking nightmare so there was so much that she wasn't sure about.
Still, if there was any chance... any chance at all... that somehow, anyhow,
she could somehow live...

Frantically, Midge started trying to nod her head.

"What's this... are you agreeing to be my little pain-slave?  Are you agreeing
to pleasure me and satisfy all my desires, Midgie?  Maybe you are just saying
that you will be good because you plan to do something to try to get away.  I'm
not sure I should even trust you."

Midge pleaded into her panty gag... the words were intelligible.  Even without
her worn panties, stuffed into her own mouth, as horrorstruck as the girl was,
she might have been barely able to make a voice, let alone a coherent pledge to
service her rapist, but she had to try to agree. Anything had to be done, if
only to give her the opportunity to somehow get that gun on the night stand and
send this betraying bastard straight to hell where he belonged.

"Midge, Midge, Midge... I really am in a quandary here... on the one hand, it's
pretty obvious that I should just rape you and snuff you like I planned, but on
the other hand, if you are such a slut to like it, than you would be my perfect
girlfriend.  Heck, we could get married, and I would knock you up so you could
have my baby and stuff... It would be very nice. The question is I think you
might just be wanting to get lose to maybe try to kill me or something with
that gun over there that I saw you look at. Maybe I should take a chance just
for the fun of it, but we are going to be very careful and you are going to
have to prove yourself before I decide not to kill you, do you understand?"

Midge nodded again... maybe there was a chance.

"You know, it is damn hard to piss with a hard-on, and I am definitely going to
piss into your mouth... maybe to prove yourself, what we will do is I will take
those panties out of your mouth and let you show me what a good little
cocksucker you are.  I will blow my load all over your face and than wash you
good with a piss... as long as you don't do anything stupid like trying to
scream or bite me, than I will trust you."

Midge kept nodding.  As much as the idea of actually sucking this freak's cock
sickened her, it was something she knew she would have to do if there was any
hope to make the animal pay for killing everyone she loved.  Midge would do
anything to get her revenge.

Jughead peeled back the tape which was caught a little in Midge's hair. She
couldn't help but feel a little of the pain even tough it was all so minor in
the grander scheme of the situation.  When Jughead pulled her panties out of
her mouth, Midge resisted the urge to scream.  She could see that the animal
was ready to stifle her if she tried anything and her greater chance would be
gone.  Instead of screaming, the helpless teenager worked her mouth to try to
wet it again after having the panty gag had dried her out.

"Tell me, that you are a horny cunt and want to suck my big cock," Jughead

Midge knew she had to say it.  "I'm a horny cunt and want to suck your cock."

"My big cock.  Say you are a horny, slutty cunt, and you deserve to be raped
and want to suck my big delicious cock."

Midge wanted to spit up into the boy's taunting evil face, but all she did was
repeat the words Jughead had commanded her, "I am a slut horny cunt and deserve
this being raped.  I want to suck your big, good cock."

"Close enough bitch.  I want you to really enjoy this for the camera though so
when I put it up on the Internet everyone will know you really did deserve it.
Make sure you tell me lots while you suck me off how good it is, and beg me to
cum all over your face."

With that, Jughead Jones risked his cock, between Midge Krump's pretty red
lips, and deep into her somewhat unwillingly, wet, cocksucker mouth.  Even
though Midge wished she could bite though, she knew she couldn't and so that
brunette beauty sucked the cock of her rapist.  The bastard who had already
raped and snuffed her own mother.

Of course, it wasn't long at all before Jughead was ready to shoot his other
weapon.  He reached down and gave Midge a pull of her short hair to let her
know it was time to take her facial.

Midge just begged for Jughead to cum all over her face as the bastard pulled
his cock clear from her cocksucking lips and aimed it back at her upturned
face.  She heard him command her to keep her mouth open even as the first
splurt of disgusting rapist cum splattered into her eyes.  Midge had always
kind of enjoyed having some dirty boy cum all over her face, but willingly
suffering the facial degradation was far different than having some animal do
it with such explicit intent of complete disdain.  Even as she realized how
symbolic this submission was on her behalf to hold her mouth open, Midge had no
choice but to take it and swallow.

Jughead was pleased... better yet, with his cock now half-hard, Jughead could
finally take his piss... of course, he wanted a production.

"Okay, that was a good, little cocksucker... you like sucking cock don't you?"

"Yes, I like sucking cock."  Midge had to humor the bastard.

"My cock was the best ever, wasn't it you slut?  I bet you have sucked a lot of
cocks too haven't you.  Have you sucked more than 100 cocks?"

Midge wasn't sure what answer Jughead wanted but he was such a pervert and
seemed to want her to be a total slut, so she decided to say, "yes, your cock
is the best ever.  I sucked more than 100 cocks but yours was so good."

Jughead did like the words, especially when they came from the mouth of a
beautiful girl who had just sucked him off, and was now covered in his sperm.
"You are a very filthy girl to suck so many boy's cocks Midge... to suck so
many cocks, I bet you started when you were just little.  I bet you even sucked
your daddies cock when you were just a little babe didn't you, cunt?"

Midge didn't want to say anything bad about her poor father, but what
difference did it make?  "Yes, I sucked daddy when I was just five years old.
I love to suck cock.  I suck so many boys cocks when I was little.  I sucked
men's cocks, big cocks, small cocks, dirty cocks, Jewish cocks, and even nigger
cocks.  I loved all the cocks."

Midge was going for broke to try to get Jughead's trust so she could somehow
get freed to grab the gun and kill him.

"Oh you dirty slut... you really do need to get cleaned.  Tell me you want to
be my toilet now you bitch and I will piss in your mouth and than I will let
you free."

Midge thought she might be sick, but she had gone so far... too far to stop

"Yes, I am just a filthy whore... I am a dirty toilet.  I like for a boy to
piss in my mouth like I deserve.  Daddy always did it to me Jughead.   I bet
when you were in the tree spying on me, you saw daddy come into my room and
tell me to get on my knees like a good little toilet, didn't you.  You saw how
much I was such a toilet."

The words came surprisingly easy to the fear-shocked girl.  If Jughead hadn't
known better it may have been possible to believe they were all true... than
again, he couldn't be sure they weren't.  Not that it really mattered.  It was
his thrill to actually use the bitch as a filthy toilet that the boy now wanted
to experience and that was exactly what he did.

Jughead had drunk a lot of soda and he had a lot of piss as he started to soak
Midge Krump all over her cute, little face.

Amazingly, Midge didn't break back into tears, and actually managed to keep her
mouth mostly opened as Jughead pissed onto her, even though she was still
squeezing her eyes tight from when Jughead had shot his sperm into them.
Jughead aimed around to make sure he piss-soaked Midge good and wet, although
it was hard not to just it all into her mouth.  When he half filled her, he
ordered is sexy, human toilet to "flush."

Midge was absolutely humiliated when Jughead had finished pissing into her
mouth and making her drink it down into her belly.  Plaintively, she spit a bit
to try to rid herself of the taste, before she tried to voice her most
submissive tones to ask her "master" to release her now that she had proven

"No, bitch, I can't do that, I wanted you to suck my cock, but I'm still going
to snuff you after I get done torture-raping you."

Midge started to try to scream but the pillow over her face quickly shut her
back up.  As her breath left her body, she wondered if she was going to join
her mom and dad, and Moose and Veronica, but the night was still young, and
Midge wasn't going to be lucky enough to get off that easy yet.

                            [More to cum very soon]

Sorry, ran out of time today, but the story has taken a bit of a meaner twist
than I had originally thought it would.  Midge still needs to get tortured
quite a bit, and she will get partnered up with Hotdog, for fans of the zoo
stuff... I have a couple other surprises I am considering, Everything with her
will be wrapped up by the end of the next chapter... then we can finally get on
to Betty.

I am sort of new at this horror stuff and if anyone wanted to send me
suggestions as to how to make the story better, I am happy to take the advice

Also, this seems to be my most disturbed story ever [which is saying something]
so as always, anyone wishing to damn me to hell, save my soul, or just take pot
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I really so appreciate anyone taking the time to mail me and commit myself to
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Friday, June 30, 2000

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